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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it's 5:00 a.m. have you seen this mom and two young boys. overnight the douglas count eye sheriff's office sent out an alert asking for help to find them. >> they're from highlands ranch and reported missing nine hours ?go. we don't know if they're in dangerously or not. >> jason gruenauer joins the sheriff's office. what do we know about them? >>reporter: at least the last piece of information we got from the douglas county sheriff's department, the three are believed to be together. they were seen yesterday around 2:00 p.m. leaving a high lands ranch elementary school and haven't been seen since. we're talking about jennifer labor and her two young sons, adam and ethan. reporting missing yesterday. this is their photograph.
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about 5-foot 6 inches tall and adam is three and ethan is five. they were seen driving in a 2011 silver chrysler town and country. lie since plate, 300-rqq. you're asked to call the douglas county sheriff's department if you see them. we don't know very specific information other than the fact they were just last seen at 2::0. the mother picked up her two sons from school, but haven't been ssen since. they live in high lands ranch two kids go to school in if you seeranch. them, call the douglas county sheriff's department. i'm jason gruenauer. denver seven. in tennessee, a pox lip tick tick. >> people escaped the flames. the next 24-hour was critical in putting out the flames.
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let's send it over to nicole with more on the severe weather battering the south. >>reporter: there's a tornado watch right now. three people have been killed in alabama, but all of the states being affected and the worst hit, northern alabama. we have individual yes of a 24-hour daycare -- we have video of a 24-hour daycare. four children in critical condition and several others injured by this in the town of ider. multiple home and businesses have been destroyed. officials says the three people home. possible tornados were reported across southern tennessee this morning. tornados and hail hit tuesday in louisiana and mississippi. back at home, it's 5:02. it's cold. it feels like 17 at city park. five in aurora and now four degrees below zero at the airport. really cold start
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decent warmup today. most towns below zero this morning when you factor in winds. highs in denver today, cold early on. so for the kids at the bus stop, 20s to low 30s. we'll be 10 to 12 degrees above that by this afternoon. 42 for a high in denver under a clear sky. in a few minutes, we'll look at how cold it gets on friday. jayson, we're tracking a storm that can bring light snow to end the week. we have a smooth easy i ignored that. a good drive at c-470 and highway 35. a clear, easy dry start to the morning commute. you can see that on the map. no laboring construction around town. just the work at arapahoe road picked up. and the ramp work was moved -- picked up and moved out of the way. e-470 is wide open. 5:03. this morning, the first details are coming in as
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charter flight to go down carrying a brazilian soccer team. six people survived, 71 others killed. on the last leg of the flight, the crew reported electrical problems. the flight disappears from radar. the black box have been recovered. columbian authorities says the tail hit the top of the mountain and the rest of the jet split down -- it was supposed to be a joyous trip. they documented the t question today, where were the survivors sitting and how did they survive. the world accepting out prayers to the soccer -- the world sending out prayers. our thoughts and prayers with that team. isis -- abduel alioins the list of 14 young people linked to poster or attacks.
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wrote quote if you want us muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, make peacc. he was not known to the fbi. victims are coming forward sharing their near death experiences. one was 28-year old vet andersen pain. >> he turned and went to swing the knife at me and i grabbed the blade and that gave me time to duck under his arm and make my way back into the building to >> 11 people were hurt in that attack. parents at pondar rosa igh school on edge after a security guard was accused of sexual assaulting a student he was supposed to be protested. the guard is on bond. amanda del castillo has more about what we know about the guard. amanda, what are parents saying this morning? >>reporter: parents are concerned, but good news,
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allowed back on campus pending the results of this investigation. that's according -?to a letter sent out to parens yesterday. pastel was hired here and working at a security specialist. that's an unarmed position. detectives interviewed a ponda rosa high school monday determmning there was enough probably cause to arrest pastel. he was arrested for sexual assault on that was a press release they put out. parents are reacting to the news considering pastel was hired to protect their children. >> i thought they had good security campus. i thought they were, you know, pretty good on top of things securiiy wise is what my understanding is, and now with this, i don't know what to think. >> now, the district hired pastel back in september 2014.
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in the army. what else the school district is saying within the next half hour. outside of ponda rosa high school, i'm amanda del castillo, denver seven. this cu denver profession or under fire after posting a message on facebook. it's a picture of michelle obama. it says monkey face and pour ebonix -- it was wri herren who works at denver medical harris and at children's hospital. >> i think you have to hold yourself to a higher standard of being a public employee and being a professor in a critical field. >> herren declined to go on camera but says she's not racist
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another post. children hospital and denver health are looking% into this. happening today, the man charged with intentionally crashing his car into a light pole to try to kill his girlfriend is set to learn his fate. our partners at the daily camera reports that george pappas faces ten years in prison. he was serious hurt in the crash and his girlfend was okay. the road -- the governor wants three lanes on i-25 in both directions from colorado springs to fort collins. utah's i 15 has three lanes and a light rain that runs through salt lake city. utah has a higher gas tax for the roads and colorado needs to find a way to pay for our roads.
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so northbound i-25, $240 million. our budget is 1.3 billion. >> cdot is setting i-25 from c-470 to monument. that's costing $2 million and it's not going to be done until may of 2018. 5:09. christopher greer will spend life in prison -- it happened in longmont last may. the honor flag s making a trip to colorado. it will pay tribuue to trooper cody donahue. colorado has become too familiar for the u.s. honor flag. it says our state's law enforcement has become apart of their family. big congratulations to the cu buffs. they're number eight in the country. >> keep climbing up there. head coach mcintyre won the coach of
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he went from -- the buffs ended with ten wins and they have a chance to win the championship. they take on washington friday night. >> this rise is real. it's also expensive. cu could be fined up to $150,000 by the pack 12 after fans rushed the field at the last two home games. >> they couldn't help themselves. >> they were excited. >> that was exciting. law state makers says our future is at-risk for 14 years. break down a study at what's at stake and their recommennation to fix it. it has been four years since the woodlands fire. a family says the fire is still affecting them. we're in the teens this morning, wind chills near zero. it's going to be cold and clear. more sunshine expected today, and a touch warmer this afternoon. 42, colder on friday, and jayson, we're tracking a bigger storm next
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easy driving conditions, nos along 6th avenue
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welcome back to denver seven. here's a check at the situation at dia. parking lots open. it's about ten-minute wait time in most spots in security. > leave his company so he can fully focus on running the country in a series of tweets just now. trump says he's not mandated to do this, but he feels it's important as esident to not have a conflict of interest with his various businesses. and he says he's going to hold a major news conference about this with his children on december 15th. trump of course has said he'll turn control of the trump organization over to his kids.
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more important task. the standstill continues in the dakota pipeline protestors. there's an evacuation order because of the snow. they're blocking people and supplies from getting into the protest area. the governor says the evacuation will save lives, but protestors call it an attempt to cause fear. earlier this week, police announced all demonstrators have tt leave by december 5th. the fatal crash that hurt comedian tracy morgan took a plea deal. he pleaded guilty to killing mack near who was with tracy morgan. roper had not slept for 28 hours and he failed to slowdown. investigators are trying to get to the bottom of what sparked the green mountain fire. it's 100% contained.
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100-acre and it did cause evacuations, but thankfully no homes were burned. 5:16. meantime, one of our state's most destructive wild fires cause issues for one family in estes park. casey thompson's home was one of the 35 homes destroyed in the woodland heights fire. and four years later, she's still fighting with her insurance company. she says auto owners haggle over the last $16,000 even though she had a full repl is horrible. we lost everything in the house. but deal with my insurance company has been worse. i want it to be over. i'm so tired. i want it to be over. >> we reached out to auto-owners, and they said they're investigating and have no comment. colorado must take -- our task report releases a report that says the state's future
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don't address the needs of those of the age 65 and older. seniors will double which in turn will double the state's medicaid cost and more than $2.3 billion. so the group's main suggestion, first start saving money now especially for those employers who don't offer a new report from national consum health watch dog organization finds that nearly a third oo hospitals in our state received the highest grade possible for safety practices. so 14 of the 43 hospitals that an organization called leap frog examined, they received an a grade for their ability to protect us from accidents, injuries and infections. it's 5:17 right now. mid week, it's cold. >> a week ago, we were looking at the warmest november ever on record. last week we dropped
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>> it has changed. >> highs in the upper 30s to low 40s. hhre's your cheat sheet. it's sunny today, but chilly. calmer winds. yesterday it was gusty. we'll see a week storm on friday, and we're tracking more cold and more snow next tuesday. so the first week of december could be when we finally get some good snow down so far, only 1.7 inches out at the airport. look at our wind chills this morning. four below. speaking of at the airport. for is what it feels like. berthoud pass, 25 below and in aurora, parker, bennett, you're talking single digits as you walk out the door. it's cold. mountains, most spots with windw zero. yesterday, it was mid to upper s . today we'll tact on a few degrees, so by 9:00, we're below freezing, but by 1:00 to 3:00, low to mid 40s, under a sunny sky.
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you're going to find right around du, a high of 41. aurora, 40. get up into the foothills and is mid to upper 30s there. goaden, 41. evergreen, a high of 36 this afternoon. teens and 20s under the mountains. cold on the western slope just above freezing there in grand junction. closer to 50 near pueblo. future ast will show a few very light spotty showers. we're not going to add much to our totals in today. overnight tonight across north western colorado, we'll see light to moderate snow. that will fill in a bit more by early thursday, and we'll start to see increase in cloud cover here in denver. this next system, pretty weak. it will bring our testimonies down on friday and bring flurries on friday. highs near freezing. it's warm this weekend. saturd4 3. sunday, 52.
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tuesday, a chance for decent snow, heavier snow and highs in the 20s. >> decent snow. not yes. no. it's going to be a horrible commute. i'm predicting tuesday, wednesday, we're going to see horrible driving conditions. plan accordingly and plan for the snow. there's a good drive. we're nice and dry on santaafe through castle rock in aurora whether it's parker road and -- it's looking fine. same thing across downtown, a lot of green out north side and you can see that drive on the north side of town. i-76 and 270 getting busier. five minutes across commerce city. happening tonight, ddnver police and volunteers will handout free light bulbs to people living in the swallow hill area. it's apart of the crime prevention outreach --
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good morningg 5:23. it's not warm. ten degrees in denver. winds at 5 to
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chills early this morning. wind gust are going to be stronger across the north eastern corner of our state today, but not as windy as what we aw yesterday. and this afternoon, highs will be in right around 40. low mid 40s. here's a look at the storm that's hovering through the upper midwest. we're not going to see much from that. jayson, there's another system that will bring flurries in denver on friday. 5:24. wild open on the freeways and seeing trafc like i-25 into downtown. 15 minutes starting in jus weeks, you have to pay to park at cherry creek mall. this week they started testing smart parking system. this is how much you have to pay. the first hour is free. the second is 3. did you get that. a full day it's going to cost $six and parking fees starts in january. video out of los angeles you have to see to believe. a woman is caught vandalizing a parked
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she did this for six hours plus. you can see her jump on the hood of a car and she uses a metal stick and etches stuff on the car. she jumped on the roof and starts carving. >> i'm out of a job, also, so i'm praying that hopefully something comes out of this good for me, you know. >> that woman's friend set up a go fund me page to help her out with the damaged car. police says the suspect may have mental more news coming up at 5:30 including a liquor store robbed. >> the owner says this was an inside job. up next, what he says happened and what he's offering to whoever can help track down the suspect. i'm jason gruenauer where the douglas county sheriff's are looking for a missing young mother and her two young sons. there's photos and details and everything you need tt know to
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their son -- they're talking today, how they say they're going to remember the young man who left a positive mark on their high school. and just in ago, there was a four-day journey across cuba. tens of thousands of have lined the streets -- i'm mitch from 4-day journey across cuba. tens of thousands ocu i'm mitch from denver 7, how are you? >> you tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising volunteers for 18 years. >> oh, my god. >> you know what's happening. who is the 7everyday hero in
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we're following breaking news overnight. tornado slammed northern alabama killing at least three people. four children are also in critical condition right know after a 24-hour daycare was hit. multiple homes and buildings have reportedly been destroyed throughout northern alabama. the national weather service confirmed the three people killed were in a mobile home hit. now, right now, eastern tennessee, near chattanooga is getting hit with severe weather right now. tens of thousands of people are without power. had tornado yesterday. ere at home, good news for skiers. beavercreek are opening more terrain. >> the ski resort got more than a foot of snow. are we going to get more. let's check with meteorologist lisa hidalgo. >> almost the first of december, they'll be more. we have a couple of months to go. in denver, it's cold. clear skies, skies have cleared in the mountains too. no snow there today. if we get any, it's going to be light. look at wind


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