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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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we're following breaking news overnight. tornado slammed northern alabama killing at least three people. four children are also in critical condition right know after a 24-hour daycare was hit. multiple homes and buildings have reportedly been destroyed throughout northern alabama. the national weather service confirmed the three people killed were in a mobile home hit. now, right now, eastern tennessee, near chattanooga is getting hit with severe weather right now. tens of thousands of people are without power. had tornado yesterday. ere at home, good news for skiers. beavercreek are opening more terrain. >> the ski resort got more than a foot of snow. are we going to get more. let's check with meteorologist lisa hidalgo. >> almost the first of december, they'll be more. we have a couple of months to go. in denver, it's cold. clear skies, skies have cleared in the mountains too. no snow there today. if we get any, it's going to be light. look at wind
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like outside. boulder, 18. greeley, 16. aurora and parker, below ten degrees this morning. a very chilly start to our wednesday morning. sttte wide, you're going to find single digit wind chills. this afternoon, different story. because the skies have cleared, we're going to see more sunshine. low to mid 40s by 3:00. and then clear overnight tonight. wow. man, that's going to be really m at 9:00. be careful of that. speaking of global warming, $32 by 9:00, $32 by 9:00. i'm going to fix that typo. >> is that in calvin? >> yes. >> we have a smooth ride on i-25 going all the way down to the denver tech center. on the map this morning, easy driving from work at arapahoe road and i-25 and 225 looking good. a light
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causing slight delays at this point. the north side of town quiet. take a look at i-25 near 104th avenue, it looks still as the camera has just stopped. but we have a good driving conditions from that north side. downtown, 15 minutes or less right now. i'm jason gruenauer live at the douglas county sheriff's office where they're looking for a missing highlands ranch woman and her two young sons. we're talking about jennifer her sons ethan and adam. were seen leaving a high lands ranch elementary school yesterday, but hasn't been seen since. the mother, jennifer picked up her two yyung sons from the highlands ranch school. they're from highlands ranch, but they were reported missing. jennifer, 36 years old. 5'6", adam is $three years old and ethan is five years old.
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country vehicle with a license plate $300-rqq. they're believed to be together. no info from the sheriff's department on whether or not they believe they're in danger. we have details on our free denver 7 app app. if you see them, call the sheriff's department immediately. i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. today marks the first day that ponda rosa students will be back at schoo since a guard was accused of sexually assaulting a student. >> parent was nervous about this. amanda del castillo is joining us about the security guard's arrest. >>reporter: good morning, these are troubling allegations, but as you can imagine, everyone is taking these accusations very now, to echo what you just said, 49-year old gary pastel won't bb allowed back on the campus at ponda rosa high school pending that investigation.
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of 2014. he was working as a security specialist at ponda high school. detectives interviewed a student on monday determinnng there was enough evidence to arrest pastel. he has bonded out of jail. woe spoke with parents who says she don't -- >> if it's true and it does pla >> yeah, a lot of people echoing those statements ttday. and specific details about where this alleged crime occurred whether it was on campus or off campus hasn't been released yet. many today on edge after learning, publicly that their security guard was arrested. we'll discuss more and look into more of what this means for ponda high school as the morning
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outside of ponda high school, i'm amanda del castillo. denver 7. senior high school principal edwards is back at work after weeks of being put on leave. he was arrested on assault charges. parents reached out to denver 7 demanding answers as to why he was allowed back on campus. district leaders says since he didn't violate owe assaulting customers at green massage. two women accused -- the massage parlor is cooperating with nvestigators. a commerce city liquor store is putting up $5,000 of his own money to find a robbery. it was caught on video. >> me and my family and we are
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employees are very much devastated because other employees, they couldn't -- they're disturbed about what >> as for the employee, he hasn't been seen since and they're worried he has left the country. this man pleaded guilty in a stabbing of a woman. scott hatchet is one of seven people accused the killing carl back in 2015. the group planned a cover up by burning belongings and dropping her body in the field. this grandmother will spend time in prison for drowning her grandson. she's going to serve five years of patrol. a person has come forward with new information about beverly england.
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the sheriff's office isn't saying much. they're saying there's more people with knowledge about the information. we're learning about the teenagee killed -- his classmates says he was the best trumpet players in the school. his father who is a local pastor says that he moved from south korea three years ago and loved america. he says he loved churchhand passionate about musi >> he could play drum set and i went to his concert and he -- >> funeral services tomorrow at the church where his father is a pastor. there's no motives or suspect and no arrests have been made. a deadly road rage incident ends the life of a newly wed and father of two. for the first
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investigation for another fatal shooting at the time. he tells them that miguel took too long at the stop sign, so garcia honked at him and miguel flipped garcia off and garcia shot ask killed him. we spoke to miguel's family who says he was a die hard broncos fan who had a big smile. >> i don't know who i would be without my dad and they'll never it wasn't by choice. he didn't bail or leave. >> he s behind a wife and two daughters. a go fund me account is set up to cover his funeral expenses. head to our denver 7 app to find out how to help. people in the denver -- people are outraged by the litter they found. were littering. that video tracked down who did this. they
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waste who says dumping was a mistake. people say they were upset it took them 28 hours to clean it up. investigators are looking into what started this fire that destroyed a furniture store at 41st and tenison. more announcement from trump on his cabinet. he's expected to pick billionaire steven as treasury secretary. he named congressman tom price of georgia for secretary of -- former label secretary chow to head the department of transportation. trump election split colorado -- last night, community groups held a town hall hoping to address people's concerns and the immigration and lbgt group was there. the biggest -- denver's new da beth hopes that people left last night with more information on
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discrimination. >> we have seen there have been some -- what appeared to be racially motivated criminal activity, so i think people are anxious and concerned. >> aurora will have a similar meeting tomorrow to address these post election -- their meeting scheduled tomorrow at 5:30 at the aurora central high school. 20 minutes before 6:00 closing ssores. they'll stay open until next october. that should help 500 students help find other ways -- chu specialized in international business and also english courses. workers areeback to work today after striking for higher wages nationwide including here in denver. 100 people in mcdonald and others at dia took to the picket lines for a fight
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an hour. no arrests here, buts of others were taken into custody in other city and protest comes after colorado passed an initiative to raise our state raise minimum wage to $12 an hour. it's a road rage brawl going viral. >> two women go at it with their middle of a parking lot. >> i don't know, it's just really devastating. i was fearful >> more on this unbelievable video. plus what one of the women involved is saying about it. an officer takes a risk. he tells a jury why he shouldn't face charges of an unarmed black man. you'll hr that next. between 8:00 and 9:00, we're going to see cold and clear conditions. mid to upper 20s at that point and highs in the low to mid 40s. it's a touch warmer
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our 7-day forecast. we'll talk about it coming up. we had a minor accident near i-70 and havana. that's not causing delays. i've been
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after housing for displaced people -- government force was moving in on this rebel held area. another eight civilians were killed on the western side of aleppo. the same neighborhood in eastern aleppo was hit by an air strike yesterday that killed 25 civilians. this may be the last thing you want to see when you go to the bathroom. how does an eight-ot cobra found in an apartment in south africa, no, it caught it. the reptile slithered away and some where into the apartment's pipe system. so who knows when it's going to reappear and get caught. in the meantime, nobody in the building is going to use their toilets. that thing might come back. >> yeah, so the toilet is clear, but it's in the system. >> that's good. >> it will make you feel good. >> i would take that better than a snake in a plane. you can get away from that. >> sort of.
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teens and 20s this owe as -- what am i -- spit it out, hidalgo. spit it out woman. we should be over 12 inches of snow. we're 11" be know normal. we could see flurries on friday, but there's a better chance of accumulating snow by next week on tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up. first let's get you out the d denver. it's cold. when you factor in the winds, it feels like single digits. at the airport, a wind chill at four degrees below zero. 23 at city park. 11 in conifer. 16 in evergreen. a very chilly start to the day. highs this afternoon, though, will be in the mid to upper 20s as you get north and west near estes park. evergreen, you're at 36. and from denver north to fort collins, low to mid 40s.
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yesterday. we'll see clear skies today. 20s and low 30s in the mountains. now, here's yyur future cast. today we might see a spotty light snow shower or two. maybe pick up another one or 2 inches here in the next 24 hours. we're clear across the plains. sunshine there, but then overnight tonight, into early tomorrow morning, we'll see snow developing closer to steamboat and craig and west of the divide as you get closer to aspen,le could pick up snow. east of denver, we're going to see increasing of clouds toward the end of the week. winds will going to increase. on friday, a few flury and colder too from low 40s today today and tomorrow to near freezing on friday. some neighborhoods in the upper 20s. it's not as cold as we get into the weekend. beautiful sun, 52 degrees. next week, that's the igger storm. monday, snow will develop and on
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stay tuned, way too early to throw out snow totals, but it does look like it could be our biggest snow of the season. >> oh, joy. it's going to be an awful commute. just figure a bad commute on tuesday, wednesday, next week, we'll figure that out when we get closer. we had minor accidents on i-70 on the ramp to hana and the lights have been flashing at havana and i-70. no delays. a couple of hazards. you can i-25 looking pretty nice, quiet for us down to the denver tech center. take a look at 225 on the left side of the screen, so coming around yosemite looking easy. c-470 quiet to the west side. starting to see the traffic pick up. overall, still quiet. a police officer who shot ask killed an unarmed black man in september will stand trial for manslaughter.
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she shot crutcher shows -- he had his arms in the air. no crutcher was high on pcp. we're learning more about the california missing mom found alive. this is pena. her husband is speaking out abot the first time he saw his wife with injuries. he told good morning america her face was weighed 87 pounds and it was a branding. >> it was a message. >> to two? >> a message to her or others. >> the search continues for two -- for the first time we're hear from the police officer behind this deadly shooting. we'll show you in a second. former police officer michael
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he says when you saw scott running in this video, he felt afraid for his life. we were hoping for a sound bite from court. scott was not armed. prosecutors said the shooting is murder plain and simple. slager claimed that scctt grabbed his teaser, but scott didn't hold it running away. there's multiple ways to to meditation. one goat's method is going viral. >> we'll give you a hint. it's a costume, plus it's a brawl you don't want to miss.
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a news alert. police nationwide said there's arime epidemic. nash and grab robberies at gun stores. they're happening once a day. here's video of one happening in tampa florida. the thieves rammed an suv into the store. thieves grabbed dozens much weapons from 2013 to 2015. two years, there's been a 20% increase in these burglaries. a fight over a parking space in los angeles escalated into a demolition. a number of women fighting and one woman getting into her suv and drives into the other person nearly taking out a passenger side door. that's the beginning. several times, that suv, they drive back and forth in a small parking lot and they
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one hits a high hydrant and the water sprays into the -- one hits a fire hydrant and the water sprays and the driver is speaking out. she said it started with a left turn. >> we were parked at a stoplight. i made a left time and i'm driving own western and she rams me. i tried to get out my car -- they put me on the ground. >> no but the woman filed a police report. [indiscernible]. what the [bleep]. >> i - did you see that. a close call caught on camera. lightning nearly struck this and there's two men in the car.
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2 men in the car. lightning doesn't hit the car. coworkers are richer. it's not here at denver 7:00. they work at an auto parts manufacturer. they played as a group for years. they take home $12.7 million. >> last night my check engine light came on. [laughter] >> you know, i don't have to get frantic about that now. >> i checked my e-mails and we won. we're just -- i also passed out. >> that means i have to play now with the ones we do in the news room. >> you don't want to be the one that doesn't take part and everyone else wins. >> you're going to hit it and you're going to argue and i'm going to sit back and watch. >> we're going to -- >> we have 20 million a piece. >> it's cold today. we're going to see teens and 20s in the mountains. across the plains, low to mid 40s.
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of 42. friday night, denver zoo lights kicks off, and a few flurries that night. if you're heading out to theezoo, bundle up. 9:00, 23 degrees. lewisville, i'll be at the parade. highway 36 looking nice going passed 80th avenue towards federal. take a look at the map and green out there, north, south, east, and west. minor issues on i-70 and havana. no traffic delays. 5:56. anxiety is never fun and we have different w cope with that. one goat's coping method is going viral. >> poly the goat is six years old and she -- she has neurological issue and she'' partially blind. her owner says nothing helped until she put an old duck costume on poly as a joke. the next thing she knew the anxiety was gone. >> so just put -- maybe it's the comfort of having something around her. >> i'm wondering like the
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dogs. >> there you go. >> it's cute though. coming up on denver 7, there's a search for a missing mom and her two young sons. a deadly shooting. three people dead, but no suspects arrested. if you're doing your christmas shopping online, you may read a review that's not real. coming up how to spot a fake rating. tornado hit alabama and tennessee. two more dead in tennessee.
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i said we got to go and when we went, i could not believe what i just seen. stay home and do what you do, drive and get the hell off this map. >> a devastating scene at a ?hree people have been killed because of this fire burning near gatlinburg. we're following breaking news out of douglas county. >> the woman you see right here and two of her children are missing. deputies are trying to track them down. what we know about their disappearance. a high school employee accused of sexually assaulting a minor. we start your 6:00 hour with breaking news. a string of


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