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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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i said we got to go and when we went, i could not believe what i just seen. stay home and do what you do, drive and get the hell off this map. >> a devastating scene at a ?hree people have been killed because of this fire burning near gatlinburg. we're following breaking news out of douglas county. >> the woman you see right here and two of her children are missing. deputies are trying to track them down. what we know about their disappearance. a high school employee accused of sexually assaulting a minor. we start your 6:00 hour with breaking news. a string of
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this happened in alabama. several buildings destroyed including a 24-hour daycare. >> the numbers, they just continue to fluctuate this morning. we're tracking the storm from nicole. >>reporter: three people were killed in alabama overnight. nbc news is reporting two deaths in tennessee this morning. so we're watching that closely and getting new information. all of this from a string of tornado that ripped through north homes and businesses have been levelled. mobile homms were especially vulnerable. the three deaths that were reported in alabama were all in one mobile home. >> we live about a quarter of a mile across the field here, and we heard all the commotions. we got down in the basement and we went back and buildings were tore up, and other stuff scattered all over the pasture. >> i just got new information on that daycare building that was
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daycare. it was a family run business, and people who lived in a mobile home adjacent to the daycare tried to seek shelter inside the daycare. but unfortunately it collapsed on them. seven people hurt and four people in critical condition from that. it's 6:02. at home, we have clear skies. from our vero wireless camera is cleared. feels like when you factor init- the winds, just two in denver. 16 below in leadville. 19 in fort collins, and some single digits near lineman, and aurora. a cold start to our wednesday morning. we will see a lot of sunshine today. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. denver today, 42. you're going to find in mountains, more teens and 20s, and a chance for a
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see some in denver. we're tracking two storms, we'll talk about this them coming up. a couple of problems. there's a report of a minor accident at i-70 and havana. no delays and on havana, the lights are supposed to flash on havana and i-70. it looks okay for at least right now. keep a close eye on that. taking a look at the map. area is here at hamden and chambers. it sounds like a bad accident. mostly according to the speed flow, it's affecting the southbound and westbound side of the interchange here, so it sounds like a bad accident and i'm sure that's the next stop for air tracker 7 as they get closer. after the east side looks okay. we're watching breaking news at home. douglas county
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missing woman and her two children. >> jason gruenauer has more details. >>reporter: basically the information we got from the douglas county sheriff's office is this mother picked up her two young sons yesterday from their highlands ranch elementary school and they haven't been seen. we're talking about jennifer labor and her two young sons adam and ethan, just 53 -- and 3 old. they live in highlands ranch. the boys are $3 and 5. they were last seen driving a 2011 silver chrysler town and country and the colorado license plate on that vehicle, $300-rqq. we went on that school's website, according to the school, they dismissed
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picking up her kids at 2:00 p.m. we're not sure how or why that may play into that. if you see or if you know anything about this vanishing or missing person's case and the mother and her two children, you're asked to call the douglas county sheriff's office immediately. we have information on our free denver7 app. live at the douglas county sheriff's office, i'm jason gruenauer. we follow the latest out of gat inburg gatlinburg, tennessee. the town of gatlinburg, tennessee, 14,000 people were evacuated and mitch is following this with personal stories we're hearing. >>reporter: the wild fires turned deadly and thousands forced to evacuated. some had been separated from their
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two yyung daughters since monday. said there were flames across the street from our house and she didn't know what to do. i told her to call 911. and that was the last time i talked to her. >> that man is michael reed. his home has been destroyed in his fire. he hadn't been reunited with his wife and children. there's hope his family could be at shelter. this tragedy happens every 100 years and you can read more on our free denver7 app. a man at a ponda rosa high school is accused of sexually assaulting a minor. amanda del castillo is live at ponda rosa high school. a lot of parents are talking abbut this. >>reporter: many are questioning the safety of their children. we don't know whether the crime
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is taking the accusations very seriously. 49-year old gary pastel, he won't be allowed back on campus. that was per a letter given out to ponda parents yesterday. we know the district hired him in 2014. he was working as a campus security specialist. on monday, detectives interviewed a ponda student determining there was he was hired to protect their children says parents. >> i thought they had good security caapus. i thought they were good on top of things good, security wise. that's what my understanding is, and now with that, i don't know what to think. >> pastel was arrested at his castle rock home. he has bond out. we'll follow developments all morning long. live from ponda rosa high school, i'm
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no arrests made. colorado police says they have identified a person of interest. it was the second deadliest shooting. two women were found dead. their deaths are called suspicious. police don't believe the two crimes are connected. it will be a while before the green bay furniture store will open. it was gutted by fire. no one hurt. denver fire officials aren't sus fire started. is closing its doors. the private university which specializes in business announced it's closing next year. 500 students will need to find some where to finish their education. several other universities including itt tech have closed their doors this year as well. the cu buffs could face $150,000 of fines because fans rushed the field. fans have to
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60 seconds off the field to keep the visiting team safe. all of those i graduated with, all the older fans have videos and pictures from up above. they didn't move. that's what the old people do. we stay in the stands. there in sterling, clear skies and beautiful start to our morning. it's cold. single digits early on. tempers right now in the teens and 20s. we'll be in the low 40s between noon and 2:00 under a lot of sunshine today. it's going to you'll feel the change. not as windy, so it's not going to feel as cold. lakewood 42. broomfield, 41. it's ten degrees colder on frid. we'll talk about this storm hitting toward the end of the week coming up. the southeast part of the town, hamden and chambers where you can see a two vehicle crash. there's a bumper in the road. lanes are blocking -- and the
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expect delays through this intersection. hamden and chambers with this two vehicle accident. we have 26 days until christmas. a lot of you are doing holiday shopping over the weekend. coming up, how to spot a fraud when you're reading online reviews. president elect trump saved 1,000 american jobs from moving
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6:13. welcome back to denver7. lots f flashing lights at hamden and chambers. just know an accident at hamden and chambers. the cherry creek mall set its prices for parking. the first hour is free. >> after that, things get complicated, so the second hour
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and then every additional hour cost $two. if you decide to park for the full day, it cost $16. you are going to have to pay starting the beginning of next year when you park at the mmll. you do not have to pay to park if you plan to shop on line. but you do need to be careful of fake reviews. we went cyber shopping -- he recommends going on the website fix box to see if the reviews >> have you to start reviewing the reviewer. >> that's kind of crazy. the fake spot filthser, it analyzes factors like the language used in a review. there's other red flags. if the products has all five star reviews, it's probably too good to be true. a 12-year old from westminster became our colleagues. he has been chosen to be a kid reporter.
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who will report for the so las ck kids news press core. congratulations to jacob. >> pretty soon he'll be taking our jobs. >> soon. we have a nice start to the sunrise. we're tracking snow which we need. we need it. we're below two inches in denver this season. >> some snow, yes. >> yes, but more to come. >> by the end of the week, we're going to see flurries. if you're trying to get the kids ready, we're cold and clear in the teens and 20s and 26 degrees between 8:00 and 9:00 at the bus stop. so bundle them up. this afternoon, a touch warmer. the hats and gloves in the backpack. 42 under a mostly sunny sky. from our vero camera, what a sunrise. beautiful this morning. we're talking wind chills that are in the single digits. at this point, as of the end of november, we're 11 inches be
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we would see 12.7. we're below though. flurries on friday and it's not going to add to our totals, but we'll see a bigger storm next week. too early to -- it could be our biggest snow of the season. denver, a high of 40 to 42 degrees. overnight, we're back in the 20s to upper teens under a clear sky. and then today and tomorrow, you're going to find upper 30s to low 40s. westminster and lakewood at 42. lone tree, 40. 40s west of denver. 36 in evergreen. mountain town will see 20s today. colder in leadville. usually always is. we're at 17 there today. closer to 50 near pueblo and lamar. it's another chilly day, but it's not as windy so it's not going to feel quite as cold. on future cast, a few light snow showers in the mountains today. we'll add an inch or two in the mountains passes in the next
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into early tomorrow morning. denver, boulder and fort collins will see an increase in cloud cover on thursday. a few more clouds tomorrow with a chance for flurries on friday. it's colder. we're going to end the week at 32 degrees, but we warm back up. so you have two bright spots saturday and sunday. beautiful sunday, it's the warmest day on our 7-day forecast. enjoy it because you're going to feel the freeze monday into next tuesday. that's the next storm and likely temperatures will drop into the 20s again we're tracking pretty metro area. jason, it's a good thing he keeps shaking his head. the compute will be tough. we'll keep an eye on this. >> we don't have -- it's going to be a business mole. you can see the tow trucks trying to get the cars -- the% last of the cars up and out of there. you can see the shell station. this is the bank there.
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side of hamden, southbound side of chambers, and let me show you on the map how you're getting around it. no alternate needed because traffic is able to get around it, but the accident is right here. the southbound and westbound side is the most affected. don't worry about getting an alternate route. we got information about a car fire off broadway off c-470 to the north side of highlands ranch. don't have information about ii yet. no pictures yet. i'll see if i can get a good in a bit. i-25 as you can see from the north side camera near 84th avenue, it's getting heavier. i have seen it bunch up and open up. it starts to open up, but you're going to find that heavier traffic already building here as well as i-76 and 270.
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6:18. two troopers were hit. i 15 runs from august den -- >> it has six lanes. >> we have six lanes between fort collins and colorado, $15 runs from august den -- >> it has six lanes. >> we have six lanes between fort collins and colorado, it's more money. our budget is 1.3 billion. we have needs all around the statt and a vast majority of the budget is maintaining roads we have. >> cdot is study about i-25 to -- the study cost $2 million. that's not going to be finished for another 18 months. breaking overnight after a week on the run, one of the two escaped inmates in california has been captured. we have been following this story all week. initially four inmates escaped the jail in santa clara by tieing bed sheets and repelling down the building. two inmates were caught right away. two others on the run since last wednesday.
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this man campbell. we don't know how he was found and as far as we know, the other inmate, chavez is still on loose. we're learning mo about that plane crash in columbia. 71 people died. six people survived. this morning, we know the crew reported an electrical failure moments before declaring an emergency. the flight disappears from radar. columbian authorities says the tail hit the mountain and the rest of the jet hit the side. the bck and the black boxes will be inspected this morning. the survivors -- one died in that attack. isis is calling the attacker one of its soldiers and authorities says he was not trump is making good on a campaign product. carrier planned to move 1,000 jobs to mexico, but the company will keep those jobs in indiana.
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state. he sat down for dinner with a meeting with the front runner, romney. romney had positive things to ay afterward. >> we had another discussionn3 about ffairs throughout the world, and these discussions are [indiscernible], and interest are you, and engaging. >> trump is scheduling stops for his thank you tour 2016 as he calls it. he'll hold a rally in a facebook post is causing -- a doctors called a racist. hear her response when we return. 6:21.
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, good morning, here's your first alert, the storm we were tracking is in the upper midwest. there's going to bring more state to the state early
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wind gust at 20 to 30 miles in akron. not as windy in denver. highs in the low to mid 40s . it's going to feel like low to mid 40s. getting up into the mountains, dry today. just a few light snow showers and highs in the 20s. we have activity on the freeways as we're getting busier here and there. you can see the c-470 drive getting busier off the picture. we can't see it from here is the car fire reported there on county line at yet. hopefully that will happen later on this afternoon. you can see the incident at hamdee and chambers done, cleaning up the accident. no alternate needed. if you hear about one, that's silly. it's not worth it to try to find a way around that interchange. it's not that backed up right now. >> that's silly. >> thank you for the advice, jason. students and activist are outraged over one cu denver prooessor's facebook post.
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obama. the post is -- she works at denver health medical center and children's health -- she's a professor at cu school of medicine. >> she should be relieved as a professor and practitioner. >> herren spoke to us over on the phone but s racist. we'll explain why state
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just about 6:30. a like from air tracker 7. this is a fire near 14th and zena.
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trucks there. police have the roads blocked off. this is 14th and zena so near colfax and yosemite. we'll update you in a moment. information out of -- this woman has bben missing for more than 16 hours. denver -- deputies believes her two sons, 5 and 3 they're with her. >> she was seen in a silver town and country. license plate on your screen, it's 300-rqq. if anythinggabout where jennifer labor might be, you're asked to call 911. let's outside. the sunrise is a half hour away, but if you stepped out the door, it's cold. >> yeah, it is. ?isa has your first alert forecast. we could see a lot of snow, not today, but soonn >> you're right. next week, we're tracking two storms in fact. one on friday with a few flurries and then some heavy accumulation possible by the first of next week. let's get you through today though first. it's cold outside. you step
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even colder this morning. denver, a wind chill of 2. springs 3 degrees below the winds playing another role in our morning drive. it's cold. we're going to see sunshine and it will be a little calmer this afternoon, but chilly. low to mid 40s by 3:00. we're under more sunshine today. yesterday there were cloud cover for the first half of the day. today, more sun and more low colder on friday. warmer for the weekenn and auge cool down next tuesday. i'll show you what that looks like on our 7-day forecast coming up quiet on i-25. heavier down from the thornton parkway through 84th avenue. no accidents yet. crossing the fingers that it stays that way. take a look at the drive. you can see a lot of green for us on the map. there's one innident
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county line and broadway. haven't seen delays. putting the final touches at hamden and -- otherwise, a typical slowing in the usual spots to the north side. thanks jason. 6:32. this man is christopher gebd he's likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars. he was ste 342 years. he hit two troopers in colorado in may of 2015. trooper taylor thyfault was killed. this man is facing charges. adams county investigators says there could be more victims. we're learn beginning the
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party over the weekend. kim's family says the family moved here 3 years ago. his friends says he was a talented musician and a great friend. >> he was -- it was a loss, yes, he was the best trumpet players we had. >> the victim was gunned down this weekend at a party which was packed with teens and denver police tells us this started with a fight inside the warehouse. they haven't released information about suspects. 6:33. up behind bars. she was sentenced to 20-year in prison. najera left the 10-year-old boy in the bathtub where he drowned. the owner of parkway discount liquor tells us one of his employees stole thousands of dollars over the weekend. the employee ii on the run. the
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>> me and my family are devastated about the loss of the cash, and even our employees that are very much devastated because other employees, they couldn't even -- they're disturbed about what happened. >> the store owner believes the suspect may have left the country. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. police and protestors are in the middle of a standoff. there's an evacuation order because of the snow storm you see here. officers are blocking people and supplies from getting into the says the snow storm is being blown out of proportion and they say law enforcement is looking for a reason to kick them out. a-line -- all of this was apart of that nationwide date of action. colorado voters just approved a measure that would raise our state's minimum wage to $12 an hour. president elect trump says flag burners should be thrown in jail or thrown out of the country. trump tweeted yesterday saying quote nobody should be allowed to burn the
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he went onto say if they do, there must be consequences like a loss of citizenship or time in jail. >> i think there's a big difference between that and burning the american flag -- >> it's a form of free speech. 6:35. new this morning, colorado must act now to take care of our state's growing aging population. this is according to a n legislative task force. the number of seniors in our state is set to double by 2030 which in turn will double the medicaid cost of $3.2 billion. we need to staat saving money now, possibly by cceating a 401k for workers for employers that don't offer a retirement plan. a fire we're tracking in denver in colfax and denver. this is on zena street.
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scene there. air tracker 7 flying above this right now. we have not seen flames. this appears to be -- denver fire said they had responded to a structure fire therr. there is one injury reported right now. we just learned from this. it appears crews were on the ground talking to people, again, no visible flames right now. so we understand this fire is out. we don't know the circumstances at this point. we're going to follow this again. one injury this is at east colfax near yosemite. 1423 zena street. it's an apartment building there. it ?ppears to have caught fire. 6:36. 20 people became instant millionaires for the saturday's power ball. you're going to hear them describe the moment they heard the news.
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we have a live look at air tracker 7 at zena street and 14th. one was injured. jason luber saw an ambulance leg the scene a short time ago. the fire is out. a lot of crews on the scene, so 14th and zena. the roads are closed down in this the winners of this weekend's power ball jackpot have come forward and they're a group of 20 coworkers from tennessee. >> does your office do this? they call themselves the tennessee 20. they can't believe their good luck. >> i had to look again because i thought i'm in a dream. i looked again, and so then i had to start calling people. they wouldn't answer their phone. >> the lucky winner, they decided they were going to take
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up to 254 million. that's 12 million per person. >> $12.7 million. >> that's not bad. >> 20 workers. they work at an auto worker manufacturing plant. they say they're going to keep their job, we'll check back with them. >> a person said he's going to wait until his trainer was caught up to speed. -?>> nice fellow. temperatures in the so a ?ive look from city park. it's beautiful. it's going to be bright. it's going to take a few hours to get warm. speaking of city park and to the north of it, denver zoo lights kicks off on friday. we're expecting flurries friday. it's going to be 30 degrees by 5:30 that night. it will be a cold night. on if you're heading out there, bundle up. low 20s by 9:00. today, we'll see 40s. denver, 4 42. teens and 20s for the mountains. we have two storms
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bring snow. details coming up. someone reported an accidene northbound 225 ramp to go from 225 to e-470. no delays as we're ook from the 17th avenue camera. we'll keep an eye on this. take a look at the map. you can see the heavier traffic on i-76 and i-225, a tandard commute in those parts of the freeway. we'll keep you caught up on the street. a high school specialist is accused the sexual assault. students are headed back to school since the news. what we know about the accusations
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:00 minutes. :00 6:42. a mom and two children missing. >> jason gruenauer has more with more on the missing. jason. >>reporter: yes, the mother ando young son was believed
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about jennifer labor and her sons ethan and adam last seen leaving a high lands elementary school. the mother picking up her two young sons about 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. they haven't been seen since. douglas county sheriff's are on the search for them and the vehicle that they were last seen in. it is a silver mini van, a 2011 chrysler town and country. the colorado license plate, 300-rqq. according to the school's website the younger grades are 3:30. they were last seen leaving the school. the mom picking them up around 2:00. the family is from highlands ranch. no word fiorina douglas county sheriff's and whether there could be in danger here. they're trying to find these people. the mother and her two yng children, ages 5 and 3. iffyou see them or know anything, call the ?heriff's departments or 911 right away. live at the douglas
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we're tracking breaking news. an apartment fire near 14th. this is off east colfax. air tracker 7 is over this. the fire is out, but you can see emergency crews still there. denver fire says one was injured. we learned the fire was contained to 1 unit in this apartment building and this, we learned is the renaissance at zena village. this is a housing development for adults with disabilities and homeless people who live there. this is supportive housing for those how bad that person was injured. one taken from the scene in an ambulance earlier. at this point, crews are telling people to avoid the area if possible. i'mmlive outside the ponda high school this morning. parents and students on edge today after learning that a school's security guard was arrested for sexual assault on a student here. detectives say
6:45 am
monday learning enough to arrest 49-year old gary pastel. he has bonded out. he was hired in 2014. the school district says pastel won't be allowed back on cammus pending investigation results. >> if it's true, and it does play out, then i'm really concerned. really, really concerned. >> now, it's unclear whether the should say took place during school hours, but investigators believe it happened on campus. i'm amanda del castillo, denver7. it's a quarter until 7:00. george papus could spend 16 years behind bars. back in october of 2015, he crashed his car into a -- police say he was trying to kill his gill friend who was in the passenger seat at the time. they didn't find any skid marks at the scene.
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the u.s. owner flag is making another trip to colorado. it will travel here tomorrow as apart of -- as a tribute to trooper donahue. he was hit on i-25 last friday. his funeral set for this friday. the green mountain fire is contained. investigators aren't sure how it staated. the fire burned about 10 acres. no homes were damaged and the dry weather is partially to blame. according to experts, 98% of it's now 6:46. speaking of dry, today is going to be one of those days where ww'll see a lot of sunshine state wide. if we pick up snow, it will be in the mountains. here's from loveland. beautiful. light snow tapering off. fog in the valleys. on our cheat sheet, sunny, but chilly day. calmer winds so that's going to make it feel like it should, closer to
6:47 am
bring pretty big cold and snow next week. stay with us. i'll show you what it looks like in a minute. city park, right now, 21. evergreen, 14. frazier, 18. it's a cold start . we're going to see highs doubling those numbers so low to mid 40s by this afternoon. denver, 42. aurora and parker, you're at 40. grand lake 21 and estes park, a chilly 26 this afternoon. 20s and a few 30s covering the western half of our state. mainly low to mid 40s across eastern colorado. winds are still going to be gusty up to the northeast near sterling and akron, but it will be calmer here in denver. future cast shows few light snow showers today. we're likely to see snow develop tonight into early tomorrow morning across north western colorado. that's at 2:30 in the morning tomorrow. the snow is going to increase.
6:48 am
thursday and an increase in clouds tomorrow. here in fort collins and -- a high of 30 on friddy. some low 40s saturday. low 50s on sunday. then a pretty big change. this next system could be the biggest snow maker for us in by the end of november, we're at over 12 inches. so on tuesday, we could make up for it. temperatures in the 20s, overnight lows in the single digits. we're looking at a big change, jason. >> goody. we have a ppetty -- we have heavier traffic building here and therr. you can see i-70 to the east side. it's nice and quiet. you can see the heavier
6:49 am
project up to the south side of i-76 -- 6 avenue is quiet. i-70 to the west is quiet. they did finish the accident at hamden and chamber so no need for an alternate route. no issues around broadway and county line. c-470 and is not that fay are wide open getting into downtown this morning. 6:49. this man, dallas he's in the air force academy and we're learning about the car crash that kill him earlier this year. officials in georgii say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. he wws trying to turnaround at a highway median with the other driver hit him. the other driver was not injured or dried.
6:50 am
dumped in an alley a couple of blocks from -- the company is owned by alpine wraft and they say this was an accident. >> i told the city, what am i supposed to do. am i going to tell them i'm going to write i don't have a%- power to tell this million dollar company what to do. >> so alpine sent out a truck o pick up the garbage yesterday morning more than 24 hours after the incident. people who live in the area says there's crash, broken glass and the alley there. if they would like to see a street ?weeper come through to get the remaining stuff. >> yeah, it has been a mess. it's 10 minutes before 7:00. the rise, it's real. it continues for the cu buffs and -- the buffs moved up one spot from number 9 to number 8. >> keep on climbing. this is the first winning season for the seniors including the buff's quarterback. he's trying to enjoy the moment.
6:51 am
the season is almost over and being a senior, you want to make everything count, so thatts what we're going to try and do. >> he's trying to smile there. cu will play boulder. >> they're doing so well. it's great to see. >> that last game was a kick to watch. good for them. a pharmacy giant is looking to expand in colorado. find out when cvs is headed our way and where they might build their new pharmacies. as we head to give you another live look now that we have more sun, this is a fire investigation taking
6:52 am
6:53 am
as you probably know, there's no stand alone cvs pharmacies in the state of colorado, but thaa's going to change according to our partners at the denver post. the company plans to open stores in denver and colorado springs next year.
6:54 am
property at 38th and sheridan. another pot shop could come to aurora. city has one retail marijuana license available and the deadline to apply is today. there's 23 retail marijuana stores in the city of aurora. it's 6:54. denver police are handing out light bulbs. this man rober i we'll have a picture in a second. he's charged with kidnapping and sexual assault for a rape of a pregnant woman back in 1999. an update on what happens in court today at 11:00. the boss is going to run into the cover this morning. bruce springsteen will be at the book store signing his memoir. tickets are ssld out, but don't worry, we'll have video to show you later.
6:55 am
video showing the destruction. this tornado ripped through homes and businesses and he 3-dozen were in -- a day care building was levelled. 7 people taking shelter inside that building were hurt including four children. in eastern tennessee, two more people were killed. we don't know the circumstances yet. it's 5 until 7:00. the boss bruce springsteen is going to hold a meet and greet on colfax. it starts at noon. tickets sold out in 22 seconds. he calls his memoir born to run." the ticket were 30 bucks or so . >> huge event. it's a smaller area, but hey on -- tomorrow, maria will sign books and that's not sold out. come join me and we'll do that.
6:56 am
month. a cold start. temperatures this morning right now in the teens, 20s, but here's what it feels like, just 8 in denver. 19 in fort collins. and 12 in greenly. really chilly start to our wednesday morning. this afternoon, beautul. low to mid 40s, plenty of sunshine today. it's a nice one. today and tomorrow looks simila. tomorrow we're going to get morin crease in clouds. on friday, a chance for flurries, beautiful this weekend, 50s on sunday, hang up the christmas haven't done it, but by monday and tuesday, you're not going to want to be outside. highs in the 20s. >> i don't want to be outside. it's a tough commute. the southbound side of i-25 getting very congested all the way passed mile high. typical stuff for us. same thing on i-76 and 270 as you can see on this camera view, 15 minutes across commerce city and as you look at the overall map, slowing down for us and just about all the usual spots including 225, c-470
6:57 am
a few minutes away from good morning america on denver7. coming up, the latest on the plane crash of a brazilian -- survivors are talking. you're going to hear from them on gma. trump has several positions to fill on his cabinet. there's plenty of questions about how he plans to governor. his campaign manager, kelly conway will be on gma later this morning, and about the transition. a dream come true for 20 coworkers in tennessee. they pulled their money to buy power ball tickets and they're $5 -?million. five are going to speak out on good morning america. you can hear what they plan to do with all that money. each one gets $7.3 million. >> is that before or after taxes? >> i don't know. >> does it matter. >> i think it's after because they said $254 million they get to take home.
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i'm going to go back to work
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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forc through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction, now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. as trump's team announces a deal to keep hundreds of jobs here in the u.s.


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