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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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young sons found dead this morning inside her minivan. tonight, sources told the number seven this is a murder suicide. we know the mom picked up her three and five year old boys from school in highlands ranch yesterday and they disappeared. >> we have team coverage for you. mark boyle is at the family home and spoke with the neighbors about this department. marc stewart is life outside the phone tree police station with the latest on this investigation. will begin as a missing persons case has ended with a mother and her two young children mysteriously foun officers damontre want to stress the father is not a suspect. just before one this afternoon, the truck to sway this minivan from the ssorts authority rocky mount on county line road. police say the bodies of jennifer labor and her two sons ages five and three were found dead inside the vehicle early this morning. police won't say how they died.
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her kids from school early as captured in this surveillance footage from tuesday afternoon. the three haven't been seen since. woman's husband, the father of the boys called police. due to the media coverage of these three people missing, somebody that recognize that band from what he'd seen on the news earlier that day called it in to our police dispatch center and the loan she officers responded. investigators are being cautious about how they describe these tests. stressing there are no suspects, none of interest yet they will not say if this is being investigated as a murder suicide. >> it's fair to say we cannot believe there is any threat to the public at this time and we can also tell you that the father/husband is -- has been extremely cooperative. >> reporter: this is an emotionally heavy-duty case for the community and for the officers damontre. talking to the sergeant say he is well aware that some of the
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to step back and take a break. the families neighborhood, those who knew the mom and the boys, they are rallying behind the father tonight. we're joined live from highlands ranch. >> this is a horrible situation all around. >> reporter: you can see behind me, some of the balloons and flour starting to build in the front yard of the labor home. the memorial in the front yard hole expected to grow as is the support for the surviving family member ryan weber. investigators spent the dayyas neighbors did, in and out of the house where the family lives . >> the kids play together all the time. no clue. it's a tough situation.
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branded as a neighbor and knew them well. in this informal interview, he said mental health and the depression specifically was at play. even still, he says this came as a complete surprise to everybody.>> it's shocking. it's unfathomable. >> were told after they picked up the kids from school early yesterday, everyone that she may have just taken them back home. >> the holidays. as we all seems that she just took them and went back home. >> reporter: jennifer was part of a mom's group at cherry hill's committee church. there was a prayer service for her and those two children earlier today. there will be a prayer vigil in this committee tonight. we believe it's at 7 o'clock. we're looking to verify that location as soon as we're will pass that along to you.
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graffiti for tte second time in less than one week. tonight, aurora's mayor and police chief are talking about it. denver7 reporter lance hernandez has been looking into this. is this type of crime on the rise? >> reporter: it fluctuates but aurora has seen 25 incidents election day. ember, six since - lastly, a family that lives in an apartment in cinema resorts inside iraq found letters kkk and the and word scrawled on their front door. it happened again last night. >> we want to make clear we do not we do not and will not tolerate this kind of activity the city of aurora. >> is the authorities will prosecute the people responsible . >> let me be clear. we will not allow anyone to be
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they look or what they believe. >> reporter: lassic the victim told them for seven the vile message left on her front door was not funny but someone could get hurt. she didn't want to appear on camera today. police chief nicholas says his deferment will devote resources necessary to solve this crime. he is asking anyone who knows anything about what happened to share with you know with police. at a party with a gun. trevitt >> the moment a dvd officer fired and 70-year-old suspect all times. the teenager survived. the ooficer was cleared in the shooting. we'll have details on what led up to all this tonight at six. new developments in the deadly crash involving a former air forre quarterback. officials confirm you struggle with blood-alcohol level of
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crashed in atlanta and dies. it is nottwearing a seatbelt and traveling on the wrong side of the freeway when he was ruck by an oncoming car. the state of colorado history to it stage were killed in the line of duty. the governor ordered flags to half staff on all public buildings statewide in memory of the chamber..he was struck and killed while visiting a crash on the side of identified near castle rock last week. a public funeral service will be held friday morning at the denver first nazarene in inglewood. skies are clear, data 32 in the denver area. of amounts, clear skies as well. at least for now off to the west, a new storm system moves in. will spread more clouds and light snow tonight. weak stormcoming our way multiple weekends. cold and snow on the way early next week in your for this wonderful first alert forecast.
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continue in eastern tennessee. seven people have died so far. the fires had destroyed more than 150 homes and businesses in the great smoky mountains and burned more han 15,000 acres. more than 14,000 people still out there homes tonight. investigators say the initial fire has sparked dozens of others was human cost. memorial to the 71 victims in the deadly plane crash in columbia. will be held at the soccer stadium where the soccer match would have taken place. brazilian soccer team was supposed to compete the championship the best soccer club in south america. that team plane crashed. just before the plane went down the pilot reportedly radioed he had run out of fuel. those drones you see hovering in our neighborhoods might be an easy targeas denver russell haythorn shows us they want about hackers looking to take your charone out of the sky. >> reporter: this drone technology has entered the mainstream being used on
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photography, law enforcement surveillance, even media reports like this one. cyber security experts warned as they become more popular, they also become ore vulnerable to hackers. in what's now known as drone jacking. >> with drones, their technical issues that create new dangers inherent with the operation of the technology. >> if youucrash it into a crowd, chaos can ensue. it goes into intake of a jet, the sorts of things. >> reporter: will make some potentially easier to hack is there designed have quick and easy setup using unencrypted adjudication and open ports. experts say it's up to drone owners and manufactures to keep their software and their drones up-to-date so vulnerabilities can be patched on an ongoing basis.
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inside of public convenience store. she was held at gunpoint. since video shows a man coming around the neck as he demands the cash this check cashier to give him money. he takes off and fortunately, no one was hurt. bruce springsteen was at the tattered cover on colfax's evening. in the new book, he talks about his childhood in new jersey, his rise to stardom and personal struggles and inspire some of his songs. fans took advantage of the opportunity to meet their favorite musician. >> i saw you try to kiss and. >> i totally dead. just a little kiss on the cheek a cop -- this was a super awesome. tatteeed cover, this was amazing. >> reporter: they posted a youtube video urging him to visit. this is the new owner of the bookstore playing springsteen
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contestant breaks down barriers and makes history over what she wore during a competition. >> how she sent a message and inspires others to be comfortable in her own skin.
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z26zuz zvpz y26zuy yvpy president-elect donald trump says he stepping with ms. billion-dollar business all critics raise serious ethical
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to fill his cabinet but several big posts remain open. donald trump's ggowing cabinet, the president-elect is tapping wilbur ross as secretary of commerce and goldman sachs executive steve mention to lead treasury. he was at trump tower praising jumps new deal to keep 1000 jobs with carrier in indiana. the home state of his vice president elect mike pence. president picked up the phone and called the ceo of united technologies and tell them what to keep jobs here. catherine the last time a president did that. >> reporter: will be in indiana to announce the deal tomorrow.'s first eg of their victory tour. it will end the day with the big rally in cincinnati ohio. applause for chapel hill broke bread last night with ms. rotnei. possible secretary of state contender. once called trump a con artist, a fraud any phony now says, >> are putting america best
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trump is america was to that better future.>> reporter: that better future for trouble come at a cost. his business. he announced on twitter you leave his great this is in total to his children in order to fully focus on running the country. trump says legal documents are being crafted which will take him completely out of the business operations to avoid compex of interest. trump says hold the major news conference in two weeks the steps away from his business if he takee questions from the press will be his first time we learned house minority leader nancy pelosi will keep her position as the top elected democrats in the house. in a secret ballots, house democrats voted ffr pelusi over ohio representative tim ryan. pope francis met with martin scorsese at the vatican. it comes a day before the film silence makes a world premiere at the vatican. it documents the persecution of joseph missionaries in 17th- century japan.
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two paintings with the same hidden christmas and the pontiff gave rosaries to scorsese and his family. the remains of fidel castro being returned to his revolution began. his ashes are just about to be taken across cuba on a journey that will we trace the path he took seizing power. the general and with castro's funeral in san diego to go but sunday and host of world leaders are ppanning to attend that service. 19-year-old somali american muslim to compete in the miss minnesota usa pageant. she wore an falluja and berky me and headscarf. she was to break barriers musselman and show they are not oppressed and she wants to be an inspiration for other girls. >> i like the fact that people are talking about it and i've been getting lots of messages from was some girls telling me about stuff they overcome like bullying are people calling
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sharing with me and my story had motivated them, and has made all of this with it. >> the st. cloud state university freshman into the semi final round of 50 contestants but she didn't advance to the final five. your next long flight, my next long flight just got ore ht. netflix will allow us to watch shows off-line. memmers have the option to download movies and shows. it features free with all netflix memberships. members want to make sure you have the most recent netffix app on your device to access that new download button. sad mood to suspect sad news for mcdonald's fans. the creator of the big mac passed away. the 19-year-old man died this week. he first introduced the big mac sandwich in 1967 after spending two years coming up with just the right combo for that special sauce.
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exit try green eggs and ham, a restaurant in midtown fort collins will make that a reality. will soon be on the menu at sam is back as far scheduled to open in late december. dr. seuss inspired breakfast we decorated with our work featured dr. seuss characters. a beautiful day in colorado. this was a lovely shot at the continental divide looking back toward the east, clouds floating over the mountains. in making snow at the loveland ski aaea and there's more snow in the forecast. it's clear over the denver area across most of the state. to the west, there's a minor storm system moving in to utah and will impact us for the next 24 to 36 hours. a stronger one coming down the pike early next week. 40 was the high, 23 below. normal is 46 and 19. currently getting cold out there, 32 at the airport, 35 downtown. 28% committee. pressure falls slightly. windchill at 26 degrees.
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system brought the thunderstorm and went and caused the fire danger is still out there in tennessee and pushing to the eastern seaboard. around gatlinburg, 3 to 4 inches of rain. was ahead of strong southerly winds causing fire damage. along the same front we hhd a dozen tornadoes reported in the last 24 hours. this storm weakens now. ?esholm from the rack -- the next one from the west daybreak. mostly clear on the planes. 18 in denver, nine at lyman, zero at leadville. one below at alamosa petsmart will start our 25 degrees in broomfield and boulder. 18 denver. high clouds to the west.?shares announcc, not a big deal. over the next 24 to 36 hours, we could see flurries drift out friday morning over
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highs tomorrow around 40. the northeast 20's and 30s, front range numbers 39 in aurora. anyone tomorrow at highlands ranch and 25 at japan. estes park expected at 23. forecast like, 18. high temperature expected to be 40s. friday night i'll be the denver zoo for zoolights, live at four, five and six. it's a great time at there. they worked hard to get it all the extended forecast, clouds increase tomorrow. maybe a flurry on friday. temperatures around 30 for zoolights dropping into 20s. not as cold saturday. warmer sunday in the arctic front arrives next week. snow, late monday. snow and cold, 2 to 4 inches tuesday with a high 25. wednesday, zero in the morning,
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the rick center for gifttd children, with a nice group of kids in the gymnasium today. good enthusiasm out of these gifted little learners. talked about tornadoes and hurricanes, jet streams and radio science.. the weather balloons and the kids were a lot of fun. we discussed global warming and climate change. told ms. reel and it's increased by increasing carbon dioxide. these gifted learners of the future physicists and solve the problems we face. times have changed. each of the average kid makes $65 a month off allowance? our partners at west and credit union suggest you start teaching kids about money at age 4 or five and have an easy system to do. >> we recommend take three jars, what is safe, one to spend, and one to give. that's
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money is responsibility but it's also something that helps others. they suggest opening a savings account for your kids. when they are born and you can use that for all their gift money. until two quarterbacks, trevor simeon was in a walking boot. his status in dallas.
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headline from dove valley today. trevor simeon trade secrets for walking boot. . starring or ?not practice as they got started working on jacksonville. simeon injured his left foot late and lost the cheese. some miracle he's not a full body cast. he sacked five times, to countless hits and continued to play. was very sorr monday and the broncos decided to put chair in the boot and see what happens. the nfl's light game of thrones. twists and turns. the area who make it next episode. is just a little sore now. take it day by day, taking it day by day. something mcinally game very sore monday, soul up on him. his best to put him in the boot
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we left him in here today. -?we'll see. it's day-to-day. >> it's only wednesday. he could play sunday without any practice. paxton which would get his second start. he started week five against the falcons. what tashaun, one interception. getting all the first rest today extra reps everyday and $.12 you get ready to go. >> those reps you get, you can't compare those kinds you get them against best defense in when i get those i take it serious and try to make throws every time. >> we'll put them in the right situation. if he's the guy, we'll put him in the right situation. we tend to try to do that and give them all the best chance to win. >> all the guys have a lot of trust in them. it's been exciting to see it from the time they came in the building. i think they're doing a really
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doing that this week. we can practice, great. if not i'm sure paxton will be just fine. >> shannon ogden s in a walking boot here. he could play. we'll see what happens. not rated yet. it's only wednesday. we'll see if he's ready to go by sunday.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled by the winds. families racing to plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his silence right here.


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