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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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missing and now found dead. one person made the discovery 26 year old jennifer labor and her sons five and three dead in the family's minivan. took it to investigator tony kovaleski police are investigating this is a murder suicide. marc stewart explains where the investigation is americas repair. >> marquis live at highlands ranch we learn more about this family. the community is heartbroken and remembering that family tonight. >> reporter: it soodifficult. as someone who lives in highlands ranch myself, the entire community is really. not just the spot. that being said, love the neighbors have been in and out of the labor home all afternoon and evening funding support, bringing food and flowers to the surviving family member. >> members of the labor family have been in and out of the
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young children.>> pregnancies all neighbors and family. >> it's unfathomable. >> reporter: he says mental health was an issue, specifically depression. even then, this was never expected. >> the kids play together all the time. no clue. it's a tough situation. >> reporter: neighbors say they're trying to hold the block together and be there for ryan.>> we will be there him. we have meetings with the neighborhood together. check after jennifer picked up her two sons from school early yesterday and didn't show for dinner last night, they reported missing. one assuming she went home for the holidays and announce. >> she's from minnesota. she wanted to go back home for the holidays. as we were all assuming is that she just took them and went back home and that wasn't the
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>> reporter: you can see balloons and flowers in my yard. they'll be a vigil this evening. we're trying to confirm the location. we'll let you know on line as soon as we know. we believe is at seven with much more on this heartbreaking story. today, we saw investigators at highlands ranch for they say cheevers has been an father of the boys is cooperating with police. marc stewart spoke with police and we don't know officially how they died. >> reporter: it's a difficult question but it's one police need to answer. late today we learned an autopsy will take place sometime tomorrow morning , we hope to get a briefing on cause of death. >> a lot of people are wondering the kids are missing so long wino amber alert? jurco that is the question we asked from the beginning. why was in amber alerts not issued? according to the sheriff's
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danger or immediate threat or harm is one of those prime questions. at this point, they say there were no red flags, that's why an amber alert was not issued. however, local media broadcast pictures of the family, of the vehicle in question. license plate. as we saw, early this morning, that minivan was discovered because someone had seen it on the news and denver7 tony coveleski confirmed they are investigating this as a murder suicide. last year suicide was the seventh leading cause of death in a state. the holidays can be especially difficult time. if you need someone to talk to you can call the suicide prevention lifeline at one 800 if you need someone to talk to you can call the suicide prevention lifeline at one 802 seven if you need someone to talk to you can call the suicide prevention lifeline at one 800 273 talk. with more resources for you on the denver7 app as well. a pe teacher and coach in
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a teenage runaway. the girls have reported her missing last night a short time later deputy say they found the 17-year-old and her family's cabin in pine with that man. he teaches at west jefferson middle and his assistant football coach at conifer high school. denver seven gets its hands on dramatic video recorder from officers on body cameras he opens fire on a teenager i times. this was in august of the 17- year-o from a carjacked vehicle. then this happened. >> i've party with a gun. then [ cheers and applause ] -- shots fired shots fired. moments later you can hear that major screening think my leg, my leg over and over. that teenager survived, pleaded guilty to felony medicine --
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the da found the officer had no other option but then to use that option to prevent escape. they told investigators he was afraid the teenager may have shot him or someone else as he tried to get away if you see emergency vehicles, move over. please from his will be a long the south mitchell quarter looking for a were not following the law. the complexity week after the death of state trooper you'll no staff for tomorrow donna flagg makes a solid return to our state. colorado has become all too familiar stop for that flag. >> were speaking out against hate graffiti after a family is victimized for the second time in less than one week. denver sevens lance hernandez talk to the mayor and says what happpned to that family is not correct, it is not colorado, it
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victimized based upon the way they look or what they believe. >> reporter: laura mayor forcibly showing support for the family who had this graffiti , kkk and the and word scrawled on the front door at once, but twice. the victim told denver seven it was a note taped to the door saying watch your back. >> the type of language, the type of writing differently creates the great deal of concern. jurco police chief says there been 25 hate graffiti incidents in aurora targeting churches, bike paths and homes in 2015. six since election day. >> this year has been a very contentious year. >> reporter: is that there is a direct link recess was contentious feelings build over
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you. check ahead of our community relations division say vandals who use hate graffiti are trying to exert authority. >> i bring you in your place. this is where i think you need to be in this is what i'm going to say to you to scare you so you stay in your place. >> reporter: the mayor says he'll do everything he can to address the problem and prosecute those involved. 84% of voters turned in their ballots for the november general election. that is the highest turnout for denver ever. and arvada man did something he said he would never do, turn the us flag. he says he wanted to prove a point. >> i've seen it done and it supportssthe never understood the meaning behind us. today, i do. smith says it's fighting
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expressing their first amendment rights. his video has more than 1000 views and so far, all the comments have been supportive. just when we thought it was over, we hoped it was over. the creepy clowns are back. early tuesday morning, the driver in longmont reportage three teenagers dressed as clouds approached his vehicle. police cited the 13 of 14-year- olds for violating curfew. this would be bank robber de he showed up at the bank five minutes after it closed. this happened a couple weeks ago at the academy bank inside walmart. unfortunately, the fbi has a pretty clear shot of it. black friday was set a new record nationally. for the number of gun background checks. colorado bureau of investigation process over 4300 checks for firearms, of 200 previous black friday. they rejected 87. nationally the fbi process
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185,345 akron chhcks on black friday. molder seems year to avoid bad traffic downtown. they'll pay you to leave your car at homm. boulders offering people $25 and uber or lyft lines until the new year. though cover five trips downtown, five dollars each. the cards are designed for shopping. there it for 11 am and nine at night. this weekend, the titan outlaws team at fort collins has two national championships. >> that is cause forr celebration. has major king reports, one of the teammates is back after a tough battle of his own. took a year ago next week, the the soup will. >> i went up to block a field goal and i got hit by one of my teammates in the side. >> reporter: when he noticed something wasn't right. >> you could see he was in pain.
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>> it was non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> we all cried. >> reporter: the team doug deep >> will play for him try to accomplish things for him. thing harder and more physical. >> reporter: his coach knows something about toughness. >> it's brought about a certain drive and motivation and great we hadn't seen martinez. jurco this year, second chance at life, second chance to play. >> as it progressed, as seen strength and felt strength going against him. jurco that number seven is jackson causing a fumble. >> i kept telling them, here he comes. >> for him and his father, it hasn't been easy.
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competing. >> e consider he still has 15 months of treatment, there is of course a lesson in all of this. >> never give up. whatever is in front of you, whatever blocks your path, keep going. to know that you are strong. >> last year i had to carry him through the tunnel, this year you will run to the tunnel. >> good luck number seven. agent runs with the colorado vandals left behind an bvious clue. the boss arrives in denver and the crowd goes wild. [ screaming ]
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this was not smart. college students have the evidence needed to pen vandals and on the. this photo shows fort lewis college's will on an aged native american run. the group took it to children's hospital. they call the vandals acceptable and asking how the students can fix this damage. my favorite colorado bumper sticker says not anita but i just how many actual colorado natives do you know? >> people born here make up less than half the states population. news websites pretty of this in last month's census numbers. shows the percentage of population born in each state. you can see 42% of coloradans correction born here. 6% came from california. 10 seconds with the boss. bruce spacing signed copies of
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theresa marchetta found out it wasn't easy to get the boss to stop in denver. [ screaming ] >> he is just the best ago he had to be an kissed me! i love him!. >> reporter: hundreds of fans waited hours to meet the rock legend at the tattered cover on colfax. , tickets went on sale over a week ago and sold out fast. fans paid 3254 pre-signed copy of species memoir. second i tried to give them a little kiss on the cheek. yet the dude you can when you have it. how exciting was it be that close>> it was super awesome.>> it almost didn't happen.
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the tattered cover's own to convince them to pay a visit. dancer warned he would not sign anything but we saw him sign a baby's tummy. >> i got to meet the boss. i'm very excited. i grew up in new jersey. they have a picture of me hiding him. took his home state represented in denver and locals let him know it. >> he means so much to all of us in to see him in the flesh is great. jurco you seem a little emotional. >> i am. i've been emotional for a week. is real and it makes me feel like life is good again. in denver, theresa marchetta, denver7 elton john is also coming to our state. coral springs is one of 11 us cities and his wonderful crazy nights tour. you play the broadmoor walt arena thursday.
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november, 80 was the warmest day 10 degrees the coldest morning. this mine, you added to all together, average temperatures 45.2 degrees. that's well below the warmest which was 50.9 in 1949. we finish 6.7 degrees above normal, the 10th warmest november since 1870. that will change as we get into december. the jet stream flow, this is the forecast into the weekend. bit milder westerly flow saturday into sunday. watch to the north may see that big circle north of portland oregon, that's arctic air and that will start to drop in monday night into tuesday, the coldest air of the season. numbers today, 40 and 10.
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clear skies and temperatures 32 humidity, pressure walls and windchill at 13 out of dia. >> still snow and rain. in terms of eastern seaboard. minor system coming in from the west. will bring clouds and light snow and announce tonight and tomorrow. single digits in the mountains, the below zero like alamosa. single -- single digits and teens on the planes. a few foothill locations stay in the 20s. some cloud cover early in the mountains will be scattered snow showers tomorrow across the north announce it won't amount to much. >> temperatures, 20s and 30s, upper 30s to low 40s on the planes, and show area tomorrow will see highs upper 30s to low 40s with 20s to near 30 expected in the mounds. mostly clear, cold, 18 for
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of 42 and lights mountain snow expected. zoolights friday night. -?be there for, five and six. come out and say hi. it should be in the upper 20s, maybe a flurry around. 35 high on friday. the 52 sunday and then, the cold air coming in late monday, tuesday, three or 4 inches of snow, high 25 by wednesday, zero and-18.
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welcome to seven sports extra.
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sprained his foot after the beating he took sunday night against the chiefs. the left him in a walking boot and out of action >> ready the jaguars. it's early. it's only wednesday. they have until sunday, game time they have to make a decision.>> trevor complain about everything. he's very bright at top of what we're doing. that's not an issue at all. >> i think i would be fine. not getting too many in practice as it is out there. mentally, you have to maximize that aspt as best you can. i think that would be fine. thereto and nine. shannon ogden is walking boot may be able to play cornerback sunday and when. it may be taxed in which his second start. week five against oppression. they lost it getting all the first team reps today.
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practices at the end of the day specifically for him and some of our young players. we stay out later was he said everybody and we do extra with those guys. more lives stuff with those guys. they'll make us good progress. we try to wrap more in the day and it extended work ago he's doing good at making his progress. >> those reps you get me can't for of the redskins are getting against the best defense in the league. >> broncos will have much more tonight at seven sports extra. also, will have this. csu mcu hoops in boulder should be a good one. action video tonight at 10. >> the bugs get easy slam it is no defender because it wasn't. former nuggets jr smith in the middle of play goes over to hug a milwaukee player on the bench.
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shirt off, whatever you want to do. we love you. 118-107 final. highlights at 10. >> sometimes you just have to hug someone for a >> i did need i was in the game at the time.
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. right now on "the list." don't stop the party for a beer run. three apps to make happy hour happier. >> oh, wine. >> and keep your house spick and span for the holidays. three ways to amp up your fitness. plus, fly around the world for free. the craziest loyalty awards you can earn. that's all coming up on "the list." >> i'm bradley.
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here's what's trending now. >> are you ready? >> well, get ready, taylor swift fans, because today there's a new tv channel launching that's all t. swift all the time. but taylored entertainment isn't the only thing coming coming to at&t's new streaming service direct tv now. >> you can get it all. at home or on the go. >> they're also working on a reece witherspoon channel. you'll be able to stream the service using your mobile data. >> welcome to the future of video entertainment. >> if the future involves watching taylor swift concerts on my phone, sign me up. >> all right. something else a lot of us love to watch. the super bowl. but wouldn't it be nice to watch the big game live in person for free every year? it's possible all thanks to beer. this is something just about every football fan would cheer about. bud light is hiding 37,000
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country, and one of those cans will lead to free super bowl tickets for your entire life or 51 years. you know, whatever is shorter. >> nothing brings america together like bud light. >> think of this kind of like willy wonka's golden ticket, but for beer. the 30-can packs are in stores right now in every state but california. sorry, cali. and will be until january 13th. if you find a golden beer, take a picture with it, and share it on-line with the _#sweet and sbtix for tickets for the nfl team of their choice, and one winner will be chosen super bowl week for the ultimate football grand prize. >> how about this? a star themed amusement park. get ready to scream. >> a world like no other world.


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