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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 1, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MST

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>> i told her to call 911 and i haven't heard from her since. >>ep in as displaced residents survey the damage. >> everything is gone. >> reporter: we went with travis as he got a first look at his parent's home of 43 years. >> the kitchen table was right there. >> reporter: the rubble still too hot to search for his father's purple heart. >> fire can't take memories. so we still got those. >> reporter: more than 700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. all that's left of this home is the chimney.
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this could not have come at a worse time just ahead of the holidays. linzie janis, abc news, pigeon forge, tennessee. overseas now where thousands of fans have gathered to mourn the brazilian soccer team killed in the plane crash in colombia. fans chanted the players names. we're getting new details about the crash. according to audio from the final moments of the doomed flight, the fie lot repeatedly told air traffic controllers that he had run dozens were killed, died from this. but six people survived the crash on a dark fog di mountain top. nearby farmers were able to hear their screams for help and were the first to come to their aid. on capitol hill, a deal is in the works to california national guard members won't have to repay their enlistment bonuses. the agreement is contained in a defense bill which is up for a vote tomorrow in the house and in the senate next week. lawmakers were outraged over a pentagon decision to force the members to return the money
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they were not at fault. working these hours, we all know how a lack of sleep affects our health. >> uh-huh. >> but new research says not getting enough sleep is costing the u.s. more than $400 billion in lost productivity. scientists found that people who slept fewer than six hours a night -- what is that? >> that's a luxury. that sounds great. >> that's a great night. had 13% increase risk of early death and lost around six days worth of work year. >> uh-oh. >> that was a buzz kill. >> as we say six hours sounds great, everybody behind the cameras was nodding in complete agreement. we're all doomed. at least we're all in it together. so in the movies, we had snakes on a plane. very entertained by that one. in california they have a snake on a plate. >> take a look at the belly busting delight called anaconda burrito. it's three feet long. no, it's not meant to be eaton alo
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>> you think i might be able? >> you might be able to pull that off. >> it serves five people. that's about seven inches per person of meat, cheese, rice, beans, you name it. the folks in fresno posted video on facebook to show how it's made. it's gotten more than 17 million views and a whole lot of likes. >> so, if you're me, you can order it for lunch. if you're a normal person, you can order it for like a party, inea subs, you get a giant burrito. >> it does look good if i was one of those people who eat things like that. >> we finally found something to get you to eat. coming up, our intrepid travel goes to hong kong. wait until you see the result. >> i'm thinking it was a green screen. plus, critter turned customer all caught on camera. the damage he left behind coming up. >> but first, she was missing for weeks. now her husband is talk about
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communities around the world are observing world aids day to raise awareness about the disease that has killed millions since its discovery in 1983.
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most advanced clinical trial for a vaccine against hiv is getting under way in south africa. they say if it's successful, the vaccine could dramatically alter the course of the pandemic. >> as you can see at that event, quite a few celebrities involved, including u 2's bono. and we're hearing details from the husband of the woman who went missing. keith sat down with abc's matt gut planing what happened to his wife in detail. >> reporter: sherry papini's husband speaking out, sitting down for an exclusive interview with 20/20. in chilling detail describing aspects of his wife's captivity. >> she was bound. she had a metal -- excuse me, a chain around her waist. that is correct. she had a bag over her head. her left hand was in the vehicle, chained to something. >> to make sure she didn't jump out of the car. >> yeah.
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she doesn't know, because she had a bag over her head. they cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle. and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. >> reporter: until now, police only giving this description of her abductors. two hispanic women armed with a gun, driving a dark suv. but after another round of interviews with sherry papini, the sheriff revealing new details about those suspects. >> suspect number one was the younger of the two suspects. she had long curly hair. she had a thick accent. she had pierced ears. suspect number two, she had straight black hair, with some gray in color. she had thick eyebrows. >> reporter: police artists now working on a composite sketch. >> she was held against her will and was isolated.
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spent with keith papini, he revealed details of the abduction but also the harrowing minutes after she was released. but he was most emotional about seeing his wife after 22 days for the first time. matt gutman, abc news, redding, california. >> and matt will have a special on "20/20" tomorrow night detailing more of that interview he had with keith papini. >> unbelievable. >> investigators hoping to catch these people, whoever it is. >> watch these people. coming up, the dating dangers. a growing number of women are facing online. hear why even the ceo of tinder is admitting there's a bad behavior problem on his app and the steps he's taking to fix it. what women need to know to protect themselves. but first, catching a glimpse inside some of the world's most spectacular hotels
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goes international. big time. not really. not much of a budget. >> no big deal? >> no.
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? ? welcome to heart break hotel ? >> can't go wrong. >> michael jackson's top hit of all time. >> can't go wrong starting the day with a little m. even if it's not well known. >> exactly. we dug to get that one. >> so there are hotels and then there are hotels. >> yes. and few places in the world where the hotel could be the destination. such is the case in hong kong. we spent no expense, literally. not a dime. >> spent no expense. >> exactly. i was the correspondent, the producer, the audio person, hair, makeup artist, photographer, for this latest -- >> was it tough doing your own
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do you have a hard time with that? >> lifestyles of the rich and kg. >> it's one of the world's most spectacular harbors, the setting to practically every jackie chan movie you can think of, and home to perhaps the world's tallest catwalk, a place for a pension with quirky foods. that would be chicken testicles. a local treat. um, no. where else to begin our first ever lifestyles of the rich and kendis. right here in hong kong and the very place where david beckham actually slept. >> it's called the upper house hotel. and as i noticed on my way through the front door, it's what flo rida calls my house when he's in hong kong. ? welcome to my house ? ? baby take control now ? >> hello. >> good afternoon, mr. gibson. >> good to be here. >> glad to have you with us. i saw flo rida on the way out. >> the penthouse suite, as fancy as it gets, but the biggest
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room, but the outside views. >> you're in our gorgeous upper suite, which is 1,200 square feet. >> wow. >> yes, indeed. we have the largest standard rooms in hong kong. >> three times the size of a new york apartment. >> yes. >> reporter: at $5,000 a night, it's not cheap, but oh, the benefits. >> beers, soft drink, coconut water. >> champagne. >> coffee. >> and this is complimentary? >> no. >> reporter: every room with floor-to-ceiling harbor views, even the bathroom. >> and you can even watch television whilst you're having a bath. >> oh, my gosh. even "world news now" here in hong kong? the hotel caters to your every need whilst in the room. asian breakfast, check. >> shrimp and pork for breakfast? >> yes. breakfast of champions. >> yes, when in rome.
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hotels in the city of hong kong are built around beautiful views. across victoria harbor, there are no better views from the one at the ritz carlton. just make enough time to get to your room. 103 stories to the lobby in the clouds, and you're inside the world's tallest hotel. >> this is the most amazing suite i have ever been in. >> the ritz carlton suite goes for $18,000 a night. ? >> this is the tub. your own personal sauna. it may feel like 120 degrees in here. but this feels like heaven. not hell at all. think if i hide in here, anyone will notice?
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lasts 12 hours. let's end this. >> so apparently so apparently everybody is getting into the black friday craze this time of year, including some really wild folks in southern maryland. i'll show you this one shopper walked into a store there and started tearing things to shreds. >> oh, no. >> so the beaver walked in, in st. mary's county, about an hour south of d.c. in maryland there. and went into some christmas decorations store and started ripping apart some of the discounted items there. it was at the local dollar store. many of the customers started taking photos of it, trying to figure out what the heck was going on here. the beaver strolled right in a witnesses said the animal appeared to be in search for a christmas tree. >> didn't realize those trees aren't made of wood. >> of the real thing. so cops were called and animal wildlife folks came and arrested
2:56 am
but compared to the stuff we've seen at walmart on black friday, this is calm. >> very civilized. so santa's home in the north pole. we've all wondered what it looks like. >> it's beautiful. >> what's going on in there. well, there we go. we have it. zillow is now shedding light on this mystery, including santa's home up on the sight with an estimated value as well, $656,957. they are getting very precise with that. they say it was constructed in the 1800s, two bedrooms, two baths, a toy lover's paradise and it's on 25 acres. plenty of room for all the reindeer. zil low is forecasting the home will appreciate 2.2% over the years. >> curious who the neighbors are. >> the elves of course, and the easter bunny. >> and miss piggy and kermit. we had that giant burrito earlier on.
2:57 am
now taco bell has come out with a cheetos kas dee ya. oh my god, that looks amazing, doesn't it? >> for once. >> this is in the philippines for now. >> we may find the one thing that you'll eat and i won't. >> no, i won't eat it. but it's cheetohs filled. it's all melty, so you have cheetohs on top the cheese. >> okay. on to cuteness now. check out this tiny horse, playing with a giant ball. i mean, i don't really need to give you more information, but i guess i'll tell you that the pony's name is basil. the video now has 28,000 views and this came from a uk horse
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this morning on "world news now," heavy damage left behind by a deadly storm system. tornadoes are roaring through several areas of several states and there could be more destruction done today as the system barrels into the northeast. overnight protesters took to the streets of charlotte after a prosecutor chose not to charge an officer who killed man. we'll get to explanation of the controversial decision. and new this half hour, the danger of online dating. millions of women are looking for their part flu through websites and apps. many are on the receiving end of explicit abuse. we'll tell you what's going on and what some of the apps are doing about it. and the making of the mcnugget, maybe you thought it deep fried delights were a random piece of chicken. far from it. we'll taste what we're talking
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> i always like when the intro includes we'll taste, because that means i'm going to get to eat. >> absolutely. we have so much stuff we're covering, the southern storms that are impacting folks. but we start on a serious note and breaking news, another police officer killed in the line of duty, this time in tacoma, washington. times after responding to a domestic violence call on the east side. he was taken to the hospital and died after surgery. a solemn moment as his body is taken away. the gunman was barricaded in the home overnight. >> 133 officers have died in the line of duty this year. more than all of last year. >> the decision by prosecutors in charlotte, north carolina not to file criminal charges have in the death of keith scott have
3:02 am
holding a gun when the police officer shot and killed him in september. but as abc's lauren lyster explains, the district attorney says he has credible evidence that scott was armed. >> reporter: the officer involved shooting death of keith lamont scott was caught on his wife's cell phone. >> don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. don't you do it! >> reporter: and it ignited protests in the city of charlotte. now the district attorney announcing why officer brent vinson will not face criminal charges. >> he acted lawfully. what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun, when confronted by police, exited the vehicle with a gun in hand and failed to comply with officers who commanded him at least ten times to put the gun down. >> reporter: the d.a. walking through evidence including footage showing he says the
3:03 am
minutes before the scene. at the scene, no bulge, where a gun was recovered. and testimony that he had the gun in his hand after being confronted by police. >> i think it's safe to say, he did have a gun. there's no definitive proof that keith had a firearm in his hand. >> reporter: the scott family lawyers say their inquiry isn't over. >> we have real questions about how they reacted to the information that he had a brain injury, and whether they use the techniques to end the situation. >> prosecutors are publishing their report online, the d.a. urging the community to take pause and read it, both sides, urging peace and denouncing violence. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. and the fate of a former south carolina police officer, charged with the shooting death of an unarmed black driver is now in the hands of the jury. michael sleigher is charged
3:04 am
during a traffic stop in north charleston. a video surfaced showing the moment he fatally shot scott as he was running away. severe storms are moving off the east coast after a devastating 24 hours. skies are quiet over much of the southern u.s. overnight. a sharp contrast to what happened late tuesday night. here's a look at scott county, mississippi, just outside the capital of jackson. it's one of several areas in four states struck by tornadoes. abc's storm zone. >> tornado warning. >> reporter: a full-on tornado outbreak, hammering the south. this massive funnel cloud, caught north of miramar beach, florida. water spots crashing ashore. in atlanta, tornado sirens sound the alarm, as residents shelter in place. >> you need to seek shelter immediately. >> this after more than two dozen reported twisters. >> it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: residents emerge from storm shelters to utter destruction. >> the damage here is absolutely awful.
3:05 am
the town of rosalie, alabama. the tornado a massive ef-2, wind speeds over 110 miles an hour. this daycare in flat rock, flattened. you can see the toys among the wreckage. three adults and three children who took shelter here, seriously injured. the storms cutting a deadly path from mississippi. >> we're really lucky that nobody was hurt here. it could be the other way. >> reporter: to tennessee, where two more people were killed in the storm as with raging wild fires. this debris and the foundation is all that is left of this daycare center. neighbors telling us, this was one of the few places they could take shelter when the storm hit. residents here, still shell shocked. phillip mena, abc news, flat rock, alabama. in tennessee, the death toll from the wildfires is up to seven. three more bodies were discovered wednesday amid the ruins of the great smokey mountains. search and rescue missions are
3:06 am
flames have only allowed crews to comb through about 30% of the city. the good news, rain has helped slow down the wildfire, but now there are concerns about mud and rock slides as well as downed power lines creating new fires. president-elect donald trump is going to indiana today, after making good on a campaign promise even before taking office, trump and mike pence will visit the carrier plant to officially announce a deal to keep nearly a thousand jobs from moving to mexico. trump has also announced plans to cut ties with his businesses, saying he wants to fully focus on running the country and avoid conflicts of interest. as he fills out his cabinet, sources say he's considering former vp candidate sarah palin for secretary of veterans affairs. palin tweeted yesterday that we should be grateful we'll soon have a commander in chief who will be a champion for our vets. she also has been mentioned as a contender for energy secretary or interior secretary. breitbart news is calling on
3:07 am
products after the cereal company pulled its ads from the website. kellogg says they don't align themselves. breitbart is calling their decision to remove their ads an act of discrimination and accusing the company of trying to placate the left wing. several other companies have pulled ads from the website, including allstate. now a house in up state new york that was levelled in what is believed to be a gas explosion. a woman and her dog managed to get out alive. authorities say it was likely a methane gas leak, since work was being done on the septic tank. baseball fans are getting an early holiday present, five more years of labor harmony. major league baseball and the players union have agreed on the structure of a new collective bargaining agreement. the deal still has to be ratified by the owners and the players themselves, but assuming that happens, the news means, the sport will go at least 26 years since its last work stoppage ended in 1995. now to some other of america's pastime, soccer. it was a rough night at the stadium for wayward seagull down under. this was last night in
3:08 am
you see the ball hitting the bird on the field. they had to stop play. >> one of the goalkeepers, you saw him there. trying to stop everyone. he ran out to pick up the see gull and carry it off the field. the next time we saw seagu-l it was getting tlc on the sidelines. plan was to release it outside the stadium. but it wouldn't go quietly. instead, it flew right back to where the action was taking place. and as you can see, there were >> not very fast learners, those seagulls. >> not at all. flock of seagulls. coming up, a look inside victoria's secret fashion show. ened why angel wings and chinese dragon took center stage in paris. that's ahead in "the skinny." this will wake you up. and millions of americans looking love online. here why a growing number of women are finding harassment instead. what you can do to protect
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hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. this fight in the stands has cost some miami dolphins' fans their season tickets. the brawl happened sunday afternoon during the home game against san francisco. a video of the fight has gone viral. reports say one fan made anti-muslim comments towards the victim. the dolphins say the fans have been banned from any events at that stadium. it's now known as miami's hard rock stadium. more than 91 million people
3:13 am
apps, but in their quest for love and romance, a growing number of women are instead finding fear and harassment. >> many are fighting back. abc's rebecca jarvis has the details on how. >> reporter: online dating apps have changed the way we date. but they've also transformed the world of sexual harassment. >> this whole concept of these people are too sensitive. i think people aren't sensitive enough. >> take a look at some of these real images sent to women online, vulgar messages, ranging from -- you look do able to the more aggressive, i want to get you accidentally pregnant and others too obscene to repeat. and when guys are rejected, the vulgarity continues. slut, says one. and you could be a model if you lost a little weight, sweetheart. >> do you think sexual harassment on dating apps has become the norm?
3:14 am
unhealthy part of the online dating world. >> sexist and hateful, and yeah, that really surprised me. >> reporter: so she decided to fight back, creating this instagram page, publicly shaming harassing suitors and even started a petition on to stop harassing messages and pictures on social media. >> not every man harasses women, but every woman you know h been harassed at some point. >> in august, this post on twitter went viral. after a young woman publicly showed how even a picture of her headphones sparked lewd sexual advances, with one man's response. you wearing those and nothing else, that would be heaven. >> this isn't the fault of the person who is getting the comments. this is really the fault of the person who is sending the comments. >> reporter: according to the pew research centre, 42% of
3:15 am
harassed and while online, 26% of young women say they experienced stalking and 25% are targets of online sexual harassment. >> what's the spillover effect of this kind of behavior and these types of interactions in real life? >> you feel afraid. you feel that you can't go out into the cyber world without being harmed. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> and you always have to be careful when you're putting yourself out there, especially if you're disclosing private information. that's probably the biggest take-away, be careful how much information you put out. >> and the numbers are staggering, some 50 million people use these dating apps. every month. 12 million matches every day. of those 12 million matches, i haven't gotten a single one. >> no? >> no, no. >> swipe left or swipe right. >> i don't know, but i must be swiping the wrong way. >> maybe that's what you'r doing wrong. maybe you need to figure out which way you need to be swiping. >> just be careful out there folks.
3:16 am
west is out of the hospital but reportedly not yet out of the woods. and the mad vibes at the victoria secret fashion show. the video coming up "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:17 am
? ?
3:18 am
as a teaser on today's skinny, we have 49 seconds of video from the victoria's secret fashion show coming up. but first, we'll give you the latest update on kanye west, released from the hospital. >> that's right. the rapper reportedly left ucla medical center yesterday after mrn a week of treatment for a mental breakdown. he's now recovering at home with his wife, kim kardashian, and their kids. sources say he's not out of the woods yet and still needs ongoing medical and psychological treatment. >> west's hospitalization on-stage rants, and the cancellation of the rest of his concert tour. >> it's been a demanding couple of months for the rapper and his wife. you recall, she was robbed at gunpoint, forcing the family at times to rethink its security and public profile. >> dealing with a lot. >> they have. and we have been dealing with the aftermath of the epic fashion show in new york city. i think we have it in slow mo. over the top lingerie taking
3:19 am
>> yeah. victoria's secret fashion show in paris, kendall jenner, bella and gigi hadid strutting the runway, with giant feathered wing that are apparently for anything but sleeping. >> yeah, they don't look super comfortable. swedish model elsa hask wore one of the most chinese dragon that wrapped around her entire body. >> i like it. the 51 models strutted their stuff to songs by lady gaga, bruno mars, and the weekend, who actually jumped onto the glittered runway and seemed to check out his ex-girlfriend, bella hadid. >> i think he's looking at the other models too, to be fair. >> is there someone else on the stage? where's that singing coming from? >> the weekend who? >> yeah. >> and in a runway surprise, russian model irina sheikh made her debut sporting a jacket that
3:20 am
her boyfriend is bradley cooper. the couple has not commented about any new arrivals. we hope to have extensive coverage of the victoria's secret fashion show over the next five days. >> stretch that one out as long as possible. >> exactly. also a dream come true for prince harry. >> as part of a tour of the seven nations in the caribbean, he capped his trip to off with the world's most famous barbadian beauty. >> eight-time grammy award winner, rihanna was there to help her homeland celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence from the united kingdom. >> she was a surprise guest to harry, at least, performing the national's anthem as they both took part in barbados' annual toast of the nation event, which drew a crowd of thousands. >> he looked pretty excited. >> prince harry is excited to see somebody. that's cool. >> rihanna is feeling good about
3:21 am
>> congratulations, 50 years. and burger king is bringing us a blast from the past. >> the return of the cheesy tots and "napoleon dynamite." characters in that famous cafeteria scene where he stole all of his tater tots. >> whoa. are those cheesy tots? >> yeah. >> are they good? >> yeah. >> can i have one? >> dang it, these are good. >> napoleon dynamite and pedro are back. at $1.99 for eight, plenty of cheesy tots for everyone. at least for a limited time. that was a little news nugget for you. >> exactly.
3:22 am
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? if you like chicken nuggets then you gotta sing along ? ? if you like chicken nuggets ? ? this is your favorite song ? ? if you like chicken nuggets then you gotta sing along ? ? if you like chicken nuggets ? ? this is your favorite song ? >> i guess this is my favorite song. i definitely like chicken nuggets. >> i think you need a few more. about mcdonald's chicken mcnuggets. >> the fast-food giant has revealed those golden nuggets actually have four specific shapes, each even having their own name. did you know that? a video released by mcdonald's shows nuggets being formed into shapes called the ball, the boot, the bell, the bone. or the bow tie. >> what? >> do they taste different? >> which one is this one? >> that one is the bone.
3:26 am
>> that looks like italy. so that's the boot. >> this looks like a fish. all right, so mcdonald's says the reason for the specific shapes it to give the nuggets dipability into the special sauces. >> smart. >> and mcdonald's is mourning the loss of the man who invented their flagship sandwich. >> his name is -- jim della gotti has died at his home in pittsburgh. he was 98. you may not recognize his name, but you have no doubt his creation, the big mack. diane more than others. >> guilty. >> here's abc's david muir. >> this is the sandwich. mcdonald's new big mac sandwich. for the bigger than average appetite. >> reporter: 1967, the first big mac, seven ingredients. do you remember the jingle? ? but long before the jingle, jim della gotti created the big mac at his union town, pennsylvania restaurant in the mid 1960s. here's the ad he ran announcing the big mac when it was just 45
3:27 am
he and his wife had two sons, five grandsons, eight great grandchildren. and here's one of his grandsons telling us something you didn't know about the big mac. >> one of the tricky parts of the sandwich, when he made it with the pattys and the cheese, the lettuce would slide off the sandwich and put that brea big mac. >> when the burger turned 40, it was selling 550 million a year. that's roughly 17 big macs every second. sold in more than 100 countries, mcdonald's tweeting out their gratitude to that american grandfather and quoting him -- jim once saying i would never have dreamed that my creation would turn into a piece of americana. david muir, abc news, new york. >> i love how she put that one out there to pretend like she hasn't dug in. take a look at this one that has been munched on already.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. here are the top headlines. we're following this morning on "world news now" -- protesters hitting the streets of charlotte overnight, demanding justice for keith scott who was shot and killed by police in september. prosecutors now say the officer will not face criminal charges. the details ahead. we have breaking news. a police officer in tacoma, washington, has been killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call. the officer was shot multiple times and died at the hospital after undergoing surgery. the suspected gunman was barricaded in the home for hours. the husband of the california mother of two who disappeared while jogging has sat down for an exclusive interview with abc's 2020, giving chilling details about his wife's three-week ordeal in captivity. and descriptions of her captors. and the final prisoner escapee who got out of a county
3:31 am
has been captured. he was re-arrested after an eight-hour stand-off. he and three others rappelled from the jail with a bed sheet after sawing through the bars. those are some of our top stories on this thursday, december 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we begin this half hour with anger and disappointment on the streets of charlotte over a decision by prosecutors not to file charges against the police officer who shot and killed keith sc >> protesters say they don't believe scott was armed during the confrontation, but the district attorney has concluded otherwise. abc's eva pilgrim is there with the details. >> don't you do it! >> reporter: no charges for that officer who fired the fatal shot, sparking days of unrest in charlotte. >> it is my opinion that officer vinson acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> reporter: the district
3:32 am
evidence points to scott being armed, something scott's family had disputed at the shooting scene. his wife saying he wasn't armed. >> drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. >> reporter: the d.a. presenting this radio call before the shooting. >> there was a guy that was parked next to us, that was rolling a joint and had a gun. >> reporter: and releasing this surveillance video from a nearby 7-11, showing mr. scott with a bulge around his in previous video, his pant leg pulled up, an empty holster revealed. but in that video, you can never clearly see him holding the weapon, sparking the controversy. now the d.a. concluding scott failed to comply with commands to drop his gun. the family disagrees, asking why a father waiting to pick up his kid, ended up dead. >> we still have real questions about the decisions that were made that day, in terms of how they confronted keith and whether they used appropriate
3:33 am
the situation in a way that didn't result in the loss of keith's life. >> reporter: the family says it's still not clear if scott was holding a gun, and say they are profoundly disappointed with the d.a.'s decision not to press charges. they say they're now considering pursuing a civil case. eva pilgrim, abc news, charlotte, north carolina. >> eva, there in charlotte. you can hear the rain dropping down during her standup there. severe weather was tearing across the south, hitting the carolinas in the form of a wednesday afternoon, taking down trees and power lines. and left thousands of customers without power. some damage has been reported, including to mobile homes being tossed into trees. there are also reports of minor injuries but no deaths. further west, officials are still assessing damage from tornadoes in four states. three people were killed in alabama, two others in tennessee. the tornadoes also knocked out power to as many as 45,000 homes in alabama. flooding was also a concern.
3:34 am
areas. in eastern tennessee, search and rescue crews continue looking for victims of the deadly wildfires. the flames in and around gatlinburg are being blamed for at least seven deaths. the fires have caused massive damage and forced the evacuation of 14,000 residents as well as tourists. gatlinburg's major has a message for anyone who wants to help his city -- >> and if you really, really want to do something for gatlinburg, we're going to be back on her et time. come back and visit us, come back and vacation here. we want to give that positive message that everything, absolutely is gonna be okay. all of the fires in gatlinburg itself are out, although there are still some smouldering that's taking place. with rain moving into the area, some worries of rock shifts and mudslides. >> over in brazil, thousands of
3:35 am
mourn members of the victims of the plane crash in brazil while the names were chanted. let's get more on the investigation from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the clues from the crash that killed 71, including the brazilian soccer team come from the last words of the pilot. the jet had flown 1,700 miles right at its maximum range. but it was put into a holding pattern above medellin. the pilots radioed the tower, we're having a fuel problem. seven minutes later, the pilot calls out, total failure, electric and fuel. the jet is now apparently gliding on battery power. >> and they didn't have any navigation system. so they had no way to point themselves at the airport. they had no way to intercept a safe glide path, mountains all around, very hilly. >> reporter: the pilots desperately calling out for directions, vectors. a minute later, the final plea
3:36 am
while investigators examine the black boxes, an outpouring of grief and love for the cinderella soccer team from brazil, which was headed to its first finals tournament ever. three of the players survived. and so did two crew members. one told a south american sports network, he tucked luggage between his legs, assumed the fetal position, and says that is the reason he survived. the focus of the investigation now, the pilot planning. why did they arrive in medellin david kerley, abc news, washington. back in this country, president-elect donald trump is embarking on a thank you tour, starting in indiana. trump and mike pence are heading to the carrier factory to officially announce a deal they struck to keep hundreds of jobs from moving overseas. this evening they're holding a post election rally in cincinnati, ohio. trump is also vowing to cut ties with his sprawling business empire. he announced in a tweet he wants to fully focus on running the
3:37 am
about whether trump's plan to turn over operations to his children is enough to avoid conflicts of interest. he says he'll offer more details in a news conference in two weeks. and election officials in north carolina have ordered a partial recount in the governor's race. incumbent republican governor pat mccrory is trailing his challenger by 10,000 votes. he is refusing to concede the race and raising questions about voting of counties. planned parenthood and other groups are suing several states, challenging their abortion laws. the suit claims that laws in north carolina, missouri, and alaska, place unconstitutional restrictions on abortions. attorneys say the lawsuits are a follow-up to a major u.s. supreme court decision that struck down tough abortion laws in texas. the house has passed a bill that aims to help drug and biomedical companies get faster approval for their products. the bill would also revamp
3:38 am
revamp health programs. some say the bill amounts to nothing more than a hand-out to drug companies. despite that, the senate is expected to pass the measure next week. you might remember martin skrelly, he was scorned around the world after he raised the price of a life-saving drug from $13 to $750 for just one pill. some australian high school students outraged by that 5,000 percent price hike, say they have recreated the drug in a lab. >> interesting. slippery situation forced the cancellation of an nba game. philadelphia called off its game with sacramento wednesday night because of condensation on the court in philadelphia. players grabbing some mops, but but they tried to clean it up, but the 76ers determined it was just way too dangerous. no makeup date has been set. but just imagine being the kings. you travel all across country
3:39 am
>> they should just bring up the basketball court, put skates on the players and keep up the net to see what happens. i would absolutely go to that game. i would be very entertained. >> that would be fun to watch. you might have seen our happy birthday shout-out to the world's oldest person yet. 117-year-old emma murano who lives in italy. >> this morning, we salute lil hanson, another birthday girl, only 105 years old. she marked the occasion by teaching her usual yoga class. she leads the class every week and she said, she may be 105 years old, but she has no intention of stopping. >> i don't feel any different. i'm just a little more careful than i was years ago. but i don't feel old. i don't think about it. i just keep going. >> good for you, lil. so most of the people in her yoga class, they are in their 70s and 80s. that means they could be her
3:40 am
>> as lil calls them, youngsters. she lives alone in the home that she grew up in, and lil not only teaches yoga, she's also the president of her local bridge team. and she can do moves that i can't do. >> i want to hang out with lil. can we get her in the studio? >> just for the record, she was born in 1911. amazing. >> so the oldest living woman was already 12 years old at the time. >> good for you, lil. happy birthday. coming up, the manhunt up and down the east coast for a leprechaun that is on the lam. the pot of gold, stolen in broad daylight from an armored truck parked on a busy street in manhattan, worth more than a million dollars. and would you be on board to try doing this? that's balancing a bicycle 650 feet off the ground. we'll show you where this
3:41 am
temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by life
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while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> three, two, one, go! >> three, two, one, go! [ cheers and applause ] >> thousands of rain-soaked last night to watch the annual lighting of the christmas tree in rockefeller center, despite some extra tight security, the celebration went off without a hitch. this year's tree is a norway spruce, by the way, 94 feet tall. big tree. and against that holiday backdrop, police from new york to florida are on the hunt for a modern day leprechaun who stole a pot of gold. >> he brazenly took it off an armored truck parked on a crowded street in mid town
3:45 am
here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: an investigation police are calling operation lucky charms. detectives say this man actually stole a pot of gold worth more than $1.5 million. >> do you think he knew it was a bucket f gold at the time? >> i think he believed it was of value. it was in an armored truck with armed guards. >> take a look at the video. of the incidents from late september. it happened in new york city's diamond district. the bael of the vehicle when one of the armed guards turned his back. >> so it's gold flakes, what would somebody do with that? >> it would be melted down, and put into cubes and sold. >> reporter: the barrel nearly 90 pounds. so heavy, the thief had to keep putting it down. police say so far, they believe the end of the rainbow for this real life leprechaun may be florida. >> the armored car company is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the
3:46 am
linsey davis, abc news, new york. coming up, a new chapter in the battle between leah remini and the church of scientology. >> hear what she's releasing in her bio series.
3:47 am
3:48 am
? it has been a long painful road for leah remini in her on going battle, of course you the church of scientology. >> she's been a critic of the church she left three years ago. now she has a new series for a&e, but the church is firing back. here's abc's dan harris. >> what you're about to see sheds light on the truth of what's really going on with this church a church i promoted, defended and believed in most of my life. >> reporter: her battle against
3:49 am
tuesday night with the first episode of her new docu series, leah remini, scientology and the aftermath. >> i hope that this project at least validates your pain is real. >> reporter: the series follows former members of the church and tells their story. remini's fight against the church in which she was raised began when she quit three years ago and then escalated last year "troublemaker" in which she described her life within scientology. >> i really did believe that i had one up on everybody because i had this scientology thing. >> reporter: the church said her book was a pathetic quest to get publicity. as for her new show, the church insists her new show is full of lies and doomed to be a cheap reality tv show. >> she needs to move on with her life, instead of pathetilly exploiting her former religion, her former friends, and other celebrities for money. >> remini tells the hollywood reporter, they were trying to
3:50 am
they were trying to disparage my name. >> when you stop [ bleep ] with people's lives and families, i'll stop too. >> reporter: remini is demanding $1.5 million from the church, a response to the horrific letters they sent her. also in the interview, remini claims back when she was starring in the cbs sitcom, "king of the church urged her to call her then boss, les moonves, the chief executive officer of cbs corporation. she said, i got press to call les moonves at cbs to try and get a 60 minutes report squashed. she said she made the call, but he refused to intervene. we reached out to cruise and cbs for a statement and they did not respond to our inquiries. i sat down with an interview with her last year, and in which she described the power and the allure of the church for her when she joined as a child.
3:51 am
comparing herself to other people, to be part of a faith where you had a mission to save -- >> to save the planet. >> that must have been a big deal? >> yes. because scientologist view children as spiritual beings, you're not treated as a kid. you're given a lot of responsibility. your ego becomes extremely inflated. >> remini says her new show is about families that the church has torn apart, something she says she knows too well after losing religi religion. the church of scientology says, in a statement to abc news, it's sad that she wishes to exploit for money those who tirelessly worked to help her when no one else was willing to tolerate her behavior. adding that she needs to stop blaming the church. dan harris, abc news, new york. coming up, we'll show you what's been called the latest extreme sport. >> would you try this, bike balancing? how about 65 stories high.
3:52 am
coming up we have a "this happened" straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." e have "this happened," straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." , we have a "this happened" straight ahead. you're watching "world news
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delivers mega support. ? time for another edition of "this happened." >> some interesting and bizarre stories that attention, like this one. pack your dramamine for this one. >> i guess we can call this bike balancing. this is a man named fabio riding his bike on a railing that happens to be 65 stories up on an austrian dam. one of the highest dams in europe, by the way. he rode 650 feet across it. >> the video lasts for three minutes that he's doing this. amazing. this is all for a contest called gopro world contest. it looks amazing, but i should
3:56 am
fine print, he was tethered. there was a guy walking next to him with a rope that was tethered to him just in case. it still doesn't mean i would do it. >> so if we tether you and i'll hold the rope -- no? >> i wouldn't even walk like this with -- tethered. >> i think we have a new segment coming our way. >> i think we've tried that. okay, not too many people can say they bowled 900 one day. but shaun osborn can say it happened to him. >> shaun was on a roll last week, when he bowled three, 300-point games in a row. shaun said he couldn't believe it, and never thought it was possible. before this, he was just your average league bowler, doing it for fun. >> i'd say he's no longer just your average league bowler. he said he's starting to believe a little bit more every day that he's good. how amazing this feat is. people have been bowling since
3:57 am
this has only happened 29 times, and never before in texas where he lives. that's impressive. >> congrats. and if bowling isn't your thing, maybe chess is. we have a new world champion there. >> after three weeks, it came down to just two guys who were locked in the back and forth battle of high-speed tiebreakers. they were stressed out. in the end, two-time world champion magnus carlson won his third title yesterday after he defeated the russian challenger here in new york. his win, which came on his 26th birthday. so he gets to take home most of his $1.1 million gift. not a bad birthday gift. >> not at all. i'm sure conor mcgregor is jealous of how he celebrated. and finally this happened. a british lad has a new best friend. a wild fox. >> henry hoffman was walking around london when out of nowhere, this fox appears, didn't want to let go of his
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this thursday morning, breaking overnight, a police officer shot and killed. new video of the scene and a standoff with the suspect. powerful storms across the south spawned several tornadoes overnight damaging homes and buildings. winds were powerful enough to topple an 18-wheeler. we're tracking the storm's latest path. victory tour. president-elect donald trump hitting the road as he takes credit for saving jobs, plus the cabinet position that could be filled by sarah palin. and it's a sweet breakthrough, a major candymaker says a new chocolate formula has nearly half the sugar. good thursday morning, everyone. we are following a number of breaking news stories.


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