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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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. -? denver7 news starts right now. >> copy. i've got three wounded. apparent gounds. >> female slumped over in the deliver seat. >> the tragic turn. we have the latest on the investigation. >> the law enforcement has a message for the perpetrators. tracking the breaking developments. nicole? >> police still have where it happened surrounded. the suspect is holed up in tacoma, washington.
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times yesterday afternoon afte responding to a domestic violence situation. that officer later died in the afternoon. and in baltimore, a man walked up to a crowded street and shot. two died and six in critical condition. police don't know much about it. it may have been retaliation over another shooting. >> and also following some breaking news in tennessee. seven peop wildfire that has burned more than 15,000 acres. destroyed gatlinburg, pigeon forge and surrounding areas. officials believe this fire was human-caused. some put out and some rain, but now new challenges, rock and mud slides.
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the snow with katie lasalle. >> for the headlines, cloud cover and coverage, snow will be mauving into the mountains in the early evening friday will be the nest chance in the metro with temperatures near freezing. going to be cold as you head out the doorr, bundle up. 24 in city park. teens in the mountains and upper northeastern plains. the high temperatures around the 30s and low 40s across the metro area today. jason, it's one of those days you want to bundle up when you head outside. and it's quiet on the roadways. you can see that on kipling. and you can see that on the map swell, north, south, east,
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in glen dill in liets dale and holly, clear out there as well. still trying to wrap their heads around a tragic death. a mom and two children found dead. >> we brought this to you as bruise yesterday. the very later. s diving into jason? >> good morning to you, law enforcement is still feshlly not calling this a murder- suicide or a point. but add that there is no suspect and the husband is fully kwapting with them. inhighlands ranch, a sense of shock and disbelief after the three were found dead yesterday. the autopsies are scheduled for later this morning for the mother and two sons, ages three and five. this started with a missing persons case, went missing on tuesday night and a passerby
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people dead. still no official cause of death. the school where one of the boys went and where the three people were last seen, sent out a letter of shock and sadness, the parents, offering support and grief councillors as law enforcement try to get more answers. we hope to have more information as we get it. ranch, jason gruenauer. an explosive device found on grant street. it's been removed and denver police are not revealing any details at this time. a suspected drunk driver behind bars this morning. dep cities following the suspect in what they thought was a stolen vehicle.
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parking lot in longmont. and pulled a knife and stole another vehicle. that suspect is finally arrested in loveland. a family is targeted by hate graffiti on their door. not once but twice. the family discovered the letters kkk, and the n-word scrawled on theefront door. it happened just a few days ago. >> let me be clear. we will not allow anyone to be victimized based upon the way they look or what they believe. >> aurora's chief says there have been a 25 graffiti incident incidents, since 2015 and six sings election day.
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half staff in honor of cody don hue. the funeral will be tomorrow. his death along i-25 is prompting a step up of law enforcement today. >> their message, move over or get pulled over. aaron has more. >> good morning to you. this is going to be on the south rr agencies involved, denver, greenwood village, arapaaoe county, douglas county and the law enforcement agencies are going to step up patrols. we are just now passing yale. if you're going past a vehicle that is stopped, you might get stopped too if you're too close though the laws have been in
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if you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, at least one lane. if you can't, just simply slow ddwn. they are saying too many people are disobeying this law and that's why they're starting this patrol today at 7:00 a.m. to seven tomorrow night. if you see the emergency vehicle, pull over and you won't get pulled over tomorrow. to have more on that. police often use facebook and also the next door app to get the word out about crimes in your area. that's going to change soon. the denver police say they are no longer going to post on
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the responses have been negative, but this is a new way to be more transparent. some think it takes too many resourcess >> instead of in things to navigate to go to to get the information, we're streamlining it and putting it in one place. >> going to go department-wide in denver next year. we are learning more more about von miller's sex tape. >> saying it was after the trip to mexico. but his lawyers came to not release it. details of what led to a shooting after the break. >> hearing from the final
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before it crashes in colombia that killed 74 people. the evidence that led officers to believe that the officer was in fact in danger.
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. breaking news in pueblo, three people have been shot.
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block of north sixth street in pueblo. we have a shot here. apparently this started as a domestic incident involving an compluz. police say he showed up and shot his wife and a male that was there and a third person shot, no word on the condition. we know that two of the victims have been brought here to a denver hospital. we're keeping an eye on the detauls of the plane crash in colombia. >> we hear the audio. >> that's the pilot talking to air traffic control, saying they were out of fuel and in trouble. >> six survives, one said he's only here because of the emergency procedures. keith.
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did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> that's the deadly police officer-invooved shooting from south carolina. , made its way around the country and the officer would not face charges. >> evidence about what happened that day. they lloked at surveillance and body camera footage. >> a semiautomatic gun was found, loaded and trigger cocked. >> never had a gun, but holding a book instead. and also acknowledges none of the videos show him taking aim at officers. the conduct is still being investigating. breathing a sigh of relief this morning.
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broke out of the the bay area jail, found this man hiding in an attic overnight. escaped the night before thanksgiving. sawed through some bars on the second story window and tied bed sheets together to make it down to the ground. called a hero for saving her newborn sister's life. when she was two days old, she started spitting up and choking. lickly, the big sister just learned cpr at school. >> i heard her spit up and all of a sudden, she just -- it wasn't coming out and it was so scary. i told my mom to turn her around and pat her on the back so the spit could come out and i called the nurse. >> still not breathing and you heard, the mom was in a bit of a panic. she jumped in and saved her
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no. a veterinarian. >> wants to help others. katie lasalle is here. going to be cool. >> it is. have the hat and glovs handy. a weak front to drop the temperatures and a chance of snow and a slight chance here in the metro area on friday. sunny conditions and cold and wind expected monday and tuesday. looking at the satellite and radar, increasing cloud coverage across the front range and a few showers to the west of the divide. in denver, 24 degrees. 23 an out ot @ the airport and these numbers will drop as you head to the morning. southwest wind at eight miles per hour and then mostly cloudy skies and highs in the 30s to
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degrees below normal for this time of year. and castle rock, 42, 41 in ft. collins. 30s and 40s across the northeastern plains and you can see a very chilly day. looking at our future cast, what we can expect as we head throughout the morning, mostly sunny conditions here throughout e day. five clock, you can see the friday, the best chance of light snow of a trace to an inch or two in the denver area, stopping around 1:30 and some showers in the plains and clearing by the time we hit the weekend on saturday. in terms of how much snow we're expecting, three to five inches in the mountains and a trace to half an inch in denver. tonight, cold night down to the
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and make sure you're bundled up. and a slight chance of snow in the afternoon tomorrow, cold in the morning. sunny, bright spot with a high of 52 degrees. best chance of snow is monday into tuesday. take a look at the overnight temperatures. dropping down to 15. >> shouldn't there be another zero? that doesn't look go t why we have a very good drive here on santa fe and dart dartmouth. not far from hampden. looking good on 70, 270 and in and out of boulder also wide open. >> it is now 4:47. we have a report. hackers are looking to steal
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sky. . >> called dronejacking. they break through the relatively weak firewall and steal it. >> if you crash in here, an intake, it's not your drone, but you have control over it. >> so what makes it easier to hack is the unencrypted ports. 3 >> it's up to the owner and manufacture to keep them up to date and patched in an ongoing basis. netflix users can watch show shows even when they're not connected to the internet. >> today's tech bytes. >> trending hashtag, netflix on line. offline without the internet. one called it a miracle.
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really, notebook foeks? news for the wireless headphones. a tweet about the air buds. >> should be out in a few weeks. home on zillow. >> fire place and reindeer stables, estimated at $650,000. of course, it's not on the >> where are the elves? >> somewhere in the back. if you need help picking out an ugly sweater for the holiday party? there's an app for that. right if you like it, left if you don't. could find your perfect ugly sweater match.
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. welcome back. would you, could you in colorado?
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serving green eggs and ham. >> the dr. seuss breakfast and lunch spot will have that and dr. seuss's characteristics. take a look at these fans. a day they won't forget. a chance to meet the boss, bruce string steen. he was there to sign his new book. rolling out the carpet for another star. elton john is going to perform at colorado springs. the crazy night tour. going to happen thursday, march 16th. talking about stars, tracking santa. norad is going to track st. nick. not going to be leaving the north pole until christmas eve.
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we have a chance of picking up a few snow showers this afternoon. tonight, mostly cloudy skies and best chance of seeing a few snow showers in the denver metro area, around two or 3:00, not expecting a lot. this weekend, sunny and warmer before a big cooldown next week. clear on the freeways and side streets. you can see that on 8th avenue, just south of mooi stadium. and the little bit of leftover construction there on 25 and arapahoe road. no delays on and after the highway down there. a church in littleton that quietly reaches out to the hung ri. >> the 7everyday hero has more. >> 18 cases of eggs this time. >> takes a lot to feed the
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st. mary's. reaching out to help those in need for more than 25 years. >> we are open on mondays to serve anyone who needs food in the community. >> that usually means a hundred families or more each week. and coordinating it all is debbie gorka. >> great person. coor has it all. >> what she brings is an incredible sense of inclusiveness. 3 everyone is welcome. it's like a family. >> the clients shop for food. >> a lot less waist. people get to choose what they can lose. >> says it's more dig fied than handing people -- dignified
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>> offering friendship. >> the volunteers, it's been wonderful. thank you. >> the residents of littleton and everyone at the parish should be thankful for the sefrnd hero who has led this for years. >> everyone was in on this except for you. we made this a surprise. denver7 and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado want to honor you for everyone. >> is there a hero you want us to know about? you can go to and click on that section. here's what we're working on for 5:00 a.m.. sorry, folks. bad news. the creepy clown craze is back and may be popping up in a city near you. the latest on a 17-year-old shot by a denver police
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justified in doing that. a real life pot 80 cold, stolen. how a thief made off with the gold worth more than 8 and a eight and a half million
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. denver7 breaking news . >> we start with breaking news. a police officer killed in the line of duty, responding to a domestic disturbance in washington, d.c. >> this happened about 4:00 yesterday. let's get to nicole with more details. >> just coming in on this incident, the suspect is apparently dead after a standoff. the police shot and killed this suspect in ta coma. and -- ta coma. -- shot multiple times aad taken to the hospital where he later died. we understand the officer is 42


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