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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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. denver7 breaking news . >> we start with breaking news. a police officer killed in the line of duty, responding to a domestic disturbance in washington, d.c. >> this happened about 4:00 yesterday. let's get to nicole with more details. >> just coming in on this incident, the suspect is apparently dead after a standoff. the police shot and killed this suspect in ta coma. and -- ta coma. -- shot multiple times aad taken to the hospital where he later died. we understand the officer is 42
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of the police department. officer shot and killed and the suspect also dead. breaking out of the california jail is caught. >> take a look. we have the mug shot of the man they got. the 33-year-old, found him hiding in an at if i can of a home. >> he and three others escaped the night before thanksgiving. and they sawed through the bar from the second floor window and used bed sheets to get down. a woman is charged with harborina fugitive. calm and cool, mown tab snow, but not as sunny as it was the last few days. the temperatures outside, cold start. 24 in city park.
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high-rising to the 30s and low 40s. here's the conditions for the next few hours. a chance for a few scattered snow showers. and a chance in the metro area. a trace to maybe two inches. the mountain snow continues before clearing for the weekend. if the little ones are going out he door this morning, going to school, bundle up, hats, gloves, sweaters, all of that, highs in jayson? >> snuggies and everything. on the north side of town, 76 or 270 or 2025 getting out to dia, looking good. a smooth commute anywhere you want to go.
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kids were found dead in the van in highlands ranch. >> this is the mother and her sons. police say there is no threat to the public. jason gruenauer has more from highlands ranch. jason, what can we expect from the investigation today? >> autopsies are scheduled for a little bit later on this morning and we should learn more about an apparent cause of death after the autopsy results doesn't answer the biggest question. why. why would this mother pick them up and get in the van and never make it home? the van was discovered on wednesday morning. the hree, mother and two sons, dead inside. the husband is not a suspect, but the police say this is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide.
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>> just moved from minnesota. all assuming she took them and went back home. wasn't the case. . >>reporter: well, here at the school where the one boy attended and the three were last scene, it's still a sense of shock and sadness as written in this letter that was sent home to the parents yesterday. gruenauer, denver7. an explosive device found in denver. at the 4500-block of grant street. it was secured and removed. no word on what it was or if nin was arrested. honor guard returning to the state. flags at half staff for an officer hit and killed in a
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the metro area today are going to be out to reinforce the move over law. you must move over for emergency vehicles. eric lupher has more on what you can expect. . >>reporter: the bottom line, dayle, you can move over or get a ticket. if you're on 25 northbound or southbound, anywhere, if you see an an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, pull over. don't go past them one lane over. it's simply dangerous. here are the ragzs that are going to be involved. in the 25 corridor, denver police, lone tree police and greenwood village police and we talked to a greenwood village police officer whose squad car was hit in an investigation. >> barely. i just stepped back into the car and turned to face my computer and roughly a couple
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. >>reporter: and turns out that person was texting and driving when he hit that officer's squad car. so again, move over, police are going to be looking, if there's a police incident going on, see if you're going to move over or not. if not, you're probably going to get a ticket this morning. and coming up, the damage donee to the officer's car. it was significant. that's coming up. here. . >> a dozen tornados touched down, three people killed when an ef3 twister there. and the other two people consider killed in tennessee. and tennessee also dealing with the raging wildfires. at least seven people have been killed since the wildfires exploded on sunday.
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more than 700 buildings or structures have been destroyed there and dozens of the victims do not have fire insurance >> they have not waivered. and even the ones who have lost everything. >> investigators are sttll looking into what sparked the fires, but investigators think it was human-confused. an aurora family targeted by hate graffiti for the second now law enforcement is taking action. using every resource to track down whoever is responsible. the police chief said this action will not be tolerated. >> let me be clear, we will not based on how they look or what
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since last november. six of them have happened since election day. and the city of aurora talking about civil rights and immigration at aurora central high school. >> this jeffco medical school teacher is facing some charges this morning for sexual assaulting a 17-year-old girl. michael steven bueno. the amily reported her missing. he coaches toobl and also at west jefferson middle school. a crash on 28th aad arapahoe. witnesses say the man in his ofwise, riding the bicycle against the traffic when the semi hit and killed him.
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chase with deputies. following the suspect who was driving a stolen vehicle. the suspect crashed at i-sa 52 at the berthoud exit and ran into a house and stole another vehicle and then trying to steal cars from a restaurant parking lot. and when confronted, pulled a knife and ran to steal a third vehicle. finally, the suspect was arrested in loveland. tame taip. she said she didn't try to extort miller after a trip to mexico. said it was his lawyers with a cash offer to not release it. -- senttto the drunk tank. man and his girlfriend were at the broncos-new england game.
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claim they were illegally detained the police ave not read the lawsuit yet. news on the mother found after three weeks. >> revealing the details exclusive to 20/20. >> she was bound. a chain around her waist, a bag over her head. >> more on his account. and news about the captors. >> this cancelling at the last minute. nothing to worry about. snow coming and a cool down. in the 20s with the wind and snow that i will talk about after the break. is it still a super quiet commute, no stalls or incidents
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. welcome back at 5:13, a check on dia, all the lots are full except for elbert. security, not bad. everything under ten minutes right now. breaking news right now, a business sploigs in texas this morning. -- explosion in texas there morning. i think we have a live look at the scene where you could tell nothing is left of that building there on the ground. it's dark, but you can see the damage there. the explosion happened around 4:00 a.m. and the company, people reported waking up to a loud boom from this. no word on what caused this yet, fortunately, no injuries reported. looking at a moment when a 17-year-old was shot by a denver police officer.
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officers cleared. >> got a gun. . >> southbound. shots fired. shots fires. southbound. >> running from a stolen car and pled guilty to other charges last week, the teenager did. the story on the california mom found alive 3 weeks after being kidnapped. the husband 20/20 with information on the captivity and -- >> metal, that is correct -- metal chain, that is correct, bag over her head, that is correct. and chained. >> making sure she didn't get out. >> any time. didn't open the door. cut something to free her
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into the vehicle and then kind of pushed her out of the veeicle. >> police still searching for her two captors. two hispanic women they say. releasing a description of the woman, working on a sketch and will be released soon. falling after hiking to the lake. a 37-year-old. police say he friend on satuay when he fell off a boulder. the coroner ruled the death an accident. another cancellation. scrubbing the super part- timepipe competition because there's not enough snow, but the warm weather is not affecting booking. that's good news. that's according to the denver
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bookings are as strong as ever. >> and watch. the next two-week, hammered with snow. everything will be fine. >> it's coming. >> vail, aspen, brej ridge, snow mass, a chance for snow tomorrow and the weekend, great news for the resorts. >> and in denver, a chance of snow, a few snow showers west of morning and seeing mostly cloudy skies in the frang and plains. our current temperatures right now, cold. 41 in denver. 23 in sterling. four degrees in leadville and teens and single digits in the mountain towns. going to school, bundle up the kids, want the hat, gloves, jacket, teeperatures in the teens and in the metro area, getting up to the 30s and low
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part, a mibs of sun and clouds. today, stenl and englewood, 43. highlands ranch, 42 and westminster, upper 30s by this afternoon. the highs statewide, 20s and 30s in the mountains below freezing and 40s for the eastern plains. in the future cast foo what we can expect. clear and dry and some peeks of sunshine. we are going to few snow showers in the mown tabs. late tonight anddfriday, a chance for more measurable accumulating snow. best chance for denver metro and -- 17 is the overnight low, cloudy and cold. by tomorrow morning, we'll wake up to the you di conditions and sunny skies. and a 20% chance of snow later
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friday. the seven-day forecast by this weekend, not quite as cold, dry staid statewide. sunday, mild and dry. take a look at that. a big cooldown for this next week. tuesday is the best chance of seeing snow. that is right on wednesday. . >> i don't want to see that. got to be a mistake. smooth here, speeds in the 50s and 60s. overall map, take a look. the drive on 285 and the diagonal from boulder to longmont, that's clear and quiet wherever you want to go. still problem-free. we know that colorado draws
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>> there's this map using last month's census numbers. showing the population of born in each state. just 42% of coloradans were borne here. >> california with the most new comers, 6% and texas and illinois. pop warner, playing for the national championship. that alone calls for but something else, why they're cheering on one of their teammates.
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. five, four, three, two, one, go! . looks just like jason's house. it's official. christmas time in new york. the annual lighting of the christmas tree. some help bald win, kate mckinnon- . -- >> every inch is lit. >> have you ever seen it -- >> first time this month. >> it's awesome. >> going to see it. >> should go skating.
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in vail village, lit up for the holiday season. but & look for a chance of know in the next couple of days. starting off dry and cold. downtown, 24. 21 at the airport. winds from the southwest at ten miles per hour. here's our snowfall totally, not necessarily today but tonight and tomorrow, piiking up snow for our metro areas and a little bit for denver. temperaturings are cooler. free. and a look at 25 north into downtown in the express lanes and a wide open drive into town. c-470 or 222 all the way it the the harry potter. an honor for two colorado veterans.
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this weekend, the pop warner football team from ft. collins heads to the national championships. while they're preparing, happy to have a teammate back on the field with them. >> that teammate is jackson -- diagnosed with non-hoj kins kins limb >> chemogoing, never let anything stay in your way. >> jackson still has 50 months of treatment to go. and wish the team luck. they play on sunday. >> great. seems the clown craze sweeping the nation isn't over. coming up, we're going to tell you about the latest sighting right here in the denver metro area.
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for uber and lyft rides. and president-elect donald trump with more after e win, and more on the cabbnet. a local mom is changing self-defense one party at a time. more more on her personal protection parties. . we are driving along i-25. do you know the move overlaw? if you don't, police will make they're out on patrol. more on that. >> breaking news from washington state. a suspect reportedly dead after
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. denver7 news starts right now. .
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details today about the tragic death of a highlands ranch mother and her two young sons. i'm jason gruenauer reporting live. more details straight ahead. >> cooler and cloudy today. a chance of snow later this afternoon. when will et it hit the metro area, looking ad friday, but we'll havehe full forecast coming up. breaking news from pueblo. three people found shot in a home. on east fourth street. police incident involving an ex- husband and shot his ex-wife and another person and a third person. no word on the conditions, two brought to denver to be treated. a weak cold front moving into colorado, increasing cloud cover in denver metro ar the front range. the windchill numbers, the feel-


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