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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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details today about the tragic death of a highlands ranch mother and her two young sons. i'm jason gruenauer reporting live. more details straight ahead. >> cooler and cloudy today. a chance of snow later this afternoon. when will et it hit the metro area, looking ad friday, but we'll havehe full forecast coming up. breaking news from pueblo. three people found shot in a home. on east fourth street. police incident involving an ex- husband and shot his ex-wife and another person and a third person. no word on the conditions, two brought to denver to be treated. a weak cold front moving into colorado, increasing cloud cover in denver metro ar the front range. the windchill numbers, the feel-
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negative in leadville and teens and single digits in the mountains. bundle up today. the temperatures are cooler than it was yesterday. du up to 42. same in three point. westminster -- in thornton. snow expected to start in the mown taint and a sliekt chance of picking up a trace of snow to one to two inches in denver. this pleasant, jayson, but this weekend, looking cold. >> not looking forward to it that. the full-time winter and a full- time commute right now. on 25, quiet in the realm of accidents and stalls. not seeing that. southbound getting crowded. same on southbound 225, crowded arrund yoseeite. overall, looking good.
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yet. you can imagine the shock. >> totally. unfathomable. >> the highlands ranch community mourning the loss of a mother and two sons. the three found dead in lone tree. no details just yet. >> no threat to you the public. jason gruenauer, joining us live from highlands ranch with what back to jason in just a second. with and we'll have more on the situation there in highlands ranch. in the mean time, the man who intentionally crashed his car into a light pole to kill his girlfriend has been sentenced today 13 years. pled guilty to charges and told
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last year's crash that happened in boulder. new developments in a deadly crash involving a former air force quarterback. driving with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when he crashed in atlanta in august and died in that crash. not wearing a seat belt and traveling on the wrong side of the freeway when he was struck by an on coming car. a vehicle in denver and led deputies on a chase. this is the picture of the end, crash on 25 and titan road. scary moments for a shopper inside a kweengs store. you can see the man grabbing a woman around the neck and
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suspect and no one hurt. just when you thought it was all over, the creepy clown craze is back. a driver reported three teens in dressed as clowns approaching the car. they consider cited for violate violating -- they were cited for violating curfew. the move over law. >> this after an officer was eric lupher has more. what does this patrol -- the upped patrol moon? upped mean? >> it's going to be interesting. if you see a vehicle like this, on 25, about to approach hampden. if you dloent move over like you're supposed to, you can be stopped yourself. five agencies, lone tree
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greenwood village, douglas county sheriff, arapahoe county sheriff, all all of them. and checking the sfas streets and law enforcement will team up with one person and stage on the off ramp and that's how they can stop you if you're not moving over. people don't note about it. and greenwood village police know this all too well. one officer's vehhcle was mangled on a stop while he was off on the shoulder. >> there will be occasions that they come close and sometimes it's traffic, just ask that they slow down at that point in time. . >>reporter: absolutely. because he went through it, getting his car just smashed up. the man who hit his squad car was texting and driving.
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this year's presidential election had a lot of issues, but this issue of burning the flag. >> i never understood the meaning behind it and today, i do. >> chuck smith said it is frightening that president- elect donald trump wants to punish people for expressing their first amendment rights. thousands of views and all of supportive. president-elect donald trump will be on the way to indianapolis to talk about the deal to keep a thousand jobs and the carrier manufacturing plant from moving to mexico. and a press conference behind closed doors and this among his pick for secretaryyof state. hinting on four finalists. david corker, david patreus.
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governor, sarah palin is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs. the ballot. turn out turning in a record for the number of gun background checks. the colorado bureau of investigation processed over 3 00 checks for firearms. up about # 200 from l 87 were rejected. 185,000 processed background checks. new this morning, onlyyone dmv left in mesa county. and -- only the county's main office will stay open. the mesa county clerk said she was forced to shut down the other branches to put the money into other operations.
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these closures. boulder is leaving your car home. free uber and lyft rides. designed for holiday shopping rg good between 11:00 a.m. and # p.m.. defr police are changing the way they communicate with you. dpd district three are going to use pocket gov instead of next door or facebook. they say it's more transparent but some aren't happy about this. keeping the department facebook page, but tracking multiple social media sources are taking too much manpower. >> the information combauring and information getting out to our citizens in a more transparent way. >> the department is testing this on district three with a
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year. . one denver neighborhood a lot brighter this morning. gave out new light bulbs in swallow hill. added lights will help cut back on crime they say. a white officer cleared in the death of a black man. the family is outd raged. . >> stolen in broad daylight. the more you do, tte more you receive. >> a church in littleton, a lot of coordination feeding the hungry. you'll meet this week's
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20 degrees this afternoon. chilly day with some clearing. and best chance of snow, we'll take a look at that. >> bad morning for a water main break. that's what we have in boulder. and you can see that there. baseline to go north on 28th by
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. denver7, first alert. >> new developments this morning after a police officer was killed in tacoma. the suspect is now dead after a 12-hour standoff with the authority. we are learning more disturbing details. the man apparently held two children hostage in the home. they are now safe. 18 years old, 111 years old. but traumatized no doubt. the officer was responding to a domestic violence call at the home yesterday. he was shot multiple times and died at the hospital. the officer's name has not been released. we know he was a 45-year-old man and a 17-year veteran of
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in the death of keith lamont scott, saying the officer acted lawfully. saying he was armed, the family dits puts that and many questions remain. >> still have real questions about the decisions that we made that day in terms of how they confronted keith and whether they used appropriate deescalation teaks to end the situation in a way that didn't result in the loss of keith's life. >> now considering a civil lawsuittin this case. and learning more about the deadly plane crash in colombia that ended the lives of more than 70 people. the voice recorder has been recovered. you can hear the pilot say that the plane is out of fuel and a loss of electricity. . >> (speaking spanish)
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the pilot there, saying that there could have been several things that led to the loss of fuel. a real life pot of gold stolen. now, police are trying to track down the suspect. the company, loomis is offering a hundred thousand dollar reward. this is this happened in september in new york. the video is just released. just walking up, nonchalantly. grabbed it after one of the guards turned his back. in the pot, not easy, weighed about 90 pounds. >> something you don't see every day. a man tries to rob a bank in aurora and makes a big mistake.
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city bank in hampden and yosemite. sold for $121 million. now -- when you break that down, it's just shy of more than 9 $900,000 per hotel room. the sale price is a record for a hotel in colorado. >> they'll mmke that back. booked solid. >> 900,000 a room. >> especially if they get more snow. >> yeah. we're expecting more for the ski towns. vail, aspen, going to have more snow. right now, cloudy and having some showers west of the divide, mostly cloudy confronteds in the western plains. cold start to the day. the windchills from the southwest, making it feel like 11 degrees in denver, negative
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across the plains. make sure you're blupd as you head out the door this evening. highs in the 40s across the front range. few degrees below normal. temperatures throughout the me row and eastern plains, high 30s, low 40s. teens and 20s and low 30s for 25 in gunson and -- slight chance of a few snow showers today and overall, staying dry across the plains. the future cast, hour-by-hour, we are under a mostly cloudy sky here in town. by 1:00 this fternoon, seeing some showers, not much in the way of kumgs today. late thursday into friday, 3 expecting more snow in the metro area. could be picking up another
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friday afternoon and eeveng and starting to clear out for saturday and sunday. starting to feel a lot milder. the snow feshgs for the next sefrld, trace amounts here in town, a few inches in the mountains. denver tonight, gent, very cold. 17 degrees is our expected overnight low. tomorrow, waking up chilly and colder for the day time highs. chance for light snow in the arn and evening. 52 on sunday aad a really big cooldown is in store for monday and tuesday, next best chance of seeing some measurable snow in town and wednesday, cold. unfortunately we have a bad day for a water main break. you can see the flashing lights here on the cameraa the flashing lights are baseline where highway 36 ends
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baseline meets 28 and highway 36. it's this transition that takes you from westbound baseline to go north on 28th. that is closed down. lanes on baseline also closed. if you live on the east side of boulder and trying to get to town, you're going to see the closures. could take about eight hours to fix that water main break. the rest of the drive is good across town. tragic end of a missing person report. a mom and tto kids found dead in the minivan. >> police are not saying a lot. but they insist there is no threat to the public. jason gruenauer is live in highlands ranch with the latest. . >>reporter: good morning. the law enforcement is calling this a tragic and horrific end to the missing persons report. started yesterday and last
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law enforcement are not calling this a murder-suicide, or a homicide, but at this point they do not have any suspects and that woman's husband and the father of those two children is not a suspect here in this case. the three reported on tuesday, next to an empty sports rea %- authority yesterday morning. the three dead inside the minivan. here's what the police aud sounded like. >> three with arm gunshot wounds. >> woman in the driver seat. >> a tragic end. law enforcement doesn't have a lot of answers. still an active and ongoing investigation. an autopsy scheduled for this morning. hoping to learn more from that and the lone tree police. as we get more information, we'll pass it along as soon as we have it.
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move over, mary kay and tuper ware, there's a new player in town. >> meet the woman behind the business. >> makinn people feel safe and confident, teaching their kids to be safe and confident, it's huge.
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or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. . evacuated from the south
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the former -- after becoming ill. the former astronaut was part of a tour group. evacuated on the first available flight out of the south pole under the care of a doctor. noword on what is the illness he's suffering from. there's littleton stay at home mom that wants to make sure you stay safe. she owns simple savage, hosting personal protection party, targeting moms. selling batons, stun guns and pepper spray. >> selling tupperware isn't going to give my life meaning, but this protection is huge. >> saying the mess ablg hits home for moms, worried about their daughters.
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manya million android phones, -- uncertified apps. speaking of hackers, they're now going off your drones apparently. droneeacking is now on the rise. what makes drones potentially easier to hack is the unencrypted ports. hackers an penetrate the firewall so stay up to date on the drone's software. a restaurant in ft. collins is going to let you have green eggs and ham. the dr. seuss restaurant is going to be decorated featuring seuss characteristics. green eggs and ham. do you like it, sam i am?
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>> a dr. seuss weather. >> that's a lott i'll work on that for next time. a colder day. clouds streaming in across the mountain areas and plains. one to three inches of accumulation today. outside right now, 17 degrees in every green and 24 in city park and woulder, 22. a mix of sun and clouds, mostly cloudy and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. not looking at any prescription for today, but slight chance tomorrow before a pleasant weekend, jayson. a motor home fire on the north end of town. stop and go already. there might be something in there. and a water main break there. baseline to 28th, that is going to be closed down. 30th up to colorado, getting you around it very easily.
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we have a lot more coming up at 6:00 a.m., the latest developments on the tragic end of a missing person. >> trevor siemian with a great half against the chiefs, but could be on the sidelines. . vandalism, linked to colorado. coming up, the obvious sign
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. denver7 news starts right now. >> a pe teacher accused of sexual assaulting a teenage run away. . >> a horrific end to a tragic story, a children found dead. >> looking at downtown denver today, flags will be at half staff tomorrow. in honor of a trooper killed in the line of duty. details on that coming up. first , breaking news out ?f washington state where an officer was killed while responding to a desic disturbance call. >> this is trending and nicole


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