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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. denver7 news starts right now. >> a pe teacher accused of sexual assaulting a teenage run away. . >> a horrific end to a tragic story, a children found dead. >> looking at downtown denver today, flags will be at half staff tomorrow. in honor of a trooper killed in the line of duty. details on that coming up. first , breaking news out ?f washington state where an officer was killed while responding to a desic disturbance call. >> this is trending and nicole
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>> the man is now dead after the standoff. 38 years old, held two children in the home. physically oeng. eight yeerd, one -- one is eight years old and the other, 11 years old. the officer shot after a domestic viooence call yesterday late afternoon. he died at the hospital. the officer, a 45-year-old man was a force. at this point, the officer has not been identified. first alert weather. >> we are tracking a weak storm system in colorado, increasing the cloefrj in the front range and mountain areas. downtown dpvr, a cold start to the morning. 24 degrees. winds from the southwest at seven miles per hour out at the airport where there's a temperature of 33 degrees. with the windchill, it's making
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negative 08 tr leadville. we'll stay dry across the plains and a chance of if i canning up a few snow showers and the bulk of the moisture will be friday. we'll take a look at the time and how much we're looking at. jayson? >> two accidents here. one onthe southbound side of 250. somebody else in traffic, that's why the 84th avenue bring. and you can see the flashing lights here, that's baseline where 36 joins 28th in boulder. taking you on the map tyler there, that's where we aae have a water main break there. and westbound baseline north on 28 is closed and will will be for about eight hours today. and lane restrictions on
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everything else in town looks okay, north, east, south, west. okay. . it is now 6:03. a stunned community, planning a vigil today for a mom and two children found dead yesterday. >> the police are not saying a lot, but they are not searching for a suspect. jason gruenauer is live in highlands ranch with the latest. jason? . you, autopsies are scheduled for all three this morning. hoping to learn more information after the results, including a possible cause of death, but does not answer the question of why. why this havrj mother would pick up her sons, ages three and five, picking them up early from school on tuesday and never come home. the minivan was locketed wednesday morning in the
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authority. theehusband is not a suspect. sources say this is investigated as a possible murder-suicide and speaking to a neighbor, hear what he had to say, coming up at 6:45 as the havrj commmnity prepares for the vigil as the community mourns the loss of one of its students jason gruenauer, denver7. police explosive device on grant street. in california, catching the final inmate who broke out the night before thanksgiving. found him in the attic of a home last night. they say chavez, along with three other inmates sawed
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sheets to rappel to the ground. this pe teacher, michael bueno was foun. and -- this mornings, behind bars. accused now of sexual assault. his bond has not been set. he is a pe teacher and coachings football at conifer high school. tomorrow, a fallen trooper will be laid to rest. cody donahue will be laid to rest. c dote doth knew about it the dangerous conditions on 25 for a while, so now they're stepping up law enforcement. and eric lupher has more on what you should expect. eric? . >>reporter: good morning, mitch. on the southern core d'oro of 25 here. so what's going to happen, say
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of road, but someone on the off ramp seeing if people will move over. going to move over least one lane, if you don't, you could get a ticket. those involved, denver police, greenwood village police and lone tree and didn'ts. arapahoe county and douglas county. and greenwood village is heading this be his squad car during a stop. listen. >> just barely. i just stepped back into the car and turned and faced my computer and roughly a couple of seconds aftethat, that vehicle hit mine. . >>reporter: and the man driving that car that struck the squad car was texting and driving. so again, if you don't know what the move over law is, now
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ticket. that's this morning at seven to tomorrow night at seven. an officer pistol whipped in a stanoff. police trying to get a man outside and a woman tried to go inside. when they tried to stop her, the man came outside and hit the officer in the head with the gun. the officer is okay and the man is in custody. this man is charged with ?ehicu weld county deputies say he was driving the wrong way on 25 on thanksgiving morning when he hit up car. the two people in the other car were killed. charged yesterday and could spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted. the protest against the north dakota pipeline are cost
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emergency spending earlier this fall. and that could cover the cost through the end of the month and the governor has already ordered protestors to leave. scribbling on ancient native american ruins. easy to see. you can see 2016 on there. saying that is unacceptable and will help to fix the damage. >> waking up to severe weather damage this morning. at least five people have died after tornados touched down in alabama, georgia and tennessee. >> the exact number of tornados is unclear. we know there were at least a dozen and the residents describe the terrifying scene. >> so much wind and everything flying everywhere. and the wind was just like --
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>> and in tennessee, the death toll continues to rise after the fire near gatlinburg. p people have died and hundreds of buildings damages. >> people digging through the rubble. authorities believe it was human-caused, but no one arrested. temperatures in the 20s and chilly throughout much of the afternoon. at so:00, 33 degrees. mix of sun and clouds and staying dry on the plainses and front range for friday. a little bit of snow accumulation especially for the mountain towns, three to 35 inches, trace amounts in the looking dry and pleasant for the weekend. a couple of problems here on the left lane and center lanes, blocked by police and this crash, part of it on the
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center lane and the other a problem is on i-70 near ward road. danger on the runway. close calls are at an all time high. donald trump is launching a tour to thank his supporters
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. welcome back. it is 6:13 on this friday-eve. it's only thursday. but we'regetting there, folks. it's clear but it's cold. katie has the details on the forecast in just a little bit. two broncos fans say their constitutional rights were violated after a game.
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now suing, without his rights. no comment from the police yet. von miller's sex tape. >> lawyers tell a different story. say the woman wanted two and a half million buck frs the tape and trying to be the next, quote, kim kardashian. stories. in the rock area, keep doors and windows locked. looking for someone wanted for -- officers think the suspect might try to break into a home or garage to stay warm and in pueblo this morning, three people fighting for their lives after a shooting. a man shot his ex-wife and
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the hospital. you deserve a date night. tonight, you have an excuse. dine out to end childhood hunger. helping low income families get access to healthier food. $10,000 by december 6th, colorado gives day next tuesday. >> and that will be a good excuse to be inside. tonight and tomorrow, oing to be frigid jieshg teens and toz. jacket handy if you're oing outside at any point today. ?emperatures in the 20s and 30s because of the cool front coming into our state. and bringing snow and cold conditions in the front rrnge and plains. tomorrow is going to be mild, but the big cold snap is coming% monday into tuesday, seeing single digits in town.
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under mostly clear conditions. clouds streaming in from west to east. this is going to give us mostly cloudy conditions throughout the day and cold. take a look outside ruth now. 24 in city park. 24 in evergreen. 22 in lone tree and castle rock. sterling and akron, in the 20s. under a mix of sun and clouds, chilly day. loan tree, highlands ranch, all in the 40s. statewide, till chilly. a chance for a few mountain showers in aspen and eagle. steamboat expecting highs in the 20s and in the eastern plains, low 40s. here's our future cast on what we can expect throughout the day today.
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picking up a few scattered showers by the divide. friday morning, starting on a mostly clouuy note and the best chance of seeing a few showers in the foothills and denver metro area and into the early morning hours and the san juans can be picking up some snow. a trace or an inch or two in denver. mountains, three to five inches. 17 is the low tonight. once agaan, very cold. if you're heading out the door, bundle up and have the kids bundled up, hats, coats, gloves, scarves, all that good stuff. sunday will be pleasant. 43 on saturday. warmer on sunday, warmest day on the seven-day forecast, because take a look at the big change that's coming. tracking a larger storm system moving in late monday into tuesday.
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temperatures come the middle of next week. >> tracking the problems on the drive starting with -- in boulder from baseline to go north on 28th and a water main break there, that's closed right now. and look at baseline, looks like the lanes are open west to bradway. that's good neww. you can take 30th easily to colorado to get around it. this frontage road and around to 28th. that's the trouble spot. and on southbound 25, two lanes blocked. the left and center lane before 84th. part of it is on the shoulder and part of it is in traffic. this is back to 104th avenue. and a lot of police blocking two lanes. that tractor became dislodged from a semi. a tandem trailer.
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and now sitting in the center lane. going to be a hazard. going to wait for it to get hauled out of there. assist on 75 and kipling. and that's coming in from wadsworth. . the number of hazardous runway incidents in u.s. iicidents continue to climb. up 25% from last year. 2016. about four for every million. tte faa would not comment other than the new pilots could be to blame. an aurora family finding hateful graffiti on their home for the second time since the election.
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president those responsible. president-elect donald trump is going to be in indiana after getting carrier to stay on u.s. soil. high ranking democrats will be in denver today. the democrat national committee will be hosting a meeting to decide how they will elect the new chairperson person. the last one stepped down after playing favorites and the interim is accused of giving debate questions to hillary clinton. president obama says that marijuana should be treated just like drugs or alcohol. >> here's the quote. i do believe as treating this as a public health issue the same way as tobacco or alcohol. but needs to be a clear national guideline instead of the mix of federal and state laws.
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on this map in colorado. 42% of people were born here. 6% of coloraao residents come from california, sent us the most new comers of any other state. >> are you surprised -- newcomers of any other state. >> are you surprised? >> no. talk about it. 3 >> i came here hen i was six months old. does that count? >> don't bump me off the island yet.
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. 6:24. good thursday morning to you and the first day of december. really feeling like winter. windchill in denver, 15. temperatures around 20 degrees. highs this afternoon, 30s and 40s, under a mostly cloudy sky.
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denver. 20s and 30s in the mountains. a chance to pick up some showers this afternoon. going to have the bulk move through ttmorrow. trace amounts in denver and a pretty nice weekend is in store. jayson? >> i like the split screen. double trouble here on 84th. trying to clear hat. and on the westbound side of 70 before kipling. that trailerrcame off of a semi. and that's going all -- >> laugh, laugh, laugh. thanks, jayson. making me smile. >> what is he doing? >> i want to know what's in his coffee mug over there. zip car is going to launch
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renting them for microtrips. and -- now going to be six zip cars in breckenridge and the company is offering rewards for those to go car-free. the outlaws, going to the national championships. this group of 12-year-olds is getting insfrags. >> jackson simpson went to the hospital aftee and doctors discovered a non- hodgkin's lymphoma. he has 15 months of treatment, but wants to play. >> never give up. whatever blocks your path. keep you going. >> last year, i hhd to carry him through the tunnel. this year, he's going to run through the tunnel.
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. denver7 news starts right now. >> 6:30 and in just a few hours, the honor flag will go through donahue. donahue. >> find out local law enforcement is responding. a man -- the man who did it is still out there. coming up, how you can help track him down. >> the days are getting shorter. sunrise is in a half hour. still going to see a little bit of it.
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looks nikki haley nice. >> it does. going to be toasty for folk. katie lasalle is in with your first alert forecast. single digits and teens for the mountains, five in gunson and alamosa. denver at 23 degrees. greeley at 15. this afternoon, it is going to be a chilly day overall. noon, mostly cloudy sky and clearing by the middle of the denver. and low temperatures dropping to the teens. highest statewide, 20s and #340z, below freezing. slight chance of pick up a little moisture. scattered throughout the mountains. we're going to stay dry in the metro and eastern plains under a mostly cloudy sky. best chance of snow will be late tomorrow. we'll see how much we're going
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we had a tandem trailer here. that's near kipling and the other crash here on southbound 25 and two lanes blocked here and you can see how badly traffic is backed up. not just to 70 but wadsworth and back to 120th on the southbound trip. the express lanes to normal fairly fast. this ramp, ws on baseline and in boulder. no problems on 82th to baseline and 36, you can easily get around it. new images of a business that exploded and caught fire outside of houston. daylight video showing what's
6:33 am
our houston affiliate there. this is an electric company here, the force of this, so strong. and i want to show you this video. a reporter said the windows are shattered on the residential home. people heard the loud boom and woke up to the shattering of their own windows as well. a man going on a wild crime spree is behind bars this morning. stole at least two-car, ran from cops who told him to pull over and threatened people in a restaurant who tried to stop him. police say the whole time, he was drunk. -?all of this lasted for severa hours and no one has been hurt and not been released. a man spanding time behind bars.
6:34 am
an attempt to kill his he told the judge he is a drug addict and not in his right mind at the time of the accident. a man trng to use a woman as a human shield in an armed robbery. and he got away. this was in colorado springs. a week since trooper cody dohu -- responding to calls on the side of the road. eric lupher has more on the details on increased enforcement. >> talking about the move over law. it's been well-established. but people ignore it or don't know what it is. showing this here on the northbound drive through the
6:35 am
flashing light, move over one lane and there you go, won't get in trouble. % tonight, going to be another vehicle, another emergency car, driving past an iicident on the highway and if you don't move over, you can get a tibet. and greenwood village is heading it up. an accident and the car mangled and -- this was the result. listen. >> there are occasions where they'll be coming really close at high speeds. some of it is there is other traffic and they can't merge. just ask that they slow down at that point in time. >> and you just heard it. if there's traffic and can't get out of the way, slow down. the officers will understand. fortunately, the officer from
6:36 am
alive, but we have seen worse. defer police are changing the way they use social media. some are not happy about it. >> no longer posting on next door or facebook. going to go to pocket gov for it. some say it's a mistake, but the dpd said it's a more transparent to do it. it's taking too many resource with all the social media. >> better employees. . >> the department is testing this on district three in denver with plans to go department-wide at the beginning of next year. elton john is coming to colorado. colorado springs is going to be one of the few locations. going to play at the broadmore. sold for a whopping $121
6:37 am
break it down, 109 thousand $109,000 per hotel room. that's a record for a hotel in colorado. colorado-based frontier airlines is set to make history when one of its planes touches down in cuba. coming up, the surprising good >> encouraging you to go shopping. the perfect deal for the holidays. we'll have the details next. we have this accide 84th.
6:38 am
. on the southbound side before 84th avenue.
6:39 am
open on the right. part of this move over law we have been talkinn about. seeing the police and emergency people, move lanes and give them protection. so you're not really able to move over, should be able to get over a couple of feet away from police. that's at 25 and 84th backed up to 120th. 6:39. looking outside, chilly start to the day to get a o whole lot warmer. going to get to katie's forecast. the rams and buffs. this game wasn't close. 72-58. the rams, despite being underdog here have won two in a row against the buffs now. if you're stepping outside, it's cold. very, very cold. >> yes. so definitely want to be extremely blupd.
6:40 am
chilly and temperatures in the 30s and 40s across the front range. the cheat sheet here, the cloud coverage increasing in town. a chance of a little snow in the metro. the biggest change next week. pleasant and mostly sunny. in downtown denver, mostly cloudy sky. 24 degrees. and 23 at the airport with the wind at seven miles per hour. area, 42 and congress park and montclair, around 40. we're tracking a storm system, staying dry and chilly today, that should be here tomorrow. coming up in your morning sprint, continuing to track the tragedy in highlands ranch. the mom and two young boys, found dead in the family van, what authorities are saying
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>> inspiring to help him burn i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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your morning sprint begins with an unthinkable tragedy. ? mom and two children are dead. tony kovaleski has more on the possible of being a murder- suicide. more on the autopsy later this morning and the community is shaken. >> jason gruenauer has been following since this broke. he join us us live. sent to parents of students here. shocked, saddened and lost. all of this after the highlands ranch mother and her two young sons, just three and five years old were found yesterday. a vigil is planned in highlands ranch tomorrow night. we will learn more after the autopsies are performed later on this morning. the husband is cooperating with
6:44 am
for any suspects and the family's neighborhood still can't believe it. >> from minnesota, wanted to go back home, all assuming. took them and went home and once the case. . >>reporter: there's still no official cause of death as far as the investigation goes, we're told it is still very active and very ongoing. we're hoping to learn more after the release of the autopsies. it's been called a horrific and tragic end to a missing persons case. reporting live in highlands ranch, jason gruenauer, denver7. buzz al brin is evacuated from the south pole after becoming ill. 86-year-old part of a tourist group visiting the south pole and evacuated on tte first
6:45 am
transported to a medical team. a bicyclist hit and killed on 28th and arapahoe. rides against the traffic and the driver was unaware that he hit anything until the police stopped him. he is cooperating and no one charged so far. arrested after a stolen vehicle chase. all six in custody. place were chasing the car on 25 and titan parkway. two of them are under 18. denver7 first alert weather. >> at 6:45 on this first day of december, sap thursday to you. a strom is what we're tracking to bring in some snow showers
6:46 am
west of the divide. going to be under a mostly cloudy sky today and also very chilly. temperature. negative eight in leadville and teens in the metro area and single digits throughout the eastern plains. temperatures today will be in the mid 20s. noon, 30s and this arn under a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in the low to mid 40s. these are still a few degrees below where we should be this 36 degrees is our expected high in evergreen. 41 for foulder and in the eastern plains as well. park i, castle rock, going to have highs near 39 degrees today. 25 in gunson, 28 in steamboat under mostly cloudy sky and across the southeast, 45 degrees in lamar and la junta. what we can expect from this storm system, going to stay dry in denver and throughout the
6:47 am
this afternoon, a few scattered mountain showers. nothing much in the way of snow accumulation. one to three inches in this afternoon. mostly cloudy and snow filtering into the metro, a chance of a few showers in the foothills, one to three inches of snow accumulation. could get three to five in the storms are weak in what we expect in terms of accumulation. thursday, clearing out, trace amounts in denver, greeley and ft. collins, we could use all the snow we could get. tonight, 19 degrees and under mostly cloudy skies. and chilly and colder tomorrow. high temperatures near freezing for tomorrow. for the weekend, things will start to warm back up. 52 on sunday, 20s for the lows
6:48 am
monday, late monday into tuesday, a much better chance of seeing some snow here in town and take a look at those cold conditions coming our way by next week. and we still have some big time traffic delays here. southbound i-25, center and left lanes blocked here on southbound 25 beforr 84th avenue. miserable drive. 45 minutes to downtown right now. and these indicators here, bart of the smart board system, so you can see which lanes are closed, which lanes are open. helping you decide which lane to get into. if there's a problem up ahead, it's not going to help much because the traffic is just not moving. and on 70 by kipling, two semis
6:49 am
break, causing a headache, not much delays. baseline and broadway. that's closed down. 30th all the way up to colorado and back over to 28th will easily get you around it. it's about ten 'til seven now. impact on a high profile competition. the dew tour had to ancel an event in breckenridge. now to safely build a super pipe. soon we hope. a local man setting the american flag on fire. the video was taken by chuck smith, wanting to express his first amendment rights in protest of donald trump. >> new free speech, but never understand the meaning behind it. today, i do.
6:50 am
down. president-elect donald trump tweeted earlier this week that people that burn the flag should be thrown in prison or deported. and not backed down from claims. 84% of voters turned in their ballots, highest in denver history. hillary clinton with a 2.3 million vote lead in the popular vote. 48.1. and donald trump, 46.467. and third parties performed well. gary johnson, 3 million votes. quarterback shuffle again for the denver broncos. trevor siemian hurt his ankle. in a walking boot. no word on how serious it is. if he can't practice, could still play against
6:51 am
and if not, mrifrj paxton lynch will play again. going to be at 11:00 our time. >> little nervous act this one. coming off the loss againnt the chiefs. >> season is in the balance. >> we'll see what happens.
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. today, norad will be tracking santa. not going to leave until christmas eve. plenty of gameses and music to keep your children entertained until then. $25 for free uber and lyft rides.
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only good between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.. looking at what we're a former georgetown board member, facing a judge. accused of orchestrating a murder. a timely campaign kicks off today. move over for law enforcement or get pulled over and get a ticket. this effort comes after o colorado state kroopers were hit and killed by driver ts while they were on the side of the road. should be probably thinking of breakfast since it's 6:54. but dinnererer some restaurants participating in a fundraiser for children. hotel colorado in glenwood springs are selling the property.
6:55 am
and up for sale. a fixture for 120 years and the same owners have been in charge for the last three decades. going to be closed for an extended period of time for a renovation. >> cool hotel. denver-based frontier airlines from making history. about three minutes from now, a frontier flight will leeve miami and head to havana, cuba. the first one. you can get to havana from denver for about 2000bucks. >> incredible price. >> and probably a lot warmer there than it is here. >> it's a cold morning. make sure your bundled up when you head outside. chanceeof snow today and better chance tomorrow and late friday. temperatures near the freezing mark. and for the weekend, looking mild anddpleasant.
6:56 am
state, mostly cloudy skies and afternoon expect upper 30s and lower 40s. take a look at our seven-day forecast, by tomorrow, we have a chance of a possible flurry in the afternoon and evening. saturday and sunday, looking pretty pleasant and look cold next week, jayson. >> one or two problems cleared, the disabled semi is gone, but the other one, saw the flashing lighhs near 84th avenue, still in the center lanes, causing this monster delay here on 25. draining off of 70 and the water main break off of baseline to 28th to 30th to get around it. on good morning america, a look at the deadly tornados that hit.
6:57 am
next on gma, the look at the headlines. donald trump's transition to power is continuing. reince priebus is going to be on and talk about the cabinet and the race for secretary of state. the state of new jersey was represented well. the boss himself was there to stop by to meet and greet some of his biggest fans as he >> tried to catch the boss? >> i toldly did. >> have a pen? >> great. >> how cool was it? >> so awesome. thank you, tattered cover. >> he was promoting his new book, called born to run and you can see more on our denver7 app. >> okay, lady.
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back away from the boss. >> good security there. >> that's right. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month.
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comcast business.
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good morning, america. trail of destruction. this twister in florida caught on camera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. now the death toll is rising. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> the storm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking overnight, protests erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding not to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. >> stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump's victory tour. the president-elect celebrates his deal to save more than a thousand jobs making good on a campaign promise. >> call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president.


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