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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 1, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MST

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it is december 1, time for great viral videos. >> a story of a dog living under a shopping cart that has a wonderful ending. why the twist has five new tails. afraid of flying? just remember -- >> just wait until you see some of the stranger dangers. oh my gosh. >> a guy makes his way over a deep crevasse. >> he is afraid of heights. >> we have our crew breaking down the best of the we
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it proves that silence can be golden. >> she's blond, beautiful, and not talking. isn't this the ultimate male fantasy. >> rescuing hearts in the city, this is bailey who was living under a shopping cart. she middle. this story has a conferral ending. >> they put the burger on the other side. and i'm like nice! >> the burgers are working for this one, she is eating for one, two, who knows how many. once they're able to get her, she's enjoying the love she's
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i say babies i say look, that one is one, that one is black and the rest are all white like mama. >> how many did she pop out? >> five in total. >> it's so good they were taken off of the streets. now they will be able to care for them until they can find forever homes and also get them fixed. >> right, otherwise it propagates the explosion. >> they all got forever homes. >> that is so cute. >> and julep and even mama bailey got a forever home. >> a unique opportunity here for me to get free therapy for the tens of thousands of vuters at home that are terrified of
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you see a lot of scooters and mopeds waiting in the red light. the yellow is pushing his way through the middle, and that scooter heads straight for -- >> absolutely brutal hit. they took him to the lopt. next comes from north carolina where this truck cruises by the front they go straight through that one and -- >> come on! clips the back of that car and goes skidding down the road before coming to a halt. they also showed what happened at the intersection. watch the pickup truck that was following right behind. jamming on the brakes and avoiding that second accident
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absolutely huge t-bone. >> was the stop sign missing or is it just a line on the ground. >> there is clearly one on the other side, perhaps that is what happened. every country has a notorious highway. traffic seems a bit -- we certain an change, they fall from a flat bed truck, and it is just rolling it's way straight down the highway. >> it seems to be driving better than some of the people. >> how do you overcome your fares? >> you face them. that is exactly what martin is doing here. he is in nepal, and he is about
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>> what part of this is he afraid of? >> he is afraid of heights. >> if you want to face your fear of heights, just go to the top floor of a building. >> he was in combat in afghanistan and was shot him with one paralyzed arm. when he gets to the camera, you see the fantastic attitude he has. >> that is how you go over a crevasse with one arm.
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>> you couldn't tell, he was so calm about it. >> he already faced one of the greatest fears out there, combat. now heights might be lower on his scale. >> martin is the team leader of the adaptive grand slam team. what he is basically doing is getting other service members and members of the community disabled one way or another and prepares them to go physically challenging expeditions. they would be breaking four world records. they would be the first team to complete the grand slam. their next journey is in january where they will attempt climbing
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under pressure, he is a perfect leader. >> blogs out there, a chick blog from oregon is one of the best. they're timing her. >> i love it this, i love seeing her go. >> she is very well protected, bodyarmour, but she is getting a little too confidence. brake brake brake! hit the brakes. james is a very good blogger,
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baby chick up on her boots, she's okay because she had her gear on, but she did break that fence, went right through it. now james knows everyone that watches this channel wants to know what happened, so he did a reenactment for us. >> either way, baby chick gets back a video that proves if you put bait in the water, something might come get it. >>. he wants a puppy. >> here the hilarious post-op
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one day it appears. is that a dark spot? closed captioning provided by -- >> one day it appears. >> is that a dark spot? >> minimizing cream for body. sunshine coast australia. if you put bait in the water, something might eat it. they all kind of move their way out just before it happens. >> that is pretty fascinating. they moved out of the way long before -- >> they're like i'm getting out of the way of that.
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just are on a cage diving expedition. the bad news is that they can come out of the water and come get you. >> this is called one man and a curious whale. one of them gets real curious like what are you a pop sickle stick. >> you know, you're right, i
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t that. he wants a puppy. >> this is great. he was a puppy. this girl wants to play soccer. >> you want to go to your soccer game right now? condition to play -- >> how do you feel, good? >> you're going to dress some cars. >> i had all four of my wisdom
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whaufr you guys are given seems awesome. >> we should have some really good ones. she got her wisdom taken out this morning and denied us all the post surgery satisfaction by saying she didn't want the drugs and said no, i'll take the locals. >> i applauded for having two wisdom teeth pulled. >> i'm impressed. >> i can do goofy and weird without the drugs. have you seen the blooper reel.
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happen. >> they're throwing blue powder at each other. >> and still to come, he travelled a long way for a surprise visit, and everyone knows that mom's reaction be big. >> it will be pure magic. >> he decides to spice it up a
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for our first video, they're all outside, and you see upsets, it is like a fifth story window. you see they have together. >> are they doing a stunt man fall out of the window? >> he does decide to spice it up a little bit. he is not he just commits, jumps out of the window. but he just goes absolutely anythings, knees, ankles first.
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to soften the blow. and he has an injury to his up and down he was trying to raise awareness for a 14-year-old girl. so he decided to set himself on fire and jump out of the window. >> a little office right here, and we have little banker in the "reegt this minute" studio. so sending something up just as this girl starts to -- she just -- completely off of our chair. if you started your christmas shopping and your mom and dad
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money on me, i just want your presence, your time. this guy decided to do just that, not christmas, but thanksgiving. little sister shows up as well. picks him up at the airport. the first surprise is with dad. >> what? >> hey? >> in this video, the big surprising coming when mom shows up. so the reveal is going to involve a magic trick. the sister is going to tell the
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magic trick. she will hold up the blanket. >> oh my gosh. >> wow, honey, you're a really good magician. >> i like that one. it is a good one, isn't it. >>. >> your parents are keling the truth. we want to be around you, don't waste your money, >> referee: a hot girl goes over to -- a hot girl goes over to
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teeny tiny backpack and given to a hamster to take to school.
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? ? as our resident hotties of "right this minute," you two are used to getting stared at, getting looked at. is it weird when you get stared at all the time by guys? >> yeah, it's weird. it's creepy. >> i think it's even weirder when the tables get turned. check this out. hot chick just walking up to dudes on the street and goes -- ? she doesn't say a thing. she just stares at these guys. >> isn't this like the ultimate male fantasy? she's blond, she's beautiful, and she's not talking. >> well, maybe once they have their fantasy, they don't realize that it's a bad one.
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ogling them up. she finds these two guys at a park bench, sits down, and stares at them. their conversation is pretty funny. first they're kind of happy that such a pretty woman notices them. the beautiful woman here is known as madeline. she's actually really accomplished artist and does youtube artistic tutorials. it gets even more awkward when this guy approaches. that's the pra working with. ladies, at the beginning we talked about how it's awkward to be stared at. i thought maybe the ladies would handle it better, but ty don't. madeline goes up to women, stares at them, doesn't talk. all the women can do to respond is just walk away. time after time, the women are just like, okay, you're we're. >> yeah, we get enough from the dudes. we don't need the ladies also doing this as well.
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to a guy in a park. and this guy, i think, must have seen an angel land and decided he's not going to let it fly away. >> no! >> she rebuffs. that's where the video ends. anyway, another unique social expe experiment. thanks for watching,
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?[ music ] ? victoria's secret pregnancy. look how they're trying to cover up her baby bump. then kanye west 911. >> the call for help after kanye's psychiatric emergency. >> don't let him weapons or anything like that. >> and was the kidnapped jogger taken by a sex trafficking ring? then lessons learned. >> what this latest airline disaster is teaching us about getting out alive. >> you want to make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes. >> then outreach over the family who left their pet at the shelter.


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