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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this. >> reporter: most notably that jennifer labor purchased a 9 mm glock handgun and our before taking her two sons up from school early. there's no word whether or not her husband ryan had any contact with her after that. what love to please tell us tonight, all three died from a single gunshot wound. they say jennifer's was self- inflictee. lisa say someone driving by the sports of the resort around 7:45 am wednesday noticed the man matching the description of the missing vehicle and call please. that's what officer found all three bodies inside the family minivan. the corners is a toxicology tests will be back for a few more weeks and then us commenting anything else found in the van. other than facts they found that glock inside. larger police are not going suffice to say this is murder suicide.
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kids death homicide. we'll continue to follow this investigation. deborah dr. who made a racist facebook post is facing serious consequences. one of her jobs is in jeopardy.>> reporter: in the last 90 minutes, the cu school of medicine is starting to cut ties with dr. michelle haran for the school i faculty appointments. at the same time, never help the pacer $300,000 a year has basically suspend her posting this message on facebook they left they say, until further notice, dr. heron will not be seeing patients or providing anesthesia services at denver health medical center at issue
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michelle obama's appearance as mike face. she insists she's not a racist. at this point it's not clear just how long her absence from denver health willllast. this whole situation generated a lot of discussion online. we have not talked to dr. heron in person. this is what happened when we stopped by her home earlier today. >> i was looking for dr. heron. >> she's not available for comment. >> reporter: could we set a time to talk to her? >> no. >> reporter: is anything you want us to know she >> not right now. joke as dr. heron's fate in denver health remains in question, we also hear from children's hospital tonight telling us she's either employed by number caring for patients at their facility. we're working the phones will keep you updated at six. are suspected in the green and fires. we're joined life of the greenn
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reporter: the fire marshall s the people to be extra vigilant. this is the fifth fire to happen in the area. the first happened earlier this year. do the investigation discovered a pattern on when the suspects or suspect set these re >> it's a pattern as to the time of damiere set. sectors of the fire marshall wants you to do if you would agree not to report any suspicious activity. thus you to take any physical description and report to fire officials or liquid please. an hour or two hours to meet right here in this area the fire chief will brief residents
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development had to do with these rashon fires now learning are connected. we have moisture making its way through the states with a weak system. loveland ski area we still have snow showers moving through the steamboat springs area of the last two days. we've had over 1 foot at steamboat springs. we're just getting going across the front range, it looks pitiful. essentially today, temperatures topping the low 40s and currently we have mostly 30s r the front range. it's cold out there but it's about to get colder as we go into tomorrow and we still have moisture up in hells. it looks like this is coming
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coming up in a few minutes. take a look at this drone video. those are shelves of burned homes. you can see scorched trees and he's in the area. seven people have died. thousands of acres in that resorts, 700 buildings destroyed . 14,000 people under evacuation. of a homeless person in south denver has been formally charged. ,29 suspect shot 54-year-old man while tried to steal marijuana and other belongings from him earlier this month. busby was living in a tent near platte river drive and dartmouth with his body was found by denver park ranger. manic user's crimes in steamboat springs is behind bars thanks to tips from you. please arrested six yorman guild sexual assault and child and
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stoppers hotline illegal drug activity was having at home. detectives discovered multiple young victims of sexual assault. him -- the landlord is in trouble in coral springs. use the tenets bed to have sex. tammuz an apartment condominium act. can you send a notification to the tenants. he merely called his wife and then called 911 to >> i opened the camera and had to quit the program to restart again. the first thing that went through my mind was complete and utter disbelief. >> to make things worse, he says the landlord used his wife's wedding dress to clean up the mess. he faces felony trespassing and% misdemeanor obscenity. the honor flag has arrived
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trooper lost his life last week. true cody donaghy was killed as he investigated the crash on interstate 25 writing. the honor flag distributed those who lose their lives in line of duty. flights are on the state will be lowered to half staff tomorrow's honor donahue. his funeral is tomorrow and denver first church of nazarene in england. on the heels of 2.his tragic death, several police agencies are on our roads in forcing congress move over law. idea behind the law many of you may be unknowingly breaking every time you hit the road. >> this illustrates how seriously they take over campaign. you have four officers making the move over stops. as an addition to its initial officer will move in behind us peter and conduct that first step. >> we're watching our mayors and we can see who's moving over who's not. apportionment, it's a minority
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putting one over and about getting assaulted. it's a dangerous environment. >> as you can see they make plenty of stops today. in this case those two things, excessive speed and failure to move over. bottom line, they're out here in force so be aware. this you may have alr colorado. it seems to be getting worse each year. a new report released shows number of people finishing teacher preparation programs. this year, dropped by 2.2%. it was the sixth consecutive year the number has dropped in our state. today is world aids day. injection drug use in the us is responsible for 9% of all new hiv diagnoses. that's a sizable drop in the early 1990s when those diagnoses among drug users peaks.
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and a better accident quickly turns into it all out clash between two drivers. >> at things quickly come out of control in front of everybody. snap acceptance. one university is taking a millennial approach to admit pressure is on to their campus.
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rage in tennessee. powerful storms have sponsors several traders and killed by people in the southeast. elizabeth hur shows us the damage. the view from the air showing piles of debris and weight. all across this neighborhood, once home to families in alabama. >> we're all holding onto each other, crouched down on the floor, your god, please let me live through this. >> reporter: this is all that's left is the left of the daycare . so many homes and businesses here leveled. the aftermath, equally devastating anddresidents are just beginning to pick up the pieces. >> before the panhandle hit with powerful waterspouts off the coast. in georgia, strong winds ripped this large chunk of metal off the roof of this recycling center and tossed it a quarter of a mile away. over tennessee, this residents are surveying the damage of
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the rain helped put out some of the flames that was smoke still smoldering and destruction overwhelming, dolly parton who is from the area is ready to help. >> i've always believed charity begins at home. we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides $1000 a month to all those families that lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> reporter: president obama reached out to the federal assistance is on the way. this is search and rescue the people still missing continues today. president-elect donald trump reaching out to those impacted by those enacted. between y thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tragic storms and tornadoes in the southeastern united states. stay safe. if your strength is trying to marine veteran to be secretary of defense. they say he has nominated
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leave the pentagon. he spent 44 years in the marine corps serving in afghanistan and iraq. trump an vice president elect mike pence arrived today. they said that thousand jobs from carrier had been expected to move to mexico. where they will start their i %- make you tour. tense moments in jacksonville florida after multiple people were held hostage inside a bank. a swat team hostage negotiators were called to the scene is able to take the would-be robber into custodyy fortunately, all 11 hostages with district made it out safely. this fender bender took a violent term. there do give the suspect as heated words between the drivers turn into a wrestling match. the flatbed truck driver's
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>> anyway to enroll in the tsa pre-check program debuts and denver. pre-check and roman center installed in a big rv. ill make three stops in november through december before touring the rest that check the rest of the country. are you looking for a place to rent in denver? a new report by shows rent has slightly dropped over the past month. downtown denver rents are high with one bedrooms running an average of more than 1300 a month. highlands ranch has the fastest growing rent with prices up 14% just over last year. here's a nice piece of property. the four seasons resort in vail has been purchased for a whopping 100 for a whopping $121 million. the buyers the development company which owns several hotels in new york city and
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guestrooms, 15,000 ft.2 spa and many high-end restaurants. the hotel was built in 2010. starbucks ceo is stepping down. the surprise decision sent the company's stock down 3%. in april, he will focus on opening more innovative high and starbucks shops. a new law that could affect you starts today. all it takes is a single search warrant a federal agents search millions of americans commuters and cell phones. the justise promises the updated warm is needed to help them investigate and track ddwn cyber criminals. >> students in wisconsin they found it on snapchat. green bay submission team is
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before they did their mail packees. they get them immediately because the place of play spent a lot of time. >> the students usually responded very excited selfies. want to give a big round of applluse for group of local students that aren't perfect scores on this years azt test. 16 seniors of cherry creek school district got them. a little perspective, nationally, whole nation, million students take the azt every year. fewer than 2000 earn that perfect score. that's great! with that incredible weather across colorado in the last two days. snow continues towards steamboat springs and with over foot last few days in that area. here for winter park, we've seen very cloudy skies, fog and scattered snow showers moving
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it's been cold here. 30 degrees, high today topped out in the low 40s. it's been chilly but will be even colder tomorrow. i transfer light snow moving through the front range tomorrow. will be a warmer weekends. another system comes in next week. the highest drop in the teens and we'll have more snow coming next week. as for current temperatures, there below freezing in many places including tia. 36 for liquid and 29 for parker. this across the front range. temperatures will bottom out in the teens and low 20s. we still have snow coming off the west of the snow will come make its way toward the front range. early tomorrow, with a chance for light snow and will continue into the early afternoon. not a lot of stimulation but flakes coming here and there. a little more accumulation in
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cities across western colorado. it looks like through tonight and early tomorrow will see more developed for the front range. light snow and you may need to allow extra time to get where you are going because we will have throughout the area by noon. we'll have scattered snow showers for the front range and more widespread snow in southwestern colorado. slight amounts statewide. th is is a very weak storm system. we're not expecting a foot or two, it will be around the to 3 inch range. it looks like central mountains. that's about it as a storm system moves on out. we'll get a little bit of fresh powder but nothing hugely substantial. flurries possible throughout the morning hours. will be called to start out small morning at 22 degrees by 7 am. we'll have those all the way up until 11 am we did the 30s. highs tomorrow only in the mid- 30s.
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early on. will be very cold. bundle up the kids tomorrow. overnight lows in the teens at 20 degrees mostly cloudy skies as a system comes in. teens and 20s across the front range and planes. tomorrow, 35 degrees, flurries possible. temperatures in the 20s for highs for many monteze and 30s for the front range and planes tomorrow are seven-day forecast warms us up over the weekend. if you looks good, 52 mild and dry on sunday. another system comes through late monday into tuesday. hydrops at 25 degrees and very cold on wednesday. the height wednesday, 18 degrees but at least we'll have the sunshine. a 30 degrees by
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the king has been crowned once again. lebron james was named sports illustrated 2016 sports person of the year. magazine says it shows the progress of work on and off the court. this year, james helped deliver cleveland to championship. he also gives back to the community helping kids reach higher education. national recognition for
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second straight day trevor simeon did not practice. his sprained left foot in a walking boot. -?not increase. paxton lynch, crime for the second start of his career. they could play jacksonville without practicing this week. three more days of he's day-to- day status for him. today's status, paxton running the show. he's of the week five against broncos lost that game but that was then, this is now. comfortable was the word of the day in dove valley. >> is more comfortable that he was six weeks ago. he's more comfortable with those type of things. all those things it up to him being more comfortable and everything he's doing each and every day. comfortable.
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boulder. mike mcintyre named walter camp national coach of the year today. at that trophy to what he won a few days ago. coach back once more. i pac 12 championship, number eight bucks, number four washington, head-to-head for the title tomorrow night at levi's stadium. will be exciting for both teams. and the pac 12 championship game, the only game in the country on that night. things about places we have to do commercials and all these different things which is awesome for the kids. how cool is that? i think they're handling it well. they know how well we will have to play and how will we hope will have to prepare to play. the future is now. first-round pick them all
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today. the month. >> well done averaging 10 points, just under three rebounds and two assists in his first 18 games. >> that's for november, nats december. we're just getting started. >> that be correct. >> that be correct. >> what a day he had! z26zqz zvpz y26zqy yvpy
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tonight, breaking news. reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. but just down the road, another factory set to close. critics pouncing. will the president-elect now make the same deal for every company? also breaking, the school in lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding 11 people at gun point. police moving in. inside their effort to end the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone. the death toll now rising. and this evening, the announcement from dolly parton. and the abc news exclusive here tonight.


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