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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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breaking news. metro area teacher arrested for sexual assault on a child. this is benjamin forbes a math teacher was mr. high school and head coach of the soccer team. he was arrested after another school employee noticed odd behavior between he and a female student. the school says they have fired him. northbound i 25 is closed for a semi crash. one person was hurt but not seriously. with more breaking news this half hour. every online post matters. dr. denver health is learning that the hard way. first lady could cost her her job. >> deborah seventh marc stewart is following the still developing story. this doctor's employer is taking action. dr. michelle herren has been and for treating patients at denver health. what happens next is still unclear. in addition the university of colorado medical school is in the process of removing her from the faculty. i case that proves what you post has ramifications.
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>> reporter: no one at her house wanted to talk to us about this facebook post producing outrage across the country. in it, she makes several statements about first lady michelle obama, including her parents calling her monkey face. she also defends her statement saying she's not racist. >> she's not available for comment. >> reporter: can we set a time to talk to her? >> no. >> reporter: is there anything she wants us to know. >> reporter: not right now. >> reporter: the average extends from social media to city council. >> her comments are unacceptable. >> reporter: denver city councilman chairs the committee that has oversight of them are held. the hospital has employed the doctor since 2007. >> we don't tolerate that. we don't tolerate racism. or that attitude. >> reporter: earlier in the week, she said her comment was taken out of context insisting she didn't realize the term
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her employer didn't see it that way. late last night, denver health posting it on facebook page, dr. haran will not be seeing patients or providing anesthesia until further notice.>> i'm pleased to know the denver health is taking action against her. >> reporter: at one point, she had privileges at children's hospital. tonight, we're told she's not taking care of patients there as well. jennifer labor bought a new gun hours before she and her sons, five year old even in the real adam were found dead. each was shot. the police are still investigating what we saw this. a lot of people are pointing towards depression time.
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came as a complete to buy shockingly vivid and trinity. we don't think about depression as potentially fatal illness. >> knowing how to help someone his mood seems off is a simple as it being them. help, make that a conversation people engage in. >> reporter: in 2015 or 1093 deaths from suicide compared to 586 for motor vehicle crashes. suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 34. labor was 38. how do you reach the higher end of the high risk of? >> that's often to the schools has we know the school's we can
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county. the schools are great place to go. >> reporter: both stress if you noticed something, say something. guide your love ones to the resources and help they may so desperately need. reach out to people you know are struggling. this film isn't the only one affected by this. there are many people having suicidal thoughts you can't tell by looking at their face. >> reporter: g home all day. they are available for school students at the nearby elementary school and we been told those first responders are also getting counseling this evening. there are resources if you're dealing with depression. one 800 273 talk and 1844 184- 4493 talk. posted those numbers for you on
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the honor flag -- no words to express how great our losses. cody was the rock of our family. he's always there to make a smile, then the hand, give a hug. our hearts are forever broken. if you're driving i 25 to the tech center. he likely notice this. dozens of officers making stops related to congress move over law. the enforcement efforts today comes on the heels of trooper john hughes death. that move over law requires you to move over one lane to give % the officer room.
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construction crews. >> every year we deal with death from exactly this. >> drivers were getting four- point tickets from violating the law. some got away with a warning if they showed a reasonable attempt to slow down. dry grass fueled wire on green and that what started it was a >> it's a great neighborhood. nice and quiet with no traffic. >> 90 many remember. wires that turned over 98 acres threatened a dozen homes and evac 8500 people. debbie was among them.
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fire was set intentionally along with four other fires that burned to the beginning of november. he says there's a pattern to win these are start. >> there's a pattern as to the time of day.>> reporter: police increased their presence in the area. the fire marshal is asking residents to join him in catching the person behind the fire. by reporting suspicious activity. down a physical description of anybody they think is a suspicious and to write down where they are heading to or coming from. they record that information likely could please. about an hour, the fire chief will meet with residents in the green on area to brief them on these fires they know are all connected. billick police are looking
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and let the carcasses behind. as a $5000 reward to find these poachers. boulder is moving forward to get rid of genetically modified crops. this will include corn and sugar beets. farmers have until the end of 2019 to change their crops. discussed a lot of trouble after police saw him tipping over a porta potty in boulder. police say after talking to the sandman. of cocaine while describing his . %- >> logan pierce said cameras in his home in the middle of the day he got an alert that were sounds coming from his apartments where when he checked out the cameras, he couldn't believe what he saw. then, the landlord used his wife's -- pierces wife's wedding dress to clean up.
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realized with that's what that was. if the roots back. now that's gone because the authorities to go for dna evidence. i said, honey, i think we need to move immediately. >> yuk. police -- the least is the landlord to go into the private for this cross the line to go he could face trespassing charges. all is pot was found during a traffic stop in southern colorado. it was 180 ounds, with more than half million dollars. the driver got a traffic ticket but could face more charges once they find out what they're going to do with all that pot. excitement is brewing here as the cu buffs had to california. we are at the dia talking to fans up next. a new study says colorado has some of the worst drivers of the country. what that means for your
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the rise is real and the buffs are feeling for the elected them. that's 24 hours right now. lots of black and gold in the stands. >> i was waiting and excited. >> rose bowl or bus. >> those could come true with
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there were several be in santa clara such as all day for tomorrow for life reports. >>'s a find yourself feeling about how bad drivers are, new insurance to the process right. colorado make the eighth worst in the nation. research the camera around. not seeing a lot of trouble driving right now. this new study says colorado drivers are really bad. we found out that's bad news for your interest payments. >> generally, people are nicer here. >> everyone runs red lights. >> it's a pleasure to drive here.
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numbers. accidents, duis, etc. found corridor are the eighth worst in the country. >> was a top 10 ranking for speeding and you are. >> colorado is on that collision course of all these factors. more drivers, more getting crashes, more bad drivers. colorado is the second staae in the nation for hail damage and the fourth for physical damage to cars. >> kontos topping all those less normal spam. >> reporter: this is why people see double-digit increases for interest premiums for their not going down anytime soon. especially for those not so
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>> utah was the worst. we puu it on a seven app. no information shows more of you have signed up for healthcare through our states insurance exchange. 25% more people have insurance for last year. the popular steep hiking trails an improvement have beee completed and 380 step climb. you have to bundle up if you're doing it. with scattered snow showers expected to come our way down through coral springs. here in denver, temperatures cool off quickly. 20s and 30s for the front range. it's about to get colder, highs tomorrow expected in the mid- 30s. 27 degrees outside, winds out of the east.
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the mountains, we had snowfall and some going on. we have a chance for light snow here for the front range tomorrow. will warm it up on the weekends and a stronger storm system comes our way next week. looks like to save will be cold and snowy. we have snow showers through western colorado, often on snoww showers today. it's been dry for denver but we'll see more clouds increasing as a weak storm system pulls throug by 1030 tomorrow morning a little more widespread and skillful as a push through and more redevelopment if we see accumulation at all.
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snowfall forecast as we wind this up going to friday. his 35 inches and it's over a couple of days. we'll take the fresh powder up there for nearly opened ski resorts. here across the front range looks like it will be cold tomorrow. 22 degrees by 7 am. potential for light snow by 11 am as well. you see on a 24-hour planner, we don't see much fluctuation on that temperature tomorrow. highs in the 30s for kids at the bus stop 20 degrees. cloudy and's cold for light snow. single digits for the mountains from steamboat and aspen. eight degrees for an overnight
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35 degrees with a few flurries. on the seven-day forecasts, it was good is to go into the weekenddas we were met at the 50s and highs. another storm system coming into tuesday >> mine has been going for a while. it's official, you can track santa. norad's website is up and running. they started this tradition back in the 50s. he won't be leaving the north pole for another 24 days.
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brockel say trevor simeon could play without practicing. number 12 in this footage is practicing this week. what does a guy like von miller see in turkey. he always shows signs of
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is consistency where ravens organization. idyllic is a tremendous shot of being successful. >> they decided to be a report dove valley. we want to congratulate troy signing a national letter of intent to play college baseball at coral springs. he's a lefty pitcher from longmont high school. congratulations! >> congratulations to coach mack as a coach of the year. the architect of the rise. he is the buffs at number eight in the college (kings going from worst to first put them at 11 into tiny all-time record for most wins in a season. it's a monster game, it clash
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they kkow how to win it by not thinking about those thiigs i just mentioned. the biggest thing is to treat it as another game because it go have fun. nobody expected us to be there or once said. we'll continue to pay ourselves longer and go out and tty but a complete game together. >> will try to come out and play well enough to score one more point in washington. thing. >> one more point. that's all you need. >> back to the nfl. grok will not play. he's having back surgery to fix herniated disc. he could be back around super bowl time but he was a huge part of the afc championship game. he will not be in the house
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>> more of that tonight. good night.
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right now on the list. conquer your debt. take the sting out of christmas shopping with these credit card hacks. and mine your sky the dos and don'ts of airplane etiquette. >> that is rude. then tinsel psychology. what your christmas tree says about you. >> you are perfect. plus a basketball lendle' career gets a musical mash up.
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list. >> hseason of gift giving has us pondering a very important question, what's the most popular holiday present of the to drop the mike this christmas according to research from an investment company, the iphone is the most requested item by adults, folwed by the mack book. >> the best yet. >> at number entertainment. >> for kids, hatchimals which is are flying off the shelves keep m affordable. be prepared to put a dent in your vault. another memorable part of any holiday season, decorating the christmas tree. time, until now. es so much >> here's an ordinary tree, and
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look at the difference. >> well we're honestly not sure what makes us want to watch this more, the product or the commercials. either way, meet the tree dazzler which deckith l.e.d. li than three minutes. >> just turn it on and wow. >> wow, this is cheesy, but it's the holiday season. so i guess let's ewe? >> i think this is the biggest thing to happen in decorating trees since the artificial tree. ght patterns and shows to and t version gives you 31 for $40. if you are a purist in the holiday tree tradition you might see a if you had untangling lights maybe this is your answer. >> i never thought our tree could look like this. >> your tree is the mos spectacular tree in the neighborhood. >> right. a nintendo themed amusement park? amazing.


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