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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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community hurting. >> highlands county mother shot and killed her herself and her two sons. jessica laber legally purchased the gun just hours before. this unthinkable tragedy is a driving an upstick in the calls to the colorado crisis line. jim, counselors are there 24 hours a day? >> reporter: this is what the inside of one of the call centers looks like and all the people are master level counselors, available 24/7 to help you stay safe and cope with the plan to deal witt the crisis. 3 >> thank you, michael. >> reporter: what happens when you call the suicide hot line? >> how did you attempt to kill yourself? >> reporter: what advice do you get? >> we can try to call you in 30 to 45 minutes. it depends on what they need. >> we want to hear their story and build off of that.
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for anybody. >> reporter: bev marquese oversees the call center and said since the tragedy in highlands ranch, more are reaching out, mothers having trouble coping or feeling unsettled. >> because there's been a mention of depression, people call for information about depression. >> reporter: she says a lot of people are calling to ask how to tell their kids who may have known the two boys or heard the most important thing she says is to make them feel safe in their own world. >> you can reassure them what happened there is very sad, and we will never know exactly why, but what i can tell you, you are safe in our home. >> reporter: the calls that come in here are confidential, and all you have to do is pick up the phone. >> all right, bye. >> now the call center has contacttd more than 600 people a day, and you can also text
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shannon? >> important stuff, thank you, jennifer. developing right now a high school teacher and soccer coach is in jail, accused of sexually assaulting a student. benjamin forbes taught mmth at westchester high school before he was fired. another teacher reported odd behavior between him and a student. this fire in lakewood is one in a series of unsolved fires, and now investigatoos are wondering if it's the work of a firebug. tonight the re questions at a packed meeting, and liz, how are residents reacting? >> reporter: ann, some of the homes back right up to open space here on green mountain, and residents worry that the next time they may not be so lucky. >> over this hill right here. >> reporter: a dispushing pattern, mysterious fires happening around dusk, in open space areas on green mountain, and the latest threatening a
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people, including mary ray. >> it was close enough. >> reporter: the winds fueled the 96-acre fire where arson is suspected. >> we decided along with the lakewood police and atf it was best we ask the public for help. >> reporter: neighbors in the quiet subdivision worry about getting the word out during evacuations and gawkers driving in the neighborhood while emergency vehicles are trying to get through. >> if something like this happens in the future, then the neighborhood could be closed off sooner, and awesome. >> reporter: investigators are looking at five fires, including the one this week and three smaller ones in early november. >> it does take a lot of time, and that is resources and time taken away from our normal course of operations. >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols in the surrounding neighborhoods because with recent dry conditions, the threat of another fire isn't goinggaway. >> well, that's disturbing.
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concerning. >> reporter: and one of the concerns we heard tonight is that some residents did not receive emergency alerts on their phone, but you can sign up through code red. you just go to the west metro fire department website, and you can find the link there. >> thank you, liz. we have results for the first day of moveover enforcement. four of the five agencies involved reported today. they made 266 stops and cited 186 of those drivers, and that move over law requires you to move over at least one lane when you see traffic stopped to give the officer room. it also applies to construction crews and tow truck drivers. % >> every year we lose multiple police officers, fire, emss and tow drivers because of this. >> it puts 4 points on yyur license. enforcement continues tomorrow as the public gathers
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donahue. he was hit and killed bby truck driver who failed to move over. the procession will begin near c470 in bowles, starting tomorrow morning, and then they will go to hamden university. officers will be on the route closing routes. cody donahue's family released a statement saying cody was always the rock of the honor flight travels the country has a show of respect for fallen officers, and it flew at ground zero following the 9/11 attacks. the coroner named a cyclist who died on a busy road last night. this was at 28th and arapahoe last night. 65-year-old dune garone crashed into a turning semi. also new tonight, the construction company responsible for killing 5600 fish in big thompson river will
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working on the flood damaged highway 34 in march. the company will pay about $200,000 to restore the fish habitat. the cu medical school is in the process of removing one of its professors after denver 7 asked questions, and dr. 3 michelle harren will not see patients until further notice. children's hospital said she will no longer provide services there either. we were the first racially charged comment about michelle obama. initially she said the comment was ignorant but she insisted she was not racist. today when we stopped by, no comment. today boulder county made all government buildings safe zones. the signs read this space respects all aspects of people including race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual
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body shape, size, and ability. the county installed them in response to the election. colorado needs new teachers. a new state report shows the number of new teachers dropped nearly 255 in the last 6 years, and the shortage is really hitting math, sciences, and world languages the hardest, and it's worse in rural and remote districts. and the white house is fighting a challenge against new overtime rules, making 4 million americans eligible for overtime pay. the ule was supposed to take blocked it in 21 states, and several industry groups sued. appealed the decisionn and the obama administration announced its support today for requiring women to register for the draft, and the white house national security counsel said it makes sense, but they also added the government is committed to keeping the military all voluntary. congress, of course, would have to volt to add women to the service. this could have been so bad.
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and fires one of them. his own parents were there to disarm him at the right moment. it was at a junior high outside of salt lake city. police say the 15-year-old took two guns for his home, fired one shot into the ceiling, threatening students, and his parents were already on the way to the school. they heard the gun shot, and they followed the sound. >> it was like, yeah, like told him to put the gun down and everything. >> the parents say they knew their son was acting strangely, and they noticed missing, and they assumed the worst. >> we are just getting started. imagine catching your landlord having sex in your bed. it happened to a colorado man. >> the first thing that went through my mind was like complete and utter disbelief. >> it's what he caught his landlord doing next that made it worse. a new study rating drivers across the country. why they say colorado drivers are some of the worst. with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time
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get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an alrdy great lineup and made it better. sad new developments in tennessee where the death toll from destructive fires has risen again, now to 11. the threat is not entirely over as firefighters chase down hot spots in the smoky mountains. the fire destroys hundreds of buildings. the fire also burned dangerously close to the famous dollywood theme park. dolly parton promised $1,000
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families who lost everything in the fire. donald trump departed today on a postelection victory tour with a stop in cincinnati, and protesters crashed the thank you event with the large banner that said stop trump! no deportations, and the president-elect had words for them. >> they don't know that hillary lost a couple of weeks ago. they forgot. [ cheers ] >> why did these people come? oh well! they are taking her back home to mom! it's true. ?ou know a who protested, we said did you vote? no, i didn't vote. they don't vote. they never vote. >> and as trump travels the country saying thank you to his supporters, the recount in key states begins. wisconsin started its 12-day, 3 million ballot recount, but today trump's campaign filed an objection request in wisconsin
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tomorrow. starbucks' ceo will be stepping down to focus on a luxury chain. howard schultz will be working on the new shop, and it could changer as much as 12 bucks for a cup of coffee. >> oh my! a group of high schoolers successfully recreated a drug that martell scoreli charged $650 a pill for. >> we are talking $15 to the equivalent of what sells for $100,000 in the u.s. it treats hiv and aids. unfortunately they can't sell it in the u.s. because the company has the exclusive rights to it. deputies checking on a house fire made a half million dollars discovery this is inside of a home in south western colorado, in which they found 100 pounds of marijuana. one of them did have a permit to possess large amounts of marijuana, but not that large of amounts of marijuana.
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here, took out a bag of cocaine while grabbing for his wallet for police in boulder. he was already in trouble for tipping over a port-a-potty on the pearl street mall, and police found several ids in his wallet. a couple in colorado springs get an allrt on their security camera about their -- well, something was going on in their apartment, and they find their landlord having sex in their bed, and if that's not disgusting enough, they say wife's wedding dress to clean up. >> to see how upset she immediately got, because she realized that's what that was, and they just threw it back, and now that's gone because the authorities took it for dna evidence. >> eww! >> blah! >> the lease states the landlord has the right to enter the apartment, but i don't think this applies, and he was arrested for felony
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yelling in rush hour about how bad drivers in colorado are, a new insurance study proves you're right. >> colorado is eighth worst in the nation. quote wizard looked at the rate of accidents, speeding tickets, duis, traffic citations, and fatalities, and colorado was top 10 for speeding, tickets, and duis and number within for citations overall, and drivers were mixed on the stats. >> everyone runs red lights, and they just don't really pay they are better mannered. >> by the way -- [ laughter ] >> the worst driving state is utah. it's just right there to the west. the best? rhode island. fans with colorado's name in the end zone of the conference championship. we are less than 24 hours to the biggest game in a decade and a half. and marshall made the trip to santa clara tonight. >> reporter: for the second
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bay area for a colorado football team playing far championship. 10 months ago it was the denver broncos, and now it's cu playing for the pac-10 championship. who says they don't travel well? our flight was packed with cu fans including elise and joe dero. >> we bought the tickets a month ago, hoping they would get it we are excited they went. ? shoulder to shoulder we will fight, fight, fight! ? >> your thoughts on the bowl situation? >> we have tickets. >> we have tickets to the rose bowl. >> reporter: only the rose bowl? >> the rose bowl is for uss >> reporter: first, let's get through the championship game with the huskies before we talk about what is next. rose bowl! now they are one touchdown underdog in the championship
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the last time a colorado team was the underdog in that stadium, super bowl 50. >> go get them. the grateful dead had such a great time at folsom field, they will come back next year. they will play a couple of concerts in june, and last year it was over the 4th of july weekend, ending a 15-year concert drought at the stadium. well, are you ready with your snow boots? we have snow headed our direction, and we are tracking the snow across colorado, and it looks like it across the front range tomorrow. 26degrees right now, and it's chilly. colder tomorrow than what we have experienced for the last few ddys, and check out the temperatures, 26 at d.i.a. right now, and 29 for lakewood, and 29 for highlands ranch. the low last night, 10 degrees, and we will be in the teens and 20s for overnight lows tonight, but jess, there's a chance for storm tomorrow, and it wwll be a warmer weekend after the system pushes through the state, and then a stronger one coming through next week,
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and it will move on in, and we will only have highs in the teens for a day or so, and as you can see here, it's quite a bit down in the mountains. we had light snow showers through the high country for this afternoon. it's been very quiet across the eastern plains, and we will have clouds rolling in tonight. the future cast at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and we could see more clouds pulling in across the front range, and then once we get to 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, we will see the snow showers into the foothills and further to flurries to the front range, around denver. we are expecting flurries to light snowfall, and nothing huge in the accumulation department at all. we are going to have cloud cover sticking around. this is 3:30 in the afternoon, and it's still scattered snow showers for the area, and it will clear out tomorrow night, and we will warm things up headed into the weekend, and for the mouutains, looking like we will have a couple of inches showing up for the next 48 hours it will be continuing to snow up that way as we go
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weak system pushing on through, and it will be by 11:30 tomorrow night, and it looks like 2-4 inches possible through the central and southern mountains, and nothing extreme, but we will take all the fresh powder we can up in the higher elevations. we will have cloudy skies to start tomorrow, 22 degrees, flurries are possible as we go through the mid-morning, early afternoon hours, and just keep that in mind it should not be a huge problem on the roadways, making things tremendously slow, but there is going to be some snowfall moving through, cold. only in the 30s for tomorrow afternoon, and kids at the bus stop, bundle up. 23degrees tomorrow morning, and it will be cloudy and cold. flurries are possible, and then into the later morning, i think we will see a little more light snow with the high of 35 degrees. 23 the low for tonight, and teens and 20s across the plains, and single digits just about anywhere you go through our higher elevations, and the high tomorrow, 35 degrees, with a few flurries. we will have temperatures in
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west and the 40s for south eastern colorado. the 7-day forecast, warming us up into the weekend. perfect timing for sunday, with the high of 52 degrees, and it will be wild and dry. that's the bright spot, ask then the next storm system coming in late monday. hitting 43 degrees, and the clouds will roll in. snow on tuesday, and 25 degrees for the high, and then we will drop to 18 degrees on wednesday withh0 for the overnight low, and it's going to be a cold snap right through 30degrees -- during that time frame, and then 30 degrees. it will seem balmy compared to 0. >> 0 is not many. >> not many at all. [ laughter ] one of the largest booking agencies say ski vacations planned are as strong as ever. last year there was a record 13 million visits to colorado. the santa claus shop let us stop by as they sorted
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their mission is a toy for every girl and boy, and they deliver. they expect to serve 13,000 local kids in need this month alone. if you have toys to give, they collect new and gently used toys for newborns to age 11. you have a chance to give meals over the holiday weekend. you can donate at whole foods and security services credit union. we have more details on our website. there's so much about tonight, the national coach of the year arriving in santa clara tonight.
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the buffs are in santa claire are tonight. the man behind it all, there he is. at the walter camp national coach of the year. from worst to first. playing number four washington tomorrow in the same stadium the broncos won the super bowl, and at the same hotel the broncos staid at. he said reat honor, but it would be made better by a championship. >> it's nice to have the honor, but it goes to the players and the assistant coaches and the hard work they i'm very honored it shows a lot for our program and where we are headed. we are excited about tomorrow night, and i think we put colorado back on the map, and it gave us an opportunity to build the program like it wants to be built. that's exciting, and you know our main goal is to win the pac- 10 championship. >> and right now today, trevor simmion did not practice.
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the denver 7 insider troy rain has the latest. >> reporter: he has a big arm, but trevor missed his second straight practice with his left leg in a boot. they expressed confidence in the rookie. >> he has always shown signs of greatness and the type of the quarterback we want him to b. it's about being the national football league and about consistency with him and me and everyone in the organization. >> he's further along, yeah, mentally, and further along than what we asked him to do on a weekly basis, and how quickly he processes the information now as compared to 6 or 7 weeks ago. >> reporter: after what was called the worst special teams game he has ever been involved in, the broncos are trying out new punt returners this week.
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we have to maintain field position for our team, and it wasn't a good night. we have to get that corrected quickly. >> back to the studio, lionel. >> we want to congratulate the national letter of intent to play college baseball at the university of colorado, colorado springs, ganza, a great moment family. sam henley with his first nhl goal. he scored. his mom, girlfriendd and his brother, all there to see it, and look his dad is fighting cancer and could not be there but he was watching on tv, and a great moment for the henley family. the avalanche not so much. they lost. they are now 0-3-1 on the home stand, but some things are greater than the final score,
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hey, kids, santa has found a fitting home this holiday season in portland, oregon. he has got the look you would expect, and. >> -- tatted up. >> and big l -- and sweater out of big lobowski, and look at the man bun. >> hipster? you be the judge. >> that was a real man bun. that was a real man there. >> the mrs. would not like that. >> we have a chance for snow tomorrow, starting in the later morning hours, and flurries are possible throughout the day, and 40s and 50s throughout the
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for the high on wednesday. >> this is the winter thing you're all telling us about?
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween. by the way, we'll be taking children's candy away from them


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