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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 2, 2016 12:36am-1:06am MST

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it's an all-new show today, "right this minute." a woman paddle boards through flood waters. >> except that's not a paddle board. >> why her problems go way deeper than that. when they jump, they scatter with the wind. >> 65 female sky divers. >> the amazing moment they come together to make history.
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over veggies that look like plastic. the story behind one real or fake debate. and 'tis the season for kids on their best behavior. >> because that sneaky little elf on the shelf -- >> what happens when an elf with clips is found near daddy's hair. >> elf, i will cut you! well, that's one way to get around. just get your old paddle board. if you're late to work and there's flooding in the area, just get on that. paddle board. lest go back to the beginning of this whole scene. >> oh! >> this is in valencia, spain. this woman drove urn an overpass. the area was flooded. as you can see, her car got stuck, so she had to climb out of the car. you see the car start drifting away. city officials say witnesses say there was a sign there that said flooded. >> probably under water though. >> did you need a sign?
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says flooded? >> firefighters had to go get this woman out. now, they tried not to get her wet, even though she was wet, as you can see, right up just below her shoulders. there you see one putting her on his shoulders. >> oh, my gosh.tempted to tap hm on the helmet. >> that would be you. >> while snapchatting. we have another rescue with firefighters. this time, girl that got stuck in a washing machine. not a lot of information, but they said we don't know how she got stuck in there. i can tell you. she's a 2-year-old. they get stuck in stuff. >> i'm fascinated by the very small, compact washing machine. kind of cool. >> they had to take it apart and use some tools to pull her out. it only took them 20 minutes. she was unharmed, but once again, chinese firefighters the gold medalists in rescuing
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>> seriously. 8 1/2 seconds of world record-break sky diving looks like this. this is a group of 65 female sky divers that came together at sky dive arizona to set this world record of a vertical jump. that means that they're all vertically, with their heads upside 8.5 seconds. successfully setting that record. >> that's where i did my jump. i have to say, i would have been scared if there was that many people in the sky doing that. these women really have to know what they're doing to have that much traffic up there and all land safely. >> right. well, look at it this way. we took 63 people out of the studio to the car park and said grab hands and let go in eight seconds. we couldn't do it.
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thern they were probably a lot faster. >> they say they reach speeds up to 170 miles an hour. perhaps because of the way they are vertically fall through the sky. now, in this cool video if red bull, we follow them through the process. in fact, we get a sneak peek. the day of the event, more than 65 showed up, but not everybody made the cut. meaning, they had really high standards. it was a two-year pce to this level. and you had women coming from all kinds of different countries to be part of this. >> it's definitely a dream for a lot of women to see something like this and take part in something like this. >> we personally declare this world record. one of the biggest actual news stories out there is the propensity for fake news. people just cannot tell what is real or what is fake.
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example for you. this video comes out of japan. what's happening here is some sort of wizardry. wizardry that shows chinese and japanese people making fake cabbage to poison us. making it out of plastic. >> that's right. we have heard this. >> they're using this video as an example. it's gone viral. this is a guy demonstrating how they make fake f trick everyone around the world. if everyone has ever spent some time in asia, china or japan, you'll know what's going on is this guy is using wax to create the fake food that goes on display outside the restaurant. displays that are so good they look real. >> this is cabbage. i recently saw this video on internet that shows fake, plastic cab bang. >> what's happening right now is people are faking e ing themsel
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fake. for example, this is a real cabbage. this woman has convinced everyone it's not real. >> it's not catching fire at all. exactly how the video showed. >> also, if it were plastic, it would have melted over the flame. this is not proof of anything. >> it is proof of something. people will accept anything on the internet. >> be careful what y let's pull back the curtain on some old car parts. >> oh, lamborghini doors. sweet. >> but this guy isn't a mechanic. and he's not look for vintage car parts. he's looking for something that's been spotted darting in and around this shop, sending rodents running. if you look at his shirt, you notice he's from the sunshine coast snake catchers.
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could be a shelby cobra. >> or an actual snake. >> he's actually inside this door here. he's a big red belly. >> it's inside the panel of the door? >> it is. it's got himself a nice hidy hole. >> it's a big one too. >> it's a big red belly. it's going to be a little tricky. going to take the door off. the snake's coiled itself up into what looks like the old speaker port maybe. so he gets out his stick. >> it's always a stick. and no gloves. they always do it bare handed. >> but he doesn't need anything. just pulls that snake right out. says it's full of grease because it's been running through the shop for a while. it's not particularly long, but it's been eating very well. in fact, the guy who owns this property may see a sharp decline in rodents. >> or increase now. >> we'll give him a wash off and find a nice swampy air why for
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houses. >> the snake catcher wipes the snake down with a wet paper towel to get the grease off it as much as possible and then released it in a nearby woodland. it's a giant knit blanket. >> you're thinking, how do you knit that together? just with your hands? >> no. >> no? >> see how they do it. plus, abandoned boxes catch people's attention. >> they immediately called authorities. they immediately blocked off the air why, thinking there were bombs or something potentially next. for everyone to gather around. and you know what else i'm thinking? lights! some help. got it! and the ornaments might take a little bit more time. but we're gonna get it just right. what do you think bullseye? [ bark ] ok, let's do this! hey! hows this look? hmm? whoa! what do ya think? it's like you...
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closed captioning provide by -- minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. talk about a really tense moment for passengers at this
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were abandoned boxes there at the bus stop. they immediately called authorities, who immediately blocked off the area, thinking there were bombs or something potentially dangerous inside these boxes. in fact, they were planning to do a controlled explosion because they really did believe these could be bombs. and once they got closer, they realized there were puppies and a cat inside. >> those poor little creatures. can you manage if they hadn't even looked in there? >> let's just hope there were personnel who wanted to adopt these. >> well, as a matter of fact, there was a clerk at a nearby supermarket who adopted one of them. the others were taken to a shelter. here another heartbreaking story that has a fsortunate ending. this puppy is a boston terrier. her owner had gone the post office. she ner anticipated someone
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own. this person walks over to the dog, unties it, and takes it away. >> obviously knew what she wanted to do. >> that could be somebody's main support system. >> you'll be happy to know ziggy was reunited with his owner just seven days after it was missing. >> got a tattoo of that dog. >> as a matter of fact, she does have a tattoo of ziggy on her leg. >> just going around town saying, have you seen th , two really good endings though these stories. my name is kelseykelsey. >> my name is becky. >> i have to say, this is actually pretty cool. this is a giant knit blanket. you're thinking, how do you knit that together, just with your hands? no, you use giant needles. that's what the sorry girls did. of course, they made the needles on their own. they say the latest thing right
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blankets. they got some pvc pipe, styrofoam balls, and made giant knitting needles to put this together. >> you can see how she's starting to do this. she shows you how to knit. i don't know how to knit. i know how to crochet, but seeing this so large, i think i could try it. >> help me out here, ladies. what's the point? >> everyone's going crazy for these big knit things. it's nothing but holes. that's not going to warm. >> that one is really just because of the look and the style. >> it's home decor. you can just throw it over something and it looks clever. you can put it on the wall. there's so many things you can do. you could wear it out. that girl that it wrap around like, i got an outfit to go with it. >> the guys and girls at home are thinking the same. i'm with you. i don't get it. >> this is what i have so far. a giant, giant blanket. >> there you can see how much she's done. all i have to say is you're not going to stay warm with that one
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>> see you next week, guys. bye. this video is the promotional video for the last frontier heli skiing operation in northern british columbia, canada. basically the wile. >> it looks like a glacier. >> i don't think you can qualify this as just skiing. >> as the video is titled, this goes above and beyond the helicopter taking you to the tippy top of these mountains. these conditions right here in this video are perfect powder skiing conditions. so much so that in this shot right here, i swear you could powder a baby's bottom. >> it's like the icing on a cake. >> even though it is really scary, potentially ly dangerou it's still so exhilarating and fun. it shows in the smiles they have at the bottom. >> but it's not all about skiing.
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in. >> oh, wow. >> i never get that after skiing. >> beautiful, beautiful videos. so keep this as maybe your benchmark for what skis should be. >> that's the benchmark. we're going to be very disappointed this winter season. >> i'm going to lower mine. it's a one-stop shop. >> they have ideas for your proposal. you can even find out where you can buy a ring, find a photographer for the engagement. >> hear all about it next. and life hacks you don't want to miss. >> ten smartphone hacks that you might be able to save yourself some money on. >> see if any of these save you some change.
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proposals. you've got to love them. nick not a hung fan, but the thing is, now there's this huge market around proposals that create stunningly beautiful vid yoes like this one. >> so i had a dream i got engaged. >> no pressure >> this is his journey on his proposal. they knew they had a solid relationship. in this video that is beautifully captured, we see the couple walk into this wooded area. she was going to be taken to a fancy dinner, so she made sure to wear a fancy dress. she starts seeing all of the pictures hanging around the trees, realizing, oh, snap, those are my pictures.
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rest of my life. i love you. >> i love you. >> there's a whole market for proposals now. in fact, jake and gracie's story was featured on a website. in that website, that's owned by the knot, they have ideas for your proposal. you could even find out where you could buy a ring, find a photographer for the engangment. >> the only thing they're missing is the match making service. , i got all the stuff. >> but it makings perfect sense they would create a website like this. to tell us more, we have shelly brown, the editor of the knot via skype right this minute. welcome to the show, shelly. wow. are you as surprised as we are at how proposals have become quite the destination now? >> i mean, i'm actually not as surprised. i think social media is so important to couples now. i think the more people want to
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media, the more they want to make their proposals a moment that's shareable. so one of my favorite videos is michael at bryant park. he coordinated this "grease" themed flash mob. it was very special for both of them. i don't think couples should feel pressured into doing something over the top. it's more important to do something meaningful. >> what's the biggest trend in proposal is there something new now? >> i think the ring selfie has taken off. most brides report they take a ring self-ie and post it to social media within 24 hours. we get around 400 submission a month. >> as the resident curmudgeon, where does this all end? >> i don't think it does. i don't think that's a bad thing. it's always nice to try and be included in joyful moments in other people's lives.
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any time soon. many of us now have smartphones. of course, the accessories you can buy for them are all over the place. some can be expensive. well, here's ten smartphone hacks that you might be able to save yourself some money on. some are very rudimentary, like just using a piece of wire if you need a little trip, to a roll of tape and a rubber band. a lot of these hacks are using basic office supplies. newsrooms around the country. until it happens to you in house or out in the field, you're like, got to rig this up. >> binder clips work as a phone stand. i like this idea. if you want to use a little holder for your car, just bend the binder clip a little bit, wrap some rubber bands around it until it has a sticky surface, and boom. >> this is much better.
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ingenious. i love this idea. you have one of those longer cords and it keeps getting in the way and gets tangled. wrap it around a pencil, get a hair drier to heat it up. now you've created yourself a coiled cord, and it keeps itself out of the way. >> these are honestly brilliant. >> if you want to learn more, go to and click on tv or use our mobile app. this elf on the shelf has found his target. >> waiting for dad, >> see his plan of attack. >> don't do it.
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ant to go home and sharpen my knives. around this time of year gets very spooky, as in tens of thousands, if not millions of homes around the country a demon spawn comes to life and messes with your life.
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i believe it's called elf on the shelf. he's found his target. well, let's say he's found his weapon for his target. that sneaky little elf on the shelf manages to sneak his way in, waiting for dad, jordan, to be unconscious on the sofa. >> oh, this just took a very chucky turn. >> don't do it. he's got such beautiful curls. for now. >> as everybody who has children know, there are certain sleeps that nothing will wake you up from. the next morning, though, mum goes to get isiah. isiah, i think the elf has been naughty. >> i went to wake up daddy so he can come with us. i found john. >> john is the elf, by the way. >> you're not even going to believe what he did. come see.
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>> no! >> that's a really mean thing to do. the elf is just there to keep an eye on everybody, making sure they're doing good. the elf did bad. >> elf, i will cut you. >> it's okay. >> let's pray for him. daddy! it'll be okay! >> get that elf out of here. are you kidding me? >> all right. lest go then. >> mommy and daddy are going to be fighting. thanks for watching, everyone. we'll see you next time on
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company what's up, welcome to "dish nation." we've come bearing gifts. big broer in the house. >> okay, pageant. >> presidential. >> got you. >> later in the show heidi hits


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