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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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it's 4:30. crews may be gaining control over the fires in tennessee. we have the information on the missing. the doctor who maybe a racist facebook post. how officials are taking action donahue today as his family -- thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm mitch jelniker. >> and i'm -- >> we could see snow perhaps in the metro today. >> of course, this is all good news for the ski resorts. telluride is going to open up for ski season. they had delayed open. it was set for november 4th because of the warm weather, but katie joins us
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we're going to see light snow across the northern front range and down to the southwest of our state a little later on today. this morning, we're starting off dry. we have a slight chance of seeing light showers across the metro. this storm system weak. we're not expecting measurable snow fall. dryer and warmer for the weekend before a big cool down next week. that's when we're to see heavy moisture as antarctic cold front comes tuesday. 7 degrees. telluride at 13. 17 degrees in greeley. chilly start to our morning. you're going to want to bundle up because it will be colder this afternoon. cloudy conditions and a slight chance for flurries across the front range, but high temperatures in the mid 30s, jason. >> chilly. we have -- we have
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the parade. buttedle up. -- bundle up. everything is open up and running smoothly. you're going to see traffic here and there. friday light conditions throughing getting out to the airport. it's 4:42. our community will say goodbye to trooper donahue killed last flags on public buildings are at half flag. it was -- >> donahue's funeral is set for 9:00 and taking place at the first church at the nasari. eric is there. >>reporter: trooper donahue will be remembering as a hard working
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on his owe bick rary. there's a precision happening. this is off hampton and university. before this morning's funeral, here's what you need to know in case you want to pay tribute or if you need to be some where and you don't want to get caught in traffic. the -- it will take 285 to hamden university. the family just released a statement about the man they loved so much. we'll talk about that at 5:00 p.m. jason luber will have more on the procession. i'm eric luber, denver7. police are trying to figure out what led a mother of to do kill herself and the two boys.
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hours before. the unthinkable tragedy is bringing calls to the crisis line. denver7 got a look inside of that counseling certainty. they tell us more of you are reaching out since jennifer labor and her two sons were found dead. mom is having problems coping -- people are asking for depression or advice on how to tell their kids. >> what's most important to kids is that own world so that we can reassure them what happened there is very sad, and we'll never know exactly why. what i can tell you is that you're safe in our home. >> the call center has contact with more than 600 people a day and you can text them by texting talk to 38255. a recent fire that came dangerously close to homes is called suspicious.
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five recent fires in the green valley area. the fire -- three of the fires happened in early november and they believe someone is setting them around dusk. the latest fire burned 300 acres and led to the evacuation of 500 people. the construction company responsible for killing fish will have to pay for the mistake. contractors spilled the company will pay over -- 4:35. new developments in the case of a doctor who allegedly made a racist facebook post. the cu medical school is in the process of removing her. denver health posting on facebook that michelle herren will not provide anesthesia or see patients until further notice. the doctor making racially charred comments about the first lady including her appearance.
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what happened when we stopped by her home. >> i was looking for dr. herren >> she's not available for comment. >> can we set a time to talk to her? >> no. >> is she sorry about what happened? >> not right now >> she worked for denver health since 2007. aahigh school coach and student are behind bars -- >> forbes taught math before fired. another teacher reported odd behavior between a student and the teacher. a couple said their land lord was caught on their security camera doing despicable stuff. the landlord was having sex in their bed. the landlord used his wedding dress to clean up.
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was. that's gone because the police took it for dna evidence. to enter into an apartment, but- not for this reason. we know a bicyclist killed wednesday. this happened on 28th and arapahoe. 65-year old don crashed his bike turning emi truck. there was 266 stops and cited 186 drivers. the move over law requires you to move over when you see a police officers -- >> we lose -- >> the ticket for not moving
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license. if you find yourself yelling at drivers -- colorado ranked 8th worst driving state in the country. >> the insurance site wanted to figure out what state has the absolute worst drivers so they looked at the rate of accidents and speeding tickets and traffic citations. colorado was ranked top ten for speeding tickets and dui and number one for citations. had mixed beens about whether colorado drivers are -- they had mixed opinions. >> people are better mannered. >> the worst driver state, utahh the best is rhode island. why would this matter? all these bad drivers will mean higher insurance premiums if you haven't seen them. new teachers have dropped
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shortage is hitting world science. it's worst in rural -- trump says he'll nominate -- thumb is on his post eleetion victory rally. he stopped in ohio. protesters crashed the thank you event. banner saying stop trump. no deportation and the president elect had words. >> they don't know that hillary lost a couple of weeks ago. where o these people come from? oh well. they're taking her back home to mom. that's true. a lot of people that protested, we said did you vote? no, i didn't vote. they never vote.
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country saying thank you, and the key -- wisconsin started 3 million ballot recount and trump is filing a recount in michigan which planned countinggballots by hand today. donald trump's win could mean democrats have a tough road ahead of them. leaders in our state will tackle the future. >> jason gruenauer is live where democrats will meet today. good >>reporter: according to the wall street joornal, it's going to take place at the wyatt. we're talking about ranked democrats whh are trying to figure out the future of the -- according to the wall street journal, those are minnesota congressman keith, new york chuck schumer, massachusetts elizabeth war earn and bernie sanders. they're going to come together to determine where the
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now a republican is going to be a president with republicans controlling congress and the democrats reeling. we're talking about other candidates, former dnc chief dean and martin. keep in mind, the last two national chairs of the party resigned. we're talking about e-mail scandals and clinton loses for the white house and the democrats have to put themselves back together and we're talking about congressional races in 2012. it should go a long way in determining where the party goes from here. coming up later this morning on denver7, we're going to have more on the candidates including controversy surrounding one of them. i'm jason gruenauer. denver7. today we're hearing from wie of that school.
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difference for kids.
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4:44. the death toll rising to 11 people who lost their lives in tennessee. crews are dealing with hot spots this morning. >> several families are waiting
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fire started. the fire destroyed hundreds of buildings in gat inburg. dolly pardon promised $1,000 to those families who lost -- a bad situation that could have turned worse prevented by fast-acting parents. a teen took two guns to school and fired them off. luckily his parents got there in keep him from going further. this happened in salt lake city. the student fired 1 shot to the ceiling and his parents on the way to the school. they heard the gunshht and followed the son. >> we came out of the room and told him to put the gun down. >> the parents said their son was acting strangely and noticed the guns missing and one teacher talked to the student until his
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right now after falling ill during a trip to the south pole. he was evacuated from the area and he's at a hospital in new zealand. officials says he has fluid in his lungs and he's the second man to walk on the moon. 4:46 and chilly start. you say it's going to get cooler. >> temperatures in the low to mid 30s. near freezing, so you want to sta slight chance for snow across the metro. we're not looking at heavy measurable snow fall, but still we could see a few flakes here and there this afternoon. warmer for the weekend. this storm system will roll through. clearing skies for saturday and a big change come next monday into tuesday where we're tracking a cold front that will drop colorado and drop temperatures down to frigid numbers. our satellite, we're showing dry conditions state wide.
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most part, we're starting off the day on a cool cloudy day. 23 degrees in city parkk 14 in evergreen. boulder at 25 under mostly cloudy conditions and we'll continue to see teens throughout much of the morning. high temperatures today, a big change from yesterday. 35 in denver. same in highlands ranch. freezing in decker and then evergreen, also in the upper 20s with mostly 20s and 30s for the mountains. state wide, mid the western slope. below freezing in gunnison and eagle ton around 32. steamboat getting up to 28. across the north eastern plains, low 40s. here's our future cast with the weak storm system, scattered snow showers. not looking at measurable snow showers, but this will stop at noon. we'll see the snow showers filter in from the in the west bringing dusting to the foothills and
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plains later this afternoon into the early evening and it should stay cloudy if you're heading to the parade of lights around 8:00. it's going to be cold, but no real snow fall. saturday, this is 7:30. we'll start the day on a mostly sunny note and through saturday and sunday, we'll stay dry. it's 2 to 3 inches possible in our mountain times and team boat an inch and a half and down to t south, telluride expecting 2 inches so not a lot in terms of snow fall in the mountains and a trace amount across the denver-metro. getting down to 15. another cold night is in store. by tomorrow, we'll wake up to clearing skies so a mix of sun and clouds and 43 is our expected high temperature, so not quite as cold as what we're looking for today. by sunday, mild and dry conditions are back with us. that's our bright spot on our 7-day forecast. plenty of sunshine.
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tuesday, that's where we're tracking this next really strong front that will drop our temperatures back into single digits and teens for daytime highs on wednesday. we have a good drive going on. friday light conditions not seeing significant problems around town. you can see from the camera here at i-25 near 20th street, coors field is right that way, wide open and no delays downtown and the side streets. you can say i-76 and 27 but overall, nice driving conditions, same thing on 225 and the side roads on aurora. nice and quiet to the east. turning to heath news. in arizona, there's a special device making life easier for children with autism. ?> it's a wearable buzzer to help kids focus when they're feeling overwhelming. so the buzzing sound simulates your nervous system and it interferes with your body's stress response. you can wear it like
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with your phone. we have good news about the hiv coming after world's aid's day. injections are responsible for -- that's a drop from the early 90s when diagnoses dropped. there's -- i'm not going to lie. this next story sounds too good to be true. sugar, but the same taste. nestle claims they found a way to do it. they said by sugar particles, it can reduce the sugar content by as much as 40%. nestle plans to rollout roducte new sugar in 2017. they couldn't comment
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nokia has plans to sell phones again. we have information in this morning's tech bytes. >>reporter: nokia is returning to smartphones. >> remember this ring. >> nokia was the largest seller innthe world before losing to other platforms and these new android phones should be available early next year. you c a new way. >> the systems colors are brighter and using 60% less energy and the ulbs last longer. it's that time of year when we keep tabs on santa and his annual truck. >> they have launched their website to track their journey. it features saint nick's north pole. there's a count down clock. you can call in on christmas eve for santa's exact location. >> those are your tech bytes.
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tter came aboard this kayak. we'll tell you about the break. welcome back. for the final
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>> first lady -- michelle obama. the national christmas tree been a tradition under 90 years and the first one occurred under coolidge. there were thousands of donated toys sorted. they expect to serve 13,000 local kids in need. collecting new and gently used kids for newborns to age 11. santa clause, he'll be out the parade of lights through the denver of parade -- slight chance for a few mountain showers in the front range mountains into castle rock and elizabeth. we'll see cold conditions before temperatures back in the 40s tomorrow.
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foothills. look at i-70 and georgetown. it's wide open. easy driving conditions and youe that on the map. a lot of green in north, south , east, and west, so a good start to your morning commute. take a look at this photo that's going viral. you can see why. a couple got an unexpected guest. that was a sea otter. >> he started swimming over to the boat and swam up to the boat and he jumped in. he started scratching he turned around and started sniffing my shoes. >> he needed a break from swimming. situations like this can be dangerous for humans and sea otters. sea otters are compared to wolverines, but the couple said they never felt scared. after 15 minutes of riding along the harbor, the otter jumped out and swam away.
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looked big. >> that was huge. that's why he was tired. colorado homeowners, we have good news when it comes to your wallets. those with disabilities suing the city of denver. we're hear from a man held up by a bank robber.
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it is 5:00 a.m. new details this morning in the investigation into the missing mother and her two kids found dead. plus how their deaths are driving an uptick in the number of calls in the colorado crisis line. and a colorado state will be remembered in cherry hills this morning. we remember donahue. details on how why six people says -- but first happening today, another ski resort opening for the season. we're talking about telluride. >> they delayed their opening set for november her -- set for november because of the warm weather. we're going to pick up more


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