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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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respects to fallen state patrol trooper donahue. denver7 has coverage. jason lupher has how today might -- >>reporter: we're going to talk about the future of the party. who is the next leader. i'll break down the candidates coming up. let's look live outside. happy friday, everything. you made ithr we want to know what the weather is going to be like this weekend. >> katie, we might want to ennoy it because arctic temperatures are coming into our state? >> late monday into tuesday. today, it will be cooler, but this weekend, mild, pleasant. 40s and 50s are in store. let's talk about light snow across the metro. flakes are possible and not looking at heavy snow fall. this morning, we're starting off
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mountains and across the plains today. highs this afternoon, in the mid 30s across the metro area. westminster 35. same in thornton. littleton, hs ranch, highs near 36 degrees. throughout the state, we'll see pretty chilly temperatures. 20s and 30s in the mountains and across the north eastern plains. upper 30s to low 40s. in terms of what we can expect weather wise in timing of the, we'll see increasing cloud cover. a chance for a few showers in the mountains moving is denver area like castle rock and elizabeth. a chance for light showers in town and clearing skies over night. state wide, cold today. and then temperatures also places like colorado springs below freezing and same in the mountains, steamboat, eagle and aspen. west of the springs, guess what, manitou incline has reopened. the popular steep -- safety
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in commerce city. a man opens fire inside of a home near e-470 and 104th. the suspect assaulted a woman inside the home and fired shots inside. no one hit by the gunfire including a toddler who was home. no one hit. the suspect is held on domestic violence charges. this morning, trooper cody donahue will be laid to rest. he was killed along the side of i-25 last week. >> his family says hwa the guy to lend a hand and help others. denver7 eric lupher is live where that service will take place. >>reporter: i have a feeling this church is going to be packed with friends and family. a man known as a gentle giant who loved children and like mitch mentioned, helping others. the family just released a statement talking about driving carelessly.
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killed by a semi on i-25. part of the statement says, in part, our hearts are forever broken. we do want to take this opportunity to ask all who have been touched by this tragedy, please don't drive carelessly. of course the man accused of hitting and killing donahue is being charged with failure to yield the right away to an emergency vehicle and careless driving resulting in death. his next court date is today, we remember a fallen trooper here at the first church of the nazarine and a procession goinn on the west side of town. some of you may want to pay tribute or you might want to avoid it if you need some where to be. that's why we have jason luber on top of the traffic effects for you. >>reporter: 9:45. a small details of cars including donahue and his family will
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aaea and go up to boles and head to c-470 and head 470 to highway 285. northbound 470 will be closed down and eastbound 285 will be closed. that small group will continue on 285 and as they pass kipling, thh larger vehicles will then join the procession that will be find the main procession. university and hamden will stay closed for the services that's danger to happen. al is going to be closed down and after the service which is after noon, they'll be not another precision, but temporary closures to allow the guest to leave. expect the roads to be closed for the better part between 9:30 until passed noon with the road restrictions in place. we have a quiet drive around town including up to this north side of town. take a look at the camera at i-25 not too far from 104th.
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underneath. cdot is going to test its smart sign system on the north side of town this morning. they used them yesterday. i watched them deal with that yesterday. the signs are designed to help drivers prepare for congestion and lane closures by giving you real time information. it runs from 6:00 to 9:00 -- following trooper's donahue's death, troopers stepped up the move we have new numbers. four of the five agencies reported -- they need 266 stops in 1 day. they cited 186 drivers. the move over law requires you to move over one lane to give officers more room. it applies to construction crews and tow truck drivers. >> every year we lose officers and road crew to exactly this. >> the ticket for not moving over can add 4 points against
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boulder cyclist hit and killed wednesday night. he's 65-year old gerum. he crashed his bike at 28th and arapahoe into a semi. >> charges have been filed against a man accused in the death of a homeless person in south denver. he shot and killed 54-year old busby while trying to steal marijuana from him. he was livvng when his body was found by a denver park ranger. this man find bars after reportedly assaulting a police officer in el paso county. he's gonzalez. monument police tried to pull him over for a minor traffic violation, but he drove off. officers found his vehicle outside his house. gonzalez refused to come out and when an officer tried to enter the home, gonzalez reportedly attacked the
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should be okay and gonzalez was arrested. a parachute man pleaded guilty of -- the daily sent knowledge -- he shook the girl to stop her from crying and the infant died last june. his wife has already been sentenced. he faces up to 40 years in prison. a 40-year old man accused of sexual assault and thanks to tips from you. we have a look at martinez of steamboat springs. he's held on $1 million bond. steamboats spring boats police said they started investigating him for drugs in july because of a tip interest the crime stoppers hotline. they found he was pimping juveniles and sexually assaulting them. this denver police officer set to face a judge. julian is charged with stealing $120 from
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it's 5:37. today, 200 top democrat was meeting in downtown denver. >> there's a republican commander and chief coming next month and a republican controlled congress -- jason gruenauer joins us from outside the hyatt where that forum is taking place. >>reporter: good morning to you. we're talking about national democrats here, and they only have less than 2 years until many of the parties senators up for reelection in 2018, then a run of the white house in 2020. politics speaking that's not a lot of time. who is going to lead the party movinn forward? it's down to 4 candidates. this is according to the wall street journal. first, we're talking about minnesota congressman, keith allyson. he's the front runner according to abc news with top ranking endorsements including senator sanders then raymond, democratic party chair, jaime
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south carolina and former dnc howard dean taking a run at the job. the chairman position is going to be discussed at this forum. the last two chairs the democratic party resigned. there were scandals involves that and in any election when we're talking about candidates, this -- this is without controversy -- it's not wiihout controversy themselves. i'll break that down at 6:00. downtown at the hyatt, i'm jason gruenauer, denver7. four democratic members of the eeectoral college are raising money to stop president elect trump. one electors is from colorado. the group calls themselves the hamilton electors and they're trying -- that's when they cast their ballots on the 19. trump won the vote of 306 electors and that's enough to put him in the white house. trump is on a victory tour
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in king swing states. he was in ohio and -- he mapped out replacing obama care. he talks about muslim innthe u.s. >> people are pouring in from regions of the middle of the east. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they're thinking. >> earlier in tte day in indiana trump found the elect ppnce met at the manufacturing plant where they promised 7 million of intensives to keep -- michigan will recount votes. the recount started in wisconsin and the findings are expected about the 12th of the month. you remember the green party nomination jill stein led the recount.
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immigration plan. yesterday they made its government buildings what they call safe zones. this photo that's written in english and spanish. they say this space respects race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social economic back ground, political affiliation, age, religion, body shape, size and ability. the county says they installed the signs in response to the elect season. they've spent 70 acres and they have sculptures there and live demonstrations there. mike nelson will be there at 4:00 this afternoon since denver7 is a proud sponsor. the best light display. we have the best 7 things to do this
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probably had to call your landlord to fix a problem. >> what do you do when the landlord is the problem. coming up, you won't believe what a landlord did in his apartment. a suspected bank robber behind bars after holding 1 people hostage. up next, we'll hear how one of the hostages escaped. one evacuated from the most remote placee on this place -- an update on how he's doing. if a beautiful time of year. maybe if you zoo lights or heading to the parade of lights, it's going to be cold. you want to bundle up. quiet on the buffalo highwau
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it's a quarter to 6:00. a after holding 11 people hostage at a florida banks. it's 23 ym humphrey. it began yesterday at 9:00 in the morning. police ssid he started armed with a gun and threatening to kill the hostages. >> we had verifiable information that he was actually putting the gun to the back of the hostages head. >> police and swat teams had the bank surrounded and they were watching the scene on the bank's
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2 of the 11 hostages made a run 2 hours into the standoff and here's what one had to say. >> my life flashed in front of my eyes but he wasn't going to get me back into the room. >> the suspect was arrested. none of the hostages were hurt a near tragedy at a salt lake high school. a student brings two guns to school. and police say he fired 1 shot before being stopped by his parents. >> we came out of the room and told him to put the gun down and everything. investigators say they rushed to the campus after noticing their son's strange behavior and their guns were missing. the parents did this. police hasn't said if the shooting was intentionally or not. an american hero arrested. aldin was saved -- police saying he became suddenly ill there and when owe was medically evacuated from the area. he's in stable
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hospital in new zealand. doctors said he had fluid in his lungs. at home, boulder is getting rid of genetically modified crops. farmers have until the end of 2019 to change their crops. deputies checking on a house fire made a drug bust. in colorado, they found more than 100 pounds of marijuana. one of the possess large amounts, but not nearly that much. this man arrested for tipping over a pastel port -- tipping over a pastel porte potty. we heard about bad land lords. >> a couple in colorado springs said their land lord had sex in their bed.
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landlord used the woman's wedding dress to clean up. they say they found out about it after getting an alert on their security camera. >> i saw how upset she got because she realized that's what it was and they threw it back. that's gone because the authorities took it for dnaa3 evidence. >> a landlord has the right to enter an apartment, but police say this does not apply here. he has been arrested for felony trespassing. >> that's nasty. it's 5:48. people are excited about more snow. >> especially resort towns. in town, we have a slight chance for dusting so it could make it a magical evening. you want to stay nice and warm because it's a cold day. radar and satellite showing dry conditions across the state. a few light snow showers in the front range area -- 13 right now in evergreen. boulder in the low 20s. and then also ww'll continue to see
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this is our 24-hour planner. by 9:00, we're around 27 degrees. only at freezing by 11:00 under mostly cloudy conditions and a chance for flurries during the day. a trace of an inch in town. high temperatures in the mid 30s. colder day than yesterray. here's our metro area, 36 in highlands ranch and in thornton, westminster, broomfield in the low to mid 30s. evergreen at 29 this afternoon. at the airport, 34 degrees. 37 in greenly as well as fort collins. upper 30s in the mountains. across the western slope, mid to upper 30s down to the south.0s sprinkles%- chilly day as this weak front moves through the state. that's when we're producing chances of snow. after 10:00 this morning, we'll see snow filter from the
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scattered showers, really by this afternoon. this is stopped at 3:00. wide spread snow showers but not looking much in the way of heavy snow. a trace to half an inch of accumulation. the mountains picking up one to 3 inches. our future cast tonight will clear out. 8:00, we're doing -- if you're doing anything outside, we have clearing skies and cold, and by saturday, a lot of sunshine state wide by the afternoon, and into the early evening. we'll pick up 3 inches for our mountain times. best chance of seeing accumulating snow. it will be next week. trace amounts for denvernd fort collins, a half an inch in colorado springs. another thing that's happening this evening, live at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, mike nelson will be at the parade of lights. if you want to say hi to him, he'll be happy to meet and greet. you want to bundle up.
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the buff's game, it's cold. 15 is our low. not quite as cold for the weekend. pretty pleasant for saturday and sunday before this big change comes next week. sunday, a high of 52 degrees. a little warmer and mild. monday night, heading into tuesday, that's when we're tracking that arctic air moving into colorado and bringing us a better chance of snow and cold conditions next week. >> if you're going to california. it's going to be warm in san jose. you can see the drive across i-76 and 270. the headlights are folking going under i-76 and continues to york and i-270. take a look at the map and it sounds like we have an accident neaa washington. it sounds like the westbound side. we'll get a better look at that with the cameras in a minute.
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i-225, side roads looks okay. sounds like westbound before washington near i-25, a new crash. have you thought to yourself, self, there's a lot of bad drivers in cclorado. you're right.
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here's a look at what's coming up on good morning america starting at 7:00 a.m. in this morning's gma's first look, the fbi and the bureau of explosives are searching for this man. he
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contained a homemade explosive device that left a man with serious injuries. >> this person did drop this parcel at that location. >> this this newly surveillance video related to the package bombing incident last week, you can see the man put something on the oorstep and walk down the street for several blocks. police described the man as possibly asian, late teens to early 30s wearing a lumber jack, elmefu found a motive, but say the package was addressed to 60-year old jim aldin and you can see the injuries. i'm lindsay davis. >> if you find yourself yelling in rush how about how bad drivers in colorado are inn3 colorado -- mitch does it all the time at himself. there's a
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>> colorado is the 8th worst driving state in the -- they looked at everything. colorado was in the top ten for speeding tickets and dui's unfortunately and number one under citations. >> the worst driving state our friends to the west, utah. the best, rhode island. >> is that it? >> comparison? i know, i would not think rhode island. >> if you're driving today, no real treacherous conditions. we have a few flurries so you want to make sure the windshield wipers are working. colder. mid 30s by this afternoon. a chance for a few flakes around the metro. 4:00, clearing by 8:00. by this weekend, highs in the 40s and 50s for sunday. you can see a lovely start to the day along highway 36.
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accident reported as you can see on the map on i-70 the westbound side not too far from washington before i-225. no delays there. around town, we're in great sha. a lot more news coming up at 6:00 a.m. including on the funeral services for fallen trooper donahue. >> eric lupher joins us live information on three -- police now focusing on 1 man who could be in denver. it's green
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6:00 .m. and a colorado landmark is hit with a lawsuit. a half dozen people says the red rock discriminates against those with disabilities. we're looking at their lawsuit this morning. we're finally end illegal immigration. we will consuc a great wall, and by the way, we're repealing and replacing obama care. >> the president elect standing by his campaign promises as he launches another tour of swing states. hear the big announcement from last night's event. >>reporter: we remember trooper donahue killed on the side of the road last week. let's update you on a story. shots fired in commerce city


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