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tv   NBC11 News Bay Area  NBC  August 28, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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area. yes, even a chance of seeing a few stray showers. winds, 15 miles per hour. drizzle in a few spots in the morning. light showers on the coast. temperatures will slowly climb as we approach lunchtime. earlier in the week we had 90s and 100 degree temperatures. nowhere near that today. yes, the best bet of seeing isolated showers will be in the hilltops of the north bay. clear up tomorrow and warm up early next week. shot in the line of duty. this morning a fremont police officer continues to fight for his life as his fellow officers continue the hunt for the man who pulled the trigger. police are looking for a man, andrew barrientos. has tattoos on his neck and forearms, indicating he is a gang member.
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he was being serve with a search warrant in oakland when things went terribly wrong before the officer shooting the suspect was already wanted on a number of other serious charges including evading officers and alleged assault on the mother of his child. this morning we know more about who he is, but first, george t reports from the hospital. >> reporter: they pinpoint where the shootout happened. oakland police say 20-year-old andrew barrientos shot two officers. it's unclear if the suspect was hit by any gunfire. investigators tell us he ran into the parking lot of this corner market where he first tried to steal an acura. then ended up carjacking the driver of this green mazda. police released this still photo of the suspect taking off in the car. one neighbor saw and heard everything. disguised her voice to protect her. >> i saw the man. heard a shooting.
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and we heard the crackle of a broken window. the window to break into the car. >> reporter: fremont police say the two officers were in oakland serving a search warrant on him as part of a major crimes task force. >> all my neighbors feel really uncomfortable now. when you have experience with this bad things. >> reporter: neighbors say crime is getting out of control on the east side of oakland. >> there's a 7-year-old kid and 2-year-old kid living in my mou house. it's really scary. i feel really insecure for them. they're just kids. >> police say the suspected shooter has the card dakoto on the back of his neck. the gang is well-known in the union city area. nbc bay ear vicki nguyen has more. >> reporter: good morning we spoke exclusively with a
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childhood friend of andrew barrientos who also has the tattoo on his neck and he refused to go on camera but he tells us those tattoos simply represent a group in a district in union city, not a gang. police, however, say that claim is ludicrous. they say barrientos is a known gang member and those actions speak for themselves. graffiti spray painted on the fences of the union city neighborhood on 2nd. it's the last listed home of suspected cop shooter andrew barrientos. >> i've been here for two years. as you can tell the by the gate, there's gang activity. >> reporter: he moved out about eight months ago. a man identifying his as a friend of his since the sixth grade says he is stunned his friend is accused of violent shooting and two carjackings. >> he has gang tattoos. he has been stopped with known gang members. >> reporter: the friend denies he is a gang banker saying he is
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just a district and a group of friends, nothing more. >> that's what the warrant was for. >> reporter: police however say it'sen off shoot of the notorious gang. the fact that a friend would say, no, this is not a gang, the police would stop at that? >> yes. >> reporter: he is armed and dangerous with the words dakoto dang center tattooed on his arm. they say he is the sole suspect in this officer shooting. >> he's wanted for multiple crimes. he also had a warrant out for evading police already. and just the fact that he is shooting at police makes him very dangerous. >> reporter: 20-year-old andrew barrientos was last seen driving a stolen green mazda sedan, 4mje458. police all over the state are involved in this manhunt. we understand he has family members in the east bay, including a baby with a woman he is accused of assaulting. reporting from oakland, i'm vicki nguyen, nbc bay area news.
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we will keep your eyes on that one. also happen, a young man is clinging to life after an oversight shooting in san jose. police tell us that officers were on their way to break up a rowdy party after midnight where they spotted someone driving recklessly near center and lewis roads when police pulled the car over they found a 20-year-old man shot several times. he's now at a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition. that shooting comes just hours after another unrelated shooting in san jose which a young woman was killed. witnesses say they heard a woman i'm skroo fcreaming for help ju after 9:00 on morris court south wall street of t west of the airport. when officers arrived on the scene they found the 20-year-old woman dead with at least two gunshot wounds. that woman is san jose's 16th homicide victim of the year. the investigation continues. no arrests have been made just yet. new this morning. 1-year-old baby is back at home with her mom after she was kidnapped and held hostage for
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12 hours by her father. melanie martinez rodriguez was at her day care center when her father picked her up at 11:30. the father called melanie's mother and threatened to kill himself and their daughter. after 12 hours, police convinced him to turn himself in and to hand over the baby. melanie is, again, with her mother this morning. she is safe and unharmed. a riot forced prison guards to fire into a mob of inmates at folsom state prison and this morning seven of the inmates are in the hospital. this is first video of the scene. guards opened fire at around 7:00 last night as they tried to break up a riot. about 200 inmates went. right now it's unclear whether the injured inmates were shot by guards or they were injured in that melee. what we do know is that all of the hospitalized inmates are expected to recover and no officers were injured. the cause of that riot is still under investigation.
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a good reminder to use your peep hole this morning on your front door. an elderly man is recovering from injuries after three alleged burglars stormed into his house and tied him up. it happened in palo alto in this 3100 block of morris drive. the "daily news" reports the men knocked on the door of the victim's home account 3:30 yesterday afternoon and police say when the 78-year-old man opened the door, the men tied him up and ransacked his house. the victim was taken to the hospital but expected to be okay. so far it's not yet clear whether this man was targeted specifically or whether this was a random burglary attempt. it is back to the drawing board in the firefight between the city of san jose and its firefighters. they say no to a city proposal that would have brought back laid off firefighters in exchange for a pay cut. 88% of the rank in file firefighters voted against that plan which called for an almost 9% pay cut. that means 49 firefighters laid off last month are still out of a job while those on the job
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will continue to juggle more calls for help. >> i wish we had all the resources that we need to fight these fires. the city is being depleted. citizens aren't aware of what's happening. political games are being played and they're being used as pawns. >> while firefighters are not willing to budge, neither is the city. the issue goes to outside arbitration and may not be resolved until november. it's important to note that some of the other unionized workers for the city did agree to that pay cut. san francisco's city attorney is joined the race for mayor. he is announcing his candidacy after serving nearly a decade as city hall's chief counsel. herrera has been at the center of the bat to legalize same-sex marriage. a crack down on gangs and violent nightclubs and the fight to shut down an aging power plant. san francisco's supervisor also in the race for mayor. guilty of misconduct. that is a church ruling on a
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retired san francisco minister gay couple when it was legal in california. the church court ruled that reverend spar violated the presbyterian church's constitution by marrying 16 gay couples in 2008. the panel revoked her license to marry but did not suspend her duties as a minister. spar and her lawyers are not sure whether they will appeal the decision. if they do, the case will go to a mid-level church court. city ahead, from the red carpet to the slammer. paris hilton behind bars in vegas. we'll tell you what she's in for just ahead. and this weekend marks the five-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. how far the gulf coast region has come and how far it still needs to go. still ahead.
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good morning to you. take a live look at the bay bridge. cool and breezy, showers to start. probably not enough to dampen the spirits of the folks heading to the oakland food festival. we'll tell you where you can get goodies for cheap and good cause. in the five years since katrina hit the gulf coast, untold number of promises and plans made to the city of new orleans. everything from luxury hotels and high rises to new housing developments. how many of those promises have actually come through? nbc's scott cohn takes a look at where those plans stand today, five years later. >> reporter: the big promises came early. the work that has begun in the gulf coast region will be one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen. >> reporter: and they came often. >> i'm pleased to announce that trump international hotel and tower, an award winning design, will soon be with you. >> reporter: donald trump promised a luxury hotel and apartment complex downtown, in
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the devastated neighborhoods they promised as many as 20,000 new homes. >> there's going to be a huge opportunity for many, many companies to participate in the rebuild. we're certainly thinking about how we might be one of them. >> reporter: developer don peebles told news 2007 he felt an obligation to build hotels and affordable housing here. >> i believe in the long-term future of new orleans. >> reporter: but peebles never did build anything here. a spokesman blaming the marketplace. kb and shaw pulled out of their project in 2008, not enough demand. and the site of the trump tower remains a parking lot. a spokesperson wouldn't say when or if they'll break ground. yet, new orleans is still making big plans. the city commissioned a boston design firm to develop a new 20-year master plan which is now the law. even though there's no money to fund it. >> you have to start with an idea before you go out and ask people to invest in something. new orleans, i think, now has
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credible, bankable ideas. >> that was scott cohn reporting. president obama will mark the day tomorrow with a speech in new orleans. right now you're looking at 40 homes under evacuation as wildfires continue to burn on the washington state side of the columbia river gorge. 100 homes are threatened by the blaze. it was sparked by a downed power line at 10:00 thursday morning. it spread the fire over 1200 acres. so far one barn and two out buildings have been destroyed. the firefighters are still battling the blaze. a wildfire is now burning more than 350 acres. two camp grounds near the dam are under evacuation orders. several firefighting planes are being used to douse the flames. it started at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the cause of that fire is under investigation. still ahead on the "bay area saturday," socialite in the slammer. paris hilton arrested in vegas.
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the charges against her, just ahead. and oakland is cooking up something the whole family can enjoy this weekend. we'll show you where to go and what to eat. is soft on cats.
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but deadly on fleas. so ask your na font the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control.
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take a live look at the golden gate bridge. if you find yourself near the at&t ballpark, tom sinkovitz, one of my favorite guys here at the station, is going to be sacking groceries for charities at muscular dystrophy. socialite paris hilton is behind bars on cocaine possession charges. police arrested hilton overnight after stopping the car she was riding in on a las vegas street. officers noticed what appeared to be marijuana smoke trailing from the car. during the stop officers found what appeared to be a drug on paris hilton. latest tests found that that drug was cocaine. hilton will most likely be
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released from clark county jail sometime this morning. she recently spent 23 days in jail for alcohol related reckless driving. also in vegas, 26 people got sick after swimming in the mgm's lazy river. officials say sodium hydro chloride, similar to chlorine, spilled into it after a valve mall functioned. about 100 people said they were having trouble breathing. 1500 guests near the pool ended up clearing out. and then three hours after the incident, the pool was deemed safe again. authorities expect everyone to recover. triple digits to a chance of showers. nbc bay area meteorologist has your weekend forecast. >> good saturday morning once again. we have some interesting weather to wrap up what has been a record breaking week of weather around the bay area. first, the heat. then things cooled off. chance of isolated showers for the afternoon. best bet is around the golden gate. not a lot of moisture but breezy and cool temperatures by august
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standards around the bay area. good news for air quality with those winds. no problems in terms of ground level ozones. looking good. here's the culprit to the strange twris in the weather. it's providing extra lift to the clouds. at least for the morning. giving us a chance to see drizzle in a few spots. as system slides its way into the sierra and off to the east towards nevada, winds will pick up for the afternoon. with the lifting action in the upper atmosphere and moisture out there we might see some isolated showers. a good bet of that in the sierra where the snow levels is as low as 8,000 feet for the bay area. areas, especially up toward the north, may see an isolated shower in the afternoon and evening. for sunday, we'll start to clear out. monday, tuesday, wednesday, high pressure builds in. temperatures will climb the opposite of that strong sea breeze. we'll see temperatures warming up. again, cool conditions on the coast. 80s, probably low 90s popping up as early as tuesday. in the meantime, breezy and mild for your start of the weekend. look at the numbers. go hour by hour around
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lunchtime, 60s and sen70s inlan. 4:00, breezy and cool. heading out to the sporting events or concerts this evening, you are going to want a nice sweatshirt or jacket. 72, san jose. 64 around san francisco. and 67 for oakland. so a little blustery for your saturday afternoon. sunday, we'll start to see the system head off to the east. still think it's going to be cool by august standards for your sunday afternoon. certainly by monday and tuesday, things start to improve by the temperatures. we warm up a little bit on the warm to hot side inland as you approach the middle part of the new week. that's a look at your seven day and weekend forecast. i'm rob. >> might be windy but perfect weather for outside. if you are a foodie, oakland is the place to be this weekend. the festival is about to stuff you with some really, really good food. the festival runs through tomorrow at oakland's jack london square. the goal of it is to raise awareness about healthy food and just how easy it is to get it as
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easily as fast food. >> from hand-made tamales to organic ice cream. we have a butchery contest. we're going to be making pickles. 100 people are going to be making butter at the same time. it's a food extravaganza. >> i might have to check out early. you can find the festival near i'm bar der . if you're driving you get a free valet bike ride to the square. still ahead on the "bay area saturday," update on the top story. officer shot in the line of duty. the vigil for him and the search for the alleged shooter, and also what you can do to help the officer. coming up in sports, taking another hit on the mound. plus, a scary moment for often of the a's starting pitchers. the raider nation, ready for some football. that and more in sports. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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and they will be major league baseball or bummer. very bad day for baseball here and around the league. and yet laura managed to find some highlights for your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. august has not been kind to tim lincecum. the cy young award winner is mired with 0-4 record and e.r.a. just below nine. that's when timmy had another shot at turning things around. he chose a new look to do it wearing the high socks last night. oakland set against the d'backs. they beat them in the last seven meetings. top one, lins coupcecum already jam. that ball is gone. right in. three-run jack. it's 3-0, d'backs. six inning, five hits, four earned run, four walks. struck out six. 4-0, arizona. kelly johnson just pouring it on
7:25 am
against jeremy. 6-0. lincecum takes his sixth straight loss. he's now 11-9 on the season. the as may not be blowing away the competition as a team but starting rotation. can't be beat. almost. oakland is down south exceeded all expectations for the season, setting records in the process and with a quality start last night from brett anderson, they get another. in arming on the, anderson facing the division leading rangers going for the 19th straight quality star which would be a record. down one. david murphy, the double to the opposite field. that's going to score two more rangers, 3-0, texas. not used to seeing this out of this staff. bottom two, scary moment for anderson. he gets his foot stuck in a divot in the mound. falls awkwardly. he would leave the game after two with mild hyperextension of his knee. not sure if he's going to miss the next one. but he is optimistic. the rangers get the win, 7-3.
7:26 am
a's 9 1/2 games back. the nationals not the only ones dealing with some bad news yesterday. all of baseball taking a hit. rookie phenom's season is over. likely also going to miss all of next season as well. the pitching sensation has a torn ligament in his right elbow. will likely need tommy john's surgery which will keep one of the most brightest and most exciting stars out to 12 to 18 months. kickoff to the regular season just over two weeks away but football season out in full swing in oakland yesterday. courtesy of the radar nation. they held their annual radar nation celebration in oakland yesterday afternoon. and out in pull force. all of the players and coaches made an appearance, much to the delight to the crowd of around 4,000 people. the annual event has been held at the coliseum in recent years, but you know a change of scenery. much like a change in personnel. yes, we're talking about you, jamarcus russell, never a bad thing. >> the oakland community, it's
7:27 am
great to have it here. at the coliseum it was fun. but having it here, it's right in the heart of the city. and the fans actually get to come around and see what we're doing and see the product that we're putting out. >> and the raiders and niners meet in the preseason later tonight. that's your morning look at sports. have a great day. coming up on "the bay area saturday", a live look at washington, d.c. where glenn beck is rallying for u.s. troops. the controversy over what he's saying and when he's saying it, just ahead. and fraternity row cra crackdown, hoe poli crackdown,.
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good morning to you. live look at downtown san jose. the italian fest kicks off at the river park around noontime today. always a good time. always good food. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez.
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"nbc bay area" meteorologist has a look at the forecast that is unusually cool for this time of year. >> good saturday morning to you. we're going to see areas of mist and patchy low clouds for the afternoon. breezy and unusually cool temperatures for this time of year. 60s and 70s for most of the bay area. yes, even a chance of seeing a few showers across the hilltops of the north bay. and those winds, 15 to 25 miles per hour as we head into the afternoon. so drizzle and a few spots for the morning, light showers on the coast. we'll see temperatures slowly climbing as we approach lunchtime. look at the numbers inland. 60s to low 70s. again, earlier in the week, 90s and 100 degree temperatures. nowhere near that today. best bet of seeing isolated showers. hilltops of the north bay. seven-day forecast will clear out tomorrow. warm up early next week. we continue to follow that developing story in oakland this morning where a fremont police officer remains in critical but stable condition after he was shot while serving a warrant in oakland.
7:31 am
a manhunt continues for this suspected gang member who shot him. the officer remains in intensive care at highland hospital this morning. he was shot twice in the pelvis and groin. and reportedly lost a large amount of blood. the hospital therefore is request that the community donate any blood of any type. a doctor describes the officer's injuries as extreme. >> his injuries were quite serious, quite -- they're life-threatening. he's in critical condition. and the surgery was rather extensive. he is in critical condition right now, but it's a touch and go situation. >> the officer was shot while trying to serve a warrant to this man. he is 20-year-old andrew barrietos of union city. he is 5'7" and 240 pounds with a tattoos on his arm and neck by the word of dakoto. he was already wanted on multiple crimes, including
7:32 am
evading police and alleged assault on the mother of his child. this is the last car,ity license plate of the last car he was seen in. it was a green four-door mazda 626 sedan which police say he carjacked shortly after the shooting. california license plate is 4nge548. police say if you see barrientos. give them a call. he is considered armed and dangerous. investigators are determining whether a decomposed body found in fremont canyon is that of a 27-year-old east palo alto man missing since february. alameda county sheriff's official say the body is likely that of lopez but it will take time to make a final determination. in february, police say lopez and his brother went to hayward residents where there was a large marijuana growing operation. investigators say when the brothers arrived they were attacked by armed men. lopez' brother escaped but was never found. they say it is unclear whether those brothers were looking to
7:33 am
buy drugs or looking to steal from the people at that house. san francisco police are dealing with a string of car break-ins happening in the quiet isolated neighborhoods. investigator says the suspect or suspects are bringing into a line of parked cars at the same block all at once. the break-ins are happening in the diamond heights and glen park neighborhoods in the city. the windows of the cars are being smashed to avoid having car alarms going off. then the thief or thieves are rummaging through the glove compartmecome pa partment. they're asking you to be extra aware of where you park your car. also contending with an unusual type of car theft. in the last two months someone has been stealing the catalytic converters. one theft happened on july 11th at harrison street. then on august 11th another happened. police say the targeted vehicles had elevated body frames, the kinds found on suvs and pickup
7:34 am
trucks. i thinkes that catalytic converters are worth money because of the metal. cal's frat row better be ready. they are teaming up to crack down on the throwdowns. police plan to patrol thursday through sunday every week. all part of an effort to reduce crime around campus and the southern part of the city. the stepped up patrols will look for underage drinking and also noisy parties. >> we believe that irresponsible drinking leads to situations where people get hurt. and that's primarily what we want to address. >> frat rojas gotten so rowdy that nearby residents filed a lawsuit back in 2004. still ahead on the "bay area saturday," hosed by the economy. san jose firefighters reject a city contract offer. how this could affect your neighborhood. and live pictures from washington, d.c. where radio
7:35 am
talk show host glenn beck is rallying for u.s. troops he says, his critics say that's not what he's doing. the controversy just ahead.
7:36 am
7:37 am
we're listening live to sarah palin as she addresses the crowd who is gathered for glenn beck's ceremony. take a listen for a moment. >> in the face of the one true god of justice, in honoring them we must not forget the ordinary men and women on whose shoulders -- >> talking about the men and women of the armed forces. those are the folks talk show host glenn beck says that he is rallying for in washington, d.c. he says it's all in honor of american troops. but it is the exact location and the exact day that is causing a st stir.
7:38 am
>> i have a dream. >> reporter: on the same day at the same spot where martin luther king spoke 40 years ago, glenn beck will lead a rally today honoring u.s. troops. >> it's not the date, it's the message. >> i'm here to help restore honor and faith and charity and to help freedom be preserved. >> i think it's a celebration of martin luther king's legacy. >> reporter: critics quebec's motive, a man who has called president obama a racist, tea partiers and sarah palin on the anniversary of the nation's most famous civil rights speech. >> why are you doing it on this day is trying to get your word out, are you trying to mock somebody? >> reporter: others call it a publicity stunt. >> part of what they do is to get people angry and they're into confrontation. it's nature of their business. >> reporter: around the same time reverend al sharpton will lead a march that ends nearby at the king memorial site. supporters say there's no
7:39 am
conflict. >> if this were a country who anybody had a dissent against popular opinion was not allowed to express that dissent, then that wouldn't be the american dream. >> reporter: and again, here's sarah palin. she's one of the folks who is speaking at the glenn beck rally. again thanks all say that it is because they want to honor u.s. troops but we will have to wait and see how it all shakes out. organizers say they expect 100,000 people at the rally that is called "restoering honor." police are ready in case anything goes south with the end of combat action days ahead ending. president obama will have a weekly radio address. >> he's sovereign, independent nation, iraq is free to chart its own course. and by the end of next year, all of our troops will be home. as we mark the end of america's combat mission in iraq --
7:40 am
>> the president will mark the occasion in an address to the nation tuesday night from the oval office, but as we mentioned earlier he's going to be in new orleans tomorrow speaking on the anniversary of katrina. so busy week for the president. still ahead on the "bay area saturday," beyond the red carpet. emmys tomorrow. we'll take you behind the scenes as workers prepare for the hottest after-party.
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7:42 am
record-busting heat and now this, a cooldown and maybe even some rain for some of us. nbc bay area meteorologist has a look at the forecast. >> good saturday morning once again. we have interesting weather to wrap up what has been a record breaking week of weather around the bay area. first the heat and then things cooled off. now a chance of isolated showers for the afternoon. best bet of this will be mainly north of the golden gate to not a lot of moisture for the system but it will bring breezy and cool temperatures by august standards around the bay area. good news for air quality. the winds, we have no problems
7:43 am
in terms of ground level ozone straight on through the weekend, air quality looking good. here's the culprit to the strange twist in the weather. providing extra lift to the clouds. at least for the morning giving us chance to see drizzle and few spots. as the system slides its way into the sierra and off to the east towards nevada, the lifting action in the upper atmosphere, the moisture out there we might see some isolated showers. good bet of that in the sierra where the snow levels is as low as 8,000 feet. i do think areas towards the north bay may see an isolated shower. now, for sunday, we'll start to clear out. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, high pressure builds back in which means temperatures will climb the opposite of that strong sea breeze. we'll see temperatures warming up. cool condition on the coast. 80s and low 90s popping up once again as early as tuesday. in the meantime, breezy and mild for your start of the weekend. look at the numbers. as we go hour by hour, around lunchtime, 60s and 70s inland.
7:44 am
not warming up past that. breezy and cool. heading out to the sporting events or concerts this evening, you are going to want a nice sweatshirt or jacket. 72, san jose. 64 around san francisco. and 67 for oakland. so, a little blustery for your saturday afternoon. sunday, we'll start to see head off to the east. i still think it's going to be cool by august standards by sunday afternoon. certainly by monday and tuesday, things improve. we warm up a little on the warm to hot side inland as you approach the middle parts of the week. that's your weekend forecast. try to enjoy a somewhat windy saturday. >> no problem. well, glamour and glitsz are part of the emmys, a big part, i would say, and a big part of the night's after parties as well. this morning we have a sneak peek behind the scenes. the scene reportedly is tarzan and jane meets palm beach. why not, right? organizers say 1500 of hollywood's elite are in for a
7:45 am
fantastic night of entertainment after being at the entertainment awards ceremony. >> we're going to have percussionists and dancers and then we're going to have surprise vocalist. >> i was going to sigh who. because one year i came and it was ckanye west and john legend >> it will be food. it will be fun. no clues, no. >> the project has been in the making for months. organizers began brainstorming back in january right after the golden globes. watch it here, right here on nbc bay area tomorrow. live broadcast of the 62nd prime time emmy awards starts at 5:00 in the evening. if you miss the show you can catch our rebroadcast at 8:00. and, of course, don't miss "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. still ahead, the classroom crunch. the problems teachers in the bay area school district faces this year.
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7:48 am
say good-bye to the 20 students to 1 teacher ratio and say hello to 30 plus students in class. that's the bay area as they pack in the students in the classrooms to deal with budget cuts. ignoring class size comes at a cost. nbc bay area's tom sinkovitz shows us how they are scrambling to get around it. >> reporter: from lining up students for class to making sure they sit still during story time, life for a kindergarten teacher is challenging. >> the biggs conceest concern ig to accommodate all of their needs. >> reporter: and that is getting more difficult as class sizes get bigger, much bigger. the san jose unified school district is one of the first in the state to ask for and receive a waiver. that waiver allows the district to increase class sizes to up t
7:49 am
33 students in grades k-6, without facing a financial penalty. >> this year already in 2010, we've done 59, 59 requests in to come to the boards. >> compare that to 2009 when there were only five requests. and before that, none. san jose is one of four districts in the bay area to request a class size waivers. the and the state board of education sees this as just the beginning. >> if the fiscal situation doesn't improve, i think it's just going to get worse. and we'll get big droves of them. >> reporter: as lower elementary in san jose, teachers and principals are adjusting to what they call the new normal, teachers still give students one-on-one time. but in ann marie swanson's case that time is measured in seconds, not minutes. >> it's really very minimal. it just takes so much more time when you've got 30 kids and fitting them in the room, it's a
7:50 am
struggle. >> reporter: that's when teachers turn to moms and dads to try and help out. the more involved the parents, the more successful the students. >> if the parents don't have the opportunity or time or willingness to support their students, then it becomes more of a challenge for the student to keep up. >> reporter: for now the state is keeping up with the waiver requests approving everyone. but it does not expect to allow any district to go above 33 students in an elementary classroom. at least not for now. tom sinkovitz, nbc bay area news. san jose firefighters say no to the proposed pay cuts that could save their jobs. it means 49 firefighters laid off next month not be coming back. firefighters are not willing to budge, neither is the city and that will mean longer response time for you as home owner in san jose. the issue now goes to outside arbitration and may not be resolved until november. of course, we will keep our eye on this one for you. just in, the mega millions
7:51 am
winning lotto ticket was sold. the sole winner of $133 million. check your ticket it is you bought one there. we'll be right back with our pet of the week.
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let's just get it out of our system already and say, ah, bugsy, he's so cute. bugsy is really cute. we heard a collective aw. >> he is a doll. he's just one of the softest, sweetest little puppies. about 14 weeks. learning how to walk on a leash and harness. just like a little sponge absorbing everything in his univer universe. >> so cute. ready for adoption. he has a great personality. so give us the folks a call if you are interested. is their website. thank you for joining us today, lisa. and the rest of you as well.
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have a nice hot cup of coffee. it is going to be a cool morning. don't forget. hey, everybody, welcome to this segment of greenovation on nbc bay area. h is where we highlight green companies making a real difference. >> we've got a good one for you today. energy conscious and you can save money on those ac bills. joining me is garrett harwood. he is the ceo of eagle shield. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. >> now, quickly, you guys are insulation company, right? >> well, we're -- we're a one-stop energy store. we do a host of things. but our primary business is reflective insulation. that seems to be the one thing that does the most benefit for homeowners today. >> we're going to get to this in a minute. i want to show you.
7:55 am
this is what you can have surrounding the inside of your house, right? this is your insulation. >> yes. what this is, it's the same technology that nasa designed to insulate in space and every astronaut uniform and spacecraft. what we do is when we put this in homes, it reflects 9 7% of the unwanted heat in the summer and reflects 97% of the wanted heat back in in the winter, translates up to a 44% savings off your heating or cooling costs and it makes you up to 8 to 10 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. >> now you're speaking my language. you brought another cool toy. not a toy, though. >> $9,000 toy. >> $9,000 toy. >> with this, you perform energy audits. >> yes, we do. this is a high performance thermoimaging camera. it's the same thing the military uses to find people behind brick walls, concrete buildings. >> senses heat. >> what it does, is a typical camera is 1008 pixels, this is over a million.
7:56 am
what this does is i can find heat loss, ventilation, mold issues. we assess under our 15-point energy audit in your home your pool pumps, hvac, energy leak wanlg, we assess everything and provide a printout to all of our customers of exactly what's happening in their home. they get that information. >> there's an offer related to this that i need to be tell you about in a few minutes. first, i want to talk to you deeper about what this energy audit is. you walk around. you point the gun. where is so of the problem areas in your house? where are you losing heat? >> 80% of all heat loss is in the ceiling. makes sense. in the winter time, heat rises. that's why cats sleep on the roof. in the summertime, it's cool outside and all day long your roof and insulation is soaking up heat. so we use this to assess the full envelope of the home, but the primary energy loss in a building is the attic. >> is that right? >> yes, it is. >> you find out how much heat
7:57 am
you're losing. you know, then you can -- if you want to -- put in insulation, right? >> correct. >> the thing that i think is important for people to understand at home is this can save you a lot of money because you're not having to jack up the ac. i've done some research on you. i've done my homework. i want to wreath read a testimonial. debbie says that she's noticed a couple hundred dollars? >> yeah. >> per month. >> we hear that all the time. >> in her pg&e bill that she saved after she installed the reflective insulation. a couple hundred bucks a month? >> yes. that's common. >> it starts paying back pretty soon, i imagine. >> yes. >> i mentioned there was an offer involved here, folks. the energy audit that garrett at eagle shield can come to your house is up to a $1200 value. but you are giving away -- >> for your viewers, absolutely free. >> i like that. >> yes. you negotiated with us. and what we've done, energy audits range from $350 up to $1200 based upon size and square footage of home. we're waive that fee for your
7:58 am
viewers for calling our toll free number right now. that's 1-800-88-eagle or go to our website, and mention nbc and you get it waived right now. >> and the best part, call now. first 200 callers. >> for the first 200 callers that call right now we can only do up to 200. you're going to receive a free space-age water heater blanket. that's valued at $250. we're waiving that fee just for scheduling and having an energy audit performed, you're doing to get that energy audit for free, forle calling right now. and we do that energy audit, normally range $350 to $1200. we're going to perform that audit for your viewers absolutely free. >> folks, call now. thanks for being with us here, eagle shield. give them a call. 1-800-88-eagle. see you next time here on "greenovation" on nbc bay area.
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