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tv   Today  NBC  May 19, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. schwartzenegger's double life. new details emerge about his affair and secret son five days after. why did it all come to light now? did schwarzenegger help his mistress pay for a house, and what's next for the boy at the center of the scandal? we'll talk to the reporter who broke the story. >>mpelled to resign, the powerful banker jailed on sex assault charges in new york steps down as the head of the international monetary fund overnight as more women come forward with more startling stories with the man known as the great seducer. and hold the phone on
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millions of iphone and ipad users being overcharged on one of the largest carriers. phantom charges that could impact 20 million customers today, thursday, may 19, 2011. impact 20 million customers today, thursday, may 19, 2011. captions paid for by captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. we're learning a little more about arnold schwarzenegger, his mistress and the relationship they had with the family. >> her name is mildred baena. she worked as a housekeeper. her and maria's son were born five days apart. mouch contact did the families have over the years? what led the former governor to reveal the secret he kept hidden in plain sight for 13 years? we'll have the latest straight ahead. also straight ahead, the final message from osama bin
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laden recorded just days before his death, released by al qaeda overnight. he called on muslims for an islamic revolution. we will be live with details on that story. and a story with parents and kids in college you'll want to see. you'll hear from two students who say they were sexually assaulted. they say when they reported the crimes, the stories were swept under the road. >> we begin with new details on the schwarzenegger scandal. peter alexander is out in santa monica this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. arnold schwarzenegger has not said one word publicly when this scandal broke. he is working on his return to hollywood as an action hero but right now there is a media storm swirling around him and his family about another role that he kept secret for more than 13
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years. this is mildred baena. baena worked as a housekeeper who worked for schwarzenegger and their family. she shared good times with them and their children in the mansion. two sources close to schwarzenegger and shriver confirm that baena, the maid has shared a secret with schwarzenegger since 1997, that the former california governor is the father of her 13-year-old son. when she became pregnant in 1997 friends and family reportedly assumed her husband was the father. the baby was born just five days after schwarzenegger and shriver's youngest child was born. although nbc news is not showing images of the boy, as he grew oerld older, his resemblance raised speculation as to the paternity. >> we're still trying to figure out how he was able to conceal this child and his relationship
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to this child for 13 years. >> reporter: when shriver and schwarzenegger first announced their separation last week, it was the times that broke the story. as reporters worked their stories they discovered the secret at the heart of the couple's friction and confronted schwarzenegger. >> my sense of it is that around schwarzenegger has not been forthcoming unless he's been forced to brink it. >> reporter: her own petition for divorce raises more questions about the identity of her child's father. in the documents she indicates she had no minor children with her husband. when baena retired she moved with her son to this home in bakersfield, where some neighbors were already aware of the possible connection to her former employer. >> the boy and also the realtor had told us she had worked for arnold schwarzenegger. >> reporter: now she's gone from the quiet life to the glare of the national spotlight.
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>> the woman worked in the house for 20 years and reported to maria. i mean she directly worked under arnold but reported to maria. >> reporter: since released, schwarzenegger has been ducking paparazzi and denying requests for interviews. meanwhile shriver has hired a divorce attorney laura wasser. the only public appearance she has made was tuesday at the final taping of one of oprah's talk shows scheduled to air next week. while she never mentioned her husband by name, shriver seemingly took a jab at schwarzenegger when she told oprah you show love, support, wisdom, and most of all, the truth. and we are hearing again from one of their children. their eldest who retweeted a note on twitter from "the
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notebook." it says, matt, everything happens for a reason. the hard part is finding out what that reason is. matt? >> peter alexander out in california this morning. peter, thank you very much. robin, who you saw in peter's piece, is one of the writers for the "los angeles times" who broke this story. robin, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> was this the result of just a rand see you. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> was this the result of just a random tip, or is this a result of the reporting that you guys did after the story of maria and arnold's separation got out? >> well, actually it's part and parcel of the same story. we received a tip. my colleague, a long-time veteran political reporter got the tip that the couple had separated and we began working that tip, and we were able to confirm it and the couple released their statement confirming it. and then we understood that there was something more to the story, and we began investigating that and using, i have to say, good old-fashioned shoe leather reporting. we were able to confirm that there was, in fact, a child with
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the former household staff member, and we brought the information to schwarzenegger, and he confirmed it to us. >> i think we should talk about the way in which these two dealt with each other. you look at some of photos we've already shown there, dancing at one party, they're posing in front of a christmas tree at another. what have you learned about the relationship they had publicly at least? >> you know what, that is something that we actually do not know much about. it's obviously somebody who works in your home in that kind of intimate setting for 20 years is going to have a history with the family, and certainly a photographic history, although we've chosen not to publish any photographs or chosen not to identify the woman or the child. i think it's things we'll be learning about as the time goes on, but at the moment, i think it's a lot of speculation and anonymous sources being quoted
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by other publications right now. >> do you have any information that this was a long-term long-standing intimate relationship, or was this a shorter relationship that simply resulted in a pregnancy? >> we don't know that. we don't have the answer to that. clearly it was a long-standing relationship only by virtue of the fact that this was a long-time housekeeper who told us when we knocked on her door that she had retired after 20 years and had left on good terms. >> and do you have any indication that that perhaps is not a complete story, that there was some event that ruptured this relationship and forced her out of that house, or was this simply a 20-year mark that she decided to retire on? >> well, you know, she says that that is the case, and the schwarzeneggers say that is the case, at least in their public pronouncement so far. it's hard to know. i mean there's so much speculation around it. these are things we will be
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learning, i think, in the coming weeks as the store is pursued. >> i want to take you back to 2003 to "los angeles times." did some extensive reporting on situations involving then candidate schwarzenegger and women and groping. you got a lot of heat for your reporting. it was called a political hatchet job. i think you lost subscribers. in some ways, eight years later, do you and folks at the paper feel vindicated? >> you know, it's funny that you would ask that. i think vindication is the wrong word. we don't feel vindicated. we don't feel not vindicated. we feel at the time we published the allegations in 2003 they were important, they were verified. many of the women stepped forward and allowed us to use their names. there was no question to us that he was a serial sexual groper at
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the least, and the fact the timing was so close to the election was simply to the fact of a compressed election cycle. vindication is not what we're in it for because we always believed at the time they were true stories and we happened to deal with some fallout. robin abcarian. robin, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> here's meredith. now on the latest of the case of dominique strauss-kahn. the powerful banker held on sexual assault charges here in new york. overnight he resigned as chief of the international monetary fund and we're learning more about complaints made against him by other women. nbc's michelle kosinski is in paris with more details. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. today we see for the first time the police mug shot of the man who was poised to possibly be the next president of france and who was the head of the imf. early this morning dominique strauss khan tendered his resignation, writing to the board that he does so with "infinite sadness" and that he
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denies with the greatest possible firmness all of the allegations against hem. today in new york his lawyers will be in court trying to, again, have him released on $1 million cash bail. they're hoping for house arrest, electronic monitoring, even though they won't know until tomorrow whether or not he is indicted. now that the grand jury has heard from his accuser. here in france there is something of a deluge. multiple women coming forward to talk about their own alleged unpleasant experiences with strauss khan. the american public's first knowledge of dominique strauss-kahn, one of the most powerful men in the world, was here, at his worst. but in france his reputation as a great seducer was hardly a secret. >> he's always been known as a womanizer, but mostly through rumors, not verified stories. >> reporter: this young journalist made this stunning public claim four years ago that strauss-kahn in 2002 first insisted on holding her hand.
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then she claims he attacked her. she said back then we fought on the floor. it was not just a few slaps. i kicked him. he tried to undo my bra and my jeans. i said rape to him to frighten him, and he didn't seemed frightened at all. she said he attacked her like a chimpanzee in heat. strauss-kahn's spokesperson denied the charges. another said strauss can had aggressively repeatedly offered her interviews in exchange for sex which she declined. a socialist politician claims he groped her. strauss-kahn admitted to a one-night affair three years ago with a subordinate who described him as coercing her and having continue including reports that a hotel maid in mexico had claimed he assaulted her. >> a lot of women are talking to each other, you know, in the political circles, in the media
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circles saying they were witness of -- they had encounters with him where they could sense he was an aggressive womanizer. >> reporter: but in a city where flirtation is almost a part of the scenery -- >> as long as it's not illegal, then it's his private life. >> reporter: such things are often it's brushed aside. >> it's good for the woman. it's good for them to speak on the sexual harassment. >> reporter: a popular on-line journalist asked why they didn't talk about his private life. that this ought to be a lesson. >> the french are opening a conversation about what is private and public. >> he has become the symbol of france and perhaps what even is wrong with france. >> reporter: there's not a great feeling here to see that there might have been signs that there could have been a real problem
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there, but people either didn't take it seriously or were afraid to do so. and now france is asking that question that seems we in the u.s. have asked way too many times recently, that for such a brilliant, successful man if it happened the way his accuser says it did, how could he have risked everything for that? meredith? >> thank you very much. it is 7:14, and once again here is matt. >> meredith, thank you very much. u.s. intelligence officials are poring over what was likely osama bin laden's final message to the world. it was released by al qaeda overnight. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in cairo, egypt, with details. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it was an audio recording released by al qaeda's official media wing, and it appears to be fairly recent and may have been made even as the cia was watching bin laden's compound. it could be the last message osama bin laden made before he was killed by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s. in the audiotape presumably recorded in pakistan, bin laden
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hails this year's arab revolts that toppled regimes in egypt and threatened middle east leaders from libya to yemen. to the muslim world we watch this great historic event, and we share your joy and delight. congratulation on your victories, said a voice that was apparently bin laden's. osama bin laden may have been trying to jump on the bandwagon of the popular revolutions and make himself more relevant. al qaeda had no part in the arab revolt which had been largely secular. in the audiotape bin laden encourages muslims to transform their street protests into an islamic revolution. there was a great rare and historic opportunity to raise the muslim world and be liberated from enslavement to the wishes of rulers and manmade laws in the western domination, he said. take advantage of it and destroy the idols and statues and
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establish justice and faith but the arab leaders are showing little interest in the dead al qaeda leader's message. the audiotape was broadcast on al jazeera, but only 20 minutes into its programming. the news wasn't followed by analysts or guests. for most people in the middle east, bin laden missed the revolutions, which made his strategy and message of political change through terrorism increasingly irrelevant. most people in this part of the world, matt, don't want bin laden to be associated in any way with the ongoing revolutions. matt? >> richard engel in cairo. thank you very much. >> now let's get a look at the rest of the top stories from ann curry. good morning. >> good morning. we begin with a rare ray of hope in flooding crisis along the banks of the mississippi river. the army corps of engineers says it's unlikely the floodwaters will go over a levee that has been safeguarding tens of thousands of acres of farmland near vicksburg, mississippi, but there's no reprieve for those
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who have been flooded already. crested floodwaters are expected to linger through the weekend. a close call just after vice president joe biden's plane landed on monday in chicago's o'hare airport is now under investigation. two passenger planes came within 300 feet of colliding in mid air above the runway. an air traffic supervisor stepped in with just seconds to spare to prevent a collision. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords is recovering today after surgery. they replaced part of they are skull with an implant. meantime shooting suspect jared loughner's college has been ordered to release some 200 e-mails released about him in the lead-up to his suspension. federal investigators are searching for the cause of a fiery plane crash last night in point la gun aifl air station in southern california. officials say that a civilian tanker plane crashed after takeoff and burst into flames. all three crew members survived, however, with minor injuries. the mothers of two u.s.
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hikers detained in iran began a hunger strike today. shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested in 2009 while hiking along the iranian border with iraq and their trial has been delayed indefinitely. finally you can lead a horse to a train station but you can't make him ride. caught on a surveillance camera in wales, a man and his horse tried to board a rail. the two stood in line for a ticket, took the elevator to the barn and waited patiently for the train. the conductor, can you believe it, turned the horse away, leaving the pair to hoof it on their own. >> oh. >> it is now 18 past the hour. matt, meredith, and al -- the horse is like, what, i've got to carry you now. >> it's a little bizarre. >> you can put a dog on.
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z day. we've got 3 to 4 inches. we do have, though, an expectation of about 1 to 2 inches, especially parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york. we've got a risk of strong storms from san angelo up to hastings, nebraska, and possibility of a lot of hail and rain, 1 to 2 inches in that region. that's what's going on aroun good morning to you. boy, we have been waiting for the dry, warmer weather. it is going to be here today. it's going to kick in throughout your weekend and into next week. high pressure is the reason why. 70s today. 72 degrees in santa rosa. 72 in santa cruz. upper 60s along the coast this morning. san francisco hit 69 degrees. the good news is no more rain in the forecast. the skies will be completely
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cleared this afternoon. we are going to hold on to the upper 70s tomorrow. down to 70. cooler for the weekend. the worst mining disaster in 40 years killed 20 miners in the uf per branch wine in west virginia. an investigate or is set to release his report on what happened and why. good morning to you. >> meredith, good morning to you. this is one of three investigations. the other two are criminal. this report is described to me as a scathing indictment of the couple's negligence and the failure of the feds and authorities to act in time. the tragedy from april 5, 2010 still echoes through west virginia coal country. 29 husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and uncles died that day. tommy davis lost his son, a brother and a nephew. >> why? why did it happen? somebody tell me. why am i not coming home, seeing
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my son on my couch? >> reporter: federal investigators believe a buildup of coal dust and poor equipment triggered the blast that could suggest company negligence. but they also say methane gas could be the cause. they had racked up hundreds of safety violations. stanley stewart escaped the blast. >> in your view, was this a safe line? >> no. no. no, i can't say it was a safe mine. >> several miners have told investigators they had to tip off company managers when federal safety inspectors arrived above ground. >> when they called the mine office and the mine office was called underground, they told all the sections they had an inspector on the property. >> mine security chief huey stouffer is facing federal charges to making false statements to investigators and obstruction of justice. he's pleaded innocent.
7:22 am
now, after 300 interviews, the governor's special investigator is set to release his report on the explosion. he's already said the evidence doesn't support the company's expectation. meanwhile, amid criminal investigations, manager don blankenship suddenly retired last summer. the company has offered $3 million to each of the dead person's families. >> there's no reason why 29 men lost their lives. it just should not have happened. >> the upper big branch mine remains closed. it will stay that way. meanwhile, massey energy is being acquired by another company. meredith? >> thank you very much. coming up, what is next for the boy arnold schwarzenegger fathered with his household name? we'll have much more on that scandal and the fallout. but first, this
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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the courthouse with the details. >> plus just ahead, what caused the casey anthony trial to come to a stop. [ man ] i've seen beautiful things. ♪ i've seen the sunrise paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪ but the most beautiful thing i've ever seen
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was the image on a screen that helped our doctor see my wife's cancer was treatable. [ male announcer ] ge technologies help doctors detect cancer early so they can save more lives. bringing better health to more people. ♪ good morning. it is 7:26 now. i'm marla tellez. mountain view bay's linked inopened this morning at $83 a share. it's higher than the original price of $45. the ceo rang the opening bell of the new york stock change where linked in will trade as lnkd. we continue to follow a developing story in oakland. a double shooting.
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christie smith is live with an update for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. investigators are here after an officer involved shooting here in east oakland. it happened near the police car where the police officer is getting in now. we have calls into police that confirm one suspect died in this officer involved shooting. now, they are saying two have died. the circumstances police are not saying. we know there was a warrant served or information to police that something violent would happen in the area. they ran into three people and two ended upshot. a third person, they found in a backyard here after a long search. they also tell us that weapons were recovered. again, we have calls into police this morning to try to fish out the details of how this happened. that's the latest here. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay.
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big changes in the weather department. christina loren, what can you tell us? >> we are more on tap for you today. 49 in concord, 50 in hayward. grab a jacket on the way out the front door. this is where we are headed throughout the day. mid to upper 70s. 77 degrees. 72 in santa rosa. more mild in the city. 69 degrees in san francisco. hey, it's a great day in the city. for the weekend, we hold on to the 70s. back to you, marla. >> thank you, christina. the "today" show returns in a few minutes. we'll be back at 7:56.
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so you get the savings. you know, the smartest fashionistas-- are really maxxinistas! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 19th of may, 2011. around 60 degrees out on the plaza right now. the wet weather, seems like it's coming to an end, although we have reports that we could see showers over the next day or so in nyc. thanks to these people for stopping by. inside the studio i'm matt lauer alongside meredith sierra. what was the so-called private matter that led a judge to abruptly adjourn the proceedings on wednesday? we'll be live with details on that. plus, if you own an iphone or ipad, you may want to take a
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closer look at your bill. you could be getting overcharged on your data plan, even in the middle of the night even if you aren't using your devices. we'll explain coming up. we'll put the double standards when it comes to gray hair. does it make older men and women look more distinguished? >> what's your opinion? >> i think women look great in gray hair and men don't necessarily look more distinguished. >> great answer. good. we begin this half hour with more on the schwarzenegger scandal and the son he fathered with their maid. miguel is in los angeles. good morning to you. >> meredith, good morning. arnold schwarzenegger has acknowledged his infidelity and that he fathered a son only in a written statement. they used to be california's first family, arnold schwarzenegger, maria shriver,
7:32 am
and their four children. but this week another woman and another child entered the picture. she's mildred baena, housekeeper for schwarzenegger and shriver for 20 years. the boy is the former governor's secret son, now 13 years old. >> who a parent is affects a child's identity. le so if this child for the first time is finding out who his father is, it's really going to change how he experiences himself. >> reporter: tmz has obtained pictures with schwarzenegger and baena. supposedly he's supported both she and her son from the start. the former governor lives with shriverer and their children in this mansion. baena and her son lived in this much more modest $268,000 home some 100 miles away. the city of bakersfield is in brentwood. >> it be very common for this
7:33 am
child to look over to his half siblings and say why did they get to live in a house with their father? why did they get to live this particular kind of lifestyle? >> reporter: outside the bakersfield home, plenty of media, but no sign of former governor's son or the boy's mother. neighbors here say they've seen the teenager but never schwarzenegger. >> the boy, he is -- he seems very well liked. he's very, very polite. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> reporter: he's a business tycoon. his net worth estimated at more than $200 million. by all accounts they lead a l e lavish lifestyle but you won't find his name on the boy's birth certificate. it's unclear how much he financially supports them. >> i think the support order
7:34 am
will provide for the child at a level that will be consistent with the children of maria shriver and of arnold schwarzenegger. >> reporter: as governor arnold schwarzenegger often spoke of family values, but for now he shared very little about the son he secretly faerd. schwarzenegger's son with baena is 13 years old, and according to his birth certificate, he was born five days after the son of maria shriver and schwarzenegger's son christopher. it's unclear what kind of relationship the children have with one another. meredith? >> thank you very much. lynn goldman is a family and law attorney. good morning to both ow you. lynn, if i could start with you, in schwarzenegger's public statement, he referred to the birth of his son with his housekeeper as an event. when i heard that, i thought that's a very cold way to put what happened in his life as an
7:35 am
event. but from a purely legal point of view, what is his responsibility when it comes to this? >> the interesting thing is every case is fact-specific. it depends on the facts. she did not list him as the father. under california law, if you're going to challenge paternity, you've got to do it within two years. and the child was born to an intact marriage. but as the facts are now known, apparently her husband left her right after the child was born, so is that an intact marriage or not? and whether north he's ever going to assert paternity because the child had a father, a father that she was married to. >> but is this boy entitled to any of arnold's estate simply because he's his biological son? >> no. that would be a state question but probably not. children are not automatically entitlet l tled to the estate. >> could he cut that off if he wanted to? >> let me tell you what i know. i don't know, but i think.
7:36 am
i'm sure there was some kind of a contract that he signed with the mother a which prevent heard from coming forward all these years while he was running for governor. so there's probably something in there that requires certain moneys to be paid. whether or not she could ever get a separate child support order, i don't thing so, but i bet you there's a contract and i bet he's living up to it. >> we've been talking about the financial and legal issues here, but let's talk about the emotional issues for this boy who was 13, going on 14 years of age. we don't know what he knows at this point. he may be being sheltered. he may not be. obviously he's going to be c confused. what is the emotional impact going to be on him? >> i think these are very important issues that we have to o talk about because this boy is probably going to be confused. i'm almost 100% sure that no one has prepared him for this day, and being thrown out into the world as the son of someone like arnold schwarzenegger is a big deal. it has a big impact. this child probably has a life
7:37 am
that's contained and safe, and he's well liked, and he's polite, as they say, and now all of a sudden he's got a spotlight on him. there's going to be a lot of feelings, a lot of anger, a lot of disappointment, and a lot of confusion for him. >> eventually they're going reveal his face. how do you help this boy prevent the kind of scarring that you're referring to? >> i think the most important thing is the parents are on the same page, that the mother is aware of what the impacts are going to be on her son and get him to be able to talk to somebody and be able to see what role he's going to play in the life of arnold and his current family and how to integrate, if there's going to be an integration. these siblings now have a step brother. how they go forward is going to be very important. >> if arnold were to request custody from the mother, does he have a leg to stand on? >> under the law as i read it, i
7:38 am
don't think so. the man who's the father is on the birth certificate. by the way, i don't know why this woman has a facebook page with the boy's face on it because as the doctor correctly points out, you don't want to do it. and she's done it. so i don't think he's going to go for custody and i don't think there's going to be an integration with the family. what about the other four kids, maria's children? >> it's certainly a sad story. thank you so much. charles sophy, thank you. now let's get a check of the weather. >> good morning. thank you so much, meredith. good to see you. you came all the way to escape the great floochld is everything good back home? >> the water is pretty high. we hope everybody survives and all their belongings are safe. >> we do too. let's chk your weather. afternoon highs today getting up in the 90s in southern texas, 0 80s through the gulf coast. we show you we do have a risk of
7:39 am
strong storms, texas all the way up into nebraska. sunshine up and down the east coast. high advisories along california. ra well, it's kind of a mild start over the bay area. good morning to you. we are headed toward the mid to upper 70s. it's coolish in san francisco for the first part of the day. you, too, will climb toward 69 degrees under abundant sunshine. it's a beautiful day. watch for a building breeze for the second half of the day. temperatures stand strong. i think we are going to see the 70s saturday and upper 60s sunday. time of the day or night. go to the weather channel on cable, online. matt? >> thank you very much. there's been an ongoing surprise in the case of the kati
7:40 am
anthony murder triechl kerry sanders is in clearwater, florida. kerry, why did they put a stop to everything? >> reporter: good morning, matt. it is a mystery. they're saying nothing. jose baez issued a statement after the abrupt endings, he said, this is strictly a private matter and he's trying to put an end to the speculation that a plea deal is in the works. on day nine of jury trial selection, 25-year-old casey anthony, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee anthony sat at the defense table without her attorney jose baez. the judge cryptically then asked another lawyer on the team a question. >> mr. mason, have you had an opportunity to discuss the matter with ms. anthony? >> i have, your honor. >> okay. anything you need to add? >> no. >> okay. this court will be in recess until 8:30 tomorrow morning. >> reporter: defense attorney
7:41 am
would not reveal what that secret matter is. >> any comment at all, cheney, what it is? >> reporter: tone jose baez released a statement. today's adjustment was due to a private matter. please stop the speculation. former attorney kaufman. >> the door remains open. >> reporter: it's taken some unusual modern-day twists. >> do not, and i repeat, do not use any type of electronic devices, houston astros. including tweeting, texting, blogging, or any other means at all. >> reporter: while no jurors' faces are shown on camera and their names are protected in open court -- >> who are you? >> ms. 1312. >> reporter: they know the names of the potential jurors and their online lives that most
7:42 am
thought would remain quiet are not. >> did you ever tweet cops in florida are idiots and completely useful? >> yes, i did. >> this is on your facebook page? >> yeah. >> reporter: lawyers have near instant access to questions. like one man said he had never been arrested before until the defense produced a mug shot. >> is this a photograph of you, sir? >> is that a crime? >> when someone goes to your facebook page or your twitter account or at myspace or googles you online, they're going to find what they think is all about you, and the more they know about you, the better it's going to be to help them determine how you might rule in their case. >> reporter: we'll know more about this delay later this morning. meantime they're under pressure to get this jury selected. they have 11 jurors. eed 12 plus alternates, although the judge says he'll take less than the eight he initially want. the pressure? they have to have it wrapped up
7:43 am
by saturday because the courtroom they're using hereby will not be available next week. if they don't have enough jurors they'll have to move to another city to continue picking jurors. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a consumer warning for ipad and iphone users. are you being hit with phantom s.s whs. millions of customers need to know right after this. r. not a big fan of hoops. that's why i have the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. we get 1% cash back on every purchase. there's no limit to the amount of cash back i can earn. and the rewards -- yes. won't expire. bankamericard cash rewards. 1% cash back. no hoops to jump through. nice and simple. just the way i like it. [ male announcer ] the refreshingly simple bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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7:47 am
ipads. they say they found that at&t systematically overstated amount of data use on virtually every transaction. that can add up to overcharges for millions of consumers. whenever you check a website, download an app, or play a game, you use data, and it's counted against your monthly data limit. lisa and mike stuart, a four-iphone family chose the smallest at not data plan for mike because he doesn't use his phone that much. within days he was surprised to find he'd exceeded his limit, generating an your charge. >> $15 additional charge. >> reporter: even more surprising, what some call phantom charges. >> there's unusual activity on the bill in the middle of the night when we're all sleeping. >> charges. >> they're data charges. >> reporter: the class action lawsuit accuses at&t of systematically overcharging customers. >> well, it's like a rigged gas
7:48 am
pump where when you go to the gasoline station and you ask for a gallon of gas, you only get nine-tenths. >> reporter: we asked john davis, a computer engineer, who isn't involved in the lawsuit, to show us how much data is downloaded when you click on various sites. >> click on msnbc. it's a big deal larger than the google website. >> reporter: and most news sites are going to be larger, are they not, in terms of data usage? >> yes, they will be. >> reporter: ow, charlie. ow. >> reporter: click on a youtube video and it uses even more data. for this lawsuit an independent person was used. they compared it with the bill from at&t. they say they found that at&t systematically overstated data usage by 7% to 14%, sometimes as much as 300%.
7:49 am
did you find overcharges on every single transaction? >> yes. every single one. >> reporter: did you ever find an instance where the discrepancy worked to the benefit of the customer? >> never. always an overcharge. never an undercharge. >> reporter: to test for those phantom charges the lawsuit says the engineer bought a new iphone, disabled everything that might trigger data usage, and let the phone sit for ten days, on but untouched. when the bill came in, there were charges for 35 different transactions. >> it's like someone coming in and stealing those minutes away from you. they're just robbing the time from your plan. >> reporter: at&t says the allegations are without merit and reflect a misunderstanding of houda ta is consume and billed. for example, the company says some apps have software that runs in the background or is automatically updated which may use data that consumer isn't
7:50 am
aware of. now, the lawyers acknowledge that the extra money this may be costing each customer is small, perhaps $10 to $15 a month, but they argue with 20 million iphone and ipad customers, that's big money for at&t. now, the company says most customers do not incur charges for exceeding their limits. meredith? >> lisa myers, thank you very much. and still ahead, an inside look at the life of children of hoarders, but first these messages. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:56 now. i'm marla tellez. we now know what killed the berkeley man who died while hiking yosemite falls. an autopsy released shows the 34-year-old died from a heart attack and not from a fall last week. early reports suggested he may have tripped and hit his head on a rock. he was a popular sioux chef for san francisco's millennium restaurant and an avid hiker. a memorial will be held in la fayette. uc is handing out grim news. tuition is going up for the next five years. the best scenario, an 8% increase every year.
7:57 am
the worst case, that increase would be 20% a year. our sharks, they got hammered last night. they lost game two of the series against vancouver by a score of 7-3. they are down two games to none. game three tomorrow night at hb pavilion. now, we are going to check the better forecast with christina. good morning. >> good morning. lots of improvement in the forecast. we are in the 50s this morning. 51 in oakland. 50 in san francisco. this is where we are headed for the afternoon. clouds for the first part of the day. the clouds will high tail it out by 4:00 p.m. mostly clear conditions. abundant sunshine. 69 degrees in the city. elsewhere, mid to upper 74s. 75 in fair feld. 76 degrees in los gatos. good news, the weekend is right around the corner. >> just around the corner, more cars and slowing on 101 and 280.
7:58 am
237 westbound an accident moved to the shoulder. it took 20 minutes to clear. it's extra slow on 880. los gatos, an earlier car fire, actually, it was a brake fire. it's a distraction on the shoulder. we jump on 880 past the coliseum. slow northbound past high street. both directions are slow there. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a light back up. low clouds around the area. >> thank you, mike. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. see you at 8:26.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this wednesday morning, the 19th of may, 2011. a welcome sight. the sun trying to peek through these clouds. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. it's estimated that one in five women will be sexually assaulted while they're in college. we'll hear from two women who say they were victimized. they'll share their stories and what happened to them after the alleged incidents that is truly alarming straight ahead. we're going to tackle what
8:01 am
is a double standard. men, when they get gray hair,di. women when they have gray hair are often considered to look a little older. clearly it's not fair, but what is the origin of that, whiend are you staring at me that way. >> because you were staring at me. >> i was actually look at al. >> looking right through me then. >> we'll talk about that coming up. and then a little bit later on, we've all heard about hoarders. we've seen the shows about them. you know what? it's a real burden, but it also weighs very heavily on children. we're going to take a look at children of hoarders later on. first here's a check of the top stories. ann is standing by at the news desk. overnight in news al qaeda released what may be the last message from osama bin laden reportedly recorded weeks before his death. in the audio message bin laden
8:02 am
praised the recent uprisings in the middle east and north africa. the jailed head of the international monetary fund. d house keeper who had a secret child with former governor arnold schwarzenegger has now been identified as mildred baena, and according to the birth serkt she gave birth days after schwarzenegger had another child. for more on oil prices today, we're now going to turn to cnbc's melissa francis at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, ann. oil is sitting at $100 a barrel. also a report from the government showing a shrink in supply. that's not helping. we're watching crude oil. also a big dot kaum ipo dealing
8:03 am
like the old dot-com days. back to you. a rare baby monkey made his debut on wednesday. francisco is the first black lion tamron monkey born outside of brazil in eight years. there are only one in one,000 monkeys living in the wild. take a close look at that mug. adorable. all right. let's now turn to al at 8:03 with a check of the weather. >> a little party pocket monkey. cute. it's oncology month? >> it is. we're honoring all the oncology nurses ta take care of the patients around the world. >> absolutely. you guys have done wonderful work. let's check it out and show you what's happening. our pick city, hartford, connecticut, c connecticut. we're looking at showers, temperatures in upper 60s. we've about got rain moving to upper new england today.
8:04 am
we've got strong storms making their way into the pacific northwest, lots of clouds, plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast. we've got a risk of strong storms making their way from oklahoma up into nebraska and rain moving into new england. good morning to you. it is a beautiful day. we have lost all those rain chances and we're going to see the sunshine over the bay by noon. 64 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., our daytime high, right around 69 degrees. breezy conditions. hard to find a cloud in the sky. elsewhere, mid to upper 70s. seven-day outlook shows you it's going to stay nice for the weekend. >> who's this cutie? >> arthur. >> i love your movie, bud. coming up next, are colleges turning a blind eye to sexual
8:05 am
assaults? two women who say they were eiedim oizot nnc bctviimized not once but twice will share their stories right after this. [ female announcer ] never let the sun catch you off guard. moisturize with eucerin everyday protection spf 15. it's a light, non-greasy lotion that not only moisturizes your skin, it also protects it from uva and uvb rays. put the health of your skin first with eucerin everyday protection body lotion and eucerin everyday protection face lotion with spf 30, only from eucerin. and a heaping handful of real fruit. when has "good for you" made you feel this good? new mcdonald's fruit & maple oatmeal. freshly made for you. that's what we're made of. ♪
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8:08 am
back at 8:08, this morning on tornd, investigates a terrifying thought for parents, their children raped or sexually assaulted at college. some schools are turning a blind eye. nbc's jeff rossen is here. >> good morning, meredith.
8:09 am
the numbers are staggering here. according to the justice department an estimated one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college. and when they finally find the courage to report it, our investigation found it may get much, much worse. experts say some major colleges are sweeping these claims under the rug. >> reporter: maggie hurt went to school at wake forest. >> they took away months of my life that i'll never get back. >> reporter: across the country margo jondo was enrolled at indiana university. >>wanted me to go away. they wanted it to go away. >> reporter: complete strangers with eerily strange stories but paid by school officials. >> they broke a promise to me to keep me safe. >> reporter: she was in a band cheering on her team in 2009 in
8:10 am
miami. after the game back at the hotel, maggie says two of her school's star basketball players, gary clark and jeff teague invited her to a party upstairs, but she says, the room was empty. >> they opened the doorks it's completely dark and e-mail physically shoved from behind into a room. >> reporter: maggie says while teague stood outside, clark took her into the bathroom and forced her to perform oral sex. >> i was scared. he had big hands. he could palm a basketball and he had them on the back of my neck. i felt like if i didn't do what he asked he would hurt me. >> reporter: maggie says the say sault left her terrorized but when she got back to the school and reported to to the police, she was surprised. >> they said the best thing to do was to have a hearing. >> reporter: not to kale the recall police. >> right. to deal with it through them.
8:11 am
>> they knew when my daughter walked into the police department that they were going to get this case and make it disappear. >> reporter: the accused attacker gary clark was one of wake forest's most valuable players, top scorer of the team. maggie said the school was more interested in protecting the players than seeking justice. >> their defense was she force med to do this, i was a whor and someone who would want this to happen. >> reporter: were you intimidated? >> i was very intimidated. this was about them. and when it continued to be about me for the next nine hours, i was angry. i was so mad because that's not the way it was supposed to be. >> reporter: through their attorney clark and teague said the school did a full and complete investigation. they say this was a consensual hook-up, that maggie was a groupie who made bad decisions. the day after their hearing, wake forest found the players
8:12 am
not guilty. >> i felt like this school did it on purpose because that was app way that they got their money. >> reporter: from the basketball program. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: in fact, victims rights groups say schools across the country may be putting their finances and image before student safety. >> colleges are trying to silence these victims because it looks bad for the college. >> reporter: the administration is trying to protect itself image. >> yeah. the victims are being revictimized by the school. >> reporter: margo jonda says her case in indiana was especially egregious. she said she was raped by a fellow student duane frye in 2006. he followed her into a dorm room after a night of drinking and margo says raped her as she passed out. >> this guy was a predator, violent predator. >> reporter: and she said the university knew it. just months before frye was charged with a felony for
8:13 am
beating another student unconscious and on his facebook page he posted this sexual activity calorie guide. removing her clothes with her consent, 12 calories. without her consent, 2,187 calories. but at his rape hearing, margo says frye was allowed to smear her, saying she drank too much and slept around. >> the entire tone of the hearing was blame the victim. >> reporter: and the school allowed it. >> the school allowed it. they condoned it. they didn't do anything to stop it. >> reporter: the school found him guilty of sexual assault. the consequences, suspension. he would be back on the campus with margo. >> what duh this say about the university's stand on rape? >> they don't have any interest in protecting their students so the only thing i can think is to protect their image.
8:14 am
>> reporter: margo says only after she complained did indiana toughen the punishment to a one-year suspension. >> colleges need help, that's pretty clear. >> reporter: she says blame the victim bullying is flat out illegal and her agency won't tolerate it. your agency has the power to punish schools who violate the law by withholding federal funding from them. how many times has your agency done that? >> to my knowledge the agency has never withheld or conditioned or terminated federal funds. >> reporter: critics say the colleges keep doing it because they don't fear any government repercussions or consequences. how do you respond to that? >> we will do everything to ensure vigorous enforcement of the enforcement of laws and that institutions comply with them. >> reporter: wake forest wouldn't go into specific details about the cases citing privacy.
8:15 am
but in margo's case a federal review found they acted promptly and appropriately. they told us our campus police force is absolutely diligent in investigating sexual assault cases but we must treat both parties fairly. in maggie's case, we treat e every student with integrity and compassion and our personnel adhere to well-established policies that ablue equally to both the victim. >> what they did was wrong. i have not forgotten about it and i will never forget about it and these other girls that it's happened to should never forget about it either. >> the d.a. declined to prosecute citing lack of physical evidence and witnesses. both maggie and margo have since dropped auto of their schools
8:16 am
terrified they'd run into these boys on campus again. >> yeah, the federal government talk as good game but doesn't seem to do much about it if they break the law. >> the government admit this is a big problem and they actually just last month vice president joe biden announced new guidelines for the schools that are going to toughen things up where before they would wait for a victim to have to come four. now they're going to be proactive and send investigators at the mere whiff. >> and send cops to the school. up next, who really looks better with gray hair, men or women? right after this. every bite of a hebrew national hot dog is the meatiest, juiciest, most delicious bite of 100 percent pure kosher beef anyone can handle. if it were anymore beefy, your mind would literally be blown. ka-blammy. well done, kosher. well done. with no fillers, by-products,
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8:20 am
so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. new this morning on "mid-life today," gray hair, on men it can be distinguished, on women it can be something else. we gathered folks to see if attitudes are changing. we've all seen the makeovers. >> all right, pat. let's see the new you. oh, wow. look at pat. >> you think that gray hair with a man it can give a sense of authority. with a woman, however, it can look like she doesn't care about herself. >> on the flip side there are guys over 40 who would rather not have silver locks. >> it really never bothered me until people started asking me if i was the older brother. my brother is at least 12 years older than me.
8:21 am
>> no doubt it's a double standard. >> there are a lot of things in this beauty world that are not fair, and that's one of the things that we have to get over. >> so we went to advanced focus and gathered our own focus groups of men and women on the topic. >> tell me the names of some well known men that have gray hair and wear it well. >> george clooney. >> sean connery. >> president obama. >> bill clinton. >> anderson cooper. >> oh, yeah. >> the groups had a tougher time of thinking of well known women who sport gray hair. >> there are very few. >> very few. >> betty white. >> carson. >> paula deen. >> she's very pretty. >> queen elizabeth, but she's an older woman. >> for our next exercise we asked six "today" staffers, some with gray hair, some without to pose for photos. we photo shopped a second
8:22 am
version of each picture, either putting in or taking out gray, and asked our focus groups which look they prefer. >> i definitely like it better with gray hair. >> for two of our three men and two of the three women, more than half preferred the gray-haired look. for the two, gray is their actual color. >> he looks darnger with the younger hair but i think he looks better, more natural with the gray in. >> so the gray. >> gray. >> gray, definitely. >> gray. >> the gray. >> and for program manager and culinary director, the gray was photoshopped in. >> beautiful hair any way. >> the gray is nice. >> i like the gray. >> i like the gray. >> she can -- she does good with that gray. she looks good with it. >> both. >> i told her i love her with the gray. >> vivian diller is a
8:23 am
psychologist and author of "face it, what women really feel." donnie deutsche is a guy with gray hair. welcome to both of you. it is a double standard. it exists, doesn't it? >> it us. i think what's interesting is a guy who's done thousands of focus groups number of the women had gray hair and the men, sometime as what you say in a focus group is what you say is politically correct and smart, but when we look at real life unfortunately there is this double standard. >> where does it come from? >> this double standard has existed for thousands and thousands of years. it's rooted in the original role that men and women played in light. looks were important. they died before they even saw gray hair. not that long ago, a hundred years aechlgt men, on the other hand, were about protecting their clan, being strong and powerful. gray hair enhanced that role. they were seen as more senior leaders. >> but then info media,
8:24 am
advertising, not to pick on you, we perpetuate it. >> what's interesting -- years ago i launch add magazine aimed at women over 40. the ads were women over 40 with gray hair. women rejected it. they wanted to see the idealized younger women. it was the women who perpetuate it more than men. >> was it surprising the pictures, a the fact that a lot of people in the focus group preferred the women and the men with gray hair? >> yeah. like donnie's saying, i think there's a great eagerness for authenticity about aging with grace and women. i think many women, 78 million baby boomers exist today. we really do want to see gray as beautiful. but i do think we're going have to have the media, on-screen models who demonstrate there is a way to disconnect the old associations. >> i don't know if women want to see grays. there's not woman i don't know that when they describe coloring
8:25 am
their hair, that's like putting makeup on. there's not teen remote taboo. it's almost a given. >> okay. but what if white was a color you chose? what if just like now, younger women are coloring their hair as part of their regular repertoire, what if we add to that palette. >> white is great but we -- it's unfortunate. it's not going to change. >> let me jump in. double standard number two, should men get their hair professionally colored. 43% said it's smart, why risk making a mistake by doing it yourself. 56% say it's a little vain. a guy shouldn't be spending as much time in a salon as a woman. >> it is a double standard. >> i think it places pressure on men too. vanity for men is not seen as masculine. it's not a man's role to care so
8:26 am
much about his looks. it makes him look a little insecure. i think that gap is narrowing. i think more men are being seen at salons and getting manicures and pedicures. >> they do not talk about it. i know some men who color their good morning. it is 8:26. i'm marla tellez. an update on a developing story we've been following all morning out of oakland. an officer-involved double shooting that may have left both suspects dead. christie smith is on scene for us. >> reporter: investigators are still here gathering evidence after that officer-involved shooting that happened at around 10:15 last night. police sources now saying that two people were killed in that shooting. after officers were serving a warrant and had gotten information that something
8:27 am
violent was going on near curren and school sheet last night. two people shot and a third person was arrested after hiding in a back yard around here. quite a long search for him. police say they did recover several weapons at the scene. police tell us that they will be updating us at police headquarters within the hour. rla,k you. >> thank you. a look at your morning commute right after this. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
8:28 am
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slow driving coming through livermore. it's held up with a pretty good amount of slowing but it hasn't gotten any worse or better. smooth drive through the dublin interchange. actually lighter than we saw earlier this week and not so bad on the peninsula side either through san mateo. that's a relief. slow towards the maze. but the lights are on there. the 880 is slowing. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
8:30 am
8:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 19th day of may, 2011, as we say hi to the people joining us here in rockefeller plaza as the day includes weatherwise at least for now. >> a sprinkle here and there, but it's not as bad as
8:31 am
yesterday. >> matt lauer on the plaza along with meredith vieira, al roker, and ann curry. we're going to talk about the right of passage and teenagers, prom. >> it's a fun night that can also come with danger and temptation, especially when it comes to drinching. so how do you keep your teen from making a bad choice? coming up, a conversation every parent has to have with their children. >> plus, we'll also be talking about -- you know we've been talking a lot about hoarding, a strange and mysterious world. how does it affect the families, specifically the children? we're going be hearing from some children of hoarders coming up and how it really affects them. you can imagine it's got a great impact. >> on a lighter note, next friday we kick off the concert series. that's right. with one of the biggest stars out there. rihanna. if you're planning to come to the plaza, bring your biggest and best rihanna song.
8:32 am
ten will win tickets to her live concert courtesy of livenation. that's rihanna live on the plaza next friday, may 27th. >> that's going to be fun. >> that is going to be fun. this is going to be fun as well. let's say hi to oscar winner marla matalin and also john. good morning to everyone. the finalists. this has been a very long haul. has it been worth it, john? >> it has been worth it. we've raised a record amount of money for our charitiecharities. i'm playing for children's research hospital and that's what made it worth it because it was a crazy, crazy run, i can tell you that. >> and i played for the starkey foundation. that's the whole point of being on the show. it's charity. >> now, it came down to the final show where meatloaf and
8:33 am
little john were the other two. why do you think you two were selected? >> we're the great. we're the best. >> i'm going to win. >> wow. >> she's tough. >> she is tough. >> marla, she's tough. we love you. >> you're both tough. >> who went in with the most preconceived notion? >> gary busey, of course. knew he was going to be a tornado. it was a lot of fun to get to know him. there was so many things to sidetrack him but i think marlee and i for sure stayed focused. that's why we stayed till the end. >> we went there with this purpose. we played the charities as hard as we could. we didn't know who the cast with and then we thought, yes, no, oop. it was -- i focused on me and i focused on the charity and we did as best as we could. >> it's also a great exposure
8:34 am
for everybody who's a part of it. >> absolutely. who's going to win? you say you? >> i'm winning. she's going to help me win. >> uh-oh. >> we don't that anymore. >> she's very tough, but we're going to compete very hard, i can promise you that. >> you can see the results of that live season finale, sunday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. may descriptive forecast there. good morning to you. we're going to see the 70s today. finally the sun will be out over the bay. and it will be out for days to come. we're looking at a really stubborn ridge of high pressure that's going to bring the temperatures up, keep the skies nice and clear into next week. 64 degrees by noon in san francisco. a hue high clouds at that time. by 4:00 p.m., losing the high cloud cover. 69 degrees.
8:35 am
complete clear conditions. a gorgeous day all across the bay. don't forget, you can check the weather channel any time of the day or night. go to the weather channel on cable or on time. let's head down to d.c. and say a big hello to willard scott. >> they even got a strawberry patch. smuckers. happy birthday to our friends at smucker's. take a look if you will. we have the lovely paul shipp, salina, kansas. 100 years old. married to his wife for 75 years. how about that. and pauline love, topi ta, kansas, 100 years, lived independently. loves to read. attributes her health to a daily glass of sherry. helen schlafke, 100 years old,
8:36 am
lives independently, enjoys taking care of her sisters who are in their 90s. love that. how about that. lovely lillian. lillian wolf from catonsville, maryland, 101, enjoys knitting and listening to classical music and exercises on her life. william, sweet william mayberry, 105, loves his biscuits and half. loves to play checkers and has a garden that he takes care of himself. and don't forget victor. victor kubicek, owatonna, minnesota, 102 years old, likes to talk about stories of farming back in the good old days. happy birthday, too, to deak hamilton, from falmouth, maine,
8:37 am
100 years old, loves to play the banjo. that's all. back to new york. >> how to make sure your children have a happy and safe experience at their prom. first this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] it was forged from the fires of imagination.
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we're back now at 8:39 with ""today's" countdown of the prom." it's much more than dresses and tuxedos. it's time when things can and sometimes turn dangerous. nbc's lilia luciano. good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. it is a right of passage for so many teens, but before getting too excited about dates and dresses there are things parents need to be aware of before the big prom night. it's a night to remember, a
8:40 am
night of limos and gowns. dance-offs, and sometimes heartbreak. >> my date's a flute-toting band dork. >> reporter: prom night, a night of big hopes and dreams. but it's also a night where things go wrong. studies show 70% of juniors and seniors expect their friends will drink and often drive. >> i'm so sorry. and i hope they find it in their heart some day to forgive me. >> reporter: jonathan caruso never thought he'd be standing in a court asking for forgiveness. he drank ten beers after leaving a school-sponsored party and struck a mother and daughter walking their dog. 60-year-old carolyn died on the scene. her 43-year-old daughter charlotte survived with injuries. >> she meant the world to me and was a big part of my life and
8:41 am
you have taken that away. >> reporter: caruso's family and friends were convinced he's not the type to drink and drive. >> he's one of the sweetest kids and doesn't deserve it. >> reporter: experts say that's exactly where the problem arises. too many are pressured to drink and drive, especially on a night like prom. >> one out of five binge drinks but what's scarey is only 1 out of 100 parents things their kids binge drink. >> reporter: what problems do you see? is there an increase in prom-related crashes? >> without a doubt. we see a huge spike in it because students are going out to celebrate. it's great. it should be the best night of their lives, not the last night of their lives. >> reporter: it was the last night of his life after riding in the passenger seat of his best friend's car following a post-prom party. unfortunately his friend had been drinking. zephyr is serving up to four years in prison for vehicular
8:42 am
manslaughter and driving under the influence. today he's speaking out in campaigns in an effort to reach high school students before it's too late. >> you never think it will happen to you, but trust me, it can. >> reporter: high schools around the country are also taking action. in miami beach, seniors are shown a dramatic car crash before prom. >> it make use think about it. >> reporter: a dose of reality is just what experts hope students will remember. >> we need to equip our teens with things they can use in real life situations so they can get out of it and get themselves home safely. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: and here in hollywood hills high, students signed a promise on prom night last weekend not to drink and drive and parents were mailed flyers with tips to help talk to their teens in advance, and, matt, everyone made it home safely. >> that's good news. thanks very much.
8:43 am
so how can you help your teens celebrate a night they'll never forget and keep it safe? ann is chief ed ter of "seventeen." . they asked kids, did they think that drinking and driving was a problem on prom night. 1,100 or so said no, drinking's not a problem. 379 said yes. those numbers alone worry me. >> there's good news and bad news in that. the good news is most teens, most just want to have fun on prom. it's a night to cut loose and to celebrate, you know, have a final bonding night with their friends. but that one in three, right, is a problem drinker. it's a problem for everyone. and then results are disastrous. >> we talk about this as being a right of passage and i think that puts too much pressure on the night. the kids thing this must be the night we do things we will remember for the rest of our lives and oftentimes that leads
8:44 am
to reckless behavior. >> exactly. with your teen if you hear them saying it's got be the best night, craziest night, perfect night, that's when you have to sit them down and talk about expectations. >> do you think schools are doing enough? what more should they be doing? >> schools have had to get really creative. they've parked car wrecks in front of the schools, posts signs about drinking and driving. i love the one school who did a lockdown. it was locked down from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. no drinking, no driving. they made it fun. >> if it happened on a private location, that can get out of hand. a lot of schools and communities are trying to throw after-parties so they can keep an eye on kids. do you like that idea? >> i like that idea. afterparts are trouble. they're the type that bad things happen. >> let's talk about parents. a lot of parents say i don't want my kids drinking and
8:45 am
driving. i'm going to hire aly moe. you think that's great solution but what you could bedoing is giving the kids a party on wheels. >> you have the recession to thank with what's happening with afterproms. it's all about doing it yourself. rather than hiring aly moe we had great stories of dad who put on a chauffeur's cap and put soda and candy in the back. >> the problem is when your parents drive you, immediately the kid is worried as he or she will be seen as uncool. >> starting to lev ing ting to designated driver. the temptations that will be out there after you graduate, go to college, the military, whatever. this is the time to start learning, designated driver, drink in moderation if you do. know limits and danger. >> a couple of red flags, the child comes to you and says this is going to be going late and i'm going to stay late.
8:46 am
parents should be aware. >> bring the kids back to your place and make it you are fun and the cool dad rather than feeling like a chaperone. >> mom and dad, i want a place to go after the prom, can i get a hotel room? >> no, end of conversation. >> tips you have, don't underestimate you and as a parent have on your own teen age sneer exactly. make sure your parents see your face very serious before you leave, i care about you, be responsible. >> talk to them as adults, not teenagers. >> absolutely. they are adults. a lot of kids are adults. they're turning 18. they need to hear safety, responsibility. >> consequences. >> consequences. they need to hear big words that have to do with grown ups. thank you very much. important information for parent this time of year especially. still ahead, what life is like for the child of a hoarder. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
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back now at 8:48 with today's american story with bob dotson. the boy twho traveled to meet the one man who truly understands his dream. >> reporter: in some people we see a mirror. evan light wants to be the best athlete in the land. nick ackerman did too. neither cares they have no feet. what are your limits? >> i really think i don't have any. >> reporter: same with nick. growing up he tried all sorts of sports, even football on artificial legs. >> a guy hit me, i broke my leg and i had a spare set at home, dan ran home, grabbed it, and i played the second half. >> reporter: because him mom cindy allowed him to take risks.
8:50 am
>> i didn't want to stop him from doing things. i went to the teacher, everybody i could, saying, let him get hurt. >> reporter: she figured bumps and tag would be fine. >> i would play with jigi >> reporter: at 18 months he contracted a deadly form of meningitis that put him in a coma. >> by the time we got to the hospital, his skin was just black. >> reporter: doctors had to amputate his legs below the knee to save him. evan lost his feet in a traffic accident that also took his mom. the light family wanted a little boy after three girls, so they adopted him from an orphanage in india, brought him home to india na. what do you tell other kids
8:51 am
about when you've lost your leg. >> mostly a shark bite. >> reporter: randy, his dad, drove him to iowa. >> i picked evan from the other side of the world frrks calcutta, india, and put him in our home in south bend. davenport, iowa, is not that far. >> if i had opportunity to have my legs, i wouldn't take it. i like where i'm at. >> reporter: even though he's not living the life he dreamed. working outdoors seemed a logical choice for the kid who grew up in the country. he hoped to work as a park ranger. now he spends most every day indoors designing artificial limbs.
8:52 am
>> getting some ware, aren't they? >> reporter: the kind that can prop up a little boy's big dreams. >> does that feel better? >> yeah. >> reporter: he craft add pair of customized wrestling shoes. >> he had a pair of foam pads that he wrapped under tends of his legs. >> reporter: not good enough for a national tournament. evan's first. >> get loochlts shake it out. nick lost a lot, just like evan. >> i wrestled for a long time but i still wasn't any good. >> reporter: until one day he was. in 2001 the simpson college senior wrestled his way to the
8:53 am
ncaa championships. he fought a fell whoa had not been beaten in 63 matches. no one without legs had ever one until then. nick not only won, he was chosen the outstanding college player in the country. >> you did well, okay? >> reporter: evan's tiemt will come to surrender a dream when his life is as it is and not what it could be. >> you've got the heart of a lion. >> reporter: bob dotson, nbc news with an american story in cedar falls, iowa. >> those are two of the coolest guys i e've ever seen. what you can do to lower your property taxes. first this is "today" on nbc. [ yawns ] [ magical chime ] ♪ [ people cheering ] [ girl ] whoo hoo!
8:54 am
8:55 am
jie can't get over those stories. great, great story of inspiration. >> taking adversity, sharing that strength with somebody else. what's better than that? >> someone said he could have his legs back he didn't want them. he's doing great. >> and he's cute. >> still ahead, could you live in a house that looked like th we'llal tok? t we' tllk to to hoarders after your local news. f
8:56 am
good morning. it is 8:56 now. i'm marla tellez. the mothers of the two berkeley hikers held capitalive in iran will begin a hunger strike today. both their moms say they'll
8:57 am
start fasting in solidarity. bowers' fiancee will join the fast on saturday and will fast as long as they can manage. last week, iran delayed the trial of the two without explanation. a look at your pleasant forecast right after the break.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
weekend. get outside and make those plans in advance. >> thank you, christina. we'll be back with our next update at 9:26. the "today" show continues next. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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we're back now with more "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 19th of may, 2011. you know, the rain has stopped but it's still kind of -- how would you describe it? thick? >> humid. >> humid. >>moisture. >> moisture in the air. matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. more on former governor arnold swars knicker. new details about the son he had
9:01 am
with his housekeeper days after he had a son with maria shriver. more coming. we'll talk a lot about this. >> i was going to say. there are two certain things in life, death and taxes. speaking of taxes, with property taxes based on appraised home values, it's estimated that two-thirds of us actually may be paying too much. we're going to tell you what every homeowner should know to cut their property taxes. >> escape. for those of you who have seen the -- we've done the segments on it. there's shows about hoarding. you look at this and kind of cringe. imagine in the hoarder was your mom or dad. what would it be like growing up in a home like that? we're going to find out. and what are the impacts? how does it impact children? >> it's a new disease. >> yeah. lots to get to. let's go inside. ann's standing by at the news
9:02 am
desk. once again in the news, a new audio message believes to be from osama bin laden has been released, the first since the raid that killed him on may 2nd, reportedly recorded within weeks of his death he praises the so-called arab spring protest sweeping the middle east. dominique strauss-kahn currently being held without bail on rikers island has resigned from his post. a rare ray of hope in the flooding crisis along the banks of the mississippi river. the army corps of engineers says floodwaters are not likely to topple the levee, saving thousands of acres of farmland but there's sfil no reprieve because crested waters are expected to last over the weekend. in eastern afghanistan, insurgents have killed at least 35 civilian construction workers and have reportedly abducted
9:03 am
hundreds of others. they ambushed works in a remote area around midnight. a syria rights activist says some were hurt today where troops killed least 27 civilians on saturday. the white house announced new sanctions against syria on wednesday and today president obama delivers a major speech on uprisings in the arab world. and while president obama's website is cashing in on his birth certificate controversy, for $25 donors can get a made in the usa t-shirt with with his birth certificate on the back. let's go back outside. >> thank you very much. mr. roker down the plaza from us. >> let's take a look and see what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. here in the northeast we've got rain making its way up the east coast. rain, 1 to 2 inches, especially
9:04 am
in pennsylvania and new york statement we've got a ris fk strong storms from sanngoel to hastings, nebraska. we've got storms firing up from nebraska to spring fooeshlgsd missouri, with rainfall amounts up to 3 to 5 inches and out west we've got a mess going on with interior areas picking up more rain, 1 to 2 inches, boy, our neck of the woods will pretty much be the envy of the entire nation as we head into this weekend with downright perfect conditions. right on track with our seasonal averages. 77 degrees in concord. 69 in san francisco and 73 degrees in redwood city. break out that spring wardrobe and keep it out. we don't have any more rain in the works until maybe the end of next week. we're going to warm up to about 75 degrees by tuesday. holding on to the 70s all weekend long. >> that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you.
9:05 am
now to the new details on the schwarzenegger scandal. peter alexander is out in california with the latest. peter, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. with an exception of a short written statement arnold schwarzenegger has not made a public statement. we caught a glimpse of him leaving his office in santa monica but he said nothing to reporters there. right now, of course, what's swirling around him is a media storm about another role he had played not as an action hero but with one he kept secret for more than 13 years. this is mildred baena, a woman who worked for 20 years inside the home of maria shriver and their family. she worksed as a housekeeper and shared good times with them and their children at the brent wootd mansion as seen in pictures obtained by tmz. it's been confirmed that baena is the woman that share add secret with schwarzenegger since
9:06 am
1997, that the former california governor is the father of her 13-year-old son. when wbaena became pregnant in 1997, friends and family reportedly assumed her husband was the father. the baby was born just five days after schwarzenegger and shriver 'eers youngest child was born. although nbc news is not showing images of the boy, as he grew older, his resemblance to schwarzenegger raised speculation about the child's paternity according to the "los angeles times." >> we're still trying to figure out how he was able to conceal this child and this relationship to this child for 13 years. >> reporter: when shriver and schwarzenegger first announced their separation last week, it was the "times" that broke the story. they discovered the secret at the heart of the couple's friction and confronted schwarzenegg schwarzenegger. >> he's not been forthcoming
9:07 am
about any of this unless he's forced to be forthcoming about it. >> reporter: it raises more questions about the identity of her child's father. in the documents she indicates she had no minor children with her husband. when baena retired in january, she moved with herston this home in baker's field where some of the neighbors were already aware of her possible connection to her former employer. >> the boy and also the realtor has told us she had worked for arnold schwarzenegger. >> reporter: now she's gone from her retired life to being in the national glare of the spotlight. >> she reported to maria. she worked directly under arnold but she reported to maria. >> reporter: since releasing a statement about the child on monday, schwarzenegger has been ducking paparazzi and denying requests for interviews. meanwhile people magazine reports shriver has hired a the
9:08 am
prominent divorce attorney, laura wasser, tuesday during the taping of one of oprah's final talk shows scheduled to air next week. while she never mentioned her husband by name she seemingly took a jab at schwarzenegger when she told oprah you've shone love, support, wisdom, and most of all, truth. >> reporter: we've heard from the oldest child katharine who retweeted an announcement from the notebook. everything happens for a reason. the hard part is finding out what that reason is. natalie? >> all right. peter alexander in santa monica, california. thanks, peetder. and now here's ann. >> reporter: today's money is brought to you by bank of america. >> all right, thanks, natalie. this morning on today's money,
9:09 am
are you paying too much in property taxes? up to 60% of homeowners are paying taxes on an inflated home value, a mistake that could cost you up to $5,000 a year. how do you know if you're one of them? you're saying if you're assessed for more than you should, there's actually something you can do about it. >> right. i mean a lot of people have their homes assessed during the bubble years, 2005, 2006, and they don't think that they can actually fight property taxes. in fact, only about 3% to 5% of people actually appeal, but you should be considering appealing if your tacks are too high and one of the first thing use want to do is go to the town hall and get a copy of your property card. otherwise known as a field card because all of the information contained on this card is what the assessor used to determine your home's value. so square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms. it's public information. you're entitled to get this card. go ahead and take a look at it
9:10 am
because the error rate on these things is very high. the national taxpayer union says 30% to 50% mistake rate. they may be assuming you've got three bedrooms when you really only have two, that you have a finished basement when in fact you don't. you may have gone out to get a permit to get a renovation, maybe you didn't do that. >> do you thing they're under pressure to make more money? >> that's part of the reason why the property the taxes are up. they've got budget short falls, they're not getting enough aid. so prop oert tacks are on the rise, even though home values are down about 30% from the peak and could go down another 7% to 9% this year. >> so you say know your neighborhood so you have a sense about what your house is worth. you say ask for a reassessment. >> yes. first of all you need to take a look at comparable homes. what homes in your neighborhood have been selling for. in terms of age, location, amenities. this is where a sight like still o'can really come in handy.
9:11 am
take a look at three to five properties similar to yours and if you find out that these homes are assessed at 5% to 10% more than yours, then you might, in fact vrks a case. >> you can still file for an appeal. >> you d file for an appeal. you want to find out how the appeal process works, what forms you need. most importantly, when the deadlines are because you may only have 30 days to file an appeal, 60 days to file an appeal. but generally you've got to put something in writing, submit it to the county board, why you think your assessment is too high and you want to provide supporting documents. this is where the comps come in handy, photos, flaus. all of this stuff. you do have to do a little bit of legwork. >> you say if you're still unhappy you can talk to local lawmakers. >> you don't want to gripe about taxes or complain about taxes. you want to tell them very
9:12 am
reasonably why you think your taxes are too high. you've got to be able to actually make your case and there's no shortage of professionals that can help you make your case in front of the appeals process burke they're going to charge you a pretty high amount of money, a flat percentage, up to 50% of your tax savings, so you're better off going alone, making a case. some are more sympathetic to those who do go it alone. stay confident. one in three appeals actually end up in some sort of tax reduction. >> that's good to know. >> tax reduction on average is about up to $5,000. to s so $200 to $5,000 a year. >> a year. >> if you e've got a case and can make it to the board, you can do it. >> vera gibbons, absolutely. thank you so much. thanks so much, vera. coming up next, growing up as the children of horders, two young people tell their stories.
9:13 am
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for the whitest whites, use detergent, plus the advanced whitening formula of clorox bleach. hoarding is dangerous disorder. in a recent new york times story, leaving the the clutter nest describes how children of heards are affected by this dangerous environmental. jason is a child of a hoarder. holy fisher grew up in a home with parents who hoarded as well
9:16 am
and randy is the author of "stuff." good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i can't even imagine. i watch this show, and i can't imagine what it must have been like for you growing up. what was this like? >> well, you walk into the living room of the house, and there's junk that she's collected. we would go on -- on garbage night we would go around the city looking for things that people were throwing out that she didn't think were broken enough and she'd just pick them up and stash them in the living room. there were little tie nil trays to the kitchen. >> would you say, mom, why are you doing this? >> no. it was just normal to me. sometimes there'd be toys, so i wasn't come sflieng you were taken out of the home by child protective services at the age of 13. >> yeah. >> what was that like for you? >> well, the thing about that is the entire time i stayed with my sister until i was old enough to move out, all my mother had to do to get me back was clean her house, and i knew that, and so
9:17 am
that was -- it was really hard for me to believe that my mother actually loved me. >> because she wouldn't do wait would take to get you back. >> it's such a simple thing. i understand now what was really going on in her head but to a kid, a 13-year-old kid -- >> you don't get the disease. >> exactly. >> you grew up and both of your parents were hoarders. >> no, just my mom. >> just your mom, i'm sorry. it might be tougher for a girl who's got your mom who's a mess. >> my mom had an interesting relationship with her own mother. had my grandmother not grown up in the depression, she would not have the hoarding tendencies that she did, but my grandmother was very neat, where my mother was not neat at all. >> how about you as you've grown up? you saw this. what kind of a house do you have? >> my husband might disagree, but i think it's pretty neat,
9:18 am
fairly tidy. i do get panicked at times about having too many things, so try to regularly take a look around and make sure that there's not too much stuff on tables. >> how about you, jason? >> i think i turn toutd be a fairly average boy. i reare cently moved into smaller apartment and had to get rid of a lot of things and i was relieved to find out i didn't have an issue at all. i was worried for year. >> what kind of effect does this have on children. >> it can have a interest men does effect. one of the things we know is if children grow up in a home like this and they're in a cluttered environment, before the age of 10, they have an especially difficult time afterward. they grow up with a fear of having people come over. they don't have their friends come over to play. there's this sort doorbell dread that the family kind of instigates where if the doorbell
9:19 am
rings everyone scrambles around and tries to striken things up. perhaps the worse part is later on in life there's a very conflicted relationship with the parents who are hoarders. >> do kids to end be protective? >> absolutely. once children become adults they end up having a very ambivalent relationship with their parents. on one hand they're so resentful and angry and on the other hand they want to get them to change and make them better. >> would that be the case for you guys? >> definitely. >> not for me. >> why is that? >> my sister has taken on the role of it. i've sort of distanced myself of it. it's not my problem or my sis te ter's problem either. it's my mom's. there's only so much you can co. you have your own life and you have to live it. >> that's good advice what jason has to say.
9:20 am
i'm also the oldest in the family like your sister, and i am -- i've been able to keep a relationship with my mother by living a little bit further away, and i think i've been able to talk to her more about it, and i've actually been able to get her some help. >> how about your mom, jason about? is she getting help? >> we did a little bit of aftercare after the hoarder show but i kind of feel like she's too far gone at this point. >> do you think shows like this hoarder show, does this have a negative or positive influence on your mom? >> i don't really thing my mom is really aware or cares too much about it. she's not really aware that she's a celebrity. but it opened the opportunity to get really much needed home repairs. >> do you think these shows are good or bad. >> they're a two-edged sword. on the one hand they show how difficult the problem is.
9:21 am
it really is not a question of laze iness or slop iness. it's a bona fide disorder. it's raised awayness and made people more aware. one of the things is they go for an emotional moment. they feel like you're invading someone's privacy. >> it's got to be a tough line to watch. jason and holy, thanks for sharing with us. i'm going to keep a poker face. .u.l messages. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit. the light fresh yogurt with 80 calories vs. 100 in the other leading brand. here's to 80 calories tasting crazy good. live light and fit. [ male announcer ] visine-a is clinically proven to relieve all your worst eye allergy symptoms. it goes right where you need it, relieving allergy eyes in minutes. get visine-a. no other allergy eye drop is more complete.
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chicken, chicken chicken. there are thousands of ways to prepare it. [ chickens clucking ] you know only two of them. time to mix it up. time for new philly cooking creme. it'll take your chicken to places it's never been before. somewhere creamier, dreamier, with lots of flavor. look at you all chef-like. spread the love around in four fabulous flavors. spoon in a little new philly cooking creme. so the last week of the oprah winfrey show has been getting a lot of attention and also some huge ratings. >> but believe it or not she's only number two. >> only. who knocked her off the top spot? if you want to take a look outside and get a little bit of a clue, people outside lining up
9:24 am
since tuesday to see lady gaga. she's number one on the spot now. >> hard to believe. she made $90 million last year. >> right. oprah still made more, $290 million. but this is a list basically of forbes celebrities. not how much you made but how powerful you are. >> fan base. >> 200 million followers. >> 2 million facebook fans. they pushed her into a billion dollar in sales. >> lady gaga has got it going on. she understands how to love her fans. >> her little monsters. >> also in the list we should point out justin bieber debuting at number three. even though he doesn't make as much money as u2 or elton john. >> but at 17 to be on that list. >> or simon cowell. he made $90 million. >> he made $90 million? >> yeah, baby. >> what does he do for a living.
9:25 am
>> obviously enough to make # $0 million. >> and tiger woods is still in the top ten at $75 million. >> there's a lort more to come. >> after your nlocal news and weather. i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head.
9:26 am
[ male announcer ] stop the madness. take prilosec otc for frequent heartburn. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. [ male announcer ] use as directed for 14 days. good morning. it is now 9:26. a top washington official will be on the peninsula to survey work done on the san bruno pipeline. ray lahood will tour san bruno and south san francisco this afternoon. his agency oversees the nation's natural gas pipelines. he wants to see the repair done to the gas pipeline that exploded last september. he will then take a look at pg&e's hydrostatic testing in the facility. pipelines are being tested similar to the ones in san bruno. pg&e is warning state
9:27 am
regulators to not reduce gas pipeline pressure as a safety precaution. a filing from the utility released yesterday says service to customers will be impacted if the pressure is lowered. the california public utilities commission has asked pg&e to lower natural gas flow by 20% in ten of its pipelines. it says this measure will help prevent another explosion. > a the roads with mike and christina right after this.
9:28 am
good morning to you. we've got mostly clear conditions over the entire bay area. a little bit of low cloud cover hovering over the north bay. no longer is that a factor. everybody is going to be able to warm up towards that 70-degree mark. a little bit more mild in san francisco. but not too bad. 69 degrees at 4:00 p.m. as we head throughout the weekend, yes, it's right around the corner. we're going to continue to see beautiful, mostly clear conditions for saturday. a few more clouds come in on sunday. and we'll hold on to near 70
9:29 am
degrees on monday. 69. let's get your traffic update with mike. >> accident just cleared from 60. but a new one reported on 280 at saratoga. we still have the one on 87 and 85. despite those issues, only 101 coming past the airport shows the real jam through this portion. 101 slows coming towards university avenue. a stalled vehicle just cleared. watch for slowing at belmont as well. and a live look out there further north on 101 as the low clouds start to clear from marin headlands. things are looking much better. >> thank you, mike. we'll be back with our next update at 9:56. "today" returns in less than a minute.
9:30 am
. in case you didn't know, that's multiple grammy winner rihanna, and she's the first artist kicking off our summer concert series next friday, may 27. we've got a great lineup like new kids on the block and the backstreet boys and some of the hottest acts around. >> bruno mars. >> that's right, yeah. >> ann's excited. and cee lo green.
9:31 am
>> we love cee lo. >> if you want to check out the whole summer cop certificate series, today is the day. are we playing the right one. >> >> yeah. >> somebody would be fired. >> talking about makeup, hair care, the folks an@in style magazine are looking at the best beaut bargains of the year. they always pick out all the stuff. >> we love them. they have good credibility and they come up with great things. they do all the shopping for us. also we've got a really nice story. five years ago two sisters started the charity to raise scholarships for military families. so far they've received more than $6 million in donations, and so we're going to find out how they did it. >> they've grown up so much. >> i know. the last time i saw you girls, you were 8 and 11. >> it's been a while. >> now you're in college yourself.
9:32 am
>> just starting high school. >> high school first. >> we're kind of like your parents, we're embarrassing you. >> yeah, yeah. >> and we haven't even started. >> yeah. all right. all right. >> that's coming up. what else. >> a little throwdown there. >> in today's kitchen, how to add new flavors of your daily din irs with a dash of different spices from all around the world. we've got some fabulous recipes for you. >> can't way. >> salmon. >> salmon, so good for you. let's get a check of the weather. >> let's squloi what's happening. today we've got strong storms in the middle of the country from texas all the way unto nebraska. sunshine along the west coast. sunny along the gulf of mexico. sunny and warm there as well. tomorrow a much big area of strong storms from eastern texas all the way up into southeastern nebraska. look for mild weather in the pacific southwest. warmer in the south. finally the rain will come to an end. warmer in themy atlantic states down into the gulf coast,
9:33 am
sunny and beautiful weather in our neck of the woods today. good morning to you. high pressure is the reason why. you can see these clouds arcing up and around that big, strong ridge. what is happening is it's taking a storm track to our north. no showers in the forecast, at least not through the weekend and the beginning of next week. 75 in fremont. 75 in san jose. and 75 in gilroy. all things in perspective, about 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday, even with sunshine for the second half of the day. we're up to about 68 degrees on sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up next, the bt.argat first these messages.
9:34 am
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9:38 am
this is our most popular feature of the year. people rip it out and go shopping with it. we interview several experts. it's a who's who. you can really be assured these products work. >> let's get right to them. first up in the makeup category for cheeks you like this new blush from benefit. tell me what's special about this. >> this is one of our editor's picks and it's relatively new. you can see it's a combination of a blush and a bronzer. it's very lum issent. it's great because it works on a variety of skin tones. >> it has a golden pearly look to it. >> and it has a light shimmer so you don't look like a disco ball. >> girl meets pearl. this one is a standard favorite amongst many celebrities and as well as many on the "today" show. look at the wand on that. >> it has a bushy full brush which deposits the perfect amount of mascara so you get very defined long lashes and
9:39 am
really no clumping. that's why a lot of celebrities use it. on the red carpet you doan want to worry about mascara ended up on your eyelid. >>alicia keys and sharon stone. >> this is a very lightweight stain. this is actually a super sheer stain but it's very moisturizing as well as depositing a light amount of pigments. it's for people who want a little bit of color or want to treat their lips. >> just that little pop or extra something. okay. let's move onto our skincare category. for skin, oil of olay, regenerist. >> it has peptides and has the heavy iness and richness of a
9:40 am
night cream with a serum. you're getting two in one. super, super hydrating. fine for wrinkles and hydrating. >> not as expensive compared to other skincare products. gentle skin cleanser. toleriane ultra. >> you want to look for as few of ingredients as possible. no pair a bins, dyes, fragran fragrances. it's everything you want and nothing you don't want. >> very good. skin suticles. >> a lot of people who have acne are afraid to use skin moisturizers. this is great. it contains an acid. >> it's a gel. gel consistency. >> it contained hyaluronic acid
9:41 am
which contains a lot of water so it's extremely moisturizing. >> let's move here. l'oreal for the eyes, collagen micr micro-pulse. >> you have a little massager on it. you can depuff the eyes. i like to keep it in the fridge, great for depuffing. >> and for overall body moisturizing, cerave. >> it contains the natural components of the lipid barrier in your skin. super, super rich and hydrating but not heavy or greasy. >> not much time left. we'll get through as many as we can. great for the summer glow. >> right. this is a very innovative product because it combines exfoal yarts with self-tan. >> perfect. because you need to exfoliate before you tan. over here, my favorite fresh. greig fral ranns. >> there was so much excitement
9:42 am
about the fragrance with the skin care line that they turned it into a fragrance as well. it started out as a body lotion, citrusy. >> for girls with curly hair that frizzes up in the summertime, the moroccamoroccan. >> it reduces frizz and nourishes your hair. >> last but not least for those who like to accentuate the curls, this is a new remington iron it. >> gives you a natural beachy wave. you roll the hair around it. >> you use the glove? >> yes. >> i've about been known to burn my hands. thank you very much. still to come up next, two young sisters who have done more their share to help yo military families. right after this.
9:43 am
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♪ new hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. from virginia found out a way to give back at a very young age. they founded a bank to provide
9:47 am
scholarships for military members and their families. we've got rachel and kelsey. good morning. i know you're so excited. you're champing at the bit because you're here. the last time you talked you raised like $4 million. now you're up to $6 million all because when you were growing up, there was a neighbor who had been injured in iraq who inspired you. >> we're not a military family but there's something about seeing a "support our troops" sticker on the back of car that always resonated with us. when we were able to actually see an actual sefsman and his daughter, getting so see the perfect specimen of family there hat to be a way to express that appreciation. >> you saw how hard it was because he was wounded. >> he had a daughter my age and seeing him struggle to pick up his daughter, it really left an impact on us, and if we could do anything to give back to him,
9:48 am
then i mean we would. he was such an amazing man. >> at the time you had been doing these treasure hunts, these kinds of competitions in which you would try to find the answers to things and you decided to create a treasure hunt for people so they could use it as a way if they did a good job on the treasure hunt they could maybe get a scholarship. how many scholarships have you given out? >> we've given out over 2, 200 as of right now. >> our goal this year is 500. and think we're on the right track to reaching it because we've had so many great people donate. they've really caught our "pay it forward" sniert how many do you think have finished clnl. >> i think about 90%. the best thing about the cause is that all of those graduates have sent us letters of gratitude to say they're going to use the education we've provided to give back to the community. >> you've got professionals running the charity because now
9:49 am
it's a multi-pill on-dollar charity. now it's on line. >> now it's -- with the age of technology, we -- the book is all onlineful there's no hard copy but you can't print it ow. we found that people didn't play the game for the reward but like instead as way to give back to the people who really deserve it. >> and so -- >> because the game doesn't cost anything to play, but basically it brings people to the website to learn more about the cause. it generates awareness and hopefully an appreciation for the history that our military has sacrificed. >> everyone who's listening in really appreciates you two girls for having compassion for our soldiers and our men and women in uniform and what i they are still doing that you're trying to give their kids and their family members a chance to go to college. you're amazing. >> thank you. the thing is our military gives us the freedom to pursue our wildest imaginings and we feel
9:50 am
like with education we can reciprocate. >> we're lucky enough to have such a great education but for the people who aren't, it's really just the least we can do. the fact that they're such great -- they are amazing people, and if they can have all of the opportunities that we do, then that's definitely what we will do. >> we want to say thank you to kelsey and rachel. if you'd like more information, you can go to our website at coming up next, dinner rue teerngs first "today" on nbc. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
9:51 am
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at no extra cost. [ woman ] i went looking for a deal, and at&t delivered. now, i just need to curb the shoe shopping. ♪ this morning in "today's" kitchen, flavor. with a little creativity and spice from your clothes, you can change the same old dinner.
9:53 am
she's the -- you can find them in your grocery. >> supermarkets, online, really accessible ingredients. >> is this the new brown rice? >> kind of. it is a very powerful protein grain packed with nine. amino acids, pretty important. >> very easy to make. >> you cook it like you would riechls one cop to two cups of water and some salt and you stir and you cover. bring it to a boil and cover. >> what -- we're making a curry apple -- >> salad. >> do you let that cook. >> yes. >> do you want to help me? >> yes. >> you can squeeze the lemon juice in there. that would be great to. that we add olive oil and curry powder and tumarik and whisk it
9:54 am
all together and apples. >> how long can you keep the spices? >> depends on the manufacturer. we mix that up and put chievgs over it. you can keep it 12 to 18 months. it depends. whole spices, about two years. >> good to know. we're going to make a nice spiced salmon. >> salmon. this is a pomegranate 00-spiced roasted salmon. to this we're going to be adding lemon zest, salt, all-spierks cue men, coriander and chili powder. and we add lemon juice and honey, and we have pomegranate juice. >> you mix that all together? >> yes, absolutely. >> and then you brush it? >> we brush it over here. >> mm-hmm. and we put this in the oven.
9:55 am
>> we put it in the oven. >> you put that in the oven. it comes out looking something like this. >> smells good. >> all right. >> and then we -- >> and a nice glas? . >> yes. part of the mary nad, you reduce it in half. do you want to spoon it? >> i'm having such a good timeful look at this. oh, yeah. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. we have a really big day going on in our next half twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
9:56 am
good morning. it is 9:56. a group dedicated to fighting crime in oakland is sending out
9:57 am
its community ambassadors to oakland's korea town. safety first is that group. it's a combination of community policing and social work. the ambassadors ride around on electric scooters. they identify a problem area or a person and then they work to fix that. >> i love my job. my job is very important. i believe i play a major role in the community, make sure that the homeless are not only just not doing what they're supposed to. but we also try to help them out, find shelters, food, clothing. >> prostitution, drug use and squatting used to be a constant problem. oakland police statistics show a drop in crime since safety first rolled out. the team handles low-level crime when a stretched police department can't. a much nicer day on this thursday. christina has a look at your forecast. >> good morning. the great part about today, it's really sunny out there already. but we have good air quality.
9:58 am
if you wanted to get on outside and enjoy it, you could do so with a clear conscience. clear as a bell out there right now. 70 degrees in oakland. 76 in los gatos and 72 degrees in santa rosa. warmer in the south bay than up in the north bay because we had low clouds. took a little bit longer for the clouds to break apart up there. as a result, just a few degrees cooler. heading through the weekend, 70 degrees on saturday. 68 degrees sunday. and, yeah, good sleeping-in weather. >> sounds great for this morning. we're looking over here. most of the accidents cleared up. but northbound 85, it was just declared a sigalert. into east palo alto, clearing by the time you get to menlo park. still slow around highway 84. and a look at the other side of the bay, a little slowing
9:59 am
through livermore. >> thanks, mike. the "today" show returns next. we'll be back with our final update at 10:26. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car.
10:00 am
captions paid for byn. nbc-universal television grab your bffs and join us live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ alarm buzzing ] >> that was the best ever. >> cheers. >> cheers, hoda.
10:01 am
>> that was great. >> oh, jerry. >> thank you, jerry. >> that was unbelievable! >> jerry? jerry! who knew? >> jerry, what are you doing tonight? >> good-bye, jerry. thank you. >> i bet he's got a bad back right now. anyway, everybody, it's thirsty thursday, may 19th. >> i hope you guys are in your pj's along with us, and we have been getting pictures -- gosh, hanging all out. >> we brought wine. >> i think they are having bloody mary's or something like
10:02 am
that, and some may be having straight whisky, i don't know, the ones with problems. >> this is a relax me drink. >> it has melatonin in it. >> it is good. >> it helps you to chill out. >> and guess where it's available? >> walmart. >> now, listen, we promised we would have a little pajama party, and we have friends coming up in a little bit, but first, we have to discuss this. >> it's like a slow drip with arnold. a couple bits of new information has come out. nbc has confirmed the woman he was having an affair with is his housekeeper, and most will agree that there is a striking
10:03 am
resemblance with the boy. >> and we know he helped her purchase a home in bakersfield, california. i wonder if that son is going to go to frank's old high school. it's bakersfield high school. >> when the baby was born, the child was born, it listed as the pair shunts the man she was married to, and when they divorced they said there was no minor children between the two. >> and they separated three weeks after the birth of the child, which was five days after the birth of maria and arnold's fourth child. so it's so -- >> here is the question. i think there is a bigger question. it's their life and not your life or my life -- >> we don't know what else goes on in anybody else's home. >> the question is when is it for unforgivable? when does it become a pattern? what do you forgive? a lot of people have been on the
10:04 am
situation where you have been on the other end. >> you weigh what the relationship has brought you and you weigh how much the relationship has damaged you and hurt you, and then you look around at your situation and your future and your children, and you weigh the things of justice, you know, and then make your decision. every woman has a right to make her own without judgment. >> that's what we say. >> it's nobody's business what a woman decides to do. >> it's funny how you judge a relationship, because you say i would do that and i would never do that, and -- >> yeah, pray it never happens to you, because it's horrible. >> let's start our pajama party. we have friends. and not just each other. ♪ >> hi, kids. >> cheers! >> come on. snuggle up. we can move those things, can't we? >> cheers, everybody! >> okay. we know jill morton, and this is jen miller and she does all the jewelry that i love wearing and
10:05 am
she finally came to the party, and sonny is in the back -- >> yeah, and she goes to the theater every wednesday with us. >> and then joy bower is trying to get us all thin, and then bobby thomas who is in the house, and then these two went to high school with me. >> i have no idea who they are, but welcome to our bed. >> cameron, and cheers, you guys. >> this feels like any night at hugh hefner's house. let's talk about this a bit. what is unforgivable to you? if you found out your lover, your husband, your boyfriend, whatever, was unfaithful to you, would you forgive him? jill? >> i think it would depend if it was once or an on going thing -- >> a serial cheater. >> unforgivable. >> really? wow. >> once and that's it? >> yeah.
10:06 am
>> once maybe unforgivable, but if there is an emotional attachment, that's -- >> if they fall in love? >> if they fall in love or emotional betrayal rather than just sexual betrayal. >> sonny? >> once is unforgivable, but to have a child -- >> then it's not unforgivable. >> joy? >> it depends on the circumstances, but if you are watching, unforgivable. >> i thought it was unforgivable, and i tried to work it out and for gave him, and in the end was disappointed. >> did he cheat again, do you know? >> yes. >> there you have it. >> unforgivable. >> kim? >> unforgivable. it's the dishonesty. >> yeah, the deseat. >> can you take a lifetime building trust and then lose it in an instant. and what about a situation like this. it's so troublesome on so many levels. >> i think if somebody is doing
10:07 am
something repeatedly over and over and over again, it's a patte pattern. you have to know it might be coming again. patterns are one thing. >> with the dishonesty factor, you don't know if it's happened again. >> yeah, and -- >> look on their blackberry, and -- >> yeah, i would check aum stuff. >> are you still back there, jonny? >> yes. >> and look at matt. >> is this going out over the air? >> yeah, we're on tv. >> you won't come and join? >> absolutely not! >> come on, matt. >> you know you want to. >> here is a question for everybody. this will tell us about your personalities. what do you sleep in? what do you sleep in? you can't lie, and have to tell the truth. one quick answer. >> boxers and a tank top. >> okay. >> this.
10:08 am
always in pj's. >> nothing, nude. >> oh, gosh. >> no. >> the shirt i wore that day. >> you do? >> i do. >> i do a t-shirt and underwear, and what do you wear? >> my wedding ring. >> that's it? >> yeah, i sleep nude. >> i am post menopausal. of course in the winter. >> i sleep in these. these are mine. >> yankee t-shirt and boxers. >> holy sweats and my jewelry. >> yeah, baby! >> jill? >> naked with the air-conditioning on all year long. >> under a lot of blankets. >> if you sleep nude, you are free spirited and not afraid of exposure, and cozy and comfortable. >> if you sleep in pajamas, you are a child at hot and like to have fun and play games. >> quick to laugh. >> yeah. >> you are conservative in
10:09 am
classic pj's, and considerate of others, and appropriate at all-time, and that cannot be you, sonny. >> and underwear, a tendency to be lazy, and dislike making decisions and happy-go-lucky. that is not true. >> and if you wear the traditional nightgown, plain -- >> that's mean. >> boring. >> you like to be at home, and value safety and security above all else. >> who wear baby doll -- >> you are childish all the time. >> i thought we were going to get away with it. >> no, it's an oldie song. and come on, and crank it, please! yes, loud. you will know it! really loud! ♪
10:10 am
♪ ♪ pretty ladies around the world ♪ ♪ >> look at them across the street! the party is everywhere. >> we got to do this. we have got to do this. is it okay to work in your pjs? >> hoda said it's okay to work from home, and when you venture outside, leave your nightees behind. >> you said hugh hefner has been doing it forever, so you decide.
10:11 am
>> and sarah is across the street. let's go across for a minute. >> i am here with kelly from i-village, and you guys are doing something with pjs for a cause. >> yeah, we are collecting pajamas from sprout, so find out all the information on k >> hilary swank is with us, and she's probably thinking why did i pick this day? we're exciting to talk to her. >> do you think matt will come back? >> no, he left. >> what about al roker? ♪ [ horn ] now we're hittin' the road with the proglide challenge.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
we are back with our special pj edition of today. we have hillary swank with us, who knows a thing or two of challenging a busy schedule. >> the two-time oscar winner is taking time out to remind women everywhere how important it is to take time for yourself and your health. everybody listen up. >> good to see you guys. >> this is so elegant. >> what do you sleep in? >> i sleep in the nude. that's why i had to bring my dress that looked most nightgowny.
10:15 am
wouldn't be appropriate. >> they say most people don't because if there is a fire. >> i'm sloppy. my clothes are right next to the bed. >> no. you have a perfect body. >> two of my high school friends said that's the body they want, yours. >> that's nice. >> tell us about your project. it's about cancer and something that's important to you. >> it really is. the american cancer society reached out to me. i have a production company called to us films. they reached out and asked us if we wanted to produce a documentary short. really about cancer prevention. we selected three women. we looked at so many wonderful women and their stories and selected these three. they are extraordinary. we followed them around and we talk about the things you can do. >> specifically breast cancer? >> no. all cancer. >> cancer and the word prevention make some cancer survivors cringe because there might have been something you could have done. >> it's challenging.
10:16 am
you don't know what you can do to prevent it. we do know eating well, exercising, getting screened and tested. not smoking. exactly. when you hear the statistics of one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, 1-3, that's significant. >> it's gone down now -- breast cancer is 1-9. >> 1-3. >> did they know about your family history? your grandfather died of breast cancer. >> my grandfather, my aunt. it's prevalent in my family. >> we don't talk about men's breast cancer. it's rare but it happens. >> it does. it's close to home. when you hear the statistics of 1-3, everyone is touched by it. >> what things do you do preventively. you probably get screened. >> i do. i have all my check-ups. i exercise.
10:17 am
i try and eat well. for me, the big thing was to find balance in my life. >> be good to yourself. >> yeah. that's the whole idea behind this. they have a choose you. the american cancer society has a choose you campaign. it's about putting yourself first and taking care of yourself so you can be there for the ones you love. >> it sounds self iish on the surface. you're not going to be there for all the people you love. >> it's selfless. >> what was going on in your life when you were out of balance? what was happening? >> i felt my health deteriorating. i'm very driven and determined and i like to give 1,000% to the things i commit to. i had to find a balance. i had to. >> say you plan a vacation and clint calls you. then what happens to you? >> that's the life of an artist.
10:18 am
you never know what's going to happen. you could get a call and you're going to be far away. you're on a long plane ride and prepping for that role. then i plan after that to take time for myself. >> then ron howard calls. that's the problem. nobody calls me. >> that wouldn't be a problem, that would be a dream, clint, ron, keep going. >> when will people see the documentary. >> out next month in june. >> thanks. >> thank you so much. >> are you okay you came on this particular day? >> i am. i am so happy. it's fun. >> thanks. up next, the party continues. >> look at that. they're asleep. >> sara with a crowd full of questions.
10:19 am
10:20 am
ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
10:21 am
>>. >> that's you, hoda. >> we are back with 3, 2, 1 live with sara haines. >> she is having her own pj party at the nbc experience store with a crazy crowd. >> strange and lazy. >> strange to sleep in here. our first question, lucille from north carolina. >> is there any piece of jewelry you always wear and don't take off? >> the only thing i always wear and don't take off is my wedding
10:22 am
ring. everything else, earrings, everything else i do. >> i always wear jennifer miller's earrings but i never take off this plastic breast cancer ring. >> and there is my belly button ring but i don't like to talk about that. >> danielle from nebraska has a question. >> i wanted to know what is the sexiest thing a man can wear to bed? >> a big old smile. big old smile. bigger the better. >> is that what you like? >> yeah. >> okay. >> hoda. >> i like boxers. i don't like the briefs. >> if eduardo was wearing a thong? >> okay. eduardo is different. i like boxers. >> next up, emily from
10:23 am
mississippi. >> do you take your wine to bed with you? >> that was rude. >> she said wine. >> i do. i can't speak for hoda. i do. i have a cooler next to my bed at home. >> i'll have a little sip with dinner kind of thing. not next to the bed. that's just problem. that's problematic. >> holly from texas. >> polly. >> i'm sorry. >> what is the wackiest dream you ever had? >> i had one recently that rob shooter quit "pop eater" and started working at western sizzler and told me the story. i said why? he said it's so much better than pop eater. that was my latest dream. >> i had a really weird one when i was little.
10:24 am
i never shared it. in my dream it was fall and i was raking leaves. i look up and jesus is sitting on a cloud making a fire. >> that was it? >> he said my name and i dropped dead. >> he said your name and you dropped dead. >> why are you laughing? >> i didn't die. it has a happy ending. >> that was interesting. any-hoo. >> thank you, guys. >> still to come, a better night sleep. could be the color of your alarm clock. eggland's best eggs.
10:25 am
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try the fabulous taste of activia today. taste it, love it, or it's free! and now discover activia dessert. in rich indulgent flavors like strawberry cheesecake. try activia dessert today. ♪ activia good morning. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. a san jose woman's frustration with red light camera tickets may soon change state law. vera gil says she got the runaround when she tried to clear her name from tickets that were clearly not her. the red light camera softwares read the license plate wrong and sent tickets to her address. gil submitted an idea for a bill that would make it easier for someone to dismiss wrong tickets. she entered it into "there ought to be a law" contest. >> i just want to make sure that
10:27 am
people who are ticketed wrongly or incorrectly have a way of responding and getting these things cleared up that's easy and that's not difficult. >> the state senate just passed the idea. the bill will also require the cameras be placed in intersections for safety reasons and not just to generate some more money. 10:27. now a look at your forecast and the roads right after this.
10:28 am
good morning to you. well, it's just 10:28.
10:29 am
but we're already at 67 degrees in fairfield, just about where we ended up in terms of our daytime highs yesterday. 70 in sunnyvale and headed to the upper 70s in many cities across the bay area. 75 in fairfield. 77 in concord. 75 in san jose. tomorrow, similar conditions. a lot of sunshine. give that ac a break. might as well give the heater a break, too. room temperature weather forecast over the next few days. few more clouds on sunday. sun and clouds and a nice mix for your monday. 69 degrees, mike? >> i just made this special map. sigalert 880 northbound at union avenue just cleared. but the back-up is still there. from highway 87 up towards union avenue, a slow drive. the earlier sigalert blocking three lanes has just cleared. lighter volume here. live shot of the bay bridge shows you light volume there as well. the lights should be turning off over the next half hour.
10:30 am
in oakland, this freeway, pretty light volume of traffic. but there's a 12:35 game. within the next hour, more crowds should be heading past that area as well. >> the "today" show continues next. thanks for being with us this morning. have a great day. we are back on this thirsty thursday. if you wonder why we look like we rolled out of bed, we just did we are hosting a special pajama party edition on "today." >> when you throw one of these as a kid, the object is no sleep. as an adult, you might want to get sleep. how to get the best sleep possible? we turn to internist dr. kerry peterson. a lot of things are a factor. temperature in the room,
10:31 am
blankets. what should we do? >> paint on the walls. you want to start with soothing muted colors. they help wind you down. vibrant colors are stimulating. a soft yellow is cozy, soft blue is soothing. >> a beige. >> how cold should your room be. >> you want your room cooler than you expect. when you go to sleep your body temperature drops by a degree and a half. you want your thermostat between 65 and 72. >> what if you have a partner, you love it cold and your partner is freezing? you've got a problem. >> you have to compromise with the blankets. that's where you compromise. ideally you want thin, light-weight blankets in layers. you can have more layers than your partner. >> off and on. >> no down comforter. it's like a santiagoa under there. you get sweaty, you think you're having hot flashes. >> it has to do with the alarm
10:32 am
clock and what it looks like. >> what you want is to avoid the bright blue lights. those are too stimulating. they inhibit melatonin. you want distance from the bed or it's too temperaturing to hit the snooze button. >> i use my blackberry and keep hitting it. >> that's what everybody does. >> thank you very much. >> shall we travel and talk? >> a beautiful bedroom can't be beat, but it's not the only surroundings. your sleep position matters. dr. amy atkinson. >> what is the best position in which you should sleep, your side, your back, your some? >> if you don't have any medical problems, there is no one sleep position. anything that is comfortable for you and lets you fall asleep is fine. >> when i sleep on my stomach, my eyes are always baggy.
10:33 am
i feel like if i sleep on my back everything drains out. is that true. >> it's hard to breathe. >> you're like this. >> absolutely. sleeping on one's stomach, some of the fluid can come forward. it works by gravity the way everything else does. >> i walked in on one of cody's roommates in college once. he was face down literally. never moved. >> what if you're pregnant. >> this is very important. pregnant women should only sleep on their side. ideally the left side. that's because especially as the pregnancy progresses and the baby gets bigger and bigger, it actually presses on the biggest blood vessel that returns blood from the bottom of the body. >> interesting. what if you have what kath has which is a neck problem. >> serious. >> a painful and serious neck problem. >> agonizing. >> one thing you can try is sleeping on your back with a
10:34 am
little neckroll. >> you want to move around. i get bored. >> she does. i just get bored in the same position, if you know what i mean. >> i don't think any of these positions are locked in. you don't have to stay there the entire night, but the more you stay in that position, it may loosen up some of those tight muscles and ligaments in the back of your neck. >> thank you so much. >> your license is going to be revoked just for being here with us today. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service to mankind. >> serenity sleep is important. snoring can be a huge problem. we'll bring in the director of manhattan snoring and sleep center. >> it's very popular. there is no lack of people with a snoring problem. >> it's hard for wives often. it's often the husband who is snoring. >> why do men snore more than women? >> often because of the way they sleep. if they drink alcohol at night. they tend to carry more weight. that makes them snore a lot.
10:35 am
>> the heavier you are, as well. why? >> it causes pressure on the diaphragm. some of the muscles in the throat get looser and it causes vibrations. >> let's talk solution. is there a way to sleep that makes it less loud on your back? >> sleeping on your back tends to increase snoring. i brought two little props for you. >> of course you did. >> he brought toys. >> you can have a choice between these two things to help your snoring. >> what is this thing? >> we'll start with this here. the question earlier was about sexy going to bed. >> nothing sexier than this. >> put it on. >> if you don't want to use this machine, this thing here is called a pillar implant. >> this is not going to be good. how do you sleep in that. >> you can use this as a muzzle also. >> i like that.
10:36 am
>> frank and i both need them is what you're saying. >> this little thing here -- >> i feel like a jet fighter. >> these little things are inserted into the soft palate. >> you have to put it in surgically? >> it's done in the office. takes about 15 minutes. it started about seven years ago. >> does it really work? >> it works. it's a great procedure. >> thank you for coming by and we are sorry about your career, too. >> it's okay. take care. >> you can never go wrong looking good. sleep fashions after this. sweet dreams, little buddy. love you, mom sfx: squeaky door closes
10:37 am
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10:40 am
you know what they say, different strokes for different folks. when it comes to sleepwear, some like to be comfy and others like to spice things us. >> jill martin brought along familiar faces to show off fun, sleep fashion. >> i brought gifts. hanky-panky roses for you and
10:41 am
pankies. these have a space here if you want to go. this is a pg show. i will not unzip. i have stylish models here. starring our own -- >> bobbie thomas. >> i have a surprise. we have one male today. mr. donny deutsch is actually in his hugh hefner outfit. he actually owns this outfit which is scary. >> you do not own that. >> it's the way i roll. >> donny is bringing out our first model bobbie. she is always looking stylish. >> she would look good in a rag. >> i didn't know this, she loves hello kitty. >> i know that story. >> look at her gorgeous slippers and the gorgeous eye mask.
10:42 am
this is her comfy look. >> you look adorable. >> come on, sit. enjoy. >> madeline is next up. >> madeline, like i've never seen you before. >> look at madeline now. start with her shoes that actually bobbie introduced us to. bunny slippers. this is her kinky side. pajama jeans. >> are they soft? >> they are so soft, so comfy, they are fantastic. if you watch our show the biggest ad of pajama jeans are every before. >> say you have a long, long flight, you look like you're wearing jeans that you can sleep in. >> come sit with us. look at joy. >> joy has pimple medicine. >> and her reading material in hand. >> that's what we are talking about.
10:43 am
this is her juicy robe available at bloomingdale's. she sleeps in pimple medicine with hair on top of her head. >> come join us, baby. >> tell bus their look. >> it was so much fun dressing them. >> be careful, you two. >> they say this is what they normally sleep in. this is their look. the mask is from mary green. >> come join the party. >> sunny's in the house. >> i said what do you want to wear? she said i'd like to wear a very glamorous look and a lot of diamonds. so that's what she is in. >> this is from mary green. >> i can't believe she is
10:44 am
wearing flats. sunny. >> if you want to dress up any pajama outfit, adding faux fur is fun. >> is there more? >> just donny. >> oh, wait. jen miller. come on. >> something is going on with these two. >> her gorgeous outfit and jewelry. donny in his regular uniform. >> i knew there was an issue. >> everyone has a story. >> bobbie thomas is going to stick around with slumber party fun. >> come sit it down. [ male announcer ] for the things you can't wash, freshen it with febreze. ♪ because febreze doesn't just cover up odors...
10:45 am
it penetrates deep into fabrics to eliminate odors and leaves a light, fresh scent. febreze. it's a breath of fresh air. ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit,
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more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
10:47 am
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for only $29 a month for six months. or get $300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. [ male announcer ] and former comcast customers prefer at&t u-verse tv picture quality. even upgrade to over 160 hd channels. that's more than comcast. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. if our pajama party is making you want to throw your own or throw up, get ready to take notes. >> today's style editor bobbie thomas is back with ideas how to party and make your pajama party fun. >> when you finally get the
10:49 am
girls together, why not wig out? everyone is trying a whole new side of themselves. >> most of us. >> you can get fun wigs starting at $14.99. it is a great way to get outside your comfort zone. >> you look good in dark hair. >> i feel like cher. next a beauty basket. you can get a masque. when you're with the girls, you don't care. >> a beauty basket together. elf cosmetics, o.j. $1 each. dazzle dry will dry in five minutes. revlon offers packs of fake masca mascaras. >> what are these cookies? they are amazing. >> sea salt chocolate chip and oatmeal. these are cookies and corks.
10:50 am
you package them where you get red wine, white wine and sparkling wine. >> can you pass those, bobbie? >> next, i'm obsessed with this. you can get a cake hop machine at cambria cove. in five minutes you can bake these, like a birthday cake on a stick. >> then we have movie night. what girl doesn't like chick flicks? girls' night collection and chick flick collection. you can get them at and girls' night games. and "what's a dame to do" and "i never." >> i hate this game. >> i hate this game. >> i know. >> i never drink on the job.
10:51 am
there you go. >> but for a really good time, bobbie, i love you dearly, but i know the one thing you have to have for an unbelievable party. jerry. >> jerry is the hot ticket. >> get over here. >> up next, hoda's favorite part of the show.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
no pajama party is complete without a treat. we combined cocktails and cupcakes for five unique and tasty pairings. >> marlo scott is the owner of cupcake and wine bar sweet revenge. we love her. >> i love slumbering with you gals.
10:55 am
we are going to start with the armenian flower, the apricot vanilla cake. >> it's right in front of bobbie. pass it back here. >> it has an apricot jam center with a little chocolate genache. >> what would you drink with that? >> chardonnay. >> are you still lactose intolerant? >> a nice thing to say on national television. >> luckily we have a chardonnay from chile. >> how about sunny takes the lactose-intolerant thing and i take the chardonnay. >> it goes beautifully with the apricot and chocolate. a little bite, a little sip. >> it just goes nicely alone, too. >> it does, right? now, this is the tart. i think we are all feeling
10:56 am
tarty. >> pass that to madeline. it's a tart, after all. >> the lemon buttercream. crushed lemon zest. >> that looks delicious. >> we pair that with the palma luce. >> that is a fabulous pairing. >> then for kathie lee it's the chardonnay. >> of course it is. >> here we go. >> this is the namesake. this is the sweet revenge. it happens to be my favorite. it is a peanut butter cake. chocolate ganache center. >> joy bauer is probably wanting to barf right now. it's almost over. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> breathe deep. >> oh, you! >> this one is paired with a
10:57 am
mulbec from argentina. >> the beautiful smoothness of the red counterbalances the sweetness of the chocolate and peanut butter. >> that is unbelievable. >> did you have a bite? >> yes. >> get to the last one. we have a finale to get to. >> two more quick ones. we have the not so dirty. >> bring it to hoda. >> chocolate cake compared with a framboise. paired with a chardonnay for kathie lee. >> tomorrow it's makeover friday. >> we want to give a shout out to tammy. >> party! >> hello! >> what? are you kidding me? >> go for it.
10:58 am
-- captions by vitac -- a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds.
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