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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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valentine's day. have a great day, everybody! good morning. what killed whitney houston? police now tracing the prescription drugs found in the singer's hotel room back to the doctors who prescribed them. this morning why the white house is calling houston's death a teachable moment. rising to the top. rick santorum leading or very close to mitt romney in four new national polls as he launches an aggressive new strategy in michigan, a state that romney grew up in. could that contest now decide the winner of the gop race? and the legend grows. jeremy lin, the nba's newest superstar, hits a last-second shot to lift the new york knicks.
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>> lin puts it up -- bang! jeremy lin from downtown. >> how a harvard grad cut by two other teams became the talk of basketball, the country and even china today, wednesday, february basketball, the country and even china today, wednesday, february 15th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. ann is on assignment today. as the investigation into whitney houston's death moves forward, we are learning about the plans for a weekend burial. >> the family has opted against a large public memorial service, instead opting for a private invitation-only funeral saturday at the newark church
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where houston sang as a child in the choir. governor chris christie ordered the flags in the state to fly at half staff that day. we'll have the latest on the preparations ahead. ahead, an interesting start to the murder trial of a alabama man accused of killing his bride during a scuba diving trip on their australian honeymoon. he showed up to court with his new wife. details on that case. >> bad news for drivers and the economy. gas prices are up 13 cents in the last month alone. there is new worry that we could hit all-time highs by the summer driving months. we'll tell you what's behind this most recent price hike. >> we'll meet america's new top dog. the pekingese won best in show last night. he's with us live this morning. we'll meet him later. we begin with jeff rossen in los angeles for the latest on whitney houston's death. >> reporter: good morning. new reports out this morning
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about whitney houston's erratic final days, including an emotional outburst in the hotel gift shop. and the investigation may be taking a new turn as well. the l.a. times says police are focusing on the pill bottles found in her room and the doctors who prescribed them. they are the final images of whitney houston, just 48 hours before her death. looking disheveled, witnesses say, and out of it. that same day "people" magazine reports whitney was in the gift shop of the beverly hilton and saw herself on the cover of a tabloid. she reportedly cursed and yelled, what is wrong with these people? when did i collapse? by saturday she was dead in the bathtub. whitney's daughter bobbi kristina was in he lobby, people report, what's wrong with her? what's wrong with her? investigators are trying to figure that out, reportedly tracing whitney's prescription
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pill bottles back to the doctors and pharmacies, though they say there was not an unusual amount in the room. >> if someone were to take a variety of drugs and alcohol, it can stop them from breathing and it can stop their heart and lead to a heart attack. ♪ and when all my strength is gone ♪ >> reporter: while the toxicology report and official cause of death are still weeks away, whitney's public battle with addiction now front and center. in hollywood -- >> a terrible loss. i hate this disease. >> what disease do you speak of? >> alcoholism and drug addiction. >> okay. >> i can't speak knowledgeably that she passed from that. >> okay. >> i know she's had problems with her demons as i have myself. she lost. >> reporter: on cable news -- >> the hard truth is some people will always want to destroy themselves, and there is nothing society can do about it. >> reporter: even the white house drug czar weighed in calling whitney's death a teachable moment.
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>> there is a moment the country can reflect upon recognizing that prescription drugs can be powerful, addictive and quite dangerous. >> reporter: as whitney houston's casket arrived in new jersey, so did her family. mother cissy and cousin dionne warwick. the funeral scheduled for saturday here at the new hope baptist church in newark. the same church where she began her career singing in the choir as a teenager. ♪ >> reporter: it will be private. invitation only. no public memorial. >> they had shared her for 30-some years with the city, with the state, with the world. this is their time now for their farewell to their daughter, mother. >> reporter: the family was said to be considering a public tribute at a large arena in new jersey but decided against it. fans will be able to watch
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saturday's funeral on tv. one pool camera will be allowed into the church, matt. >> thanks, jeff. janine piero is the host of "justice with judge janine" on fox news and the former district attorney of west chester county, new york. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> the police say they do not consider this a homicide. they have no plans at the moment to launch a criminal investigation. are you surprised they concluded those things so early? >> i'm shocked. within 48 hours of a woman found under water in her hotel room with prescription bottles around her where even the coroner said, look, i have no idea what the cause of death is. we have to wait until the evidence is in. i think it's shocking for them to say it's one thing or another. >> except the police officers are the ones who have been inside the hotel room. they examined the scene of her
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death. why shouldn't they be allowed to conclude what they have? >> they are detectives. it's the very people who they are. their job is to investigate and say -- who went in and out of this room? what do the cameras show? the drugs that are here, are there drugs that could have killed her? who prescribed the drugs? are these things they have answers to within 48 hours? >> when you say who prescribed the drugs, there are published reports they will consider subpoenaing the doctors who prescribed the drugs, looking to find out what? >> looking to find out whether or not there was malpractice that rose to the level of criminal prosecution. we saw it in michael jackson. conrad murray. when you've got someone addicted to drugs and you continue to give them drugs that may add to their addiction or a concierge doctor. you know it. celebrities want what they want and they get it. >> let's make one point, larry. according to the reports i have
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seen there was not an awful lot in terms of prescription drugs inside that room. if people are picturing 50 bottles of drugs on a counter, that's not the case. >> there have been a number of high-profile celebrities that died as a result of drugs, drug interactions, drugs combined with alcohol. it's understandable why people would jump to the conclusion that that's the case here. we really don't know and we won't until the autopsy is completed. the autopsy includes the toxicology report. that will tell us what's in her body and how many of those drugs are in her body, the quantities. only then will they know what caused her death. >> what would be a red flag that immediately comes to your mind in the toxicology report? >> first is benzodiazapime in combination with alcohol. we had a very famous case, carol ann quinlan in the '70s. she succumbed to these drugses.
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people should have learned then combining drugs and alcohol, anti-anxiety drugs like xanax is deadly. >> it is possible she could have just had a heart attack? >> yes. if it's stress, a heart attack and she was an amoxicillin. so many people think because drugs have been prescribed for them are legal there is no problem. it's the interaction, based on your history and who you are. >> let's not speculate until we get the toxicology reports. larry, thank you very much. janine, good to see you. thank you both. it's nine minutes after the hour. here's savannah. >> matt, thanks. in the republican presidential race rick santorum is riding his momentum to the top of the latest national poll. where does that leave mitt romney? peter alexander is in grand rapids, michigan, with the latest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. mitt romney arrives today. rick santorum tomorrow for what's increasingly a pivotal primary february 28th. romney has roots in the state. he should have home field
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advantage, but his rival rick santorum is hoping to pull off another upset. rick santorum's surge is spreading. >> we love you. we like you. we will vote for you. >> your question? you're going to make me blush. >> i don't have a question. i just wanted to tell you how much we all -- >> okay. thank you. >> reporter: with four new national polls showing him leading or neck and neck with mitt romney, the next major showdown in michigan in less than two weeks where santorum hopes to deal a devastating loss on what romney considers home turf. he was raised here. his father was a popular governor and an auto executive. romney won michigan four years ago and the campaign is touting tonight's event as a welcome home rally, a point emphasized by this romney ad. >> i grew up in michigan. it was exciting to be here. i remember going to the detroit auto show with my dad and that was a big deal. i want to make michigan stronger and better. michigan has been my home and this is personal.
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>> reporter: in his own ad, santorum is targeting one of romney's main weaknesses. his inability to win over conservatives. >> a full-spectrum conservative, rick santorum is rock solid on values issues. >> reporter: romney's allies insist santorum's voting record isn't rock solid, unleashing this new attack. >> in a single session santorum co-sponsored 51 bills to increase spending and zero to cut spending. rick santorum, big spender, washington insider. >> reporter: still, some suggest romney's opposition to the administration's auto bailout may jeopardize his chances in michigan. but romney isn't backing down. on tuesday he reasserted his position calling it crony capitalism writing in an ap-ed, the president says without his intervention things in detroit would be worse. i believe without his intervention things there would be better. for his part, newt gingrich was in california doing a little
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"pandering" at the san diego zoo. confident he can still win the nomination. >> this has been like riding space mountain. we've had this up and down roller coaster effect. by super tuesday we'll be back in the middle of the hunt. >> reporter: super tuesday is not until next month. but this race in the republican field is heating up with 18 contests in 15 days beginning february 28th. by the way, there is a new ad out from the santorum campaign today. it shows a mitt romney look alike firing mud out of a gun at an elusive cardboard cut-out of rick santorum. they can't compete in terms of money, but they are putting out another new ad today. that's the latest from here. >> and it's only beginning there in michigan. peter alexander in grand rapids, thank you. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is at the news desk with those. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with police in major u.s. cities exercising vigilance around jewish and israeli facilities as tensions are mounting between israel and
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iran. this morning, thai authorities say homemade sticky bombs discovered in a house in bangkok were similar to devices used to target the israeli embassies in india and georgia on monday. iran denies a role in tuesday's bombings in bangkok where a man with iranian passport lost a leg when a bomb he was carrying detonated. iran is unveiling newer and more powerful uranium enrichment centrifuges. prtd ahmadinejad inaugurated the facili facilities himself. the obama administration is mulling a possible 80% cut to the u.s. nuclear weapons force. the reduction in the number of deployed weapons would be a major move in the direction of disarmament. on capitol hill today, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are closing in on a deal to extend a payroll tax cut through 2012. a massive black smoke cloud is darkening the sky over the flash point syrian city of homs
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after an explosion struck a major oil pipeline there. this as u.s. state department officials say the u.s. is closely monitoring syria's arsenal of chemical weapons amid fears that militant groups could take possession of these arsenals as the uprising escalates. now to wall street. cnbc's mary thompson is at the new york stock exchange. what's going on today? >> in case you missed it there's been a stealth rally on wall street. all three of the major u.s. indices up more than 3% since october. this as europe continues to struggle with weak growth. the eurozone economy contracted in the fourth quarter. five of 17 countries that share the euro currency now in recession including greece where officials continue to work on securing the second bailout for the country. natalie, back to you. >> mary thompson, thank you. a warning from the president for all the gentlemen out there. the commander in chief told a press gathering in washington, d.c., not to forget that tuesday was valentine's that tuesday was valentine's day.
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the first lady's husband lived up to the announcement taking the first lady out on a dinner date and wishing her a happy valentine's day on twitter. as you saw already, there is a lot of dog in a small package. a lot of hair as well. a pekingese named malachai won best in show last night, wowing judges with his flowing locks and smushed-in face. he's here and will join us live in studio this morning so we can see just why he's top dog this morning. >> hey, off the couch. >> he has a little blue cushion under him. back to you, matt and savannah. >> we're not even showing the hair dresser. >> natalie, thank you. mr. roker with a first check of the weather. >> what a winner he is! winning the thing you will. we have wet weather making it into the west with snowshowers. rainshowers working their way through central california.
7:16 am
in the upper elevations we're talking about four to eight inches of snow. then we have a risk of strong storms as we make it to the east from galveston to new orleans and parts of mississippi. we have the risk of strong storms, isolated tornadoes, rainfall from half an inch to an inch of rain up to cincinnati. we have some showers roll through the bay area as you were sleeping. a little bit of moisture left over on your roadways. nice and slick and windy conditions out there. gi yourself plenty of time in your high-profile vehicle. 65 in san jose today. little bit warmer than where we ended up yesterday by three to five degrees. heading throughout the rest of the week we continue that warm-up all the way through friday. then rain returns sunday into presidents' day. and that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you very much. here's some troubling news. gas prices are back on the rise and some analysts say it could get even worse just in time for
7:17 am
the summer driving season. nbc's john yang is in chicago with the details on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we're all used to gas prices going up in springtime when the driving season is about to approach, but this year the increase is happening sooner and it is going up more than before. experts say a combination of things -- tensions in the middle east, big refineries on the east coast shutting down, big demand for gas in asia sent gas prices up 13 cents in the last month alone. national average for a gallon of unleaded, $3.51. on the north side of chicago it's $3.99 a gallon. in big cities like chicago it's higher than the national average. at city scents floral and homes in chicago, sending a sign of your love just got more expensive thanks to the cost of filling up the delivery truck at the gas station. >> it cuts into our bottom line. $95 a couple times a week hits
7:18 am
you in the pocket. >> reporter: owner theresa montana tried to hold the line but last month had to raise the delivery fee by a dollar. >> we have tried not to pass it on to customers. it's a hard time for everyone. >> reporter: just another way americans' big pain at the pump is touching lives. in chicago where aaa averages $3.57 a gallon. >> everything is going up except the paychecks. >> reporter: in charlotte, north carolina, $3.64. >> it trickles down. you have less money for everything else. >> reporter: in los angeles, $3.88. >> it hurts. tough economy right now. every dollar counts. >> might be time to invest in a bicycle. >> reporter: analysts say prices are only headed higher. gas predicts the national average of $3.95 by memorial day. higher in big cities. in atlanta, $4.60. $4.70 in los angeles. in chicago, $4.95, the highest
7:19 am
in the continental united states. are we headed for record territory this summer, do you think? >> we could get there. we're already about 35 cents ahead of where we were last year when prices peaked at $3.98. >> reporter: so the sticker shock at the pump may get worse. >> other ways i would rather spend my money but it's a necessity. >> reporter: theresa is trying to keep costs down so her customers can have one of life's little pleasures. >> it's sad. everyone likes receiving flowers. >> reporter: fasten your seat belts. forecasters say $5 a gallon by summer is not out of the question. matt? >> john yang in chicago. thank you very much. it's 19 after the hour. here's savannah. >> thanks, matt. you may be enjoying the mild winter but for millions of people it's not all good news. the warmer weather is triggering the early arrival of allergy season. nbc's chief environmental correspondent anne thompson is in atlanta with more.
7:20 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. i'm at the atlanta botanical garden and there is a price to pay for this unexpectedly warm winter. today in atlanta it will top 60 degrees but you will pay the price if you have allergies. across the country, spring has come early. daffodils and tulips are up. trees are flowering and they are putting pollen in the air creating to, what some people, feels like a year round allergy season. >> we have had no reprieve this year from symptoms. >> reporter: in january the average temperature was almost six degrees higher than normal leading to triple digit pollen counts this month. >> right after groundhog day we started seeing patients with symptoms of springtime allergies which is unusual. usually we don't see patients with symptoms until the later part of february. >> reporter: the cause of the symptoms, the early bloomers
7:21 am
like the evergreen azaleas in georgia's calloway gardens. the director of the garden says they are a month ahead of schedule. will early blooming hurt them? >> no, it just means this particular one won't be in full bloom a month from now. >> reporter: believe it or not, plants need cold weather. colin says it helps their root system. >> cold weather gives you dormancy and kicks back the insects we have. if we don't have enough cold weather we'll have more insects. >> reporter: well, at least we'll have the flowers. the bottom line, doctors say the spring allergy season is starting earlier and will probably last longer. savannah? >> anne thompson, thanks so much. here's matt. >> now to the sports world's newest sensation. in a couple of weeks jeremy lin has gone from an unknown to a starring role with the new york
7:22 am
knicks. last night his legend grew. [ cheers and applause ] >> lin puts it up -- bang! jeremy lin from downtown! >> with his new york knicks in a tie game tuesday night he hit a three-point shot with half a second left to beat the toronto raptors. >> can you believe this is happening to you? >> no. >> ten days ago lin was a virtual unknown. an undrafted harvard grad who was cut by two nba teams. lin is now a breakout star with the knicks drawing a legion of loyal fans. tuesday night's game winner adds to the legend of lin. >> i wanted to make sure i got a good shot at the end of the clock. >> you just watch in awe. he only held it to .5 left. he was confident it was going
7:23 am
in. no rebounds or anything. that was getting barried. >> so-called linsanity is taking new york by storm. after leading the knicks to their sixth straight win tuesday lin says it's not about him. >> it's not because of me. it's because we are coming together as a team. i love playing on a team that wants to be a team and this team wants to be a team. we're all having fun. >> jerseys are selling out in the united states and in china. >> how many jerseys have they made of jeremy lin? >> both of the jerseys sold out. >> back benchers, rejoice. there's hope. >> just ahead, the adorable dog dubbed best in show at westminster. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, the trial of a man accused of murdering his bride on a honeymoon scuba diving trip in australia gets under way. and the outpouring of love for the duchess of cambridge during a special good morning. time now 7:26. i'm jon kelly. the number of human bones found on a property in san joaquin county is now up to 1,000. searchers are back at it today sifting through the dirt at an abandoned ranch near linden. they found another 700 bone fragments yesterday after digging up 300 over the weekend. investigators were led to the site by a death row inmate, 1 of the 2 men known as the speed freak killers. investigators identified remains found in another county.
7:27 am
they think one of the bodies is this young woman from clemens who disappeared in 1998. another was a woman reported missing in the 1985. time for a look outside and your wednesday forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. taking a live look, spectacular sunrise over the golden gate bridge. hard to find a cloud in the sky. that means if you wanted to hit the san francisco marina a little bit later on today, we're going to get some spectacular conditions for that. 55 degrees by noon. 4:00 p.m., 56 degrees. city by city forecast shows daytime highs running three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. 66 today in santa rosa. as we head through friday, we keep on climbing. saturday, into sunday, a few more clouds come into the mix. few showers on sunday lasting through your presidents' day. let's check your drive.
7:28 am
>> it is starting to clear up a little bit through livermore compared to what it was a half-an-hour ago. only 40 minutes towards airway boulevard where all lanes are cleared. slow drive out of the altamont pass. more folks heading through sunol. accident cleared 880 but now we have slowing near san leandro bridge. 40s and 30s at time heading down towards redwood city and lower bay shore. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook. back with another local news update in a half-hour from right now.
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7:30 7:30 now on a wednesday morning. e is a view from the top of the rock, as savannah guthrie would say looking in which direction? >> come on. why do you do this to me? south, of course. >> it's actually a 25% chance. cloudy to start the day. we have a plaza packed with people. >> i knew it wasn't east or west. >> i'm matt lauer alongside the explorer savannah guthrie.
7:31 am
>> i have my gps here. >> just ahead we're going to the dogs, and not just any dog. the top dog in the land. malachy, the pekingese walked off with top honors at westminster last night. that's a very big deal. this morning he celebrates his win with us. coming up, we'll meet him and his owner. >> his hair and makeup all done and ready. plus, the sweet way kate middleton spent her valentine's day. details in a live report from buckingham palace. >> also we'll catch up with khloe kardashian odum here to talk about her reality show, her marriage and some of the headlines about her family. >> we begin with an alabama man accused of killing his wife during a scuba diving trip on their honeymoon. mark potter is in birmingham for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in an unusual trial in alabama witnesses are being flown in
7:32 am
from australia as jurors are asked to consider whether a honeymoon death was the result of murder or a tragic accident. gabe watson came to court in birmingham, alabama, with his current wife kim to face charges he married his previous wife tina thomas watson in australia where they went diving on their honeymoon in 2003. in opening statements, andrew airington said watson drowned his wife of 11 days by shutting off her regulator in order to cash in on her insurance policies. >> the defendant expected to gain up to $165,000 from her death benefits. proceeds from the old republic insurance company. airing ton showed a photograph he said shows tina dead with her mask off on the bottom of the
7:33 am
ocean. watson's claims about his wife panicking and sinking before he could help her kept changing. the defense claim the death was not murder and that both watson and his wife were inexperienced divers and she drowned accidentally in dangerous waters on the great barrier reef. >> this is a tragic case. what's even more tragic is the blame of gabe that he's had to live with for the last number of years. >> reporter: the defense flatly rejected the prosecution theory that the motive for murder was insurance money. >> her dad was a beneficiary of the policy. her dad collected on that policy. >> reporter: watson was originallycharged with murder in australia but pleaded guilty to negligent manslaughter for failing to protect his wife during the dive. he served 18 months but his late wife's family fought to have him tried in the u.s. >> one thing we have held onto is we owe tina to see that justice is done.
7:34 am
gabe watson needs to face the evidence before a jury for that to happen. >> reporter: watson was extradited after authorities said they would waive the death penalty. prosecutors claim it was here where watson plotted to kill his wife on their honeymoon dive trip to australia. of course the defense denies that, too. the trial is expected to last two or three weeks. if watson is convicted he could face the possibility of life in prison without parole. savannah? >> mark potter in birmingham, alabama, thank you. now a check of the weather from al. >> all right. thank you so much, savannah. we have friends here from the bahamas. >> yeah. >> usually it's a little bit better than this. >> a little bit better. >> we'll take kathie lee and hoda down there. for today we have wet weather. we've also got cooler than normal temperatures. 30s and 40s in the northeast. 20s in the northern plains and the inner mountain region, nice and warm. southern texas, 80 degrees. down in tallahassee, we're
7:35 am
looking at temperatures in the 80s. a risk of strong storms through the gulf. rain into the mid mississippi river valley. snow in the inner mountain regions. snow into the pacific northwest. kind of a windy start to your wednesday. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist chris tee into loren live in the nbc bay area weather center where all that sunshine coming in early will warm us up into the mid 60s inland. 64 dublin. 61 in antioch. right by the water, 59 degrees in san francisco. we continue to climb in temperature through friday, saturday into sunday a few more clouds move in. then we get some showers aespecially over the golden gate bridge sunday into monday. what's your name? where are you from? >> chris and robin hughes from monroe, louisiana. >> louisiana. good to see you. let's head back inside to matt. >> it was an eventful valentine's day for kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge devoted her time to others with a trip to liverpool.
7:36 am
michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace with details on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. for this princess there was no romantic dinner, no first valentine's day with her new husband. but the way she chose to spend it, also in service of her country, was beyond sweet. she had no shortage of flowers. and more flowers. gifts and outpourings of love. at a children's hospital in liverpool, young patients waited, many in blankets and wheelchairs. excitement keeping them warm. >> the princess. >> is she very beautiful? >> yeah! >> this young english rose brought a beautiful bouquet. >> she said they're very pretty flowers, aren't they? >> 8-year-old jackson had flowers, charm and cup cake
7:37 am
saying he's sorry william can't be there. >> dear kate, happy valentine's day. >> oh, thank you so much. >> reporter: kate spent her day with kids, some of whom have spent their entire lives in the hospital. who showered her with home made cards bearing her photo. >> oh, thank you. it's beautiful. >> reporter: when paige drew a picture of her and william, kate shared a laugh with the mother of a sick infant, played with toddler, talked at length to older ones like emily. it all made elliot's day. >> she told me about her dog. >> reporter: did she tell you the name? >> yes. >> reporter: is it a secret? >> yes. >> they chatted like they had known each other for ages. it was lovely. that smile said it all. >> reporter: kate stopped at action on addiction, another of her charities. they serenaded her with a surprise from their alcohol-free bar.
7:38 am
a smoothie called the duchess, their most popular drink. what a way to spend a holiday to celebrate what the heart can do. even among complete strangers. so willing to share. >> the visit cheered me up. i feel a lot better. >> is she beautiful? >> even more beautiful than i thought. >> reporter: kate shared another secret with a young admirer that prince william, though he's busy on duty as a search and rescue pilot and has already rescued someone, made sure there was a card and flowers waiting for kate on valentine's morning. matt? >> michelle kosinski at buckingham palace this morning. thank you very much. coming up, star jones is here to talk about her very public weight loss battle and the surprising emotional toll it took on her. the story in a live interview. up next, as the investigation unfolds, why whitney houston's death should be a wake-up call for the dangers of mixing prescription drugs.
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7:43 am
whitney houston's death. according to the cdc, the abuse of prescription medications has become the fastest growing drug problem in the united states. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning. good to see you. >> hi, savannah. >> we should repeat at the outset we don't know the cause of death for whitney houston. the l.a. times reports prescription drugs were found in her room and investigators are looking at the pharmacies where the drugs were prescribed from. setting that aside, i guess the issue is first of all, why does it take so long for the toxicology results to come back? >> i'm not sure it's taking so long. i think they have a good idea now. at the time of the initial autopsy it was immediately looked for a source of immediate drowning. they ruled out sources of immediate death -- they ruled out drowning quickly. it came pretty fast through spinal fluid, blood that they can find out what drugs are there. they will look for drug resid s
7:44 am
residues. they want to get this one right. i have a feeling they know well but they want a complete report. >> this has raised the issue of the use of prescription drugs. some are now household names like xanax, the benzodiazepines. celebrities are known to use them but regular people have them in their medicine cabinets and may use them casually. may even have a glass of wine sometimes with it. to that you say what? >> i think we have to be careful. i think we have to throw race into this. this is not a black woman on cocaine. this is a woman of affluence able to get her hands on these medications. it's heath ledger all over again. whether it's a doctor or a concierge who gave her the medications it came through the legal pipeline. you have to be a stupid doctor to give a drug addict addicting drugs. i hate the words wake up call or teachable moments, but this is a
7:45 am
screaming loud moment for everybody who takes things to calm their nerves or go to sleep and they think nothing of taking a little extra. it usually starts because someone will take something to go to sleep and after a couple months you take two because you need more. then you have anxiety. you go to dinner and you have had a cocktail and you may have another. unless you're a pharmacologist and you understand how the drugs interact, one can potentiate the other. it's very easy to put yourself into a coma or cause a heart attack or sudden death. you can do it whether you're a person of affluence or whether you live on the street. the idea that you have a prescription lulls people into a false sense of safety. >> some commentators have said there are people in the world who are bent on destroying themselves and there is nothing you can do. do you take that view or do you think the prescription drug can be an illness, the same way alcoholism is considered an illness? >> i saw that comment.
7:46 am
there is some truth that some people are self-destructive, but give me a break. there are people around someone in need who can step in. it requires an intervention. family and friends who are willing to sever the ties and put their friendship and sometimes their paychecks at risk by saying, you're in trouble. i can see it. i'm not going to be codependent with you. for every physician who doesn't do a complete history and gives medication to somebody, shame on them, too. just one final thing before we draw judgment. we don't know whose name is on the prescription bottles. we don't know the physicians. that's going to be the next point of investigation. but there were a lot of warning signs and a lot of codependent people around whitney houston who could have taken a chance and saved her life and chose not to. >> a lot of unanswered questions. dr. nancy snyderman, thank you for your perspective this morning. up next, best in show. we'll meet the winner of the westminster dog show right after
7:47 am
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♪ they hatin' ♪ patrolling and tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ [ mom ] hi, there. why do we always have to take your mom's car? [ male announcer ] the security of a tiguan, one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ we're back now at 7:50 with the nation's new top dog. a pekingese named malachy was named best in show last night at the 136th westminster kennel club dog show. he is with us this morning along with his owner david fitzpatrick and westminster analyst david frye. guys, good morning. malachy, good morning. >> good morning. >> how did you celebrate the big win? >> with a lot of champagne.
7:51 am
>> for you or for malachy? >> for me and my friends and the other owners. we had a big party after the dog show. you know, until about 3:30 in the morning. >> let me mention this is not a jeremy lin, david and goliath story. this dog has won a lot of titles. this is a famous dog. >> he certainly is. he's won 115 best in shows. that's a huge amount. he's the only dog that's won over 100 shows last year. >> you had him since he was a puppy. >> five months old. >> did you always see the star quality in him? >> i did. he came from the united kingdom. i picked him up at newark airport atticus toms, took him out of the crate, walked him and i thought, i have a great dog here. >> this david, what do the judges look for in this breed? >> well, they are always looking for the breed traits that make it a great pekingese. they are supposed to be top-heavy, heavier in the front,
7:52 am
pear-shaped and they have to have the right kind of head, right coat. we watch them move but i'm not sure what it shows us with pekingese, of course. they are a great show dog, of course. you have great specimens in there. but they have to own the ground they stand over though you may not be able to see it. >> the breed has an interesting storied history. they come from royalty. >> all of the dogs are royalty, i think. >> just a fact i learned here. first of all, you have been coming the dog's hair since you got here. this is not a low maintenance dog. >> no. i want him to look good for you. >> and you said this morning the dog is a loyal "today" show viewer. >> every day. >> in his dog room. >> we always have "today" on. >> what's next for malachy? will he continue to compete or will he spend some time with the ladies? >> he'll spend time with the ladies. he's retired after the win last night. what more can he do?
7:53 am
>> we'd pet him but we don't want to mess up his hair. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back after your local news. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb
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good morning. the time is 7:56. i'm jon kelley. pg&e says it's putting a cap on the amount it will pay for reconstruction in the city of san bruno in the wake of the deadly pipeline explosion in 2010. the utility is setting a $70 million limit to its trust fund for the san bruno rebuild. san bruno's mayor has other plans. he's holding a press conference this morning, claiming pg&e is no longer acting in good faith. the explosion and the fire in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. time now for a check on your wednesday weather. let's say a very good morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you at home. we do have a few showers out there. very, very isolated in nature up
7:57 am
in the north bay but mostly cloudy conditions in the north bay. we're clearing out very quickly across the bay area. it is mostly sunny right now already in san francisco because of those breezy to windy conditions which will like lie be the case as we head throughout the morning hours. rain back in the mix as we head through this weekend. we'll get a brief warm-up. until then, 64 in dublin. 59 in san francisco. 61 today in berkeley. warming you up through friday to 67 degrees inland, clouds increase saturday, then we get a few more showers sunday into presidents' day. let's check your drive with mike. >> our friends in the east bay are stuck, this time not so much in livermore, that's starting to ease up. we have the hayward area and castro valley y. both directions out of san leandro, earlier accidents in both directions caused slowing. lower bay shore, live look
7:58 am
outside, 280 -- we don't have that. red and yellow throughout san jose. for the latest traffic and news update, check out nbc bay area on facebook. okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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8:00 am
8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 15th day of february, 2012. got a little drizzle in the air here in new york city, but the temperature is pretty mild, so it is not too bad. 44 degrees. we get a chance to say hi to some of the nice people who stopped by rockefeller plaza here this wednesday morning. savannah is here while ann is on assignment. mr. roker as well. coming up in this half hour, star jones is in studio. she's going to talk about her often public battle with weight. she was 307 pounds at her
8:01 am
heaviest. now she's down to a size 8 and says she is the happiest she has ef been and it has not come without struggle and even criticism, and we will talk to her about all of those things coming up. >> all right. also ahead, khloe kardashian is here to talk about the new season of her reality show. we will talk to her about that. >> and water, we all need to drink it, but there could be pesticides. even hormones in the filter. you can combat them, but which filters work best? we will have a new evaluation of the nice folks at good housekeeping. >> before we go inside, we will have a check with natalie and the headlines. >> good morning, matt. good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
we begin with details of the private funeral planned for singer whitney houston. gospel star marvin winans, a family friend will deliver the eulogy thursday and flags have been ordered lowered to half-staff. meantime, the "los angeles times" reports investigators are trying to trace the prescription pills found in houston's room and who prescribed them. the medical examiner has yet to cause on the cause of death. the maker of avastin and the fda are trying to track down counterfeit vials of the drug distributed in the usa. genetech warns the fake drug apparently imported doesn't contain the active ingredient in the real avastin and said the phony version doesn't have the name printed on the packaging. a medical examiner provided graphic testimony tuesday about what killed former college lacrosse player yeardley love.
8:03 am
her ex-boyfriend is on trial for murder. here's more from charlesville, virginia. lilia, good morning. >> good morning. today the defense begins presenting its case in the murder trial in george huguely. prosecutors introduced testimony about the struggle between huguely and yeardley love, his on and off again girlfriend. the defense denies he killed her. >> reporter: on trial for murder, george huguely walked into court animated and smiling and chatty. prosecutors say he killed yeardley love. one expert testified that huguely's dna was under love's finger nails. it was a clear sign of struggle. huguely admitted kicking open love's bedroom door and wrestling with her. he admitted to police that he may have grabbed her and shook her around the neck. but the medical examiner dr. bill gormley testified love died
8:04 am
from blunt force ip juries to the head. injuries so severe her heart stopped beating. >> if the cause of death is blunt force trauma and he was the last one with her, he's in trouble. >> jurors saw yeardley's face battered and cut. signs of violence on her face, back, chest and arms. >> the prosecution wants the jury to see the injuries. it will appeal to their emotions. they will see this woman was traumatized and that can't help but help the prosecution. >> reporter: the defense claims love could have died from a deadly mix of adderall and alcohol. but the medical examiner said her levels were too low to kill her and though her blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit the medical examiner testified that had nothing to do with her death. the defense was scheduled to start calling in witnesses on monday, but with prosecutors taking longer than anticipated huguely's defense is expected to begin laying out the case later today. the trial will likely continue into the weekend. natalie? >> charlesville, virginia, thank you, lilia. now for a look at what's got you
8:05 am
talking online. unlikely nba phenomenon jeremy lin is the toast of twitter after outdoing himself last night. the harvard grad and recent bench warmer led a new york knicks' comeback against the toronto raptors sinking a game-winning shot with just a half second left on the clock. kate upton is heating up online after her "today" appearance. but don't look for her on the victoria secret catwalk show. the director of the catwalk show says that she's too blond and has the face anyone with money can go out and buy. ouch. and the tiniest chameleon is a giant hit on facebook. it's small enough to fit on a match head. the species still needs to hide under leaves during the day and climb in trees at night to outsmart predators. it's kind of cute-looking. it is 8:05 right now and we go
8:06 am
outside with al to check on the weather. >> but he'll be in the sequel to "rango" though. where are you from? >> florida. >> little bit nippy for you. >> a little. >> hence the harry potter scarf. let's check it out. for "today," our pick city just happens to be the lovely town of burlington, vermont. they have scattered snowshowers. temperature of 37 degrees. and as wouchk ect what else is happening for you, we have showers making their way from texas to the mississippi river valley and look for snow in the mountains of california. in northern new england we have plenty of sunshine and a little cool on the west side of the pacific northwest. seattle, sunny and 47 degrees. a risk of strong storms from eastern texas to southern mississippi. good morning to you. a nice clear start over the city by the k bay. just about everywhere clearing outnicely. still a little patchy cloud cover in the north bay and
8:07 am
portions of the east bay interior valleys. 57 in pleasanton. 61 in richmond, in san francisco and oakland. heading to friday, we climb in temperatures. saturday and sunday, a few more clouds on the way. sunday into monday, we get a few showers. hope you have a great day. and that's your latest weather. now ms. guthrie. >> thank you, mr. roker. up next, star jones talks about her public battle with weight. we'll talk to her after this. [ female announcer ] what makes smoothness last? what makes a touch linger? smooth sensation from nivea. the light lotion with moisture enhancing 24-hour-plus hydra iq. it works with your skin's hydration system to keep your skin smooth, all day... all night. smooth sensation and the essentials collection with hydra iq only from nivea. touch and be touched. now bring the world a touch closer. join our million moments of touch movement and be entered in nivea's daily date night sweepstakes.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
we're back at 8:10 with our friend star jones who says she's the happiest and healthiest she's ever been. for yearswaged a public battle with her weight. at her heaviest she was over 300 pounds and was classified as morbidly obese. we'll talk to star about it. first, her transformation. >> i was definitely a food addict. my entire adult life i had been over weight. star jones, assistant city attorney. >> i wasn't fluffy. i wasn't full figured. i wasn't plus-sized. i was morbidly lyly obese. >> this is my type of fashion show. >> when i joined "the view" i was 225 pounds.
8:12 am
those were my most successful in the public years, but i also gained right in front of your face 75 pounds in one year. what i didn't know at the time was i was severely depressed. i didn't have what i really wanted. i wanted to have someone in my life that made me feel special. i would go to burger king and order the most decadent sandwich, a double whopper with cheese, extra ketchup, extra mayonnaise, extra cheese. i couldn't walk stairs without having to stop and catch my breath. it was my greatest fear that i would die in my apartment by myself after having a stroke or a heart attack. too big to get to a phone. i made up my mind, whatever it took i was going to lose that
8:13 am
weight. i don't know if people realize that in 2003 gastric bypass still was a pretty dangerous procedure. i do remember having to be weighed that day. the scale was one of those industrial scales that they weighed me on. i swore an oath to god i would never need a scale like that again. emotionally, i made decisions not to discuss it publically. i was depressed and confused and just really not ready. i don't apologize for it. i know people want me to say, you know, i really wish that i had told everybody. i did it the way i needed to do it. i credit losing the weight with saving my life. it's a lot of work afterwards. i attribute about 80 to 100 pounds of my weight loss
8:14 am
directly to the surgery. but the rest of it was all me. i lost just about 160 pounds. i lost a human being. i really wish there were an easier way to maintain it. but there isn't. for me, it's green leafy vegetables, high protein diet and get my butt up and get to that gym. this is the happiest and healthiest i have ever been. i'll be 50 years old next month. i don't know if i would be here today if i hadn't taken control of my weight. >> tough to watch that? >> it's hard to see how out of control i had allowed myself to be. >> the photos? >> i take full responsibility for it. >> i want to get to the decision
8:15 am
of not disclosing gastric bypass surgery. it angered people. >> it ticked them off. it was so public. >> they think you should have said, i did it. whether it's right for you. >> i was public with other aspects of my life. i can completely understand that. it really worked for me. it allowed me to get emotionally safe and secure. >> it even put a strain on relationships with co-workers. >> my co-workers? how about my then husband? my friends? they all said, star, this is gripping you. you're going to need to talk about it. i couldn't. interestingly enough, my decision to get emotionally safe and happy and lose 300 pounds in my head is what ultimately saved my life. >> do you think it was a weakness that by revealing the surgery you were saying you had given up?
8:16 am
i don't understand. >> i'm not sure i thought i could be successful at it, to be honest with you. i thought i'd gain the weight back. i had never been successful at losing weight before. i needed to forgive myself for being such a smart girl and so stupid when it came to my health. >> i was reading something you said recently. we take you now to after the surgery and you start shedding the pounds. that you weren't prepared emotionally for losing the weight. >> not in the least bit. i didn't know that i would be not celebrated, not applauded. i felt that other women looked at me differently. men looked at me different. i wasn't prepared for any of that. that's part of my problem. i didn't do the therapy that came with losing the weight. that's when i got healthy. >> shifting gears, 2010, seven years after the gastric bypass surgery, your lifestyle is better, but you notice symptoms that turned out to be heart
8:17 am
disease. >> shortness of breath, heart palpitations, light headedness. i thought it was residual effects of the gastric bypass. dumb me. those are the early signs of heart disease for women. >> how long did it take to get diagnosed? >> i got diagnosed in january 2010. i had the surgery march 17, 2010. >> kind of a kick in the pants. you go through this stuff with the weight loss and here comes heart disease. >> i was so angry and upset, i didn't want to have the surgery. i have to tell you heart disease is the number one killer of women. it beats all the next four causes of death combined. that's why i volunteer with the american heart association. i'm alive today because i decided to lose weight and take control of my health. >> to show your support you are wearing red 28 straight days? not the same dress though. sf >> no, no. for the month of february i'm going red. the message is eat less and move
8:18 am
more. it saved my life. i exercise right now 30 minutes a day. no questions. i go to soul cycle and get on the bike. i'm happy. >> we're happy for you. >> thank you for making me feel at home and safe. >> my pleasure. 17 after the hour. up next, khloe kardashian odum gives a s pee newk the new season of her reality show after this. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger,
8:19 am
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8:22 am
♪ back now at 8:22. when it comes to the kardashians there is never a shortage of drama. khloe and her husband are about to deliver more in the second season of "khloe and lamar." some of it centers on khloe's brother rob. take a look. >> wow. rob really did move out. >> are you sad that rob is out? >> i love rob. don't you like rob on "dancing with the stars" though? >> rob just started "dancing with the stars." the sad thing is you say you want to be on "dancing with the stars." >> khloe kardashian odum, good morning. >> good morning. >> lamar has moves on the court. >> lamar has moves everywhere.
8:23 am
lamar felt some way about rob moving out and not saying anything. rob just sent movers to our house which i thought was so not like my brother to do. but i think he didn't know how to handle wanting to move out. >> that's just the beginning of the drama this season. >> oh, yeah. >> including a move to dallas. you moved to texas. how do you like it? >> i love texas. dallas, it's such a warm, overwhelmingly genuine, just -- we have been welcomed with open arms which is amazing. i was nervous. i didn't want lamar to be traded and the team to be like, oh, god, his wife is coming with all of her baggage and the cameras. i didn't want that to happen. but marc cuban is a phenomenal owner and embraces us with open arms. it's great. before that the drama of going through the nba lockout and possibly being traded to new orleans. >> you get a behind the scenes
8:24 am
of the lockout. >> you do. how emotional it is for lamar. they called us at midnight. we're like, the plane's at 7:00 a.m., get ready. happens if you don't have a wife to pack your bags and stay behind? he said, you figure it out. >> you decided to take the cameras with you. moving is hard enough. did that add extra pressure or was it comforting? >> definitely i feel it added extra pressure just because we were in the middle of filming. it's not like i could say -- we have a contract. not like i could say, okay, we're done just because we're moving. for them, they loved it. they were like, drama, stress, great. >> built the story line. >> they loved it. >> another big story line we are getting hints about is this issue of whether you and lamar will start a family. i know you are asked all the time. >> yes. >> there is a moment in the previews where you ask lamar if he's jealous because your big sister is expecting a baby. he says, yes, they get to have another baby. >> i know!
8:25 am
>> is that still on the plan? >> always on the plan for lamar and i to start a family. when i heard that it broke my heart to hear it. i didn't think he felt that way. definitely we want kids. but, you know, we really are just like when it happens it happens. people have so many rumors out there that, you know, i'm doing fertility treatments. yesterday i actually got sent bouquets of flowers which was so sweet to my condo in dallas. i read the card and it's from three different fertility treatments saying, i hope you try us out. i was like, that's presumptuous. i'm getting valentine's day flowers from three fertility treatments. >> you're trying the old fashioned way. >> yes. >> which we see a little bit of in the show. i know people being in your business is the family business. is it creepy? cameras in the bedroom. >> that's not my bedroom. it was rob's bedroom ico spn
8:26 am
converted. there are security cameras that's the footage. i don't have cameramen in there. lamar is made very uncomfortable by the cameras. >> we're out of time. anything more about tweeting your good morning, it is 8:26. i'm jon kelley. they are calling for community action in the wake of recent shootings, two of them fatal. the latest happened monday night when homeowners shot and killed an intruder has broke into his house. it was the sixth shooting in three days. the mayor of antioch is calling for a town hall meeting to discuss it with residents and find ways to combat the problem. that meeting expected to be held sometime next week.
8:27 am
there's rain earlier today. let's find out how traffic is heading to work. >> the roads finally started to dry out in the bay area. that's good news. we have an accident southbound 680 around king road, involving a number of vehicles. sounds like three of them the final count. no major injuries, they're pushing to the shoulder. south bay, northbound routes jamming from 101, 17, 85, all the northbound rides to downtown san jose as well. 80 slow southbound. a live look north past the coliseum, things are jamming up at high street, that's traditional at this time. thank you very much. for the latest updates, check out and facebook. back in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a wednesday morning. february 15, 2012. rain continues in new york city. more of a mist. >> a spritz. >> matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. savannah is here while ann is on assignment. natalie morales joins us, as
8:31 am
does mr. roker. do you know who else is here? >> who? >> giada de laurentiis. she has a spin on a classic. >> absolutely. we'll have her meatloaf three different ways. always a little bit of an italian twist. >> i cannot wait for that. >> love that. also ahead, how clean is your drinking water? a lot of people use the filters on the faucets. actually, it turns out some may not work as well as you think. coming up, good housekeeping did testing. they will have results and tell you which ones are a good buy. >> later on, do you remember the washington white house party crashers the salahis? they are going through a nasty divorce. makaela is steaming things up with a video with her new boyfriend journey guitarist neil schone. where's that hand?
8:32 am
>> let's get a check of the weather, mr. roker. >> sunshine up and down the coast. snowshowers around the great lakes. look for sunshine in the pacific northwest. snowshowers in the inner mountain region. as we move into tomorrow, santa ana winds. look for snow in northern new england. up state new york. rain along the southeastern coast later in the day and lake effect snowshowers around the central great lakes. good wednesday morning. we are clearing out quickly. in fact, mostly clear conditions at this point all the way from the coast through inland cities. temperatures are climbing into the mid-60s in some cities later today. warmest time of day is typically 3:30 this time of year. we will see a high of 59 in san francisco, meanwhile, 65 is the high today in san jose and livermore. saturday and sunday, rain moves back in. that will likely impact your
8:33 am
monday plans. don't forget. check your weather any time you want on the weather channel on cable or online. the weather's nice down in captiva where we find uncle willy. >> i love this. i feel like a warner brothers cartoon. oh, my goodness. our producer just fell in the water. [ splash ] >> oh, nanette, we love you. we'll miss you. anyway, happy birthday. she's okay. a little schtick, as we say. we love people who have been married for so long. here's floyd and flora hicks of calico rock in the great state of arkansas. prettiest state. you ought to visit. 75 years they have been happily married to each other.
8:34 am
here's george whiticar, stuart, florida. he built boats. first boat he built at 16 years old. he built boats all his life. a skill i would like to acquire. i used to do model airplanes, world war ii. i can never get them right. we have helene okino. she's from aiea, hawaii. the only town in the united states where all the letters are vowels. aiea. 100 years old. the script people told us that. loves ballroom dancing, "dancing with the stars." come on down. she likes to travel. i like "dancing with the stars." always liked that show. and floyd and vera koontz. there's a creamery in maryland with that name. i like it. anyway, from gladwin, michigan. 75 years they have been married.
8:35 am
they ought to get together with the other group. floyd calls vera his darling. george benson of jackson, mississippi. 104 years old. owned and operated his own automobile shop for years. fix anything. the man is a genius. finally we have kathleen snavely of syracuse, new york. 110. loves gardening and her secret to longevity is hard work. something we here at nbc know absolutely nothing about. now back to the worker bees in new york. >> all right, willard, thanks. up next, improving a comfort food classic. giada has meatloaf two ways. >> two ways. >> two ways.
8:36 am
8:37 am
cooking with giada is
8:38 am
brought to you by target. her line of kitchen products and delicious food only available at target and >> back now at 8:37. this morning on cooking with giada, meatloaf two ways. one of our ultimate comfort foods. here with the recipe is "today" contributor and chef giada de laurentiis. >> good morning. >> what are your earliest meatloaf memories? was this big in your house? >> no. >> i grew up on it. >> i know, but i'm not american. >> do you have an italian version of this? >> 20 years ago i started making it for my husband. that's where meatloaf started. >> when you go to the grocery store, different cuts of meat what do you go for? >> chuck. >> why? >> it has the most fat in it. it has 15% to 20% fat in comparison to ground sirloin which has about 8% to 10%. a little bit more fat makes it moister, lighter. >> we'll put in the ingredients.
8:39 am
one thing not here is ketchup. a lot of people put it in. why not? >> i'm italian. i use marinara instead of ketchup. >> store bought? >> yes, or make your own. we have eggs, garlic which is extremely important for my meat loaf. onion. and panko. do you know what it is? >> japanese bread crumbs. >> very good. you did your homework. excellent. a lot lighter, made from crustless bread. it creates a less dense meatloaf. so the marinara and basil. this is a meatloaf parm. it has all the flavors of eggplant or chicken parm. >> a lot of people start with the meat and add the ingredients. you start with the ingredients and add the meat. >> that's my secret to a light, less dense meatloaf. if you have the meat first then add the ingredients. >> you handle it constantly.
8:40 am
>> correct. >> then you mix it all together. >> once you mix it, i will move this forward a little bit. >> goes on the baking sheet. >> you just put it on a baking sheet. >> grease the sheet. flatten it out like this. a big triangle here. baked at 375 for 25 minutes. >> i was going to say, that's a rectangle. >> i know, i know. it's early. i'm tired. >> what's on top? >> marinara sauce in the oven. pull it out before dinner, cut it into little squares like this. add a little bit more marinara on top and cheese. put it back in the oven. >> you serve id with great potatoes. >> pancetta and potatoes. >> the turkey meatloaf, what's the difference? in terms of cooking it? >> it takes a little bit longer
8:41 am
because we'll cook it in the regular loaf pan like everybody does. for this one i use bread crumbs. the ingredients are similar. parsley instead of basil. i'm using dark meat turkey. >> fattier. >> yes. you need it. the white meat works, but do half and half or it doesn't have a lot of flavor. >> is it easy at the store to get ground dark meat turkey? >> you can find it. or ask the butcher and they will grind it for you. this is a secret. makes it look pretty. feta cheese for a tang, a salty bite and for chewy sweetness, sun dried tomatoes. the feta kind of stays in little pockets. >> little chunks. >> it keeps the turkey meatloaf full of flavor and moist. >> this doesn't dry out. you promise. turkey has a habit of doing that. >> i know. but with these ingredients it doesn't. this is a lighter version of that. i serve it with baked mashed
8:42 am
potatoes with peas in the center. we have it every thanksgiving. it's just awesome. especially with this. nice and fluffy. >> i'm trying to get over the fact you didn't have meatloaf as a child but you grew up to be a healthy, well-rounded individual. kind of. >> meatloaf has nothing to do with that, matt. little do you know. >> this is my version of comfort food. meatloaf two ways and i like the potatoes as well. >> yes. >> up next, new concerns over the safety of your tap water. we'll talk about that. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning, how safe is your tap water? it's possible pesticides or contaminants could be flowing from your faucet. good housekeeping has
8:45 am
information on how to protect your family. rosemary, good to see you. >> good morning. good to be here. >> public water systems, tap water, it is tested. it's regulated by the government. >> yes. by law, municipalities have to test the water and report to consumers once a year. they can test once a year, four times a year, sometimes less. they test for 90 contaminants like copper, arsenic, lead. there is a report that tells you what's in the water and if it's dangerous. but they average the results. so if you live in an agricultural area, pesticides in the water spike in the spring because those results don't show up in your water report. >> there are many contaminants. >> and many the government doesn't test on. we think they should test for more than they are. >> good housekeeping tested some of the filtration devices out there that people are using. how did you do the study? >> water tests.
8:46 am
we paired up with the lab for emerging contaminants at the university of arizona. with the good housekeeping research institute we tested refrigerator filters and tabletop filters to see how they filter out the most prevalent of untested contaminants. >> starting with the refrigerator. the first is the ge refrigerator filter. ge is a part owner of this company, nbc. how did it measure up? >> the refrigerator filters did a fantastic job. this one took out 92% of contaminants we tested for, the dirty 15 except for bpa. it took out 90% of that in all but the first two readings. >> and they are easy to install? >> this one is all the way in the back here. the big problem is remembering to change them. >> yeah. we all get the filters and forget to change them. not good. next is whirlpool. >> it did well. 92% of all contaminants. this is in a lot of whirlpool
8:47 am
refrigerators as well as amana and maytag. >> are they higher in cost? >> they are $40 and table top pitchers are similar. >> i know you looked at quite a few. first is zero water. >> this one did well for a table top. it took out 95% of estrin, ibuprofen and bpa and 80% of a number of pesticides. it did well. >> i understand it's changed some of the devices. >> they have changed the flow rate so it could affect the filtering. it did a great job. >> you tested the pur. >> it took out 100% of estrin and 81% of a lot of other chemicals and drugs. did a really good job for a tabletop filter. >> how often should you change the filter? >> generally they give you a
8:48 am
gallon or a time amount between two and four months. much easier with the time. nobody is measuring how many gallons of water they are pouring. >> you measured a drop-off in the effectiveness of the filter. >> we took measurements at four times to see how it performed throughout the test. >> how did brita do? >> it took out 60% of all the drugs. we found halfway into its life it began to perform less well. so on the back end it didn't do as well. >> brita said this isn't an easy study to understand because of the complexity of water filtration. without further details from the lab tests we are unable to address the effectiveness of the test procedures in this particular instance. a fair point. are you confident in the procedures used to test it? >> we are. we spent more than a year on the tests. we tested all the filters the way a consumer would. we didn't force water through faster or slower. we didn't alter the devices. we're confident. but the bottom line is filtering
8:49 am
is better than not filtering. >> and bottled water. this is their solution. >> bottled water is amazingly not covered under the safe drinking water act. the fda oversees it. it doesn't require that companies disclose testing. three years ago the virlt ta environmental working group found a number of contaminants. bottled water, no guarantee of anything. >> interesting information. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> up next, an exclusive interview with the first lady of the fbi. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:50 am
[ male announcer ] the 2012 m-class continually monitors blind spots, scans the road to reveal potential threats, even helps awaken its driver if he begins to doze. so in the blink of an eye it will have performed more active safety measures than most cars will in a lifetime. introducing the all-new 2012 m-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
8:51 am
back now at 8:50 with a woman who has risen to the top of her field. the first woman to head the fbi's largest field office in new york. "today" national correspondent jamie gangel sat down with her for an exclusive interview. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, matt. her name is janice fedarcheck and she brushes off talk about being the first woman anything, but she's winning rave reviews for leadership. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> reporter: low key, no nonsense, 53-year-old janice fedarcheck has made history as the first woman ever appointed to head the fbi's new york field office. when you got the call to run the
8:52 am
new york office what was your first reaction? >> i was excited. >> reporter: because? >> it's new york. >> reporter: a big deal, especially in the male dominated fbi where even today only 16% of agents are women. nevertheless the fbi's first lady, as dubbed by vanity fair, has earned respect and praise for improving morale and leading the office through a string of high profile cases. from organized crime to white collar crime, from internet fraud to cyber threats and of course her top concern, terrorism. >> what keeps you up at night? >> there are so many aspects of new york that pose tantalizing targets to our adversaries. that's always going to be a backdrop of have we done enough? >> reporter: if, growing up, someone had said to you that you would be doing this today you would have said -- >> no way. >> reporter: a self-described
8:53 am
navy brat, she grew up moving so often she attended three different high schools. when she graduated from college she admits she was drawn to law enforcement because, well, because of television. >> "the streets of san francisco" was very big. "policewoman" was out there and "police story." >> reporter: for six years she served on the reno police force and then the fbi came calling. she was always one of the few women. you had to prove yourself. >> right. >> reporter: did you have to work twice as hard? >> you knew you were being watched to be sure you could handle yourself. we certainly did that. >> reporter: along the way she met her husband, now a retired fbi special agent and then came 9/11. when you watched the towers come down, when you look at the hole in the side of the pentagon, to see that kind of scar is something that i don't think anybody who has experienced that, even from afar, even watching on television cannot in
8:54 am
some way be impacted by it. >> reporter: now just blocks from ground zero she's one of those responsible for the security of new york. i know that in your world safety is a relative thing. in 2011 we got bin laden. we got anwar al-awlaki. do you think we are safer? >> we are, but we can't get complacent. >> reporter: to be sure she's not complacent she has this -- an index card with a handwritten quote from john f. kennedy. >> in the long history of the world, only a fujeew generation have been granted the role of protecting it. i do not shrink from this respect. i welcome it. >> reporter: why do you carry it? >> it reminds me why we do what we do and how important that responsibility is for us as the fbi. it's just something that i feel strongly about.
8:55 am
>> reporter: she is the real deal, matt. very impressive, very modest and, of course, thanks to the vanity fair photo she's bringing back the trench coat. she's so straight-laced but underneath it she has a great sense of humor. >> jamie, you said to her, what keeps you up at night. you have to wonder if we knew what they know would we be able to sleep at night. what did she say about that? >> reporter: she says it's what she doesn't know about that's going on. you know, is there a threat that they haven't tracked out. they are concerned in terrorism about the lone wolf. the person out there who isn't interacting with other groups. >> jamie gangel, fascinating profile. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it's a big city. it's a big turf to be in charge of. there is a lot at stake. >> when you think of the public servants in those roles they have a lot on their shoulders. >> broad shoulders. >> just ahead, it's presidents'
8:56 am
day weekend approaching. >> what are you going to get snus. >> -- us? >> it's not a gift giving occasion. i believe we'll talk about getaways. >> we'll take it, matt. >> we're going on a field trip. we'll talk about those right after your local news and weather. good morning, everyone. the time is 8:56. i'm jon kelley. it is official. construction on the new 49ers stadium in santa claire will begin in july. the stadium authority approving the contract just last night.
8:57 am
this requires the company to start construction by july 1st, finish by preseason kickoff in 2014. the contract includes penalties if construction is not finished on time. time to say hello to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. we had wet weather earlier as the front continues to pull out of the area. we have winds behind it, they will continue to build as we head throughout the day. rain moves in this weekend. hope you have a great day. ♪
8:58 am
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ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, february 15, 2012. hi to these nice folks who have been standing out in the d justri a little bit harder we stand on rockefeller plaza. not so bad. i'm matt lauer along with al roker. we have our umbrella holder, savann savannah guthrie. >> thank you. >> anyway, coming up in this
9:01 am
half-hour, more on this developing story. the investigation continuing into the cause of death of whitney houston, seems as if investigators are looking into the prescription drugs that were found in her room, perhaps even going to subpoena the doctors that prescribed that medication. as funeral plans are being planned in the new jersey area. >> a little bit later on, we'll be taking a look at your financial questions in today's money 911. will you responsible for your spouse's debt. how does it impact your credit? our crack money 911 team is on the case. >> all right. and then, just ahead, we all remember michaele salahi. she turned up on the real housewives of dchlts c. then the drama really started, she left her husband for journey
9:02 am
guitarist neal schon. they're now facing a lawsuit. lot to talk about with them. let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. good morning, everyone. we begin with the death of whitney houston, her family has released details of the funeral as major celebrities speak about h details about her death. >> reporter: new reports about whitney's erratic days. the investigation may be taking a turn here as well. the l.a. times now reporting that police are focusing in on the pill bottles that they found in her room and the doctors who prescribed them. they are the final images of whitney houston, just 48 hours before her death. looking disshelved witnesses said and out of it. the same day that "people"
9:03 am
magazine reports that whitney was in the gift shop of the beverly hilton and saw her face on the tabloid, cursed and yelled, what's wrong with these people? by saturday, she was dead. whitney's daughter was in the lobby "people" report, screaming, what's wrong with her? investigators are trying to figure that out. tracing her pill bottles back to her pharmacies. >> if someone were to take a variety of drugs and alcohol it can stop them from breathing and it can stop their heart, lead to a heart attack. ♪ when all my strength is gone >> reporter: while the toxicology report and official cause of death is still weeks away, whitney's public battle with addiction is now front and center in hollywood. >> a terrible loss. i hate this disease.
9:04 am
>> what disease do you speak of? >> alcoholism and drug addiction. i can't speak knowledge ably that she passed from that. she has problems with her demons and lost. >> the hard truth is, people will always destroy themselves. >> even though white house cza rshr drug weighed in. >> there's a moment that people can reflect upon, that prescription drugs can be powerful, addictive and can be quite dangerous. >> as whitney houston's casket arrived in newark, new jersey, so did her family. cissy houston and her aunt dionne warwick. her funeral is planned for saturday. the same church she began her career singing in the choir as a teenager.
9:05 am
it will private. invitation-only. no public memorial. >> they had shared her for 30-some years with the city, with the state, with the world. this is their time now for their farewell. to their daughter, mother. >> the family was said to be considering a public tribute at a large arena in new jersey. but decided against it. fans will be able to watch saturday's funeral service on camera. >> all right, jeff rossen, thank you, jeff. police in major u.s. cities are exercising extra vigilant as tensions are mounting among israel and iran. iran denies any role in
9:06 am
tuesday's bombings in bangkok, a man detonated a bomb. president mahmoud talk mee knee jad fill sill tated. mathe agency said that the d levels do not posed a problem. lipstick reapplied significant can add up. valentine's day wedding proposal as one bride to be on hands. her boyfriend had her then flight attendant pop the question. the answer was a happy yes and the couple is vacationing in
9:07 am
milan. there's the way to do it. very nice for them. congratulations. six minutes past the hour. over to al with a check of the weather. >> sometimes, i guess you need a flight attendant. as far as your weather is concerned, one storm system coming into the west, is going to bring mountain snows and lot of rain along the coast. we're looking at from 3 to 8 inches of snow. and then as we move to the east from galveston to new orleans, in parts of western mississippi we could see some strong storms. rainfall amounts are going to be about a half of an inch from new orleans to huntsville and into central good morning, christina loren.
9:08 am
in the weather center, we have clear conditions. it is cold. as a result temperatures are running in the 40s. by noon, we make it into the mid-50s. breezy, windy conditions the story for today with the hill tops getting winds in excess of 25 miles per hour. pretty gusty winds all night long there. 65 in san jose, 67 in loss gad owes. we warm up through friday and get showers for the weekend. time for today's money 911 where we answer your pressing financial questions. our experts this morning, "today" financial editor jean chatzky, author of "money 911." david bach, author of "debt free for life" and sharon epperson a personal finance correspondent from cnbc and until an hour ago wearing the same dress as jean chatzky but changed. >> you gave away our secrets! >> that's okay. david and i are wearing the same pants. we'll start with an anonymous e-mail from los angeles.
9:09 am
it reads that i'm newly divorced and have a nest egg from the sale of my home. if i marry a man without money and has a lot of debt am i responsible for his debt? who's responsible? >> that's a good question. he's responsible for his debt. the problem is as you build this life together, as you start mixing your finances the fact that he has the debt may prevent him from contributing as much to your household and because you live in california, if there are debts incurred after the marriage they are in a community property state. that could get messy. so i would say try to clear it up before you get married and then try to maintain some semblance of autonomy financially. >> keep it separate. >> that's the most important wedding planning they can do. >> she said, if i marry. >> she's not sure. >> okay, next -- >> what is that? >> hang on.
9:10 am
this is from will on twitter, is there a way to get out of a co-sign situation if the main person hasn't paid a dime and left the other, quote, nice person the debt? >> oh, al, this is so bad. the answer is basically no. >> you're stuck. >> you're stuck. here's the thing. when you co-sign for a loan you are now responsible for the loan. i tell people if someone wants you to co-sign for their loan you're better off to give the person money. say they co-signed for a $5,000 loan. give that person a little bit of money so they are not liable for the loan. the only way the person can get themselves off the loan now is if the other person refinances and the bank takes them over as the only person responsible for it. that won't happen because the person can't pay the bills. don't co-sign for a loan. >> that's the bottom line. don't co-sign. that can get sticky. now to skype for nicole calling from williams, arizona. good morning. >> good morning. my question is that i live 30 miles one way from my bank and i'm self-employed. can i write off the mileage when
9:11 am
making a work-related bank deposit? if so, would it be a one-way or a round trip mileage deduction? >> i don't think we have had this question. >> we never had this question. lots of tax questions but never this one. first of all, i think first you need to perhaps find a different bank. >> get a closer bank. >> let me tell you what the irs will tell you. it depends. if your home is your principal place of business and you're self-employed. that's what's happening? >> yes. >> and you are driving to a business location then that mileage is deductible. but will the irs consider your bank a business location? i'm not sure. go to look for an online bank with a better interest rate and when you are looking for tax deductions look for a bigger bang for your buck. health insurance. >> go online. >> you can scan the check with your phone and deposit it. you don't have to go to the bank anymore! >> at home you don't have a starbucks next door.
9:12 am
>> find a new bank. >> thank you. >> thank you. she was still there. now to a viewer who sent in a video. >> i'm trying to open a home equity line of credit for more than i need or plan to use. will that overage hurt my credit score because it will be viewed as taking on more debt or will it help my credit score because i will be drawing on a lower percentage of available credit? >> neither one. home equity lines of credit just don't factor into the utilization ratio that he's talking about. it's very, very simple. take out the loan for what you need. don't take more just because it can be tempting and you can get yourself into a debt hole you don't want to be in. >> all right. thank you so much. and still to come, presidents' day getaways. we'll check out some affordable last-minute deals for the long holiday weekend. up next, so-called white house gate crasher michaele salahi.
9:13 am
finds new love with journey guitarist neal schon. we'll talk to them after these messages. michaele salahi. [ moderator ] take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some kind of flower maybe? [ moderator ] remove the blindfold... awww, oh yuck! i didn't smell any of that! [ male announcer ] febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors. [ laughs ] wow, that's incredible. [ male announcer ] so you can breathe happy. guaranteed.
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9:16 am
try new extreme clean pure breath action from aquafresh. the salahi name was made famous when tareq and michaele attended a white house party in 2009. it led to fame and notoriety including a role on "the real housewives of d.c." but tareq filed for divorce after michaele publicized her relationship with neil schon, guitarist for journey. michaele and neil are with us this morning. just a little bit of drama in your life these days. >> a lot happened. >> do you want to tell me what happened? tareq was here in september and he said you left the house, were
9:17 am
gone for hours. turned out you were leaving him and you were found out to have a relationship with neil. >> right. >> what was going on? why did you leave? >> natalie, i left that day not with plans to be gone forever. but after i did it had gotten -- our relationship was very controlled by tareq. anyone that watched the show or even spent 24 hours with tareq and i knew where i had come from and what i had been through. that day -- neil and i had been friends since the '90s. and i wanted to be with someone that would help me sort through what had been happening in my head. i didn't return because it just wasn't -- i couldn't endure any more. >> you all had been friends for a long time going back to the '90s. he considered you and the band friends as well. >> i considered him -- >> do you feel you duped him? >> i considered her a best
9:18 am
friend. you know, i had to know tareq because she was my best friend. did we know each other, yes, but i wouldn't consider him a good friend. certainly not now. >> were you having a relationship with each other prior to you leaving tareq? >> we have always been best friends. any time i was with neil, tareq was with me. that's one of the things through "the real housewives" they joked. they couldn't have lunch without him right there. there wasn't a time he wasn't right next to my side. >> tareq filed a $50 million lawsuit. >> never a dull moment. >> for outrageous conduct, conspiracy to defame. that's along with a $450,000 punitive damages claim as well. he claims that neil has destroyed your lives and that you -- destroyed your future together and his future as well. what's your response? >> my response is that tareq, he
9:19 am
can't look to anybody else. he can't say it's neil or journey or any friend. what happened between tareq and i was him and i. it's between us. what he did was push me away. when there is control or abuse or hurting someone mentally on someone it's not love. it's smothering someone. >> through there is a way to separate without doing it so publically and -- >> but natalie -- >> we didn't bring it to the public. >> no. when he joined matt on this couch, that's what brought it to the public. this is the first time in five months i have spoken. i would never defame his name. i know he sat with matt and said, well, you know, there are things and she's a groupie slut. what happened between tareq and i is because he pushed me away with his control. when you're in a relationship with abuse or control, you go. you just can't endure any more,
9:20 am
natalie. >> i know you two are here to promote a video. the band has a video for a song called "resonate." the song has been out for several months. but this was meant to coincide with valentine's day. it's very romantic and there is not a lot that's not going on in the video. >> there is real love there. this is a great friendship. i'm thankful neil is in my life. you know, the video was something done way before, in october. i think tareq timed it, again, to hurt the timing -- >> the timing of the lawsuit. but he says the video added pain to his suffering because according to his statement he said, i'm hurt by my wife's participation in the journey music vid kwleo and i'm trouble that journey is promoting my wife's affair with neil schon. do you feel the need to celebrate the love you have but without acknowledging that somebody else was hurt in the
9:21 am
relationship. >> but he hurt me during the relationship. yes, i recognize his pain. but what people have to realize when you are in an abusive, controlling relationship, there is someone that is hurting and that's me. so when there are two people the pain should have kept private. he joined matt on the couch and said i was a groupie slut, that's not about journey. it's not about neil. it's about him and i and something that should have been between us. there's enough pain in the world. he just needs to stop. there doesn't need to be a $50 million lawsuit. there doesn't need to be more hurt. just healing and moving forward with our lives. i asked him for a is six-month divorce. let's end it. it's healthy for us both. as you know, i have a man. it's healthy for us to move forward. him to lead a healthy life. he said i gave him a beautiful marriage. it's time to move forward. >> hopefully we can move on. >> we have a great video and we hope you will watch it. >> we're out of time. >> thank you.
9:22 am
>> michaele, nice to have you here as well. thank you very much. still to come this morning, getting in shape and looking good while doing it. we have stylish workout wear. first, these messages. [ female announcer ] eyes feeling overworked?
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on the status of your home loan. and our innovative online tools ensure that you're always in the loop. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. coming up, presidents' day getaways. >> after your local news. lisa's new normal hi jamie. here's my activia video. love this stuff. i'm starting to feel a change no longer feeling slow.
9:26 am
i can't believe i thought irregularity was my normal. now i don't miss a beat. activia helps with occasional irregularity, when eaten 3 times a day. hi jamie! i knew lisa would love her new normal. ♪ activia love your new normal or its free. this is today in the bay. good morning, it is 9:26, i'm marla tellez. the number of bones found on property in san joaquin has risen. they found another 700 bone fragments yesterday after digging up some 300 over the weekend. investigators were led to the site by a death row inmate wesley sher men italian, one of two known as the speed freak killers. investigators have tentatively identified remains found in another location, identified by
9:27 am
him. they think one of the bodies is a 25-year-old. she disappeared in 1998. the other body appears to be another woman reported missing in 1985. antioch city leaders call for community action in the wake of several recent shootings. two of them fatal. the latest happened monday night when a homeowner shot and killed an intruder who had broken into his home. it was the sixth shooting in antioch in three days. according to the contra costa times, the mayor is calling for a town hall meeting to talk about recent violence with residents and find ways to fight the problem. that meeting is expected to be w we h> l ailek avt week we will have ak. k k.
9:28 am
welcome back. it is 9:28. we have a shake own this camera. breezy conditions today, that's
9:29 am
the story today for higher elevations and over open water bridges. through the afternoon, we will be warmer than yesterday. 65 in san jose, 65 in concord, 58 in san francisco. heading through tomorrow, we keep climbing in terms of temperature. rain moves in this weekend. we will check the drive with mike. we are looking over here, east shore freeway, 35 minutes drive off the bridge, including the merge off richmond bridge, that's where it bogs down. smooth through berkeley, emeryville. look at 880, past the coliseum, things jam up before the coliseum shot, coming towards the coliseum from san leandro to downtown oakland. starting to loosen there at 66. back to you. thanks so much. we will be back with the next news and weather update at 9:56. see you soon. for our families.. our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages...
9:30 am
adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. ♪ fashionistas unite. this is a big week as designers show off the latest lines at new york's fashion week. we'll give you a chance to see some of the hottest looks strutting down the runway this week on "today." wow! dr. seuss! "cat in the hat." >> it's the mad hatter. >> we'll see you how to transform that look to the street. >> thing one and thing two. also coming up -- it's not too late to plan a presidents' weekend getaway. whether you are looking for romance or some place for the family we have affordable
9:31 am
last-minute options. >> if you go to the gym to feel good and get healthy why not look your best on the outside while doing it? bobbie thomas has flattering looks for your workout. >> and you guys are probably too young to remember the aluminum trees. >> i love it when you start that way. how young are we? >> stop it, some more. >> the tv dinner is making a comeback. in today's kitchen we have a healthier version of the old favorite salisbury steak. take it from the freezer to the table in minutes. used to have a "howdy doody" tv tray that you folded out. >> they had the cherry pie in the corner. >> so good. >> now we're hungry. a check of the weather, mr. roker. >> let's see what's happening as your weather dinner comes out. we'll serve you a heaping helping of strong storms. down through the gulf coast. plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest today. look for rain in the
9:32 am
mid-mississippi river valley. for tomorrow, we're looking for sunshine down in florida with warm conditions. hit or miss thunderstorms. rain up and down the east coast with snow in new england. rain moves back into the pacific northwest and moderate santa ana winds through southern california. well, sounds delicious, al. look how tasty it is here. i am christina loren. you can see it is clear as a bell, we warm up nicely, up to 65 inland, 65 at bay, 63 at the coast. we keep climbing friday, saturday, into sunday. a few isolated showers. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up next, trips for the long presidents' day weekend. there'ill
9:33 am
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♪ getaway this morning on today's travel, last-minute getaways whether you are looking for a desert retreat, a trip back in time or a more urban experience. we have the round-up of affordable and presidential destinations. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we could book now and get a good deal? >> not only a good deal but everything we have in this package is actually available. so if you dropped the ball on valentine's day, this is the time to make up for it. >> good idea. let's look at the first option in riverside, california, a historic hotel. >> the mission inn hotel and spa. this is a landmark property. feels like a castle.
9:37 am
there are turrets, domes and flying buttresses. the reagans honeymooned there. you can stay there. it's one of 235 historic hotels in america offering a deal for presidents' day weekend. lots of different hotels, but this one has a sweet escape package where they are giving you a room and cupcakes and a little resort certificate for $189 a night. >> it looks beautiful. built in 1876. it even has a chapel. >> it does have a chapel. that's handy -- >> in case you wanted to get married. that really makes up for missing valentine's day. >> get cracking on it. >> presidents' day, people are reflecting on history. your next option, colonial williamsburg. >> great for families. it's a great way to teach kids about history. it's a great, amazing deal. an american history package for those staying at the colonial williamsburg lodge. i love the breakfast.
9:38 am
they have farm fresh eggs and virginia ham. of course ifocus on the breakfast but you also get to mingle with the forefathers. george and martha washington will be there. they are offering tons of things. if you don't want to stay for the weekend if you are the president of something, whether you are president of student council or the book club they let you in for free this weekend. >> really? great way to teach kids about history. >> absolutely. >> okay. a slightly different experience. we have a unique resort in tulume, mexico. >> everyone is looking for sun. i can't blame them. it's gray out there. the papaya playa pop up. it's a temporary resort with all the amenities of a full-time resort. 99 cabanas. you are in on the bench about an hour away from cancun. $105 a night. this is rustic, so you are staying in the room with mosquito netting. >> does that mean mosquitos?
9:39 am
>> you know, mosquitos -- >> you say rustic. it's one of those euphemistic words. >> it's a word barbara corcoran would use. it's low key. if you like the idea of $105 and the beach, this is really for you. >> the price is definitely right. if you want to do different but warm. a desert escape in my hometown of tucson, arizona. >> you used to work at the golf club? >> at the golf club in this resort, i did. i couldn't really fold those shirts. it was a short-lived job. >> it's beautiful, though. >> they no politics weekend. if you are sick of all of the stuff going on with the presidential election, the staff will unplug your tv, not deliver a newspaper to you and you can actually relax there. offering 50% off massages and only for $169 a night. this is a family friendly and pet friendly as well. >> they will roll out the red carpet for the dog, too.
9:40 am
>> so the doggy that just won the -- malachy is his name? >> yes. you were watching "today" this morning. excellent. how about boston? that's a good one for presidents' day. >> it seems appropriate. i love this hotel. the liberty luxury collection hotel. it's a former landmark prison that's been turned into a hotel. you're like, i don't want to go to the clink for the weekend. >> sell me on it. >> this is a perfect weekend at a luxury hotel. they have charming touches of the former prison. the restaurant has details from the prison left over. for $183 a night they have vip passes to go ice skating, hot toddies, free in-room movies. >> "the clink." i love it. maybe you can clink your glasses. the last one is in san antonio. golf getaway. >> hyatt regency hill country. amazing for families, for golf. they have a wandering river experience where kids love water parks and great golfing. and the place, again, under $200
9:41 am
a night. >> neila, you are the best. get going, everybody! >> travel! >> the deals are still available. up next, looking good while you sweat. we'll check out the latest workout wear for the gym. the reinvented police officer. he's also a masseuse. ♪ these are reinvented curtains. they are made of pizza. the reinvented dmv. it's a little nicer. next! [ male announcer ] and this is the reinvented camry. with available streaming music, a newly refined interior and class leading mpg. from toyota. ♪ dress up the sun ♪ ooh, 'cause it makes me feel so ♪ ♪ beautiful outside in ♪ there's no hidin' ♪ the look of love, love [ female announcer ] women who eat breakfast,
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[ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life. bring it with bounty basic. affordably priced. tested by everyday life. ♪ i woke up to a feeling ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese
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to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing. ♪ amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you've just got to be one of the most beautiful people in the whole wide world ♪ yes, our bobbie thomas is one of the most beautiful people in the world. "today" style editor bobbie thomas has workout looks to make you look lean and mean when you get in shape. good morning. >> good morning. >> so we go to the gym. and we want to look good. you say we have to look good at the gym. >> not hair and makeup.
9:45 am
absolutely not. but i do think for the majority of people that want to get to the gym but feel like they don't because they hate putting on the spandex and they just don't feel like they look the part, i think there are a few tips and tricks that may help motivate. it helps me when i feel like i look better. i think, i have a chance to get in there and get in shape. >> do my thing. let's talk about different body types you have identified and see what works for them. first, the hourglass body type. a good example is christina. what's wrong with what christina is wearing? >> there's nothing wrong with it. but there is a different option. this is the hourglass body shape. it's usually someone with an ample bust on top. >> has some girlfriends. >> and has hips which is a great thing to have. >> curvy. >> what she wants to avoid is cutting herself off at the widest point. she has a line here from the color to the black.
9:46 am
another thing to consider is the shape of the pants. she has a triangle thing happening. she wants to balance out with a little bit more of a flare which will make this line look more balanced. so her hips and bust will appear more in line. it's all about proportion. >> okay. >> you can see in the after look some of the tricks. >> let's bring in christina now. let's see how you managed to change her look. i like it. >> i kept it a similar outfit. she loved the color. it's a bright tank. but i layered two tank tops. not only will it offer you more support. these are just $26 for two at victoria's secret. >> great. >> the extra band around her waist is elongating her top and balancing out -- you don't draw as much attention with one sharp line. you diffuse the area. you'll notice in the legs, her hips and shoulders are a bit more balanced with a little bit more boot cut. she loves yoga. congratulations. she's lost over 100 pounds in
9:47 am
the past year. >> wow! she could be in the joy fit club. >> exactly. christina said it was a motivating factor to look cute and put something on to get to the gym and i didn't feel like i was an odd duck. >> high five, girl. good for you. keep going. you look great. fantastic. i love what you did. >> thank you. >> let's go to irene and talk about the inverted triangle body shape. >> exactly. >> what do we mean? sounds like geometry. >> this is somebody dealing with broad shoulders and a more narrow hip. >> bigger bust line. >> i think this is a great gift sometimes because you have fantastic legs. don't cover up the legs. this looks really boxy down here. this is not helping, adding the bulk. it's giving her a big block figure. >> okay. >> this is amazing when you see the after. by adding a more form-fitting bottom and a looser top it looks different. >> let's bring out irene and see
9:48 am
what you changed with her look. she's ready to go to the gym. so youthful. i love it. >> irene is so much fun. i can barely keep up with her. she loves showing off her legs. a great fitted legging some people say, oh, i hate leggings. this is a great example if you have broader shoulders, look for leggings to elongate the frame. her tank top is sort of a high-low, shorter in the front and longer in the back. as she turns to the side you can see it. it gives you extra coverage. >> i love the colors. >> you think it's a trend your teenage daughter is wearing, but -- >> you look fantastic. i love it. thank you. next, the classic triangle shape. what do you mean by classic triangle? >> it's sometimes also called a pear. it's someone with a petite frame on top and has curvy, bootylicious hips.
9:49 am
this is a fantastic shape. you don't want to have this bulky t-shirt. don't borrow your boyfriend's t-shirt. avoid this pant. it may work on somebody with narrow hips to balance out the top, but on melanie, i wanted to show off her petite top. >> let's bring out melanie and see what we are doing here. what you did to make her over. >> again, she's just keeping the top fitted and the horizontal line in the prints and the tank. if you look up close. >> it thins her out. >> it's an illusion to help balance out the hips. you want to put the horizontal line where your smallest part is to balance out with the bottom. another tip. you want to look at a cross legging. showing off the ankle she has on the after is making a big deal and showing off more skin instead of the pant going down to the bottom. you will notice all of the ladies have fitted items on. show off your shape. be proud of what you have.
9:50 am
even if you are looking to improve. do not hide in the baggy clothes because it's really not going to do you any good. >> get to the gym and it's motivating. girls come back out. bobbie thomas, appreciate it. i don't think they heard me. if you're hitting the gym you should be eating well, too. we'll show you a healthy modern take on an old favorite, the tv dinner. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> announcer: today's kitchen is brought to you by kraft cheese. >> this morning in today's kitchen, what's on the menu? how about healthy tv dinners? lucinda is the host of "mad hungry" and the executive editorial director of food at martha stewart living. good to see you. >> good to see you with the tv dinners.
9:53 am
do you remember them? >> i remember them. >> we're updating it. fi first of all we're doing a salisbury steak. we have parsley, onion, salt, pepper, worcestershire, milk and egg. we don't have the trays anymore. what's this? >> you get the storage unit out, get this ready and start cooking. now it has to look like a steak, so we put it into a five-inch patty, stick it in the pan like this. now, al, i took onion and grated it. a whole onion for the onion gravy. it's all about the gravy. this is what it looks like when it's cooked and i didn't mean my, kind of steak-like. >> do you cook it all the way through? >> about 15 minutes total. all the way through. this is the star of the show. you want to put corn starch on here to thicken things up. perfect. here are the onions after they cooked. get them in there.
9:54 am
a little bit more corn starch. looks like a lot of onion but it cooks about 35 minutes to get that caramelized flavor. then one and a half cups of beef broth. when you are freezing for your tv dinner you need something saucy or cheesy so it won't be dry. we cook it down, get the worcetershire in there. >> you put the patties in there? >> yeah. you want them to soak up the yumminess. that's it. while that's cooking, come on over. i have potato mash, but i put a little bit of carrot in here. add some butter and milk. i like to leave water behind so i use less milk. make it a little bit more healthy. that's the mash. that's what it looks like all mashed up. >> okay. >> so do you remember -- >> there was always a dessert, too. >> that's apple cherry cobcobbl. you can have the brow anie or t
9:55 am
cobbler. everything is cooked and cooled. that's important. i like to put the mash down there. then we grab here one of our salisbury steak. all done on a sunday afternoon. >> when you have had time. >> do you want to grab one from the microwave. >> they spend a lot of time here. >> doing the best savannah impersonation. >> oh! >> i love the mom's home cooking fresh. at least you can have it at home. this is it. >> delish. >>. >> how long will it last in? >> two months in the freezer. ten minutes in the microwave. this is for six. pull one out at a time. and my teenager has a tv dinner but in front of the computer. >> thank you so much. recipes on the website. >> let's eat. >> coming up, hoda and kathie lee are doing a little cooking
9:56 am
good morning.
9:57 am
pg&e is putting a cap on the amount it will pay for construction in the wake of the deadly pipeline explosion in 2010. they are setting a $70 million limit to the trust fund for the rebuild. the mayor has other plans. the mayor will have a press conference this morning. he claims pg and e is no longer acting in good faith. the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. some much needed relief for east bay students. administrators at mt. diablo high school in concord unlocked all the bath rooms on campus. the contra costa times broke the story after the national attention it received. the principal relented. all but two girls restrooms and two boys restrooms were kept locked during the day because of vandalism and graffiti. that's far fewer than what's required by law for a campus of 1400 students.
9:58 am
the sun is shining through, least i think so. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> the sun is out in full force. good morning to you. warmer as a result of all of that sun coming in. tomorrow, we will be on the breezy side and the warmup continues. we have showers in the seven-day forecast as we head into the weekend, especially locations north of the golden gate bridge where we are expecting a few showers, not just saturday but sunday as well. plentiful sunshine through the end of the week. then a few more clouds saturday, followed by isolated showers sunday and monday. let's check the drive with mike. friends in the south bay, 880 slow both directions as you pass 101, which is also jammed up. a couple of earlier accidents in the area, not really effecting the two freeways directly, just have a heavy drive and 237 off the 80. slow by the toll plaza, clearing for berkeley area and east shore freeway. accident away from the toll plaza involving a big rig, sounds like traffic is okay
9:59 am
there. there's a high wind advisory by the bridge. we will be back with the next update at 10:26. "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
10:00 am
nbc-universal television captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it's winesday wednesday, one of our favorite days of the week. it is february 15th. and it was a big, bag day or evening at least last night at the westminster dog show which is so fabulous. >> this is crazy. the one that won, did you guys see the picture? it's a 4-year-old named malikai.
10:01 am
look at the lid on that dog. >> he beat out 2,000 breeds. he got best of show. look at it. the best dog. >> keep looking at it. it needs care and treatment, a, let's get started there. >> he came in -- he came in seeded number two, but he brought it home. we just thought it would be interesting to see what won last year and see if there's a theme here. >> yeah, okay. >> this is the 2011 winner. and i understand we can go back even one more year. >> oh, oh. everybody's so hysterical, okay? you know what? oh. how funny. are you enjoying it? >> you know what? i tell them not to do it. that's mean. >> i have one question.
10:02 am
is jimmy gaines back? i'm glad you're feeling better. that's our director. >> i'm glad he's feeling better. >> we're glad he's back. you guys remember the salahi couple. they crashed the white house dinner and later michaela salahi ended up missing and her husband said she was kidnapped, but she wasn't. >> she was in the music video. >> journey. >> what was his name? >> neal. >> i don't know why i'm laughing. it came out. here it is. it's a little kind of pg making out video of the two of them, and there's journey. >> i do love journey. >> oh, oh, nice. okay. >> any hoo.
10:03 am
salahi -- >> hello. excuse me. >> i thought it was pg. it's a little more than pg. he's suing saying he finds their conduct outrageous and calls it an intention to emotionally distress and defame. he and his wife said they had reality deals that fell apart because of this other relationship stepped in. >> and so he's suing her for $50 million? >> yes. there's a lot of pain and suffering. >> we've got to get into reality television. >> here's tareq's statement. >> i am hurt by my wife's participation in the new journey music video. i'mal very troubled that the rock band journey is now promoting many wife's affair with neal schon. i'm especially upset and disappointed. this day is meant to celebrate lifetime love and commitments, not celebrate those who cheat and abandon their lifetime
10:04 am
commitments. >> i think there are unresolved issues here. i don't think they're going to be covered in a court of law. it's going to go on until they both let go. >> right. >> it's tough to to be the one who seems like they're left behind while the other goes on to even bigger and better things. >> and it's so public and there's a music video. if you want to have a good cocktail party conversation and you want to go in a room and say, hey, i know all about this, there's something going around called linsanity. there's applier named jeremy lin. he went to harvard, 23 years old. caughtn't really get picked up with a professional team until the knicks picked him up. >> he had been having a lot of trouble. >> yeah. crummy season. this guy gets on the court and magic happens. he's like this crazy breakout star. you can't get his t-shirt and get anything with his name on it
10:05 am
because everything is sold out. >> he's like tebow. >> last night there was like half a minute -- half a second, half a second -- and, of course, he did. linsanity. keep in mind, this guy was living on his brother's couch in the lower east side. he didn't have the money to get his own place. >> you know he's not making a ton of money with the knicks. he's not a superstar. >> look at everybody. >> he's finally gotten an apartment. it's one of those great stories that no matter what you think the kid tried hard, didn't get picked up and had tons of other options. >> and probably had a high grade point average. it makes you kind of lonely in that world. >> anyway, he's all over the -- that's terrible. chloe's going to kill me. >> anyway, here are the papers, "lin and a prayer." >> here. this one. >> how about this?
10:06 am
"amasian!" that's cute. >> everybody's rooting for him except for the guys on the court that are on the other team. >> yes. let's talk about deal breakers. >> deal breaker, hoda woman. we all know what it is that breaks a relationship. non-negotiable. >> the number one thing that bothers people and breaks up a relationship is poor hygiene, bad breath. >> nothing sexier than b.o. >> that's a good one. or overusing or texting when you're with your partner or date. >> and being rude to a server or a hostess. >> why is she laughing? she's guilty, guilty, guilty. she's one of our senior producers but she's a textaholic. is she on the phone right now? texting. talking too much about your ex-. >> she's hiding it now.
10:07 am
she's one of those people that can go like this but is on it the whole time. drinking too much alcohol. >> flirting with the pohostess waitress. they seem charming but they're really a con. >> it's a fine line between that. >> it's a thin, thin line. they charm the waitress because they have to charm everybody. >> then, apparently, this offends people, not offering to pay for the whole date. how awkward is that? you get home, you're ready for a good night kiss and he says, you know you owe me 52 bucks. >> that is terrible. >> yeah, yeah. >> how about the date that orders the lobster and all the most expensive stuff on the menu. they say that -- >> i do now since i'm married to frank. i can order what i want, can't i? i can say if you're dating someone other than frank. >> here's the thing. i think "saturday night live" should do a whole skit on a guy who does all of those things,
10:08 am
right? he's there, he's texting, being rude to the waitress, doing the whole thing and the girl is sitting there all dreamy-eyed because he's the man of her dreams, you know? >> you know what's funny though? you always excuse a lot of things because he's great guy. he did that one thing but maybe he had a bad day or had a tough day at work. you make excuses until you see it's the pattern of life. >> speaking of that, how was last night? >> it was fun. we went to dinner. i don't want to go on about him because he'll be embarrassed. we had a great, great night. >> do you know how many men despise jay? every one of them. what he did for you, if you missed, he went all, all out in the most romantic way, and all the guys are sitting there with whatever he's going to give his girlfriend or wife. oh, i've got to do fast thinking. >> he's a real romantic. he things up stuff. >> what did you give him? >> i gave him a card and some
10:09 am
chocolates. >> hoda. i think it's a guy giving a girl thing on valentine's day. you kind of think that, don't you? >> you know what? i don't know. i always -- i'll never forget when frank and i were first married he kept telling me the story when he was a young actor, he was in "all-american hero" with tony curtis. he would go to his house, knew jamie lee and all that. years later when we got married i noticed tony curtis was becoming quite the painter and his paintings were going for a lot of money. and tony curtis came on with reg one day and he had these gorgeous paintings out. i said are they for sale? he said yeah. that's what i got frank.
10:10 am
i picked two. of course, it was frank gifford's money. i bought two. tony came over to the apartment and hung them up over the fireplace. frank comes home from some trip and it's midnight or something. he pours the champagne, looks up, and sees it hanging over the fireplace, and he says, "what the hell is that?" and i go it's your valentine's present. he say as what is it? i said it's tony curtis. he says who is that. then when i reminded him, he was fine. he said, oh, yeah, yeah, i didn't know him very well. i thought you've been telling me storieser from. i thought after that i'm not going there anymore. it biets me in the nose when i do that. >> we're going do something special coming up. we're going to have an '80s day which means everything from the
10:11 am
'80s is coming up. what was -- >> is that cyndi lauper? >> "girls just want to have fun." sara is going to tell people how they can participate. >> it's going to be a blast. that's my favorite, favorite decade. >> you're not even old enough. >> remember, i'm older than your shoes. if you're stuck in a rut, think you're stuck in the '80s, send us a picture and tell us why you thing you're stuck in that decade because we want to see it because you're going to get a makeover with jill and louis and catch you up to 2012. >> that's going to be a fun show. >> yeah. >> khloe kardashian is with us. there she is looking all pretty. >> i love the look. >> she's got lots going on in her life. co first these messages. sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
up with the kardashians, well, good luck. now chloe and her husband lamar odom are bringing more drama to their tv hit reality show. >> this season they move to dallas after lamar gets traded to the mavericks, but there is drama before they leave l.a. and it has to do with chloe's brother rob. take a look. >> wow. rob really did move up. >> are you sad that rob moved out? >> i love rob. didn't you like rob on "dancing with the stars"? >> rob just started on "dancing with the stars." the bad thing is you said you wanted to be on "dancing with the stars." >> would he be good? >> i don't think he would do it. he's actually shy. you'd have to break and do a show. rob's not shy around us, but rob -- i never would have thought rob would have done as well as he did. >> how about you? would you do it? >> no, i don't think so. like that's too much pressure.
10:16 am
i think people think i would do well because i'm outgoing. it doesn't mean i could be a great dancer, so i think the pressure -- and now we would have to win because rob was second, and i would have to beat rob. >> you'd have to do one of those donnie & marie things. >> exactly. >> what happened on valentine's day? >> not to be corny, but lamar -- i love valentine's day, but i feel like -- i don't like that someone just sends you flowers because they feel like they have to, and i'm so blessed. lamar sends me flowers randomly. i will say when i got to my hotel here last night, i had a slew of little gifts from lamar, like flowers and champagne and chocolates and a note. so sweet. but he does that kind of stuff for me all the time, which i'm really blessed. >> but didn't you also get a huge room of flowers. >> oh, my god. in dallas, lamar was at pract e practice, and i opened up the door. we live in a co-dough. the doorman had a cart with all
10:17 am
these flowers, and i was like, oh, lamar, you didn't have to do that. i started reading different notes. they were from three different fertility clinics. it was so sweet. and i mean no disrespect to them by i was like, oh, wow, not one person thought of it, but three different companies in dallas. you know what, here? here's our fertility clinic. >> well, that comes with making -- you know, a point of reference for them on your show because you would love to have a baby. >> i would love to have a baby. but what people also -- i think lamar and i got married so fast that i think -- we've been married almost three years, that i think people expected us to have a baby so fast or that's what they think. at first people thought we were pregnant and that's why we did get married. but we are -- i feel like it's in god's hands. if i was pregnant right now and i had to deal with all this move and trade and emotional stress,
10:18 am
i feel like everything happens for a reason and it's in god's hands. >> you've said this a few times before. this was around the time kim was getting married to chris. i knew in the beginning we talked about how there was trepidation, you were unsure what was going to happen. now we're talking to you after the fact, after everything is over. what are your reflections, or what do you thing about it? >> i feel like -- i mean everything does happen for a reason, even if we don't know what the reason is for your now. and you know what? kim followed her heart, and that's how kim felt at that time. i followed my heart with lamar, and everyone's different. i mean just everyone's different. >> i agree with that, but do you think in her heart of hearts she wishes she hadn't gone there or does she look at it as a good experience or does she regret the decision? >> i don't think kim regrets it. i don't think of us regret what we do in our life. i think every everything happens
10:19 am
in our lives to teach using is about our lives later. you would have to ask her that about regrets. but i mean with kim, i do know how guilty and how bad she felt when she was having doubts about her marriage or questioning things. i do know how guilty she felt, like i can't believe i did all of this and i took everyone on this ride, and i was like but you can't live your life for everybody. if you lived your life to please -- you can't please everybody. >> well, we're looking forward to your show. the very first episode by the way is very extremely steamy. >> she's trying to keep a little spice in her life. >> i'm married. it's okay. i feel like i'm married, it's okay to keep a little spice in our lives. i mean lamar and i are pretty spicy. >> we met them when we filmed kim's wedding. i got to spend a little time with him. what a sweetheart. >> thank you. he's the best kid, most well
10:20 am
behaved amazing kid. >> other than mine. >> congratulations. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> you had a long segment. >> oh, i was used to co-hosting last time. can you leave so i can sit back here? >> in a millisecond. up next, news and quirky photos that will leave you saying what the what. enough lashes. my doctor said...latisse® is the only fda approved prescription treatment...for inadequate or not enough lashes. now with latisse® lashes are longer...darker, with more than double the fullness in 16 weeks. if you are using or have used, prescription products for eye pressure problems, use latisse® under close doctor care. latisse® use may cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent. eyelid skin darkening may occur which may be reversible. if you experience eye problems or have eye surgery, consult your doctor. common side effects include itchy eyes and eye redness. my lashes changed as i got older. now i use latisse®.
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10:23 am
we're back with our side-splitting segment we call the "what the what?" >> sara haines has laughed her way through the photo segment and she's here with her top picks. >> our first photo is from dana patterson from fisherville, virginia. that seems like poor placement. get a burger and possibly a heart attack. >> at least hope is close by when you do. >> it's a warning. you make one choice and -- you know, someone thought that through. >> good for them. >> our next photo was sent in by kelly from lexington, kentucky. speak of poor placement. it's a furniture sale under a sign about bed bugs. you're getting two for the price of one. >> you thought that through too. >> the next one is from felicia
10:24 am
from los angeles, california. she submitted the photo. at least someone's using the bike. >> is that for real? >> that's for real. i literally questioned it. they put him on there to see if he would stay, he was on there for half an hour. that's actually cruel. if anyone's done spinning, he's not walking tomorrow. >> i think he's afraid to move. >> i think he was too. >> he's keeping his resolution. we have a photo from janine leborn in ensenfrom california. i don't know. >> is that wine? >> it's wine. we know red wine's them by, but that section is little much. deborah orlik from collingwood, canada -- i love this one. just like you should wear nice underwear in case things happen.
10:25 am
and finally pam moose from oak hurst, california, submitted the photo. i betts they did that on special. beer special $1.99. we're closed on wednesdays. >> we've got to go. those were good. >> all right. twe we've got john in the kitchen and a lot more after this. i'm starting to feel a change. hi jamie, love this stuff. things are moving along. activia helps with occasional irregularity, when eaten 3 times a day. i can't believe that feeling irregular, used to be my normal. ♪ activia
10:26 am
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10:27 am
an iconic san francisco bar is hoping the city will save it from serving its final rounds. they will make a final plea in front of the historic commission. they want it designated as a landmark. they gave them 'til march to make way for a new tenant. gold dust operators say if they can't get the special status, they may take it to court. we will have a look at the forecast and roads after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. well, it is going to be warmer and breezy to windy for today. it will be breezy for thursday. then we get a few showers in the seven-day forecast. it all works out like this. 65 degrees inland, 60 by the bay. heading to friday, we continuously climb to 67 degrees. showers move in for the weekend. let's check the drive with mike. all right. we are happy with the break from rain, we had it overnight. roadways dried out. problem in the south bay, 880 and 101, southbound 880 and northbound 101 specifically. zoom in, you see the yellow, speeds below 50, 20s and 30s through the area. southbound 80 jamming up around highway 87 to downtown. live look outside, the bay bridge, toll plaza backed up. berkeley curve getting easier. coming up on the bay area news at 11:00, pg and e is putting a limit on reconstruction funds and the
10:30 am
blast. city leaders aren't happy. how the mayor is responding. and the latest on the growing search for human remains. find out where investigators are searching today. join us for the news at 11:00 in 30 minutes. and we're back with more of "today," ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew?" so today we're going to test your knowledge of our favorite love songs. kathy lee, of course, is across the street. she's there to hand out $100 for those who get it right, her cd for those who don't. here to help is bill wordy, one of the hardest working men in show business these days. are you ready? >> i'm red.
10:31 am
>>. >> we're here which song topped the billboard hot 100 chart last valentine's day. grenade by bruno mars, firework by katy perry -- >> i think bruno mars because he's really hot. >> wow. that. >> that's a good song, "grenade." >> i love the reasoning. because he is really hot. a lot of people don't realize this. bruno mars has written a bunch of songs for others. billionaire, and a song called "forget you" for cee lo green and really hot. >> very, very. back to kathie. >> nothing hotter than iowa where this lady is from. finish the lyrics to this 1988 hit song ♪ i'll be your dream i'll be your wish i'll be your fantasy ♪ >> i have no idea.
10:32 am
>> that's good news for me. [ buzzer ] >> i'll be your hope, i'll be your love, i'll be everything you need. beautiful song. >> savage garden. they sold 25 million albums on their first two records in a couple years, broke up and haven't spoken in like 20 years. >> you're kidding. what was the reason? >> i think the backstreet boys showed up and stole their career. >> back to kathie. >> who sang this classic love song? aretha franklin, etta james, roberta flack, or diana ross ♪ my love has come along >> etta james? >> whoo. >> etta james. you hear it in the studio and you want to keep listening to
10:33 am
it. beyonce played it at the cadillac. it with us known as a spitfire, so when beyonce went to play the song famously for the inauguration of obama, afterward she said, i can't stand beyonce. later she said she was joking but it was hard to take back. >> to this love song sung by the temptations. ♪ i've got sunshine on a cloudy day ♪ ♪ when it's cold outside i've got the month of may ♪ ♪ i guess you'd say what can make me feel this way ♪ ♪ my girl >> she did that in five keys. that's not easy to do.
10:34 am
>> good for her. those are classic lyrics. >> smokey robinson actually co-wrote that song. we need that sunger out in the audience. that band's been together for more than 50 years but only otis "big daddy" williams is still part of it. >> which song played during the famous pottery screen in the 1990 movie "ghost?" the way we were, when a man loves a woman or unchained billionaire. >> b, when a man love as woman? >> stop ichlt she get as great c.d. >> here's the song that was played. it is "unchained melody" by the righteous brothers. >> honestly, when you think -- >> let's watch. don't talk. >> slide the clay between your fingers. >> come on.
10:35 am
>> why are we talking? what a great scene. so it's "unchained melody" for this one. tell us about this while no one listens to you talk. >> when you think about all the great, great class igs and love scenes built around pottery scenes, this is the best one. >> bill, thanks a lot. get some rest. >> thank you. next up, revitalizing your relationship. love this stuff. i'm starting to feel a change no longer feeling slow. i can't believe i thought irregularity was my normal. now i don't miss a beat. activia helps with occasional irregularity, when eaten 3 times a day. i knew lisa would love her new normal. ♪ activia love your new normal and introducing silky, fruity activia harvest picks. one more way to enjoy activia. smooth sensation from nivea. the light lotion with moisture enhancing
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try something different. a delicious gevalia kaffe, or as i like to say, a cup of johan. will johan power walk the mall with you? i don't think so. but he will spend time rubbing your feet, discussing your feelings. ♪ joe may have your back, but johan has your feet. gevalia. meet me in the coffee aisle. joe may have your back, but johan has your feet.
10:39 am
today's relationships, getting yourself out of a romantic front. you love each other, but comfort has lead to complacency, and boredom has snuffed out your passion. sound familiar? >> whoa. here to help you snef out of your rut, hello, everybody. >> hi, kids. when you said that -- when you were reading that it sounds like a lot of couples. you're business. >> and no couple thinks it's going to happen though them. we saw chloe and lamar. she says the honeymoon continues. >> you've got to keep it going. boredom is so insidious. it just creeps in there. we all know what happens. there was a study in 2009 that said if you're bored at seven years, you're going be in real trouble at 15. >> so watch out. >> exactly. >> i like what chloe said. she keeps excitement in our
10:40 am
marriage. a lot of people don't realize you have to try sometimes to keep that excitement going. >> when your show is on and you say you have to come up with something this week -- >> a lot of people think getting married means i can lay back, roll out of bed in my sweat pants, never have to brush my teeth again. it's called unconditional love. i think that's a mistake. >> it's not your dog. >> you love him no matter -- >> you want some abcs to spice up your relationship. there's something you talk about like giving someone an assignment. that sound as little weighty. >> homework. >> it sounds like homework, but there's usually one, i won't say who, who's a planner or producer. i'll say to my poor husband, you need go out and once a week, you've got to come up with something interesting because i'm the planner, he's the more laid back. >> does he resent you for it? >> they could. >> i think the men do resent
10:41 am
that. they see it almost as nagging, but if you make it very exciting, something that will appeal to him, something that's real sexy, look, i'm going to go out here and join me or i'm going be on my own doing it. >> and someone else will join me -- >> isn't that the underlying message? listen, if you don't keep me happy, somebody else will. is that a nice thing to be sharing with your partner? >> i don't think you say it that way. you keep it interesting, keep it fun, keep you engaged. do you know that your brain actually releases endorphins when you're doing new things together? so there's some research that says that's important. >> i suggest you go bowling. i'm telling you. you'll be reminded why you fell in love. >> that's exciting and fun. >> my husband sfriend says my h sits on the couch and watches games and she doesn't know what to do to spice out their life. >> why not go to a game.
10:42 am
why not buy tickets go see the game and we can get dinner too. always play to the strength of your partner. i think it's important. and you made another point, which i thought was great. in the world of social media now, 50% divorce rate, 50% infidelity rates, you don't have to say to your partner, if you don't get it together, somebody else will find me. your partner needs to know that and keep the excitement going. >> that's the excitement factor. one of the things they do is date night. then they let it slide. what we did was pay the babysitter or have her ready on a monthly basis, and even if you're going out to grab a sandwich, anything. >> and keep that tradition. i can't tell you how many people for valentine's day said we don't need to give anything for valentine's day, every day is valentine's day. bodinky. stick with the tradition. we know you need these things in your marriage because it's important.
10:43 am
>> all right. we've got to go. >> i know. don't get me started. >> all right. >> from pinot to other pinos, giada's in the house. new dannon pure, love the taste. love the simple ingredients. love the price. new dannon pure yogurt. please your family. please your budget.
10:44 am
guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. nothing calls them to the table faster. here's to my pants not leaving marks on my waist. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit. the light fresh yogurt with 80 calories vs. 100 in the other leading brand. here's to 80 calories tasting crazy good. live light and fit. there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes.
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and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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10:47 am
it's time for cooking with it's time for cooking with giada today. we have some bottles of wine, so we'll like what she's cook being. >> we're going to make a couple of recipes. >> we're going to use white, red and a dessert wine, my favorite, moscato. you could use all three in one meal. you start with rigatoni with vegetable bol on ognese. you p put everything in the food processor, carrots, red bell pepper, a little garlic and onion. put the lid on and put it
10:48 am
altogether. >> presto, presto, and on. >> like that. >> okay. >> so everything is chopped. you don't have to worry about chipping everything. you put it in the pan and cook it in a little olive oil and salt and pepper. then this is what gives it a lot of flavor, porchini mushrooms. you soak them because you buy them dried. you need to add that. you cook that down. then you add regular button mushrooms and i add oregano and thyme because they're nice, hearty herbs achlg. a little bit of tomato paste and a wine. you can use a cabernet or merlot. whatever you like to drink, cook with. reduce down the flavors. you could use a two buck xhchuc
10:49 am
if you wanted to, but you reduce it down the flavors get intensified. >> for people that cannot have alcohol, does it disappear and this is okay for them? >> okay. so it never completely disappears. a lot does evaporate but doesn't completely evaporate. >> use beef broth. >> how long does it cook down to make it like this? >> eight minutes and cooks down like this. then you add the rigatoni or whatever pasta you look. i like rigatoni. >> speak to us a little bit in italian. [ speaking in italian ] >> we're going to add a little bit of cheese. when you don't add meat, you don't want to lack flavor. muscaponi is a soft, creamy cheese. >> it's very high in calories. >> we're going to have one bite. >> and parmesan cheese.
10:50 am
toss it together. >> thank you, honey. >> have one bite and come on over here. we have pork chops. a little less fattening. that's great for vegetarians. pork chops. i brown them in the pan with olive oil and sal and pepper. it's caper and fennel. then you add canned tomatoes, half a couple of white wine. the lighter the dish, pork chops being a white meat, you use a light, white wine. the richer the dish, use red wine. cook it down a few minutes and finish it off. >> let's taste. >> i can't wait. >> you can have it. >> pork chops with the sauce. >> tell us about the pears while we're doing that. >> this is poached pears, and i use a moscato, which is a sweet
10:51 am
italian dessert wine. you can make this days and days ahead. my parents would freeze it and we would eat it with ice cream. this is awesome. >> great. >> good job. >> who is better than giada? nobody. >> coming up next we take a stab at jousting. >> that was really good. it's a good thing to do on wednesday mornings. >> first, this is
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
grab your armoire and lance. giddyap. competitors go head to head on horseback to test strength, endurance, and courage, three things we're sadly lacking today. >> he holds 17 international jousting titles and now tv host. >> you never done it in high heels. >> i bet you didn't. >> i'm not going to go there.
10:55 am
with there one one halloween i got a little crazy. >> how did you get into jousting? >> childhood dream growing up in canada. moecht people stepped left and wanted to be cowboys. i stept right, wanted to be a knight. >> does it get violent? >> you know what? jousting is the most violent sport in the world. it's because of the forceful impact. you can take two of the heaviest football players and have them run head to head. pales in comparison to two jousters with horses. >> check his teeth. >> they're all real. >> like that in man, real teeth. >> thank you. >> now the outfit as we like to call it. >> it's not an outfit. >> suit of armor. >> yours weighs -- >> the historical ones weigh 140
10:56 am
pounds. these have been modernizedful it's given a more modern flare, so therefore it weighs about 80 pounds. >> we're going to -- >> you guys are going to get dressed up. we don't have a lot of time. give us some body protection. >> oh, lord. >> i don't want to break a nail. that's highly, highly important. >> unfortunately that might happen. >> really? i'm sorry this is worse than spanx. >> you don't have to hook it up. we're good. >> come over on the mat. >> kathie lee, you have to be careful. you're not wearing helmets. i wouldn't lehtont anyone joust without a helmet on. >> how do you say that? i'm canadian. i say jousting. >> that goes where? where does that baby go?
10:57 am
>> hold that erect. >> i'm not enjoying this at all. that means stop, right? >> your hand goes right there. take it easy. kathie lee, stop cheating. >> say that again. >> that's foreplay. [ laughter ] >> we have 20 seconds. what do we have to do. >> on the breastplates would be that target. >> don't hit my breastplate. >> you know what? i wouldn't have feel it if you hit mine, ba da bump. i'm sorry. were you talking? >> move your arm down here and your arm has to go down here. kathie lee, let go. >> is this a one-handed thing? >> one-handed. >> you never said, shane. >> no flinching kathie lee.
10:58 am
now remember -- >> i got her. >> it was a low strike, though. it was a low strike. >> shane, we're impressed by you. it takes a lot to impress us. here we go. jason is here. have an awesome
10:59 am


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