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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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devastating crash. that will happen until the investigation is complete. we'll have more details coming up on the 11:00 show. thanks for joining us. that's what's happening "today in the bay." good morning. pleas for help. for the first time we're hearing the frantic 911 calls from passengers aboard asiana flight 214. >> we have people over here who weren't found and they're burned really badly. >> she is severely burned and will probably die soon if we don't get any help. turn for the worse. country star randy travis suffers a stroke overnight and undergoes emergency surgery. we'll have the latest on his condition. and carried away. a massive mudslide catches drivers off guard in colorado, but one manages to record it all from behind the wheel. that wild ride today, thursday,
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july 11th, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. good morning everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer with natalie morales. i am not a child of the video digital generation, but i can tell you right now, if my car were being swept away by a mud slide my first instinct would not be to take up my camera and start recording the entire episode. >> you wouldn't be instagraming it? >> no, i would be screaming and trying to steer out of it. >> remarkable video though. >> scary. >> we'll have a little more on that in a moment. meantime it is a busy morning around here. we expect closing arguments today in the george zimmerman trial, and the judge has a key decision before her. should the jury be given the option of convicting zimmerman on a lesser charge than murder? we will have that story and be live at the courthouse. we want to begin on this thursday morning with the overnight release of these new
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911 calls from passengers aboard asiana flight 214. let's get right to nbc's tom costello at san francisco international airport. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. we now know the pilots waited 90 seconds before ordering passengers to evacuate the plane. meantime, fire was starting beneath the belly of the plane. when many passengers got off the plane they picked up a phone and called 911. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting? >> reporter: they are the first harrowing calls to 911 from passengers who just escaped the burning 777. >> i think the majority of people got off. i tried to stay back, but i think there was at least a handful of people behind me before everyone was telling us to get out. >> reporter: as more than 300 people escaped down the emergency chutes and the smoke poured out of the plane, the calls became frantic. >> yes, i was on the plane. we've been on the ground, i don't know, 20 minutes or a half hour. there are people lying on the tarmac with critical injuries, head injuries. we're almost losing a woman
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here. we're trying to keep her alive. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilots waited 90 seconds before ordering passengers to evacuate, not realizing how bad the crash was. the tower was already sending fire rescue. >> two minutes after the crash the first emergency response vehicle arrived on scene. >> reporter: back at the crash scene late wednesday evening survivors and family members were escorted to the remains of flight 214 for a final look and to remember the two young girls who died. meanwhile, the seat belts inside asiana 777 are now getting special attention. >> if i did not have one more strap around my chest i probably would hit the ceiling on the plane. that's how hard it was. >> reporter: some of the passengers sitting in asiana's business class seats had three-point seat belts similar to those used in cars, while passengers sitting in economy had only traditional lap belts. during the crash, doctors say many of those passengers were violently folded over their seat belts, then snapped back again,
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causing serious internal and spinal injuries. orthopedic surgeon dr. gary brezina has seen it all before. >> and the injury occurs at the transition zone between the thoracic and lumbar spine, and the fracture crushes the front of the vertebrae and sometimes can damage the spinal cord if it continues to go too much further. >> reporter: airlines sometimes use three-point belts in business class when the seat in front is too far away to provide protection. u.s. airlines have resisted three-point belts because they don't allow passengers to brace for impact and they're not required by the faa. a live look now at runway 28 left of san francisco. the ntsb has released this crash scene which means they can begin cleaning up the debris. that will take some time. the fire department says its ambulances were on the scene in about 13 minutes. private ambulances were on the scene even faster than that. but the incident commander held them back, concerned that the plane might blow up. lastly, the ntsb is looking into the pilot's claims he was
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blinded by a flash of light at 500 feet. it's not at all clear whether what that was and whether that might have contributed to the crash. it's one of many things the ntsb is looking into here in san francisco. matt? >> interesting to see those seat belts. we were just talking about i've never seen a three-point seat belt on a flight. >> never. apparently it was only in the front section of that aircraft. >> it makes some sense. obviously it seems as though those who had that had superior protection. i'm sure we will be hearing more about that in the days to come. meantime, this is a big day at the trial of zimmerman. after 12 days of testimony is set to begin. kerry sanders is in sanford for us. good morning. >> yes, closing arguments indeed are set to begin today. a live picture inside the courtroom. preparing for the closings which are scheduled to start in about three hours. from there the case could be in the hands of the jury as early as tomorrow. >> defense would rest.
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>> reporter: after 56 witnesses and 12 days of testimony, both sides have rested. the accused, george zimmerman, will not take the stand in his own defense. >> mr. zimmerman, please stand up. is it your decision to not testify in this case? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: in court wednesday the defense called their final witnesses. among them, dennis root, an expert on the use of force. he was asked if zimmerman had any other options but to shoot 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> i don't know what else he could have done based on his abilities. he doesn't seem to have any. >> zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin but maintains it was self-defense. he has pled not guilty. also wednesday prosecutors brought out a life-sized foam mannequin. >> this appear to be anatomically correct? >> reporter: and asked the witness what may have happened just before the shooting. >> were you aware the defendant
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described to his best friend that when he slid down the defendant, slid down that trayvon martin was up around his arm pits? were you aware of that? >> no, i've not heard that, no, sir. >> where would the gun be now? >> now the gun would be behind your left leg. >> reporter: zimmerman's lawyer used the same mannequin to demonstrate other ways the attack may have happened. >> could it happen this way? >> yes. >> could it happen this way? >> yes. >> could it happen that mr. martin is reaching back with his hand for yet a final strike or something like that? could it happen right there when he is coming back over? >> as long as the alignments of the bodies stay within that relative position where they are within that axis of movement, it is a possibility. >> reporter: each side has been given three hours for closing arguments. the state will use one hour to give its final response to the jury. >> kerry sanders as the trial is
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wrapping up, thank you. lisa bloom is today's analyst. john q. kelly a former prosecutor. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> the first question, there is a legal decision the judge will make this morning and it could be incredibly consequential, whether or not jurors will be given the option to convict of a lesser charge than second-degree murder, whether they'll be given a manslaughter instruction. the defense has said we don't want it. basically it's all or nothing. is that smart, john? >> i think it is. there is no way the prosecution has demonstrated a depraved mind or ill will on their part. the evidence would support a manslaughter charge at least if not a conviction. >> the defense is saying we're afraid the jurors will compromise. if we give them the option, they might compromise. >> it shows the defense has a lot of confidence in their case and are willing to take the all or nothing risk, either life in prison or george zimmerman walks. >> meantime, let's show you a piece of tape that came from yesterday. the judge and one defense attorney getting into it. take a look.
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>> i have not seen your client questioned. >> i object to the court inquiring of mr. zimmerman as to his decision about whether to testify. >> your objection is overruled. >> lisa, tell us about that. basically the judge was asking george zimmerman, do you plan to testify. this happens all the time in trials but what was the issue here? >> what doesn't happen is an attorney objecting to the judge's question. you object to the other side. i think what the defense attorney was expecting was two more witness escalator this was going to happen and they just got caught off guard. >> basically the defense attorney felt the judge was rushing him too much? >> the judge was a little bit out of line. she should have addressed it to counsel and not the defendant at that point. >> okay. well, look. they'll get three hours to make their closing arguments each side. i'll give you each 30 seconds. how does that sound? john, i'll let you be the prosecutor. what is the strongest evidence, the strongest argument you can make for a second-degree murder charge? >> mr. zimmerman initiated an unprovoked attack or confrontation with mr. martin
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after being told not to follow him. he brought the instrument to the attack, the nine millimeter to the confrontation. the only person that would have been screaming for their life on that tape would have been the 17-year-old that had a gun pulled on him unexpectedly, not the grown man who had the gun. >> lisa bloom, you are the defense attorney. >> check your politics at the door. this is a criminal trial and it is only about the evidence. george zimmerman has always behaved like a reasonable man, fully cooperating with the police from the beginning, answering every question on audiotape and videotape telling a consistent story. the best witness in the case? john goode, a neighbor who didn't know anybody in the case and said in the final moments before that shot rang out zimmerman is down. trayvon martin is over him. pound and ground mma style assaulting him. he took out the gun which he had a legal right to carry, shot once in self-defense. it is a reasonable doubt case. >> i'll give you five seconds to answer. if you could pick either side to be on right now who would you rather be? side, even though you asked me to do the defense. >> john?
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>> prosecution on the lesser included charge of manslaughter. >> all right. great to get your perspectives. thank you. here's matt. >> thank you. the health of country star randy travis has taken a turn for the worse overnight. nbc's charles hadlock is at the hospital in plano, texas. charles, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. according to his publicist the music legend suffered a stroke yesterday and underwent emergency surgery last night to relieve pressure on his brain. ♪ you may think that i'm talking foolish ♪ >> reporter: this morning randy travis is in critical condition in a texas hospital, fighting for his life. overnight the country star suffered a stroke, a serious complication of congestive heart failure, after the 54-year-old contracted a viral infection. >> the stroke simply means the brain isn't getting enough blood and therefore enough oxygen to maintain itself. while the degree of recovery and speed of recovery will be a direct function of how much damage to the brain if any that there was.
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>> reporter: he remains in critical condition after late night surgery. >> he's the greatest country singer ever and we love him and we hope he gets well soon. >> reporter: travis' family and friends are asking for prayers and support. keith urban issued a statement saying, i always feel like he's part of our family. he's in our family. i really feel for him right now. the illness came as travis was trying to put his life back together after a series of embarrassing public incidents. >> have you had anything to drink today, sir? >> yes, sir, i have. >> reporter: travis was arrested for public intoxication in february of 2012. six months later travis was found lying in the road naked and legally intoxicated after a one car accident. >> i'm glad it's behind me. i look forward to getting on with the year and playing some music. >> he exactly embodied that traditional country music. he kind of paved the way for a lot of the modern musicians
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right now. >> reporter: randy travis is out of surgery. doctors say he remains in critical condition. matt? >> thank you very much. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. nancy, good morning to you. >> hey, matt. >> he is admitted to the hospital for a viral infection that weakened his heart. he is put on a temporary device supposed to help his heart and then he suffers a stroke. medically speaking, anything surprise you? >> no. it sort of all makes sense. his alcoholism could have weakened him from the beginning but some viruses just attack the heart muscle and then sort of squeezing the blood out with force and becomes sloppy and can't force blood out and at that point you need this assist device. then complications can set in. we don't know if he had a stroke because a blood vessel burst open because it was anticoagulated or if he flipped. either way hours by hours doctors have to relieve pressure from the brain and watch him. >> i've always heard the first several hours and days after a stroke are the most important. >> right.
7:14 am
>> what are doctors looking for? >> they are looking to reduce the pressure in his brain and looking at the blood pressures in his arteries and vein. they are watching this heart to see how well it is going to function, if it is at the end of his life and if so how fast they can get him on a heart transplant list. and the fact he is in texas where heart transplantation is at the top of the charts is great, very important. >> thanks so much. you're going to be back later with a couple of important medical stories. meantime, natalie is here with new developments in the boston marathon case. suspect in court yesterday. >> yes. powerful yesterday. good morning, everyone. survivors of the boston marathon bombing watched as accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev was arraigned in boston. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. it was a short but intense day here at federal court yesterday as dzhokhar tsarnaev entered formal pleas of not guilty in the marathon bombing, this as family members and victims looked on, hoping to find some remorse from the teenager charged with ripping apart so
7:15 am
many lives. it was the 19-year-old's first appearance since being captured following the day-long man hunt that held the nation's attention back in april. his arm in a cast, his face more noticeably swollen than the images the world has come to know him by. tsarnaev answered not guilty seven times as the 30 charges including using a weapon of mass destruction were read to him. he then blew a kiss to his crying sisters as he left the courtroom. no words for the crush of media as they departed but others described the brief, seven-minute hearing. >> he's a punk. he showed no remorse. that's what my impression was. >> reporter: also on hand, a number of the bombing survivors. each wanting to see the suspected terrorist with their own eyes. >> i think he should sit in jail the rest of his life. death is too quick. >> reporter: along with victims' families like liz whose two sons j.p. and paul each lost a leg in
7:16 am
the blast. >> i don't know. i actually felt sick to my stomach. >> reporter: little comfort for some, but for others it was seven minutes that brought tsarnaev one step closer to justice. >> next up in the healing for boston. i want to be here to support the victims as well as to support boston. >> reporter: the next hearing is september 23rd. prosecutors say during the trial they expect to call 80 to 100 witnesses. that could take four months. if they decide to pursue it tsarnaev could face the death penalty. natalie? >> all right. thank you, katy. for the first time lawyers for accused theater shooter james holmes admitted he killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. the admission came in a motion made public wednesday. holmes' lawyers say he was in the throes of a psychotic episode at the time. holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. bad news for drivers hitting the roads this summer. cnbc's mary thompson joins us now to tell us why. good morning, mary.
7:17 am
>> good morning. experts say gas line prices could rise 10 to 20 cents a gallon over the next few days thanks to higher oil prices and high demand during the peak summer driving season. the central bank still sees the need to keep interest rates low. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke citing among other reasons an unemployment rate that over states the health of the labor market. pc shipments fell for the fifth straight quarter. back to you. >> thank you, mary thompson. letting your kids play with your smart phone can be a nice way to keep them busy but can be a very costly mistake. an oregon man found that out the hard way after his 14-month-old daughter accidently bought a car using an ebay app. the 1962 austin healy sprite cost about $250. he says he plans to give it to her for her 16th birthday. hopefully at $250 it is drivable. right after that he went on e-trade and sold the stock.
7:18 am
my kids do that all the time on the ipad. they're like buying things. i'm like, what are you doing? >> really? >> i mean, they can get around -- get involved in the negotiating? they go back and forth. >> they do. >> drive a hard bargain? >> everything. yeah. >> thanks very much. mike bettes is in for al this week. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. dramatic moments playing out by the way in colorado. have you seen this? it was all caught on camera. check it out. a flash flood takes over drivers on highway 24 in manitou springs. this driver pulled out his camera and documented the entire thing. the water is ash black because of the fire from last year. luckily he made it out okay as did every other driver caught up in that. but really terrifying moments. could you imagine being the driver of that car? basically the issue is monsoon rain across the southwest and there are issues up there in colorado, even rain this morning in southern california and in phoenix. notice the showers will extend even over into the east coast. that includes showers and thunderstorms from places like boston, hartford, new york, all
7:19 am
the way down into the deep south. we'll check your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. ch coming up in just 30 seconds. utd than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. good morning to you. i wantedo start with the radar because we have monsoonal moisture creeping from the south pushing the the north. we've got a little spotty activity ramping up across the bay area. as we head throughout the day today, that humidity is going to start to decrease later this afternoon, and temperatures will be comfortable. full sunshine by the end of the
7:20 am
day. 86 for livermore, 75 in fremont. 63 in san francisco. and here in beautiful san jose, 78 degrees. staying steady all weekend long. d humid again in the east coast for sure. >> you just showed us that crazy video of a mud slide. maybe we can do you one better. this is video out of south africa. take a look at this. these cheetahs are running after an impala. look what happens. the impala apparently doubles back and then jumps into that car. we've got it on slow mo. >> i think the cheetah is about to jump in the car. >> probably would have been a much different outcome had the cheetah went into the car. >> drive, drive! and then apparently the impala was able to get away. >> they opened up the other door. >> right here on my information, park rule. you must stay in your vehicle at all times. even if there is an impala in there? >> a good tourist experience right there.
7:21 am
>> yeah. coming up we've got encouraging news this morning from one of the teenagers who suffered serious injuries in that parasailing accident down in florida. and the men from an unforgettable boston bombing photo reunited. we'll have their exclusive interview with nbc's brian williams. first this is "today" on nbc. b williams. first this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ]
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what i call a healthy marriage. activia greek. the feel good greek. ♪ dannon it is 7:26. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. the search is on this morning for a missing oakland girl. now the fbi is involved. 21-month-old daphne viola webb disappeared yesterday morning. her father john webb says she was abducted from his car at 79th avenue near the coliseum. he told police he left the young girl in his car with her grandmother. the girl's grandmother couldn't help out police because she has dementia. ñ turned their focus to john webb's home where that little girl lives in the oak knolls area. at this point police have not listed webb as a suspect.
7:27 am
the wreckage of asiana flight 214 now being removed from runway 28l at san francisco international airport. the remains of that flight have been sitting out on that runway since saturday's deadly crash, even while other planes do take off and land on three other runways still open at the airport. the ntsb telling us some of that wreckage will stay right here in the bay area while other pieces of the debris will be sent to washington for that investigation. right now let's take it outside as we get closer to the weekend. krorn is here christina loren has the forecast. >> 59 in san jose and 58 degrees currently in oakland. we've got a gorgeous day shaping up. temperatures below your seasonal averages and that means by noon today ramping up to the low 70s. a beautiful day for lunch on the water. in fremont 71 at lunchtime. you'll round out the day at about 75. 63 for san francisco and 78 degrees in san jose. no major swings in temperature.
7:28 am
in fact, just seesawing a little bit as we get into the upcoming weekend. let's check your drive with mike. >> the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup. but after a very unusual backup pattern, we're looking really nice over here. another east bay problem is south 880s approaching lieu ellen, the motorcycle accident has cleared without major injuries reported. also slow toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza. the earlier accident cleared from the bridge. we're back in another half hour with a local update. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow.
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delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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the shoes are coated with this product. you may have seen this. that is an ad for a product called never wet. it's trending this morning. the product claims to repel liquids from just about anything, but how well does it really work? looks pretty good there. meanwhile, inside studio 1-a i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie and natalie morales. >> i watch that video all day. i don't even know if it works. >> we have an unsatisfied custom inner the studio we'll introduce you to. coming up bad news if you think diet soda will help you lose weight. a new study shows it might actually be worse than regular soda when it comes to your waist line. we'll have the latest.
7:31 am
>> then a sweet comeback story. the comeback of the twinkie. >> it's on this morning. we have a special announcement tied to it. the same old twinkie but double the shelf life? >> i thought they lasted forever, right? >> great. fantastic. plus, every move hillary clinton makes leads to some kind of speculation about her political future. even her new hair do. but this morning it's the new jobs for two obama campaign veterans that has people talking. we'll explain that. >> let's begin this half hour with the very latest on that frightening parasailing accident in florida we've been following. one of the indiana teenagers who suffered serious injuries is now ready to head home. >> we received notice that we were going to be leaving. >> reporter: encouraging news this morning for michael fairchild. just 11 days after a parasailing accident in panama city, florida left his daughter alexis seriously injured, fairchild says she will be released from
7:32 am
the hospital today, headed back home to indiana. >> heading to indianapolis for rehab and she'll probably be spending probably about a week or two there. for in patient and time on out patient. overall for what she has been through her spirits are pretty good. >> alexis and her friend sidney goode, both 17, were parasailing july 1st when the tow rope snapped. helpless, they drifted into a condominium, hit some power lines, and slammed into the cars below. much of the frightening ordeal was caught on cell phone video. >> i was in a state of shock. >> sidney's father described the terrifying moments finding out his teen was hurt. >> i said, what's going on? he said, dad, the rope broke. and then that's when it set in. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: alexis and sidney were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. both girls needed brain surgery.
7:33 am
>> devastated. you don't expect to see your kid in that state. >> reporter: michael fairchild says he is now eager to get his daughter home. >> i just am so happy we're where it is today. even the doctors have said they can't believe with the injury that she is out walking as soon as she is. >> michael fairchild says he plans to drive alexis home today. sidney's father meanwhile says she is showing improvement following neck surgery on monday but there is no word yet on when she'll be released from the hospital. just such a scary story. >> that they are doing as well as they are. thank you. we'll check the weather. mike bettes is in for al. good morning again. >> hey, good morning you to. a fine crowd out here with us this morning including from springfield, missouri. 15 years of marriage. what is the key to a healthy, long marriage? >> we think compromise. >> we think? >> giving up. >> she calls it compromise. he calls it giving up. a compromise of giving up maybe.
7:34 am
let's look at the weather. we're showing you chantal, it was a tropical storm yesterday. it has weakened somewhat so is no longer a tropical storm but that doesn't mean we won't see impact in the southeastern united states. it won't be today but rain could come into florida and the southeast part of the country as we go friday into the weekend. something that we'll follow very closely. watching a front that comes across the eastern half of the country as well today. could provide thunderstorms across the southeast and the northeast. it could include new york city. looking overhead it looks like storms could be hitting us any second here in new york. thunderstorm warning off i 7:34. good thursday morning to you. today the cooldown really kicks in. look at all these 70s around the bay. 78 degrees in san jose today. that goes for santa theresa, 75 in oakland and 77 degrees in beautiful san rafael. we do have a chance for some mountain thunderstorms throughout the first part of the day, but this will start to clear out and we'll see a drier
7:35 am
pattern shaping up friday into the weekend. temperatures stay steady, holding on to the mid to upper 80s. hope you have a great day. don't forget you can check your forecast 24/7 at the weather channel or >> thank you very much. will she or won't she? there is a new round of speculation this morning about hillary clinton's plans for a possible run for the white house. nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington with more on this. >> hi, matt. good morning. first a rival and then a team of rivals and now hillary clinton seems to be picking up support from key members of team obama. even while she says she is out of the process for now. she already has her library. hillary clinton read the very hungry caterpillar. but everyone waited for the next chapter as she opened a new hillary rodham clinton children's library in little rock. not far from a famous arkansas presidential library. >> the tools we need -- >> a new initiative on early
7:36 am
childhood education rolled out in a video last month. out of office but on the road again. this week a women's forum. >> more and more women are being accepted. they're proving that they can contribute and they can lead. >> she won't say yet whether that includes her in 2016. the campaign has started without her. this week the ready for hillary pac, unaffiliated with the clintons, picked up two top obama campaign field operatives, jeremy bird and mitch stewart. >> the lessons we learned in 2008 and 2012 probably the most important of which is if you want to run a winning, modern, 21st century national campaign you have to have the grass roots infrastructure there to support that candidacy. >> reporter: barack obama out organized her in 2008. now some of his former top campaign aides could help her. >> the fact that there is so much movement toward hillary clinton right now ought to give everybody else who is thinking about this pause beginning with joe biden. if he wants to get in this
7:37 am
thing, if he wants to be competitive, he has to start making some moves pretty soon. >> as for clinton, for now she can stay on the sidelines and in fact the biggest lesson from her last race for president when she appeared to be inevitable is that there is a down side to being out front too soon. matt? >> andrea mitchell in washington this morning. thanks so much. up next, the men from that iconic image of the boston bombings sit down with brian williams. then a bit later on, on trending, imagine spilling wine or chocolate sauce on your shirt only to watch it glide right off. is this new product too good to be true? we'll check it out. first these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] harvey's i'm so happy you're home dance. that's real love. and so is giving him real tasty food. but some leading dog foods add sugar, dyes, or even artificial preservatives. [ dog whimpers ] but now there's new so good! from iams. with 100% real wholesome ingredients and none of those other things. now that's real love.
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7:41 am
[ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet? we're back at 7:41. one of the iconic images from the boston marathon bombing being rescued. now both men are speaking out in their first interview together to nbc's brian williams. >> jeff, the sweaty guy in the
7:42 am
cowboy hat was a welcomed sight when you needed him. >> oh, yeah. he was the one that picked me up off the ground. he said his shoulder was hurting but he grabbed me with one hand. >> i saw the quantity of blood and i knew jeff was a person who needed to go soon, very quick to the emergency room because he lost so much blood at the time. >> when he came up to me, like, no. you have to go. he's great. every time i see him now he's so uplifting and so concerned with how i'm doing and how i'm feeling. and he's amazing. >> without him, there is no you. and now you're destined to be friends for the rest of your lives. >> pretty insane. it's cool. >> i know when people ask you how you're doing you always answer fine. how are you different from before the marathon?
7:43 am
>> stronger. way stronger. i can lift my whole body weight with these. a hundred times if i want to. >> what have you learned about the resilience of the human body? >> it's crazy. it's really tough. it's insane. i am a quick healer. they were calling me wolverine, one of those guys that heals really quick because i have burns, bad burns, and they were gone. i know it was great care with the nurses tending to my wounds every day that helped me but four weeks my burns were almost gone. >> where do you see yourself in five years? >> i really want to do something great. i want to be out there and help people. i want to just help people. that's what i want to do. >> an amazing story of resilience. nbc's brian williams. coming up next, we will lighten things up considerably and tell you about the
7:44 am
triumphant return of an american classic. the twinkie. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ honey, is he too into this car thing? [ mumbling ] definitely the quattro. ♪ honey? huh? a5. what? [ sighs ]
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is it really? (laughter) find fresh peaches and all your quality produce. backed by our 100% money back guarantee. walmart. we're back at 7:48. we have good news for those of you who have been mourning the loss of twinkies for the past eight months. the iconic treats are about to return. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: at the time it was unimaginable. the golden child of american confections, spongy, creamy, rumored to last forever without going bad. and then -- it was curtains. >> could we see the end of the twinkie? >> the twinkie apocalypse. >> reporter: the future of these guilty pleasures may be crumbling -- >> is this it? >> it's over. there is it. >> reporter: a labor dispute ended in bankruptcy for twinkie manufacturer hostess, depriving
7:49 am
snack cake lovers of their daily dose. some folks even started hoarding them, peddled them on ebay, even petitioning the white house. now a miracle, a guilty pleasure is back. >> twinkies are coming back on the shelves. >> do you like sweets? do you like cake? >> save for twinkies. >> reporter: they're calling it the sweetest comeback in the history of ever. hostess bought by two private equity firms -- >> two, three, cake -- >> reporter: has returned with a full-blown marketing bonanza. an online countdown and cheery twinkie teams fan out across the nation heralding their arrival to stores next week. the response -- >> i miss my good, old friend. >> twinkies! >> reporter: you're not going to do that, are you? >> no, sir. >> now, this is going to be like this. >> reporter: on twitter, "there really is christmas in july." "thank you, lord of sugar." there is a god."
7:50 am
nothing it seems lasts forever except, of course, the twinkie. >> great -- >> beautiful. >> a religious experience with some of those people on twitter. >> it gets better. >> tell me. >> we have a special announcement. on monday, we will receive the very first delivery of twinkies from the only twinkie-mobile in america. it will happen live here in rockefeller plaza. that's right. appropriate music -- ♪ >> the world exclusive return of twinkie. don't even eat over the weekend because we are going to be scarfing down twinkies minute morning. >> twinkiepalooza. >> excited. >> we want to hear from you. tweet us your favorite twinkie memory if you can choose. give us the #twinkie today. >> i had a paper route. the last day on my route was a deli. on the last day i would buy myself twinkies and a yahoo hoo. i still have a backup.
7:51 am
>> exactly. coming up, the thomas jefferson over willow smith's new video. should a 12-year-old be sing being a summer fling? a downer for diet soda drinkers. the study that shows artificial sweeteners are not so sweet for your health. and you've turned the plaza into our own summer camp. we'll head outside after local news. [ baby babbling ] whoo! hey there, guys! can i grant you any wishes today? well, i wish i knew what my little guy was saying. easy! come on, guys -- i can totally read that giant navigation screen. you're just driving around in circles until i fall asleep. well, i have a surprise that will get us home pretty quick. [ sniffs ] [ coughs ] crack a window...please. gladly. [ male announcer ] the 2013 rav4.
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7:56 am
the time is 7:56. go morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. a pair of car jackers on the loose this morning after toddler inside. police say the thieves approached a mother at a gas station near 42nd and foothill, climbed into her van and then just drove off. the woman's toddler, scary scene here, was in the back seat. the thieves apparently dropped the child off under a tree a few blocks away unharmed. very happy to hear that. police still looking for the suspects and the stolen 2002 honda van. police have also arrest 25d-year-old matthew jacobson in connection with san jose's 26th homicide of the year. early yesterday morning police found 37-year-old christopher bowman with stab wounds at a homeless shelter on julian street a few blocks away from the dear done station. investigators at this point don't believe it was gang related. right now, ladies and gentlemen,
7:57 am
put your hands together for another spectacular forecast with christina loren. >> thank you. that's all i get, huh? 7:56. good morning to you. taking a live look here at san jose. con. that natural coolant is going to keep us nice today. i wanted to show you the stephen-day outlook. we're so close to the weekend, you can taste it. 85 degrees for friday. no major changes. that's the good news. we'll hold on to the average stretch of weather through monday and tuesday. it's going to heat up, but just to 90 degrees on wednesday. not so bad. it's wednesday anyway. looking toward the southbound direction on the right side of the screen heading toward lincoln avenue. typical slowing coming down into san rafael out of novato. the map shows a similar process and no problems eastbound across the bridge, westbound is your commute direction and there's some slowing. a sig alert south of 101 at spencer, a tree has fallen in the lane blocking three of the four lanes southbound
7:58 am
approaching the waldo tunnel. san leandro tough. all right, mike. we'll make it through the tough. back in half hour. see you then. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. and then the awards started coming in,
7:59 am
and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars.
8:00 am
noth ♪ ♪ i'm 10 today. >> happy birthday, helen. >> i'm here for a dance competition. >> i'm on tv! >> we're on a girl's trip. >> 8:00 now on this thursday morning. ed sheering will be here on friday, tomorrow. part of the summer concert series. good morning. coming up, we have decided really to make you a guinea pig. >> that's right.
8:01 am
we've got this product that we have seen advertised called never wet. it's said to repel liquids off just about anything. so what we'll do here -- hold that. we'll try it on this suit. okay? you hold those. i'm going to put this on my pant leg. it takes an hour, two applications. this is step one. okay? >> oh, my, i hope you don't like that suit. >> all right. so there's the spot. >> did you read the directions? >> that has to sit for 30 minutes. then i apply step two. after 30 minutes i can pour any liquid on here and it will magically fly right off me. >> you had me at spraying your pants with some random stuff. >> great. in the meantime it's burning every hair off my thigh. >> we're going to put hot sauce and mustard on your pants. looking forward to that. also, what's coming up.
8:02 am
>> why did justin bieber place an apology phone call to former president of the united states, bill clinton. and did the author harper lee, get duped out of millions of dollars in royalties? >> you may have noticed that the plaza looks different, a little campy. we'll head to head in a friendly competition against a stars of new reality show called "summer camp." we'll get our fourth grade on. >> there you go. that's right. >> and by the way, where did i send the invoice for the suit? which producer gets there? >> i don't know, but there's an odor about you. >> very strong. >> let's go inside. natalie has a check of the headlines. >> all right. good morning, everyone. closing arguments are getting underway at the george zimmerman degree murder trial. the judge said she'll let the jury consider the lesser charge of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman maintains that he shot
8:03 am
martin in self-defense while serving as a neighborhood watch volunteer. accused marathon bomber pleaded not guilty to using a weapon of mass destruction and is accused of killing an m.i.t. police officer. the pilots of the asiana jet that crashed in san francisco on saturday didn't realize how bad the crash was and waited 90 seconds before ordering the plane be evacuated. meanwhile, for the first time, we're hearing 911 calls from passengers who escaped from the burning plane. >> yes, i was on the plane. we've been on the ground. i don't know, 20 minutes or half we are trying to keep her alive. >> family members were escorted back on wednesday for a final look and to remember the two
8:04 am
intentional girls who died. everyone missing in the fiery crash of a run away oil train is now presumed dead. that's what police told the froo grieving families, bringing it to 50 in the worst railway disaster in almost 150 years. it ignited into flames in the small eastern quebec town. today, the president meets with senators john mccain and chuck schumer. two lawmakers playing a major role in the on going immigration debate. republicans in the house say they won't vote on the version of immigration reform already passed by the senate. immigration will be one of the big issues this sunday on "meet the press" including an exclusive interview with harry reid. a senior defense official says the u.s. will go ahead with the next delivery of four f-16 fighter jets to egypt despite the political unrest there. the jets are part of an order placed more than two years ago when president hosni mubarak was still in office. for the first time, the navy
8:05 am
has landed an unmanned drone on an aircraft carrier. the experimental jet-sized drone piloted by computer landed on the uss george h.w. bush on wednesday. michigan police are looking for a driver who backed into a woman pushing a stroller. all is caught on camera. the woman was pushing the stroller with her 1-year-old son inside. the driver dragged the stroller a short distance before stopping briefly to allow the mother to get the child out of the stroller, but then he proceeded to drive off. the child fortunately was not injured. personal hygiene takes extra effort aboard the international space station. astronaut karen nyburg posted this. she rubs in a little water, some no-rinse shampoo. then combs it out or up. there she goes, she's ready for
8:06 am
another day in orbit. wish it were that easy around here. 8:05. back outside to matt and savannah. >> progress report, we are starting to dry a little bit here. step one going as planned. >> smelling the same, however. >> brutal. >> let's go to mike bettis for a check of the weather. >> good morning. we are keeping a close eye on the weather. we are joined by the girl scout troop 01113. good to see you. they're getting their badges this morning. congratulations on that. say hello to our pick city, sacramento, california. hello to everyone watching on channel 3. sunny and hot today. looking for a temperature around 91 degrees. we have some storms in southern california. already rain this morning and watch for storms from the southwest all the way to the southeast and way up into the northeast where severe weather has been an issue this morning. it's that pesky front, sweeping south bound. if you want the pleasant weather
8:07 am
and that is a look at your and that is a look at your weather. here's matt and savannah. >> all right. thank you so much. coming up on trending, can you imagine wine, chocolate, hot sauce, velveeta cheese rolling right off your clothes? well, we are going to put never wet bold clean to the test on the pant suit of matt lauer. >> there we go. think that diet soda helps you lose a little weight? why it may be worse than a regular soft drink.
8:08 am
then summer camp comes to rockefeller plaza right after this. vo: traveling you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often. it seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. more personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours. ♪ but i won't do that ♪ or that
8:09 am
♪ or this definitely not this! it hurts but i kind of like it! ♪ it hurts but i kind of like it! ♪ [ [ barks ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make allie miss her favorite part of the day. [ laughing ] that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four snacks... to help spark play in your day. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets...
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one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. you decide. and walmart's super summer savings event is here. this 5-piece dining set on clearance, save over $49! how bout all these bikes on rollback? like this mongoose adult bike, you save over $20! get more summer for your money at walmart's super summer savings event. we're back at 8:10 with
8:11 am
what's trending today. these, of course, are the hottest stories on line. trending on "business insider." this is going to wake up parents this morning. the most expensive colleges in america. you remember how much you paid in tuition. >> i'm still paying for mine. >> what was it? >> for law school it was $120,000. >> i got a scholarship and went to a public school so i think 40,000 total. >> total? >> for four years. >> for four years. i think we paid for ohio university, 13, $14,000 a year. times have changed literally. take a look at this. there's a new list out of america's priceyest schools and you may be surprised for the schools that didn't make the top four. forget harvard, yale, princeton, stanford. number four is rensselaer polytechnic institute in troy, new york. it costs over $60,000 a year. located about an hour away, bard college finished third, over $61,000. harvey mudd college in
8:12 am
claremont, california, second. and the most expensive college, new york university, $62,000 a year. the cost includes tuition, fees, room and board for the upcoming year. that is a ton of money. >> yeah, it sure is. >> some surprises on that list. >> mark go to college, don't you think about it. >> meantime, trending on e, why was justin bieber on the phone apologizing to bill clinton. a video shows the pop star in a new york restaurant spraying a picture of the former president with cleaning liquid and cursing his name. on wednesday the 19-year-old bieber phoned clinton to apologize. he even offered to help out at the clinton global initiative. e says he was encouraged about it and focusing on the good. bieber's been in the news sometimes for all the wrong reasons, disputes with neighbors, the paparazzi. i sat down with his mom and
8:13 am
asked her about the headlines. >> i talk to justin. i text him and i call him every day, as much as you can with an adult child that doesn't live with you, and he knows what i think. he knows -- we talk and he knows what he thinks -- what i think. >> that was such a mom response. he knows what mom thinks. >> growing pains here? but -- and acting out maybe at the same time. >> yeah. >> i think he's in a weird transitional period in his life. >> hard to grow up with everyone watching. >> absolutely. all right. now trending on, will prince william's polo match conflict with the birth of his baby? with his wife kate nearing the end of her pregnancy, william is still scheduled to play in a polo match this sunday. it is a two-hour drive from the hospital where she will deliver. spokespeople for today.come says he'll be there. he's in whales and they have a helicopter on stand by at a
8:14 am
moment's notice. >> i'm all for trying to help the charity. when you know it's going to fall on the week that your wife is expecting, do you commit to something two hours away? >> how would that have gone over, making a -- piper at a polo match? sorry, i might not be there. >> charity though. it is charity. >> he'll be there. >> trending on youtube, we've been telling about this all morng long. there is a new product that's called never wet. the impressive demo video already has more than 3 million views online, but does it really work? well, there are two steps that you're supposed to take when using this product. there is obviously step one. and step two. now a few minutes ago i sprayed -- i sprayed my leg here. >> yeah, we know. >> step 16789 describe the smell. >> never wet always smells. >> the vapor is harmful, by the way. >> i mean, it's very pungent. >> it is. >> it's like spray paint combined with rubber cement and that. it's very overwhelming. >> i'm feeling a little lightheaded in here, as a matter of fact. >> let's stick to the never wet
8:15 am
product. this is supposed to dry for 30 minutes, then i'm supposed to put on step 2. by the end of that we're supposed to absolutely be just able to -- >> that's step 3. >> -- put all kinds of liquids on this and it will go off in all different directions. i will not mess up the suit. >> at the end of the hour we'll test it. >> if not, you'll be sending a bill to the "today" show. also trending this morning, a new music video from willow smith. some are asking is this too sexual for a pre-teen. here's e's jason kennedy. >> it starts innocently enough withholding hands, but in no time a 12-year-old singer, willow smith, is using a very adult expression. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and that has a lot of people talking. on twitter, this comment, willow smith is 12, i know that, but does she? this criticism on youtube.
8:16 am
>> if i was going to be comfortable, summertime crush, puppy love, something like that as opposed to a fling because when i think about a fling i think about a one-night stand. >> the video disturbed psychiatrist. >> the video is called summer fling but it might as well have been called molita. >> she's at a pool party. >> sporting a blond wig and an english accent. ♪ ♪ >> willow's performance is completely age appropriate according to bonnie fuller of >> i don't think that willow smith is talking about having sex in the summer with some boy. i think she's talking about having a relationship or romance or a crush with some boy. >> yeah, willow's boyfriend in the video seemed much older, as
8:17 am
do many of the other kids. >> there's nothing innocent about this video. it's clearly about sex ♪ ♪ >> critics question whether willow's parents, actors will smith and jade da pinkett smith are letting their daughter grow up too fast. >> i don't know what willow's parents were thinking. >> we asked the smiths for comments but their representatives did not respond. >> i don't think parents need to be concerned about their 12-year-old sons or daughters watching the video. i think if they want to have a conversation with them and use it as a conversation starter, that's a great idea. >> for "today," jason kennedy, e news. all right. that is what's trending today. still ahead in our 8:00 block, the legal battle over an american classic, "to kill a mockingbird." matt? first, a new study about diet soda. dr. nancy snyderman. back to you. headline to me seems to be that
8:18 am
diet sodas and foods with artificial sweet ners may be just as bad for people as the real deal. >> this is not a great city that adds to the increasing volume of work that we know that just because you use artificial sweet ners, it doesn't mean that you can get by with consuming fewer calories. there's some pretty good research that this may change how we, in fact, crave sweets. the artificial sweet ners are sweeter than actual sugar so when you consume them as artificial sweet ners, your body almost wants sweets and craves them in a different way. >> it's not that they have calories because they don't. >> they have no calories. >> it's that you then go off and crave other sweet things. >> correct. >> and eventually gain weight. >> right. there's a pretty good link now that just because you consume these doesn't mean you're going to be healthier. there may be now a link to premetabolic problems, diabetes, obesity, etc. they are not a cure all. let's be real.
8:19 am
whether it's a real soda or diet soda, it's a treat. you shouldn't have more than one or two a week. another headline. big study basically on the health of this nation. you can find some good news. we're living longer than we did 40 years ago. >> right. >> i find mostly really disturbing news. >> so great, matt. this is a real indictment of american health care. we rank 34th behind other industrialized nations. if you crack it down county by county, this is almost death by zip code. men in mcclain, virginia, will live almost to 81 years of age, but if you go 350 miles to west virginia, mcdowell, west virginia, the average life span is in the mid 60s. so we're starting to look at real health care disparities. there's a poverty issue here, racial issue, and coming back to food. >> we understand women have a longer life expectancy than men, and yet the same
8:20 am
county-by-county experience occurs with women. >> women live longer in morin county, california, and they live shorter life spans through most of the south. >> places like terry county, kentucky. >> exactly. >> much shorter life spans. >> yes. >> economics, poor diet, lack of exercise and obesity. >> when you look at that difference, it's 85 years, 72 years, you can't just explain that based on simple math. you have to sort of say what are the demographics there. and certainly poverty and food and security make a big difference. i want to talk about this access to really good medical care. people who are poor, people who are hourly wage earners can't necessarily take the time off to get to the doctor. they're in rural areas and so they don't have the same quality medicine anyway. when you're hungry, i've had people who are starving to me say don't tell me to eat an apple. i know that. that doesn't fill me up. a snickers bar might.
8:21 am
until we really get to the food and security, we're not going to battle this. increasingly there are cool programs out there. there's something called the fair food network in the midwest. people who have picked up food stamps at farmer's markets and for twice the value, they get real food. that's how we're going to change that in this country. >> i would encourage people to read it. >> go to your farmer's markets. >> you probably know it but it's still shocking to read. >> death by zip code. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. savannah. matt, thanks. "to kill a mockingbird." required reading for millions of students for centuries. kate snow has the details on this story. >> this thing exploded on social media. leej gons of fans defending one of their favorite authors. harper lee, it sold 50 million copies. at 87 attorneys say lee was
8:22 am
duped. they say royalties from the book that should have been hers were funneled somewhere else. >> you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> yeah? >> until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. >> reporter: the movie earned gregory peck an oscar, but most of us read the book more than 50 years after it was first published, "to kill a mockingbird" is still a must read about a young girl growing up in the south, and her lawyer father who defends an innocent man. >> this is one of the first books i wanted to encourage other people to read. read this book. read this book, read this book. >> reporter: as celebrated as her book was, the novelest, harper lee, never wanted publicity. she gave her last interview back in 1964. but now a lawsuit has thrust her into an unwanted spotlight. >> at 87 harper lee's quiet life has become as dramatic as a legal thriller.
8:23 am
>> mark seal wrote about the lawsuit in the august edition of "vanity fair." the suit contends lee trusted literary agent sam pinkus convinced her to sign over her rights which gave him millions of dollars of royalties over five years. money that flowed to multiple, ever-changing bank accounts and companies. lee's lawyers demanded and obtained the return of the copyright but are seeking damages and the commissions pinkus earned during the time he held the copyright saying he didn't act in the novelist's best interests. pinkus knew that harper lee was an elderly woman with physical ailments. lee trusted her agent, it goes on. pinkus abused that trust. sam pinkus is due to answer the charges in august. >> this is the beginning of a case that is going to be a fascinating case should it come to trial. as harper lee's own editor said, it's one of the great mysteries and everybody's trying to figure out exactly what happened.
8:24 am
>> sam pinkus and his attorney had no comment for us. he is due in court here in august due to respond to the charges. harper lee's lawyers say at 87 she has trouble hearing and seeing but her one-time biographer tells "vanity fair" that she is aware of this legal battle. she wanted to stay out of the limelight for so many years. >> by the way, it still amazes me that she wrote one book. it was a master piece. >> right. >> it is really one of the great books. if young people haven't read it, it's a sensational, sensational book. >> i guess if you write one that well, why write another. >> and the movie. and the movie that was made. >> gregory peck won an oscar for that. >> fascinating. kate, thank you very much. coming up, "summer camp" comes to rockefeller plaza. we're going to compete in fun and challenging games. >> sprayed those potato sacks so we're in good shape. >> let's check in on the ruining
8:25 am
of matt's suit. let's see if we can throw some liquid on matt. more after we check your local news and weather right here on "today."
8:26 am
good morning tour it is 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. plans to delay the opening of the bay bridge may put the public safety at risk. the committee says the old bridge is simply not safe in the span should you can opened as soon as possible. they propose inserting wedges into the areas of the broken bolts to stabilize them. right now the span will open in mid-december at the very earliest. see how the morning commute is looking right now. no waiting for that, mike. >> no, no, no waiting necessarily southbound across the golden gate bridge, another of our popular bridges. iconic. we can see the deck across the span, you see the north tower there.
8:27 am
the tree across southbound 101, it has been chopped, southbound 101 crawls below 20 miles an hour, mill valley, past spencer and toward the waldo tunnel as a result. north 880 the east bay, look at oakland past the coliseum, suddenly slow the last 15 minutes, very jammed now heading up toward high street, no traffic there as well as through san leandro. back to you. >> another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning. good morning! wow.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning, the 11th day of july, 2013. it's a summer camp in the plaza for a friendly competition with the contestants of a new summer camp reality based competition show. we'll go head to head with them in a couple of minutes weather permitting. boy, it's getting dark out here. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie and natalie morales.
8:31 am
we should get a little thundershower in a second. meanwhile, will you hold that? >> yes. >> it is time for the application of step two. all right? of never wet to see if this product that is advertised on tv can prevent any water from damaging my suit. we're a half hour into the application. half hour to go. we'll try this out in our 9:00 hour. >> what are you going to put on the suit? >> i think maybe some chocolate sauce, red wine. veil ve velveeta cheese. >> that is what it looks like if it works. >> i am kind of excited to see that. coming up we'll have new and tasty uses for the quintessential summer treat, watermelon. >> okay. >> don't forget grammy nominee ed sheerhan is going to be here for a live concert tomorrow on "today" and you have to know the color of the day is going to be orange in honor of both ed's hair and his album cover. we already have people lining up here this morning. he is going to be great.
8:32 am
those of you with the orange bandanas stick around for tomorrow. perfect. team orange. >> exactly. >> so good. >> lots to get to. let's get to mike bettes with a weather check filling in for al. good morning everyone. good to have the crew out here. dillon is here celebrating his birthday and your sign says i'm celebrating my birthday in new york where all my brothers and sisters are at home. i'm looking at your brother gavin here. he doesn't look so happy. >> no. >> does he always look like that. >> no, not always. when we leave, when we go really far. >> maybe he is a little jealous it is your birthday and he is not here with you. happy birthday. good to have you here. let's look at the weather today to show you what's happening where you live. it does include some storms. in southern california even and the southwest. along that front watching for showers and storms today. that does include the deep south and even overhead here the skies have gotten very dark in the northeast including new york and the forecast tomorrow. we'll see that front push further south. that means more showers on the coast line. if you want nice and sunny you
8:33 am
go to the midwest. you want hot you go to the central plains. that is a look at the weather you want perfection, you stay right here in the bay area. good morning tour 8:33678 the natural coolant is kicking in. see a really comfortable day today as a result, temperatures, 83, concord, 75 degrees, today in fremont, 78 in san jose, 78 in los gatos. sunday, monday, tuesday you holding study you in the upper 80s, fin)o hitting those 90s by wednesday of next week. >> and that is a look at your weather. now here's savannah. >> thank you. roughly 4 million americans and 60 million people around the world stutter. despite years of research little is known about the cause. in her new book "out with it" katherine preston tackles some of the myths and misconceptions. today our national correspondent
8:34 am
has her story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. growing up in england katherine preston dreamed of a magic cure for her stuttering, a cure that would end the bullying, laughter, looks when she couldn't even say her own name. but in writing the story of her life preston found something she never expected. katherine preston is smart, funny, and loves to talk. >> i do love to talk. >> but at the age of 7 she developed a profound stutter. >> just an every day -- every day -- every day person. >> reporter: ps are hard. >> i know it. >> reporter: and has spent her life battling embarrassing moments and myths. >> this is not about being shy. >> not at all. >> reporter: this is not about not being intelligent. >> no. it's just a -- a brain issue that just isn't quite working in the right way.
8:35 am
>> reporter: not quite synced up. >> exactly. something going on with me. >> reporter: today katherine preston can laugh about it, but growing up every day was a painful challenge. >> the worst as a child is anyone who laughs at you. >> reporter: to avoid stuttering, she would compensate by using easier words. you became a human thesaurus. >> i d exactly. >> reporter: she would even change her own name. what would you say your name was? >> oh, anything. anything that would be easy. however, you realize that people out there don't have any idea who you actually are. and that is an unhealthy way to be. >> reporter: throughout the years she tried various forms of speech therapy. some worked for a while but then she would relapse.
8:36 am
>> it just seems to hamper every way thai wanted to interact with the world. >> reporter: in her last attempt she sent an e-mail explaining why she was speaking so slowly and loudly. a result of the latest messatho she was trying. the response she got back was not what she expected. everyone started telling her their problems. you sort of became everyone's therapist. >> it was this kind of eye-opening moment of oh, wow. i have a stutter, but everyone else has something else. it was as if i wasn't alone anymore. >> reporter: another empowering moment? >> don't -- tell me -- my stammer -- >> reporter: watching "the king's speech." >> i have a voice! >> it was acted in such an accurate way. i mean, he is so brave and i think that it was the first time
8:37 am
i had ever seen a stutterer in the role --. >> reporter: all of which inspired her to write "out with it." was it painful to write? >> at times. it was hard because you're dragging up memories that have been kind of hidden. >> reporter: but along the way there were several pleasant surprises. while researching the book she met her fiance jeremy coen, who also stutters. >> struggled with the development. >> there isn't anything i'm able to kind of hide from him because he holds all of the depths of stuttering and he loves me anyway. >> reporter: everyone would like a jeremy. >> everyone would love a jeremy but they aren't able to have him. he is all mine. >> reporter: katherine had another epiphany. she came to embrace her stuttering. you identify yourself as
8:38 am
stutterer and speaker. >> i am proud of who i am and even though the world has been where i was for ages it is actually now a pride -- you wear it proud. >> reporter: what would you like people to take away from this book? >> i'd really, really like everyone to be aware that we all have a voice. we all have a right to be heard. and that we are all perfectly imperfect. >> it is such a wonderful book. she is such an elegant writer. the exact cause of stuttering is unknown. researchers believe there is a genetic and a neurological component. there are speech therapy treatments, but some people find them very successful but they don't work for everyone and at the moment there is no magic
8:39 am
cure. this book is fabulous, savannah. >> isn't she lovely? thank you. coming up next, we will head into the kitchen and show you new and creative ways to enjoy watermelon. >> exactly. >> then we'll do battle on the plaza in some challenging summer camp inspired games. perhaps in the rain. but first this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ]
8:40 am
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8:41 am
delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. today is brought to you by almond breeze. goodness. that is delicious. >> back now at 8:41 with how to cook everything today. this morning creative and surprising ways to enjoy the summer classic watermelon. a friend of ours, "new york times" columnist and the author of eat vegans before 6:00. good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> we're using watermelon. how do you pick a good watermelon? >> there is this thing, if it
8:42 am
sounds hollow -- >> don't shake them. nothing is going to happen. smelling them? >> no. >> you know what? bad water melons are hard to come by. you are usually in pretty good shape. i want to show you the advanced way of taking the flesh off this. sort of treating it like an orange. cut off both ends. then just cut around the rind. exactly. that is very nice. >> first recipe we'll use cubed watermelon combined with tomatoes, herbs, and you have a bacon vin egret. why do you like that combination? >> first of all bacon and tomatoes you can't go wrong but with the sweet watermelon and bacon vinagrette it is a real winner. the mozzarella would be great. then just some cooked bacon, a little shallot, olive oil, touch of vinegar.
8:43 am
>> would you really put it on that hot? >> i would put it on that hot. i would have cooked the shallots a little longer. >> that is a great summer salad. again, would you use the watermelon at room temperature or cold for that? >> room temperature. cold is fine, too. it is a salad. it doesn't matter. this is great. also tomatoes and watermelon in a blender with, do you mind, some chili, some garlic. lemon juice. >> this is a soup. >> we're going to make a watermelon tomato gezpacho. all of the lemon juice. let's try it. >> very liquidy. >> okay. >> thank you. >> serving it with crab. why that combination? >> it is just really beautiful and it gives you something chewy and a little more substantial in there. >> top it off with a little cilantro. perfect. you can put a couple ice cubes
8:44 am
in here too and it becomes a little slushier. >> next you'll make a grenita. technically what is that? >> an ice cube. you take watermelon puree like that and you freeze it and then either with -- you can try this. even with a spoon or with a fork you just scrape it up and you get shaved ice. >> is this only watermelon puree or something else in there? >> lemon and sugar. >> okay. how much sugar do you put in this? >> a little more than we did, actually. >> let me taste it. >> i'd put for two cups of watermelon i might put half a cup of sugar. >> it is good. there is something else in there. no herbs or anything? no parsley? a very sophisticated taste. >> you do. >> it might be left over from when, the little bacon over tlnchts maybe the stuff on your pants. >> exactly. how do you serve that? just put it like a snow cone? >> i would put a teenie bit of mint in there. >> finally some lemonade.
8:45 am
you take these watermelon ice cubes, pop them in there. another great combination. >> pureed watermelon in an ice tray. >> back to summer camp. first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good!
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8:47 am
you ever think back to summer camp? as you can see we've transformed our plaza into a giant summer camp wonder land this morning. >> we were inspired by "usa today's" new reality competition summer camp featuring the battle of the sexes in very difficult and inventive games. matt rogers is the host and he's brought some contestants. we're going to take you on. >> i like it. we know you can sing and host. tell us about this show. >> this show is unbelievable. it obviously gives young adults a chance to go back and relive the most magical time of their
8:48 am
lives. we do a lot of drama, hookups, all the good stuff. >> just like at camp. >> absolutely. >> i understand you started off camp going to christian camp. how is this experience different? >> totally different. first off that was an all girls camp and this is coed. it is a whole new bag of tricks that goes with that. this is a completely different experience. you add a little alcohol into these camp socials. >> wow. >> are you the one that killed an alligator in like seventh grade? >> that would be me. yes, ma'am. >> okay. >> on purpose or a drive by type thing? >> it was in the road. i had to get it out of there. it was problematic. >> we're doing easy obstacles. what are the ones on the show? a little more difficult? >> well, there's -- >> ah! >> what are we going to do? >> get into position. two members from each camp will grab their backpack and run over
8:49 am
to your potato sack. you'll hop together to the end of the cone. from there you'll meet the rest of your campers and all of you will put together a giant puzzle. race through the tires up the ladder, down the slide, and all four of you will hop into your own personal camp canoe. race to the cone again and the first camp to raise their flag high over new york will win today's summer camp. >> matt, we both getting in this potato sack? >> yes. you and savannah will be working together. >> oh, my gosh. >> are we working together? >> yes. matt, you look good. i'm going to shift it up here. intelligence versus red neck, here we go. on your mark, get set --! [ horn blows ] >> hop in and here we go. we are off. the "today" show is doing
8:50 am
fantastic. go right now! >> there you go. i like it. you're perfect. "today" show is off to a great start. wow! summer camp is getting taken down right here on the "today" show. you guys, working together beautifully. the "today" show is almost finished with their puzzle. they will be up over the tires. here we go. "today" show you're almost through. >> what about this one? >> looks like they're about to finish. >> there. >> that goes there in the corner. >> there you go. >> a problem here. >> great. let's go. let's go. >> let's go! >> summer camp is finished. and now our summer camp -- >> go ahead. >> "today" show continues.
8:51 am
through the tires. up over the ladder. down the slide. you can do it, savannah. >> okay. >> oh, my. >> go, savannah. >> ah! >> come on. >> come on, matt. >> let's go. >> summer camp. >> ready? go! >> let's go. >> coming up strong. >> pick up the pace here. >> go. come on! faster! >> hold on. >> get the flag, guys. here. >> here. get the clip. >> in position. go, go, go! >> here comes the "today" show!
8:52 am
congratulations! savannah, you guys won. raise your flag high over new york city. that is the golden oar. congratulations to the "today" show. >> no injuries. >> whatever. >> nice job, guys. i like your style. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. good morning! wow.
8:53 am
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get glad forceflex. small change, big difference.
8:55 am
we are back now victorious in our summer camp games but also here to put to the test this never wet product. donna richards our wardrobe person extraordinaire, we put two coats of never wet on my pants, right. >> exactly. >> this is what it is supposed to look like. take a look at the video. >> very exciting. they say you can put anything on it. >> right. >> and tale slide right off. look at this. chocolate sauce. it is no opponent for the never wet. >> we started this about an hour ago. two applications. i will say that the pants are a little sticky and they don't smell so great. but we're going to try now. >> not how it was before. >> exactly >> no. we did not. >> chocolate sauce. >> what is that? >> go ahead. beads right off. what are the chances i'll wear this suit again? >> peel will talk if you do. te >> never going to have -- can we go back to a real quick replay of some of the summer camp games? i am impressed by the fact that we did not get red flagged on the potato sack race. >> i know. i didn't think that was regulation to have one leg out. >> you know what? you do what you have to do when you're fighting people who have been to summer camp recently. >> i said to matt, are we allowed to have one leg out? i think your exact words were,
8:56 am
sh --. >> exactly. trying to keep you quiet. much more ahead on a thursday morning. we're back right after these messages and your local news. good thursday morning to you, 8:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. we could learn today whether oakland's bid to keep the a's will clear a major hurdle. the city port commission will consider settling the lawsuit filed by one of the port's biggest terminal operators. the proposed settlement would end operations at howard terminal, freeing up 50 acres of waterfront land for a new ballpark. good day to get outside. check in with christina.
8:57 am
>> going to be really nice. going to have to deal with this fog, at least the next couple of hours, laura, but it should be clearing and then going to see a lot of sunshine. going to hang around long enough for us to see cooler days. temperatures today ramping up into the 80s, 76 degrees, 65 at the coast, staying steady and we are so close to that weekend, now great weekend for outdoor activities, monday into tuesday, a little bit warmer. ♪
8:58 am
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8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ i'm feeling so exciting ♪ right now ♪ take me there ♪ baby let's go welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, july 11th, 2013. another muggy one here in new york city. we're inside studio 1-a. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. al has the morning off. tough loss right there to the gang from summer camp. the new show on usa network. we cheated. matt had one leg in the bag. >> i actually think they let us catch up a couple times too. >> corners people, don't with he know how to make corners on a puzzle? >> my understanding it was a square puzzle. >> apparently we don't know how to build a puzzle. >> there we are.
9:01 am
slow mo doesn't help matters, does it? >> no. we were going at that speed actually. that wasn't slow motion. >> congratulations to the gang from summer camp. >> yes. >> let's get to some news this morning. the 911 recordings now starting to come out following the crash of asiana airlines flight 214. they've been released to the public, pilots ordering passengers to stay seated. 90 seconds later the flight attendants seeing that the plane was in flames ordered the evacuation but the initial order was to stay where you are. the ntsb said we don't know what the pilots were thinking. >> the plane at that point was in flames. take a listen to some of the 911 calls as the passengers were pleading for help and for ambulances. >> 911, what are you reporting? >> hi. we just -- we're at the san francisco airport and our airplane just crashed upon landing and i think we need some help here as soon as possible. >> what runway you at? >> what's that? >> are you on a specific runway? >> i don't know the runway. we literally just ran out of the airplane. >> we have people over here who weren't found and they're burned really badly.
9:02 am
>> okay. >> there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> okay. we do have help started that way. you said that they're there but there's not enough people, correct? >> she is severely burned and she will probably die soon if we don't get any help. >> we're working on getting it. >> you can hear of course it is a dire situation with some panic there. i am struck by the calmness some of the other passengers in those phone calls also -- and then the 911 operator saying, "what runway are you on?" that would be the one where the plane is crashed and burning. >> dude, i don't know what number it is. just look out the window. the ntsb said it took two minutes after the crash for the first fire truck to arrive on the scene. obviously there is a fire station there at san francisco international airport. fire officials did say though ambulances took about 13 minutes. i think there is some assumption there is at least an ambulance on site but it took 13 minutes for it to get there. private ambulances were there but the incident commander told them to keep away from the plane over fears it could explode.
9:03 am
>> so when you see that and you think about it, the fact it was the loss of life was not so much worse, it's still unbelievable to me. >> it's incredible. also a big story we're talking about as you saw yesterday perhaps in the news the boston bombing suspect in court for the first time face to face with some of the victims. dzhokhar tsarnaev making his first public appearance there since he was captured. he pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges in a terrorism indictment. he apparently, you know, even blew a kiss to his sister and his family members who were there in the courtroom but showed no remorse whatsoever. a lot of people in the courtroom commented he didn't even look at the victims or look their way. there are about three dozen victims and family members there as well. >> one of the attorneys representing tsarnaev, judy clarke, has also represented other high profile clients including the unabomber and susan smith. one of the strange angles to what we saw yesterday was this sort of, i hesitate to use the term, but almost a fan club that was there for tsarnaev.
9:04 am
as the vehicle went by, there were about a dozen or so people yelling, "justice for dzhokhar" according to the associated press. one young woman said she flew from the state of washington across country to be there because she believes he is innocent. >> unbelievable. >> based on what, we don't know. it is a strange phenomenon that happens with these guys. we saw it with scott peterson. you see it with these criminals, alleged criminal in this case. >> right. >> who have these women. >> they get their fan club, women who marry them even including in prison. so it is a bizarre phenomenon. meanwhile, i think we focus, we see dzhokhar tsarnaev and it is so important to keep the focus on the victims and the man who really has become i think the face of the tragedy. jeff bowman spoke about that moment with brian williams when he recognized tsarnaev on the street. he is of course in this classic photo that we saw become iconic, in the immediate aftermath of the bombing, seen along with the
9:05 am
man, carlos aradondo with the cowboy hat. take a listen to, once again, they're meeting up with brian williams yesterday. >> he was like that, holding his backpack, like not talking to anybody. he wasn't with anybody. he was standing right next to me. i was like, who is he with? what's he doing? he's kind of weird. out of place. >> i saw the quantity of blood and just, on the floor, and i knew jeff was a person who needs to go soon, very quick to the emergency room, because he lost so much blood at the time. >> the two of them have forged a really tight bond. carlos arredondo also lost one son in iraq. he lost another son who committed suicide. he has known so much tragedy and has been able to help jeff bowman get through some of the worst days of his life. they've really forged sort of a surrogate father and son relationship. >> actually saved his life that day by rushing to get him help as quickly as he did or he would have obviously bled out. you hear how important bowman's
9:06 am
recognition of tsarnaev was to the investigation, there is no telling how long this would have gone on tracking him down but he said there was a guy standing next to me who just didn't look right with a white cap and backpack. they tracked him down with surveillance. >> it was that i.d. that led to the capture. >> eventually. >> amazing. what a hero. >> yes. much lighter news to tell you about. justin bieber in the news again for all the wrong reasons. you may have heard about this. tmz put up a video yesterday of bieber. >> we're not going to show you the video. there is questionable content. >> of him essentially relieving himself. >> into a bucket. >> into a mop bucket in the kitchen of a night club in new york city earlier this year. i guess he and his group were leaving through the kitchen and instead of going to the bathroom he stopped to relieve himself. >> and then they saw a photo of bill clinton on the wall and apparently he made some derogatory comments toward that photo. >> yes. >> well, that was all caught on video apparently and that got
9:07 am
out and so bieber actually placed a phone call to bill clinton as we understand and the singer apparently apologizing for that behavior, saying he was young, of course, and young and perhaps stupid. i can imagine. >> how does that phone call go? mr. president, the biebs is on the phone. who? justin bieber wants to speak to you. do you take that call? i guess you do. >> yeah, i guess. you know, i guess you learn from it. he's a guy who has lived his life in the public spotlight, has been through his own troubles, the president has, and here is a young kid who has lived in the public spotlight and, unfortunately, has done a lot of things that have been questionable as of late. >> yes. bieber's camp put out a statement saying justin and president clinton spoke today. justin profusely apologized to the former president, explained he was being stupid and young. he also tweeted, @billclinton, thanks for taking the time to talk, mr. president. your words meant a lot. #greatguy. you know, he is 19 years old but we keep saying, well, he is
9:08 am
young, in the spotlight. at some point somebody has to step in. >> out of control. >> that's what happens to guys when they get famous young. you surround yourself with yes men and nobody tells you you're acting like a jerk sometimes. >> you know his mother who was here earlier this week did say, oh, we talk. oh, we talk. >> yes. >> you know that is a direct, like i'm talking to him every day and probably lecturing him probably every day as well, but if you're not there as the parent and you can't, you know, he is surrounded by as you said, a lot of people in his entourage that perhaps allow and enable. >> yes, absolutely. i just want the audiotape of that phone call. clinton and bieber. how great is that? >> to be a fly on the wall. we've got baskets of hotel items here for a reason. >> explain this. >> posing as a hotel guest, the thief is tricking staff into opening a room safe at one of the world's most exclusive hotels, a five star peninsula hotel in hong kong. they give the man a spare key because he claims to be a guest. he was wearing the hotel slippers. >> therefore he passed through security with the slippers. that is all it takes. >> right through the slippers.
9:09 am
hotel confird the incident. the thief stole about $6,400 worth of cash. some people though surprisingly happy to take souvenirs when they stay in hotels. not talking about robbing safes. >> no we're talking about like the things they provide at the hotel. >> yes. >> that you assume goes along with the room charge. >> these are actually -- actual items that natalie has jacked from some of her hotel rooms. >> my basket is so much bigger than yours. >> you take the shampoo. >> you just take the lotion? >> yes. just seems like the right thing to do, especially if you use a little of it. >> this is great shampoo. i'm taking that. >> it's yours. >> they provide that. >> is it ours? we should talk to the hotel. i think it's ours. >> this is like miller harris, this is good stuff. >> that's good stuff? >> i grew up not staying at really nice hotels so for me, i was like, yes! jackpot! >> what is the largest item you ever taken from a hotel room? >> that's about it. >> really? you never took a robe? >> no. i think slippers. who is going to rewear them? that's disgusting.
9:10 am
>> i think that qualifies as theft. >> no. the ones that you throw out. >> if you use a little of this, they're going to throw it away so let's take it home. >> it is yours to take. what is great, too, i sometimes donate these to charity as well to shelters and stuff. >> there you go. >> because once the supply gets too big as i have right here i'll give it to the shelter. >> actually covers her cleptomania. i give it to charity. let's get a check of the weather for mike bettes in for al this week. >> good to be out here in the crowd. rain potentially threatens overhead. we have fine folks joining us. a happy 60th birthday. grandma watching from? >> beverly, massachusetts. >> good morning and happy birthday to grandma garden. let's talk about what is happening with your weather today to show you exactly the conditions you'll be seeing. it includes hot weather across the northern plains and the rockies. in fact, rapid city, south dakota, will be 98 degrees today. valentine will be 96 in nebraska. down to denver, 96. 98 dodge city. we can do hotter than that. how about triple digits in oklahoma and texas?
9:11 am
105 in wichita falls to 101 in dallas. 102 in austin. that is a look at the weather all across the country. no 9:11 now. we are going to get spoiled here in the bay area tom today. good morning to you. christina loren, san mateo bridge, looking, see the clouds breaking apart here, check the drive with mike in 10 minutes, 86 in livermore, 75, fremont, 78 degrees on the way to redwood city. temperatures are going to be comfortable all weekend long and we are talking about a return of the upper 80s, hope you have a fantastic day. and that is a look at your weather. now here's willie. >> thanks a lot. what is the weirdest things you have? >> a boot buffer. >> that must have been one where i just stole everything. does it work? >> works. it's better than that stuff matt used on his pants. i'll tell you that. >> thanks, whatever hotel i
9:12 am
stole this from. appreciate it. okay. coming up next, emmy, golden globe winner jane lynch, with [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian. it's deliciously dark, just before dawn. it's welcoming the sunrise with a taste of vanilla biscotti. with folgers gourmet selections, you can enjoy a variety of roasts and flavors from one perfectly brewed k-cup or a freshly brewed carafe. ♪ turn any day gourmet with folgers gourmet selections. ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber in those mini-wheats® biscuits... to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! those fun little biscuits.
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9:15 am
get ready for some fun and brush up on all of your poll culture and celebrity trivia. a new show hits tonight called hollywood game night that will have all of you at home playing along. >> emmy winner jane lynch hosts the show which is like a cocktail party with celebrity guests and pretty heated competition. >> hair. >> mustache? >> yes. >> this is it. >> condiment. >> heilman's. >> ketchup. [ buzzer ] >> you guys are terrible. >> sit down. >> and jane lynch joins us. good to see you again.
9:16 am
>> good to see you too. you see the reference level isn't very high. you know mustache and your condiments you're good. >> that's the thing. when i first saw the promo i said, yes. i'm in because everybody has played these games at home. with your family or friends. you have a couple drinks. we can all play immediately. >> exactly. you can scream at your television and go why don't you know that silly answer? >> seeing the celebrities compete is even more fun. i imagine it gets pretty hairy. >> it does. you have the sparkling, bright light people. six in a room and they're going at it. >> for people who don't know a lot about the show you get a bunch of your friends. big name celebrities in a room. kind of your cocktail party with sean hayes as well. >> right. >> what are some of the games? what was that word association kind of thing? >> kind of like a shcharades thing. take a hint is what it is called. there are also two civilians, two normies we call them, regular people we mix in with the celebrities and by the end of the first round you can't tell the normies from the celebrities. everybody is just at it to win. we'll play a couple games today.
9:17 am
the first game, natalie, i know you fancy yourself a singer. >> yes. exactly. i am such an incredible singer. >> we call this how do you do? i call it do-do. you sing a song. you have the lyrics and you have to get willie to get it. >> you're going to wallis phisp? >> no. i'll hand you some cards. don't let willie see them. there is a finite number of songs. we have 30 seconds on the clock please. >> okay. >> go. ♪ do do do do >> queen. >> ♪ do do do do do do do do >> go.
9:18 am
okay. >> we're done. >> all right. >> you know what that was, right? >> "single ladies." >> how is that? >> i was pretty good. >> on the spectrum of how your players do. probably medium. >> what? medium? >> you're good. his guessing not my do doing. >> exactly. you are a team. together you did medium. >> okay. >> so two points. very good. all right. so now what you're going to do, this is a game that we call celebrity. you know this. you have 30 seconds to get natalie to guess the celebrity. give as many clues as you want. there is a finite number of celebrities. >> without saying the name. >> of course. here are your celebrities. can i have 30 seconds on the clock please? willie geist, go. >> just peas in a bucket. >> justin bieber.
9:19 am
>> child. little girl. reality show. terrible first clue. most famous talk show host of all time. global icon. one name. >> oprah winfrey. oprah. >> yeah. the news across the street every night at 6:30. secretary of state former secretary of state. greatest basketball player of all time, bald, chicago. >> shaquille o'neal-no, michael jordan. >> yes. >> got it. i got it in. >> willie geist you won because you gave six correct clues and six correct answers. not bad. you were exceptional, willie. >> this was without boos. on your show there are boos. >> i see some favoritism. do you show favoritism? >> absolutely. >> i just like some people better than others. i figured you out. >> jane lynch. go to jane lynch on broadway, annie. how fun is that? >> my birthday is the last day which is sunday. please come out to the impala
9:20 am
theater happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> so good to see you. >> watch the series premiere of hollywood game night tonight at 10:009:00 central on nbc. they'll do a lot better than we did. up next john, it's over. don't punish yourself, it's my fault. of course it's your fault and i'm not punishing myself. i'm having dannon oikos zero per cent fat yogurt; twice the protein of regular low fat yogurt. that's what makes it so thick, rich. oh,.. this is kate... already? my sister... and that was my mother. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt, too delicious to be so nutritious. and try new rich creamy dannon oikos dips. so dippin' good. ♪ dannon. little things anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like. sooner than you'd think. you die from alzheimer's disease. we cure alzheimer's disease.
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♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪ taking a look at the headlines brace yourself for more pain at the pump. industry experts expect gas prices to jump 10 to 20 cents a gallon in the next several days blaming high oil prices and the
9:24 am
peak of the summer driving season for what some are calling a perfect storm for higher prices. today the average price is 3.52 a gallon according to triple-a. interest rates you pay may stay low thanks to comments from ben bernanke who says the economy needs more help from the fed's low interest rate policies because unemployment is still high and inflation is low. he says the economy is being held back by higher taxes and federal spending cuts and still needs some stimulus help. for job hunters a new survey suggests overall hiring will remain somewhat steady in the next six months. at the same time the survey for career builder finds the number of temporary jobs are expected to be about 10% higher than last year. some of the hottest areas for hiring include sales, customer service, and new technology. home foreclosures are down in most places. a new report from realty track shows foreclosure filings fell in june down 14% from may and down 35% from last year. june's numbers were the lowest monthly level in six years, but in florida with the nation's
9:25 am
highest foreclosure rate they are up more than 10% from a year ago. and you got to check out this video. impalas were running to get away from a couple cheetahs in south africa's national park this was near tourists in cars and one impala jumped right through the open window into the vehicle. people in the suv eventually let the impala out and it ran off safely away from the cheetah. you're up to date right now. safely away from the cheetah. you're up to date right now. we go! olive garden's 2 for $25 is back. unlimited salad and breadsticks. two appetizers to share. then choose two summer entrees. like new tuscan garlic chicken. 3 courses, 2 people just $25. go olive garden! ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪
9:26 am
good thursday morning tour 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the search is on this morning for a missing oakland girl and now the fbi is involved. 21-month-old daphne viola webb disappeared yesterday morning. her father, john webb, says she was abducted from his car at 79th avenue near the coliseum. he told police he left the girl in the car with a grandmother while he went inside a market. when he returned, his daughter was gone. the girl's grandmother could not help police because she has dementia. investigators turned their focus to john webb's home this morning where the girl lives in the oak knolls area. police say they have questioned web but have not listed him as a suspect. the wreckage of asiana flight 214 now being moved from
9:27 am
runway 28 l at san francisco international airport. the remains of the flight have sat on that runway since saturday's crash. even while planes are taking off and land from three other runways still open at the airport. the ntsb tell us some of the wreckage will stay in the bay area while other pieces of debris will be sent to washington. we will take a quick break but we will have a look at weather and traffic, right after this.
9:28 am
welcome back now, the time, 9:28, some blue sky hire here in sinole, satellite radar just to show you what's happening out there this morning. yeah this is the only place that have seen the clear conditions, plenty of low clouds, filling in the san francisco bind the silicon valley. that's going tonight case for the next few hours. in addition that, we actually is showers sneaking up from the south, hit or miss, they are very light, but still have a fair chance, isolated thunderstorms all the way through noon today. 86 degrees on the way to livermore, a cooler day shaping up for us in fremont, 75 degrees there and 63 in san francisco. nice weekend, mike. let's check that drive.
9:29 am
>> looking great butç>k right h at the coliseum, i'm scanning the reports and all the other information i have and there's no reports of any problems north 880 at high street, but i still do see slowing it maybe something distracting going on right around the construction zone, again, not evidence from this7n' camera shot. we see the slowing there and head downtown from the coliseum, a smooth drive and much clearer now, all directions, 238/880, earlier crash in san leandro, caused a stir, peninsula is fine. no problem on the bridges, in the south bay, just 85, laura. back to you. >> thanks for reporting out the trouble spots. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on this thurs welcome back to "today" on this thursday, july 11. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. we'll tell you some workout moves that help you look good in certain kinds of clothes. we'll check out the summer's biggest fashion trends and how to make them work for you. >> but you have to work to get into the fashion trends i think. see -- >> there they are right now. >> there we go. >> okay. then how often do you get to go out and tailgate? >> once in a while. i went to school, i know how to tailgate. >> you got the whole thing.
9:31 am
the tv. >> i don't think i've ever tailgated in that way. coming up, tailgating has gone from burgers to the parking lot to the extreme parties that will lie likes to hang out at. celebrating when sans -- renaissance fairs and we'll try something called love in a cup. i guess it's legal. okay? >> we'll pass that one. he went from hootie & blowfish to certified country star. darius rucker out with a number one album. in a few minutes he'll perform "radio" live in concert for us. but first, a check of the weather from mike bettis, in for al. >> good morning. folks from wisconsin and colorado and they're joining us this morning. let's show you what's happening closer to home here. this weekend, do you have plans? well most of the country should be dry. we'll still be dealing with this front. in the eastern u.s., it can cause some showers with the remnants of chantal.
9:32 am
the forecast is sizzling in the middle of the country. on sunday, we could have warm temperatures in the heartland, but maybe rain relief. it is hot, hot, hot again in the southwest and even in the 9:32 now, we have got a lot of cloud cover overhead that's going to keep your temperatures cool in the heat of the day. kind of show you what it looks like from your satellite imagery. see lots of clouds in the entire silicon valley, san francisco bay, at least the next couple of hours, will see a lot of sunshine to finish off the day, 83 on the way to concord, 86, livermore, 78, san jose and 63 in san francisco today. we head through the weekend, no major changes, that means beautiful weather conditions will persist. that is a look at your weather. enjoy your day and now back inside. >> thanks. when the weather gets hot -- that is you. >> that's me. you start seeing a lot of crop tops, mini skirts and dresses on store racks but do you think
9:33 am
there is no way i can pull those off? >> all the time. we'll show you how to wear them with confidence with the help of lindsay huggins "self-"magazine editor and jacqueline emmerich. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> these are a lot of trends that a lot of us especially in our later years, 40s or whatever, would not think to wear. but you're going to tell us we can do this. >> you can absolutely wear them. it is all about having the right outfit, fitness moves, and you'll be super confident. >> let's get started with the bare midriff. as you tell us what april here is wearing. >> yes. she has on a great corset top and very chic, sophisticated black pencil skirt. what i love is it is a high waist so, again, not showing the belly button. not over exposed. it is a really great summer look. >> a lot of people wear that look who maybe shouldn't wear that look? >> absolutely. >> i see some of that. >> it can get '90s in a bad way. keeping it with a high waisted
9:34 am
skirt, not too much skin. not over exposed. >> keeping the belly button covered is key. jacqueline, as fitness editor you're going to show us some moves to help tighten our core. >> jacqueline is going to do the medicine ball twist. if you want firm, flat abs, this is what to do. you go from side to side. knees bent on the floor and twisting left to right. >> how much should you do this? how many repetitions? >> i would say you would probably do maybe three to ten reps. >> okay. depending how much you can tolerate. >> exactly. >> if you want to wear bare midriff then ul dethat a lot. >> for sure. absolutely. >> let's move to the next trend. this is the open dress worn by stephanie. the open back. you're seeing a lot of that. some skin. >> super sexy. this is something you can save for girls night out or date night. what i love about this look is it is a poppy color. keep in mind, ladies, really important style tip is that you want to have on a backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra. we have a new bra here. >> okay.
9:35 am
>> $69. this is going to give you comfort and support. >> okay. and you can wear this to the office? >> absolutely not. if you're going to wear it to the office put a blazer over it. >> or a sweater. >> this is the parachuter. she is going to lie face down, arms out in front of you and holding a dumb bell in each hand lifting the legs off the floor and pulling the arms back. you see how she is drawing the shoulder blades together. this gives you super sexy sculpted back muscles. >> lots of repetitions of those. >> exactly. also you'll see results in about two weeks for all of these exercises okay. looking good. all right. jacqueline, come on and move over with us as well. our next trend is the short skirt. you see a lot of the micro minis which is something i haven't worn since i was maybe in my early 20s. >> you can definitely do it. what gives you confidence is notice we paired her in a flat sandal. if you're wearing a high heel and something super short again you feel really over exposed. also you want to balance the amount of skin that you're showing. notice her arms are covered
9:36 am
which is great. so again, balance it all out. >> absolutely. jacqueline, show us the move here for the legs, the thoois. >> this is the weighted squat. this is going to tone your cavs and trim your inner thoois. notice how she is coming up on the balls of her feet. this is the key to toning and getting things tight. >> she does look good. >> she looks great. >> the last one really quickly we have the sheer look. >> this is something that is appropriate for day time and what i love about this is that it is a great pop of color and also notice the undergarments. you have to have on the perfect slip underneath matching so she is safe and sexy. >> this you can definitely see through it. >> absolutely. >> not talking about sheer in other places. >> no. there is sheer in blouses and also skirts but it is about what you pair underneath and that confidence factor. >> okay. jacqueline, show us the move as we go out to a break. >> great. this is the spicy burpee, a boot
9:37 am
camp class move. >> oh, wow. pretty awesome. >> lindsay and jacqueline, ladies, thanks so much and thanks to all our models. >> thank you. coming up next if you love tailgating you've never seen anything quite like this before. how about a bike with a blender, makes the perfect margarita. how about a bike with a blender, ma[ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-upper. [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber
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they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. the left of them taking on larger than life competitions. talking about adam richmond from man versus food fame. >> he also set out to find the best sandwich in america and now is on the quest to find the ultimate super fan on a new show called fandemonium where he'll hit massive tailgating parties across the united states and canada. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> we're not just talking about the tailgating we've come to know behind the truck at a parking lot at a ball game.
9:42 am
this is a whole different animal. >> beyond. this is really where like fan passion, ingenuity, and really just the desire to be part of something larger than yourself. these all sort of mesh in the most unlikely places. i've seen fans just do things that you never, ever could have thought a party could be, a food could be, and it's mind blowing. >> having been to all of these different fandemonium type places across the country what was the best of the best? >> you know, it's tough to say best of the best, like who do you love better, mom or dad? i am a bit of a geek. so the opportunity to go to the renaissance festival. >> i love that. >> was awesome. there was a tailgate at a renaissance festival. in full attire these guys spend six months in waxahachie, texas just south of dallas and scarborough fair. and they literally will tailgate in character, in costume. the queen's own highlanders, the sea hawk society. they will spend months on their
9:43 am
costume, tens of thousands of dollars on an individual costume. >> you didn't spend a lot on yours. >> no. clearly not. in my heart i was wearing -- >> they go out in the parking lot and get lubed up on like mead before the fair starts? >> loke. like ever clear and -- >> okay. >> clearly have to have the right gear. i'm not sure these chairs qualify. >> that is a popular chair the one you're sitting in. everybody has that. >> definitely the standard. the factory standard here. for beer. >> what is this thing called love in a cup? >> love in a cup is a construct. this was the original. this is a mexican variation on it. but this right here is love in a cup. it's from an event called trucks gone wild at the red neck yacht club in punta goredda. it is literally the entire barbecue experience. >> my gosh. >> cole slaw, pork, collards, sauce, corn bread. >> i am in love. >> it's all the flavors you want and it's portable. i think that is the thing with
9:44 am
any real great tailgating experience i've learned is these fans have found ways to take the entire barbecue meal and make it portable. this is a recipe that actually i just saw the calgary stampede, it's roasted corn on the grill with jalapeno and bacon wrapped right on the corn and this one is from memphis in may. this is a skewer inspired by the shed in ocean springs, mississippi. and it is a steak interwoven with slices of red pepper. >> my gosh. wonderful. bike with a blender? a perfect margarita? >> yes. please allow me to serve you. >> what happens? >> you peddle and actually a guy was doing this shirtless in 15 below weather. i guess the margarita helps. yeah. you peddle and i guess it's green energy. >> a good margarita. then what exactly is foaling? >> well, tailgate gaming.
9:45 am
>> that is a classic. >> yes. corn hole is a classic. >> okay. >> but this is folding. this is from the infield of the 500 and there are two boards and you just try to knock down pins with -- >> you roll it? >> you throw it. >> you throw the football at bowling pins? >> how far am i? >> you get back. go back. >> way back. usually you're behind your pins and throwing it at another set of pins. >> see how far ian get. that's terrible. i'm saving it for you, willie. >> gee whiz. >> once i knock it down somebody has to put the pins back up. >> there. >> picked up the spare. >> all i can do is this shuffle. >> great replica. thank you. >> that's fun. i want to play that game at home. >> always good to see you. congrats on the show. looks like fun. up next he is called the modern day country music star darius rucker performing his latest single live in concert right after this. mom...
9:46 am
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9:49 am
♪ this is the car that loves to have fun ♪ ♪ it's got something for everyone ♪ ♪ the car of the future many have said ♪ ♪ 'cause at the pump it's miles ahead ♪ ♪ and let's hum, hum, hum, hum ♪ let's hum ♪ a prius for everyone ♪ [ male announcer ] now get 0% apr financing for 60 months on the prius liftback, the number 1 selling hybrid. with plenty in stock, you can drive one home today. ♪ a prius for everyone darius rucker has proven himself to be a country superstar. his childhood dream came true last year when he was inducted into the grand ole opry and his latest album "true believers" is his third to hit number one. >> congratulations!
9:50 am
>> thank you. >> three consecutive hit country albums, also inducted into the grand ole opry. this makes you a hundred percent country star? >> well, 99%. i still got my hootie stuff i do but i love what i'm doing. on cloud 9 about this whole thing. >> has this country music voice always been inside you? so many people knew you as a pop star. have you always had this itching to come out? >> yeah. i've been talking about singing country for years and years. it never came about because i was always doing stuff with hootie but when i finally got to do it we did it right. >> we'll let you perform. >> take it away. >> darius rucker. ♪ ♪ 17 the only way i had a car
9:51 am
and after i dropped my mama off where she needed to go ♪ ♪ four bald tires with a ceiling falling and a window stuck but the only thing that i cared about was a radio ♪ ♪ we turned it on turned it up to 10 and everybody would jump on in riding down the highway who wants to be the dejay i found a spot on the side of the road you fine something on the radio ♪ ♪ a feel real good song you know it when it comes on i don't wanta go place to go all we needed was a radio ♪ oh, oh, ♪ ♪ ♪ i grabbed my girl we headed somewhere to watch the stars the perfect place to pull in to park and take it slow ♪
9:52 am
♪ she sang along to even the ones that she barely knew she still sounded good a little attitude but we didn't care ♪ ♪ i looked at her she looked at me ♪ ♪ riding down the highway who wants to be the dejay i'll find a spot on the side of the road you find something on the radio ♪ ♪ like a feel real good song we'll know it when it comes on i don't have to have no place to go all we hear is on the radio whoa oh, ♪ ♪ hey y'all be quiet that's my favorite song hey man turn it up loud come on come on come on ♪ ♪ riding down the highway who wants to be the dejay
9:53 am
i'll find a spot on the side of the road you'll find something on the radio ♪ ♪ like a feel real good song we'll tn whknow it when it come we don't have to have no place to go all we need is the radio whoa oh, ♪ ♪ radio radio yeah ♪ all we need is a radio ♪ radio ♪ oh, yeah the radio yeah >> woo hoo! thank you. darius rucker, thank you. darius will stick around and have a little wine with kathie lee
9:54 am
9:55 am
we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
9:56 am
good morning to you, it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. two car yak jackers are on the loose this morning after stealing a van in oakland with a toddler inside. police say the thieves approached a mother at a gas station near 42nd and foothill,
9:57 am
climbed into her van and then just drove off. the woman's toddler was in the back seat. the thieves apparently dropped the child off under a tree a few blocks away. the child was not hurt. police are still looking for the suspects and the stolen 2002 honda van. in the south bay now, police have arrested 25-year-old matthew jacobson in connection with san jose's 26th homicide of the year. early yesterday morning, police found 37-year-old christopher bowman with stab wounds at a homeless shelter on julian street a few blocks from deer done station. investigators do not believe this one was gang related. meteorologist christina loren joins us now with a look at your forecast. good morning. >> thanks, marla. good morning to you. we still have that thick fog hanging out over sfo, flight delays will linger through 10 a.m. cooler temps today by three to five degrees, get into this upcoming weekend, looking really comfortable for all your outdoor plans. temperature-wise today, expecting plenty of 70s throughout the bay, mid-80s for
9:58 am
livermore, 83 today in concord. all right, let's talk about the weekend, just around the corner now and we are going to stay steady with the 80s, not too hot and no triple digits anywhere in sight. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. good morning. good morning. hey, here's the bay bridge toll plaza. you know, things are really lightning up right now, as far as the traffic flow, clouds christina is talking b here the cash lanes, fast track, no problem, smooth approach out of the maze. the eastshore freeway shows a good show of traffic, nice, pleasant drive, upper 50s at their worst, coming underneath the university avenue overcrossing. here southbound, still a good volume of traffic but things finally sorted out from the waldo tunnel, golden gate bridge, low clouds into the problem. >> be back at 10:26 with our next local update. good morning! wow.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's a little drizzly thirsty thursday, july 11th. but we're not going to let anything rain on our parade! >> i love when you just sing randomly. all right. so there is a controversial video that's out there. and i don't know. maybe it's debatable whether this music video is controversial or not. willa smith, the daughter of jada and will smith came up with this video. and it's a summer video called "summer fling."
10:01 am
a lot of parents are lathered up about this video. it's too grown up. too mature. watch a little bit of it first and let us know what you think. ♪ i'm the one i'm the one i tell you it's just for fun. it's just for fun ♪ ♪ at midnight at midnight ♪ ♪ watch the stars and the clear skies ♪ ♪ we both say i love you i love you i love you ♪ ♪ but it's all right. it's all right ♪ ♪ oh, baby -- >> when you look at that you go, what's the thing? >> what's the controversy. >> you have to see the whole thing. they'll hear the lyrics. don't really hear what we do tonight. good night kisses if the mood is right. lying on the beach with you. wish it would never end. it's only for the summer but we do it anyway. i guess the way it's implied is that just a 12-year-old having a crush, but i guess when you look at the boy -- >> he looks a lot older than 12.
10:02 am
>> yeah. and he looks like he's in his late 20s. >> he does. he does. >> and, i don't know, what bothers me, and i like jada and i like will and that they are a talented family. kids can't even have a childhood anymore. you know, 12 years old and you are already laying there on the beach and kissing and i just -- when was the first time you did? 7? >> what -- how old were you on your first kiss? >> but it wasn't that kind of a kiss. it was -- i was sixth grade but it was a little you know, this boy took me behind the school and gave me a kiss. >> john lee? >> lee? >> and kathie lee. >> yes. and -- >> what did you think after he kissed you. >> i liked it. he was a sweetheart, but i wasn't ready for it. >> you weren't? >> but we didn't get bombarded with all kinds of sexual images when we were -- you know what i'm saying? kids want to do all of that long before they are emotionally
10:03 am
ready for any of it. >> i was in sixth grade. so i must have been 12. and it was the kid who lived up the street. >> can you remember his name? >> john zachman. >> we both had a john. >> i remember -- i remember riding my bike up to the top of my hill and lookinga the back of his house and waiting for him to come out. >> you slut. >> i was a 12-year-old stalker. we all remember that when you were so excited. >> and you had little crushes and stuff but you didn't have a summer sexual fling. and as a parent, i understand about the outrage. i am not outraged by it. i'm concerned that we're raising a whole generation of kids who have beensexualized from the time they are young. >> i agree with that. >> they can't even spell it yet and they're having it. >> and when you look at some of the other things in that video. well, we reached out to willow's representatives the smith production company overbrook and they didn't have a comment. >> they think it's okay because
10:04 am
they let their daughter do it. >> we're curious what you think. go on to our facebook page and let us know if that video is offensive to you. >> then again, everyone is talking about justin bieber is misbehave again. urinating and screaming an obscenity and a picture of bill clinton. i guess bill clinton spoke to him. he's apologized and, you know, it's just more of a pattern now of seeing this kid spiral out of control. >> right. and i guess when you live in a bubble, and i can only imagine everywhere you go, you get everything you want. the hotels roll out the red carpet. the fans are screaming. everything you say is funny. all those things are important. >> nobody ever tells you you're being a jerk. nobody ever tells you you're rude. nobody ever tells you that makes you look like an idiot. they are nall it together and, you know, you are -- you want to know who somebody is, look at the friends. and that's patty's biggest
10:05 am
concern is the people he's hanging around with right now. >> speaking of other celebs having issues, amanda bynes -- >> yeah, this concerns me. >> i think the funny thing. we don't talk about amanda bynes much because it's really sad. i think we know there's a bigger issue than a person behaving badly, don't you think? >> i do. as i told you, having met her and worked with her and just adored her, this is just really, really troubling. >> right. >> troubling behavior. >> she was -- she stepped out yesterday wearing that same weird platinum wig and also now has a puppy that's an additional shield. >> just got it. >> brand new puppy. someone said she might have run into something carrying that puppy. i didn't see that tape. but, anyway, you feel sorry for the dog. >> i do feel sorry for the dog. nobody should adopt a child or get a pet until they are emotionally taking -- able to take care of themselves first. you know, i just -- i am
10:06 am
concerned about that little dog. >> yeah. >> we both are. >> they can both come to my house for a month. >> your house would be the best place for somebody to -- seriously, right? >> i think so. unless you are in a.a. and then it might not because there's a lot of tempting things around that would -- that may not be so smart. >> all right. so how would you feel if one day you, you know, you and your wife and your baby, whatever, you look outside and suddenly a car arrives at your house and they tell you your 14-month-old bought it. that's what happened. this guy in portland, oregon, apparently his daughter was clickity clacking on the ipad and pushed enough -- buttons that she bought a car on ebay. we love it. it's like a broken down -- >> she got a good deal. >> a little over 200 bucks. >> for a 1962 austin healy sprite which -- i love her dad's sense of humor. tell me what happened with him? he found out when he received
10:07 am
the purchase confirmation over e-mail. he said he was glad she didn't click on the $38,000 porsche he had been looking at. >> he's talking about fixing that up and giving it to her when she's 16. that is adorable. that is clever. usually when i do ihoda, i pick a random song that you hate. and i love it. it's my favorite time of the week. this time i said you have to pick your song and i thought, i have the song i love so much but i know kath is not going to hate it. but i love it so much i'm going to do it anyway. it's called "wagon wheel" by darius rucker who happens to be on our show. >> i wish he was going to be performing it for us, but he's not. >> here's the song "wagon wheel" i chose by darius rucker. ♪ like a wagon wheel
10:08 am
♪ hey, mama rock me, mama like the wind and rain rock me, mama like a train ♪ >> hoda, may i tell everybody something. i've got to do okay or not okay. >> can we have a shout-out. our special guest has arrived. sydney who i met several weeks ago is standing right back there by the newsdesk. she's a budding journalist. she came to watch our show and get educated. god knows why. >> you'll have a good time but don't copy anything you see here today, okay? okay. is it okay or not okay to quit over a creative difference. let's see what we said. >> unless you are contractually obligated, it's often wise to part ways before any blood is spilled, don't you think? >> sounds very gory. if you've tried everything you
10:09 am
can to work it out and you can afford to quit, then i guess it's up to you. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> what are you talking about? >> genius. >> cassie hates my cac kle. >> the summer kids on break are getting our attention on twitter. >> this is from princess maggles. anyway, she says my best friend and i watch klg and hoda together at fairfield university every day. we love you. >> kat tweeted, i love watching you guys every morning at 10:00 a.m. during my summer break. wvu. >> i'm from west virginia university, the mountaineers. >> and love your show so much. i attend oklahoma state and you guys are the best. we are so excited to get your college tweets. keep coming them. >> what you got there? >> i think i let you all know about a month ago that the scandalous cast album was out. i want everyone to know that on
10:10 am
tuesday, next tuesday, i'm going to be -- ♪ >> carolee carmelo will be signing these cds at the barnes & noble on 86th street in manhattan at 6:00 p.m. it's going to be fun. sound is my huge thing. i never heard this score the way i wanted to when we were on broadway. this is the way we want you to hear this score. if you didn't have a chance to come to new york and -- you can go on amazon or itunes? thanks, everybody. he's been making true believers out of a lot of people. darius rutger has a lot to celebrate. >> and we're going to help him. >> and two ladies were pulled off the plaza for the surprise of their lives. the ambush makeovers right after this.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
get 20% off all hunter ceiling fans at lowe's. ♪ ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪
10:14 am
♪ seventeen, the only way i had a car ♪ >> that is darius rutger a little earlier today performing "radio." and there is no one more excited than hoda woman right now. >> yes! >> i am, too. >> we both are. darius is touring the country but did stop by long enough to say hello. his latest album "true believers" is his third consecutive record to hit number one on the billboard chart. the great thing about darius, he comes bearing gifts. >> thank you.
10:15 am
>> what are you bringing us? >> i'm bringing you some one hope wine. >> one hope. >> i teamed up with one hope to -- >> it helps my charity over in charleston, which is a great school. >> charleston, south carolina. >> we were just there. we loved it. >> i am so mad i missed you guys. i was out of town. i was out of town. i was so mad i missed you guys. >> you live there, right? >> i live there. >> how do you stay so thin. >> the food there is insane. >> i work out about as much as i should. but i work out and, you know, it's really -- it's hard. i like to eat. >> cheers, darius. we like to drink. >> and you are a red guy. >> absolutely. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> that's really nice. >> very nice. >> i like it. >> that's what i like about it, too. "true believers." we have to talk about this. this is your latest cd that the song "radio" is so much fun. we played "wagon wheel" this morning. this is a great dance around cd.
10:16 am
>> when i was listening to it, hoody who? >> i have to set myself apart. it's fun. it's just fun getting to do what i want to do. and really my label lets me make the records i want to make and just put them out. >> they leave you alone. >> was the transition tough? everyone saw you as part of hootie and the blowfish. now you are this other guy. >> it was going back to square one. >> you are still close to the guys, though? >> we have two shows coming up in august. we still play five or six shows a year. >> the country music community has loved up on you. >> they have embraced. that's not quite the word. it's a little kinkier than that. >> it's been great. being a member of the grand ole opry, all of that great stuff that's happened. i'm part of the family now. >> and the fans. the country music fans are the most loyal. you can have the longest, longest career in country music. >> speaking of that. we have to ask you about our friend randy travis. how is he doing? >> i heard he's not doing well.
10:17 am
he had some complications. it's so sad. >> you're done some work with him. >> i've done a couple of shows with randy. a couple of festivals. he's such a nice, great, great dude. he's such a legend. one of the reasons i'm singing country music is because of that voice. >> our thought goes out to him. >> who are the other great country music stars you looked up to and wanted to be like. >> guys that were kind of off the beaten path. dwight yoakam. >> never saw such a tight pair of pants in my life. >> he has to lay down to put those on, i'm sure. >> nancy griffith is big. new grass survival. for me, i just listen to -- and hee haw was huge for me. >> did you ever hear me sing? >> now wait. i'm crazy about his songs. and so are you. >> i know. >> we're going to play a little game. you're going to sing a part of a song and i'm going to fill in the blank. i don't know all of your songs.
10:18 am
i just know some of them. ♪ don't need no five star reservation ♪ >> give me a little bit more. ♪ cheap bottle of wine ♪ i got a stereo and -- >> best of patsy cline. >> can we do one more? >> we'll do one more. >> there it is. ♪ cheap bottle of wine >> i know when i hear all the music. >> what's the other one. >> hard to find another rhyme for wine, isn't it? >> i never thought of patsy cline. ♪ we are one before our god in heaven ♪ >> oh! >> do the other part. ♪ we are one heartbeat -- >> play it. i have to hear it all together. >> not today. and tomorrow is not looking good either.
10:19 am
>> that's a good one, too. >> any song if you go on itunes and click on any of your songs, i promise you you'll fall in love. darius, we love you so much. >> we love your wine and what you are doing. >> and your beautiful family. we had a picture of your wife and kids. you have the whole package going. >> yes, i do. there's my babies right there. >> you've been blessed. >> yes, i have been blessed. they're awesome. >> look at that photo. >> that's just one of the blessings. >> exactly. >> one chick who knows how to have a good time, everybody. >> webtastic video will have you have a good time, everybody. >> webtastic video will have you quac all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. what would you do if i told you all this produce is from walmart? wow! is it really? (laughter) find fresh peaches and all your quality produce.
10:20 am
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10:22 am
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10:23 am
own sara haines picks out the next video that will put a smile on your face. >> this is about one lucky duck. >> check out this video of an adorable duckling having a day of leisure going for a run, taking a dip, getting a blow dry and finally just relaxing. >> chilling. >> the cutest little duck ever. the owner actually found the duck abandoned and starving on the street in romania. >> romania? >> in romania. >> oh, my god. >> they posted this on july 4th. it has over a million hits because nobody can get enough of a little duckling. >> a little blow dry. >> now all i'm hoping is that's cool air. you know how hot those are? >> he does not team to mind. >> his eyes start to close, too, like a dog. his little neck is getting heavy. >> how precious. >> the description under the video says -- i'm a little fluffy duckling. i like to follow people. i like to swim.
10:24 am
i like hair dryers and above all, cuddling. >> that is the cutest thing we've ever seen. >> can you get enough of that? that's the kind of thing you push repeat on over and over again. >> one of my favorite things is to see a mama go by with like 30 of her little ducklings. >> i think the cross species thing. i like when they nurture. >> it's just not the same. >> anyway, they are just about ready to show off their new looks. two lucky ladies reveal their ambush makeovers. and your pet's only -- >> really? all right. all this and a lot more. >> is that bambino? >> no. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ]
10:25 am
okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
10:26 am
good morning to you, it is 10:26, i'm marla tellez. search is on this morning for a missing oakland girl and now the fbi is involved. 21-month-old daphne viola webb disappeared yesterday morning. her father, john webb, says she was abducted from his car at
10:27 am
79th avenue at the coliseum. we have just learned minutes ago he has been arrested for child endangerment for leaving his child in the car, though investigators not saying if he is a suspect in his daughter's disappearance. we will take a look at weather and traffic after the break. [ glenn stonebarger ] we are a family farm.
10:28 am
she has been around corn her entire life, so she's probably been around corn longer than i have. [ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪ because local means fresher. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit welcome back now its time 10:28. as promised, blue sky over sinole. still have fog lingering over the san francisco bay, in fact, much of the bay area, mostly
10:29 am
cloudy, 78 on the way to san jose, 75, oakland, 61 in san francisco. problems on the san mateo bridge. check on with that with mike. >> westbound is fine. the high rise, it was stopped for about two minutes, just started to move again from the top of the screen. we see some movement, reports only of a cone in lanes left over from overnight construction crews. we see traffic is starting to get by but jammed from foster city up to the high rise, looking from the hayward side, traffic coming to us eastbound. we see there is none, there was a traffic break of some sort. looks like it may still be going on, plan for delays, the dumbarton is completely clear. should move this soon. follow me on twitter for updates. >> good advice, thank you, mike. the wrq@"ptt of asiana flight 214 now being removed from runway 28 l at san francisco international airport. the ntsb tells us some of the wreckage will stay in the bay area while other pieces of the debris will be send sent to washington, d.c. when will this run way reopen?
10:30 am
at 11:00 a, a timetable from sfo. we will be hear become that. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. and we are ready to reveal our plaza ambush makeovers to the two lovely ladies from our crowd. >> they were given head to toe makeovers. ♪ louis licari la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for people style watch jill martin. very special ambush makeover today. >> jill and i were instantly drawn to the most compelling sign that just was a touch of the story. the tip of the iceberg. wait until you hear it. >> amazing woman. >> our first lovely lady is cindy joyce, 61 years old from jupiter, florida. cindy once weighed more than 300
10:31 am
pounds. she was actually in a wheelchair because of her weight. she was extremely inactive but 18 months ago she moved in with her niece connie who has changed her diet, made her a lot more active. she currently has lost 114 pounds and connie says -- she says connie saved her life. so in the past she says cindy said her weight wanted her to stay inside. now she's getting much more confident. let's listen to her story. >> a lot of tears but today is a day of celebration because you've come a really long way just for this. >> yes, i have. a long way. >> a long way. because we're celebrating today. 112 pounds. what has this journey been like for you? >> it's been long. it's been tough but well worth it. it's giving me a life. >> she gave up her wheelchair and her walker. so what is this like for you to see her after all your hard work. >> it's great. couldn't be better. just great. >> well, we are going to give you a whole new look. no more tears. what do you think? >> thank you so much.
10:32 am
it's awesome. it's great. >> thank you so much. >> so cindy is here with her nephews peter and harrison. her two nieces and connie will be the one we'll reveal in a little bit. keep your blindfolds on. cindy, let's see the new you. come on out. >> oh, my! >> come out a little bit further. stay right here. right there. okay, you guys. ready to see cindy? take off your blindfolds. >> wow! >> oh, my god! >> okay. this is going to be big. are you ready? >> yeah. deep breath. turn right around. >> oh, my! wow! >> it doesn't look anything like me. >> it looks exactly like you. this is you that's been hiding in there. spin right around. right there. my gosh! wow. tell us about it. >> number one, we softened the hair color.
10:33 am
her hair color was just a little bit harsh. i did try to tone down the red. and added the pinch of gold to her hair. and a great thing here is the highlights. and the flirtatious bangs and the way it shapes her face and looks so perfect with her weight loss. >> what do you think? >> she looks amazing. >> beautiful. even more. >> so happy for her. >> i love the outfit, too. >> these pants they brought. these were a size 28 that she wore before. >> you look so good. >> you were down to a 14. now you're down to a 12. >> here's what we're going to do. we're going to have you stand over there with your family and turn your back so you won't be able to see our next adorable person. and that is connie martin. connie is 50. also from jupiter. she says she and her aunt cindy
10:34 am
have been eating healthy together and helping her aunt to live life to the fullest. biggest coach and cheerleader. we're giving connie a chance to look and feel her best also with a glam makeover. let's hear her story. >> well, i know it's so important for you to thank connie for doing all of this for you. >> yes, it is. i couldn't have done it without her. she wouldn't let me quit. she kept on me. she kept not letting me give up when i got down. she encouraged me. she made sure i had everything i needed and just -- i couldn't have done it. >> well, congratulations to you too. it must be amazing for you to see cindy like this. >> i knew we could do it. good food, hard work, exercise. it happened. >> this is going to be an exciting day for everyone. i know you're ready for this. >> i am so ready. we are so ready. >> that's what it takes, an attitude like this. she's her with her son, her
10:35 am
peter and aunt cindy. don't take those off until we tell you. let's take one last look at connie before and bring out the new connie martin. >> oh, my god. wow! all right. all right. you guys ready? >> yes. >> you can look now. cindy -- >> oh! >> they are seeing each other for the very first time. >> unbelievable. >> oh, my god. you're gorgeous. >> i love your hair. >> i like yours. >> oh, my. >> thank you. >> wait. you have to see yourself first. >> we're going to need those kleenex please. >> thank you. >> don't ruin your gorgeous makeup. >> it is so beautiful.
10:36 am
she wanted it more sophisticated, professional and glamorous look. >> oh, god. >> more appropriate for her job and not like one of the -- >> there you go. work it, girl. work it. >> obviously, we released a whole new sexual being as well. >> did i say that? >> no, we did. you look fantastic. >> oh, my god. >> family, you guys love? >> gorgeous. >> you put her in a beautiful, beautiful dress. >> and look at her body, too. we want to celebrate that. this is from maggie london. i just want to do a turn. >> look at the lace on the back. >> cindy, come over here. come join us right here in the center. >> great job you guys. great job. >> good job. we'll be right back right >> good job. we'll be right back right after this. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you
10:37 am
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10:41 am
is not going to go well. >> these dogs are so happy to be on set. >> hen reerk not bambino, by the way. >> this is definitely not blake. >> what i love about hotels these days is not only are there boutique hotels for you and your dog but ones just for your dog. >> there he goes. and henry wants to go to one. >> he wants to go to paradise for paws. this is a chain that does sweuis for dogs. they even have an area for cats. they do pawdicures. there isn't a pun these people have not liked. they have two of them in chicago. >> they are doing aerobics. >> yoga. >> that is crazy. >> pricey? >> not pricey. reasonable. kennels are expensive. this is the next, next level of boarding your dog. the d pet hotel. one in hollywood. one in chelsea. right here in new york. they have something called the uber suite. sara.
10:42 am
>> it comes with a 42-inch tv in the suite. >> pretty soon they'll have the doggy channel on all the time. >> can't wait for that. >> they also do body wraps for your dog. they have a chauffeur service and on and on. what if you want to go with your dog. >> what is happen with this dog i'm holding. i mean, what is it? >> he is fascinated by what's going on right now. >> go on. >> and covers you in a sweet way. >> if you want to go with your dog, the affinia hotels. the last two winners of the westminster dog show, the gheft show have stayed there. they have workout area for your dogs. they have vi paws program. you pay $25 but a portion of it goes to the humane society. >> indigo hotels in asheville. they are not approved just for
10:43 am
dogs. monkeys if you have them. so justin bieber could use that for his pet monkey or pet pigs can -- >> okay. so george clooney could take his pet pig there. >> does he still have it? >> i don't ask anymore. >> and i think the full list is on -- >> milu, thank you for bringing the pooch here. it's time to treat yourself to the must haves of this summer. >> we're going to take you shopping right after this. bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacooon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh la laa. i say, is that bacon? oh! good heavens! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip?? me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs!! mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm it's beggin! mmm i love you... (announcer) beggin' strips...made with real bacon. there's no time like beggin' time!
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10:47 am
♪ ain't no cures for the summertime blues ♪ when you are a kid, no time like the summer for having fun. as you grow up, summer doesn't necessarily have the same meaning. >> here to help you bring that fun back is megan from megan's must hey, girl. >> how are you, ladies. >> happy summer. >> finally. >> what are you sporting? >> i'm sporting the nautical
10:48 am
tank of the season from joe fresh. only $29. anything i put out as a must have is something that i'm usually wearing or eating or giving to my kids. i've gotten a lot of use out of this. great when you have the last-minute barbecue. nautical is always in. summer is the time to pull it out. it's a low end price tag. >> what sarah. >> sara has on the sutra tank. assume the position, yoga queen. >> i was still wearing my heavy sandex for my workout in summer. you feel ten pounds heavier in your lululemon. this is a light cotton t-shirt tee. you'll not sweat any extra. you'll feel lighter for your workout. comes in three colors. >> look at this baby with the shades. >> oh. this is the shadee. a little extra piece of mind. when you think you can't go out with your newborn. >> the sun is dangerous for newborns. >> i love that.
10:49 am
>> it velcros right on her bax. and can go over virtually any carrier. >> all right. how many times has your purse fallen off your shoulder. you are running through the airport. your bag is loaded and it's doing this. how annoying. check out the purse gummy. a very smart lady came up with these little silicone strips that can go on your purse to give it a little extra security. so, you know, you aren't knocking over little kids or -- >> all right. what else you got. >> >> everybody needs a hat for traveling that's crushable and still looks good when you pull it out of the bag. this is from apartment 9. it's only $15 at kohl's. >> that's going home with mama. >> and the little pyramid detail. >> you guys look awesome. >> look at this. this is an ad for this hat. >> but if i wear this in italy, george clooney won't know it's me. >> $15 on sale.
10:50 am
the pumpinator. i was so sick of buying barbie dolls for birthday presents. i bought this and it pumps up water balloons. it comes with like 200 balloons inside. watch out, ladies. it's all fired up and literally you just -- >> you fill it with water? >> you fill it with water. you can always use air. >> we've sprung a leak. >> $14.99. my kids have played with this literally every day. >> and we're all wet. >> we have about 30 seconds. >> something tells me you might like this. it's called the wine'o. a thermal bag for your wine. it's under ten bucks. and if you run out of lotion, how cute are these? i love the form and function for your house. turn your bottles upside down on the counter and you get the last
10:51 am
amount. and a little sea wonder ice cream maker. chill the ingredients. comes with a little book of what to make. you turn the on button on right here. you have homemade ice cream. 49 bucks. >> peanut butter or baloney sandwiches at the beach? we've got the perfect snacks for at the beach.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
you know how it is. you hit the beach or pool with the kids and after an hour or so in the water, you are starving. >> we've got just the meals to wet your appetite. arianne, our "prevention" magazine. >> how come you're over there having fun and i'm over here working. so we're going to give you a drink so you don't have to get up and exhaust yourself. >> this is the most refreshing
10:55 am
summer drink. stay away from the juice and the soda. what is this? >> would you like me to bring you a drink, ms. gifford? >> a little seltzer. >> enjoy. >> thank you. of course, kathie lee, you can always add a little -- >> oh, there's nothing in there. >> wine if you'd like. >> what's the point? >> very refreshing. and -- >> relax. we'll bring you some lunch. >> okay. what are we making? >> a really simple bean dip. a little twist on humus. white beans, canned. i'm adding a little coriander, ground, a little garlic. a little lemon juice. and then, of course, we want some texture and more flavor. >> pistachios. >> scallions and cilantro. all into your food processor. >> just pulse it? >> pulse, pulse, pulse. >> while we're making it, why don't you try it, ms. gifford. >> thank you. >> ms. hoda will serve you a
10:56 am
nice lovely plate. little veggies. put it in the beach bag. pita chips work as well. >> why am i over here working again. >> i know. i know. >> all right. next. a twist on tuna fish salad. the classic. >> this is great. >> we're going to do -- why don't you soak this for me. we'll do a tuna fish wrap. >> these are cool. what am i soaking? >> like a tortilla. you can use the tortillas. these are rice paper wraps. but tuna in a can. a little light mayo. parsley. scallions. celery, carrots. because you want always a little texture in there. >> uh-huh. so we're going to mix that up. a little salt and pepper. >> how long do you soak that? >> it's probably ready. >> look at the rice paper. that's cool. and it's nice and it's so -- 120 calories for one serving. >> so you put it right on there? >> hungry. >> oh, you know what?
10:57 am
>> you know what? we've created a monster. >> oh, would you like some lunch? >> yeah! >> i'm going to -- >> whatever. >> these are wraps of some sort she said. >> thank you. >> she's still talking. i'm sure it's perfect. >> is it good? >> uh-huh. >> and again, wrapping them up. see how simple that is? take it to go. pack them up. >> delicious. >> are they delicious? >> delicious. come with us. >> 120 calories for those. >> the rice paper ones are -- >> you're going to love them. >> thank you so much. coming up tomorrow, our guy panel tries something new and takes on some women. >> yep. >> plus the outfit men want you to wear on a date. >> and why you'll never fight with your significant other again. >> we'll see
10:58 am
crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser.
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crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
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right now at 11ing:00, search crews with dogs, fbi agents and police officers searching for a missing 20-month-old girl -- 21-month-old girl in oakland. it's been 24 hours since daphne viola webb was reportedly last seen by her father and now we have just learned he has been arrested. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. the father you mentioned, who is in custody now, he says his daughter was snatched from his car back on 79th avenue near the coliseum yesterday morning but this developing story has a long list of twists. christie smith is live outside the oakland po


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