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tv   Today  NBC  September 25, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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across this heavily populated western span. a live look over here. we see a nice, easy drive headed opposite your commute. it backs up at the berkeley curve. it is 6:59. one final check of the day's top stories. a math teacher at santa clara high school is under arrest. accused of having sex with a minor. police arrested hugo cortes guzman after interviewing him about the allegations. teens that know him have taken to twitter to voice their support about guzman. >> they are looking into whether they violated the u.s. law into the aftermath. they require airlines to take certain measures to help families of passengers after a crash, including publishing a phone number for families to call to find out more information giving you a live look at the senate floor, there he is. texas senator, ted cruz is still
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speaking on capitol hill more than 18 hours after he started. cruz and a handful of other republican senators are speaking out against a new health care law. we are going to have much more on this and follow the story throughout the day. thanks for being with us. >> that's what is happening today. we'll be back in half an hour for a local news update. er: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer, and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday. it's 7:00 on the west coast. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. that's a good party trick for bono. not that he needs one since he's a rock star. >> former president clinton commented it must be easy to make fun of me. it's a good one. no question about it. >> spot on. >> meanwhile, look at what's happening at washington, d.c. senator ted cruz still going at this hour. this is an effort to defeat funding for obamacare. technically this is not a
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filibuster. let's go to kelly on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. this political all nighter is turning into a marathon for senator ted cruz. he is pounding away at the health care law. delaying or fputting it a way. some are upset with the dramatic turn. a late-night endurance test. ted cruz, the texas tea party senator railing against the health care law at 2:41 p.m. eastern calling out because they don't have the votes to block it. >> if you give the funding to harry reid, you are responsible for it being funded. >> reporter: earlier, ted cruz read dr. seuss to his doctors watching on c-span. >> i do so like green eggs and ham.
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thank you, thank you, sam, i am. >> reporter: as the night wore on, cruz went off topic and the unspun wisdom of "duck dynasty." >> i want to point out words of which o of wisdon. >> when you turn on the "today" show, you will see him. >> reporter: and bringing together hillary clinton. >> they each married far above themselves. >> reporter: to pitch the health care debate which enrollment starts next week. >> i think it is important to tell the people why we are doing all this outreach. this only works, for example, if young people show up. >> reporter: and president obama acknowledged it has been tough.
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>> it has been difficult, the obama care thing. >> reporter: senator rand paul urged cruz not to stage his marathon. >> and my question to the senator from texas is does he want to shutdown the government? >> reporter: and once ted cruz marathon really got into high gear, other republicans did step forward to ask him questions to give him a voice break on the senate floor. i know you want to know this, he has never sat down and has not been able to take a bathroom break or a meal. he will have to bring this to an end at 10:00 a.m. west coast time when the vote will go forward. he is not able to stop that. that, of course, is about funding the government and taking the health care law into next week when some of the enrollment is due to begin. he is still talking. matt and savannah. >> let me clear one thing up. i did not want to know about the bathroom break. thank you. let's go to chuck todd. he is nbc's political director. check, good morning to you. >> good morning.
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>> a lot of people will pay attention to ted cruz this morning. people wondering when he will eventually just fall over. is there anything real or significant behind the political theater here? >> no, beyond the political stunt and ted cruz's ambition, this is the attempt to break the world's longest ted talk. he is not doing anything. what a real filibuster does is delay and disrupt. this is not delaying anything or disrupting. he is actually giving democrats and other the blame for the features of what he is trying to do. slow down the funding of the government and potentially cause a government shutdown. >> i wish we could turn the camera around to see if anyone is listening to him.
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where is this headed? is there a showdown looming? >> you know, on this one, no. you will see this. house republicans basically capitulated to ted cruz. he demanded they send him a bill to prevent the shutdown, but breaks down the health care law. they capitulated that. and then they said go prove you can find 41 votes to stall it in the senate or guess what? we know what will happen. he doesn't have 41 votes. he barely has ten in the republican party. this bill will get sent back to the house. there will not be a shutdown. john boehner can say it is not my fault. it is ted cruz's fault. prepare for a showdown in a month over the debt ceiling. >> there we go again. chuck todd in washington. thanks so much. big story overseas.
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the death toll is rising after the earthquake in pakistan. natalie has more on that. >> good morning, guys. devastating toll from the major earthquake in pakistan. now more than 270 people were killed when the magnitude 7.7 quake flattened villages on tuesday and injuried others. that quake was felt 700 miles away. california has a new law cracking down on paparazzi. the bill supported by hal halle berry and jennifer garner was supported. paparazzi will face up to a year of jail time. many american workers, 36% of them, live paycheck to paycheck all or most of the time. that is down from 46% from the
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height of the receptission. almost half cut back on leisure activity, but some say they will not give up some things like internet and driving and their pets. a new crew heads to the international space station with a bit of a twist. during their time in space, they will receive the olympic torch and light it and send it back to earth to use it in the relay leading up to the winter olympics in sochi. and oracle is looking to come back in the best race. they came back from an 8-1 deficit to the emirates team new zealand. the final arace today is on nbc sports network. this is not the way to finish a race. this happened in the netherlands to a driver when the brakes on his porsche suddenly locked up.
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he hit a barrier and goes airborne and flips and lands upside down in the watery ditch. the driver was able to walk away without any serious injuries. that is remarkable when you see the video. >> you cannot say the same for the porsche. we are dealing with the most beautiful weather. in the northwest, they are dealing with weather. >> it is going to the pacific northwest. they are looking at a lot of snow in the mountains. winter storm watches. ♪ [ male announcer ] reveal light bulbs from ge. ♪ [ dog barks ] ♪ unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, they filter out the dingy yellow tones... ♪ ...bringing the true beauty of your home to life. ♪
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reveal light bulbs from ge. and that's your latest weather, savannah. >> al, thank you so much. now to the situation in kenya where authorities began the task of recovering the bodies. the militant group claiming responsibility for the attacks now says there are 137 hostages buried in the shopping center rubble.
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some of the americans in the mall at the time have started to return home after that ordeal. nbc's tom costello caught up with one of them back in washington. tom, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. she is a 30-year-old harvard graduate working for the world bank. she is happy to be home and alive. >> you are safe. you are safe, baby. >> reporter: overwhelmed with emotion. bendita malakia is back in her parents arms. for the last few days of waiting, for her mother, it has been a never ending nightmare. >> i could have lost you. >> reporter: working for the world bank, bendita was there since july. she was as the westgate mall with a friend for lunch and then attacking.
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>> we heard gunshots and people running and explosions. it is complete chaos. >> reporter: desperate to get away, bendita and her friend crawled into a home furniture store with other people in the back room. they could hear the terrorist on one floor above. >> i heard the shooting in the background. >> reporter: after five hours, she says a security team showed up looking for her and her colleague. she is certain they were american. >> this american security force guy came back. if you want to get out, we understand it is dangerous, but this is probably your best shot. >> reporter: as they ran from the mall, more gunshots and explosions. >> we were walking out of the store and all of a sudden, all of this gunfire starts on the first floor. bullets. we start walking about 20 feet
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and then within 30 feet of us, two grenades are thrown. >> reporter: while hiding, bendita texted her father. active shooter situation. please pray. her mother terrified and written it all down. >> i love you both very much. and i wrote it. because if anything did end up happening to her, at least i know she was thinking about us. she cared about us. >> you okay? >> no. >> reporter: 72 hours after
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being rescued in nirobi, bendita was home. as for the security team that rescued her, we checked with the world bank, they said they did not have security teams on the ground. it is not clear who rescued her and how it went down. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. there is a billion dollar battle in the courtroom today between the family of michael jackson and the concert tour promoter. mike taibbi has more. >> reporter: jackson family attorney said we are getting to trial of aeg live, promoters of "this is it" concert tour. it is an endurance test that started last april. it is simple.
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it was conrad murray convicted four years ago, but aeg hired him and gave him his orders. >> he was incompetent and unfit. he caused the death of michael jackson. they hired the doctor that caused the death. >> reporter: if aeg is responsible, the lost earnings the pop star might have earned, should be aeg's responsibility. >> he makes his living by income court. you have the sense of the courtroom theater and drama. >> reporter: aeg said it was jackson himself who hired dr. murray and it was simply not foreseeable that dr. murray would administeri anesthesia. in the course of the trial, jackson's ex-wife debbie rowe
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talked about the use of propo l propofol. it is what they should have known when they offered the contract for $150,000 a month. the issue is the doctor negligently administered the dose of propofol. murray's lawyer told nbc news, this is all about the continuing greed of the jacksons and not about justice for either michael jackson or dr. murray. aeg's lawyers will make their final statements today. the jury will decide if the promoters are responsible for michael jackson's death. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news. >> we will have more on jeff bezos is not in the headlines for a lot, but he is
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today. he used 1% of his fortune. >> he had many things to say about the future of newspapers. he invited us to seattle because it is almost shopping season and amazon has a new line of kindle fire tablets to sell. >> this is our new top of the line $79. this is the 8.9 inch. it comes with a new feature that we call may day. the may day button. >> how can i help you today? >> it is tech support. a tech support person will appear on your screen. they can draw arrows on your screen. >> reporter: he may be a tech head, but the man who is trying to hook us on e-books spent $250 million to buy a throwback. a traditional newspaper. >> do you see a day when there is no more print version? >> some day. i don't know how many years in the future.
7:18 am
it could be decades. i think printed newspapers on actual paper may be a luxury item. sort of like people still have horses, but it is not the primary way of commuting. >> reporter: the washington post is part of his growing empire. amazon fresh is how he wants us to buy groceries. >> people want to know if you do to groceries what you did to book stores. >> we have the best service we can. something we hope customers love and choose. >> reporter: between amazon and own personal ventures, bezos is involved in space travel and energy and a 10,000 year clock built in a texas mountain. >> part of the reason i do that is because those things are important and i want to make sure they happen. most of what i spend my time on is because i find it exciting. >> you don't have boring days, do you? >> i have four kids. >> right.
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>> no answer on when we can expect an amazon phone on the market. he did say they are working to get same day delivery service. this is a guy who had big dreams. he said one of his personal goals is to travel to space. >> how soon can amazon package into space? >> you know why he wants to travel to space. he has four kids. >> he has his own transporter. let's check in with carson in the orange room. he has more on the impersonation everyone is talking about. >> it hit online. bono in town this week for the clinton global initiative. we knew he was talented, but who knew he was spot on with the clinton impersonation. look at this.
7:20 am
>> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office. i thought it was a member of his own road crew. wasn't really dressed like. i actually felt like the rock star on that occasion. >> spot on. the president was a good sport. he knows he is an easy target. coming up at 8:00, should you argue in front of your kids. one survey says you should. tweet us #orangeroom. thank you. coming up, a story making headlines. a change in policy. some soldiers may not make the cut because of their tattoos. we will go live to the pentagon for the story. you know the blind spots on your car? the government was supposed to do something about them and they haven't. now some families are going to court after losing loved ones. jeff rossen has the story.
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good morning. it is 7:26. i'm marla tallez. students return to classes for the first time since learning a popular teacher has been arrested. santa clara police arrested hugo cortes guzman after questioning him on allegations of unlawful sex with a minor. he is a teacher at santa clara high school. the school sent a letter to parents and students last night informing him of the arrests. the school says cortes guzman is placed on leave pending the investigation and asks that no one form unfounded conclusions. federal transportation officials
7:28 am
have opened an investigation into asiana airlines and whether it broke laws intended to help passengers. under u.s. law, asiana was required to post a toll-free number within an hour of the crash to gather and distribute information to families. the airline was also required to provide transportation and lodging to family members who are coming to be with injured loved ones. it certainly feels like fall outside. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. >> hey, good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. we have a storm system moving in today and the word for the wednesday of the week is win. do you like that? >> temperatures right now are mostly in the 50s. we are going to see those winds increase as we head throughout this afternoon. you notice on the key wherever you are getting the warmest colors, the reds, the oranges, we are talking about 125-40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. this is going to impact most of the bay area. as you can see here, strongest wind as we head into the late
7:29 am
afternoon and evening hours. 74 for livermore, 69 for fremont. 67 overall running full and 63 degrees in san francisco where that america's cup race is happening right here on nbc bay area, 1:00 p.m. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike. >> i'm looking at the signs saying the wind advisory across the san mateo bridge. we have a slower drive westbound. both sides 101 and 880 jam up around 102. south 880, an earlier crash, which is over on the shoulder, a little extra distraction. the northbound routes bogging in through san jose, back to you. mike, thanks. we'll be back at 7:56 with our next local news update. e real d. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
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brush your gums, you don't want to get gingivitis. >> he's got a way with words. that's one way to teach your kids a lesson. the 29-year-old father of four calls himself bat dad and we're going to meet him just ahead. 7:30 on this wednesday morning. it's the 25th of september, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker, and natalie morales. do you think that would work?
7:31 am
>> they would listen to bat dad. >> he would be matt dad. >> yeah. let's take a look at what's making news today. senator ted cruz of texas took to the senate floor on tuesday afternoon. you know what, nearly a day later, he is still there talking. this is his attempt to block funding for obamacare. a four-day standoff at a kenyan shopping mall is over. and we're in the final stages of the jackson's battle with the concert promoters. and ahead on "today," we have jeff rossen ahead with a report. why isn't the government doing more to prevent the devastating accidents where kids are caught in your blind spot with tragic consequences. there was supposed to be a fix required years ago. what's taking so long? jeff will look into it. >> plus, what do you think about fighting in front of your kids. head to and use the #orangeroom. you might be surprised by what the experts have to say about
7:32 am
it. you may have gone to war with your kids over tattoos but now the army is drawing the line when it comes to body art. jim miklaszewski has the story on this one. good morning. >> good morning. since world war i soldiers and their tattoos have been skin tight but over the past decade military tattoos exploded and the army said often good body art can mean bad discipline so they're preparing a crack down on over the top tattoos. >> at the l.a. cats tattoo party outside fort benning, georgia he says the soldiers tattoo is more than a piece of art, it's a personal statement. >> it's a badge of honor. >> reporter: for the past 12 years as the u.s. fought two wars the army was so desperate for recruits regulations on tattoos went largely ignored until now. to regain control over the widening world of military body art, the army is preparing to strictly enforce old rules and
7:33 am
impose several new ones. in the name of good order and discipline, tattoos that are offensive or obscene will not be permitted that goes for any sexist or racist. soldiers can have no tattoos visible on their face or neck and for the first time none below their elbows or knees. specialist allen beck commemorates his father and is above the elbow. >> it really, i don't think has anything to do with where you get it. it's just what the meaning of it is. >> reporter: fellow soldiers are up in arms, tattoos and all. in a virtual town hall meeting on facebook, soldiers needled the chief of staff. one warned you're going to run a lot of good soldiers out of the army. >> a tattoo doesn't make or break a soldier. if you're a good soldier, you're a good soldier. doesn't matter the tattoo you
7:34 am
have on your body. >> reporter: al worries the new policy will drag down the soldiers' morale. not to mention his business. the army is also about to crack down on female soldiers and a trend toward fashionable hairstyles, make up, and fingernails which may look stylish on a fashion runway but not a military one. as one official put it, after all, this is the army. matt and savannah. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. thank you so much. let us get a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> a nice big warm up. high pressure bringing up the clockwise flow of air. temperatures warm up nicely today. minneapolis, you will be 76 degrees. 6 degrees above normal. 93 in medland. nature hates the vacuum. we have a trough of low
7:35 am
pressure. missouli is 20 degrees below normal. the you can see the rain and the snow. that is where the temperatures are chillier. windy in l.a. sunshine and 73 degrees. 92 in dallas. beautiful in new england with the temperatures in 70s.xñxñxñxñ get that weather any time you need to.
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go to the weather channel on cable or in back over accidents. some say the government is dragging it's feet protecting your children. what's the hold up? we have an eye opening rossen report. >> and an honest michael j. fox on his return to television. what he learned working on his new show. but first, these messages. 7:35, thank you. al, good morning to you. well, it is going to be windy here all across the bay area by the end of the day. right now, just breezy out there. at 7:35, a nice, clear start to the day. our camera shaking a bid. high atop san bruno. now, i want to show you san jose. a few clouds hanging out. 67 degrees in san jose.
7:37 am
69 in fremont. 63, san francisco. could see a stray shower as we get into this evening in the north bay. get that weather any time you need. go to the weather channel on cable or coming up next, danger in your blind spot. hundreds of people, mostly children, are killed every year in backover accidents. some say the government is dragging its feet protecting your children. what's the holdup? we have an eye-opening rawson report. >> an honest michael j. fox on his return to television. we'll find out what he learned working on his new show. first, these messages. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis,
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7:41 am
required it? today jeff rossen is here with an eye opening report on that. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is happening a lot more than you would think. so far this year dozens of kids have already been killed. we were talking about the huge blind spot when you go into reverse. we do it. we go to work in the morning and get into our car in the drive way and check our mirrors, of course. look at this rear-view mirror right there. it looks completely clear back there. my side view mirrors, turning around, don't see anything. i would go in reverse but look at what's really back there right now. actually a bunch of children. we have five kids right there all under four years old standing behind my car but you can't see it in any of the mirrors. i go in reverse and perhaps back into them. that's why years ago congress passed a law saying this problem needed to get fixed with things like reverse back up cameras in all cars but that still hasn't happened six years later. so this morning safety groups are suing the federal government
7:42 am
to get action now. >> reporter: it happens this fast, 18 month old sky jordan ran out of the house one day to say one more bye to her daddy. he was already in the car. put it into reverse, checked the mirrors and didn't see her in the drive way. he backed right into her. >> i remember just screaming and crying and saying there was no way that this could be happening. >> sky was rushed to the emergency room. >> when i got to see my little girl she was -- she had cruises all over her face. >> the doctors told you she's probably not going to make it. >> yeah. >> amazingly, sky survived, though, still undergoing surgery for her eye and she is not alone. on average, 18,000 people are injured each year in backover accidents. nearly 300 are killed.
7:43 am
>> everything we need to fix this already exists. >> reporter: janette was president of the safety group kids and cars. >> we know if you put a rear view camera in these vehicles that you can see what's behind you. >> reporter: why don't all cars have them? back in 2007 congress passed a law requiring better rear visibility and gave the department of transportation a 2011 deadline to get it done but the d.o.t. keeps delaying and delaying now saying they need until 2015. >> these delays are outrageous and unacceptable. >> senator richard bloomenthal says it's bureaucracy. >> what's to stop them from delaying this again and again? >> the president of the united states saying to his department of transportation you must act now and if there's no action now heads will roll.
7:44 am
>> reporter: in a statement to nbc news the department of transportation says more research is needed to ensure the most protective and efficient rule they acknowledge cameras may help save lives and encourage automakers to install them. but that's not good enough for victims' families and safety groups. this morning, they're filing this federal lawsuit demanding the d.o.t. finally require cameras before any more kids get hurt. >> i want to get this implemented so that we can prevent this from happening to any other family. >> reporter: we asked the automakers what's the holdup. they say they offer backup cameras on most cars, but critics say they're usually bundled into expensive option packages. they want cameras to come standard in all cars. that's what the lawsuit is about. so really the lawsuit is being filed in federal court. >> if you don't have one installed in your car, can you retrofit one?
7:45 am
>> yeah, believe it or not, most big box stores or car dealerships, if your car doesn't have one, go to the store. they'll sell you one just for a few hundred dollars. you can put it here. they'll give you a monitor for the front and install it, too. >> let's make certain everyone understands. these children were never in danger during this -- >> car was off. the keys out of the ignition. these kids never in any danger. >> thanks for your report. next, the guy who is taking over the internet. bat dad strikes again. >> if you don't chew with your mouthed closed, i'm going to take the nutrigrain bar away. >> the man behind the mask. and give me shelton. one of the men behind the voice stops by and will review something about himself which i understand is a brand new song. first, these message. ♪ hich i if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab.
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makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate. now that's smart. the new kfc $9.99 6-piece deal. 6 pieces of chicken... 3 biscuits, and one large side just $9.99! today tastes so good. well, all week on born today we have been taking a look at all aspects of parenting but now a lighter side. a father in georgia has become a super star on social media with his take on parenting. what can you tell us about batdad. >> here he is. he is 29-year-old blake wilson from georgia. he bought the mask and started posting videos on vine and now he has 4 million views and counting. take a look. >> thank you. can i have some too.
7:50 am
>> i'm just a normal dad with four kids and a wife having fun with them. >> he looks like a regular dad. but blake wilson has an alter ego. >> i'm batdad. >> it started as a family joke but batdad is now on a mission. >> you don't want to get gingivitis. >> reporter: sharing parenting tips one vine video at a time. >> if you don't chew with your mouth closed i'm going to take the nutrigrain bar away. it's an interesting twist on parenting. >> hurry up, we're going to be late for the bus. >> we live a very normal life. >> congratulations, here's a potty pop. >> every day stuff that parents go through. >> benjamin, tables are for glasses not [ bleep ]. >> no daddy.
7:51 am
>> i like to think that i can be a fun dad. it's not all fun and games all the time. this is the real batdad. >> kids, get out of the bushes, it's time for dinner. >> are those ribs good. >> uh-huh. >> would you like a wet nap? >> reporter: sometimes he drives his wife, well, batty. >> i feel bad for her. >> make sure you watch my pajamas. >> i know i can be annoying. >> jen, but your seat belt on, you're breaking the law. >> she loves it. >> it's hilarious. >> jen, what's taking so long. you were supposed to be ready 20 minutes ago. >> while it's happening i feel -- >> makes people smile because
7:52 am
it's so stupid. >> there's batdad. that could be a new sitcom on nbc. he struck a huge cord with parents. emily wrote i will only settle down and start a family if i can find someone like batdad. nathan adams writes this is exactly the type of dad i want to be one day. you met batdad now officially. >> humor in the lessons learned. thank you. coming up, what would you do if you found a wallet on the street? people across the country put to the test. the baby's in there?
7:53 am
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7:57 am
s it is 7:56. good morning. i'm marla tallez. a couple in their 70s in san francisco is hoping to evicted. 74-year-old woman and her husband raised seven children at this apartment building at jackson and larkin. the building's new opener evicted all tenants a year ago under the ellis act. the lees remain. the court says the property owner is not breaking the law. the manager of a san leandro safeway is in the hospital all because of this man in this video according to police. employees of the supermarket say the man walked up to the manager and told him his wife had left her purse in his store. the manager directed him to the lost and found. that's when the man allegedly
7:58 am
punched the manager and then ran away. the manager is in the hospital and still not in any condition to speak. let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. a cooler day on tap. >> it will be noticeably cooler. good morning, marla. good morning at home. the big story of the day is the wind we're expecting specially as we head throughout the afternoon. sustained speed of 18 miles her hour in oakland, strong enough to knock you around if you drive a high-profile vehicle. tractors, trailers, suvs, i'm talking to you. 69, fremont, 67, san jose, 63 on the way is to san francisco where hopefully the winds won't force a postponement of the big america's cup race. the action is on, if not right here at nbc bay area, 1:00 p.m. let's check your drive. how you doing? >> better than some folks in the bay area. they have to drive through slow traffic. right here. up palo alto, just starting to move for smoothly. we are south of willow where there was a two-car crash.
7:59 am
it is not like everything is off to the shoulder. we see a nice northbound drive. slowing for 280. another crash is clearing from the area. it is bogged down past 87. >> we'll be back at 8:26.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, surprise. a good samaritan is stashing cash in some unexpected places. >> i opened it up, and a $100 bill fell out. just like that. in our special series born today, advice for exhausted parents. and the stars stop by as michael j. fox and blake shelton stop by to join us. september 25, 2013. hope you're being home for grandma and grandpa. >> want to say hello to our grandchildren in la crosse, wisconsin.
8:01 am
love you guys! >> we love blake shelton! >> happy birthday, silver fox. we love you. >> oh, wow. yeah. >> and welcome to back "today" on this wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker, and mr. carson daly. speaking of music, we've got blake shelton coming up in just a little while. he's got a song called "honey bee." he'll be here talking about music, "the voice," and other things. and we are throwing a party on the plaza. >> which explains the music you're hearing now. we have a great group here of expectant moms and a group of 1-year-olds that are celebrating their birthdays. i should mention two of our expected moms that were expected to be here this morning went
8:02 am
into labor last night. >> as part of our born today series. >> right on cue. >> that's great. >> congratulations to them. >> coming up matt, willie, carson, myself are going to open up about our experiences as dads. >> what we've learned from our dads and who changed the diapers. >> in your family it would be? >> 50/50 down the line. >> good for you. >> that's great. >> the first kid. >> then you became the slacker. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie's inside. >> good morning, everyone. a long winded protest over president obama's health care law kept the u.s. senate open all night long. kelly o'donnell joins us from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. for more than 20 hours and counting, ted cruz has been on his feet and on the floor protesting the president's health care law. wanting to see obama care defunded or delayed. some republicans didn't want him to take this dramatic step because they don't have the
8:03 am
votes to block it with just a vehicle to go before a possible government shutdown. meanwhile, the white house is doing its best to make a pitch for the benefits of the health care law. that included having presidents obama and clinton together in new york yesterday. other officials talking about what they see are the good points of the health care law. still back here at the senate, there are those republicans who were critical who are now trying to back up cruz and give him support on the floor. he can't keep talking all day, but for now he's still going. a vote should happen in a couple of hours. >> thanks so much. kenyan army troops searched room to room over the smoldering ruins of a nairobi shopping mall where the terror siege came to an end. several floors collapsed. more than 60 civilians died during the attack with at least six soldiers and five againmen. forensic experts from the united states will help with the investigation. a man whose blue skin made him a recluse and then a viral
8:04 am
sensation has passed away. paul carison turned blue 15 years ago after treating a skin condition. he had a heart attack last week and then suffered a stroke. he died on monday. he was 62 years old. an amazing feat on the water. 28-year-old british adventurer sarah outen has become the first person to row solo from japan to alaska. her boat capsized five times. completing her journey, she said she was exhausted. she called the trip brilliant and brutal at the same time. finding money when you really need it can make anyone's day, especially if the surprise win fall was put there on purpose. >> hey, you got it! you got the last golden ticket! >> reporter: someone is taking a page from charlie and the chocolate factory. >> i opened it and a $100 bill fell out just like that.
8:05 am
>> reporter: $100 bills are popping up in everyday places in salem, oregon. from cookies -- >> there were three boxes left. and i turned them over and there was another $100 bill. >> reporter: -- to ice cream cones. >> when we got home, they were getting their ice cream and lo and behold they came running out saying we found $100. i was like this cannot be real. >> and yes, even a chocolate bar. just who left the money remains a mystery. but the $2,000 that's been found so far is helping everyday people in need of a little luck. like phil who's making daily trips to visit his sick girlfriend at a local hospital. >> 20 bucks in gas each way, it's kind of come at an opportune time for me. >> reporter: as the sweet message of simple acts of kindness reaches beyond the candy aisle. >> i think my kids and i will try to decide to do something with it to pay it forward. >> store managers say they don't know where the money came from,
8:06 am
but confirmed the $100 bills are real. some good news we all needed. 8:05 right now. let's go back out to al for a check of your weather. thanks so much. we've got this born today birthday party going on. right now the fabulous zebra performing for 1-year-olds. they're having a good time. we've got cupcakes over here. they've got a little one here. and we've got moms who are expecting their children coming up. you guys pretty excited? you guys are just about due, right? >> pretty much any day. >> wow. we've got mom-tinis for you. this is -- what is this? a blueberry fohito. so drink up. and we've got onesies for all of you born today. let's show you what's going on as far as the weather is concerned. more rain down in florida. they've been getting hammered. and it's going to continue today. in fact, we've got flood watches. rainfall amounts over the next
8:07 am
24 hours up to 3 inches of rain in central florida. the rest of the country looking for raining with mountain snows in the pacific northwest. minneapoli >> expect a breezy to windy day in the bay. good morning. temperatures are only going to break into the upper 60s, and that is sunshine over the golden gate bridge. chilly conditions out there right now. mostly mid to upper 60s. we're headed towards about 63 degrees. 67 in san jose. 69 for fremont, and 74 degrees out towards livermore where we could get really warm this type time of year. we warm back up thursday for the weekend. >> that's your3 f2 tiempo. >> all right. you did well there. didn't bother you one bit. coming up on trending at 8:10, text stops.
8:08 am
we'll tell you about one unconventional move to curb texting while driving. plus we'll have surprising advice from some experts. and michael j. fox on what changed his mind after thinking he would never do a television series again. but first these messages. what changed his mind on thinking he would never do television series again. but first after these messages. , not their short-term agenda. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy. if you believe in the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference. join us. [ male announcer ] at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. ♪ oh dear. i need a little help here. ♪ i'm sorry. i don't have a usb port.
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8:12 am
and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies. each expanding the influence of our proud university of phoenix network. that's right, university of phoenix. enroll now. we've got a frame waiting for you. >> we are back at 8:12 with what's trending today. >> it's an emotional victory for halle berry and jennifer garner. they have been the most outspoken supporters of a california bill meant to stop the paparazzi from getting too close to their kids. >> i love my kids. they're beautiful and sweet and innocent and i don't want a gang of shouting, arguing, law breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day every day to continue
8:13 am
traumatizing my kids. >> well, the legislature agreed and the governor, california's governor jerry brown just signed that bill into law. it imposes harsher punishments on photographers convicted of harassing celebrities children. media critics say the law is into broad and worry it might get in the way of legitimate news gathering. >> i live near jennifer garner in california and i have witnessed what happens. i bring my family to the same park and until you see these guys in action, this is going to be a good law. because they're all over the children. >> and if you see the -- if you see the video tape of halle berry, i think it's in an airport trying to get her kid into the car and the crush of media around it, it can't be good for the kids. >> i wonder if it's going to happen in new york. >> we'll see. meanwhile, one state's unconventional approach to stop texting while driving.
8:14 am
the dangers of sending text messages behind the wheel, if you're driving in new york state you can pull into a text stop. they're rest areas designated for drivers that can't wait to send a message. they'll also put up bright blue signs to let you know how many miles stand between you and your next tweet. probably good ideas. good reminders if nothing else. >> a lot of the electronic signs, the huge ones that say do not text while you drive. >> more need to get on with that as well. trending from reader's digest t world's most honest city. the folks at the magazine decided to conduct a little experiment. they had their reporters drop wallets in 16 cities around the world. there was a name, a cell phone number, family photo and $50. the wallets were dropped all over the city. which cities do you think had the highest return rate? any guesses guys? you know the answer. >> we do know. >> most honest, finland. 11 of the 12 wallets were
8:15 am
returned there. least honest was portugal. just one wallet was given by, and given back by a tourist once again. you know new yorkers get a bad wrap but our fair city actually returned 8 of 12 wallets. >> all right. not bad. >> my husband left his wallet in a cab in new york city and twice it's been returned. pretty good. >> i dropped my wallet when i was biking and somebody mailed it to me. >> wow. >> no money taken. >> everything in it. >> intact. >> very nice. >> all right. >> what else do we have? >> all right. well, talk about no hard feelings, steven colbert is celebrating a big win. not only did he get the emmy for best variety show but he snapped the ten year winning streak in that category by john stewart from the daily show. so like the true gentleman he is, he called his old friend to gloat. >> well, the only thing left to do right now is to give john a
8:16 am
call and wish him a sincere bite me. okay. there we go. >> hello, steven. you guys are awesome. i just stopped by to congratulate you. >> john, why can't you just be upset, okay? it's really important to me that i have crushed you. >> i would, but i can't because i'm an executive producer on your show, so i won again, [ bleep ]. >> that's great. >> they deserve it clearly. >> thanks to our audio editing people. >> that was close. >> we know what he said. >> meantime, trending from the wall street journal this morning, the family that fights
8:17 am
together stays together. this was an interesting article. it was about parents that bicker in front of the kids. some experts say in certain situations with certain limits it can help with a child's development so i guess that begs the question, did your parents argue in front of you when you were kids? >> yeah, they did. >> yeah. >> loudly. >> are they going to break up, i don't know? >> i remember that myself. a lot of fights but the ones that there were, i remember. carson you asked viewers what they said about this. >> pretty split. i'll show you the result in our poll that we put up. you think that it's -- let me show you the numbers here. one of the interesting things that people said that you have to be careful if you're going to fight in front of your kids is if you want the schools to know your family business because kids talk. that's interesting take on it. also it really depends on what you consider to be arguing. if it's healthy and fair and balanced then it's okay. here's what we asked. do you argue in front of your kids. 63% said yes and 37% said no but
8:18 am
it feels from reading your tweets that it's 50/50 and depends on how you define arguing. some people thought it was healthy because it's good to let kids know that you can agree and agree to disagree but it's all in how it's done. that's the result. thank you guys. back to you. >> thank you, carson. >> we want to continue the conversation with a child psychologist at nyu's child study center. good to see you. >> thank you. >> do you buy that there can be constructive fighting that takes place in front of the kids. >> yes, i think they can teach problem solving skills and conflict resolution skills. one of the things we want them thinking about is where to cut themselves off. there's certain skills they can use with their kids and they can use in their own relationships down the line. >> it's important for the parents not to fight in front of their children and go into the silent treatment for days on end afterwards. >> nonverbal communication can
8:19 am
be just as powerful and verbal communication. if you're slamming the door and throwing your hands up in the air you can send important and negative messages to your children. >> is part of the argument that being silent or having this thick tension in the air that never gets resolved also has a bad effect potentially on children. >> yeah. right, exactly. when we're talking about the power of verbal communication and nonverbal communication and the effect that that has on children we really want, in place of that, we want children to learn important problem solving skills. >> so here are the tips for parents. set an anger cutoff point which is self-explanatory. avoid triangulation which means? >> so what that means is sometimes parents include children in their arguments. say a mom and dad are having a fight and a mom says didn't you hear your dad say that earlier this morning and they try to pull the child into the argument and that takes the child out of their role and almost puts that child at the parent level and that can be really confusing and that can cause a lot of problems
8:20 am
between the child and the parent down the line if the child models those skills. >> we also talked about skip the silent treatment. there's some issues that are off limits. you should never fight about certain things with the kids, right? >> yes, those types of things are personal to the marriage and to the relationship. some parents feel like it's very difficult to talk about financial issues in front of the children and then i think discipline strategies are critical to think about a head of time and not decide those things in front of the children. >> thank you so much. good to get your perspective and we want to thank our friend tat the wall street journal for the topic. >> coming up, blake shelton will stop by but now to michael j. fox. >> willie geist got to spend time with him on the set. >> the show titled the michael j. fox show, fox plays a guy going back to work after taking time off to focus on his parkinson's disease. for fox it's a familiar story line and familiar to me.
8:21 am
my father also has parkinsons. >> reporter: he burst on to our tv sets as alex keaton on family ties. and then road to movie super stardom in back to the movie. >> i'm looking at it. >> reporter: now, michael j. fox is making a full time return to television in the nbc comedy the michael j. fox show. >> the kitchen in family ties was so iconic and where so much of the action happened. do you think about the circle of your sitcom career. >> yeah. i do all the time. i was a kid on that and then i was a young adult on spin city and now i'm a middle aged father. >> reporter: more than a decade after spin city and 22 years after his parkinson's diagnosis he play ace family man and tv anchor returning to work five
8:22 am
years after parkinson's put his career on hold. >> we love you. >> thanks man. thanks for man. >> people are saying this is michael j. fox's big come back. are you ready to be back in the public eye like this? >> it's flattering that people give it the attention and on some level people are excited about it. it is weird to have low key for a few years and -- but i was always around doing something. >> but when you walked off the set from the final episode of spin city given your medical condition i think some people thought maybe we've seen the last of michael j. fox on tv. >> i thought it was the last. >> you did? >> fox began to dip his toe back in the water with a number of guest starring appearances. now he is diving in as a headliner. >> can i have a personal victory right now? we're starving. >> what has it been like to have a 14 or 16 hour day? is it more than you thought it would be or less?
8:23 am
>> it's more than i thought it would be but i handled it better than what i thought i would. it's what i do and what i've done for years and what i enjoy doing. >> reporter: it wasn't always so easy to laugh at his condition. >> you got your diagnosis when you were 30 years old. young on set parkinsons. you were flying high. family ties, three back to the future movies. it must have flattened you. >> it came with a prognosis that i would have maybe ten years left to work. that's what was said to me. i was just married and my son was just born and my father just passed away and there was all kinds of stuff going on. it flattened me. >> for people living with parkinson's the status quo isn't good enough. >> reporter: but he picked himself up and became the defiant face of parkinson's giving strength to the 1 million americans living with the disease. my own father among them. >> the greatest compliment i can pay you is that when my dad was going through this decision of whether or not to be public with
8:24 am
it i could point to you. i could point to miebchael j. f and say look what he has done with it. he is on television all the time and working every day. this isn't something to shrink from, it's something to walk into. do you even have a sense for the way you have inspired people? >> well, i don't look at myself as a leader. i took at myself as part of the community. i'm a visible member of the community and if i can let them know you don't have to with draw or pull in. it doesn't have to be life shattering or life ending. just be a new thing that pushes you to a new place. and so like doing this show, it's like why not? why can't i? why can't i? >> aside from the show, fox is very active working with the michael j. fox foundation for parkins
8:25 am
parkinson's disease. i've been on the board since my dad announced he had parkinson's a year ago. it will premiere at 9:00 eastern time here on nbc. >> at his age, he's already a legend but i also -- i think he should be a little bit more embracing of the fact that he has inspired a lot of people. >> he has inspired an entire community. a million people in america with parkins parkinson's all inspired by that. >> thank you very much. coming up, the voice coach blake shelton talks music and tattoos. but first your local news.
8:26 am
>> good wednesday morning to you. san francisco police need your help catching a killer. they think the man in this surveillance video is the same person who shot and killed someone minutes later as he got off a street car in the engleside heights neighborhood. at the intersection of randolph and bright street. police think the killing was random. a source tells nbc bay area the man toss the his gun as he ran away. they think it will help identify the killer. let's identify the traffic hot spots. >> we might have to point out the spots that aren't quite so bad. this is jammed around the south bay. here is 101. you see 680 and 280. let's look at the map wrush see the red all over the south bay.
8:27 am
northbound routes are just crawling. 87 actually is one of the lighter places throughout the area. a crash south 101 at marsh's, and there may be a tire and a wheel still in the roadway southbound there. into and out of palo alto and san mateo and south 280 approaching the inland area south of 380, and it's extra slowing, this and off to the east bay. 880 northbound up in oakland. very slow. back to you. >> thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. hope to see you then. ♪
8:28 am
nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪
8:29 am
♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
8:30 am
8:30 on a wednesday morning. it's the 25th of september. we've got a lot of smiling faces starting the day with us. we're happy to see them. good morning, i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, natalie morales, al roker, carson daly. we'll introduce this guy in a moment. >> we're going to get to you. >> do you know who else is here? blake sheldton is here. he's the winningest coach in the history of the voice.
8:31 am
so the big question, can he make it four out of five? we'll talk to blake in a few minutes. >> also ahead, what sleep deprivation does to new parents. makes us batty. >> and willie and i will be talking about what it's like to be a dad today and the biggest lesson we learned from our dads. >> first to be super -- what's going on over there? >> what's happening? >> it's all about him, right? >> robert frank is here. he has a new show, the life of the super rich -- the 1% is the -- >> we all dream of being rich. many of us wonder what goes on so we take you where no cameras have gone before inside of the
8:32 am
biggest mansions, private jets, cars, and this is amazing. it's not to make you feel bad. we have a lot of fun. there's crazy moments. >> you're channelling your inner robin leach in this but you take us inside the much talked about mansion built by the people that then lost everything. >> that's right. they have now gotten back everything. versailles, 90,000 square feet. that's one and a halftimes the white house. it's 11 kitchens, 13 bathrooms -- i'm sorry, 30 bathrooms. you can use a different bathroom every day of the week. when jackie was showing me the house she got lost and couldn't remember what certain rooms were for. i tried to run the length of the house and ran out of breath. >> a lot to look forward to. secret lives of the super rich is tonight at >> 8:32. good wednesday morning. temperatures are going to be
8:33 am
cool enough for a sweater. just about all day long in many of your bay area cities. the forecasting, for example, 67 in san jose. 76 degrees in los gados, and livermore and fairfield only touching on the mid 70s. if you are looking for warmer weather, we have that for you. after we get through a breezy wednesday. tomorrow the 80s return. 85 degrees by friday. then close to 90 over the weekend. that's your latest weather. what's up uncle willie? >> have a good time. bring your friends and laugh and sing, happy birthday to you. catherine is from new orleans louisiana, 100 years old today. loves ice cream. has it every day. carl schumm from convoy, ohio. a happy man at 100. he takes care of a fruit orchard. that's where johnny appleseed
8:34 am
used to have his sources. we have louise senna, 112 years old today. a beautiful lady and i mean she gives incredible advice. people come to her from all over. morris goodman from west heartforheart hartford, connecticut. 100 years old today. happy man and his favorite thing in life is turner classic movies. tcm. we have elva webster. 100 years old today. milk with every meal. put a little mustache like that commercial. i believe in milk. pure butter. real, 2%. milk. whole milk from the cow. naples, florida.
8:35 am
it's the home of henry and sarah kaufman and they have been married for 75 years. they love each other very much and love to watch games on tv and like to play games, too. that's it. that's all. we have been playing games here for 50 years on the "today" show, or is it 60? i lose track of time. back to you. >> thanks. still to come on born today. the changing role of dads too. our dads weigh in. >> also blake shelton and you've seen, a new season of "the voice" and he might reveal new body art. but first, this is "today" on nbc. really special.
8:36 am
8:37 am
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8:38 am
especially when blake shelton and adam levine compete for contestants. >> i think he's a great artist adam. that's why i hit my button because i believe in him. not because i was curious of what he looked like or what the noise was he was making or how he configured his bow tie to make weird sounds out of it. i believe in this guy. >> good morning to you. >> i was really getting on to him there, wasn't i? >> you were. >> makes me happy. i live to make him feel bad about himself. >> you're encourageable. >> i don't know what that means but okay. >> let me ask you a question, have you ever won the show? >> it seems like the last three times or something. >> yeah, you have three out of four seasons you've won? isn't it boring if you win again? >> no it's not. it maybe to you but it's very exciting to me. >> not so exciting for your fellow coaches. >> screw them. screw them. that's my competition. i don't care if they like it or not. >> is it getting to the point where now -- you guys are supposed to be fighting over the
8:39 am
contestants but are the contestants wanting to choose you because you have a good record? >> i had a hard time getting people to come with me this year on my team and adam had good points about -- he threw out stuff about the nba and about how nobody ever won four of anything in a row. i can't remember what the stats were but he actually got in some of these people's heads and, man, stole a lot of people. i had a hard time putting my team together this year. >> you and adam, you do seem to have a special relationship. a little bit of tension there. >> tension? >> i don't know what kind -- >> like a little -- >> i don't know. what would you say? >> i would say where there's smoke, there's fire. we're very attracted to each other. but i'm already married. so it's never going to work. >> in another life perhaps. >> right. right. >> you got cher as one of your mentors. i don't think anyone would naturally put you two together but she said she had a great time. >> i love her.
8:40 am
she is exactly -- looking back on all the movies and things she has been in, she's just playing herself. because being around her she's that person. she is very -- she doesn't take herself that seriously but she doesn't take any crap off of anybody either. she reminds me -- actually reminds me of my wife a lot as far as she is just a very strong woman and a lot of fun to be around. >> miranda is a very patient woman isn't she? i hear you pester her all the time. >> why would you say that. >> it's just the word on the street, from miranda. now tell me about this tattoo you have. cee lo has a big head tattoo now. >> it's on the back, like, lower back area. >> really? >> no, it's just -- i just have it right here. >> can you show it to us. >> i don't know if i can get my sleeve up that far. >> i'm sure you can.
8:41 am
it's a lady bug. >> no it's not. >> what is it? >> it is supposed to be deer tracks. but there's a chance that i had been drinking somewhere in the vicinity of that time and i had to draw the guy what i thought a deer track looked like so he gave me the tattoo that i drew for him but it sucks. >> maybe he was drinking too. >> yeah. >> every time i see you, i always look and smell just to make sure. >> what is wrong with you. carson just won the emmy. he's still celebrating over there. >> tell me about it. we call him emmy winner carson daly now. >> do you really? >> yeah. >> he likes that i'm sure. he was showing me the trophy. >> three time winner of the voice, blake shelton. thank you very much. it airs tuesday evening at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. up next, the daddy panel talks sleep deprivation and what every parent needs to know.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
and now to our special series born today. the first few days after giving birth can be a whirlwind for first time parents. especially without any sleep. 65% of moms and 37% of dads wish you had gotten more sleep during your baby's first year, even beating out getting more sex. so what is a sleepless mom or dad to do? one young family opened up their home to our cameras day and night. here's peter alexander with the story. >> reporter: for new parents in texas, these first 48 hours have been both exhilarating and exhausting. >> how did you guys sleep last night? >> terrible. >> not enough. >> get ready. it's going to be a lot of fun at home. >> i'm excited. i'm not going to get any sleep but i'm used to that.
8:45 am
>> reporter: just back from an 8 month tour in afghanistan, for donnie today is a different homecoming with two day old lucas in tow. my wife allison and i were in their shoes just two months ago with our little girl ava. it's a juggling act with new gadgets. >> how do we put him in? >> reporter: new outfits and new experiences. >> first time i've been peed on by an infant. >> that did wear a family out. >> maybe we can relax a little bit. >> reporter: by nighttime lucas has his own plans. it's impossible to sleep like a baby. more than 70% of moms say their newborn's sleep effects their own and while adult sleep is linked to the overnight hours, for infants, it's spread throughout the day.
8:46 am
surprisingly for new parents the problem isn't sleep deprivation. they actually get an average of nearly 6 hours a night. it's sleep fragmentation, extreme fatigue caused by constant interruptions. in a first of it's kind experiment researchers are studying the impact of sleep fragmentation. they showed us how it works. young women, not yet moms themselves sleep at the lab but every few hours researchers wake them up with a recorded crying baby and then each woman has to care for the baby doll. for the study subjects it was an eye opener. >> what did it feel like? >> the first time it wasn't too bad. but by the time i got to the third time it was almost like do i really have to. >> reporter: she even admitted getting anger. >> it was almost like trying to counter it was anger and wanting to go back to sleep. >> reporter: their study is still going on with the goal of helping them. >> what can we do to help the sleep they are getting and what
8:47 am
can we tell them to improve their sleep hygiene. >> i don't know how many times i was up and down. >> reporter: by sunrise, lucas is finally out. >> our first night up all night. >> reporter: and mom and dad can finally enjoy their new little man peacefully. >> love, joy, happiness. >> yeah, just a whole new purpose in life. >> reporter: for today, peter alexander, nbc news, morgantown, west virginia. >> well, let's give dads their due. we have assembled four fabulous dads, carson, willie, matt, and al. we have even giving your loungers. >> like a psychiatrist. >> i like that. 73% said they as dads were more hands on than their own fathers had been. show of hands, are you more involved. >> definitely. >> my dad was very involved but expectations have risen. people expect fathers to get in
8:48 am
there and get on the ground and have hands on more than they did when my dad was -- >> people were like are you changing diapers? of course i am. what do you think people's impressions that dad doesn't go near the kids. >> it's almost an insulting question. >> it goes to the fact when you come to work somebody will say baby sitting today? they would never say that to the mom? >> do you think there's the expectation now that it's 50/50 with moms? >> it's probably not quite 50/50 but there's the expectation. you have so many more women working now so you have dads at home and the idea of moms at home with the baby and dad is at work is not true anymore. it's close to 50/50. i like to think and hope we're pretty even. one thing my wife always says is no keeping score. just respect each other. when she needs a hand help her out and when i need a hand she does the same for me. >> you all talked about what a great example your fathers were. >> keep in mind and we're a little older than these two but my dad was a 1950s dad.
8:49 am
it was mad men. it was career driven. it was guys that showed their masculine side not as much their touchy feely side. i took the responsibility side. he was the most responsible guy i ever met but now we're able to show our caring, emotional side. >> my dad was a hugger. he was a big hugging guy. you met him. i would go to visit my other male relatives and i'd go to give them a hug and they'd like be like a handshake here. and i've been able to build on that. >> any of you keep more traditional daddy roles thinking i like that about the traditional dad role? >> i was blessed with two dads. i lost my dad when i was five. my son is at the age when my dad passed away and then i got a great step dad and i remember my stepdad i could hear his feet every day on the hardwood floor
8:50 am
and he lived by example. i got my work ethic from my step dad. he never said a word but provided for us. and living by example is something i try to do. >> my dad wasn't a big talker, let's sit down and have this talk about the birds and the bees. he lead by example and i watched his humility and work ethic. >> you all had exciting lives with fatherhood, does anything else compare? >> i just think of the word priorities. it changes them. >> people say it changes your life and you're scared by the idea of your life changing or being tired but it's for the better. >> we know you'll continue this conversation on twitter. if you have a question for our dads submit the questions and use the #orangeroom. coming up next, paula deen's son
8:51 am
8:52 am
this morning, what's for dinner, we're making pasta three ways. growing up in georgia jamie deen's mother paula cooked dinner for her family every single night. he shares it in his new book called jamie deen's good food. good to see you. >> good to have you. >> let me ask you, how is your mom doing. so much we had on this show. an interview with her. the situation she has been through over the summer. how is she doing? >> she is doing fantastic and we have tremendous love and support
8:53 am
and we would do anything for mom. it's been an interesting summer but we've been through challenges before and it will be fine. >> what has it been like as a son watching this. what's it been like watching this as someone that loves her? >> it's tough. we're in, you know as well as anyone you're in this business and people will take shots at you and you accept that with the opportunities that it allows you but personal attacks on your mom is never an easy thing but we know who mom is and people that know us and love us know. >> mom wrote the forward for this book. >> of course she did. she's proud of her boys. this is a fun week to be here. >> you have two. 7 and 2. >> yes. i'm at both ends of aggravation. >> my kids love pasta. >> all kids do. we're going to sneak in a little bit. this is a roasted eggplant. if you want to drizzle this with oil. we peeled it and cubed it. a little bit of olive oil. >> a lot of people might fry it. you like to roast it instead?
8:54 am
>> i don't fry much and it's also a good meat substitute. we'll get this into our pan and cover it with a simple tomato sauce. so this has the meaty quality and texture without the fat and all of that. >> nice hot skillet. >> of course and we'll put fresh basil in here. you can put it together quickly and it makes really nice left overs. >> that's as easy as it gets right there. >> still got the homemade flavor. the roasted eggplant gives it a lot. >> do you also like it because it holds a lot of sauce? >> yeah, it's big. boys like it. my son when he was a baby would put it on the end of his fingers because he would put it on his finger and eat it. >> you undercook it in there so you can cook it the rest of the way in the pot. >> don't break it down too much. i don't mind a little bit of the water coming in so it will break the sauce down. let me get the rest of these in
8:55 am
here. my son jack is on the back cover and my mom gave me a cookbook when i was seven or eight so i'm so proud to get the kids in the kitchen. >> does he care about how the food is prepared? or does she just like eating it. >> we spend so much time in the kitchen that matthew and jack want to know what's going on in there. they love to stir and put things together. it's being there as a family. >> so start to finish, this is a 15 minute dish? >> there's some things in this book where you can spend a couple of hours but for the most part this is for busy families that have to eat every night. >> you got it in a baking dish and you'll add four different cheeses. >> we have fresh mozzarella that the boys and brooke and i love a lot. we're going to fold this in and we have ricotta cheese we'll dial up in. >> can i add this one here. >> yes, please. >> what is that? >> that is fontina and we'll finish with parmesan. >> when you put the cheese on, we came running.
8:56 am
>> and then this goes in the oven for 15 or 20 minutes just to melt all the cheese. this is a healthy serving. we'll pass it down the line. >> while you're serving that tell me about this dish here. >> this is a pasta salad. we do this a lot at our house. jack loves wagon wheels. >> wagon wheels. >> oh, yeah. >> you can get in vegetables and protein and your dairy. >> thank you. >> we love this. it's something we do a good bit at the
8:57 am
>> due to wind. then yesterday about 55 to 45% is what i'm going with. 80 grows by thursday. today is kind of cool. maybe a few showers on the breeze. then getting into this upcoming weekend, temperatures return to summertime norms.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on this wednesday morning, september 25th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales and america's got talent judge and spice girl mel b. hanging out with us all week. >> yes i am. >> we're going to talk spice girls in a minute. we'll get to the bottom of one of the lyrics. >> i heard about this. >> america and the world at large have been waiting. >> dying to know. >> oh my god. >> we're going to talk about that in just a second. first, we want to point you to an interview that bill clinton did yesterday. he was asked which role his wife hilary would prefer, president
9:01 am
or grandmother and president clinton said if you ask her i think she would say grandmother but i found it best not to discuss that issue. the rest of it is out of his hands. chelsea is 33 years old and been married for three years. some people including one of the newspapers here in new york say the heat is on. get busy. >> get busy. >> natalie you flagged this one. >> yeah, because i mean as a woman there's a lot of pressure on us already but when you get married and if you go a couple of years -- we were married five years without children. i was getting started in my career and people start asking questions and it starts getting personal. what's wrong? why aren't you guys having kids and the pressure is on. >> people don't take into consideration, we had trouble conceiving. >> so did i. took us four and a half years. >> yeah and there maybe other reasons why people aren't having kids. >> and people can be very insensitive and it's cruel when
9:02 am
you think about it. >> i think there's always a bit of pressure, when you're engaged everybody is when are you going to get married. when you get married, everybody says when are you going to have kids. when i got married to my husband i already had two kids. i waited five years on purpose to enjoy my kids i already had and my marriage. >> yeah. >> so there's nothing wrong with having a kid right away but we waited four years as well and those were four great years for us where we lived together and got to know each other better and decided to have kids. >> and people make the decision they're not going to have kids and we look at them like what's wrong with them? why don't they want children? >> is something wrong in their relationships. >> and sometimes in the middle of a diaper or sick kid you think those people are amazing. >> you wouldn't give them back. >> i wouldn't give them back, because you can't. no, seriously, seriously i wouldn't. >> did you get the heat from your own family did you feel
9:03 am
like? or was it your circle of friends? >> it was more exterior. the friends, the circle. my family knew we would get to it when we get to it plus my career was starting to take off and there's timing issues to think about, contracts and all that. >> you had to have a contract to have a kid. >> yeah. >> agent brokered it. it was romantic. >> tough negotiation. let me tell you. no but with luke we did have problems as well and then medical intervention was necessary and people ask really personal questions. >> they sure do. >> and nowadays you get tweets all the time are you pregnant? and you're like no. even if i was, would i tell you on twitter. >> i like when somebody says are you pregnant and you're not. >> no, men know never to ask. >> i did that once outside. >> that was bad. >> if you have to ask, the answer is no. >> don't ask. >> plus i wouldn't even tell
9:04 am
you. >> nine months pregnant and i don't say anything. >> no, exactly. >> just in case. >> had a burrito dinner that didn't go down well. >> i'm bloated and people are like she must be pregnant. >> i never got pressure from my parents about having kids but my wife and i did find once, my parents were putting an addition on their house and we found a sketch my mom had made of the addition and she scrdrew a stic figure of herself on the porch cradling the baby. oh, nothing, just in case you ever have children. >> this is my dream house. >> and a picture of your mom is actually -- she is a stick figure. >> yeah. that's a whole other topic for another day. speaking of bill clinton, his clinton global initiative is in new york this week and bono one of his friends pulled out his bill clinton impersonation. >> so good. >> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office and
9:05 am
i -- actually i thought it was a member of his own road crew. he wasn't really dressed right. actually i felt like the rock star on that occasion. >> pretty good, huh. >> if you closed your eyes you would think that is bill clinton. >> he got the moves too. >> to pull off that accent is pretty impressive. >> can you do any impersonations mel b.? >> don't even ask. >> can you do an american? >> no. i am married to an american and i cannot do it. this is it. this is what i've got for life. >> yeah. >> it's working out pretty well for you. >> al, you've got impersonations. >> come on. >> no, no. >> come on. >> you do the scottish very well. >> well, i like to think that sometimes they come out and who knows what's going to happen. i'm telling you. >> that's not bad. >> get in my belly.
9:06 am
>> i love that scene. >> all i can do is mel b. >> you're nuts. >> that's why we have you here. >> got a little bit of guinness in you and look out, it's a party. >> oh my god. >> like i said, al can do impersonations. >> a simon cowell impersonation. he's in the news. the x factor judge talking about -- >> getting me a size 5 t-shirt. >> okay. so simon's pregnant girlfriend is ready to have a baby later this year. so he was asked by ryan seacrest in an interview where he would be during the birth and he said -- >> will you stand above or below the equator for the delivery. >> oh, do you mean am i going to see it? >> yeah. >> are you out of your mind? i mean, i know this sounds awful but it's a little bit like you
9:07 am
don't want to go into the restaurant while they're making your dinner. >> oh, right. >> i just think there's certain things you shouldn't see and that is one of them. i mean, i'll be very close by but i think -- i won't do that, no. >> i was with simon cowell and his lovely lady last week and i have to say they make a lovely couple. regardless of how it all came about they are actually very, very in love. now what he just said -- >> wow. >> he brings up a good point. a lot of men maybe don't want to see that other end because then it kind of changes things. >> terrified. >> changes things a little bit. >> wow. >> what a way with words. >> don't want to see the other end. >> they don't want to see what's going on. >> is that a deal breaker in the contract? >> that's an out clause. >> if i have to go down there i'm not going -- i'm not coming
9:08 am
back. sorry. >> did you all stand right there. >> yeah. >> on that side? >> well, deborah had to have an emergency c-section so they had to wait -- but i have to tell you, when they reach in, it's like, hey, rocky watch me pull arab bit out of my hat. that's amazing. it's like oh my god. >> we had a strict north of the border policy. i was there with her holding her hand her leg, we made eye contact. >> you were holding her leg. >> yeah, you hold their leg up. >> i didn't get to do that. >> nurse holds one leg and dad holds the other one. >> it was fine for me not to see what happened. the baby just came up and appeared magically. >> i can't understand, though. if i guy does see what's going on down there it can be disturbing. there's a lot. >> it sticks. >> that was my concern, mel. >> but you have done okay. >> he didn't see it. >> i didn't see it. >> north of the border.
9:09 am
>> why did you do that? so inappropriate. >> south of the border, north of the border. >> let's draw a stick figure. >> oh my god. >> i went north of the border and they put the baby under the french fry lamp when they're done. just went with the baby. >> they put up this curtain. >> yeah. >> oh my. >> you know they ask the woman if she wants a mirror because they can roll a mirror so that you can watch. >> no. >> people do that, though. >> no, i mean, i think that's great. we actually recorded luke when he was born because he was going to be a scheduled c-section. with josh i had an emergency c-section i was knocked out but they brought my husband in because it was such an emergency situation they wanted to let him know the baby was okay. so he came in and he sees the baby is doing great. he looks at me i'm passed out and guts out and he's like baby's okay but what about her?
9:10 am
talk about that imagie staying with you. >> yeah. >> let's make a smooth transition then. we have to hear the song really quickly. >> a spice girl song. >> this is a spice girl song wannabe they had the 100 pop culture references that resinate most. one is the lyrics of the song wannbee, there's one term we need to define which is zi ziga zig ah. >> sing it for us mel b. >> you didn't even know it. >> what does it mean? >> we always maintained this, it means what ever you want it to mean. >> okay. >> i feel like having it right
9:11 am
now. >> exactly. >> i don't buy it. >> it could mean anything. to me it means obviously something else. >> what does it mean for you. >> it's morning tv. that wouldn't be appropriate. >> okay. does it have anything like that or what? what is this? a little bit of this? a little bit of that? hey, now; it's like michael jackson's -- you don't know exactly what it means. >> you did that really well. >> thank you. >> i practiced it all morning. >> i'm going to go to the weather now. let's see what we've got for you. >> south of the border. >> speaking of south, we've got a lot of rain down in florida today. again, flood watches out for there. we're looking at mountain snows in the pacific northwest. gorgeous day in the northeast. plenty of sunshine. los angeles sunny, windy, 73 degrees. beautiful day in c
9:12 am
>> 9:11. there's a weak cold front coming through, and that's going to keep your temperatures cooler than average. also producing midlevel clouds over san jose right now. we could actually see a few showers on the breeze, and it will be breezy to windy before the day is done. the windiest time frame between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. 63 degrees. in san francisco. 67 in san jose, and 69 on the way to fremont. temperatures will be warming up boo the weekend. close to 90 degrees saturday and sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. coming up next, law and order ♪ [ female announcer ] no one says to wake up and touch or see or taste or hear the roses. they say to wake up and smell the roses. because scent makes us feel like nothing else can.
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when you hear this sound you know exactly what you're watching. >> i love that. >> law and order svu set to kick off it's 15th season.
9:16 am
easily make it one of tv's longest running series ever. >> and mariska hargitay is back as the no nonsense detective. >> 15 years congratulations. >> i can't believe it. i'm like wait, what, how? when? >> did you ever think when you signed on that 15 years later you would still be olivia benson. >> no but i have to tell you i'm happy being here. >> you look gorgeous by the way. >> thank you. so do you. >> it's a different look when you start off and you have been kidnapped. how tough was it doing this role this time around? >> it was without a doubt the most difficult episode i've ever shot in 15 years and it was unlike anything i've ever done and i have to tell you, after 15 years, to be nervous and scared and excited to go to work -- >> that's good. >> it's a pretty great thing. >> we don't want to give too
9:17 am
much away but we have a clip of what you're talking about so people can understand why it was so difficult for you. >> oh, come on, don't be shy. we're past that. you were so sweet when you were knocked out. another drink? why don't i take off that tape so you can say yes. one thing, you scream again i'll shove your own gun right down your throat. >> shoot me. >> is that hard for you to watch. >> yeah. sure it is. it was -- it's hard to shoot when you're acting your body doesn't know the difference, right, of acting or being in reality. you try to keep it real. so it was tough. >> what do you go through in your brain for that? >> i think you pretty much play the what if game, you know? it's about believing it. that's what you study your whole life to be focused and present and, for me, you know, with the
9:18 am
work that i do with joyful heart, you know, i've had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with -- side by side with so many real life survivors and know their stories that it's an honor to -- and the -- the bar is set high to keep it real and have integrity about how scary that would be. >> a lot of times, especially in a long running series actors have to make the decision do i stay, do i go? what is it that keeps you coming back year after year? >> great writing. i have fallen deeply in love with this character. that's what i was saying about after 15 years people say i can't believe you're so invested in your character. i love this show and i love this character and now with the work with joyful heart that i do, this foundation has sort of found my life's work. my other life's work. this is the no more symbol and it's just -- it's our -- the
9:19 am
easiest way to describe it is after, you know, 40 years, this is the first time in history that the sexual assault and domestic violence movements are coming together. it's like what the pink ribbon did for breast cancer or red ribbon did for hiv/aids. it launched on monday and we had 40 celebrities activities tors, athletes, people like yourselves come up and join the calvary and say no more. >> do you think about what role you want to play next or are you happy with olivia benson right now. >> i want to do comedy. >> you are funny. >> hilarious. but so we do that sort of begin takes on the show. people come over and they're going why is behind the scenes like a sitcom? >> you hear that and serious
9:20 am
mode hits. >> do people say olivia and think they know you. >> mariska hargitay always great catching up with you. >> thank you. >> good luck. by the way, you can catch the season 15 premiere of law and order special victim's unit tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. >> still ahead, one-on-one with michael j. fox and his battle >> still ahead, one-on-one with michael j. fox and his battle jamie to checkout, please.uch there are lots of "jamies" out there,... huh? but that doesn't mean we're all the same. just like greek yogurts. that's why i prefer activia greek. you got that right jamie, there's nothing like it! exactly, because activia greek is the only greek with exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, and it helps regulate your digestive system. i love its thick creamy texture! mmm! the greek nonfat yogurt that helps tummies smile! activia greek... like no other greek yogurt. ♪ dannon with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology,
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9:24 am
almost half cut back on leisure activities in the last year but there's some things workers say they will not give up regardless of finances including their internet connection, driving and their pet. if you plan to head home for the holidays says now is a good time to book your flight. you'll find the cheapest fairs now through the middle of october. for thanksgiving you'll get the best deal if you fly on monday or tuesday that week. for christmas travel it recommends flying as close to december 25th as possible. >> $100 bills are turning up in unexpected places. hidden in cookies, ice cream, even in a chocolate bar. when shoppers get home and opening their packages they're finding the money. just who is leaving it is a mystery but the $2,000 is money helping a lot of people that need it. you're up to dad. back over to willie, al, and mel b. >> coming up is it ever okay to argue in front of the kids? why some experts say it may help
9:25 am
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9:26 am
>> good morning to you. 9:26. students at a south bay high school return to classes this morning for the first time every first time since learning a popular teacher has been arrested. santa clara police arrested him yesterday after questioning him on allegations on having sex where a minor. he is a teacher at santa clara high school. the school sent a letter to parents and students informing them of the arrest. he has been placed on leave pending the investigation and asked that no one form unfounded conclusions. federal transportation officials have opened a new investigation into the on oceana airlines flight and whether actually the airline itself broke laws intended to help families and passengers.
9:27 am
aseana's response plan was not up-to-date. it was required to post a toll free number within an hour of the crash to gather and distribute information to families. the airline was also required to provide transportation and lodging for family members who were coming to be with injured loved ones. we're going to take a break. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers. so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios.
9:28 am
over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® >> across the bay area it's the same. 10 to 15-mile-per-hour winds. coming in with the highest wind speeds right now -- as we head throughout the afternoon -- getting the 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind speeds. just about everywhere across the bay area and peak time is going to be between about 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. you still have time. tie down any loose objects in your backyard. 72 in los gados, and 63 in san
9:29 am
francisco. getting to the upcoming weekend temperatures will get a little warmer. close to 90 saturday and sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> look over here where we have a tough stretch. statistically highway 101 northbound, look how slow it is dragging past dela cruz. there were three crashes in the last half hour. north 58 all still recovering from a number of crashes this morning. a tough drive through the south bay. a little better on the peninsula, san mateo and palo alto, your usual suspects. bridges looking smoother now. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update coming up in half hour.
9:30 am
welcome back to today on this wednesday morning september 25th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al, natalie and mel b. important parenting question. tvs in the kids bedroom. >> no absolutely not. in the play room but not the bedrooms. >> i made that mistake with courtney who is 26 now. we put a tv in her room and it was a big mistake but when we were kids that was a big deal to have a tv. back in the day when they had just gotten color -- >> back in my day. >> back when the radio had pictures, i remember that. yeah. it was fantastic. >> there's a popular website cafe mom put the question would you put a television in your kid's bedroom.
9:31 am
one mom posted we have enough problems with them doing their homework without adding a tv into the mix. >> although it's different now because they can get so much video on their computer. you don't even have to have a tv in the room. >> we do have a computer in my oldest son's room but not a tv. >> i have an area off the kitchen where the computer is there so i can see what they're looking at. >> when they get older and up to high school age they probably need. >> what about tvs in your bedroom. do you have that? >> no. >> we do but we barely turn it on. with our hours, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> that's in the contract. >> it's all part of the deal. >> yeah, with my hours, come on. >> dad wants mom, come on. i don't want to watch tv. >> now it's getting weird, bringing batdad into it. >> come on, natalie. >> do you think he wears that
9:32 am
mask? >> i think he does. >> we took a total right turn. >> the weather batdad. >> let's bring you the weather even as we speak. all right. i'm going over here. come on. anyway, we're looking at a lot of rain now. it's just continually pelting florida. we've got this stationary front and it's not going anywhere plus add to that we have low pressure developing along this thing and as that develops, what we're going to be looking at for this weekend, this system is going to get itself together and make it's way possibly up the coast. we're not talking about any sort of a nor'easter but it's going to cause problems if it stays along the coast. in florida, river flood warnings into the weekend. rainfall generally about one to three inches of rain but the good news is things will dry out for our friends later >> 9:36. good morning. got a few showers on the breeze
9:33 am
later on today. i'm going to show you that in just a second. 69, though, in fremont. today 67 in san hose gray. it's going to be a cooler than average day. likely needing that sweater just about all day long. those showers move in. we have a windo between about 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. at 2:00, can you see a little bit of light precipitation. especially over the north and the east bay. warming towards the weekend. 6 and that's your latest weather. >> all right. reverse back to the regular al. thank you. well, this week michael j. fox is making his much anticipated return to television. >> he plays a family man who goes back to work after taking time off to focus on his parkinson's disease. >> it's a story out of fox's own life and a story near and dear to me. as some of you know, my own father has parkinson's. >> there he is. welcome home my friend. >> it is a homecoming of sorts for michael j. fox and for the character he plays on the michael j. fox show. both are returning to
9:34 am
television. >> we love you, bro. >> thanks man. thanks for man. >> reporter: fox plays mike henry, a family man that goes back to work as a local nbc anchor, five years after being sidelined by parkinson's disease. >> there's a scene in the first episode where your character breaks the news to his family, i'm going back to work. take me inside the moment when you broke the news to your family that you were going back to a series sitcom. >> i said to tracy, what do you think about me going back to work? and she thought i could do it but they were like you have to do something. because you're just hanging around the house. >> there's a line in the show that moved me where your character says what if i'm not the guy they remember when i go back to work. was he speaking at all for michael j. fox. >> yeah at a point in my life. the disclaimer is i have gone through a lot of stuff -- i didn't wake up and be in this place of poz activity and hearts and flowers and unicorns.
9:35 am
i went through a lot of stuff. >> reporter: when he was 30 years old, fox was diagnosed with parkinsons. he was told his career had 10 years left. >> set the table. >> reporter: that was 22 years ago. >> do you think you've lost anything as an actor or comedian because of parkinson's disease? >> it's changed me. it changed the way i worked. i can't rely on a quick eyebrow lift or express myself in a certain way facially. i just feel stuff more. what comes out i have less control over but it tends to be more honest. >> do you get tired of people saying michael, how are you feeling? there's a look people have. i've seen it with my dad too. they feel sorry for you. >> i have come to realize that those people and i have nothing against them, it's all coming from a good place but that's their own fear. oh, i really hope i don't get what you have. >> right. >> i'm in much better shape than you. >> egg me. >> everybody has their own -- >> can you not have a personal
9:36 am
victory right now? we are starving. >> we were like what is this show about? it's about control. we don't control. >> oh, that's good. >> reporter: fox may not always be in control but he's hell bent on not letting parkinson's control him. >> i have difficulty running and i can't turn sideways when i'm moving and talk. it's just a thing i can't do. we shot a scene in the park with the football and i ran 20 yards out and caught it over my shoulder and kept running because i said to myself i'm not going to tell myself i can't do this. i'm just going to do it and if i ball hits me on the side of the head and i fall down then that happened. >> you're not self-conscious at all. i don't get the impression that you are at all. >> no, vanity is really overrated. when i was 20, teenage girls had my picture on the wall, i don't need to be more than who i am. i just am who i am. >> natalie was one of them.
9:37 am
i did. i had a back to the future poster in my room. >> i did too. >> in addition to the show that comes out, fox is active working with the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research. i'm on the board of that foundation. my father came out publicly with the disease last year and i joined the board. the michael j. fox show premieres tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. what an incredible attitude he has about this. it's easy when you have parkinson's to shrink back and not want to put yourself out there. he is the exact opposite. he runs into it. >> he was so good in spin city. he kept that comedic timing. welcome back michael. glad to have you back. >> the question most parents asked themselves at some point. sit okay to fight in front of your kids? >> we'll talk to some parents and find out what expert versus to say on the issue. that's coming up right after this. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart,
9:38 am
is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? [ male announcer ] you know that family? the one whose eye for design is apparent in every detail? ♪ whose refined taste is best characterized by the company they keep? ♪ well...say hello to the newest member of the family. the cadillac srx.
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awarded best interior design of any luxury brand. take advantage of this exceptional offer on the 2013 cadillac srx with premium care maintenance included.
9:40 am
[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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[knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price. coverage checker from progressive. it's inevitable spouses will argue. but is it ever okay to fight in front of your kids? >> that was the basis for a wall street journal article we saw yesterday that sparked debate so we hit the streets around
9:42 am
rockefeller center to find out what you had to say. >> we don't fight in front of our children only because it usually causes them to fight as well. so we usually do it after they have gone to bed. >> the minor argument is fine but if it's out of control and cursing match i would say no. >> if you're arguing about the kids themselves or something that's distressing in a personal adult private context it's not appropriate. those are adult issues. >> if we do have a disagreement we don't raise our voice. we spell things out. >> i think kids will naturally go through problem solving as they grow up. fighting within the family unit, i don't think that adds to their life skills. >> no, i don't think it's appropriate but it's going to happen so i think as long as you're not name calling and being vicious about it. >> so here to weigh in is family psychologist jennifer and david is a father of five-year-old twin boys and the author of the
9:43 am
daddy complex and sarah miller is a mom to a three-year-old and the managing editor of huffington post. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what is arguing as opposed to fighting? >> and that's a really important question. arguing might be a bicker, a short disagreement but fighting is when there's much more emotional involvement. things are escalating. might be bordering on disrespect interactions because our emotions are running the show. those things you don want to do because the arguing is happening. >> it is inevitable. completely honest, how often do you raise your voice in front of your kids and fight with your spouse. >> depends on who has the remote but fights happen. it's unrealistic to think that they don't or you can hide them from kids. my wife and i try to -- we don't hide it but we also try to keep our heads in the game and know what's going on and make sure that we're not saying things that -- my rule is don't say
9:44 am
anything you wouldn't put on facebook. >> okay. >> that's good. >> i think i agree. my daughter is only 3 years old so we're coming out of that phase where it felt like you could say pretty much anything in front of her and she is kind of -- whether it was something that was maybe inappropriate for her to hear for other reasons or because we didn't want her to pick up on certain habits like biggering or arguing and now she is like a sponge. anything we do whether it's a attitude or type of conversation she is registering that. >> jennifer, but it's not just about the tone. it's also about the hostility in the air. even if you're giving your partner the silent treatment. kids are sensitive and they pick up on that stuff too. >> absolutely. they are sponging. there's research that shows that infants can pick up on just that angry tone and it changes the activity in their brain. so kids are picking up on whatever emotional vibe is going on around them. if you're giving your spouse silent treatment your child knows. if you're talking with your
9:45 am
teeth clenched they know. being able to put it out there and resolve it in front of them so they knee how to resolve the conflict, super important to see that it's possible to love someone, be mad at them, and move on. >> i would think it gets harder as your kids get older. i remember as a teenager my parents having a knockdown drag out and thinking they're going to break up. >> kids will do that. that's why the resolution part of it is so important. they need to see you can fight and get past it and make up and still love each other and be okay. >> what's most important is kids want to feel like they're in a safe and secure environment. if they feel like the situation is scary in anyway. >> all right. jennifer, david, and sarah, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> coming up next, she is back with two busy moms who turned great ideas into their dream with two busy moms who turned so ally bank really has noam hidden fees on savings accounts? no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job?
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but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions, or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex
9:49 am
if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. we're back now with two mothers who turned small ideas into big business. we reached out on our website and to soleil moon frye's community and found moms wanting to share. >> host of season three of homemade simple on the home network. good morning. >> good morning. >> a momma to be. >> i know my belly is getting bigger by the moment. >> we found great momprenuers. one mom, we found her on our website take a look.
9:50 am
>> erin is proof that good ideas come to those who wait. pregnant with twins, she spent 62 days on bedrest in 2000. with time on her hands she created custom thank you cards from her home printer. friends and family started asking her to make personalized stationary and holiday cards. one turned to three, turning her children's play room into a makeshift office. today she operates out of a 40,000 square foot facility and boasts over 100 employees and 1,000 customers every two days. >> and erin joins us with her products here. congratulations. >> thank you. it's great to be here. >> your story is great because it not only shows what you have done but i think also talks about the power of you have a simple idea and then it's all about like giving back but then also giving them more than they expect. giving the customer more than they expect. you started off when they would request one stationary set you
9:51 am
would send two. so word of mouth spread fast. >> i found out quickly how viral paper is. someone would order holiday cards and order 50 holiday cards and i would think if i give her 100, 50 more people would learn about it. >> that's genius. >> the most valuable was my time. if i already designed it and i'm going to print 50, print 50 more. >> brilliant marketing. >> what is it about this product that sets you apart. i've seen stationary before but i don't think i've seen this kind of stationary and other people succeed the way you have. >> a lot has involved into time management tools and you need to figure out, especially if you have kids at home, i have a little bit of time, how do i maximize that time? i used to put on the coffee pot at 7:30 when i put them down and print like mad. so i would maximize that time. a lot is built around that. >> we love what you have done. >> thank you. >> now, let's take a look at our second story and this one was
9:52 am
found on soleil moon frye's site. take a look. >> she started hedgehouse in 2011. a line of linens and throw beds. tired of watching her favorite pillows and couches get ruined she made a few portable ones for her children to play on. she soon discovered she had something stylish on her hands. she sold her goods at craft fairs and now it's sold in 47 stores nationwide. her work, world, and family life are always joined as her bedroom is her office, her warehouse is the garage, and her family, very much a part of the mix. >> and she joins us now. you actually had two failures with companies before this came about. >> 2,000 failures. >> well but it's an important point. some people would give up but you kept going, why? >> i'm insane.
9:53 am
but no, you know, it's important. my mother was an artist. my father is an artist. my sister is a jewelry designer. i'm always creating things and always making things and i've failed a lot and i just keep going. >> i am your biggest fan and when i got her letter, i'm such a huge fan, especially being pregnant this has been a savior for me, how do you put a value on your goods. that's a big question. how do you price your pieces? >> quality number one. everything here is top of the line, the best and versatility. how often you can use it in a million different ways and wa washability. >> and when you have the hard times you get back up again. >> you keep going. >> we're out of times. ladies, congratulations. erin, come on over. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
9:56 am
. good morning to you. it is 9:56. a couple in their 7 0z in san francisco is hoping they don't get evicted this morning. 74-year-old gum de lee and her husband raised seven children
9:57 am
inside this apartment building at jackson and markin. the building's new owner evicked all tenants a year ago under the ellis act, but the lees remain. the court says the property owner is not breaking the law. >> the east bay the manager of the san leandro safeway is in the hospital this morning because of the man in this video. according to police. employees at the supermarket say the man walked up to the manager and told him his wife lost her purse inside the store. the manager directed him to the lost and found. he punch the manager and ran away. police say the manager is in the hospital and is still not in a condition to speak. a calm start to your wednesday, but it's going to get windy out there. meteorologist christine loren looks at your forecast. >> thanks, marla. good wednesday morning. we have a good looking day. if you are looking forward for some changes in particular. lots of wind headed our way for today. turning down right blustery by this evening. a cool day in san jose at 67
9:58 am
degrees. 74 today in livermore. not a lot of separation between our microclimates today. temperatures climb by about five to eight degrees. back to the 80s. a touch of the 90s this weekend. >> moving quick. much more quickly than the cars. we'll take a live shot here southbound 880. this is your typical slowdown. we've been seeing this the lst couple of weeks as you head down from the dakotas to mission boulevard. into the south bay. we're your northbound route. still sticking around. tuesday and wednesday now becoming a big deal. we had a number of crashes to the south bay. the bay bridge toll plaza. we still have the backup from the oakland site. you see the movement from the fast track lanes, and it's starting to ease off. >> thanks. we'll be back at 10:26 with the next local news update. [ wind howling ]
9:59 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ in our own little corner in our own little world ♪ we're back upstairs. >> yeah. >> we knew it couldn't last. anyway, it's wines day wednesday. >> but look. >> look who is here to brighten our day. >> blake. you're so cute. anyway, blake shelton from "the voice" have never met blake shelton, my dog. >> in other words, the blake shelton of your dreams has never
10:01 am
met -- >> i know it's a little stalkerish that i named him after blake, but who cares? i wonder how it will go. >> i think it will go well. he seems to be the kind of guy that likes his truck, his woman and his dog. >> he does? >> and his guitar. and his guitar. >> keep looking at him. >> no bambino but kind of cute. >> look at his face. my gosh. >> i think he's prematurely gray. >> no, that's -- his belly is all white. all right. angela, my great dog walker. >> sitting here very quietly and be no trouble at all. >> hey, hey. let's talk about "the voice," though. auditions keep getting better. there were a couple of standouts. they keep getting better. let's take a look. ♪
10:02 am
>> my word! ♪ i had to find you >> blake! >> i love you. >> oh, my god. >> really interesting voice. ♪ to the east side >> jeffersons? yes! ♪ to a deluxe apartment to the sky ♪ >> i'm so honored to be on your team. >> come on. ♪ ever wonder what he's doin' how it all turns to life ♪ ♪ sometimes i think that it's better to never ask why ♪ >> i think i'm gonna go with adam. >> oh, my gosh. i think that's a good choice for her. that's a good choice for her. >> awesome, that last girl. >> look at -- all of them.
10:03 am
all of them just turn around. you know when you know. >> you know what? then when they turn around and they see what goes with "the voice" it's total confirmation. from jamaica, right? >> team adam. >> "the voice" airs monday nights and tuesday at 8:00, 7:00 central. we open the paper again -- >> oh, my gosh, just exhausted. massive coverage. >> what page was it on? in the middle. >> i think it's marked, hoda, for intelligent people. that's what that means. >> big two-page spread. and tomorrow, we're going to be talking again in the paper, "the daily news." >> i'm not found of the word spread, because it's part of menopause, but i'm happy with it there. we're not trying to save the world. although world peace would be good. >> we're talking about light and frivolous things. >> and will not probably advance
10:04 am
your life. probably make you smile, give you a little giggle. >> we each have a little bone to pick. >> you more than i, because you spend a lot more time there. you live there. >> in our apartment, have you ever been where there's construction going on in your neighborhood? >> they start putting up the scaffolding and nobody really knows what's going on. >> you think when is that going to be over? >> work has to be done. >> across the street. that's fine. i wonder when it's over. >> how long is it going to be? >> oh, work on this project is -- 2017. thank you for your patience. >> you know what i realized, hod? >> what? >> that's in time for my 31st wedding anniversary to my first husband. that's the day. it will be great. >> i cannot believe it's april of -- what year are we in? >> 2013. >> '14, '15, '16, '17. four years, they're going to be
10:05 am
digging, or whatever they're doing. >> i know. you have a year-to-year lease, hoda. >> i do? >> you can change things. >> do i? >> yes, you do. >> do i? >> yes, you do. >> nobody told me. >> i would like to know why your rent is not affected when all of your -- all of the so-called benefits you get from living on that street are incringed and infringed. >> we're not even showing what it's like. >> no. it's a disaster. and it's been that way already for a year, right? >> and a lot of patience. >> it's wines day, so we're wining about that. >> yes, we are. all right. lamar odom has broken his silence. >> yes. >> this is the first time he has broken out since his arrest for dui on the 30th of august. he spoke out via twitter and he was sort of blaming his absent father for his recent problems and crediting the kardashians for helping out.
10:06 am
>> he said i have let this man and others get a way with a lot all of my life. his demons may have been the only thing he gave to me. on the kardashian family, he says -- >> they are a blessing and the only ones that have been there consistently for me during this time, which says a lot, because it seems like khloe always stood by him. >> i've been in touch with kris again through all of this. it is that way. they love him. he is a really, really sweet person. and i think they're all hoping that even if he and khloe don't remain together that he's going to come through this, because he's basically a very good guy. >> good guy. >> yeah. miley cyrus, everybody is speak out. >> he said i only have myself to blame, even though he blamed his father, he said i only have myself to blame, which is not something we're hearing from miss miley yet. >> no. >> and tomorrow is probably not looking good either. >> miley is on the front cover of "rolling stones" and you know
10:07 am
that picture is something speci special. is she totally naked? >> apparently. >> she gave an interview and said while she was getting the words "rolling stone" tattooed on the bottom of her foot -- those are tattoos apparently. >> yeah. >> anyway, she said on her vma performance, no one is talking about the man behind the derriere. it was mileyt twerks on robin thicke never about robin thicke. >> she was the instigator. she was the tease. he is an adult and should know better, too. then again, it is the video awards and everybody has come to expect that sort of stuff. yeah. i mean, i have twerked with al recognizer and to me it's not that big of deal, but it was in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of young kids. >> you're right. but that video does exist, by
10:08 am
the way, of you twerking with al roker. it does. >> it was a big moment for me. >> of course it was. >> what does she sayjucht justin bieber? >> she said i do mentor him in a way and i have already transitioned and i don't think he has quite done it yet. she also warns him not to become vanilla ice. i tell him like you don't want to become a joke. when you go out don't start -- don't come in shirtless but the thing is i think boys are like -- seven years behind so in his head he's really like -- 12, like. yeah, she's transitioned. and sometimes in life that's a good thing and sometimes in life it's an unfortunate thing. >> she's mentoring justin bieber. >> she needs to show that she can be classy again and she needs to start letting her talent speak. >> she's very talented. >> she is a talented girl. what was it cher said?
10:09 am
don't show your tongue if it's coated. remember that? >> yes, she did. >> god bless cher. she tells it like it is. >> i love cher. >> usually i hate sequels, because they're never, ever as good. ever. but this one -- >> let me say it another way. the day after jeff daniels won an emmy, he was back on the set in atlanta, filming a sequel to one of my favorite movies ever, 1994's "dumb and dumber." >> this is the new photo. this one is called "dumb and dumber to," spelled t-o, in case you're wondering. it will be hilarious. that's jim carrey's real chipped tooth. he was on ellen and said it was cracked and that's the way it's going to be. >> when you only get paid $20 million a film, it costs a lot to fix a tooth. i could send him over to dr. larry right now and get that baby taken care of. >> yeah. you know what? >> i never understood why leon,
10:10 am
every time he had a fight, he would win $200 million for a fight, never went to the dentist apparently. i don't understand it. >> works out. you know who did arrive, who has just arrived in the building? we heard a rumor. blake shelton is here. blake shelton is in the building. >> he will not be allowed on our set -- oh, he made it. >> oh, nice of you to join us. >> he made it through the u.n. traffic of manhattan, which is not easy. >> not easy. >> the what traffic? >> the uniteded nati enations. >> the crappy traffic? are you talking about the -- >> that, too. >> we'll talk about blake in a moment. he will also meet my little blake. >> there's going to be, yeah, a very first-time experience. bill hader is here with "chance of meatballs." cute. ♪
10:11 am
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10:13 am
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10:14 am
nbc's "the voice," blake shelton has a track record of producing superstar. >> well, i don't want to brag. >> now he is back looking for new talent. >> is this yours? >> no, please, it's yours. >> and together with a gang who
10:15 am
likes to ruffle his feathers from time to time. shall we take a look? >> you know who stevie wonder is, right? >> i do. i've performed with him. you're about to drop some names. >> blake, that hurt my feelings. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> it's about you. it's about you right now. >> i still have a man crush on you, though. >> wow, you seem to have sexual tension with pretty much anybody. don't you? >> hello. >> it's palpable. >> this is my moment. you ask the questions. i'm just going to listen. >> enjoy. how is the new season going, blake is this. >> yeah, how is it? >> are you kidding me? we're all back together again. so i love that. >> did you say love?
10:16 am
so is it fun to have the whole group back together, you, christina, c. lo and adam? it seems to fit. i like that group. >> the four of us started the thing together, you know. there's still that -- i mean, we just fell right back into that thing again. >> yeah, you did. >> and we love each other and we're very competitive. >> in a healthy way, in a good way. >> in a good way. we really don't give a crap about the other people's performances. we're only about ourselves when it comes to that. >> you know what? i admire your honesty. i really do. it's rare. rare. >> you won -- >> you can say it. >> every one except one. >> and i'm still not sure -- >> you should have won that one. >> that's legally -- >> why don't they all pick you? >> in other words why don't they go with the winner? >> why are they going with the other coaches?
10:17 am
>> well, i mean, what would you do? >> i would be gracious and kind and pray for everybody. >> so, you're not very honest, are you? i don't know. i just have fun. i just have fun on the show. maybe that's why -- >> it works. >> some of those artists come with me. they know they're not going to be -- i'm probably going to be drunk and passed out during rehearsals anyway and they're like, i can do whatever i want. >> you're going to be a blast. >> yeah. >> you have to meet someone. i can't wait anymore. let's see. where is he? >> come here. come here. oh, come here! >> this is a moment. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is really live, happening on tv, meeting. like one of those reunion things where you find a lost family member. >> i know. >> how are you doing, blake? >> there's even more sexual uz him. i've seen s o many pictures of him, i feel like i know him. >> he's smelling you.
10:18 am
>> give him here. give him here. >> he's smelling you. oh, you are a cute dog. yes, you are. >> do you like that? oh, my god. >> a ton of dogs at home with your wife, don't you? >> oh, yeah. in fact, my wife just got another dog like three days ago. >> another rescue? >> another rescue. >> what kind? >> i don't know. i don't know what it is. nobody knows. it's a puppy. >> how many do you have? >> i think that's like five or six dogs that we have now. >> are you fostering them or do you keep them? >> i wish to god we were fostering them, but they have long-term like lifetime fostering. >> what's going on here? what is going on here? >> see, he needs a man in his life, hodie. >> oh, my gosh. we're going to take a couple of fan questions. we have people downstairs who want to ask you some things with brittany. >> blake, carrie wants to know
10:19 am
what song you like to perform live. >> i really like "lick it up" by kiss. i guess "old red" and "boys around here." >> let's do the chorus. wait a minute. >> you don't even know your own lyrics. >> how does it go? ♪ those boys around here that i talkin' about girls talkin' about trucks red dirt roads kickin' up dust ♪ >> trucks and dust don't rhyme. ♪ don't take no spit chewin' tobacco zblrchl chewin' tobacco spit ♪ >> that was a great i hoda song, too. >> yes, it was brit. what else do we have? >> have you ever chosen someone that you wondered why you picked
10:20 am
them after? >> and name names, if you're so honest. >> no, i haven't. >> there you go. >> i mean, there's people that -- we all meet people and eventually wonder why we ever hung out with them, you know what i mean? >> wonder what we liked about them the first time around. what was that? how could i have been so wrong? >> you seemed so cool -- but i don't know. i'm sure that's happened in the show. honestly, when you get down to those last three or four, you've gotten so you're such a cheerleader and you've gotten so attached to them, i haven't had a problem with any of those final people. >> but a lot of people don't have the stamina that it takes to be a winner. they might be able to give one great performance but they don't have the range in terms of -- to go on. >> sure. >> yeah. >> we have time for one more question downstairs. oh, you want to spin the bottle? sorry, brit.
10:21 am
we don't have time. you want to spin the bottle? get over there. >> that will work. >> what does this mean? >> can you grab that? thank you, baby. that means there's a question from me on the back. >> this will take forever. >> no, hoda will read it. beer or hard liquor, box ers or brief briefs, adam or miranda. >> i didn't ask that question. >> yes, you did. >> no, i did not. >> they pay you to ask questions like that? >> boxers. >> do you wear thongs? >> yeah. >> ask miranda. >> just to the beach. >> all right. >> adam or -- come on. >> that's not nice and not funny, joann. >> we love you. >> glad i got to meet blake. >> "the voice" monday and tuesday nights at 8:00, 7:00 central on, you know, nbc. thanks for coming by. >> thank you.
10:22 am
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whoa. i fthe rich dark chocolate.te! york peppermint pattie get the sensation. show-stopping glamour. a little leopard, a lot of roar. our most fabulous jacket collection. only at chico's and >> good morning. 10:26. a student at a south bay high school returned to class for the first time since learning the popular teacher has been arrested. santa clara police arrested hugo cortez guzman yesterday after
10:27 am
questioning him about an allegation of unlawful sex with a minor. he is a teacher at santa clara high school. the school sent a letter to parents and students last night informing them of his arrest. the school says cortez-guzman has been placed on leave pending the investigation and asks that no one form "unfounded conclusions." we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
>> welcome back. the time 10:28. i'm christina.
10:29 am
deceptive sunshine over the city by the bay. still school out there. we have a wind chill factor factor as well. 71 for gilroy. just 63 degrees. will the wind force a postponement of america's cup final race? i think so, but maybe not. we'll have it for you right here 1:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. warmer tomorrow. check your drive. >> there's wind kicking that flag around the area, and still slout south 808 and approaching mission. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's starting to ease off the curb, of course. golden gate bridge, things are moving smoothly, but you might see folks around the area. >> christina mentioned if the weather cooperates, the america's cup will be decided today. the sailing competition is tied up at 8:00 as a defender, team oracle and team usa mounted a huge comeback against emirates team new zealand.
10:30 am
it's set for 1:16. a live preview from the stan frisk waterfront. that's in 30 minutes at is 11:00. hope to see you then. and we're back with more on this wines day wednesday. playing who knew. in case you didn't know, it's menopause awareness month. kathi lee is having a hot flash. she's going to hand out a hundred bucks to those who get the questions right. and those who don't, they get a kathi lee cd. lucky them. madeline fehrnstrom and tonya donaldson. are you ready? all right. let's go. >> this is an adorable lady from florida. in sex and the city two, what vegetable did samantha overeat
10:31 am
in an attempt to stave off menopause? sweet potatoes, yams, eggplants, or carrots? >> carrots. >> nope, nope, no. 14 original songs. it's fantastic. the correct answer is yams. i remember that have the movie. what do they do? >> yams is an old wives tale. an ingredient that doesn't get converted in our body. it's not harmful, but it's not going to help you. >> can you stave off menopause with foods or anything like that? >> not really. you can help symptoms with some stuff. >> okay. back across the street. >> this lady is from mississippi. one of these foods may help reduce hot flashes. spicy chicken swings, iced coffee, champagne, or soy nuts. >> it has to be champagne. >> you're wrong, but i agree with you. >> it's not champagne. it is not. >> have fun with my cd.
10:32 am
do you have a grandchild? yes, perfect. >> the correct answer here, soy nuts. the soy, i guess is the thing that does it. >> it helps with the weak estrogen. but you need to have three or four servings a day. you have to do this over time. and the other three, caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods can trigger a hot flash. >> they do? okay. all right. back across. >> i doubt this guy knows anything at all about menopause. but he's from massachusetts, so we'll give him a try. which golden girl mistakenly thought she was pregnant only to find out she was actually going through menopause. is it dorothy, rose, blanche, or sophia? do you even know who they are? >> i do. i'm going to say rose. >> no. big day for kathi lee. >> the answer is blanche. the symptoms are similar?
10:33 am
>> people also think they're too young. they think they may be pregnant, but they're not. it doesn't just stop one day. it's a process that can last up to ten years. >> ten years? okay. back across to kath. >> lovely lady from portland, maine. what is the average age of women for menopause in the united states? 49, 51, 53, 55 years old. >> 51. >> that's the magic number. it's different based on the country. so specifically to the u.s. it's 51. but in places like india, it's 44. it's a geographical difference. >> wow. i wonder what explains that. >> i don't have the answer. >> actually, in your country periods stop at 50, but the official end is one year after the period. so no accidental pregnancies there. >> time for one more. >> all righty. darn i was hoping we'd get to liam neeson who's sitting here. it's his wife. okay. you want to do this together? >> we can.
10:34 am
what is a menopo the? herbal tea, excess belly fat, elastic undergarment, or crunchy snack? >> you want to take this one, babe? >> sure. i'm going to go with "b." >> yeah. >> belly fat. monopot. is that a real term? >> it is. the estrogen determines where you have the fat go. when estrogen goes away, then it accumulates in the belly and you become apple shaped. >> how can you fight that? >> there's so many things happening. eat smarter, less fat, a lot of fruits and vegetables, cut the calories. and your metabolism slows. get more exercise. you can avoid that. the extra fat has to come from the tummy. >> thanks for coming to see us. oh, my gosh. he made us laugh on "snl" and now bill hader is taking his jokes to the big screen in a delicious adventure. we're going to talk to him right
10:35 am
after this. laugh in his new adventure. we'll talk to him after this. [ female announcer ] introducing quaker real medleys bars and oatmeal plus! real fruit plus real nuts plus real multigrains equals real delicious! quaker real medleys, your on-the-go burst of goodness! quaker up. nice! it out.r on-the-go burst of goodness! at&t's samsung galaxy s4 active. what's active? it's like the s4 but it can get dirty and it's water resistant. so i can take it to the pool and the beach? yeah. awesome! get a $40 gift card when you buy a
10:36 am
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[ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! sometimes all you need is the smooth, creamy tasteruits chews. of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. now make your own caramel creations at home with new werther's original baking caramels. for eight seasons, bill hader made us laugh out loud playing animated characters on "saturday night live." he has moved on, people! >> yes, he has. >> "cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2." >> a wacky inventor who finds himself on an island overrun by food animals that threaten to take over the world.
10:39 am
>> but it's his fault. >> take a look. >> i can get them. i can get them. >> look at the mangos. >> you minute flamingos. >> there's a bunch of shrimp. >> they look like chimpanzees. >> shimpanzees. >> shimpanzee. >> there's a leak in the boat! >> ahh! >> there's a lot going on. >> yeah. >> the plot is kind of hard to follow. >> yeah. >> so nice to see you again. it picks up right where the last one ended. >> yes, yes. >> we enjoyed that thoroughly, even though we're adults with a little bit of intelligence. >> we went to karate kid thing. "karate kid 2" picks up right where "karate kid" leaves off. >> and you accomplished it. >> we did. >> do you enjoy these animated films? >> i do. it's nice. it is weird because you are just in a booth by yourself, screaming your lines.
10:40 am
>> and you said you didn't realize how much you use yourd hands when you talk, huh? >> yeah. i do like this with my hands a lot and when we went and saw the movie, clint lockwood is like doing this. and my wife is like, oh, gosh. i have to deal with that all the time. it's like, we've got to get out of here. come on. we've got to go. >> they videotape you while you're doing, what, 20 takes per thing? >> every line you do the same thing like, barry, we've got to go. come on, we've got to go. come on, we've got to go. like over and over again. >> don't you think people make up their mind? >> in the editing room, they sit there -- >> particular art form, isn't it? and a great cast of people in there with you. >> yeah. anna is back, andy sandberg. >> kristen chenoweth. >> no, kristen shah. >> who plays the little monkey? >> neil patrick harris. >> i get them confused all the time. >> you are not the only person in america. no. i think you are the only person
10:41 am
in america. what is neil patrick harris doing here? we asked for kristen. >> in many seasons that you're not going to be on, how will that feel, turning on the tv saturday night and checking it out? >> i'm excited. we were at seth meyers' wedding, talking about it and now i'm like a fan, like what are the new people like? i'm all excited. >> are you wishing them well or hoping for their demise? >> no. >> oh, that is my favorite. james carville. >> i'm excited because, i mean -- i'm just excited to see what they do. amy poehler said it's like going to your own funeral, watching the first show. i was like what? good. i have that to look forward to. she said it's like watching your own funeral. >> we've seen you on all those commercial. they're ridiculous. >> t-mobile commercials? >> yeah. >> are those your words or
10:42 am
theirs? >> no, these guys, adam and dave, canadian film makers did those. some of them, i -- that one i helped out. that's the one i pitched, what if a guy started to take my phone and he doesn't want it because it stinks and i picked up three other ideas that they very politely said, no. that was one of theirs. that's one of theirs, too. this is based on my real life. that's based on my real life. that's how i met my wife, right there. yep. >> have you gone hollywood since you moved out to l.a. now? i know you try to be a solid citizen, good husband, good father and all this stuff. >> yeah. >> is it all falling apart since you moved to la, la land? >> no. look at me. look how i'm dressed, still wearing new balance. not at all. no paparazzi. it's mostly, hey -- oh. >> good luck with the film. >> thank you. >> had fun. >> hoda didn't like it.
10:43 am
>> we all know, we heard her in the screening going, "boo." food can't do that. >> it's a lot of fun. >> it's "cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2." your little ones are going to love it. >> you're crazy. >> coming up, he's not talking meatballs. we're talking to jamie deen. >> we'll get to business in our kitchen with him. [ female announcer ] don't miss out on jcpenney cash days.
10:44 am
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10:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it's time healthy gets a dose of happy. new yoplait greek. bye-bye, stir. so long, sour. hello, happy. it's time to lick the lid again. ♪
10:47 am
it is time to head in to "today's" kitchen from a true southern cook, jamie deen. >> his famous mama, paula deen always fixed southern dishes for her family growing up in georgia and today he carries on the tradition. >> new book called "jamie deen's good food." >> good food y'all. look how lucky i am today.
10:48 am
who cares about pie? >> you and blake shelton, and bill hader. >> we were all in houston a few weeks ago and mama and bobby were in dallas i started coming out with "good food." it's tremendous to -- that's right after i said, mama, that's an ugly cry. i did. >> of course you did. >> she's on the mend. >> she is. mama's fantastic. we've been through so many challenges in our life and, you know, it's just one of those things. >> you find out who your friends are and who they aren't. >> quick. we love you guys. thank you for having me. >> you bet. what are we making today? >> best pie you've ever eaten out of the best cookbook ever written. >> sounds pretty good. salty caramel is good. everybody is doing it. we've been eating pecan pies forever. salty caramel pecan pie with a pretzel crust. start with this much. crumble it up. i have that perfectly crumbled.
10:49 am
>> and i'm ruining it. i'm trying to be helpful. >> we've got some butter and some sugar and a little bit of flour that's going to bind this together. like my mama. >> get every bit of it. look, you both have lost some weight. >> we have. can't do anything about being old but i don't have to be fat. that's what i like about this book. i use it so much with our kids, this is kind of what we eat. it's not healthy -- it's not a diet book but it's healthier. good options for us. let's start with the butter and the corn syrup and all the good stuff. >> yeah, yeah. >> press this in here. >> this is what it looks like, all right. >> and we've got our filling going. we're going to add a couple of eggs. now, this is a perfect any time of the year, because we just love pec ans. >> what's in there, chocolate? >> brown sugar, corn syrup and this has the salt in it. this is where the salty comes from. what we're going to do with this, y'all, you press that out,
10:50 am
put it in the oven, precook it for ten minutes. we may never get it done. >> i'm not -- you have to work on that one. >> cooks for 15 minutes. you can do this the night before so it can set up. would you like lemon or pecan? >> i like them both. i'm going to have a little bite of both. >> pecan pie can be runny. give it time to set up. i just love it. this is one of my favorites. all of the guys here, everybody y'all can see is lining up for it. you can't have a southern book without a jell had been o so we have a jell-o salad. he has been waiting. better than rhubarb, brother. i'll tell you that. >> this is your wife's recipe? >> she does that for the holidays. i thought a jell-o salad? it's fantastic. >> i love y'all. >> we love you. kids are back in school. do you wish you were, too?
10:51 am
>> great options if you want to learn something new. first this is "today" on nbc.
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10:54 am
the kids are back in school and you're ready to shake things up but figuring out what you want to do is often harder than making the decision to do. >> we have help to get you started, author of "the adult student," insider's guide of going back to school and sharon epperson is cnbc's professional correspondent. >> a lot of people want to go back to school and that can be a daunting idea for people, can't it? >> it can be. you have to figure out how much time you have in your day, an empty nester versus someone with a preschooler will have different times available. >> whether you can afford it, whether the degree will be worth it, the certificate or whatever
10:55 am
you're going back for. >> and technology has probably changed a lot since you went to school last time. you better be up-to-date on those kinds of skills. >> absolutely. be up-to-date on those kinds of skills and you may choose to take the course online as well. >> you see a lot of those online degrees advertised on tv. are those -- not legitimate but something an employer would look at and say, great, you went there. that's fine. >> certainly in the past they may have -- in the last five years, it's largely been removed, thankfully. state schools and community colleges have programs online and a lot of for-profit online institutions are regionally accredited now, the same standard as a traditional school. >> costs a lot less, don't it? >> less, and what you need to focus on is the skills you need to get. whether you're getting them from an online course, community college, you want to get the skills and show you're marketable in whatever it is you want to do. that's the main point. >> i want to go back and do something. where is there a need for employees? >> there's always a need for health care.
10:56 am
all that we're talking about with the changes, definitely a growing field, technology. then you might think this is a little wonky. accounting. people want account ants. there are creative jobs out there, social media marketing. >> right. can you get loans for school? how do you go about doing that? >> just as you would with traditional college, you can get a student loan. a lot of these online colleges have self funding, 0% interest, which is beneficial. and for traditional education applies for online education. >> same things we tell people to do to apply to college in general you need to do. that main thing is to get that federal form filled out, free application for federal student aid. start there. a lot of the loans you're going to get from the government as well as the institutions are going to come, based on what you put on that form. that's a key place to start. >> we're hearing so much lately about how is it worth the cost of education to get that degree?
10:57 am
let's have you back and you can talk about that. >> find the scholarships that are out there. >> thank you, ladies. tomorrow, "parenthood" star, actor peter kraus is with us. >> and can solve everything but your broken heart.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> a very popular teach we are students and staff, so this is going to be very psychologically traumatic for our students. >> right now at 11:00 students at a south bay high school are in shock as a math teacher is placed on leave. he now sits in jail accused of having sex with a minor. good morning, and thanks for being with us. i'm marla te wr ez. john kelly has the day off. students, parents, teachers and parents at santa clara high school, a well-liked teacher now facing some serious charges. nbc bay area bob riddell is at the school now. i know you just spoke to the principal and many othern


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