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tv   Today  NBC  December 12, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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. good morning. too close for comfort. the interpreter just steps from the president now explains he was having a schizophrenic episode. >> please, forgive me. a new interview with nbc news this morning. the question, how did he get so close to so many world leaders. temperatures in the teens and even single digits. get ready, another major snow storm is on the way. scared and safe. the international space station suffers a serious malfunction. so what needs to be done to keep those astronauts safe? and going for gold.
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the award season revs up this morning as the golden globe awards are announced today, thursday, december 12, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning, i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer, we have cold weather in the northeast and in many parts of the country you will have much more on that and that storm that's headed in our direction. >> this will be the fifth storm in a row in the last five weeks. crazy stuff. >> we want to get to our top story. >> a new interview with the man who ired people for faking sign language interpretation at nelson mandela's memorial service. nbc's ron allen is in pretoria, south africa with the story. ron, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning savannah, this fiasco could perhaps not come at a worst time during the days of mourning for the late president, nelson mandela. but the interpreter at the memorial service the other day who claim is a complete fraud has emerged today to try and explain his bizarre behavior. this morning the interpreter at the center of the nelson mandela controversy spoke out, defending his performance. >> i have been doing sign language all these years. >> how many years? >> not a question. >> reporter: in a series of interview, he says he is currently a patient receiving treatment for schizophrenia, that he had a breakdown during the event. >> i was excited, i started hearing things in my ears. >> reporter: the interpreter tells nbc news, he has been hospitalized because of his schizophrenia, which also led him to be violent in the past. >> sometimes i will edge on violent on that place. >> reporter: it happened as the
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world listened to president obama and other world leaders eulogize nelson mandela. deaf and hearing impaired were watching him and they say understanding nothing. on south african television, who uses its own interpreter for the deaf, the difference was apparent. outrage on twitter. please get rid of this clown interpreter. these pictures show him interpreting at another event a year ago. professionals reviewed his work and say he is a complete fraud. >> i couldn't watch what he would create out of it. it's zero percent accuracy, really. >> reporter: she says one word she did recognize was help. >> did you hear about the sign language interpreter? >> reporter: it got the attention of the late night comics. >> watch what he did here, it's quite obvious. >> reporter: security experts say it's no joking matter. >> this should never happen again, nowhere in the world with
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any world leader. if there needs to be someone signing next to the world leader, it should be a video. >> reporter: meanwhile, this morning, new questions of what happened still linger. the south african government is responsible for the interpreter and hired him. this morning a spokesperson says a huge mistake was, in fact, made. an investigation is under way as south africa tries to focus on its long farewell to nelson mandela. savannah. >> ron allen, what a story. thank you very much. >> i think the problem is in fact, if he is mentally ill, there should be no stigma. the problem he admits in the past he has been violent as a part of this schizophrenia, then, something, you can't let a person like that next to world leaders. >> footsteps away from world leaders. you wonder what kind of background check, if any, was done. here at home, that blast of brutally cold weather is standing. >> we have some amazing video to
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show you. this is about 20 miles northwest of dallas. there was some melting. just look at this ice just careening off a roof at the great wolf lodge there, then this is colorado, an ice dam breaks, tons of ice comes running down. bitterly cold air and then some thawing and then bitterly cold air. we'll be back to this cold air continuing. it stretches across two-thirds of the country. right now minneapolis is at 7. nart national falls is at 27 belows. feels like it is 15 below in chicago. 18 in roanoke. boston feeling like it's 11 degrees. this afternoon, it doesn't warm up very much. it will feel like 1 above, 1 below. washington 11 and we're watching this storm now make its way from the pacific northwest and it splits off. another system forms along the delmarva peninsula by saturday into sunday.
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snowfall amounts, this again, differing models, but we're going with the european model. up to a foot of snow in upstate new york. just to the north of new york city, six to nine inches. some may slide into the city, itself. it extends as far as st. louis. we're watching a pretty big storm that will continue to develop and the cold air is just going to stay with us for two-thirds of the country right on through the weekend. >> again the european model, though. >> we all love european models. al, thanks. right now nasa engineers are working to address a serious issue that could require a space walk in the coming days. tom costello has the latest. tom, what can you tell us? >> reporter: they have been working on the ground in houston and nasa is still working to determine what shut down a cooling station yesterday. they suspect a faulty valve and
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they are hoping a software match will fix this. but if that doesn't work, they could have to perform a spacewalk. after the system went down, the astronauts turned off nonessential equipment and rerouted to another cooling loop. board right now, three russian, two americans and one japanese astronaut. space walks have not been allowed since an italian was filled with water during a space walk last july. it likely would okay a repair walk, if necessary. >> another story we're following. this terrifying video of last july's plane crash in san francisco and learning more about the pilot who was at the controls. >> yeah, pilot cook was training pilot flying into san francisco under supervision and now appears he relied too heavily on the flight's automated flight systems that he may not have
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fully understood. then cartwheeling down the runway before slamming to the ground. now, an ntsb investigation has found the training pilot, who was flying the plane, was confused by the plane's automated settings. ntsb chairman debbie. >> when we have a situation where we have a pilot in command who doesn't really understand what mode they're in, not aware of what mode a crew might be in. i mean, that's a real issue of confusion. >> reporter: the confusion was over the auto-throttle system that monitors the air speed and triple 7. it was disengaged when the pilot switched off the auto-pilot to manually fly into san francisco. assuming it was working, no one in the cockpit noticed their air speed was falling dangerously low until just seconds before the crash. by then it was too late. veteran safety experts say they have seen too many examples of pilots relying too heavily on automation at the expense of
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basic flying skills. >> they were taught to rely on the systems all the time, but they're not taught to, you know, question the system. >> reporter: the korean pilot system a boeing law confused the two. but they contend it is widely used and flying the plane is up to the pilot, not the computer. >> the pilot is the final authority for the operation of the airplane. we try not to put in design elements that can override the pilot. >> reporter: automation addiction in the cockpit is a serious issue. >> we do have an issue in aviation that needs to be dealt with with respect to automation and performance when it comes to the interaction between the aircraft and the human being. >> reporter: overnight asiana released a statement saying we at asiana again express our sorrow for the loss of life and the injuries sustained in the accident and restate our
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commitment to taking the steps necessary to ensure that such an accident never happens again. a great deal of focus on asiana training procedures in korea. guys, back to you. >> tom costello with all the headlines, thank you. let's turn to politics now, the house is expectsed to vote today on the bipartisan budget agreement that was reached earlier this week. but getting it past is not going to be as easy as some might have thought. house speaker john boehner is lashing out at conservative groups who are critical of the deal. chuck todd is nbc chief white house correspondent and political director. chuck, good morning to you. speaker's ba eer boehner's crit pretty blunt, wasn't it? >> it was. this has to do with the government shutdown a couple months ago, matt. built up expectations with parts of the republican place. really seeming to anger the republican leadership. but they went along with him. government shutdown turned out to be bad politics and now when they came out against this paul
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ryan budget deal did john boehner lash out. take a listen yesterday. >> most major conservative groups, are you -- >> you mean the groups that came out and opposed it before they ever saw it? >> yes, those groups. >> they're using our members and they're using the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. >> now, matt, again, this all goes back to the shut down where a lot of the republican leaders essentially went along with the tail wagging the dog idea. let these conservative groups lead the way. turn out to be bad politics and so this is in many ways the establishment fighting back. we've seen it inside the republican party for the last couple of months and now i think you're seeing it come to a head. >> it also goes to spending cuts because some of those conservative groups are opposed to this bipartisan agreement because they lift some of the spending cuts by the sequester which leads me to mitch mcconnell. the minority leader in the senate. he was in favor of many of those
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spending cuts. what is he now saying and how important is his support to this bipartisan agreement? >> well, in many ways the senate republicans particularly like mitch mcconnell running for eelection in 2014 has a primary challenge from the right. remember, he is the one of the architect reopening the government and at that time, matt, he said, i'm for this. reopen the government and thought the shut down over health care was a bad idea. he said, you know what, let's not touch the spending levels. he had drawn a line in the sand and bad politics for him to flip now, but, again, he has a free vote. but this is a larger issue, matt. this is the republican party leadership trying to retake control of their republican party away from the tea party conservatives. >> chuck todd at the white house, chuck, thanks very much. meantime, let's go to natalie following a deadly plan accident in hawaii. >> a prominent health official in hawaii was killed wednesday during a plane crash. one of nine people aboard a flight and director of hawaii's
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department of health. the cessna went down shortly after takeoff. the eight other passengers survived. no word yet on what caused the plane to go down. an investigation is under way this morning into an apparent fraternity ritual gone wrong that led to the death of a new york college student. authorities say it happened during a weekend trip to it poconos. 19-year-old dang, a freshman was injured during a hazing ritual outside the house. police say he was driven to a hospital where he later died. he was a pledge of an asian american fraternity. the college had no prior knowledge of the event. well, this one sounds like something out of the movie "hangover" a stuffed white leopard worth $250,000 was among the items stolen during a wild party at a mansion in southern california. 16 people, including 13 teenagers were arrested after throwing a party where an estimated $1 million in damage was done. among other items stolen,
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helmets from mid-evil times and thousands of dollars in armani suits. more than 100 people attended that party and some suspects were caught after they posted photos of themselv on social media sites. >> good idea. >> good idea there. a fiery crash at a gas station in houston, texas, was caught on camera. you can see this chaotic scene as a speeding jeep collides with a van pulling out of a gas station. the out of control jeep didn't stop there and continued on forward and then slammed into a gas pump setting it on fire. no one was seriously injured. investigators say the woman driving the jeep was pulled from the burning car by a good samaritan. well, cell phones on air planes is the not so popular idea we first heard about last month and today the fcc is expected to take action and if approved cell phones and texting and other mobile services will be permitted when aircraft are flying above 10,000 feet. passengers would not be permitted to use cell phones during takeoff and landing, however. major league baseball pitching a new rule.
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now, this would throw out those collisions at home plate. that is where the runners slam into the catchers hoping to knock the ball loose. but because of injury concerns concussions, this is driving the league to do away with the play. the rules committee plans to present the measure to owners for approval at their january meeting. the players' association must also approve it. and wait until you hear this one. a 16-year-old canadian boy who would make elvis proud. take a listen. ♪ i'll have a blue christmas without you ♪ ♪ i'll be so blue that is david sable singing elvis' "blue christmas." now this video has already 500,000 hits and certainly just the beginning for this young talent. i hear johnny cash, incredible voice. but lots of elvis. unbelievable for 16.
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>> can we go back quickly to the major league baseball story. the rule you can't have a collision at home plate. my son plays little league. they have those rules. you must slide into home plate. not go in high and knock down the catcher. >> i never thought that was a play. i always thought that was an accident. >> major, major times in baseball history where that has decided a game and there have been some really bad injuries, too. >> looks dangerous. >> natalie, thanks. mr. roker, you're so busy. >> let's talk about the lake-effect snow we're seeing in upstate new york. so far in the last 24 hours, we've seen about two feet of snow between dunkirk and buffalo and you go to the tug hill plateau and red field, new york. 26 inches and glenwood 24 and we'll look at more of the same. in fact, buffalo, looking at snow showers.
7:17 am
later this afternoon into this evening snow squalls will set up and more heavy snow there. in fact, from erie to buffalo, we're talking about 9 to 12 inches of snow. but, again, the heaviest snow between watertown, syracuse, new york, upwards of a foot and a half to two feet of snow on top of what they've already gotten. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. . another chilly start to the
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bay area this morning as you can see numbers in the 30s and 40s, clear skies now in san francisco. we should see numbers climbing through the upper 50s as we get into the afternoon. you see around the peninsula, 58 in palo alto, 59 san jose, upper 50s san francisco, mid-50s in napa. seven-day forecast shows warmer changes ahead. the temperatures climbing into the mid-60s next week. the movies to beat with seven nominations each. nbc joe is in los angeles this morning with the latest. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. early in the aaward season. those two movies are leading the pack. when it comes to the golden globes one is a drama and the other fits into the comedy category. they won't go head-to-head for
7:19 am
"12 years a slave" the movie about a free man sold into slavery continued to rack up nominations, seven in all. in addition to best dramatic picture and director. >> flowers but with garbage. >> reporter: "american hustle" earned seven nominations including best comedy picture and director. all made the cut. amy adams, bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence who won a globe last year"silver linings playbook." the cohen brothers and science fiction romance and the black and white movie, "nebraska" which grabs five nominations including bruce dearn. >> now, i'm just telling you the truth.
7:20 am
>> reporter: on the drama side, in addition, the best picture nominees "captain phillips" "gravity" and a mild surprise "rush." >> hey, there he is. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest snub, lee daniels "the butler" which was a box office hit, yet received no nominations, not even one for oprah winfrey. >> who makes that decision? >> reporter: meryl streep already the most nominated performer in golden globe history earned her 28th nod for her role in "august county." on the tv side, some shows that are only streamed online got nominations including "house of cards" "arrested develop" and "orange is the new black." they air january 12th. coming up on this thursday morning, danish prime minister take critics of her selfie with
7:21 am
president obama. more drama with celebrity chef at the trial of her former assistant, we'll be there live. the tweet heard around the world for the second year in a row. twitter shares with us the tweet that set the internet on fire. was it the miley cyrus/robin thicke moment. all tweeted heavily per minute, but they did not win the honor or the distinction. go to orange room and let us know what you believe it be the most shared tweet of the year. but, first, this is "today" on nbc. nbc.
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good thursday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. witnesses in san jose say an armed man walked into the gym at oak grove high school and stole cash meant for the school's band. about 100 people were attending a weekly bingo fund-raiser when the suspect approached the people and said he had a gun and took the cash. no word on how much he got away with. >> b.a.r.t. and its two big unions will be at the bargaining table again. last month b.a.r.t.'s board rejected a contract because of a family leave proceedings. the two will sit down with a federal mediator at 10:00 this morning. a wild chase came to an end in the east bay overnight. sirens blaired, sparks flew as
7:27 am
the suspect ran over a spike strip. the chase was connected to an operation targeting violent gangs. no one was hurt. >> i want to check the forecast now with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> good morning. off to a crisp clear start around the bay area as we watch sun rise. san jose, clear skies and feeling chilly outside as we get toward the afternoon though, we'll be close to 60 in san jose, upper 50s around the peninsula for palo alto, upper 50s san francisco and into the north bay a bit cooler, 56 in napa, 59 oakland, the trend will be turning warmer. both for the morning temperatures climbing into the mid-30s to mid-40s around the bay. look at the san francisco highs, mid to upper 60s next week. we'll see more of that, too, for places like san jose climbing up to temperatures straight on through the weekend. >> that's good news. we like the trend. we don't care for this trend necessarily. the bay bridge toll plaza was
7:28 am
thinning out, now filling in again for that heading into the city. we have the backup past west grand avenue and off the berkeley curve. a slower drive building through berkeley off the richmond/san rafael bridge heading to the bridge we have reports of metal pole sticking out so be careful. a crash 242 at concord involving a motorcyclist. one lane is blocked toward the walnut creek interchange and slower south out of pleasanton. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. the 12th day of december, 2013. what a pretty shot from the top of the rock looking north. that is the hudson river in the background. you can even see the george washington bridge back there and, of course, all of central park in the foreground. pretty morning. cold morning, though. 24 degrees in central park. nothing, though, compared to that image. that's buffalo new york and the temperature there about ten degrees. we're back inside here we go. after sunrise out on our facade in rockefeller center. studio 1a and we're warm inside. doing just fine. some stories making news today. in a new interview with nbc news
7:31 am
that interpreter at nelson mandela's memorial claims he was suffering a schizophrenic episode on stage. he also apologized for his performance. dramatic new video shows the crash in san francisco back in july. this was released by the ntsb during a hearing on that accident. that investigation continuing. and nasa engineers are working to solve a problem with a cooling pump on the international space station. they say the six-member crew is in no immediate danger. and still to come this morning, we're going to take you inside a cool that could be one of the safest in the country. the new technology being used to protect students and staff and if it's practical for your child's school. we'll begin this half hour with the selfie seen around the world. three world leaders including president obama taking a shot of themselves at the funeral service for nelson mandela. stephanie gosk has more on the woman in the middle of it all,
7:32 am
literally. >> good morning, savannah, in the pantheon of world leaders, held la schmidt changed all of that this week at mandela's memorial. the countries may be beautiful and the people who live there may be among the happiest. the truth is americans don't spend a lot of time thinking about places like denmark, less thinking about its first female prime minister helen doreen schmiddle until she did this. seating between the british prime minister and the president of the united states the danish leader did what everyone else in the world would do, she snapped a picture. there are some critics that say mandela's memorial was not the appropriate moment but the confident and apparently spirited p.m. told the danish newspaper there was dancing on the stand and singing and dancing so the mood was positive and then we took a really fun selfie. >> i think for some people it
7:33 am
was refreshing. it was a sense of, hey, you know, she is representing an entire nation. she is an elected official, she is a normal person who likes to take out her cell phone and take a selfie. >> reporter: european leaders do get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. some are unphased by the company they keep. some fake it. like the time sarah jessica parker showed up and the actress looks confused until a slightly awkward introduction. >> okay. you are the prime minister. i'm sorry. >> just one of many star struck scandinavians that night. >> i think that her brand is i am both the prime minister and an ordinary person who has case and proclivities and goofs around and likes to shop and likes to live a normal life. >> reporter: part of her life includes a passion for handbags, winning her the nickname gucci back home. now the prime minister of
7:34 am
denmark has a whole new claim to fame. the funny thing about this selfie is no one has seen the photo itself, not yet at least. i wonder if the prime minister had a new screen saver. >> it may be on the christmas card. thank you very much. i guess she's seen the selfie. >> let's get a check of the weather now for mr. roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by the new windows, one experience for everything in your life. >> so we have been talking about all this cold weather and, of course, it's really in there. but if you are looking for the nice spot to go to, well, we have found it for you, my friends. we are talking about central and southern florida from daytona beach to tampa. let's check out west palm beach. you can see today, maybe isolated shower or two. look at that temperature. 76 degrees. a little foggy there this morning.
7:35 am
right now, it's 63 in tampa. fort myers 66 and miami. 73 beautiful in key west, 75. look at this, afternoon highs in miami of 80 degrees. here's the deal. we got a stationary front laying right across central florida. so below the front, key west, a little bit warmer than usual. 79. ahead of the front, it's chillier. daytona 67. five degrees below normal. rest of the country rain in the southwest and look at boston chilly temperatures around the bay area. san jose 34 degrees, beautiful start to the morning but you're still going to need your winter coat as we go through the day. seeing mostly clear skies, except later on in the day we'll see high clouds spilling in, the return of a sea breeze which should warm up tomorrow's temperatures and set us up for a warmer move into the weekend. close to 60 in san jose, upper
7:36 am
50s toward san francisco, mid-50s in napa. temperatures early next week back in the mid-60s. appreciate it. there is some new drama this morning at the trial involving celebrity chef nigella lawson. michel is in london. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. former personal assistant cried on the stand saying she was always open with everyone and that nigella authorized her to buy things for herself. she described early on working 12-hour days, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, caring for the kids. and sleeping in the dining room. and she said that when nigella remarried it was a shouting, mean environment. so bad, she said, at one point she quit. if there has ever been a case of they said, they said, it is this. the personal assistants denies
7:37 am
stealing more than a million dollars on credit cards on prada, channel, louis vuitton, dior. they claim that nigella allowed it. they kept her drug habit secret. they seen rolled up bills with credit cards and white powder on nigella's desk, drawers full of prescription pills. the case has forced nigella to admit she used cocaine, but only a handful of times in her life and smoked marijuana at times with her teenage children. the case opened up the finances of a wealthy family. spent more than $75,000 on clothes in one shop, another time when he leaked a particular dress on her, he bought every single dress that existed in london. why exactly is unclear. when one of the sisters wanted a credit card raised to $150,000, it was done. none of which was ever scrutinized because it was considered trivial. now a serious matter before the court, the jury to choose whose
7:38 am
story they believe. today the defense was most upset with the prime minister for being quoted telling a reporter he was on team nigella and is a massive fan. >> all right. michelle kazinski in london. thanks, so much. >> an important on this morning's report. child's school compare? let's take you inside what might be one of america's safest schools. and complete coverage of this morning's golden globe nominations. but, first, these messages. globes nomination, but first these messages [ music playing ] so i got the windows nokia tablet. it's, well, impressive. it's got the brightest hd screen, super-fast 4g lte, so my son can play games and movies almost anywhere, and it's got office for school stuff. but the best part? i got the lumia 928 for my daughter for free, with the best low-light smartphone camera this side of the north pole. dad for the win. mm! mm! mm! ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪
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7:43 am
trusting the staff to keep them safe and protected. many schools are doing a great job. as we showed you on wednesday, others could be doing a better job. there is one school, though, that really caught our attention. it's an elementary school in niles, illinois, a suburb of chicago. experts say they're on the forefront of new technology and training. even the kids play a role, all to keep the bad guys out. the morning bell is about to ring. >> good morning. >> and hundreds of kids are arriving at nelson elementary. >> hi, how are you. >> good morning. >>. >> reporter: as the children settle into class behind the scenesed a men starts are quietly locking the school. if you don't belong here, you are not getting in. when anyone walks into this school, the front doors are opened, you are not actually in the school yet. i'm sort of trapped in here in this security vestibule. in fact, the doors to the actual school are locked. ei can't go anywhere until i
7:44 am
come over here and check in at the mane office. by the way, there is a bullet resistant gaechlt you knock on the window, it would be peggy here, what would you say to somebody? >> i would say, how can i help you? >> i am here to see the principal. >> then i would ask for your ided. >> a dreefrs license? >> a drivers license, yet. >> reporter: at thisle 62, a computer runs a background check on every visitor. >> you are good to go. >> approved visitors get an i.d. badge. if there is any threat, staffers can hit this special panic button under the desk, connected to local police. in fact, there is a panic button in every single classroom, too, jean leblanc is the principal here. how do you strike the balance? you want it secure, you benefit want it to be a prison. >> absolutely. most of what we have in place, the idz don't notice. they focus on student learning. >> reporter: but there are some things they want the kids to
7:45 am
notice. >> nelson school. we are going to have a practice code red lockdown drill. >> reporter: intense lockdown drills leak this. >> all right. it's a code red lockdown. >> reporter: in case an intruder discuss get in, classroom doors are locked the lights turned off, the blinds shut. >> sit close together. stay close together. there is a lot more room here charlie. >> these young students are trained to huddle together in a corner out of sight, silent. >> we don't want anyone to see you in case they look in the windows, right? >> reporter: security experts say these lock down drills are critical. while it can look scary the kids find it comforting. >> this is my second year here and i feel very safe than my old 62. my old school they didn't have them. >> didn't have these drels? >> it can be terrifying and sad what happened to sandy hook. the world is kind of scary. it could happen. we have to be prepared. >> if something bad were to
7:46 am
happen, do you feel safe here? >> absolutely. >> this marks the end of our lock down drill. >> great works, guys. >> reporter: i want to thank the school for having us. the security upgrades don't come cheap. they cost that district $5 million. it is important to note this technology isn't just there for school shootings, which gets the attention, it's there to fend off parental custodial issue, restraining orders and sex offenders. in fact, at one of the schools in that district, a deliveryman came to the same office. by the way, all the schools have that same security. came there, they did that background check, he was a registered sex offender. never got near the students. so they stopped him. >> it's amazing to see the kids react to the drills. coming up, we will shift gears. we will go to trending. a woman trapped in her office bathroom for eight hours. let me tell you what she did to free herself. from the orangeroom the year on twitter and tamron hand out
7:47 am
the final orangey. first, these local messages. from the big screen
7:48 am
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coffee's perfect mate. naturally. nestle. good food, good life. . >> 7:50 on a thursday morning. now 7:51. let's go see tamron in the orangeroom. >> good morning, guys. twitter came up with the year in round-up. it includes stories and events and people of the year and named the most shared tweet of the year. >> that would be the tweet that so many people shared basically in twitter verse, it is something that captures all of our attention and we want to spread the news. sadly, though the tweets that were shared most, lea michelle following the death of cory monteith. she tweeted out, thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support, cory will forever be in my heart. they wanted to show they did
7:52 am
care. it was tweeted 408,000 teams, retweeted in 133 countries. so that is the tweet shared most this past year. also newcomers to twitter. george h.w. bush joend the twitter verse on tuesday. hillary clinton, drew barrymore, steven king and time's man of the year the pope. the golden globe or nominations will be announced today. it is the last day of our oregon room award. we are letting you know the pet of the year honor goes to. real quebec, i have to do this. i still have vapors for maria cary. never the less, this is the award of the year, it actually glows, guys, back over to you. >> we have to turn out the lights? >> oh. >> the adad my awards. >> we're back after
7:53 am
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7:55 am
congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
7:56 am
good thursday morning. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose is starting to enforce strict new laws against medical marijuana shops. the council approved new regulations allowing it to shut down pot shops next to homes, schools, and drug rehab centers. under the rules marijuana shops would only be able to operate in about 1% of the city. the rules could take effect as soon as next spring. investigators say it will take days to figure out what started a fire at a phone company in concord. the fire burned for hours yesterday and continued to smolder even after crews put it out. the warehouse is owned by all phone companies, the building severely damaged. the good news is no one was inside. time to check that forecast with rob mayeda. >> we're still seeing chilly temperatures. a nice post-sunrise in san jose. you see the clear skies, dry air
7:57 am
and that's the reason why our temperatures are so chilly the last couple of days. if not the last week. but that's going to change later on tonight as more clouds spill in, a bit of a sea breeze is going to bring more moisture. tomorrow morning will not be as chilly as the morning we're waking up to. highs close to 60 in san jose. upper 50s around san francisco and the north bay highs good, mid-50s, then next week and the weekend highs climbing into the low to mid-60s. mike. >> we have a nice flow of traffic barely moving though, continues a slow drive but no crashes for 101 at 680. the maps we have a slower drive around the south bay and the northbound routes, these are tying up 101 from 85, no crashes, just a slow drive. 87 better than yesterday. we have a crash now south 280 at meridian and 885 causing as you head into the south bay out of the peninsula. and the east bay side is slow south 880 across the san mateo
7:58 am
and the dumbarton bridges.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00, big surprise for one navy corp. reserve overseas, and more surprises this morning. plus hollywood up this morning for the 71st annual golden globe nominations. and the orange award, which pet is the leader of the back. the votes are in today, december 12th, 2013. >> hi. >> hi! >> hello family and friends from north dakota, we love you. ♪
8:01 am
>> she said yes! >> woohoo! >> and good morning everybody, welcome back to today. a long time, matt lauer, al roker and tamron hall. >> stop there, it's throwback thursday, so savannah picked the music, that was ramble on by led zeppelin, completely out of character. >> i love folk music, but i spent a lot of time in high school hanging around in my room listening to led zeppelin. >> so do we, but we don't remember it. >> it jogged my memory, and i chose it because i listen to spot spotify. it's on there. >> good stuff. >> by the way, i interviewed led zeppelin once, minus one,
8:02 am
obviously. highlight of my career. we have a lot coming up including the golden globe nominations. >> get to the top stories, natalie -- thanks for keeping playing the song. >> good morning, everyone. the ntsb released chillingchillo from the plane crash last summer that killed three people and injured more than 180 t. asian na boeing 787 cart wheeled down the runway after hitting a sea wall. verts said the training pilot at the control was apparently confused by the plane's automated settings and was coming in too slow and too low. boeing's system is widely used. it is up to the pilot not the computer. nasa is considering an emergency space walk to fix a cooling problem on the international space station. nasa reported wednesday that one of the station's two external cooling booths shut down.
8:03 am
engineers are now trying to figure out whether a space walk will be needed to get the valve working again. nasa emphasized the six-person crew was never in danger. two americans are currently on board. the house is poised to vote today on the bipartisan budget deal approved by leaders in the house and senate. it would prevent another round of automatic spending cuts and prevent a shutdown for two years. conservative groups prefer a compromise, it lists spending cuts. this morning, there is big news about an alternative treatment for allergy sufferers that doesn't require needles. wednesday, an advisory committee ruled the drug is effective and safe for people over the age of 10. nbc news medical editor dr. nancy sneiderman has the details. >> reporter: luisa and her daughter have severe allergies. >> we have runny nose, puffy eye,ichy throat, coughing and
8:04 am
sometimes hives. >> reporter: every morning they pack emergency kits and they both get regular allergy shots, but monthly or weekly trips to the doctor's office may soon be a thing of the past, 2.5 million americans getting allergy injections. two drugs that treat graph allergies already proved in europe are being reviewed by the fda. they are daily use pills that dissolve under the tongue and can be taken at home. an allergist for merck. >> the two big groups that i see that would really benefit from this therapy are very busy people that can't fit a visit to a doctor's office for a shot into their busy schedules and those who are needle adverse. >> reporter: but there is a tradeoff. the pills cover only specific graph pollen, while shots can offer broader protection to more allergens and be personalized for each individual. but some doctors caution while the pills may be more
8:05 am
convenient, no one should sacrifice a doctor's supervisors. for "today," dr. nancy sneiderman, nbc news, new york. take a look at this amazing basketball shot that was going viral even though it wasn't supposed to be a shot. he was trying to keep the ball from going out of bound, there you see there, he flipped it behind his back and swoosh 3 points the hard way. well done. it is 8:05 right now. it's time for the weather and al. . >> and we've got a brand-new teen ager, 13 years old today. what's your name? >> mary. >> mary, where are you guys from? >> memphis. >> it's a little cold for you in memphis. you know where it's nice and warm? our friends in north dakota. it's a spring day, isn't it? >> it is. >> and look at almont.
8:06 am
let's show you what we have right now. on the radar, we have lake effect snow showers coming out. chicago, taking a look at the miracle mile. it's 21. chicago, for the first time since 2008 has two days in a row of temperatures overnight lows below zero. as we look right now, burlington, they will be look at snow friday into saturday with a high on saturday only 10 degrees. as you look right now, afternoon temperatures, teens and 20s in the great lakes. it doesn't warm up until you get down into southern florida. look at this for today, 66 in l.a. kind of chilly. sunny but cold here in the northeast. lake effect snow continues aroundr around the great lakes. 45 degrees in dallas. savannah continues to pass the test. is it your birthday, how are you today? >> 55! >> you are 13, you are 65. that's fan taft ec. all right. that's what's going
8:07 am
. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you, coming up, trending, does oprah regret her decision not to have kids? >> the countdown to sochi, two-time gold medallist. can he make it three in a row. in the orangeroom for the pet of the year. is it crispy bacon or ray charles?
8:08 am
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8:13 am
. >> we are back now at 8:12. time for what's trending today. first up we have the story of an incredible escape after a harrowing ordeal. it started with a quick trip to the ladies' room which many of savannah's trips to. she was working late on friday when she decided to use the restroom before heading home. then on the way out, she discovered the bathroom door had been locked from the outside and almost everyone else in the office had gone home. here's a real problem, her cell phone was back at her desk. so karen began a frantic mission to get out of that bathroom. >> this is where you start respecting container. first she tried to slip 200 paper towels under the doors thinking maybe that will get the attention of the guard or a cleaning person walking by, then she climbs on a chair, she couldn't pull herself up.
8:14 am
she found a 3 foot long pole in the rafters as you do, she used that pole to claw her way through the wall. finally, she was able to stick her hand in the hole, open the do she was free. karen says she felt like it was a sha shank redemption moment where she is like flying away out there. good for her. >> imagine the who ahorror. >> going to say it like that. >> that's what inspires you. >> all right. well, remember that amazing college fab game between alabama and auburn? who could forget that? alabama lost in a stunner. kate foster was the kicker who missed three field goal attempts throughout the game. well, he had been inundate d wih hate messages but cade, whose number is 43, is getting some support from the 43rd president of the united states, george w. bush n. a letter cade shared on
8:15 am
twitter, the former president wrote, dear cade, life has its setbacks. i know. however, you'll be a stronger human with time and i wish you all the best. sincerely another 43, george bush. >> that's so classy. amazingly classy. what an inspiration for cade to get that. >> absolutely. well, this could be a big day for oprah. in our next half hour we will learn if she is a golden globe nominee for her role in the movie "the butler." now oprah is opening up about the sacrifices she says she made in her life and the power 100 issue of "the hollywood reporter" oprah says she does not regret not the having kids because if she did, they would hate her. why? well, oprah says they would have ended up on the equivalent of the "oprah show"" talking about me because something in my life would have had to suffer and it would have probably been them. so i think that's a sentiment a lot of women who delay a career,
8:16 am
present company included, who wonder, okay, can you have it all? that adds to that debate. matt says one day, parents always think the kid hates them and then you talk to the kid, no. >> parents think they're doing the worst job and we all do pretty well. i applaud her for her honesty. >> absolutely. >> she'll be celebrating her birthday, her 60th birthday early next month. so that begs the question, what do you get the person who has everything? well, here is something you might want to get oprah. >> kids, this day just got awesome. >> chia-chia. >> introducing chia duck dynasty. >> this is the big time. >> with chia willie and uncle si. it's fun. soak your chi, spread the seeds and watch it grow. >> you're going to get something epic. >> chia willie and uncle si make a great gift. >> boom! that's what i'm talking about. >> finally a chia pet that makes
8:17 am
sen sense. they have the che yeah elmer fudd. that's perfect. >> final ly we know what to get you guys. >> exactly. >> what you can get willie. >> it starts at $16. >> we lived with that chia pet thing for a month in november. and that is what's trending today. . >> we are proud to continue the countdown until sochi. 56 days until it beginning, the intense downhill race, he is looking to make it three in a row. seth westcott had been dominating the sport for years. so it was no surprise that when the sport made its olympic debut in 2006, he was a fiefrt win. >> westcot with the gold. >> westcot lived up to the hype.
8:18 am
>> it was a heck of an experience yesterday. >> four years later in vancouver, seth westcot's name enters the history books once again. >> westcot does it back-to-back. >> recently westcot headed to alaska for big mount riding. during a run, he seriously injured his knee and underwent reconstructive surgery this spring. it's a possible road block in the journey to sochi. but westcot's confident, we haven't heard the last of it. he hopes to make history once again. hey, seth, how are you doing in. >> doing all right. >> yeah, how's the knee? >> it's getting close. i had real break throughs. we had a golden camp on the glacier. i came back a week ago tuesday. this week at home at sugar loaf. it's been feeling good every day. >> you would like 56 days away from sochi to say it's feeling a lot better.
8:19 am
you want to say it's great. are you not quite there yet. >> i'm not quite there yet. monday, i will go up with the team to lake louise. i don't actually imagine i'll be racing there. buying myself three more weeks through the christmas holidays, just the amount of training, we'll have real progress. >> i talked to you about the big mountain riding. i go es the question i have is why risk the olympic and the other competitions for something. i know you are passionate about. i know you love it. >> yes. >> isn't it kind of an extra risk? >> ah, yes and no. i still look at it i've taken a million little baby steps to get there, you know, with the level that i'm at. we were up doing a piece for warren miller this spring. you know, for me that interaction where, you know, you got the tour that goes around, goes around in the fall and, you know, millions of people come out and see those movies, it's a whole other aspect to the career. >> all right. so right now your plan is to make it to sochi?
8:20 am
>> absolutely. >> you are 37-years-old. >> 37 years young. >> i'm sorry. you also say that you really don't know if you are going to retire after sochi. you might like to ride in south korea in 2018? >> yeah. it's actually kind of my plan right now. especially two years coming off of injury to be able to have a period of time where i'm healthy leading into a game. this week the tie kwan masters is going on in hawaii. i watch kelly slater 41 years of age dominating the sport. it's inspiration for me. >> you realize if you go to south korea after sochi, you will be racing against some kids who were ten-years-old when you won the first of your two gold medals. >> yeah, we got a kid from australia, jerry hughes, i have been on tour as long as he has been alive. >> i know there are some disadvantages getting old, take it from me. are there any advantages in your sport? >> yeah, i think, absolutely. you know the way i look at it, i never would have thought even
8:21 am
post torino i would be going right now. to be honest, i'm getting better at it every year, i'm making progress in the sport. >> better strategically? >> skills-wise, i was the only american that won last year. the progression is happening. i think the time point where i decide to walk away will be when i feel there is stagnation there. it's just not happening. >> there is also this huge carrot out there. >> that carrot is in the form of a record. if you go to sochi and if you can defend your gold medal for the third time, you'll be, you'll make history. >> yes. >> how beg of a motivation is that? >> it's huge. i mean, originally, basically, the day after the race in vancouver i looked at my wax pack, curtis, we're making this three in a row in sochi. >> that has really been the game plan all along. >> have you this habit, it is so annoying, this habit of coming from behind. i've lost a lot of hair watching you race i'm telling you, could you do me a favor, if you go to
8:22 am
sochi, could take the lead early? >> i was trying to do that? >> is that something a part of your dna, coming from behind? >> no. the races go different ways. in torino i came out, i was moving through. i messed up my time trial in vancouver. so i had that worst start gate. i talked with my tactical coach right before, he was leak, you know, you can do this. if you hang back, turn four, get through the pinch spots in the course, you got the longest straight aways to reel these guys in. >> i remember in vancouver, we were doing a part of the show. someone said in my earpiece westcot got the gold medal. it was telling. we thank you for your time, seth. >> my pleasure. >> always a pleasure for me. coverage of the 2014 winter olympic games begins on february
8:23 am
6th. savannah. >> it's awards season in hollywood and in our studios. tamron is handing out the coveted orangey this morning. tamron, good morning. >> good morning. today is all about the pets. it was our closest vote of all, our first finalist for this pet of the year. you might remember a ten-day-old piglet named chris p. bacon. his video, learning how to use a wheelchair made of toy parts kicked up $1.5 million views on youtube. how could you say no to that face? it's a competition between them the blind golden restreefr puppy affect natalie known as ray charles. ray had over 100 likes on his facebook page now the big moment, the winner of our orangey for pet of the year, envelope, please! it is -- keep that going, keep that going -- >> oh, i guess i should have preopened it for you.
8:24 am
>> you should have. >> oh the blind golden retreefr ray charles. >> here with us is ray's owners. good morning, congratulation, you have grown sense we saw you on facebook, how are you? this dog is gorgeous, andrew, gorgeous. he is big now. no puppy. what do you think resonated with his story? >> i think he's a real inspiration to people. especially people with disabilities. they always live their life to the fullest and maid make the best of what they are given. >> you received private e-mails from people who were inspired, whose lives were touched by ray. what do they say to you? >> a lot of people were going through tough times, chemoor deaths in the family. they say he's the reason they get up in the morning and put a smile on their face. >> we, never, ever, have expected anything to come from one little picture. >> how is ray doing? >> awesome.
8:25 am
like any other dog, occasionally bumps into things. >> he has grown, he's a year old now? i understand his birthday was this past sunday. how much does he weighing now? >> 80 pound. >> 80 pound of fur. since it's your birthday, buddy, we have a surprise forray, guys. it's a puppy birthday cake. we are told ray is a fin icky eater. he's particular. so why don't we try one of the treats, he might go for. hey, buddy. >> he's like, i don't have to, i'm spoiled. >> i'm done. >> whip up some steak and potatoes foray. congratulations on a dog that has inspired people. he's more than a pretty face. he has heart. oh my goodness, guys. back over to you. >> he didn't eat the runner up. >> that would be bad. >> all right. coming up this morning, golden globe nominations, but first,
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm terry mcsweeney. today the ntsb is analyzing evidence from yesterday's federal hearing on the asiana plane crash at sfo. it could take several months and end with a final report possibly by this summer. you are looking at new video of the ntsb released of the crash-landing. see the passenger jet hit the sea wall, skid across the runway, and you'll see it cart wheeling to a stop. the hearing revealed two pilots were at the controls. each thought the other should take the lead in calling off that landing. let's check traffic. here's mike. >> all right. we're looking over here towards oakland where the msnbc side of 880. you see the slowdown as you approach high street. let's look at the map. coming into the area from downtown we do have a stall reported over there at oak
8:27 am
street. that's causing some slowdowns. northbound we just have your commute. not so bad. southbound side and your drive across the san mat a wroe and dumbarton bridge is it slow because of the volume continuing over from the east bay. it's starting to lighten up a bit. from san mateo in that slowdown there's a new crash involving a motorcycle. one lane is blocked. it's going to get worse right now for the time being through this area of 101 and the big shore freeway. >> mike, thank you very much. i'll have another local news update for you in half hour. ♪ yeah her gift
8:28 am
♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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8:30 am
[ music playing ] >> we are back now 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 12th day of december, 2013. take a look out this morning, it's actor, oscar isaac. we thank him very much for taking part of that. we will talk with him in a couple of minutes. if you want to come on down to our plaza and bring a new unwrapped toy, if you can't come down, go to our website to get details on how to participate.
8:31 am
coming up the year's golden globe nominations. >> meantime, are you on the brink of a new business. we are kicking off a series today start up to success. >> we are looking to fee cure budding intent (newers, they have started a business at home. ent entrepreneurs. if self-made millionaire and host of msnbc "the profit." >> before we go to that, let's bring in the talented star "inside llewen davis." >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what great reviews this movie is getting. we had john goodman here last week. he was raveing of working with you and the cohn brothers. what was it leak for you? >> it's an absolute dream come true. it's completely changed my life. >> you had the leading role. it was a huge break. >> it was a chance to do the two things i love to do more than
8:32 am
anything, that and the music t. concert live. >> i know you are a huge fan of the ccoen brothers. what was it like to finally get that, joel called you, himself, right? >> that was a month worth of screening. and then the call finally came and, yeah, i was dancing in the streets. i couldn't believe it. >> you play such a big role in this movie. kind of set in the '60s folk scene, what was that like for you? >> you know what it's the same in the 1,800s as it is right now. to be able play this beautiful american roots music and bring it into the forefront now is great. >> you are great in it and we can't wait to see more of you. we will actually have you hang around for a little while and tell people that "inside llewen davis" is playing in select theaters.
8:33 am
a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> a little on the brisk side. if are you in the northeast, you know that. show you what's going on tomorrow, wet weather in the gulf. snowy conditions up lou the great lakes. wet weather in the pacific northwest. as we move through saturday, icy conditions, more rain in the southeast. rain in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday! windy conditions as that storm system moves away. more rain down through the southeast. sunny and cool through the gulf coast on into another chilly start to the morning around the bay area. 30s around the south bay peninsula into the north bay. the east bay right now in oakland you're seeing hazy skies. temperatures close to 40 grows with a few more clouds coming in as we head through the afternoon, but no rain out of the system. we think it's going to give us a few clouds, increase the sea breeze, which should allow morning temperatures to turn a bit more mild over the next couple of days. close to 60 today in san jose. upper 50s around the peninsula into the north bay.
8:34 am
highs in the mid 50s warming into the 60s as we head into the weekend. is down to the final three artists on the hit show "the voice." the country crooner cole vosbury was sent home. first of all, you are singing amazing. there has to be mixed emotions about getting sent home. >> yeah. it's definitely, it's bittersweet because this show it has to end at some point. so you are sad whenever it ends, but i'm really happy with as far as i've made it. i never imagined making it this far to make it to the top five. i'm really proud of that. i did open call auditions. i never thought i would get a chance to audition or turn a chair or anything. i wanted to take it as far as i could. >> how has this changed your life? >> this has changed my life immensely. when my audition first aired, i had six twitter followers.
8:35 am
i now have 52,000. which isn't as much as some of the other contestants. it's enough for me. i wanted to build a fan base and get my name out there. that's what i've done. >> with your elimination, it looks like it ends with blake's domination for the last three years. >> yeah. i felt a lot of pressure being the only member left on team blake. that whole team blake legacy. i was like, really, i was worried a lot but, you know, i kind of figured he wasn't going to win again. >> you know, you are a winner. i tell you, you got a great future, cole, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> i want to remind you "the voice" edges closer to the big finale monday at 8:00 central here on nbc. >> up next, we are live in beverly hills with the golden globe nominations. but first, this is "today" on nbc. golden globe nomi
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ applause, applause i live for the applause ♪ it was a very early call in hollywood this morning as nominations for the 71st golden globe awards are about to be announced. >> leading the way with seven each is "hustle." >> we have the host of front-runners on "fandango." here is how things played out as those nominations were announced. take a look. good morning, everyone, and welcome to the nominations announcement for the 71st annual golden globe awards. this morning are olivia and joey. olivia, please get us started.
8:39 am
>> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. ryan cranston "breaking bad" leah schriver ray donovan, michael sheen "masters of sex." kevin spacey, "house of cards." james spader "the black list." best performance by an actor in a motion picture, xcomedy or musical, christian bale, "american hustle," bruce stern "nebraska." leonardo dicaprio, "the wolf of wall street." oscar isaac "inside llewen davis." joachim phoenix, "her." best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture. sprer cad updi "captain philips." daniel brule "rush."
8:40 am
bradley cooper american hustle" michael fastbender "12 years of slaves." jerrod retto "dallas fire squad." best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. cate blanchett, "blue jasmine." sandra bullock "gravity." judy dench "philomena." emma thompson "savings mr. ba s banks." and kate winslet "labor day." thank you. >> best performance by an actor for a motion picture made for television. matt damon "behind the candelabra." michael douglas "behind the candelabra."
8:41 am
al pacino "gil specter." best television series drama "breaking bad" amc. "downton abbey" pbs. "the good life "house of cards" netflix. "masters of sex, show time. best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture. sally hawkins, "blue jasmine." jennifer lawrence, "american hustle" lupito longo "12 years a slave." julia roberts, osage county. jude squid, "nebraska." best performance by an actress in a motion picture, comedy or musical, amy adams, "american hustle," judy delpi "before midnight." >> greta ger wig, julia louise
8:42 am
dreyfuss, meryl streep, august, "sage county." best motion picture, comedy, or musical. "american hustle." "her." "inside llewen davis." "nebraska" and "the wolf of wall street." thank you. >> good morning. best performance by an actress in a mini series or motion picture made for television, helena bonham carter, rebecca ferguson "white queens." jessica lange "american who ahor story." phil specter, elizabeth moss, "top of the lake." best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama.
8:43 am
"12 years a slave." edress alba "long walk to freedom." tom hanks, "captain philips." matthew mcconaughey, robert redford "all is lost." best director, motion picture, alphonso quidoan, "gravity." paul greenfwras, captain philip. steve mcqueen "12 years a slave," alexander payne, "nebraska" david russell "marine hustle." best motion picture drama, "12 years a slave," "gravity," "fill mena," "rush." "captain philips." thank you. >> congratulations to our nominees. please don't forget to joan us sunday, january 12th for the
8:44 am
71st annual golden globe awards hosted by tina fey and amy poe hler live on nbc. thank you and good morning. >> all right. that's cool. you should be with us as we listen to these nominations, because he goes crazy. you said this is huge, this is huge that oprah winfrey wasn't nominated. >> she was not nominated for her performance in "the butler." in fact the movie got no nominations at all. best picture, best actor. nothing. that was a surprise. that was a movie that did very well. seemed to be doing well. could still get oscar nominations. the hollywood board didn't go for it. >> anything else jump out at you? >> well "12 years a slave" and "american hustle" four cast members an three from "12 years a slave" also some surprises like the movie "rush" ron howard race car movie and best picture. i heard the voting bloc liked that because it's a european story and they're foreign voters.
8:45 am
>> matt said you should be with us, another good reason because oscar isaac is with us. he has been nominated. could we be the first to congratulate you. >> thank you. >> what did you think when you heard your name? how did that feel? >> i'm sort of taking it in. it's completely surreal. >> i mean, had you thought about this kind of moment? is this something an actor dreams about or doesn't dare to dream about? >> look. getting cast as the leader in the coen movie i had one already. the fact that it continued with getting acknowledged by the hollywood foreign press is insane, man. >> when did you make this movie? >> almost two years ago. >> that's torture. you made a fantastic movie. you have to wait all this time to see things like this happen. >> for anybody to see it. we showed it in may. it's been since then we have been trying to get the word out. >> in a nomination like this, ensures you will get so many more viewers of the movie. is that great? >> bust them seats. >> oscar, congratulations.
8:46 am
>> way to go "12 years a slave" racked up several nomination, joining us from paris, lupita longo, alone right now. she was just nominated for best supporting actress in a drama. congratulations. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. >> tell me, you know, you were standing there. was it just kind of one of those thrill of a lifetime moments? >> i thought, yeah, it was like a roller coaster going down. i'm still like shaking from hearing my name in that context. >> what has this experience been like? because you were a yale drama student. here you are not only in this wonderful movie getting such acclaim. now a golden globe nominee? >> i don't know. it's just been, it's been such a rewarding experience from the get-go, you know, playing patsy was such a fulfilling experience
8:47 am
and now the way the film is being received is so exciting and so encouraging and i'm just so proud of being "12 years a slave" team and to everyone else in this film that has been nominated, i'm just so, so, so happy for everyone. >> lupita, not only are we thrilled for you, you get the best background ever for one of these kind of interviews. behind you, beautiful stuff and congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, lupita. he also was nominated for best actor. good morning to you, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. absolutely thrilling. i think just so delighted for the film and to be nominated and for everybody else who got nominations today. it's really amazing. >> you must be also thrilled by
8:48 am
the reaction this film is getting so many awards, also so many critically wonderful reviews, obviously, awards like this as savannah just said can have a lot of other people exposed to this project. >> yeah. i think it's just been terrific. ever since we opened up the film, it's been an incredible kind of time and i just couldn't be more happy with the way the film has been received and the way people are sort of coming to it. it's been really an extraordinary time. >> to be a part of an important project like this is a reward in itself, but what is an honor like being nominated for a golden globe mean to you and for your career? >> well, it's just such i mean like you say everything about this film right from the moment that i opened up the scripts and started reading about sullivan northrop and working with steve mcqueen and a terrific cast of people. it's just been this really amazing journey and so this is just fantastic.
8:49 am
it's like, it's almost surreal. it's really been an exceptional time. >> and not to get greedy, but you got two nominations today. not just one. you got two. >> yeah. i'm delighted about that as well. dancing on the edge, it was such a great series to do. so i'm just happy today. it's really an amazing morning for me here. >> nice job. congratulations. >> see you in january. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. >> and dave carter, thanks for being our wingman this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reminder, everyone, you can catch the golden globe awards sunday january 12th right here on nbc. >> and we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. back in. this is "today" on nbc. [ music playing ]
8:50 am
8:51 am
. >> we are being with a special
8:52 am
delivery for special service members. >> christmas got off to an early start today on the guided myself cruiser gettysburg. 360 care packages stacked on the flight deck usually reserved for combat helicopter, courtesy of the group operation gratitude and its founder. >> we do this for the american people so they have an opportunity to say thank you to the military. >> reporter: one by one sailors receive their personally marked packages, like kids on christmas morning. >> high 5. >> reporter: it was the countdown to a remarkable milestone, operation gratitude's 1 millth care package presented to petty officer brooke oberman. >> it is my honor to receive this care package. [ applause ] . >> reporter: it all began ten years ago when vlasic sent care packages to military forces one at a time. now an army 06 volunteers turns out 3,000 in a day in van nuys,
8:53 am
california. books, scarves, eastern beanie babies fill the box, the most chefrished gifts are person allege letters from volunteers like young matthew brookes. >> i want to give thanks. >> reporter: back on the gettysburg, petty officer oberman was in for another surprise. >> volunteer for the your own 2014 f-150. >> a brand-new pick-up truck and more. she is a navy coreman tending to the sick and injured. she married her husband nick last july, deployed two weeks later and hasn't seen him since. so today, earn aboard the gettysburg has come out a winner. >> i hope they feel the love and the respect of the american people and i'm getting the sense from those hucks that they do. >> reporter: for "today," jim miklazewski aboard the uss gettysburg. >> we have here petty officer brooke oberman's husband, nick. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you got rumors of a new
8:54 am
truck. did you know that was going to happen? >> absolutely not. >> more importantly, you got to see brooke. >> exactly. >> how long have you guys been apart now? >> going on four months. >> it's been very difficult. you served in the military, yourself. you basically left each other right after you got married. >> about two weeks. >> these care packages are so wonderful. do you think they mean a lot to the soldiers to get something for them? >> absolutely. it's like christmas every time we get mail. >> nick, it's great to have you here. enjoy that new truck. pretty good. we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. . [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
8:55 am
of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors.
8:56 am
turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. . >> it's 9:00. what have you got coming up? >> the golden globe nominations. >> it's 8:56. investors are looking into the cause of an underground vault fire in san francisco. the smoke pouring from the vault at the intersection of polk and ellis street. crews had the fire under control in just a couple of hours. let's check your forecast. upper 50s cloirs to san francisco. mid 50s in napa and from here
8:57 am
the temperatures actually start to warm up. into the mornings and the afternoon into the seven-day forecast. 60s in san francisco. as we head towards the beginning of next week. the frosty morning starting to go away. warmer days ahead. right now let's go back to the "today" show.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ . >> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning on december 12th, 2013. i'm matt lauer, along with natalie morales and willie geist. >> we are tallying the golden gobi nominations. a couple headline, "12 years a slave" and "american hustle". >> seven apiece. >> they kind of led the way. natalie, what's up? we got best motion picture drama "12 years a slave". >> "gravity" "fill mena" "rush"
9:01 am
most of them haven't come out just yet or are just coming out. >> released. >> this will guide people in their selections as they go to the theaters over the holidays coming up. i think what struck me the drama race the actresses, kate blaven et, kate winslet all have won so much hardware that. race in itself is so competitive. i can't even imagine. >> also who, what didn't get nominated. nothing for "the butler." >> you wonder maybe that peaked too early? >> too early. >> and oprah. >> i thought she might get one. >> on the tv side, nothing for "30 rock." >> which is sad, yeah. >> here's another i thought was interesting. i think this would have to be a first, competing against each other for best actor in a mini series or a tv movie. best actor in a motion picture. two black actors where you have
9:02 am
chidwell edgefor and edress alba for "12 years a slave" and "mandela. kwhts. >> which is amazing. i love "inside the candle la practi laabra." "candleabra." . >> james spader jumps off the list for "the black list." cranston, leah schriver, michael sheen and kevin spacey for "house of cards." >> "the black list" on nbc. only actors who is on broadcast television is nominated. >> that's incredible to me, you see "house of cards" from netflix. "orange is the new black" from netflix. show time with the "masters of sex" which is a phenomenal
9:03 am
show.l not exactly what you think it would be. these are, it guess to show you that broadcast television is as we've seen over in the past receiving tons of competition on cable an digital with fet flicks. >> i think it should be two categories, it's not a level playing field for broadcast as it is for cable or their direct 81 load. whatever you want to call it. >> another making noise "wolf of wall street" nominated for best musical picture for samberg and leonardo dicaprio nominated. >> how about with "american hustle kwfts you have amy adams, julia loo weiss dry fuss. it's pretty crazy all the, you got incredible women who are competing, incredible men. >> best actor in a tv series, jason baathman, arrested. >> "arrested development."
9:04 am
>> netflix, don cheadle. michael j. fox. >> by the way, i should tell you, the golden globe awards right here on nbc sunday, january 12th. so that is going to be exciting to watch to see how that shakes down. >> michael j. fox, came being, got nominated. best actor. >> another ongoing story. >> holy cow. >> good stuff. we brought this to you yesterday, we have an update. the interpreter at the center of the nelson mandela controversy speaking out. remember we showed you yesterday he was seening. a lot of us who don't know seen language when we watch it live didn't know it, experts said it was complete gibberish. he wasn't conveying sign language. he spoke out yesterday defending his performance. >> i have been doing seen language all these years and it's not even been questioned. >> well, they're questioning it now. >> he said in a series of interviews he suffers from schizophrenia and he was having an episode as a matter of fact.
9:05 am
a schizophrenic episode. >> he is feet away from the president of the united states and all these world leaders >> he said he had actually been hospitalized in the past for schizophrenia and had been violent in the past which raises again that question how he is able to to be there on that stage next to world security leaders. in fact, there are reports this morning that there had been when he was at an event where he previously spoke or he previously interpreted and signed for president zuma there had been complaints back then as well. so it raises a red flag. here, somebody questioned what he had done in the past. once again he was there on the stage. at such an important event. >> i would think at the level of security that surrounded that event just 0 get there with 90 world leaders and there was this guy this close to president obama and head of the u.n. and everybody else that runs the world.
9:06 am
it's frightening. >> it's really scary. >> if he does have a mental health problem, i hope he's getting the treatment that he needs. >> of course, yeah. >> but it really is imperative that they should have taken better precautions. >> lucky nothing happened. on a completely different note, there are words that some people want banished from the dictionary in 2014. >> many people here. >> i think we agree words you're sick of you're not alone. more than 2,000 votes were cast. "time" magazine's word banishment poll. the winner for 2014 is -- twerk! >> all right. >> get rid of twerk. >> i don't think anybody dis'agrees with that. let's move on from it. >> you benefited from the word "twerk?" >> i don't know technically it's if a word. >> i don't know -- i'm not complaining about it, you
9:07 am
understand. >> i just think i don't think that was technically a twerk. >> that was the lovely miss paula patton who by the way -- >> i had to get a restraining order against her. it was very upsettingin. >> by the way, the runner-up "hash tag." and "selfie" tame in third. twerk, hash tag and twerk. >> really? >> really. >> what i don't like is epic. everything is epic nothing. everything's epic, and nothing's epic. >> like they said in "the incredibles." >> that's right. >> speaking of selfie -- that was so 2013 -- i tried. i can bring it back. >> we're not going to start
9:08 am
off -- 2014, we will not use "selfie." we got a couple more days, we're going to hang on to the days we have left. >> why don't you twerk why you read the story? >> no, thank you. our friends at mashable, they compiled the list of the most noteworthy selfies of the year. we thought earlier this week, even the president there at the memorial taking where i guess it was the dutch -- danish prime minister who was taking that picture. which we never saw the selfie, by the way. >> right. >> so that was one. also, the first family members, sasha and malia. this was the inauguration earlier this year. you may recall that. that's a cute selfie. beyonce, i think we remember this. the pixie cut, whether or not she cut the hair or not. i still don't know, did she get the cut or not? >> it appears so, right? >> and of course, the selfie around the universe.
9:09 am
>> are we going there? i guess we're going there -- >> boom! >> that's all we need to say about that one. >> others, mercy. >> and then there really is -- this is the frontal view, thank goodness. >> i was wearing a thin light bathing suit. >> you had taken that same shot. >> yeah. you sent that to me. you should never drink and selfie. >> i apologize to the camera, it's totally inappropriate. >> from the back -- >> yeah, it kind of comes up the center and the back. >> let's -- let's -- let's -- you cannot ring that bell. stop right there. >> it's a mental picture enough for me. >> all right. >> i'm going to head over to the weather wall. and we've got the cold air continuing, about two-thirds of the country. chicago, since 2008. first time they've had two days in a row where the temperature dropped below zero for an overnight low. big dominate high pressure. the jet stream has dipped to the south. look at the temperatures right now. feels like 12 below in chicago.
9:10 am
4 below in buffalo. 20 in roanoke. boston feels like 14. kansas city, 18. tomorrow afternoon, not much relief. cleveland will feel like it's 3 above. boston 5 above. out in chicago, 1 below, we are looking at also this storm coming up. it's going to be pushing its way into the midsection of the country late friday on into saturday. then splits off, secondary front forms along the coast. it's still early, but right now we're estimating about 9 to 12 inches of snow back through upstate new york and northern pennsylvania. 4 to 6 inches stretching all the way back to st. louis. right now, new york, the heaviest snow to the north. but still about 2 to 4 inches into the new york seeing clear skies around the bay area. san jose, still a little chilly. 39 degrees. hazy skies. another spare the air day without any wind, and the temperature over the bay area
9:11 am
acting a bit like a lid. we would need a weather system to come many to help bring us the winds. we will see at least a little bet of that. it's not going to bring us any rain with the push of that marine air, though. we should be temperatures starting to be a bit warmer this time tomorrow morning. highs today near 60 in san jose. upper 50s in san francisco. mid 50s in napa. 60s as we kwet into the weekend. and that's your latest weather. well, al, today's horrible holiday sweater contest goes on. if you're rocken a terrible sweater, we want to see it. tweet us a picture using the #orangeroom. head over to for complete rules to enter for a trip to join us right here in studio 1a. >> i'd like to see a whole family. >> that would be nice. >> that ups the stakes even more. meanwhile, coming up, the simple things your body may be telling you with a simple rash
9:12 am
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9:15 am
[ music playing ] >> olivia newton john coming in. >> if you suddenly find yourself with chronic bad breath or dark circle itself under your eyes, you could be showing symptoms of something more serious. >> a clinician is here the tell us about the five surprising signs when it comes to your health. >> good morning. >> we should definitely tell people you should go to your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms beyond, like some important cues, the first symptom is you may have celiac disease. >> people associate celiac disease with bloating or stomach upset. one of the presenting symptoms can be a rash, a characteristic appearance occurs on the knees, the elbows and the buttocks, it looks like red bumps with blisters in the middle. it's not very common. it's characteristic of celiac's
9:16 am
bruise, if you experience anything like that see your doctor. it is caused be i the body reacting to the anti-bodies present in the bloodstream reacting to gluten. if you remove gluten from your diet the rash goes away. >> you follow a gluten-free diet. >> there are other symptoms as well for celiac disease. >> fwhigs to stomach upset. you get tingling in the fingers, it prevents the absorption of calcium and iron, you can get osteoporosis. >> what if you see dark lines under your fingernails? >> this can be melanoma. if you have dark stripes under the nail, this can be a melanoma. the risk factors are different. we mostly associate it with going in the sun. be you under the nail melanoma is not associated with that. what it is associated with is being of african-american or asian ethnicity, advanceing age, a family history of melanoma and
9:17 am
possibly trauma to the nail. it has been found in studies that trauma to the nail is associated with the development of melanoma and whether it's the trauma makes you lock at your nail or whether the trauma activates bleeding in an undetected melanoma. it's not known. it's associated with trauma. >> interesting. >> how about dark circles under your eyes, a lot of us associate with that not getting sleep? it can be allergies. how it happens is interesting. when you have allergies, you are all congested in your nose, it causes the veins to die late. it compresses can drainage the vessels are dilated. they look blue up there because they can't drain properly. if you treat the allergy the blood can draen. >> what's the treatment? >> antihistamines or avoiding things that trigger your allergy itself. >> all right. if you all of a sudden have bad breath, which you maybe haven't had before, you say this could be a sign of strep throat or a
9:18 am
sign of a sign us infection? >> that's correct. i can dying those when i walk in the door of an exam room. it's characteristic of a roting smell. it's quite foul. >> oh. >> it's from the white blood cells aacting the infection. when they die, that i break down, they can cause this really characteristic odor. so that's why you have to go see your doctor when you are sick. >> what do you do to kourn act that? >> you treat wit antibiotics. it goes away. >> how about this one, thinning eye brows, i have not seen. >> it's characteristically the outer third of the eyebrow that thens when have you an underactive thyroid. people people may not notice that. you need your thyroid checked. often, it's associated with weight gain and constipation. it's found in 27 million people in this country out of 10 of which are women. it can cause hair loss. >> eyebrows. >> also your head. >> all right. dr. kerry petersen, we will be
9:19 am
checking ourselves up close this morning. >> who knew? >> look in the mirror, folks. we will get you caught up with all the news you need this morning. >> great gifts for guys. how about an affordable [ female announcer ] imagine a match made in skin heaven.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
. >> the food and drug administration is taking action to phase out the practice. many cattle, hog and poultry producers rely on the antibiotics to insure the growing process. the fda, though, is looking to limit the disease in humans by decreasing the use of antibiotics in animals. cell phones on airplanes are one step closer to reality t.fcc is expected to take action and revise the rules. if approved, cell phone calls, texting and other mobile services would be permitted when aircraft are flying above 10,000 feet. passengers would not be permitted to use them during takeoff and landing. new year's day, not just about college football and gym memberships, it's also the no. 1 holiday for car thefts. the crime burrow the theory is many people leave their cars behind after a night of celebrating onny year's eve, so if are you heading out to the bars this year, be sure to take extra precaution, be sure to lock up.
9:24 am
don't get in the car if you have been drinking. handwritten letters to santa may soon be a thing of the past. old saint nick may have to check out facebook to see what kids are asking for this christmas. social media is replacing handwritten letters to santa this year. at least 26% of kids say they are placing their wish list on facebook, twitter and tumbler. so santa will have to be joining all of those sites. texas officials are warning residents this week to watch out for falling ice. take a look at this video here from the great wolf lodge in dallas t. ice accumulated on top of the building, broke ae part then it started to slide off the resort's main entrance, some buildings thawing out and refreezing once again at fit. >> that thawing ice problem may be around a couple more day, al will back me up on that. >> absolutely. i find that survey about staent santa and unu online, given it
9:25 am
was a service by a social online site. >> write the letter to santa, kids. >> write the letter to santa, kids. >> santa doesn't want to go on (whisperi just can't let can my family know...4 , it's my son's christmas gift. well you should give him the chance to play with somebody who actully knows how. you should ask santa for a new face. i'm about to deck your halls. did you get my tank you note? tanks for the memories. whatcha doing? whoa - hey! just, uh...watching the news. a lot of unrest over there in... this looks like... merry christmas! you should ask santa for a place to hide. rated m for mature. give battlefield 4 and all the hottest ea games with up to $20 bonus in-game content. only at walmart. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels.
9:26 am
nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. terry mcsweeney. witnesses in san jose say an armed man walked into the gym at oak grove high school and stole cash meant for the school's band. about 100 people were attending a wokely bingo fundraiser last night. he said he had a gun and took the cash. no word how much he got away with. bart and its two biggest unions will be face-to-face at the bargaining table again trying to find common ground last month. bart's board rejected a new contract because of a controversial family leave provision. the two sides will sit down with a federal mediator at bart headquarters this morning. a wild police chase came to a screeching end in the east bay overnight. you see the sparks flying. sarins blaring as the suspect ran over a spike strip, eventually blowing out a front
9:27 am
tire in antiok. the chase was connected to a joint operation targeting violent gangs in that city. no one was injured. more after this.
9:28 am
we're slowly climbing out of the 30s around the bay right now. 44 degrees in oakland. you see the hazy skies there and the wind and high pressure on top acting a bit like -- the air quality still an issue around the bay area. especially in the south bay where smoke particle pollution will be -- hopefully we'll see change come tomorrow and the weekend. close to 60 in san jose. 58 degrees in palo alto. upper 50s in san francisco. mid 50s today, and then temperatures climbing actually into the low to mid 60s this weekend, and our morning temperatures 30s and 40s heading towards saturday and sunday. >> all right, rob. that bright sunshine that's now coming through and providing a little warmth. we're looking over here towards
9:29 am
101 as well. that's an issue, though, for 280. let's look at your maps and we'll show you the slower drive. the sunrise commute. 280 from 92 towards woodside. consolidated to highway 84 slow there and still nob south as well. different pattern that we see developing over the past week or so. we do have another issue approaching moffit. the northbound and the south starting to clear and there's your east bay 880 slowdown in san francisco. >> mike, thanks a lot. thank you for watching nbc bay area. we'll have another local news update for you in half hour.
9:30 am
. >> welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning, september 12th, 2013, outside here on the plaza, willie geist along with al and natalie and our fantastic crowd that's come out to be with us on a cold, cold winter morning. speaking of the winter, speaking of the holidays, we got a viral video that is just fantastic. if you close your eyes and listen, you might think you are hearing blue christmas by the king, himself. check this out ♪ have a blue christmas without you ♪ i'll be so blue just thinking
9:31 am
about you ♪ like a race of a red on a green christmas tree ♪. >> amazing, 16-years-old, david sable. he was on a radio station in quick and, obviously, so gift gifted -- in quebec. >> it's a blue christmas without you. >> except for the [ music playing ] >> the elvis version in our house around christmas. i couldn't tell the difference at all when i heard that kid. >> amazing. >> 16-years-old. >> apparently he has a couple other views on youtube, he hasselbeck vis down.
9:32 am
>> let's check it out. it's cold look at that sunrise, that is gorgeous, a beautiful day today getting up to 66 degrees. afternoon, so much to our friends at knsd. pacific northwest, rain to the gulf coast. snow to the north saturday, icy conditions moving into the northeast with some snow. especially lake effect snow. rain in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday! we're looking at more snow in northern new england, wet >> the sunshine starting to warm us up around the bay area. 30s and 40s right now. as we head towards the afternoon, numbers approaching close to 60 in the warmest spots, including san jose. late today a few high clouds coming in, and no rain in the forecast. the system should increase the sea breeze enough, we think, to
9:33 am
bring our morning temperatures up into the mid and upper 30s tomorrow. there you see the highs again. 60 or close to it in san jose. upper 50s around the trivalley. low to mid 60s into the weekend. . >> that's the latest weather. >> every guy's dream is to have a man cave. what if it were filled with bacon? >> now you are talking, from the sports enthusiast, we have come up with the best gifts for all the guys in your life. >> this is matt dean managing editor of "sports illustrated".com. >> i got to tell you this is not the best game of pingpong. i am sure you would do better. >> willie is good. >> we have here a $40 pingpong set 23r uncommon good t. paddles stow like that. this actually rolls up. you can twist this up. show it in your car.
9:34 am
it's game time any time. >> i like. $40 bucks. >> always testing. >> very cool. >> what about you got all this sports fear in your house, basketball, baseball, hockey. >> the problem with sports gear, it's bulky. it get million dewey, funky. this is only $40 from it has mesh, so it will air out and dry very perfect. >> that can get stinky. >> nothing says pancakes like star wars pancakes. >> i want a tall stack, someone decided pancakes looking like yoda were a good idea. these are only $8. you can get yoda, a storm trooper, darth vader, of course. they are available at williamsso no i think they're a great gift for the guy that loves star wars. >> over on the grill cover.
9:35 am
the chicago bears, i wish it were. >> this is new york. the big blue. >> every guy has to guard his grill. this is available at deck's sporting goods. it's only about $45. you can protect that sustainless steel beauty but show the neighborhood who you support. >> i love this. >> this is very cool. >> you won't be able to use it at super bowl. >> you can do it in your own back yard. this is available for us $17 to add this entire set from or get them individually from it's just a lot of really smart gear. so it's just a kabob. they slide off easily on to your plate. the palmer spritzer of lemon. >> come on. >> it's like lemon. this, i don't know why you need this. you can cut your hot dog so it doesn't explode on the grill. >> i never had that happen. >> that's from and
9:36 am
also at >> i love that. >> we talked about bacon before. what guy doesn't is love bacon. >> a lot of the gift box, you have stuff in there. the gift that keeps on giving. it has everything from bacon flavored pickle, bacon lollipop, popcorn. who doesn't love the gift? >> that is genius, i love it. >> from the people that brought you the individual coffee maker, krupps moved on. >> what man cave is not complete without a frosty beverage t. party keeps on pouring. so that keg can be swapped out. put another one in. >> so what do you do, pour a bore into the keg? >> pop them right in the back. you are ready for action. >> al is going to destroy this in a second. >> how about a little putting green. >> i don't know how your short game is.
9:37 am
i need a little help. >> check it out. lasers from eyelean gulf. >> oh my gosh. these will help you lean up your putt. >> i don't think these are pga tour friendly. >> it feels a little like cheating. >> they're $15. >> i read that green terrible. >> you can check out your angle. >> if you want to do night golf, that is perfect for pitching around in your back yard. we are coming up on really short days. that's a luma ball. you can get those $25 online at brookestone. they can keep you in your back yard playing golf. >> very cool. matthew dean, thank you very much. appreciate it. merry christmas. if you want to check out where to get these gifts, check out >> one more chance. >> go for the money. >> coming up next, if you got sloppy crew or friend or family coming over for the holidays. we will clooep give you tips on
9:38 am
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hanes. a perfect fit for every body. now in colorful new styles. ♪ . >> if you have people coming over for the holidays, there are bound to be a few mess, spilled wine, perhaps, a sustained tablecloth or food on your rug. >> it hams, editor-in-chief of shop smart magazine. lisa, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's slide into this.
9:42 am
this is christmas tree sap. we all deal with this. >> this isn't as bad. a lot of sustains, you probably have everything you need around if house to deal with every holiday stain. this one, for example, all you need is rubbing alcohol. >> and a little elbow grease. >> it literally will dissolve the tree sap. get a fresh cloth. it comes out. it is starting to dissolve. it may take a few minutes. >> if it's on fab breck or something you are concerned about. you might want to take a test on the oge of it. follow with warm water, wash it out. >> artificial christmas tree, you take it out after a year, there is dust all over it. >> you want to do here, get your good old vacuum out, take the hoerksz cover it with the hose. everyone probably has some of these sitting around the house whether you wear them or not. take a rubberband.
9:43 am
tie it around there, secure it. >> you do that so you are not sucking up the 33. >> you are not damaging the tree. you want to work from the top down. make sure you have a cloth underneath it. turn it on. >> that's a brilliant idea. you can use it for a real tree. it won't suck up the needles. you can use it on house plants. >> that's a great use for that. >> a huge one. >> i love this being the sloppy ween drefrg eat the party. >> it's upsetting. it's not a big deal if you catch it fast. all you need is an egg dropper and hydrogen per oxide. make sure it's fresh. you don't want an old bottle. cake, use an eye dropper or pour some on. you can see it already. it just starts to come out. >> it breaks up the color. >> it is braking it up. >> it's an easy mag little trek. you got to catch it fast. you have to do it right away or else you might have trouble.
9:44 am
>> if you spilled it on a dress, would you use hydrogen per oxide? >> test on a corner. sometimes the sustains are too hard to handle. let start over here with the lip stick. this is upsetting. people put it on your nap kens. this actually takes a while to get out. you probably already have nail polish remover. make sure it's non-acetone type, it's the acetone time. you don't want the moisturizing type that has oils in it. take a towel, a clean towel, dip it in the acetone. this might take about 15 minutes, this is not a quick procedure here and actually our stain, this is an actual nap ken that had a lipstick stain. when you are done, also use soap and water before you put it in the washing machine. >> last but not least, food stains on the carpet.
9:45 am
>> you can by chemical carpet cleaners, my thoughts is, don't bring out the big guns if you don't need them. most household sustains on carpets and other stuff, all you need is cope and water. you need a solution of one teaspoon of mild or dish deter gent, clear. mix it with some water and, you know, what you want to do is make sure you are working from the outside in. this is looks like gravy. >> the lime the gravy. >> our holiday parties started a little early this morning. >> thanks, so much. coming up next, the one simple change that helped this woman shed 262 pound. >> my goodness. shed 262 pound. >> mythis issthe quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up,
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9:48 am
for holiday tips and recipes, go to (car screeching) [ female announcer ] resisting the magical taste of silky smooth dove® chocolate is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? an apron is hard work.
9:49 am
an apron is pride in what you do. an apron is not quitting until you've made something a little better. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? for us, everything. . >> okay. so for a lot of us, the holiday season is the most difficult time of year when it comes to eating healthy and resisting temptation. >> joy bower is here. she has incredible weight loss strategies, three people who lost a combined 590 pound. the amount of weight these people lost. let's start first with jennifer butter, she turned 50 years agor-years-old, mother of five. she weighed originally 410 pound. what made her lose weight?
9:50 am
>> in this picture she started eating in response to a whole cascade of negative events. she lost both parents. she lost her father-in-law. she was really unhappy and miserable in her community. she felt very uncomfortable. so the turning point was, a sad story, her husband surprised herd and her five kids, went to a local restaurant as a treat. she could not fit into the armchair. so she was ashamed. she was humiliated. to make matters even worse the workers were laughing and really making her feel very small. she remembered she cried through the whole meal. but the amazing thing is, she took that negative experience and she enabled it to fuel pure positive. she woke up in the morning. she started a weight loss plan. she was able in three years to drop 262 pound. >> wow, look at her now. 148 pound. she looks like a completely different person. >> not the same person. >> she is happy.
9:51 am
she is thriving. she is really active on facebook. she helps so many people lose weight. she has a super cool strategies. when she hits a buffet, she manages it with a one-two punch. she makes if commitment first she fills a plate just with produce, vegetables, salad, fruit. she gobbles that down and takes the edge off the hunger. then she lets herself have a second plate of small portions of whatever she wants. i love that. >> 56-years-old from nurnlgs howard. >> howard is a longstanding friend of mean. he has always been through thick and thin this great big lovable bear. at his heaviest he was 388 pounds. >> let's take a quick look at him now. >> he has knocked off 218 pounds. >> whoa. >> oh my gosh. >> unbelievable. >> you can see his eyes. he has great eyes. >> he's a new grandpa now. his secret is before he hits the party. he makes sure he has a strategic
9:52 am
snack. something under 200 calories with phoeber and protein. it helps to take the edge off. all of these snacks fit the bill. >> she is 35 in seattle. >> rosie at 300 pounds. her daughter was ebony was her motivator. she knocked off, are you ready, 110 pounds like a little super modem. here she is. >> what's her trick? >> talk about this. >> she gave herself the opportunity every single day for her favorite treat and by knowing that she had that, there wasn't deprivation. >> it enabled her. >> one treat a day. >> she downsized to a fun size candy bar. now she does a healthier granola. >> we have a party later, so i'm going to start snacking right now. >> got to go. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
9:53 am
that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming!
9:54 am
a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless.
9:55 am
or visit . >> jesse is from avon. they have been so good over the years. what have you brought to us? >> we are here to donate almost half a million of products, toys, accessories. all our great products. >> what are some of the things you have done. >> avon has a long history of giving back to the community with domestic violence products. >> empower women. thank you so much. it continues through december 20th. you can find out if you want to donate on our website >> coming up, kathie lee and
9:56 am
good morning. it's 9:56. i'm terry mcsweeney. san jose is starting to enforce strict new laws about medical marijuana shots. the city council has approved new regulations allowing it to shut down pot shomz next to homes, schools, and drug rehab
9:57 am
centers. under the new rules marijuana shops would only be able to operate in about 1% of the city. the rules could take affect as soon as this spring. investigators say it will take days to figure on the what started a four alarm fire at a phone company in concorde. the fire burned for hours yesterday and continued to smolder even after crews had it out and the warehouse is owned by all phone company. the building was severely damaged. part of the roof even collapsed. fortunately, no one was inside. let's check your weather rsh. >> the weather starting to look better than the very chilly start we had this morning. clear skies. kind of hazy outside right now. as we head into the afternoon, we're going to see our temperatures climb close to 60 actually in san jose and upper 50s elsewhere for now. mostly sunny for the moment. as we head through the afternoon, we'll see some clouds on the increase. weakening system approaching the bay area bringing us more clouds. a little more moisture in the air. that should keep tomorrow's temperatures up a few more degrees than what we woke up to earlier this morning. there you go. near 60 in san jose. upper 50s around san francisco.
9:58 am
to the north bay highs today in the mid 50s, but for the weekend highs in the low to mid 60s for our valley. mike. >> all right, rob. looking at the bay bridge. no problems. just a minor backup in the cash lanes. look over to the maps. we do have a little bit of a boot for the peninsula. southbound 101 and heading northbound 101. slow in towards mountain view. the northbound side of 87 also late slowing as you coming up into downtown. a slow drive all morning. here at the 101 up towards shoreline, an earlier crash. two of them heading into mountain view. that is just cleared. it caused the backup for 237 as well as northbound 85. the rest of your commute down the east bay looking good. you're at the limit for 880 south in fremont. back to you. >> did you say boo yeah? >> i did. >> another local news update in half hour. boo-yay.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> wild crowd out there. >> so many people in town for the holidays. we're happy to host them they're. it's thirsty thursday and it's december 12th. would you please take a look at miss hoda lee today. she looks so fabulous. by the way, this is not my -- let me tell you about the dress, it is not mine. >> it is now. >> a viewer and i swapped dresses. she said she liked the dress in
10:01 am
mine and she sent me one of hers. i want to know what else is in her closet. >> it fits you like a dream and is we're going to meet her later. >> good, good. we have have a performance by kristina perry. and we have a lot going on. >> soma rye ya carrimariah careo her house yesterday. we wondered if she could cook. we're not going to show you the whole thing, but trust us, it's worth waiting for. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ oh, so merry merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ >> good. >> all i want for christmas is just you. >> let's hope that wet your whistle. we didn't know what to expect. i've known maria since she was a
10:02 am
baby. never spent time with her, certainly never went to her house. >> i felt a little underdressed. she had a ball gown on. >> and we have no idea why santa claus was there. but why wouldn't he be is the question. so our trees, we're keeping christmas nice and quiet, simple. >> look at yours, yours is probably the gorgeous one. >> no. you see, you know what you do, that's it, the white lights, the star on top. >> there's so many going on, anyway, in that room. >> the lovely ladies from child sent me something and i haven't opened it up. like i said, it's a very little christmas tree. >> there's little and then there's little. by the way, since i'm going to be out of town, my sister-in-law actually bought that tree. that's the better shot. i like that one better. >> it's a work of art. >> that really is sweet.
10:03 am
you just water it and it continues to grow. >> but do you remember to water it? >> no, i don't. so we've been talking about dogs in coats because it's cold and a lot of people are walking their dogs in new yk city you see fleeces a parkas d everything. the question is are they necessary? so you guys have bn sending us pictures of ur dogs from all over. as we show you them, we'll show you wt says they say there are only three types of dogs tt have trouble gerating enough body heat on theiown. so these are t three typ of dogs that should wear dogs. small gs who can't generate the heat. dogs who are ill or elderly. oh, my god. >> we're not sure about that one. is that a cat >> it looks like a pig. >> it's a potellied pig, i think. >> it's orable. >> when ps fly. >> a bigith a snowsuit . all right. .then they say dogsith very, very short fur like greyhods.
10:04 am
>> or whippettes. i'm noture what a wippett is. put shoes on your dog t protect the you sr just rinse oer doggy's toes. so the golden globe nominations are out. as they were naming the movies and actresses, most of these movies aret out and y y're like, i didn't seethat. >>e important ind films that theeneral public hasn't seen yet. so the big shock is that "the butler" was completely shut out of the golden globes. >> oprah got a nomination best supporting actress by the sag awds yesterday. >> i can't believe if you have seen that movie that there was no nomination for that movie. and "american hustle," is that out? >> i don't thi. >> it's about to come out.
10:05 am
>> i have a feeling bh of those are going to be a little -- >> i can't go see the sve one. >> i've heard its brliant, but therare certn things, i cannot wchhat cruelty to people. anyway"captain philips" and "gravi" both got minations. >> kevin spacey got it and- oh, robin wright did get one. good, good, good. >> james spater w nominated for the black list, which is such a hot show. >> yeah, but it wasn't nomined for best drama and it shod have been. >> who are these people, by the way? the foreign corrpoents. >> press. >> press. i'm not sure they get black listed there. anyway, tom hanks and julia roberts and a bunch ofpeople. meryl streep, they were nominated, too. golden globes air here january 12th on nbc. >> what are these drinks, do you
10:06 am
know >> pomegranate. or cranberry. >> cheers. >> kelly clarkson's special last night. >> she'sncredible by herself. she's especially incredible when she ngs with ra mcintyre and trisha yearwood. i want to take a look. ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪ ♪ sep in heavenly peace sleep i heavenly peace ♪ >> i have chis right now. i'm tryin to figur out who was -- kelly was hitng the high stf. i think at was reba taking the melody, right? >> you know what's gat about the three ofhem? >> what? >>ll three of those people are so nice, aren' ey?
10:07 am
>> they're three othe nicest people, every single one. >> not a divaish thingbout any of them. >> kelly has beenaving a bit of difficulty with her pregnancy. she's been throwing up. she said she was doi some kind of a phone interview and in the middle of it, she got up, went, threw up and came back. >> put the reporter on speaker phone, went and did what you haveo do. >> how were your pregnancies? >> you know what? the first one was -- i didn't even kno i was pregnant. ye somewhere on the high seas, frank and i made cody on one of the fun ships, if you know wt i mean. and i didn't en know -- i knew i was pregnant when i sat down to eat one of my favorite things in the whole world, maryland abs and i went -- >> oh, you didn't want it. what did you crave? >>spaghetti, carb but she's got the bakind, which is all day long, 12 times y.
10:08 am
i don't know how she'sontinue to do her -- if i had had that. and cass i was pretty sick. >> you were? >> i lost two babies to miscarriage both between cody and ca. bothn colorado. and then didn't think i'dver have another child. and then i got pregnantith cass. >> and the kids ar by the way, on their way he for the holidays. >> this is their second year away, both of them. but it hit me. i was so busy with scandalous last year,nd this year i wasn't, as everybody knows. so the emptiness of that nest was really -- you know what? a lot of people are have called me o texte me or sent in tweets so tell me that they get it. >> they do. yeah. there are a lot of people who are feeling what you're feeling. >> and you know who talked to thether day from my pod cast is patti moett. justin bieber's mom. we talked a lot about juin's
10:09 am
antics, shall we say,verything we've been reading in the newspaper abt him. and sheaid to him, younow, kathie, i wish ty would show what he did in h world tour. he went to e philippines and he's helping people and the next day it was in the papepe. >> pod cast 1, that's a great interview. >> kate lee and company. guess who i talked to thi saturday night? >> who? >> hugh jackman. i'm going to put ony t-shirt and sniff him while i talk to him. >> all right. here is an ihoda you're going to like. w about a little martina mcbre? >> i love her. >> and how about when everything in yourife i crummy and you realize you've got to hang on t your dreams? she wrote a beautiful song and you know it. it's called "any waway."
10:10 am
let's play it. ♪ you can spend your while life buildi something from nothing ♪ ♪ one storm can come and blow it all away♪ ♪ build it anyway >> how about that? ♪ you can chase dream feels so out of reach ♪ ♪ and you know it might not ever come your way ♪ ♪ dream it anyway >> isn't that beautiful? >> you see, i told you i'd do one for you, eventually. >> areou the same person i sat next to last week? >> i am. >> i'll have to get that. i love her singing. >> let's do a little okay not okay. shall we? >> s. >> is it okay - >> is she pregnant or not? or is she splitting with her boyfriend or not. >> or is she having twins?
10:11 am
let's go can we get the story, please. >> i'm exhausted fm her. is it okay or not okay fo stars get away with rudeness. rudeness is negative acceptable. you know what? we agree. no, its not okay on. celebrity or not, mind your manns. >> goo girl, hoda, i'm proud of yo >> tt's wonderful. >> it used to be thatudenes or cruelty would make me cry. now it's kindness. it's so rare these days. >> do you remember the cold commcial, i can't stop thinking care of the cold commercial. >>aking care of the elderly person at the end of the ha. a coue goes inton older woman's house, they deck the halls, they sneak out of the apartment, they are peeking through their door and they're waitinfor her. old woman comes in, puts her key i i and it's chrisas in her house. you can cry cold. greacommercial. >>ou go ando that for somebody, hoda. i mean you. >> ty braved the freezing cold
10:12 am
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10:13 am
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10:14 am
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merry christmas! you should ask santa for a ple to hide. rated m for mature. give battlefield 4 and all the hottest ea games with up to $20 bonus in-game content. onlyt walmart. are you one of th? you know, the kind that dri yourself crazyuring the holidays making sure you have the perfect picte, perfect card? bake the worthy cookies and gift wrapped so creatively they look like the belong i a department store window >>well, just sto it. >> it's okay to let go and give yourself a brea mother of five. business coach and writer alley worthington wrote about how she put an end to the holay perfection. she'here with a clinical psychologist. >> so you were stuck in that tr, huh, of wanting everything to be st so? >> because your family members had done it for so long.
10:16 am
>> well, i grew up watchg the wome in my family and the communy bake cookies for evyone. they're volunteering everywhere, they're trying to be all things to all people. and i went, oh, just can'to that. >> no thank you. >> how did that go over when you decided to put the brakes on it? >> i actually had a lot of encouragement from my husband. because he said, i want us to enjoy christmas and you're stressed. and i go, y're right, i am stress. and look, she got a big brood there. now, a lot ofe have that personality. let's quickly talk about our poll. we talked to our viewers and t question was how much does holiday perfection sess you out? a lot? 40%. 39% said a little and 21% sai not at all. do the numbers surpre you? >> no they don'turpre . 40% get stressed out. that's a lotf people that feel e stress that you did. if they give that up, they actually get to have fun. so it's about expanding your definition of what a great holiday is. it doesn't have to be perfect.
10:17 am
>> here is the thing about chat 40%. say it's you, say you're the mother. the mothe is the heartbeat of the home. is mama is strsed and not happy, it's exponential. then nobody is going to be happy and everybody is ing to be at each other's throats. not that i can see that person. but it zaps everybody around you. >> so if u calm down and u're having fun, it's going to have a ripple effect on y family. >> i would imagine part of what you were concerned about were the neighbors and the friends and the peer grou. >> what other people think. >> how did you combat that? >> well, i'll tl you this, i was at a store lasteek and i heard this woman next to me say her daughter, i am not getting presents for your teachers' pets. d i thought, it has come to this, prents for your teachers' pets. >>ou mean your teaches dog? >> yes. >> what are you talking about? are you kidding me? oh, my gosh. >> so i thought, i'm just going to put it outhere on the internet. i'm done. >> youdid? >> i read your article and i
10:18 am
totally agreed with you on everything. >> what reaction did you get? >> two different reactions. the firstne i had women say gifts and baking things, that' my le language. i want to do it. >>enjoy. >> i said good, you make the world go aroun and y make u for people like me who don't do anything. and then the second thing was i had people go how do i stop? >> and youe got to learn to go y , don't you? >> r flags that yo need to stop and set some limits, number onis that you feel yourself getting irritated. so y'r supposed to be happy, this is supposed to be fun. once you get irritated, you go maybe that day i want to set a limiis today or tomorrow. the second thing that happens is you start thinking, i can't wait until this is over. i can't wait unt nuary. if you're starting to think that, your day where you're like, oh, this is done, that should be soon. coupleips for enjing all this if you're trying to is stop taking pictures d enjoy the moment. >> thank you. >> da, what were y saying to
10:19 am
me the other day about going to a concert is erything is going like this? >> it's rig in front of you on a big screen. stop it. be in the moment. >> we're not -- >> we're taking pictures and taking pictures. setting limits is really important so when you get tse re flags, if you have to go and hide and take a nap or go have a drink in the bathroom, go ahead. take care yourself. >>hank you, ladies. have a merryittle imgs. >> gre. thank you. >>ememr this dress hoda wore last month over and over and over? >> yeah. >> well, a fan likedto we swapped anshs going to tell us what happene sin she put mine on. >> i hope she looks as good as i do. and they're almost out
10:20 am
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10:23 am
today, it is fanstic and it's nothers. >> last mont a vier posted a really nice dress saying she liked this dress that i was weing, one my mom picked out. it kin of a t-shirty dress. >> it's from an throw pollianto. righ >> s. >> a being the goo sport she dressesith terry.t swap do you love it? >> i do. >> i love it. >> itraps your whole body in it. did you look great in it, terry? >> yes, you di oh, look at you. >> was it your birthday? >> this is my birthday. i'm having dnks with my best girlfriends. >> oh, how fun. >> i love it. >> kathilee has to break some news to you, ter. >> how much do you love hoda? >> i love hernd i love you, too. >> thank you so much.
10:24 am
we're going to make a little request. can you keep hoda's dress and let ha keep yos? she adores it. >> i love your dress. by the way, iant to go toour closet and get the other stuff out of there. let's continue this, okay? is that all right, terry? >> i don'tave a whole lot in my closet. >> oh, my god. dotave a whole lot. i have to send you ts dress back >> sorry, ter. n't going to happen. >> nope, nope, nope,terry, wel have to call up anthropology and see if we can get you mething else. >> she doesn't have that many clothes. >> we're going to send her something. and for the man that can fix anything around the house. und the spell of ur st hnotic lips! new color elixir creamlip lacquer from maybelle new york. the magic? a secret trio of concentras
10:25 am
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10:26 am
good morning. 10:26. i'm terry mcsweeney. witnesses in san jose say an armed man walked into a bingo game at oak grove high school, stole cash meant for the school band. about 100 people were in the gym attending the weekly bingo fundraiser last night.
10:27 am
the suspect approached the people handling the money. he said he had a gun and took the cash. no word on how much he got away with. bart and its two biggest unions are meeting face-to-face at the bargaining table again trying to find common ground. last month bart's board rejected a new contract because of a controversial family leave provision. the two sides just sat down with the federal mediator at bart headquarters about 25 minutes ago. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
towards the afternoon, pretty nice day. close to 60 in san jose in gilroy. peninsula temperatures in the upper 50s. 58 around san francisco. you'll notice in the north bay, temperatures a little cooler for nap why. chilly start to the morning. 20s earlier. climbing up to 56 for the afternoon. close to 60 in oakland. twaul, the trend is to go through the weekend. morning temperatures starting to warm up with those temperatures around san francisco in the mid 60s early next week. now for a check of your commute once again. here's mike. >> the toll plaza just mild backup. that's fine. big issue, though, in the tri-valley as we take the maps and zoom over towards the livermore valley. we just got this crash over here. it is more spectacular than the initial reports. both direction of 508 are affected, and it sounds like all lanes westbound are currently closed by a crash and a car fire in your center lanes here at the center divide west 580 at livermore, north livermore off ramp there. the eastbound side is at least affected possibly has lanes closed as well. the fire and the crews causing a big backup. there it is. back to you.
10:30 am
>> all right, mike. thanks very much. we'll have more local news coming up in a half hour. at 11:00. see you then. were back with mor day. i you've been waiting for th moment because it's time fofoambush makeover and the ladies today mushave nted it bad because it reall is cold out there, isn't >>t's war inside in here. lewis lecarvey. d today and conibuting editor for people's "style watch" on she perrmed their magic once a day. you make fast choice ones when it's thacold? >> day, we had a team. we had gray hair makeers. so it's really exciting. the results are quite dramatic. >> okay. first up is linda niedert. e's 51 yrs old. she was diagnosed wi breast
10:31 am
cancer bacin 2011 .after having gone through the treatment has been in remission for two years. e was so thrilled to have the portunity to be hampere for a fe hours. let's take a listen t her sty. >> in, i know this is exciting for her and emotional because you've been rough so much with mom. >> yeah ou two years ago, she had to sa her head. she just started growing itack and has never colored it. we could not be more thrilled that this is cing up right now. >> we're so excited to give this to you. whato you think? >> tnk you. i am so excited.d. i am just overwhelmed. i dot know what to think right now. >> linda is so set andhe has two sweet daughter erin and amy. guys, pleaseeep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is linda before. nda, l'see the new you. oh, wow! oh, my god. >> you look great. >> oh, my god. all right, rls, are you ready? >> yes. >> checkom out. take o your blindfolds. >> whew!
10:32 am
>> oh, m god. >> mom, are you ready? okay. turn right around and looat that mirror behind you. >> oh, you look grt. >> oh, you ok beautiful. >> we'll get a photo. get right around. stand right here. >> look right there. >> first of all, let's ask the ughters. what dyou guys think? >> unbeevable. >> she's soeserving of this, too. yolook awesome, mom. >> tell us about this. >> linda looks as beautiful on the outside as she i othe inside. do younow she works in nursi homes. and anyone that's been around theursing hes knows how hard that is tdo. that's total devotion. yore a sainin what we did is,f course, i got rid of the gray hair which mediately washed away years. okay. then what i did, what breno did,
10:33 am
he was our haircutter today. she had short hair. not much to workwith, but he, course, gave her a great style. >> ic. >> she went from simple t very chic d, of urse, the makeup. >> i lov t makeup. it is so pretty. >> what you think? >> it's amazing. i'm speechless. >> you look gorgeous. >>linda, tnk y. why don't you joinour daughters. >> we are so emotional. >>e are so emotional that the dress is london times and you look beautul. >> i'm sorryi got all confused. >> good jo >>ll righty. there is something in the air. we're so etional today. >> i know. something ishappening. > cathy blevin she's from culpepper, virginia. she td us she's never been very happy with her look,o she was nervous andited to try somethg new. good for her. let's hear her story. >> i have to be honest. thy is little freaked out.
10:34 am
what do you think of th? >> ared. >> when is the last timeou colored your hair? >> a coupleearsag >> okay. but you let it grow out and now she's nervous. what do you think of this, danny? >> i wanted to get on tv. this is a good opportunity to do it. >> wl, we're happy to be your excuse. you're going to look totally diffent in about three hours. >> oh, md. >>ou know the best part, danny? it's going to b free. free to you. alrighty. let's take one last look at cathy befor a let bring cathy blevins o. w and improved. >> oh, wow! >> look how chic. wow, hey,danny, you're in for a t. take youlindfold off, please. >> okay. , wow. she looks terrific. she's always been beautiful and she's beaiful now. >> sure is. cathy, why don't you turn around, ney, and see what he's talkg about. >> that's the first time anybody
10:35 am
has turned that direction. >> wow. >> god. >> great. >> it's absutely beautiful. tell us abt it. >>cay, youooked like a ququt church mouse before vm right. the hair color mak a significant difference when you wash ay the gray. >> she sai her husband likes red. all right. >> that is red. >> a little warm, but we can ke it redder if you want. u ve a open invitation. >> you might have been nice, th if you told him that when he was doing your hair. >> and, of course, breno gave her this gt great style with that side sweep angle which is always so atring. >> what y think, do you like? >> oh, i love it. it looks grt. our dahter is going to lov it, too 37. >> and her dress,too. >> youust whispered, i like blonds, red heads .bnettes.
10:36 am
this inew by shani. >> thas theng with the undergarment. we're turning linda out, too. be careful, linda. >> thank you so much. good job, ki good job you have that little problem thateeds fixing u knowhat to do. thateeds fixing u kno[ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand sti. but m has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not ed by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greer risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine td him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelt®. like warfin xarelto® is proven effective to ruce afib-related stroke risk. but xarto® is e first and only once-a-day prcription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. that esn't require routine bld nitoring. so jim's not tied to that monitoring routine.
10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:40 am
what is it >> ask lou about a those pky esons you wish iou answer yourself >> you've asked questions about cracked walls and now lou is he to answe those. >> l l's do it, lou. >>aline moosasks, how do you repa a crack in a wall >>his is typical, rit? you'll get a crack, have a surface blemi re. you see how this is raised a little bit ipect before we put anpackle on there,ake one these sanding sponges and work tt crack so you bring down that raised surface a little bit. >> as flat asou can make it. as flat as you can make it. thenou'llet a lightweight spackle, spread that on there. and work itack and foh. you did it. >> i love to watch this stuff. >> now y're done. now leavet alone. >> leavet alone. >> i want to kni it. >> now, whe this drys, this will dry in abo an hour.
10:41 am
you can come backnd sand it likely. prime it, paint it and you're done. >> ellen wants to ow how you cainstall orut crown ulding without wasting so much of the crown mold >> i know you're going to roll your eyest this. th is how we used to do i old school all the beautiful buildings you go to and you see lovelyrown ulding, they didt byhand. th is a piece of crown moulding. th is a mighter box. >> that goes in thecoer. >> then you're going to take this cing s andut away this tail. when you're done, it's going to give you this she right here. so what that has don now is giveyou the shape of the crown. now when i p thisn top of the ceiling, it matches. arue 90 degrees.t matter if it's remember this is cwn
10:42 am
this goes up on an angle. when this fits together, you put calky in there. ess toe. >> perfect. >> and lucas,his is an important one wants to know how you remove wax from a piece furnite, your couch or something. >> you want to scrap as much of this as youan with your fingers. don't use any put knife because you don't want to scratch the material. take a brown per bag over the top with a warmiron, no steam. >> how rm >> warm, in the middle, whaver the setting ionhe middle. and you're going to slowly go over the top of this. >> until it softs? >> until it soften when youo this, theapers going tobsorb this. and oe you see ts littl dot get ni andbig, then you put the eam on. >> watch your hair. >> watch yr hair. thenou put a cotn rag over the top with steam. we have to party.
10:43 am
i'm so sorry. doouant a ttle bit? >>o. >> par is over. party is er. >>finally, carolyn littlen has the question why do my pipes make noises? >> you actuallneed more air back in the system. i have given this advice for 15 yes and it works. is is a mock-up of your main valve somewherin your house looks like. pu that up. your water is now off to the house. open up ery faucet, flush every toilet until the water stops flowing. en shuthose vves of slowly turn that valve back on. that was a little too fast. now, when you do that the are things inside the call that are called arresrs like th. e air goes back inside of these things and that moaning d growning that happens, the putting is gone. but the filters on you faucets haveo come paut off because sediment will go in there and
10:44 am
clog it. then no more nois i promise. coming ,he brought you jars ofearts and a beautiful song, "a thousand years." >> she's adorable. krisna perry is here right after is. >> and her family is here. >> oh, good. ♪ [ female nouncer ] holiday ckies ae aig job. everything has to be just rht. perfection is in the dails. ♪ pillsbury cookie doh. makehe holids pop!
10:45 am
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i'm ir patriot, and i like him because he c fly. fure iseallcool. we want isisame for christmas! walmart has e hottest gifts chosen by kids like the lego marvel super hees for for the xbox one and . game rated e 10+. walmart.
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10:48 am
christina perry, she just wrapped her second cd called ad o heart. she's back with here today. grt to see you. so nice of you toring your tire fily along. >> you broht you whole family. thank you. >> i le that posse youave over there. >> so cute. it's my mom and my dad andy
10:49 am
brother and his mily. >> we're excited about this new cd. what can listeners expect fro you this time around? >> wellt's denitely very . and so it's lot of my heart stories and love songs and things i've gone through. because evenugh i was on ur for three years -- y made some time for that. >> yes. >> what are you going to sing fous? >> a song called human. very good. thank you. ♪ i can hold my breath and i can bite my tongue ♪ ♪ ian stay awe fo days if thas what you want be yr number one ♪ ♪ i can do it
10:50 am
i can do it i can d it ♪ ♪ but i'm only human and i ble when i fallown♪ ♪ i'm only human and i crash and i break down ♪ ♪ your words in my head knives in my heart ♪ ♪ you build me up and then i fall apart ♪ ♪'m only human ♪ i c tn it on be a gd mache ♪ ♪ i can hold the weight of worlds if that's what you need be your everything ♪
10:51 am
♪ i can do it i can do it i'll get thrgh it ♪ ♪ but i'm only human and i bleed when i fall down ♪ ♪ i'm only human and i crash and i break down ♪ ♪ your wor in my head knives imyrt ♪ ♪ you build me up and then i fall apart ♪ ♪ cause i'm only human ♪ i'm only human i'm only human just a little human ♪
10:52 am
♪ i can take so muc 'till i've had enough ♪ ♪ cause i'm only human and i bleed when i fall down ♪ ♪ i only human and i crash and i break down ♪ ♪ your words in my head knives in my heart ♪ ♪ you build me up and then i fall apart i'm only human ♪
10:53 am
♪ yeah, >> that wasgreat. we'll be back with a special guest and more on "today" on nbc. ♪ i'm only human and i bleed when i fall down
10:54 am
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10:56 am
one of e things that brings a lot o joy around here thisime of year is a toy driv helping us again this years megan tingley. we love her name. seniorice present and publisr at little brown books for young readers. so nice to see you. >> hello. >> thank you for helping us. >> thank you foroing it. we love this cause. little brown has been donating fo 11 years now and we think it's great. >> what are you donating this year? >> we always donate a big selection of children's bo we're going toive you 120,
10:57 am
books th year. one of the on wre excited about is everything loves this story, "the nightefore christmas." and i think this version is so beautil. it's hol hobby, the painter. and i think it celebrates the kind of christmas we all imagi in our heads, likeew england and snow. >> like courier and i'sand ives. >> if you'd like to donate, ease do. >>nd the results of m pillow are on the way. >> we cat wait! an maria tomorrow.
10:58 am
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good morning. s thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsween where i. >> i'm peggy bunker. let's get to the news in livermore where a deadly car crash and car fire as parts of 580 shut down. mike, what is it looking like out there? >> it's a really tough drive. in fact, not driving at all right now on the westbound direction. let's take you out to the maps, and we see the big slowdown, and the portion of the roadway because the speed sensors are triggered too right now. this is as you are coming into livermore out of the pass. you see eastbound is also slow. eastbound lanes two lanes are closed. two lanes are open. westbound is completely closed right now, and north livermore after a deadly crash, someone died as a result of this, and there's a car fire. the fire department has all of your westbound lanes closed. they're hoping to reopen one


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