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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 17, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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marianne favro is in redwood city with this uncommon tactic from scammers. >> reporter: raj, the scam artists try to get you to put money on one of these, this is a green dot card. they say if you put money on here then you will avoid arrest for not paying tickets. in a simple phone call to your home, the scam artists try to convince you that you failed to pay some kind of fine or ticket and will go to jail or face prosecution if you don't pay them immediately. even more frightening, they have figured out a way to make it look on your caller i.d. like a real law enforcement agency is calling you. >> what are we going to do when it comes time to honor our law enforcement when everybody is imitating them? i mean the frauds are becoming genuinely authentic. >> i think the scam is awful. it's really important that people are loyal and you can trust your community, so it's really difficult and disheartening to hear people within our community are trying to take advantage of others.
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>> reporter: sheriff's deputies say so far they have received several reports of people calling to question the phone calls, but no reports of anyone falling for the scam, which is now being reported nationwide. if you do get one of these suspicious calls, be sure to call the san mateo county sheriff's department and tell them about it and whatever you do, don't let anyone on the phone convince you to put money on one of these. reporting live in redwood city, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> good warn, thank you. new video from sonoma county where dozens of protesters marched on behalf of teenager andy lopez. our nbc chopper was on the scene. the eighth grader was killed you might recall last october by a sheriff's deputy who mistook a bb gun that the boy was holding for an assault rifle. the activists complained the dea has not released her investigation into what happened and questioned whether her campaign for re-election is a factor in all of this. last week lopez supporters asked
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the state attorney general for an independent investigation into lopez's death. new details tonight of san jose's seventh homicide of the year. it happened off capitol expressway. a fight broke out there yesterday and during it, one man ran over another with his car. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at the scene with what police say could slow down that investigation. >> reporter: yeah, jessica, there's been some lack of cooperation by some of victims and witnesses in this incident, not to mention the fact that it was pretty chaotic here yesterday. friends and family have been dropping off flowers and candles at the scene behind me. this truck is blocking that view but they have been here dropping off those remembrances. police still have a lot of questions. the suspected killer is still on the loose. they spent the morning and afternoon on snell avenue but still have no answers as to why eric vallejo is dead. >> no one deserves to die that
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way. he leaves behind a beautiful daughter who's asking where her daddy is, and we don't know what to tell her. >> reporter: crews were cleaning up the capitol flea market today. this is where police say two large groups were kicked out for fighting on sunday. that fight spread to the streets, and that's when police believe vallejo was intentionally run over during a fistfight. >> the scene was very chaotic. there was a lot of moving parts. >> reporter: police say up to 12 people may have been involved. two men drove themselves to the hospital ten minutes after the homicide. one with a stab wound, another appeared to also have been hit by a car. >> those individuals were uncooperative. >> reporter: this marks san jose's seventh homicide of the year just a month and a half into 2014. >> unacceptable. we have discussed this with our command staff. there doesn't appear to be any type of a pattern. it seems like these homicides are all over the board, all over the city. >> reporter: as police investigate, another san jose
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family mourns. and the memorial again behind me here on snell avenue in san jose as soon as this van moves, we'll be able to see that memorial. one witness actually told me that the driver after he hit the victim, he actually backed up and hit him a second time. police still have not confirmed that for us, but again the memorial here for eric vallejo. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. happen noug ing now on this presidents' day holiday, the president is leaving california. the president flying back to the white house after a long weekend here. last friday he was in the fresno area and then flew to palm springs for the weekend. he met with jordan's king abdullah for talks on syria and other countries in the middle east. mr. obama also played some golf, including a round on a course built by oracle founder larry ellison. nearly a year after the golden gate bridge went to an
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electronic tolling system, there's questions about how much money it's mailing. they mailed out viotions to nonfastrak drivers. roughly 144,000 of the violations still have not been paid. if every one of those violators ends up paying the maximum fine, it could mean as much as $10 million for the bridge district. however, a bridge spokesperson says the real revenue is likely a much smaller number. >> 1% up to maybe 2% of all the tolls collected here at this bridge will come from toll violation fines that are collected. that translates to around a million to $2 million. >> bridge officials say all of the money generated by the toll violations are put back into maintenance for the bridge. still ahead here at 5:00, the gunfire that sent shoppers running. what we're learning about this incident -- the shooting outside of a bay area mall. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking cloud cover across the bay, but increasing chances of rain in the forecast.
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we'll have details on that, plus what you can expect for that sochi olympic weather in just a few minutes. and we're going to take you to sochi where as jeff was telling you mother nature has thrown the winter games another curveball. why organizers had to postpone a couple of events. and i'm stephanie chuang. as polina edmunds gets ready to take the ice, what about the bay area gives skaters the edge. and then at 6:00, it was the business equivalent of a first date. now silicon valley is buzzing about the possibility of apple and tesla getting hitched. why a deal might make sense for both sides. that's new at 6:00.
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it's like the olympics are in our own backyard. the weather in sochi like ours.
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if it's not rainy, it's like this, foggy. this is making it impossible for many of the athletes to compete. in fact two events have been postponed. >> we have more from sochi including the comeback of another vip. >> reporter: the weather continues to be a problem in sochi. rising temperatures have affected the snow, causing course groomers to use so much fortifying salt that they ran out and had to bring in more from switzerland. now fog has forced organizers to postpone two sports in the mountain cluster. men's biathlon and snowboard cross. >> they're off. >> reporter: the haze did lift in time for the women's biathlon to start where american susan dunklee finished 12th in the 12.5 kilometer mass start. the gloom prevented the iceberg curling center where both u.s. teams washed out of olympic competition. the men lost to switzerland 6-3. the women were hammered by south korea 11-2. >> it's an incredibly
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frustrating week. nothing really went our way. we didn't get any breaks. we didn't play good enough to win but it's a tough week. >> reporter: getting the week off to a good start, the women's hockey team. they beat sweden 6-1 to earn a spot in the gold medal game thursday against arch rival canada. >> we got nothing to lose. they're the defending champions, so they're trying to defend that but we have nothing to lose. >> reporter: and the eyes have it. bob costas will be back behind the anchor desk after missing six days with infections in both eyes. costas says he does not feel 100% but, raj, he says if he waits until he does, the olympics will be over. >> and this is the final week. by the way, jack, you holding up okay? you've been gone for a while. >> reporter: i'm doing great. i'm doing -- i love the olympics. it keeps you energized. >> jack just might move to
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russia irks . >> reporter: no, i won't. this has been a very notable day at the olympics. we're about to reveal some results now. these happened earlier today but will be part of our primetime coverage. we'll queue up some music now and show you the results. all right. also happening in sochi, san jose's polina edmunds has arrived. she's been training in nearby germany for the past week. today the 15-year-old ice skater tweeted this picture of her room at the olympic village. that's a room and there's a huge poster of her above her bed.
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she tweeted it's, quote, so cool. by the way, edmunds competes on wednesday. >> and she's got a lot to live up. we've had peggy fleming, kristi yamaguchi, brian boitano, all bay area skating ledgendlegends. stephanie chuang joins u now. >> reporter: who better to ask than those going through the training right now hoping to reach olympic status in a couple of years. you'll see some faces that you haven't seen yet and what they think it is about the bay area that has helped them get so far. at just 15, san jose's own pl n polina edmunds is the latest of stars to emerge from the bay area. >> what a thrill to be on this journey with her. >> reporter: but you can bet that it won't stop with polina. karen chen feels that she's
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ready to put fremont on the map the way her role model did. >> i want to be just like her and i could do it as well. >> reporter: you can find the 14-year-old at the sharks ice rink in fremont practicing the craft she started at just 6. >> that was much better. very nice. >> reporter: and over at shark bites in san jose where polina practices, you'll find even more talent in rising stars like joey and michael casetti. they play competitive ice hockey for the junior sharks, dedicating hours here to reach the dream. >> that's the ultimate dream to go to the olympics and beyond. >> you're there representing your country. >> reporter: and they feel they're close, thanks in part to the bay area. it's role models like polina. >> they're inspirational and you believe you can do it to. >> reporter: and then to the ice itself. ask veteran coaches and they say the bay has every ingredient right. >> just the sharks alone have
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seven sheets of ice so the kids can get ice team and that's really a big part of it. >> we have the san jose sharks backing us and so it makes a big difference. >> reporter: plus, it's in the genes. a lot of inspiration coming straight from the family. >> to be on the ice playing and scoring goals, it's really instance expirati inspirational. >> reporter: it's the same for this family. >> it makes me feel like i want to be just like her. >> reporter: not one, but two olympians in the making. you have to remember them the next time the winter games roll around. now, it helps when your role model is physically nearby. christey yaum -- christey yam guchy's foundation has helped to
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sponsor her that has boosted her dreams of getting to the olympics just like kristi. >> tonight at 6:00 we'll check in with janelle wang and she went some time with kristi. she checks in on the figure skating competition and you can follow janelle's adventures online and find a link at let's bring in jeff ranieri and talk about our microclimate forecast on this presidents' day holiday. >> i thought since we haven't had too much rainfall we'd sum up some of those weekend rainfall totals. you know, decent considering the storm system we had. mt. tam, 1.32. richmond 0.12 and we'll get a look across portions of san francisco. close to 0.05 of an inch. we do have more rainfall in the forecast but not immediately. it is currently dry as it scans
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around. we'll have more on the timing of the next chance of showers coming up. let's get you to the sky camera network. temperatures holding right at 60 degrees. while it does look pretty clear at the lower levels, we do have a haze sitting across a lot of the bay and we're also seeing the winds kick up at the coastline. that's the biggest thing immediately right now. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour coming directly out of the west in san francisco. that's going to bring back fog and also the possibility of drizzle for the coast tonight and also tomorrow morning. let's fast forward things and get a look at the storm track. we're always at least lately focused on that next possibility of getting any kind of rainfall. the storm track is in a decent position. it's just the branch of the storm track that we want is going to stay, we think, off to the north at this pointing. so the next storm mainly off to the north and mainly offshore. as we head throughout tuesday night, also wednesday morning, most of it will break up. yes, we have a chance of showers in the forecast, it's just not major at this pointing.
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the best possibility will be the north bay for isolated showers and winds that will kick up 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll take you to the timeline on this and what you will find i think that most people will be impacted by far the next two days will be that cloud cover. we'll start off tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. from the north bay down to the south bay. as we head throughout the evening hours, what you'll want to look at at the top of the map, that's where that rain line will be located here north of santa rosa, so we don't expect widespread heavy rainfall, but we may get a shower pushing on down as the system gets close by tuesday night. as we head throughout wednesday, take a look at all the clearing back here on the map. that's a sign of sunnier weather building back into the forecast. let's look at that sunnier weather wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures going up. you can even see by thursday and friday we'll be close to 70 degrees across parts of the south bay. in fact they do think by this weekend we'll likely have low and mid-70s in the forecast. you can see it right there
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scrolling on that seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. your microclimate forecast for tuesday doesn't have too much sun in it. we'll stay partly sunny to mostly cloudy. san francisco hovering at low 60s and getting cloudy skies for your forecast on tuesday. we'll take you here across the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley. temperatures from 60 to 64 degrees. in the north bay napa with 62, oakland 62 as well and for the tri-valley looking for 65 expected in pleasanton. we talked about the weather in sochi and i do want to end it up with our tuesday forecast in sochi. we are still expecting a little bit of a weather shift here in the forecast. some rain/snow mix at mid-mountain and we could see again a little bit of accumulate and also temperatures quite a bit colder in the mid-30s. good news up there that they're finally getting some of this colder weather but it still may delay some events so to wait and see on that one, guys. can storm drain and sewage lines be spreading toxic
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chemicals in the neighborhoods in mountain view. tonight steven stock uncovers a new theory involving one of the largest contamination sites in the bay area. >> we're talking about the epa's npw site around moffett field. they show the contamination has spread beyond the boundaries of that super fun site and now there's a concern that the city's underground storm drains and sewage lines have transported these toxic chemicals called tce, from the site to other parts of the city. scientists are finding new hot spots of tce that now we discovered seem to be following the city's underground utility lines. >> it's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt but it's the best explanation of the data. and the best explanation we have right now is these horizontal conduits, storm drains or sewer lines, are the source. >> reporter: now tonight after the olympics, the investigative
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unit digs deeper. for the first time the unit pieces together some maps and scientific data to try to find out exactly where this tce might be coming from. we'll lay it and show it to you tonight. our team talks to the epa about its efforts to clean up this mess. that's all coming up after the olympics. >> that's a critical story for many people in that area. if you have a tip for steven stock or anyone else in our investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to see how successful netflix has been with season two of "house of cards." [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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tonight the california highway patrol is mourning two of its own after what's been called the deadliest incident for that agency in more than 15 years. two officers, juan gonzalez and brian law, were killed while responding to a crash on highway 99 south of fresno early this morning. both officers it turns out have strong ties to the bay area. gonzalez began his career in the chp's san jose office. law spent the first five years of his career in the chp's oakland office. officials say the two men were best of friends as well. this morning they were responding to calls of a crash but didn't expect it to be on the same side of the highway that they were driving on. they came up on it too fast and ultimately slammed into a guardrail. officials say both officers were likely killed almost instantly. officer law leaves behind a wife and three children. officer gonzalez leaves behind a fiancee. officials say a memorial is being planned for tonight. more details now. law enforcement agencies across the bay area took to twitter
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after learning the news. palo alto police department said this. our thoughts are with the chp central dwirks the family and friends of the fallen officers and the entire chp community. many retweeted the message saying our thoughts and prayers are with the families of our two fallen chp heroes. end of watch 2/17/14. a gunman is on the run after a shooting. people ran for cover when shots rang out outside the westfield mall on market street. it happened last night in the 7:00 hour. someone shot a 19-year-old man near the entrance of the mall and took off running. witnesses say the victim stumbled towards
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>> epa is currently investigating. >> tonight, we investigate why potentially deadly chemicals are spreading further than anyone thought. >> they showed me the sewer lines. they connected the lots with an exact step. >> tonight after the olympics on nbc bay area news. we investigate. we'll be back with you in less than 30 minutes. here's what we're working on for our 6:00 newscast. a treasured part of the community has been shut down. >> it's so important for the growth of our children, you know, to become better, stronger people. they need it. >> they're not going down without a fight. how families are teaming up to keep a well-known peninsula sports rink open. also now, a follow-up to a story we brought to you last friday. netflix seeing big numbers from its latest season kw"house of cards." the los gatos based company isn't releasing numbers itself but procera says close to 15% of ought netflix viewers which
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translates to more than 6 million people, 15% of netflix viewers streamed at least some of that second season of "house of cards" when it was released. tonight's the night for jimmy fallon. he makes his much-anticipated debut as the sixth host of "the tonight show." for the first time in four decades the show is back in new york and fans started lining up overnight for the tickets. it airs at a special time, midnight, it follows the olympics and the news at 11:30. next week "the tonight show" goes back to 11:35. fallon said hey, you guys, we've got such a great first show tonight. will smith, u2 and lots of surprises. i'm so excited. gonna be fun. jimmy recently opened up to raj right here in our nbc bay area studios. you can watch that our our website. you'll 2350i7find the link at t of our main page. >> and a reminder, our primetime olympics coverage begins at 8:00 this evening. tonight you'll see the finals of the ice dancing, also the men's
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two-man bobsled and men's ski jumping. so a big night in sochi coming your way. >> final word from jeff ranieri on this holiday weekend, which none of us should be here. >> i know. i wish we could be off too. we've got to carry the show. let's carry it outside. it's, well, not extremely beautiful today. we had the cloud cover with us. winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour and we're going to keep that cloud cover as we head throughout tomorrow so everybody that had today off, you'll get the clouds for tomorrow too. >> oh, good. >> it's like a fair shot here. >> a live look outside in oakland doesn't look too cloudy but it's hazy and this is being seen all wait down towards parts of the south bay as well. you can see a little blue sky pushed in there as well but tomorrow we'll see a slight chance of showers in the north bay, by tuesday night also into wednesday morning. not a huge snow system but even one drop from the sky is good news for us. >> we'll take it. i think jessica meant to say she's enjoying spending the
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holiday with all of us. >> enjoy your presidents' day evening holiday and enjoy the olympics. >> bye-bye. on our broadcast tonight, crimes against humanity. tonight, the astounding charges against the young leader of north korea and the new evidence concerning the brutality going on inside that country hidden away from the rest of the world. hijacked. passengers trapped in mid-air at 30,000 feet. the co-pilot commandeers the plane, locking the captain out of the cockpit and making demands, while all those on board fear the very worst. history on ice here in sochi today. a big first for the americans while the weather continues to cause problems. and tonight's the night. just hours from now, "the tonight show" officially returns to new york. we'll have our conversation with jimmy fallon about the start of a new era. "nightly news" begins now.


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