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tv   Today  NBC  August 26, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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the quake. >> and halle jackson reporting live from wine country for the today show, find out what the quake means for the places of your favorite wine. we'll see you back her. good morning. clean sweep. >> and the emmy goes to, breaking bad. >> breaking bad dominates at the emmy's including wins for outstanding drama and bryan cranston while billy crystal delivers a touching tribute to his friend robin williams. >> it's very hard to talk about him in the past. >> we're in los angeles with all the highlights from television's biggest night. ready to launch? reports this morning that the u.s. has begun surveillance over syria.
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a plane diverted after a fight breaks out when one passenger uses a gadget to prevent another from reclining in her seat. this morning, the $22 device that could turn your next flight into a nagt mare. >> a massive great white shark forced ashore. and with concerns it could return, boechgoers are recalling a line from a classic movie today, tuesday, august 26th, 2014. >> this is a special edition of today at the emmy's live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to tood on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer along with tam ron hall.
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al and carson out in los angeles bas basking in the post emmy glow. >> that was a kiss, wasn't it? >> bryan cranston, public display of affection there. >> also billy crystal with a touching tribute to robin williams. >> and a little dust up over sofia vergara's little twirl. on fire last night about this moment. >> we were all watching from a distance. al on the red carpet. carson in the room. what's going on? >> reporter: we did come out in full force to honor the best tv has to offer. the stars certainly did not disappoint. >> and the emmy goes to breaking bad. >> reporter: it was a good night for breaking bad with a drama win in three top acting awards. best supporting actor winner
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aaron paul may have said it best. >> my god, breaking bad. it has changed my life. >> bryan cranston won best actor in a drama for the fourth time. surprising many in a category packed with super stars. he beat out matthew mcconaughey. >> even i thought about voting for matthew. >> reporter: network tv shows dominated a stage in a year that saw a lot of hype for other venues. >> thank you so much. >> cable shows like hbo's game of thrones and house of cards, orange the new black, all nearly shut out. 2014 saw few strangers on the podium. modern family landed its fifth
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consecutive win for best comedy. >> i want to thank the kids on modern family for their incredible performances week in and week out. >> jim parsons won best actor in a comedy for playing on cbs's huge hit show, the big bang theory. >> there's no accounting for taste. through a lot of good fortune, i understand up here tonight. >> julia louis-dreyfus is a three-peat winner. >> he was on seinfeld, yes. >> fans remember cranston playing dentist tim watley. >> the colbert report. >> it took the prize, but someone forgot to tell jimmy fallon. >> she said it wrong. there must be a mistake.
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>> in his debut role as the host, seth myers landed the laughs. >> this year, we're doing it on a monday night in august. which if i understand television, means the emmy's are about to get canceled. >> it also had its share of tears. >> take a chance, take a risk, find that passion, rekindle it, fall in love all over again. it's really worth it. god bless you. thank you very much. >> those are good words. >> they are. carson, we saw a glimpse of robin williams in your piece there. obviously a very emotional moment during the show. >> that's right. at the end, billy crystal appeared on stage and delivered his first comments on the tragic death of his good friend robin williams. >> he made us laugh, hard, every time you saw him. on television, movies,
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nightclubs, arenas, hospitals, homeless shelters, our troops overseas, even in a dying girl's living room for her last wish. he made us laugh, big time. i spent many happy hours with robin on stage. the relentless energy was kind of thrilling. as genius as he was on stage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine. supportive, protective, loving. it's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. for almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy. while some of the brightest of them are ex-tingt now. because they float in the heavies, so far away from us now, their beautiful light will
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continue to shine on us forever. and the glow will be so bright, it will warm your heart, it will make your eyes glisten and you'll think to yourselves, robin williams, what a concept. >> yeah, guys. lot of big moments last night, lot of big winners obviously. lot of big celebrities in the room. that moment that you just saw really had the emmy's just captivated last night. back to you. >> thank you so much. we'll have much more on the emmy awards throughout the morning including backstage interviews. we want turn to other news right now. according to reports, the united states has begun surveillance flights over syria and may target that group inside syria. we're at the pentagon with more on this. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. this is not the first time that the u.s. military has flown surveillance flights over northern syria.
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this time, those flights are picking up potential isis targets for u.s. air strikes that appear more imnant by the day. the terrorist forces remain defy i can't and still on the attack, overrunning and seizing a military air base. >> can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization which resides in syria? the answer's no. >> reporter: u.s. sources tell us american air strikes would be aimed at isis forces, weapons and critical supply lines between iraq and syria and could be launched across the border from inside arack. syr syria's foreign minister warned it would violate international law and syria's sovereignty. u.s. officials fear that a handful of americans that have joined isis could return to the u.s. to launch terrorist attacks. they predict the u.s. will be
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forced to go on the offensive to launch air strikes into syria. in the week that saw the bear bear rick killing of james foley at the hands of isis, a brief moment of relief. theo curtis was freed sunday. for his mother, it was a moment of sheer joy mixed with deep sorrow. >> i grieve with the foleys and the other families and i share their pain. so i'm glad for me and for theo but i cannot say i'm elated. >> reporter: now, some military officials believe the u.s. is already at war with isis with those air strikes inside arack. but going after those terrorist forces inside syria could very well lock the u.s. into a long-running war. >> all right. thanks as always.
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and willie is here with the latest on the fall out on the deadly shooting in ferguson. >> officials have postponed the city's first city council meeting since the shooting death of michael brown more than two weeks ago. tonight's meeting was expected to attract a large group of protestors. thousands gathered monday to pay respect to brown. the 18-year-old teenager shot by police officer sparking violent protests. they asked them to stay off the streets montd so family and friends could celebrate brown's life in peace. >> officials say free drove his vehicle off the road, hit a mailbox and a row of shrubs. no other cars were involved. he was taken to the hospital with injuries. like a scene from jaws, life guards ordered everyone out of the water monday after a great
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white shark was spotted off a massachusetts beach. they did not tell swimmers why, but word soon got around. >> in a scene straight out of jaws, swimmers were ordered out of the water monday after a great white shark was spotted off the coast of massachusetts. >> everybody started coming out of the water, running out of the water. we thought, man, what's happening. >> the shark captured on camera by a state police helicopter. >> he's right outside my door right here. >> it was a great white. it was confirmed by the division of marine fisheries. around 10 to 15 feet in size. >> since last week, there have been at least four spotted off the coast of cape cod, just 40 miles south of monday's sighting. emergency crews, the town's harbor master and members of the state police air wing kept a watchful eye as the shark made its way back to deeper waters. the beach was closed to swimmers
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for about two hours. no injuries were reported. and just like in the movie that made so many afraid to go back in the water, one beach goeer carved that famous line in the sand. >> that in massachusetts yesterday. some virginia drivers had trouble maintaining their lane monday. check this out. this is i-66. the highway leading from virginia to washington d.c. turns out temporary striping tape peeled up. road crews have been out all night trying to fix it so people know where the leans are. >> that's just funny. >> this is the story of the day arguably right here. pilots on board a united flight were forced to make an unscheduled stop on sunday because two passengers got into a fight. a $22 gadget called the knee defender. it prevents the person in front
7:13 am
of them from reclining the seat. officials say the dispute started when the man used it. the flight attendant asked the man to remove it. the woman in front stood up, turned around and threw a cup of water at him. the pilot diverted the plane to chicago because of the fight. the man and the woman were kicked off the plane. no arrests were made and the flight continued onto denver. how would you like to be one of those other passengers on the plane? you just want to get home and these people are fielting. >> that's outrageous to put that on someone's seat. where do you get those? >> american airline carriers say you can't use these things. >> with good reason. >> right here. there you go. >> thank you very much. let's go back out to los angeles. al's got the forecast. >> whoopie cushions are still legal. always fun.
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let's show you what we've got doing on for today. cristobal is now a hurricane. we're watching this thing. 75 mile per hour wind moving north at 12. the track of this thing will keep it between the coast and bermuda. but what it will do is cause pretty good rip currents stretching from new jersey and virginia beach all the way down to jupiter, florida. high swells, surf up to 4 to 7 feet. plus, we have dangerous heat to talk about. the second day in a row as a big area of high pressure dominates. tulsa will feel like 101. memphis, 97. boston is going to feel like 90. new york and boston. 92 in charleston. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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for this kind of price. the 2014 cla from mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. . 7:15, happy tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look out at a cloudy is start over emeryville. clearing already in gillsburg and the same over the santa clara valley. little hazy for today. comfortable conditions for one final day. we're going to crank up that heat tomorrow. right now in the up erp 50s to low 60s across the board. 61 in san francisco, you're on your way to about 68 degrees here, 78 on the east shore. and five to ten degree climb for tomorrow. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. officials in northern
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california now estimate sunday's earthquake caused $1 billion in damage. but the world famous wineries are just beginning to get a handle on how much they lost. we're in napa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. several new aftershocks woke up people in napa today. including one that registered at a fairly significant 3.9 magnitude. no reports of new damage in the area. or here at one of several wineries hoping to get back open for business and working to rebuild. wine maker is still cleaning up and counting up the costs after busted barrels spilled wine everywhere. >> every minute as we go through we're finding a new leak or something sitting funny. >> reporter: it's an all too familiar sight as they take stock of the impact of supposed's quake. wineries here draw close to
7:17 am
billions of dollars a year. the vast majority are family owned. >> just like the rest of napa, we have a lot of cleanup to do. you've seen it in the community and here too, everyone's banding together to do it. >> there are those that came out unskaited and those that could lose 10, 20% of their production. >> reporter: most say they don't expect the price of a a bottle to go up. but it could take a few weeks to feel the impact of the december reduction it. >> it is a double whammy. the whole industry is going to struggle. >> reporter: like this man, who's set on making sure he can salvage something from a year's worth of work. >> a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. >> reporter: touching on the human toll, a seriously injured 13-year-old boy is expected to make a full recovery. >> all right.
7:18 am
that's great news for the boy and his family. thank you very much. >> swing back out to los angeles. carson's doing a los angeles version of the orange room. he's got more on the emmy's and a certain couple getting attention this morning. >> that's right. it's fitting they were sitting in row b last night. but the b could have stood for bromance. woody harrelson and matthew mcconaughey would have taken it. as you can see there, it was their suit that had social media immediately comparing them to another famous bromance. that's the night at the roxbury. he tweeted, this really is just weird. people couldn't get enough of the pair. jake tweeted to us, they are a match made in heaven. doug wants them to move in.
7:19 am
anyone else would be fun neighbors. not necessarily right next door, but maybe down the street. and nora made it official, matthew and woody get best bromance of the night. much more on the emmy's coming up here in just a bit. >> we want to know about your fashion choices last night as well. coming up, keeping young women safe. we're going to talk about an amazing idea. the nail polish that will change colors if it is exposed to date rape drugs. and are you paying extra for things like that in room space and a parking space. a warning about the unexpected fees that some hotels are now charging their guests.
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martin: that's what she said! vo: you don't have to like evything martin likes. put a.1. on whatever you want. a.1. for almost everything. almost. good tuesday morning, 7:26 well i'm sam brock. we are following breaking news right now. the north bay woken up this morning by several strong aftershocks, that was early. "today in the bay's" derek shore joins us live from vallejo, a town that has had compromised buildings, chas the latest? >> reporter: we felt the four aftershocks. happening over about a span of an hour and 15 minutes. we're here on sonoma boulevard at the first baptist church which was on the brink of collapse, at least the bell tower was. crews took part of it down. it couldn't have come soon enough because those aftershocks hit this morning. the largest was the first around 5:30, 3.9 magnitude. then one later, 2.7 magnitude.
7:27 am
and then a 23.8, then -- 2.8, then 6:45, origin nay 3.2, but downgraded to a 3.0 magnitude. we were speaking to a vallejo police officer just a little bit ago. he said it felt like he was actually getting hit or rear ended when that aftershock took place. obviously, a lot of scary situations out here. but no injuries reported, and no priors, no additional damage reported either. back to you. >> so far that is the good news. we're going to go to christina loren whose been following the aftershacks, what do you have? >> just sent out a tweet with the location of those four strong aftershocks we've had this morning. but yeah, that are 3.9 is the strongest aftershock we've had since that initial quake on sunday morning. now this morning as the clean up gets under way, temperatures will be comfortable, but i have to tell you, tiburon's one of the cool spots. upper 80s in santa rosa and napa today. even hotter for tomorrow. here's mike with the drive.
7:28 am
>> watching recovery on the live shot. this is sunol, south 680, still very slow pleasanton into sunol. clearing to fremont. clearing around the gulf. a lot more mileage to consider just south of 680 sticking it out. also paying perhaps for the toll lane. typical pattern there, south 880 around the second of two crashes. back to you. >> mike thank you, four aftershocks this morning, more information for you coming up in 25 minutes, see you then. (gnome) instead of hanging out on the couch,
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♪ back now 7:30 on a tuesday back now 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 26th day of august, 2014. some of the big stars and unforgettable looks from the 66th primetime emmy awards held last night. al was on the red carpet. carson was in the room. get the feeling we didn't wear our deodorant or something and didn't get invited. they'll have all the fashion hits and misses in the next half hour. >> very nice. meantime, a look at what's making headlines. "breaking bad" was the big winner. it picked up outstanding drama and outstanding lead actor from bryan cranston and supporting actor and actress. cristobal has increased
7:31 am
overnight. it is now a hurricane. the storm is expected to create dangerous rip currents this week from north carolina all the way up to the jersey shore. . and damage from the earthquake that hit northern california's wine country could top $1 billion. more than 2 billion were injured and hundreds of homes and businesses are still considered too dangerous to enter. the hotel fees that could make your next vacation cost a lot more than you had planned for. but let's begin with a group of college students taking a huge problem on on campus. they're developing a new kind of nail polish that can be you've to defect date rape drugs. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in raleigh. gabe, good morning >> reporter: tamron, good morning. the students behind this say this product is still in its early stages. it has already attracted a major investment and is given a lot of
7:32 am
attention not just on campus across the country. ♪ it can happen in an instant. >> very easy. and in the heat of having fun or partying, you pick it back up or accidently pick someone else's drink up. >> reporter: now they are battling sexual assault by letting women take it into their own hands. a nail polish that changes color when touched by a drug associated with date rape. chil can swirl their finger before taking a drink. >> the world is a scary place these days. >> reporter: 1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted at college, but only 12% of student victims report the assault. so these entrepreneurs have already gotten quite a response. they won an $11,000 prize where
7:33 am
they met an investor. undercover colors has drawn more than 22,000 likes. one post reading as a rape victim, and a mother of 3 daughters, i cannot thank you enough. last year another country called drink savvy created a glass that changes color with when a drink is spiked. >> how prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: some say products like those, they well intentioned, do not work. >> we actually put the blame on women when they are victims of rape. we put the onus on them to prevent rape even though we know that is not effective at reducing sexual assault. >> reporter: still, this nail polish has gotten a lot of positive response online. students have been allowed to use lab space here. no word when it might be available. but tamron, it's already sparked quite the conversation. >> certainly has, gabe.
7:34 am
i think it is wonderful that the university is embracing this and helping with the research. they have been criticized by some who feel they haven't been doing enough. >> on a different end of the story, i hope they get it done quickly. now a lot of people will go, let's compete with that and see what happens. >> guys, thanks so much. a lot going on today. we have this front pushing through, bringing strong showers and thunderstorms stretching from the rockies all the way into the great lakes. heavy thunderstorm activity making its way through iowa. in fact, looking anywhere from 2 to 4 inches locally. up to 5 inches in des moines and hastings, nebraska. we're going to continue to watch this the next 48 hours. the rest of the country, today rip currents along the gulf coast and the southeast. and we've got rip currents in southern florida as well as another hurricane in the pacific. so both ends of the country rip currents a big problem.
7:35 am
another toasty day up in the pacific northwest. portland, 88. 81 degrees up good tuesday morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. really nice day coming your way, and then tomorrow, we are going to bring up that heat. you might to want cease the day. 57 degrees in the south bay on our way to 82 degrees. so comparable to yesterday, just a couple degrees warmer than most spots. 78 on the east shore and 68 degrees is not a bad day in san francisco. you'll be even warmer on the bay side of the city. another stunner by tomorrow, we crank up that heat, close to 90 degrees inland. then we have a slight chance of showers over the weekend. more on that in just moments. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. as we mentioned earlier, there was calm in ferguson, missouri, last night the same day as funeral services for 18-year-old michael brown were held. but, after two weeks of protesting there, questions are
7:36 am
being tied to the police responding to those demonstrations. do local police departments really need military-grade hardware to serve and protect? nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with more on this. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a question that's now reaching the highest levels of government with president obama himself ordering a full review of this decade-old strategy that essentially gives police departments hand me down surplus equipment from the military. and in the process, law enforcement agencies in this country have beefed up their arsenals from armored vehicles to assault weapons. it's a heated new debate over what critics call the militarization of police departments sparked by these photos of officers facing off against protesters. claire mccaskill will lead a hearing next month in the police use of military style equipment. most of it provided to local departments at no cost through federal programs initiated after 9/11. >> in sometimes a knee jerk fashion we began equipping
7:37 am
police departments with all kinds of tools that had not been typical of policing in this country. >> reporter: several billion dollars worth. significantly expanding police arsenals to include 600 mine resistant armor vehicles humvees machine guns, camouflage gear and helicopters. president obama weighed in last week before ordering a federal review. >> there is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement. we don't want those lines blurred. >> reporter: even a city like doraville, georgia, received an armored personnel vehicle. that has drawn heavy criticism. even though they've since given it back to georgia, john oliver recently mocked the department. still, police advocates say with the frequency of mass shootings and the terrorist attacks here at home have weaponry as an
7:38 am
asset for law enforcement. >> it is critical that departments have this type of equipment able to respond should something happen in their jurisdiction. >> reporter: a debate that's not going to go away any time soon. eric holder as addressed this issue acknowledging it makes sense to look alt whether military style equipment is being acquired for the right purposes and whether there's correct training on it. >> peter, thank you very much. coming up on "trending," how about this? >> don't get us started on the fedex fee. howard stern finally accepts the ice bucket challenge in a totally howard stern way. we'll show you how that ended. first, on a tuesday morning, these messages, your local news and weather. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things.
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back now at 7:42 with an unpleasant surprise that many people are finding at the end of their summer vacations. kerry sanders is in south florida. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, tamron. one look at the trees behind me, the palm trees swaying in the wind and the soft tropical light might say to yourself i'm going to make a last minute quick vacation and head to the beach. but whether you're coming here to south beach or any hotel across the country, the hotels have ripped a page right out of the playbook from the airline industry. some people call it nickel and diming. bottom line is as a consumer it's going to cost you more. before you check in, check out the upcharges. $20, $30, $80 resort fees, hotel service fees. one virginia hotel makes you pay for parking. whether you brought your car or not. and guests could feel robbed by
7:44 am
a fee for the in-room safe. that you maybe didn't even use. in family-friendly orlando, $70 sounds cheap for a hotel package except when that's the charge to pick up a fedex or u.p.s. from the front desk. and when leaving las vegas, you may wake up with more than a hangover. a mandatory resort fee on top of any other charges you, well, may have forgotten about. an industry spokesman says resort fees are bundled for better value and guests receive full disclosure of the fees at the time of booking. so we're not going to see this go away? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: even if we hate it? >> no. >> reporter: anything we can do? >> embrace it. >> it's cheating because that's your customers. >> why should i pay something that i don't like or use? >> reporter: leaving miami, this family says their four-day vacation came with a huge surprise.
7:45 am
a $75 a day resort fee that ryan assumed was a mandatory tax. and did you just pay it willingly? >> yeah. what other choice do you have? >> you think your room is $399 a night and you get the bill and it's a completely different price. >> reporter: so what can you do? >> research, even call. once you call and ask will you charge me an extra fee? get the person's name down so you have that information once you go. >> reporter: the hotel industry took in $2.5 billion last year on these fees. experts say they're likely here to stay. the federal trade commission last year reached out to 22 hotels and says what you may be doing could be violating the law, but so far no action there. tamron? >> thank you very much. that resort fee, what is that for? >> that one bothers you more than $70 to get your fedex package? >> i may not get a fedex. but i am going to stay there. anyway, coming up on
7:46 am
"trending," sophia vergara spinning on stage at the emmys and the stir it caused online. and carson is in the orange room west with the man who stole the show at last night's big event. right after this. at last night. right after this. ♪ get it without credit. shop online. pay in store. kmart. where members always get more. at university of phoenix, this is a woman hesitating on a life-changing decision.
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7:50 am
carson? >> the emmys have been the talk on the west coast for days now. so host seth meyers and billy igner from funny or die went to new york city to see if people there were as excited as people were here. take a look at what happened. >> television's biggest night. can you feel it? >> no. >> for a dollar name this year's emmy host. >> i couldn't. >> no idea? >> no. >> i'll give you a hint. he's standing next to me. >> oh. seth mcfarlane. >> no! how dare you! for a dollar what is this? >> a trophy. >> what kind? it's the biggest award in our industry. >> the academy? >> who's your favorite talk show host? jimmy fallon, kimmel, or seth meyers? >> jimmy fallon. >> yes. there you go, correct. >> just some of the biggest laughs in the room came from that tape last night. before that complete tape had
7:51 am
aired on twitter, billy was a trending topic. people magazine tweeted, in all honesty we wouldn't mind if the rest of the emmys turned into a three-hour episode of billy on the street. anna kendrick tweeted why is the emmys not just billy eichner doing that for three hours. very funny stuff. back to you. we've got all your fashion coming up, ladies in the 8:00 hour. >> if anybody who hasn't seen his show. it never gets old. you have to watch it. >> carson has tasteful editing on that. and there were clips we probably wouldn't put on morning tv. coming up, do you like lena dunham's emmy outfit? what about julia roberts? the most talked about fashion choices. >> and speaking of fashion, would you let a company advertise on your wedding dress or tuxedo. what one couple is doing to get
7:52 am
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and a good tuesday to you, it's 7:56 i'm sam brock, we're following breaking news. north bay woken up by several strong aftershocks early this morning. the strongest, a magnitude 3.9 which struck just after 5:30 near american canyon. that of course the epicenter right next to of it earthquake on sunday. three other aftershocks hit within 90 minutes. so far we're hear nothing reports of injuries or damage. these all come just two days of the area was struck be with a strong 6.0 quake causing hundreds of injuries and damaging buildings in napa and vallejo. let's gate quick check right now of your weather with christina. >> yeah the 3.9, sam, was the largest aftershock we've seen since that initial quake on suntd morning at 3:20 a.m. i did get new statistics. probabilities coming from the usgs. over the course of the next
7:57 am
seven days, the probability is now at 14% for a 5.0 magnitude or larger. they also say that most likely the main shock will be the largest in the sequence. we are getting good news from them, but we're still nor the next five to seven days going to be tracking the aftershocks for you. we are expecting those. otherwise whereby expect a gorgeous day, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we're headed towards the 80s in the south bay, low 80s, 79 for the peninsula. by tomorrow, we're going to jump into the upper 80s in the jirn land valleys. here's the drive with mike. sure thing for slowing past the coliseum. even slower though, unexpected west 24 jams up because of a crash blocking your two left lanes. still there injuries to report, minor though, slow coming out of concord over towards in a area. the maze itself has a typical build. slowing through oakland, and as you recover through sunol and hayward, south bay starts with the northbound build and continues down. >> such a busy morning, thank
7:58 am
you so much, christina the odds of a 5.0 going down, we'll have more on that.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, and the winner is. al goes backstage with the night's big winners. >> what is this family like? >> on screen we're a little dysfunctional. but off screen, we're a little dysfunction that l. >> he gives us a roundup of the red carpet fashion hits and misses. >> i feel like i'm straight out of candyland. ♪ then sponsor our wedding. could you let a company put a logo on your wedding dress? what some brides are doing to afford their dream wedding. and brotherly love.
8:01 am
>> just seeing him having fun just makes me happy. >> the touching bond between two young brothers as they take on a special race together. today, tuesday, august 26th, 2014. ♪ >> celebrating ten wonderful years of marriage in the big city. >> from alabama. >> good morning, st. louis! >> hello madison, wisconsin! >> good morning, mississippi! >> four generations taking on the "today" show. >> we're back now at 8:00 on a tuesday morning. it's the 26th day of august 2014. i'm matt lauer along with tamron
8:02 am
hall who's in while savannah continues on maternity leave. al is in los angeles. carson is in los angeles. they've got all the emmy news coming up. more on that including the fashions. you talk a lot about the fashion. i think everybody looks good. >> i think everyone looks pretty, but there were a couple of dresses that -- >> every once in awhile you go, whoa, not a good choice. >> we're going to look at some of the hits and i don't like to call them misses but maybe missteps. >> you got "miss" in there. >> we're putting al and carson to work on the emmys. but also carson you're leaving in a minute to do a big interview with jennifer aniston. >> yes. she just accepted her fiance's ice bucket challenge, she's got another movie. we'll chat about it and have it tomorrow. >> thank you very much. and we're excited for friday because one of the hottest singers on the planet will be live on our stage.
8:03 am
ariana grande. she was here a year ago and since then she has shot to superstardom. you going to be back on friday. >> no. >> please. >> i'd love to. >> happy birthday. i haven't seen more requests than for her tickets all summer long. willie's at the news desk. take it away. >> good morning, everyone. u.s. military planes have started flying missions over syria scouting potential isis targets in the event the united states escalates its campaign against the group. president obama has not approved any strikes inside syria at this time. the u.s. launched limited air strikes against isis forces in neighboring iraq earlier this month. schools remain closed today in napa, california, while inspectors check for structural damage from the earthquake. the city is making a strong
8:04 am
recovery. power has been restored to most who lost it. utility crews repaired 30 leaking water mains as well. and part of a church tower that was badly damaged was u torn down. the winery industry still adding up their losses. the veterans affairs department says investigators have found no proof that delays in care caused any deaths at a va hospital in phoenix. the agency was rocked last spring bringing to light allegation at other hospitals as well. it led to the ouster of the previous secretary of veterans affairs, general eric shinseki. burger king said they are buying tim hortons for about $7 billion. it will still be run out of miami but the corporate
8:05 am
headquarters will be held in canada. "breaking bad" was the big winner at monday night's 66th annual primetime emmy awards. the series about a chemistry teacher turned drug lord got best drama and three top acting awards including one for bryan cranston for best lead actor. "the big bang theory's" jim parsons won for best comedy actor. and "veep" star julia louis-dreyfus won her third award for best comedy actress. and the night included the billy crystal tribute to robin williams. a pesky bee interrupted play several times during a u.s. open match monday. both players danced and tucked to get away from the bee. the delay pushed it past the two hour mark until attendants were
8:06 am
able to chase the bee away. it is 8:05. now back out to al in los angeles. >> that was some bee. i tell you. thanks, willie. let's go going to your weather. pick city today, pittsburgh, pa. sunny today. chance of thunder tomorrow. thursday, sunshine. perfect day. 77. look what's going on. omaha. heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. so you'll see some sun later on this morning by the afternoon. more clouds. but the good news is showers should end quickly. hundreds, central texas, oklahoma into nebraska. 90 stretching into ohio. down into parts of indiana. we do have a string of strong storms from iowa all the way southwest with monsoonal moisture pushing in there. high surf and rip currents down into southern california. and with cristobal moving up
8:07 am
into the atlantic, we're looking for rip currents in the southeast that's what's going on around the coun 8:06. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look at the north bay coast. really pretty start here over point arena. plenty of low clouds, not a lot of fog actually touching the ground. a different scenario in the hills of sunol. lots of fog out here. you can vaguely make out a tree off in the distance. it's going to take a little while for that fog to burn off, but it will keep you cool later today. and a lot of sunshine over the santa clara valley, nice and early from high atop mt. hamilton. later today, 82 for the south bay and 79 on finls. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. this little girl, she's almost 11. on september 3rd she turned 11. i said maybe you can get a bedtime. it's 9:30 now. the mom was like, get away from my child. >> 9:30 at 11? we'll have problems in my house.
8:08 am
>> i think 11:00. i'm kidding, i'm kidding. 8:30. 8:30. >> she's like, i like what i'm hearing. coming up on "trending," could you follow all these rules. the parking sign that measures 15 feet tall. plus who wore it best? the hottest fashion on display last night. and brotherly love. this is a great story. a touching bond between two young boys tackling triathlons together. put this down on your clock. 8:21 you'll check that out. but first these messages. so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game? i think i'm getting the hang of it. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame! [ beeping ] whoa! game over...
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8:12 am
8:11 with "what's trending" today. why don't we start with the emmys. there was a moment during the show that's now sparking a bit of a backlash. it happened when sophia vergara introduced the ceo of the tv academy. as part of the bit, bruce rosenblume asked her to stand on a pedestal. >> our academy is more diverse both in front of and behind the camera resulting in a greater diversity of story telling. television has and will always be about great story telling. >> social media lit up with criticism. one saying sophia vergara is the highest paid actress on tv and they just made a joke of her. another adding that the stunt rolled back women's progress by 30 years. after the show she hit back about the claims of sexism. >> how do you feel about that? >> i think it's absolutely the
8:13 am
opposite. it means somebody can be hot and be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work and make money. >> sophia calling claims ridiculous and urging her critics to lighten up. >> well, she's been holding out for more than a month now, but matt your buddy howard stern has finally accepted your ice bucket challenge. both you and jennifer aniston nominated him. so he gave in at last. but there's one part of the video that has people confused this morning. take a look. >> i challenge in return barbara walters, mark consuelos, and casey kasem. okay. here we go. oh, boy. here goes. ooh.
8:14 am
>> we're going to ignore for a second the fact that casey kasem is dead. howard slipping that in. and the ridiculous one ice cube challenge. meanwhile, it's aggravated and outrageous that i challenged him two months ago and he waits for jennifer aniston to challenge him before he actually does it. >> you're no slouch, but jennifer aniston, come on. >> just write a check. >> the reaction to the one ice cube, come on. >> all right. let's take a look for a place to park outside your kid's school. then you see this. a parking sign stacked with hourly rules shooting 15 feet into the sky. ten of these signs have been spotted around culver city, california. one instagram user saying you need a ladder and a law degree to park. >> i don't know how that happened in the first place. you take a picture of that, don't you immediately get out of it if you go to court for a
8:15 am
parking ticket? >> i can't see that high. >> chop them down to size. >> meantime, howard stern shirtless, how about that? tamron? >> thumbs up. hey, now. that's "what's trending" today. up next, the fashion highs and lows at last ni back now with more of the emmys. al was there on the red carpet to get an up close look at the
8:16 am
fashions on display. first the vmas, now the emmys. i want to be you when i grow up. >> i'm sure you do. bald and short. >> i'm close now. >> sunday at the vmas was about shock and awe. but at the emmys it was about chic and elegance. mostly. the biggest stars and some of the biggest fashions. it's all here. let's get started. ♪ always love the scarf. >> it's a signature. >> if it ain't broke. >> that's it. >> this is like the color of the night. >> that's what i've been told. >> red is the new black when it came to women's fashion. ooh.
8:17 am
>> we're both wearing blue tuxedos. >> what are the odds? and who knew when it comes to blue, i was right on point. wow! hold on a sec. >> you know what? i think he's got some great taste. you've got great taste in color, mister. >> i was going to wear the same dress lena dunham wore. >> you are like a cloud. >> that means so much to me. >> this is wonderful. >> i feel like i'm straight out of candyland. >> touch it all you want. it'll be the most action i've had in a long time. >> okay. ♪ and there you have it. you got to see some of the greatest fashion, some of the greatest stars and you saw a new fashion icon born. yeah.
8:18 am
well, there really were a lot of guys wearing blue yesterday. >> i thought you looked amazing. matthew mcconaughey wore blue as well but you get our vote. you looked lovely. >> by the way, mark ruffalo said he agrees, he loved your waffles -- i mean your french toast yesterday. >> because mark was at my house when i served it. thank you very much. we'll talk more about that. meanwhile, donna roberts rossi is a "today" contributor and senior fashion editor at "marie claire." >> good to see you. >> we were talking a bit while looking at the fashions. do the stars play it safer with the emmys anticipating the academy awards? >> it's interesting because it's the first red carpet of the season. nowadays the emmys just bring so many more a-list hollywood stars. tv has now got great a-list stars appearing in it. so there are more a-list stars. you're definitely seeing the
8:19 am
fashion labels. >> let's take a look at cat deely. she looked beautiful. >> she nailed it with this. there's a fine line and she made the balance between looking pretty, romantic, without going all princess. she looked super cool in a big dress which is hard to do. >> lizzy caplan was in donna karan. why do you love this look? >> it looked like a sporty ball gown. minimal on the top and nice on the bottom. >> that dress is stunning. taylor schilling. what did you love about her dress? what was it here? >> it was that art deco feel but in a modern way. she's got an ear cuff in. and she got rid of the prison garb. that whole cast looked fantastic. >> you highlighted the ear cuff. still hot for the fall? >> still happening. it's an easy way to make a dress
8:20 am
kind of look rock and roll with that one thing. >> she does look rock and roll. matthew mcconaughey, blue suit as al was wearing. who wore it best? don't answer. >> come on. matthew is a close second. always brings it when it comes to the red carpet. he never does a normal black tux. he always brings something different. >> why does that look work? >> he just carries it off. he's got the bravado to carry it off. he is an a-list star. i don't know. he carries it well. >> it is definitely nice. julia roberts. i loved her in her look, but some folks on twitter had strong opinions about it. >> i'm with you. i think she looks beautiful. the emmys is the most casual of the red carpets. it's the time you can wear a short dress. you see her legs at the bottom. she's 46 and she's got stems to die for. she looks great. a great example of a killer emmy look. >> beautiful. some fashion risks that did not
8:21 am
pay off. lena dunham's dress. >> it's so obvious to say, but it was a beautiful dress. she's such a cool girl. i don't think the two married that well on the red carpet. >> the top and the bottom? >> it was a lot of dress. and even she tweeted at the end of the night she had to go home because the skirt was creating boundaries. >> and paris manning. she had a nice dress but people didn't seem so like it. it's the shoes too that threw me off. >> completely. >> black and white and lots of red all over the red carpet. will we see that in the fall. >> i think we will. we'll see less of the pale colors. and they're beautiful modern dresses. the black of julianna margulies with the wet look.
8:22 am
melissa mccarthy, a girl who knows how to dress her curves. >> she sure does. thank you for joining us this morning. have you heard the expression he ain't heavy, he's my brother? it can be used to describe the incredible bond between two young siblings from idaho. nbc's joe fryer introduces us to them. >> reporter: there is no better place to begin the story of lucas aldrich and his big brother noah than inside a play room brimming with star wars themed legos. after all, between these two idaho boys, the force is strong. >> just seeing lucas have fun just makes me happy. >> reporter: their special bond can be seen in baby photos when lucas was diagnosed with a brain disorder. >> you have them growing up and doing all the things that
8:23 am
brothers do. and when you got the diagnosis, it was completely shattered. >> reporter: now six years old, lucas can't walk or talk or feed himself. but he sure can smile. his biggest grins reserved for noah. >> i love him. he's perfect. >> i start to well up and almost cry every time i hear him and his passion for his brother. >> lucas just can feel it and knows he's loved and accepted unconditionally by his brother. >> reporter: as noah trains for a kid's triathlon. he knows lucas won't settle for the sidelines. when the big race day arrives, these brothers tackle the triathlon in tandem. never mind that a few months ago noah couldn't swim at all. >> keep going! >> reporter: today this inspired 8-year-old is paddling for two. after four back breaking laps in the pool, they hit the road for
8:24 am
one and a half miles on a bike. still tied together. >> you could tell how much lucas is loving this, right? >> yeah. absolutely. >> he's having a blast. playing like brothers should. competing together and having fun. >> reporter: the final leg is a three quarter mile run. and by now noah's a pro. you see, this is actually the boys' second triathlon together. the story of their first one went viral. >> people are making a pretty big deal about it. do you think it's a big deal? >> not really. i'm just doing something with lucas. i didn't really want to be famous. >> reporter: all he wants is to make sure every single moment with lucas counts. and for one day turn this small idaho town into a city of brotherly love. for "today," joe fryer, nbc
8:25 am
news, emmitt, idaho. >> that smile kind of says it all. what a terrific story of friendship, of brotherhood, and i loved what the brother said about it. he said he's perfect. that is fantastic. >> you just hope when you have children they will get along that way and have the other look out for the other like that. >> noah and lucas. will never forget them. >> i'm all over these kid triathlons. >> he's really tough. he learned to swim, do it in tandem. that's incredible. coming up, the end of an era. why london's iconic red phone booths are becoming a thing of the past. i hate to hear that. more on that story, but first your local news and weather.
8:26 am
. good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. the north bay woken this morning by several strong aftershocks. the strongest one, a magnitude 3.9, which struck just after 5:30 this morning near american canyon. three other smaller aftershocks hit within 90 minutes of that one. so far, though, we are not hearing reports of injuries or damage. but they all come just two days after the area was hit by that strong 6.0 quake, causing hundreds of injuries and damaging dozens of buildings in napa and vallejo. and mike inouye has a look at your traffic. >> and kris, inquiries over to chp as a result of those aftershocks. we got replies saying ch san francisco has given the
8:27 am
all-clear, oakland given the all clear. no delays reported. good stuff. still watching that. palo alto shows a good volume of traffic as folks are getting back to school all around the bay. the south bay really jamming up the northbound routes, but southbound 880 also very slow because of an earlier crash, actually crashes at bascom and stevens creek boulevard. and a recovery for lafayette for westbound 24. the crash cleared there. back to you. >> thank you very much. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 26th day of august 2014. can we just say what a nice crowd. >> it is. thank you all for coming. we appreciate it, and by the way, if these people stick around for about they days which they don't want to do, arianna grande on our plaza friday
8:31 am
morning. >> wow! wow! ♪ ♪ >> and that's the mom screaming, not the daughter! >> you've got to talk to them. >> oh, she's crying. the daughter is crying. >> what's going on? >> are you anything to be in town? >> yeah. will you come back with us? >> yes! >> we'll get you good seats to see aryan i arianna grande. and your mom hits the high notes. we'll see you in a couple of days, okay, sweetie? >> oh, my god. >> that was pretty good, willie. >> that mom made dreams come true, no question about it it. not going unnoticed. >> that's a first for me on this show in all these years. go, mama. all right. meantime, we are still buzzing about an incredible night at the emmys and no one was closer to
8:32 am
the action or witnessed all of the fun stuff than mr. roker. al? >> tamron, thanks so much. we saw a lot of familiar faces walking away with emmys. there were a few newcomers who got their first taste of tv's top prize and we got to chat with them all backstage. ♪ ♪ >> sarah silverman. >> so where are you going to put that some. >> i always give it to my dad, but then there's this embarrassing room in his house of -- >> the shrine. >> yeah. >> that's what dads do. >> if he was someone else's dad i'd be, like, it's sweet. >> juliana margulies for "the good wife". >> there are all these dram as that are focused on strong women. >> for me, this is the golden age of television for women, as far as i'm concerned. >> jessica lang. >> i think it's always been harder for women past a certain age. men tend to be able to kind of age gracefully in front of the
8:33 am
camera and keep working until they're, you know, senile and bald. >> the normal heart. >> it's one thing to win an emmy. it's another thing to win an emmy that has a special meaning. >> i feel like it's affirmation. not so much for us, but for larry cramer. he got to feel the love, more than the love and respect from the audience and there was a day not too long ago when he had none of those things in our country, back in the '80s. >> i think a lot of people have forgotten where we were and where we still are. >> i feel like we left that time period in shock, because of the horror of it it, but also because of the horror of the way we acted. >> "modern family"! >> we've had a wedding. we've had babies. we've had kid. what's next? >> you go to the wedding.
8:34 am
we'll have a wholesale cast deck. >> breaking bad. >> what is this family like? >> on screen we're a little dysfunctional, but off-screen we're a little dysfunctional. >> this is the third consecutive emmy win for julia louis-dreyfus. >> julia louis-dreyfus. >> what was that? what happened there? >>, but why not? >> don't ask why, ask why not? >> i need a little mustache wax. >> you do? >> let me get a little bit. >> oh! oh, yes! >> perfect! >> well, you know, i think maybe the show ended -- >> it was a little bit wrong, but oh, so right, guys. >> al, next year you need a bigger couch. >> there were too many people on that thing. >> they all want to hang with him. >> well, you know, we had a good
8:35 am
time and everybody was in a party fomood especially when yo win an emmy you feel good. >> good job, al. thank you very much. >> how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what we have going on starting with today. we are looking at some strong storms that will be firing up throughout the southwest. a lot of monsoonal moisture coming in there. sunshine and heat continues in the pacific northwest and portland, 89 degrees today and gorgeous along the northern plains and the great lakes. 89 tomorrow in boston and rip currents from the mid atlantic states all of the way down the gulf as we think about moving off into the east. some showers in west it extechs and we're also looking at wet weather in the southwest and rip currents along the southern california coast because of the storm system moving offshore 8:35. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. really comfortable day coming your way, but this is it.
8:36 am
by tomorrow, closer to the upper 80s here in the south bay. 82 for us today. 79 on the peninsula and 78 on the east shore. a 5 to 10-degree spike between today and tomorrow, so enjoy today's beautiful weather. as we get into the end of the week, we might see showers. best chance right now looks like over your holiday weekend, saturday into sunday. but overall, no major extremes coming your way in the weather department. guys, coming up in the 9:00 hour we've got more winners in the one-on-one room so you don't want to miss that. >> all right, al. thank you. how far would you go to have the wedding of your dreams? one enterprising young couple has come up with a clever way to pay for their big day, corporate sponsorship. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: whether you're planning a wedding pit for royalty. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: or something more intimate. the cost of the rings, the ceremony, the gown and the reception could be enough to make any bride blush. >> i think initially we started
8:37 am
planning this big wedding like most brides do. courtney mackenzie and her if i ans say. >> youel newell dreamed about getting married in thailand. that's when they found sponsor my >> i thought why not couple it? why not try it and see what works? >> reporter: so far courtney says they have three firm sponsors. a place to stay. >> a hotel in thailand actually agreed to host us. >> reporter: a company to help with her wardrobe. >> they're an online boutique and they sell cute little dresses and things like that. >> reporter: not to be overlooked. >> we have a ring sponsor, as well. >> reporter: concept the crowd funding is becoming mainstream with people setting up sites to help pay for everything from adoption to surgery on college tuition. >> getting a corporate sponsor for a wedding is still a little
8:38 am
bit unorthodox, but overall this just reflects this era of crowd funding that we're in. >> reporter: courtney and jamil's website lists six levels of sponsorship. the highest, a title sponsor means the company gets among other things the logo sewn into the bride's dress as well as krim su swimsuits including the braid's bouquet. >> we had likeses in the first 48 hours it was on facebook. >> i'm looking forward to putting a logo on the the wedding dress. >> one comment on facebook, i don't mean to sound rude, but this sounds extremely tack. >> the wedding is what we make it. it's the relationship we have together and the relationship we have with each other and whether or not there is a logo on the dress does not change that. janet shamlian, nbc news. >> mr. geist, did you have a swoosh on your tuxedo? yeah. i just put one on there.
8:39 am
>> weddings are expensive. if you want to have a big wedding this is the way to get you that that's fine. i wonder what's in it for the sponsor. is it it enough investment? >> it's too much frepressure pun people to have a big widing and an understated -- >> one night in vegas, a couple of drinks. did i say that out loud? i'm so sorry. >> a hopeless romantic. i got goosebumps. >> congratulations to the couple. up next, how did the earthquake in california impact the industry. we'll ask joe bastianich. hoda and kathie lee are screaming somewhere, but ♪
8:40 am
at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
8:41 am
back now at 8:41. fall arrives in less than a month and this morning we're getting you ready with the best
8:42 am
wines for the upcoming season. they're all under $20 and joe bastianich is one of the hosts of restaurant start up. >> happy almost fall. >> yes. >> before we get to the show and the wineses and let's talk about wine. obviously an earthquake out in napa yesterday. >> right. >> pretty severe, a lot of damage. how is it going to impact the wine industry? >> think the best thing that happened is that the vintage are still out in the vineyard. had that crushed juice been in the big vats fermenting it might have been much worse. >> no impact on price? >> the industry is very big and goes outside of napa valley and we'll see what happens, and it's a very unfortunate event. >> all the wines we'll talk about is under $20. >> you're getting away from your classic roses and prosecco. i like for the fall this is a rose prosecco and we added a pinot noir. >> what are they 5%, pinot noir?
8:43 am
>> it gives it a little more fruity and prosecco is a huge category and rose prosecco. what would you serve that with? >> i would serve that with a light sell ad, chicken, something off the grill because you're still grilling in the fall and your regular prosecco. this is from california, my friend stephen and palmina, pinot grigio. >> i like light, i have to say. >> this has more grip to it. >> delicious. >> this is interesting, from the republic of georgia. >> not the state of georgia. >> this is georgia georgia. >> this is the first place they say in the world wine was ever made. >> a long history? the longest. and this is wine that's just interesting this area of the world making wines that are modern, technically correct, very, very, very good. >> and people think about fall and winter, they think about red. >> this is a merlot from northeastern italy.
8:44 am
>> this is the wine you have on the night your kids are going back to school. >> you watch the commercial. >> maybe you're going to have a grilled skirt steak and you're going to have it with this merlot. >> this has a great aroma. >> great nose. great merlot. it's not as blue berry is fruity as american merlot. italian merlot is more tobaccoey and interesting. >> this is under $15. >> barbaradaba. >> this one from georgia is $12. >> not bad. >> this is the wine, another italian except for the west part. this is the wine to have on halloween? >> why? >> it's important to have the right wine on the right occasion. >> when the kids are coming out, barbera d' alba.
8:45 am
>> cheers. >> and lastly, you pronounce it. >> maldec. argentina. your first braised beef brisket, ossobucco. >> this is a great show on cnbc. the anyways with the concept of trying to get you to invest. >> and we did invest. we had a whole season and people from all over the the country came with their restaurant ideas and me and tim invested in a bunch of different restaurants and pasta companies. tonight is the finale and it's a big, big finale tonight and restaurant start up on cnbc. >> good news. >> the good news, season two coming at you. you heard it here first, matt. a second season and 10 episodes of restaurant start ups. if you have a great idea and if. you think he can cook, come see us. >> he'll write you a check. >> you can catch the season finale of of "restaurant start
8:46 am
up" at 10:00 eastern on cnbc. yet city is saying good-bye to one of the most recognized features. those iconic red phone booths, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
back now at 8:48. what comes to mind when you think of london, guys? >> the olympics there, those great cabs. >> yeah. >> and those red phone booths. >> absolutely. and as nbc's keir simmons explains, some of the iconic symbols are now becoming a thing of the past. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, guys. good morning. it doesn't get more british than this. a red phone booth. hold on a second. i'm going to have to phone you back. i'm live on the "today" show. sorry about that. where was i? these phone booths now, the problem is they're getting
8:49 am
replaced by cell phones like these and they aren't the only british icon that you may one day only see in the movies. in a quiet corner of england, once bright red now slowly rusting. what used to be a national symbol today symbolizes how quickly life is changing. a world where a pocket of change connected you to e the folks back home fast disappearing with cell phones and texts and e-mails. look at this. these are britain's heritage, right? >> they are. they are the most frequently seen bits of the british image. >> reporter: across britain you can still see them, you just can't use them. they're so iconic, they've even been turned into a work of art. one's even been turned into a little library. christian lewis restores the pay phones right down to the rotaries and the coin slots.
8:50 am
>> people of a certain age will remember when they hear a coin in there and a rattle or ding. that takes you back. >> reporter: and text messages and e-mails spell doom for another icon. after all, who sends mail these days? sorry, your majesty. and another thing, the famously talkative black cab driver may not be in a black cab. the latest taxis are environmentally friendly many colors now. >> i'm a traditionist. i like the idea of a taxi in london being black. black cabs, red bus. >> reporter: there is still time to make that trip across the pond and see things the way they used to be. but you may need to hurry before old fashioned england is just history. the one british thing that never seems to go away is all of this rain, guys. apparently you are able to adopt
8:51 am
these phone boxes. i don't know what you'll do with them once you have adopted them. but just a little production secret, by the way, these phone boxes as long as i have lived have always come with an -- how can i put it -- an iconic smell. but thankfully the production team used some disinfectant over the last few hours to make it easier to do this live shot. >> keir, i remember years ago walking into one of those things and noticing that smell immediately. so i'm glad you have the disinfectant. keir, thank you. appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure. >> it is sad. i love those symbols. especially when you look at old movies even of new york and you see the old cabs. >> you can adopt them though. >> do they even have phone booths in new york city anymore? even pay phones. when i see them, i stop. oh, a pay phone. >> and there's no phone to it anymore. >> only in new york.
8:52 am
>> you stand there and text somebody on your cell phone. >> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
all right. we're back now at 8:53. let's get some birthday wishes from our dear friend willard scott. hey, willard. >> we're proud to be here at the farm. happy birthday. how sweet it is. pearl druck.
8:54 am
100 years old today. she's a swell girl. palm beach gardens in the great state of florida. and she is something else. loves politics and current events and keeps up all the time by reading the newspaper and listening to the tv. this is baird wilson. 100 years old today. bellefontaine, ohio. and he loves to laugh. and he also says that's the spice of life. this is ken winterle. 100 years old today. grand hanrapids, michigan. silver star and purple heart recipient. how about that. here's christine adams. christine is 100 years old today. she's from east stryydsburg, pennsylvania. reading the bible and singing are her big things in life. now back to new york where they always sing. >> thank you very much. what do you guys have coming up in the next half hour? >> mr. roker out in los angeles.
8:55 am
he has a full emmy recap. we're going to hear new interviews. >> and my tuesday trend. i'm obsessed with doing my own makeup. my favorite youtube artist is here. >> and mr. roker, nice job last night. >> bravo, buddy. >> we're back after your local news and weather.
8:56 am
good morning. just a few minutes before 9:00. i'm kris sanchez. crews in the north bay are checking for any damage following several strong aftershocks this morning. the biggest one around 5:30 this morning. a 3.9 magnitude quake near american canyon. so far, no reports of injuries or damage. good weather for them and the rest of us around the bay area. right, christina? >> yeah, we're going to see a really nice day, kris.
8:57 am
and all things in perspective, tomorrow we will warm you up. for today, 82 in the south bay. 79 on the peninsula. right around 67 in san francisco. and as we head throughout tomorrow, 5 to 10 degrees warmer. we're going to hold on to that heat as we head throughout your wednesday and thursday. and by this weekend, maybe some showers.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's tuesday morning. it's the 26th day of august 2014. i'm willie geist with tamron hall. natalie is off this week. al is out in los angeles heading up our coverage of last night's big emmy awards. al's been doing strong. >> heading up our coverage in our emmy bureau. >> yes. you're in our bureau. >> you did a great job last night and you looked smashing in that tuxedo. who were you wearing?
9:01 am
>> i was wearing zeina. it was hot. it was about 83 degrees out. everybody was shvitzing. >> you were a cool customer. we didn't see it at all. you were there. you got to talk to all these stars. "breaking bad," "modern family." bryan cranston and julianna margulies. everybody talking about when julia louis-dreyfus won her award and was making her way to the stage. she gag been when they were on stage together presenting for best actor in a comedy and later came full circle when julia won for best actress. let's watch. >> you look so much like the actor in "seinfeld" who played the dentist that i dated as elaine, you know, and who
9:02 am
converted to judaism for the jokes. >> yeah. tim watt lley. >> yes. >> that was me. >> over her career she's won five emmys and had 18 nominatio nominations. >> he was on "seinfeld," yeah. >> that was the best. that was when he did the -- the mustache and the -- very nice. in fact, later on when the "breaking bad" crew was in our room, he decided -- he said i need some mustache wax. and he took his pinky and put it in aaron paul's ear. >> oh. >> come on. >> yeah. he was on fire. >> to which al said, you know, maybe it's good that this run is over. i think you've been around each other a little too long. >> yikes. >> my gosh. so seth meyers was the host. we were excited to see our nbc
9:03 am
guy up there d. did a great job. i love the bit he did about hbo growing up to be one of the cool kids. >> hbo is like the kid you grew up with who ended up doing way better than you expected. 99 nominations. when i first met hbo all it had was "grease 2" and "fraggle rock." i wish i was nicer to him. how many times do people want to watch a movie? one day i'm going to make a show about dragons. okay, buddy. best of luck. >> and how great was jimmy kimmel coming up there, i mean, blowing it away. taking on matthew mcconaughey. it was great. check this out. >> you were great in "true detective." you may well be the best actor, but you just won the oscar like five months ago. no offense, but how many of those speeches of yours are we supposed to sit through?
9:04 am
i mean, all right, all right, all right already. that's not a television face. that's a movie star face right there. where is -- where's ricky? ricky. now, that is a television face. >> and then gervais obliged and gave a television face. he did. so mcconaughey got a lot of play last night. >> yes, he did. >> a lot of people checking him out. he and woody harrelson came up to present together. they had the maroon suit on harrelson, the blue suit on matthew. and some people online drawing comparisons to "the night at the roxbury" guys from "snl." in fact, chris kattan tweeted out, this is just weird. >> but they looked great. the combo. individually they alooked amazing. then when you got them
9:05 am
together -- >> they looked weird. >> oh. >> it's hard for matthew mcconaughey to look bad. >> i didn't use the word bad. it's just the combo. >> i loved it. i love the midnight blue tux al had going. got a lot of ideas last night. >> would you wear a burgundy suit, guys? >> you know, i actually have a burgundy jacket. i almost wore that, but then i would have looked like woody harrelson. >> you guys already look so similar. it would be confusing. >> people confuse us -- people run up to me like, what was it like on "cheers". >> oh, the golden years. >> there was a beautiful moment last night. we knew we were going to pay tribute to robin williams at the emmys. it was billy crystal that did the job. he was pitch perfect. let's watch what he said. >> it's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives.
9:06 am
for almost 40 years. he was the brightest star in a comedy galaxy. but while some of the brightest of our celestial bodies actually stink now. their energy long since cooled. but miraculously because they float in the heavens so far away from us now, their beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever. and the glow will be so bright -- >> then he had a line later, said robin williams what a concept. >> i love that. what a way to describe him. >> short, sweet, and beautifully written and delivered by billy crystal. >> as you knew it would be. >> yes. he lived up to expectations with that. al you had fun as well with your celeb selfies, i understand. i didn't see them. what did you get? >> you know, anybody who was -- >> oh, wow. >> we got seth there and jim parsons. matthew mcconaughey and his wife.
9:07 am
gwen. sarah silverman. minnie driver, lena dunham. just a few. >> what's your technique to get these a-list celebrities? >> i drop a $20. >> veteran move. >> they stop. that's how i get it. >> celebs gravitate to al roker. jennifer lawrence on the biggest night of her life was talking about al roker. >> roker technique. look at him blushing. come on. you know you like it. >> stop it. >> keep going. keep going. stop. little bit more. little bit more. well, you looked amazing in your suit. and another amazing red carpet et moment. take a look at this one. that's al. >> that's not a good look. >> but 7-year-old edie. the make a wish foundation wanted to give her this opportunity.
9:08 am
and giuliana rancic took her on the red carpet dressed up for this. edie is from lake mary, florida. she was diagnosed with cancer of the retina when she was only 19 months old. she is cancer free now and red carpet bringing it. adorable moment. you know what? thank you for making her wish come true. look at the pose. she gave a little angelina jolie. >> hip out. >> she was like i watch e. i know how to do it. >> incredible. >> okay. little bit different topic here. do you think where you fall in your family makes a difference how you're treated? >> birth order. >> "huffington post" ran a story, an apology letter to my second child. the mother of two writing you're only 11 months old and i already
9:09 am
raised you differently. i'm sorry i don't know any facts about you. your brother's baby book contains so much information about his first year he can see every time he spit up. i'm sorry you look like a candidate for whatnot to wear baby edition. your brother had all new super cute clothes and you mostly his hand me downs. i've also loved you with every piece of me and i will never apologize for that. it was a little tongue in cheek and there's a lot of truth to what she's saying. i have two children. i was just talking to my wife about this. i like getting her input on it. she said not that you love or give any less of yourself, it's that you don't worry so much about all these. oh, my gosh, they're not walking yet, they're not potty trained yet. >> like the cheerio falls on the floor. with the first kid you throw out the box. the second one you're like here. >> kid's going walk eventually. it's fine. you just don't worry as much about it. >> it makes me sad she said i'm
9:10 am
sorry. saying i don't know about you, i'm sorry. >> but here's the deal. you know, as the first born, i don't see any problem with that. >> works well for the first born. >> i agree. i love being my mother's favorite child. sorry, todd. it happens. >> okay. getting deep here. >> al relates to it. >> i'm the oldest. >> i'm the oldest also. >> that's interesting. we're all first borns. >> yeah. and not too competitive. >> our siblings love us. >> i think they do. >> yeah. don't take a poll. >> i won't poll. but we have to get your input on this story as well, al. united flight from newark to denver was forced into a -- they diverted the flight, an unscheduled stop on sunday because two passengers got into a fight over a seat that would not recline.
9:11 am
now here's the deal. there's this gadget. it's 22 bucks. it's called the knee defender. you attack it to the tray table and it prevents the people in front of you from reclining. the seat they paid for. so the fight reportedly started when a man used the knee defender while he was on his laptop. a flight attendant asked him to remove it. when he refused the woman in front of him reportedly stood up, turned around, threw water in the guy's face. >> look out. >> the flight was diverted to chicago. both passengers were kicked off the plane. no arrests were made. ap reported that the airlines prohibits the use of the knee defender. united's statement confirmed the incident. i don't know if the lady should have been kicked off the plane. >> who threw the water. >> it wasn't the right thing to do, of course. but the person put the knee defender on your seat and the flight attendant says to him take it off. he refuses.
9:12 am
i mean, should the person who threw the water be kicked off too? >> i don't know what the extent of the fight was after the water. were they going at it? >> we haven't heard about that. >> it is a small plane. but this knee defender, who invented it and how -- is that in an airline magazine? >> i've seen it in catalogs. but my thing would have been okay you're going to put that there, i'm going to kick your seat the whole flight. i'm just going to start banging the back of your seat. >> you're in front. >> oh, that's right. >> then it's back punching. i'm going to start going like that. i'm going to put that defender. >> you know what, al? if i'm one of the other passengers in the flight trying to get where i'm going, really you diverted me. i got a meeting, i got to see my kids. because you were having a water fight over the knee defender. >> but then you think what if it's you one day that someone
9:13 am
puts a knee defender. so she stood up for all of us. >> she's a hero. >> she stood up and threw water for all of us. >> she's norma ray. >> well, anyway. let's show you what you got for your weather today. whether you're flying or not. if you're flying through the upper midwest and the plains, look out for showers and thunderstorms. chicago, omaha, we've got activity through nebraska. and some of this rain's going to be pretty heavy over the next 48 hours. we're talking about up to 5 inches between north platt and des moines, iowa. so we're going to be watching that possibility of some flooding. rest of the country we expect to see the heat continue in the plains. the feels like temperatures from st. louis to dallas over $100 degrees. and tomorrow it moves to the east. temperatures again feeling well over 100 in st. louis. but look at this. 91 it will feel like in boston. 92 in that's what's going on around
9:14 am
9:13. happy tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is the point arena lighthouse, and you can see mostly clear conditions, even along the sonoma coast at this point. at the surface, we don't have a lot of fog and the fog that we showed you earlier from sunol has burned off. it's burned off very clearly. nice and clear at this point over mt. hamilton and the entire santa clara valley and a really clear day coming your way. 82 for the south bay, 79 on the peninsula, 78 for the east shore. and right around 67 degrees in san francisco. big warming as of tomorrow. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thanks a lot. coming back, we're going to send it back to al. who won and struck out at the emmys. and the fashion. emmys. an[ male announcer ] introducing vicks qlearquil allergy morning, hank. what a day, huh? hey! morning, hank. [ male announcer ] for people who don't have allergies everyday, just on allergy days. [ sneezes ] [ groaning ]
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at chico's and don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. back now with more of "today" at the emmys. what everyone is talking about, a few surprise winners and surprise fashion choices on the red carpet. >> indeed. al is out in l.a. still with the full wrap. hey, there. what look did you love? >> i'm telling you, i didn't see know people were complaining. stuff i saw was pretty good. kilana to break it down from us and also from variety guys, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> first, let's get started. who did you like? >> i absolutely loved robin
9:18 am
wright. sophisticated in the front. >> nothing going on in the back. >> it was a perfect mix of ellen degeneratiegeneres in the frontw many the back. clean, sophisticated and flashy. >> what were you thinking? >> in terms of fashion? >> yes. >> she looked like she was going out out on the top and at the bottom, muppets like. she got criticism. >> she took a chance. >> that's her personality. that's what you get when it's lena. she tweeted, just so you know my emmy's look, it looks like cake but feels like sweats. >> there you go. >> your next pick?
9:19 am
>> my next pick claire danes. she looked great. it had side panels that were lace and back was completely lace. i thought she looked incredible. >> it's a question. i was surprised there's so much red on a red carpet. almost like you disappear. >> you know what, they flattered the red carpet. i thought they looked absolutely -- >> yeah. but if it were me, i would be thinking -- i'm afraid of too much red. >> totally. i think they nailed it. >> what's next? >> i love gwen stafani. she looked stunning in versachi. only gwen could pull this off. she makes it look cool and futuristic. i thought she was incredible. >> all right. >> do you have to have a certain
9:20 am
amount of confidence to pull something like that off? >> you do. i was going to talk about the awards, the actual show. i don't know anything about fashion. you keep asking about fashion. i was going to talk about the show. >> what about seth meyers? >> he did a good job. he fell in the weekend routine. some felt he was safe, like johnny carson. he was friendly and nice to everyone. people had a good time with him. >> thank you so much. i think you did a great job. i agree with you. >> thank you. >> let's head back to new york. >> thanks a lot. i'm get you caught up on news you need before you walk out the door. >> it may not be an emmy, but we have a surprise for the too good to be healthy competition. we have frozen treats from our finalists. yuma yuma after this.
9:21 am
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9:24 am
several stores before july 2013. california has become the first state to require all new cell phones be shipped with a kill switch already activated. governor jerry brown signed the act monday. to disable a phone by remote if it is stolen. if you're a woman looking to work from home for a couple days a week so you can keep an eye on the kids, you may want to consider tapping dad for that role instead. a study found fathers looking to work from home were viewed more favorably than the mothers who asked tr the same courtesy. we as a culture still regard men as the breadwinner and we feel grateful if men contribute with child care. and who knew elephants were such gifts of bach.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
[ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. good morning. it's 9:26 now. i'm kris sanchez. we're following breaking news in vallejo where crews just put out a fire on mere island. it broke out about 30 minutes ago near an abandoned building near the intersection of g street and ezwar drive. the fire is sending thick, black smoke into the air and it could be toxic. we have a crew at the scene and we'll bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom. meanwhile, the north bay was woken up by several strong aftershocks this morning. the strongest, a magnitude 8.9 that struck just after 5:30 this morning near american canyon. three other smaller aftershocks hit within 90 minutes of that first one. people felt them. so far, though, we're not hearing any reports of injuries or damage. this, of course, comes just days after the area was hit by a
9:27 am
strong 6.0 quake. napa valley public schools are still closed for the second day, today so that officials can continue to inspect the schools for damage. the cone street pedestrian bridge remains closed. it is the only bridge that was damaged in the quake and in need of repairs. no word on when it will reopen. and 70 buildings in napa are now red tagged. more than 200 buildings are yellow tagged. red tagged mean is no entry, yellow tagged means limited entry. we're also getting word of the closure of highway 29 in napa for repairs. mike inouye will have more on that and christina will have your forecast after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. right now your temperatures still in the low 60s. we're on our way to the upper 70s to low 80s for most spots across the bay area. but you'll hit the upper 60s today in san francisco. a stretch of 70s coming your way starting tomorrow in the city by the bay. 87 for the north bay and 78 degrees, comfortable on the east shore. so here's where we're headed.
9:29 am
we're going to boost those numbers up significantly between today and tomorrow. even more so for thursday, peak heat, then friday into saturday, maybe some rain. we'll tell you what's causing that rain coming up. first, i want to check your drive. here's mike. >> south bay, finally showing you better movements. look at the map of the woth of your screen. the rest of those routes starting to show an ease. southbound 880 coming into the south bay, typical slowing through fremont. taking you to the north bay, we have old sonoma road with scluld closure from 8 to 2:00 p.m. today. and as kris mentioned, southbound, the left lane, blocked at southbound 29 at george bullard bridge for earthquake repair as well. back to the "today" show. did you know bees communicate through dance?
9:30 am
me too... we're practically twins! welcome back to "today." it's tuesday morning, august 26th, 2014. i'm willie with tamron. al is in los angeles. natalie is off. big news, the pumpkin spice latte. >> al's missing out. >> oh. >> al, we got it for you. >> we have pumpkin spice for you. it's 83 degrees there so we didn't want to send you coffee. >> i don't get the pumpkin spice thing. >> people love it. >> i know. >> what's wrong with pumpkin spice? >> one of the biggest fall drinks. normally not available until september but they're moving it up to today. >> eww. >> that's al's version. >> you lover flavors.
9:31 am
you are my chef, cooking hero. >> i know. but i don't -- pump skin spice. what is that? i mean, come on. >> you think it's manufactured? >> yeah. i don't think they -- >> never. >> yeah. i don't think there's a lot of pumpkins being killed for this stuff. >> oh. >> artificial flavoring. >> i'm okay with that. >> if you want to get one today, you can. you can unlock the store. permission to purchase the drink today. the code is given out -- it has its own twitter handle, by the way. >> it's popular. >> we have a great research team. kristen already unlocked the code. should we tell everybody? sorry starbucks, here it is. it's scarf. >> like starbucks is going to be upset you broke that code. >> this is one of those moments in life i absolutely love my job. people are like, do you really say what you mean? this is an authentic experience.
9:32 am
i am genuinely happy about this. but i love how al is being about it. >> this is a win/win for you. >> it is. willie doesn't care one way or the other. >> willie, seriously, are you into the pumpkin spice latte? >> it's actually quite delicious. i must say. >> you are so full of bull dinky. >> what? it's a delicious treat. >> oh, man. >> have you ever just went on your own. >> no, i don't drink coffee. >> but if you had a coffee selection, it would be pumpkin? >> sure. i'd be open to it. >> this is why i love this show. >> hey, willie, geppetto is calling from inside the whale. >> i'm happy. but, al, what's up with the weather? >> all right. listen, if pumpkin spice latte makes you happy, i am happy for you.
9:33 am
gosh bless. okay. look at this. 93 in washington, d.c. today. rip currents along the southeastern atlantic coast. gulf coast as well. we're looking for more monsoonal moisture in the southwest. rip currents in the pacific causing problems. if you're a surfer, you're going to be happy in southern california. they continue again tomorrow. more wet weather from the rockies into the plains. again the rip currents from cristobal moving away will extend from new jersey all the way down to jupiter, florida. going to be watching that's what's going 9:33. it's pumpkin spice, thanks for asking, al, we have a live look here at pacifica, beautiful start. and you can see those clouds already breaking up, even at the immediate coast. i wanted to show you the bay side of san francisco from hay's valley, it's just as clear here at this hour as it is in san jose. a little bit of haze, but a pretty day shaping up.
9:34 am
72 for us. 79 on the peninsula. the east shore at 78 degrees, looking towards a comfortable weekend with temperatures holding on to the mid-80s. might actually get some rain. we'll talk about that coming up. your latest weather. lattest weather. >> thank you, sir. we'll check back with you in a few minutes. first it's time for our too good to be healthy competition. >> we sent out a callout to our viewers for diet friendly frozen treatings. today jill bauer is here with our finalists. good morning to you all. >> good morning. you guys are in for a treat. a frozen treat. >> literally. let's begin right here. >> this is isabel. she's from poughkeepsie, new york. she's from a large italian family and is always entertaining. she loves creative ideas. this is her yogurt chocolate pretzel pop. she dips the pretzel is dark
9:35 am
chocolate, lets it firm. then she makes the yogurt pops. tak takes yogurt and adds it with honey and vanilla. then she lets it firm. right before it's solid, sticks in the pretzels. >> was this a family recipe? >> i thought every time guy to the store i'm buying the sugar filled pops and i could do much better and much healthier for my family and friends. so this is what i came up with. >> there are only 176 calories with the pretzel and chocolate. per pop. >> that's really good. >> very nice. >> next up we have jennifer from winchester, virginia. she made grilled pineapple sorbet. she has celiac and she likes to make her own gluten free
9:36 am
desserts. so her and her 14-year-old daughter savannah -- we know a savannah -- they were making grilled pineapple. they had leftovers. so she decided to put knit a food processer with a bit of water and agave syrup or honey. and some rum for an adult version. >> you need adult fun time. >> i love that. >> and if you're making it for kids, leave out the rum and add lemon juice instead. >> is that unbelievable? >> come on now. >> 168 calories per serving. >> i'm in love with both so far. this is tough. >> it's going to be tough. moving onto another yummy treat, this is sandra. she's from cambridge, massachusetts. and she at the beginning of the year decided she was going to start eating healthy and cooking healthy. and guess what? she's lost 75 pounds. >> congratulations.
9:37 am
>> look at her before and after picture. >> amazing. >> she loves bananas and she loves crunch. she was not giving up her sweet treat. so she invented this frozen country banana. slices the banana in half, puts it in a skewer, rolls in cinnamon and nutmeg and greek yogurt. in a freezer. >> is this quick to make? >> yes. my 4-year-old daughter helps me and loves them. >> if a 4-year-old can make it, i can. >> 132 calories. you have to decide on a winner. >> this is hard. >> we're going to huddle. tamron, talk over here for a sec. >> remember all the recipes are on the website. you can go to you're going to crash the website. everybody's going to want these. >> this was impossible, by the way. >> we're not kidding. >> these are three perfect treats. >> they are. >> i'm nervous.
9:38 am
>> i'm nervous too. >> tamron, i think we agree. jennifer's rum pineapple sorbet was amazing. >> you get a visa gift card to go shopping. >> hug it out. i loved them all. we were just saying how delicious. this is fantastic. come on over. >> come on in. we're still going to finish all your desserts, by the way. >> and we'll be over for dinner. we'll split it. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> we'll put these recipes on the website. >> they're already there. >> okay. congratulations, ladies. thank you for sharing your recipes with us. >> congratulations. >> thank you. up next, if there's anybody to get celebrities to let their hair down, it's our buddy al. he goes {door knocking} carl, you can work the weekend, right? of course, whatever you need. carl, send me that link. okay gary.
9:39 am
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9:42 am
what happens when you get a bunch of a-list celebrities in a
9:43 am
room with al roker and pumpkin latte? >> we'll get a find out. he had some of the big winners with him from the emmy awards. >> there were some newcomers out there but there were also some folks who have been to the rodeo before including "the big bang theory's" jim parsons. >> the emmy goes to jim parsons. >> i loved this character from the moment i read him. i loved the way he was written. i loved the way he talked. it was so -- i just felt a connection to it. >> there's a woman in your life you're having problems with. >> that's an easy guess. i'm clearly an annoying person, i have problems with both genders. >> so you're not tired of sheldon? >> god no. not on any episode ever. i'm not kidding. it's not my good attitude. it's the writing. >> jessica lange. >> third time. is it just as sweet? >> i was genuinely more surprised tonight than i think
9:44 am
i've been with anything ever as far as awards. >> are you kind of amazed at what's going on on television? >> yes. i think it's thrilling, really. we are very fortunate to be working in this medium now. >> and the winner is "modern family". >> why does america love your family? what is it about your family? >> well, we're really attractive. very good looking. and we're very funny. we have cute little ones like this. >> when are we going to be there? >> soon, honey. very soon. come on. give us a smile. remember, this is the happiest day of your dad's life. >> this is an amazing honor. thank you. number six. let's go. >> six times you've done this now. still the same feeling? >> it's an incredible category of people who have won six emmys. incredibly flattering and makes me feel like i have to seriously stop doubting myself. >> and the emmy goes to "breaking bad."
9:45 am
>> wow. >> whoo! >> so not a bad finish. >> not too shabby. >> what it? has it sunk in yet? >> i think we're kind of just in shock. i mean, it's just unbelievable. >> everything is going to be fine, but we need to leave right now. all right? can we do that? >> what happened? where is hank? why do we need to leave? >> i need both of you to trust me. >> it's such a stark difference from where it ends from where we began. nobody knew who we were or what we were doing out in the middle of the desert. >> did you guys know what you were doing? did you know? >> i did not. i didn't expect even one emmy let alone two. i didn't expect this level of love from all over the world. it's astounding. it feels like a dream come true. >> congratulations.
9:46 am
>> thank you. >> were you expecting to hear your name? not expecting it? >> there's that part of you. like the whole time i knew i wasn't going to win, but then right before you're like, maybe i'm going to win. >> sarah silverman. "we are miracles." >> well, congratulations. >> you did a great job. i did a great job. this interview is over. >> done! and kudos to our buddy seth meyers for a great job hosting. >> absolutely. great job out there. now get home. you don't have to be a movie star to look red carpet ready. >> sno you don't. we're going to see how to get gorgeous looks every day from one of the biggest sensations on youtube. this is how i learned to apply dove invited women to a makeover... with a difference. hi ma'am hi. would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a good makeover? there you go.
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9:51 am
warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit! back now with my tuesday trend. today we are talking about makeup and how to get that glamorous look without heading to a professional makeup artist. you tweeted me. eyebrows, i don't have any. help please. and another said trying to find the right shade of foundation. we've got some help today. i do my own makeup every day before the show. i learn to do it with a great makeup advising me and with youtube videos on how to do your makeup. i'm obsessed with these. one is from this makeup artist whose videos have millions of views. she's with us this morning. >> good morning. >> in addition to being a makeup artist, you're in the air force. eight years active duty and you do makeup for the women on the
9:52 am
base. >> yes, ma'am. i have friends always asking for beauty advice. i give them the knowledge i know. >> and now you have millions going on your youtube videos. you say there's five things we should have in our makeup back. >> mascara, brows, blush, also a lip product, and a base. so concealer or foundation to give a more even complexion. >> so we should always have this with us. >> always. >> we have two women. i love how we've done this. one-half of her face is bare. the other half has been done by missy. tell me what you did here. >> basically i applied mascara to open her eyes here. and i plied a red lip. which takes attention off of her eyes. if you're pressed for time, use a lip color that is the center of attention. >> pressed for time, pick the lips. >> yes. it takes the focus off your entire face. >> and i like how she still looks natural with this pop.
9:53 am
obviously you see the difference in the lip but she's still clean with a pop. i think that's key. because i don't want to look like i'm performing in theater here. next is diana. what did you do? >> with diana i focused on the brows. it gives her more of a youthful look. >> is that what our viewer can do? >> yes, ma'am. you always go with more of a brow powder than a look. opposed to using a pencil. >> and trick for finding the right foundation. test it on your cheek? >> your chest. >> whenever people sew you, you see it as a whole. >> we're back right after this. this is "today." >> thank you.
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up next, kathie lee and hoda ask the experts. >> whether fixing your home latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire.
9:56 am
enter the sleep number bed. right now, all beds are on sale. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale! with 50% off the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. good morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm kris sanchez. updates to breaking news in vallejo, where crews have put out a fire. crews were able to put it out within the last hour pretty quickly. it broke out at an abandoned
9:57 am
building near the intersection of d street and azure drive. the fire sent thick, black smoke into the air, but fortunately no one was hurt. investigators in south san francisco are now trying to pinpoint the cause of an early morning fire that caused near two dozen people to run from their homes. it was about 12:30 this morning when firefighters were called to an auto repair shot on ocean avenue, right across from balboa park. by the time they arrived, the flames spread to two neighbors apartment buildings and a nightclub. everyone did make it out okay, but 23 people, seven families, and two dogs are now looking for a new place to stay while crews assess the damage. and we have a look at your weather forecast and traffic after that. >> hey, thank you. we've got a good-looking day shaping up. a lot of people will be headed outdoors for today, for work, for school, and of course that cleanup effort up in the north bay. temperatures are going to be warm up there, between 3:00 to 4:00. that's when we get our high temperature. about 87 degrees for the north bay today. 68 in san francisco and 78 for the east shore.
9:58 am
by tomorrow, we're going to lose the gorgeous conditions we've been enjoying, bringing up that heat rapidly. then as we get into your weekend, a slight chance for some showers. more on this today at 11:00. first, let's check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> a very, very slow drive. look at our live look from our fremont camera, southbound as the jam coming to the bottom of your screen. the extent on the map shows you from the dumbarton bridge, it jams up past our shot towards 237, where there are two crashes. one still has to clear. the rest of your south bay improves in the northbound direction. but southbound 29, we still have one lane closed towards george butler bridge. one lane is open for traffic to the area. bob redell is checking that out. back to you. >> thank you very much. more local news in a half hour.
9:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i have something that i want to say to everybody that's out there. you're probably not even aware of it because you live your life in lala land. >> what? >> but we are today 50 days away from you turning 50. today is the day that -- >> what? >> yes. >> we're not belaboring. it's not today. >> no, it's 50 days from today. >> we're going to celebrate the
10:01 am
snot out of this birthday. >> did you say 50 days till 50? >> that's two months. >> it's 50 days. but you're not alone. you're in very good company. look who's turning 50 this year sandra bullock, david spade, lori laughlin, trisha yearwood. go to and send us your advice and how to encourage her as she turns the big awesome 50! >> can i just say something? there's only a teeny window of time before i hit 50. i was going to enjoy those 50 days -- >> well, the producers don't want you to. >> okay. >> like joanne said, no, we're celebrating up till your 50th birthday. >> a beautiful lady just had a birthday yesterday.
10:02 am
happy birthday to jamie. >> and they're getting married on july 4th. >> people love watching our show from in here. here's the drill, when you have your phone at dinner and you're out, people always have different rules of the phone et qu etiquette -- >> "the wall street journal" has come up with rules. the new rules for phones at the table. if a phone is on the dinner table. it must be facedown. >> no checking your phone under the table. you know people do this, hey, kath. >> if you're not allowed to look at your phone, why is it even on the table? >> a person at the table needs to send an emergency text or e-mail, the babysitter, whatever, everyone else can, too. everybody gets the right to pick their phone up and send a quick
10:03 am
text. here's a question. sometimes at dinner, people go, who was that guy in the movie, the guy who was married to the -- and someone says, oh, i'll google it. that's allowed. but only one google. then everybody starts googling. >> only whose parents have children at home with babysitters are allowed to keep smartphones face-up. >> if the sitter calls, everybody's allowed to look at their phones for three minutes -- i'm exhausted. >> that's too long. maybe a minute. >> they say those rules don't apply to lunch and i think lunch is more important -- >> more fun than dinner. >> you changed me on lunch. i used to eat lunch on the go. >> now we have three-hour lunches. >> you're so tired, you want to go to bed. >> anyway!
10:04 am
are records making a comeback? >> here's the thing, you played vinyl records. >> i made vinyl records. i played them and then i made a few, too. >> and you sold them. >> they're still in my garage. but jack white from the white stripes released his latest solo album on vinyl and sales have soared. >> this is crazy when you think about it. who would think people even have record players. they sold 138,000 copies. >> what are they playing it on? >> that's the biggest vinyl release since 1991. >> have they been making them all along? >> they haven't. >> one lonely guy is saying, yeah, they did. he probably has all of them. well, this is when i was making them, hoda. back in the stone age. ♪ who's that swinging down the street ♪ >> that was awesome. >> that was me recording.
10:05 am
we had a duet out in the stone age. i had two. i had james taylor from sweet baby james i would play over and over and over again. and carole king's "tapestry" album. >> there was nothing like putting the needle down. the one that plopped down and you didn't have to pick it up -- >> it's magic. >> my brother and i had one, an lp. i had "love will keep us together." and my brother had "philadelphia freedom." we'd take the record player outside with an extension cord. we got a box and it said, which song would you like to hear? it was either one of those songs.
10:06 am
we were in the jukebox and i would play it. it was so exciting. i still remember it. we got quarters that came in. we were like, this is the best thing we've ever done. >> how much did you make? $1.50? >> not much. but it was the thrill of waiting in that hot box for someone to walk by. >> wow, what a childhood you had. >> there is a wine case that holds wine. they say it can withstand if you drop it -- sometimes you drop your bottle of wine. we don't but others do. they say can withstand a bowling ball. we don't know if it works. but we're going to take some baseball bats to the wine -- i hope it's not your wine. >> don't say my wine. you're supposed to say my stuff. >> you go first. careful. >> let me try. go. >> that can't be true. >> oh.
10:07 am
>> i cracked it. mine doesn't have a cork. it's got a screw top. >> now let's look at it. did it break? what if it all gushes out? can't wait. how do you open it. >> just pull it out. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> i'm taking this home. >> that's awesome. good to know if you ever want to beat up your wine, that it's not going to break. it's time for -- they do -- these are great. by the way, that thing is 50 bucks in case you're interested. >> this one isn't. >> they do "in style" does handbag awards. they have unveiled the winner for overall design -- >> style and design. >> john edwards of florian london designs -- >> not the one running for vice president. >> got this one called the vienna shoulder bag.
10:08 am
>> it's really pretty, gorgeous color. going to be featured in the september issue of "in style." >> i like a bigger area. >> you like to keep your bowling ball in there. and now your wine -- >> i need more room. but it's $360. i like to have more room. >> it's going to be available at bloomingdales. does it come in other colors, you guys? no. it doesn't. >> just blue. >> hoda, are you in a sex-starved relationship? >> the causes and the cures are up next. >> does your neighbor's smoke get in your eyes. >> we'll tell you how to deal with them coming up after this. [ brian ] in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. it's important to know the difference. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg.
10:09 am
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10:11 am
♪ ♪
10:12 am
all too often couples get into a rut when it comes to intimacy. >> and very quickly sex can fall to the bottom of the to-do list as seen in the movie "date night". >> no, no, no, you just put it in your mouth -- >> oh, oh. we could still fool around. >> really? only if you're into it. >> no, i would love to. let me just get the -- >> yeah, okay, you know what, no? i'm totally fine if we don't. >> how do you address your issues and reconnect with your partner? dr. lauren striker is the author of "love, sex again."
10:13 am
>> and hal runkle is a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of the scream-free institute. we're not going into detail. >> good to see you both. it is a problem for -- we're living longer. >> that's right. >> if we're still in a marriage, all of a sudden you're celebrating your 70th wedding anniversary. >> for a lot of people, intimacy is something you're so busy that you don't even have time to take care of it. >> i think we have to recognize that there's a cycle of sex throughout our lives. and in your 20s, it's all about sex all the time. and then in your 30s, it's sex with a purpose because you're trying to make a baby. in the 40s, you see the bed and all you want to do is go to sleep. and then in your 50s, it gets interesting. hopefully you're in that crowd that says, kids are gone, we used to like sex, let's reconnect. but all too often, that's not what's happening at all. >> and in your 60s, you're saying, did we ever have sex? >> what's sex?
10:14 am
>> why did i make such a big deal about it? >> a lot of people wonder what is a healthy amount of sex to have in a long relationship. what do you think? do the numbers show anything? >> there's no magic number. you have to have enough that it doesn't get stale but you don't have so much that it gets predictable. >> why do you think so many of these things are just appealing to so -- thousands and thousands of people -- >> because people -- a lot of times couples say they don't want sex. a lot of times what i experience is they just don't want sex with him or they don't want the type of sex they've been having. >> they want something else. >> when we talk about sex, we're not necessarily talking about intercourse. and older couples might be very sexual but they don't necessarily fall into the traditional definition of sex. >> there are all kinds of intimacy. >> there are. >> we wondered how often are people having sex. because that's what we care about.
10:15 am
this was the percentages, 6% said every day. >> what? >> they're lying. >> 25% said three to five times per week. >> 52% said one to times on a good week. and 17% who say they can't remember the last time -- >> it's how you define sex. are we being sexual? if i'm not being sexual with me wife every day, i think i'm failing as a husband. that doesn't mean we're actually having intercourse but it means i'm going to put the fact that we're a romantic connection first. we can be lovers and best friends but only in the order of that priority. >> people confuse love with sex. >> and you have to look at the age, if you poll a bunch of 20-year-olds, that's going to be very different than if you interview that's 60. the purpose of sex, of course, is reproduction and we're not reproducing in the 50s and 60s. >> if people are watching and are concerned, we always say the
10:16 am
same things, have a date night. >> that doesn't help. >> it's the idea that it doesn't help to take a bubble bath and have date night if when you do try and have sex, it feels like you're having sand paper in your vagina. >> oh, that was unfortunate. we were doing really well till then. >> karen from baltimore is across the street with a question. help us, karen. >> i'm. i'm karen from baltimore, maryland. i'm a police officer and i work midnights. when i get home, we have seven children. i was wondering how we can have intimate time during the all the craziness and scheduling with the children. >> she's an extreme children. >> she's had enough! >> you know they've had sex for sure. >> oh, honey. >> clearly she wants to have more intimacy in her life. any advice for her? >> you have to make it a priority. we are a romantic relationship. when? and also, i'll tell you, when
10:17 am
need an s.o.s. a scheduled orgasm schedule. >> have the kids figured out what that means? >> i hope not. but now that they're watching -- >> lock the door. get rid of them. but part of it also is the insomnia issue when somebody this busy is operating on two minutes of sleep. if you finally get a little time off, you want to sleep. and i think that's such an important point that people don't address is you need to get some rest. >> we hope this has entertained you at home and you've learned a little something you can apply to your personal life. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. does your motorcycling neighbor think he's the leader of the pack? >> how to get him to keep the noise down before he becomes a real drag. and bobbi thomas is here with the questions she gets most. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
it is time for bobbie's buzz. keeping with today's theme on expert advice, we brought in our own professional girlfriend. >> bobbie thomas is here with her insider tips and top picks for everything you want to know. >> what should we be getting? >> we have an aassortment. did you know that tweezerman offers free sharpening for the lifetime of your tweezer? >> never knew that. >> invest in more than one pair. so you can always be mailing them back to tweezerman. before you know it, it comes back sharpened and realigned. >> that's great. i had no idea.
10:22 am
>> next one that you're going to love, like myself, chanel beauty fans, on they have a page that offer discontinued favorites for a limited edition time only. it's the secret people don't know. go to and get that nail polish color. maybe the one that sold out. >> buy in bulk? >> try. >> get whatever they have left. >> the last two are so item for summer. this is petusa. she makes what andrea and rekia are wearing. they are modelling two things. this oversized t-shirt that is butter soft. one size fits all. >> hoda, feel that. >> it comes in 11 colors. it offers short styles with the fringe. >> oh, my gosh. that's fantastic. >> so amazing. of course you can see next to them, this is a beach bag that turns into a lounge chair. comes with two wine glasses, a
10:23 am
corkscrew, playing cards and a towel -- >> i wish i had thought of that first. >> you can make a knock-off. >> those are all great, thank you. >> great job. >> all right. how to get your annoying neighbors to clean up their act. and we're going to show you how to save money doing simple home repairs yourself. after your local news. i wish you could smell bobbie. she smells so good. >> bye ladies. everything your mouth does in a day is building up layer, upon layer, upon layer of bacteria. and to destroy those layers? you need listerine®. its unique formula penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer. so for a cleaner, healthier mouth, go with #1 dentist recommended listerine®. power to your mouth.
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you know what? good morning to you. it's 10:26 right now. i'm kris sanchez. the north bay was awakened by several strong aftershocks this morning. the strongest of which was a magnitude 3.9, which struck just after 5:30 this morning near american canyon.
10:27 am
three other smaller aftershocks also hit within 90 minutes of that first one. so far, no reports of injuries or damage, but this all comes just two days after the area was hit by that strong 6.0 quake, causing hundreds of injuries and damaging dozens of buildings in napa and vallejo. and we have a look at your weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. and we have a gorgeous day shaping up, all across the bay
10:29 am
area. albeit, a little bit warmer than yesterday. 82 for the south bay. 79 on the way to the peninsula and 78 on the east shore. another stunner, by tomorrow, we'll bring up that heat rapidlily. 5 to 10 degree warm up between today and tomorrow and a chance for showers over the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. after all, it's a holiday weekend. first, let's check your drive. here's mike. >> no holiday for the drive. still jammed 880 southbound through fremont. it's a drag right here, a literal drag. you can walk faster than some of these folks. look at the map from highway 84, the dumbarton bridge starting to recover. two earlier crashes, 680 is your relief valve, take it to montague. south 29 is closed, so use 121 over to 221. south 29 has one lane closed as you head down toward the butler bridge. bob redell stuck in the backup trying to get there, kris. back to you.
10:30 am
>> coming up at 11:00, nail polish that can tell you if your drink is spiked. the college student behind the invention and we'll show you how it works. that story and all the day's news coming up at 11:00. we're back with more of "today" and more expert advice. if your neighbors are driving you nuts or doing something that is gnawing on your nerves, we have help for you. >> how do you keep the peace on your block? thomas p. harley is the founder of and is here to answer your questions and they came flying in. >> yes, they did. tell us about them. >> the first is amanda. she says she loves her home and having friends over, but, can't stand the view from the back deck. the neighbors keep anything and everything in their backyard. they only mow small patches of grass and their yard looks like a landfill. it's an eyesore and embarrassing. she's wondering if she should complain or put up a fence? >> fences can add up.
10:31 am
but good fences do make good neighbors. i say talk to them. maybe they haven't had the conversation. a lot of people suffer these things and never deal with the neighbor. >> sounds like they're very different kinds of people. i couldn't live with a backyard like that for five seconds if i wasn't under construction. other people seem to do fine. >> i would be okay with it. >> if people are fundamentally different, sounds like the fence might be the only answer. >> you are right. the fence may be the only answer. give it a try. they may not be up to your standards, as you say. >> not my standards. >> everybody's got -- if you're looking for the gardens of versailles, good luck. there are a couple things to do to improve the situation without clearing it out entirely. focus on those few things and go from there. >> then get your fence. >> and then move. >> megan says this. she tells us her neighbors kids are constantly climbing and jumping her fence and they don't want to listen when she asks them to stop. how should we handle this when we have no support from the kids' parents?
10:32 am
are thorn bushes or thorny ivy a good option? >> oh, gosh. >> sick! >> that would work. that would do it. >> what do you think? >> you know, you verge on the mr. wilson, remember mr. wilson from "dennis the menace"? you don't want to be that. maybe these kids are worse than that. if that's the case, talk to the parents. >> call the police, tase them. >> have that conversation. hope it doesn't come to that. >> an inside joke here. >> if the parents aren't responsive, what do yo do? >> i say to the parents, this is an insurance risk. i don't want your children to get hurt. >> not in my yard. you are not saying i'm concerned about the rose bushes, it's your children. that way you look like the good guy. if that's not happening, the thorns are not going to help. the kids will find a way up the fence. they are going to go up your driveway if they are that determined. focus on the parents. >> okay, we have a question from across the street.
10:33 am
i thought this said, or call child protective services if you thought the child was in trouble. >> we are going way over. >> hey, that's not for you to decide. that was in the notes. >> you are very thorough, kathie lee. >> call child protective services? >> if you think the parents are being neglectful to the point it's criminal, yes. >> i guess you know who reads the notes and who doesn't now. >> gina who has been patiently waiting with a live question, better than these, is across the street. hey, gina. >> hi, my name is gina from new jersey. i live in a cul-de-sac. my question is, what do you do when your new neighbor lets their two little dogs poop on your lawn and then doesn't clean it up? >> last segment, we talked about the dogs peeing in the yard. this is worse than that. talk to them. this is a new neighbor. maybe this is the first time they are living in the suburbs. have the conversation.
10:34 am
if that's not working, you get into a situation where you have to approach the local authorities. this is trespassing. the dog may be doing their thing. getting used to the neighborhood. first speak to the owner. >> speak directly to them. >> that was a lovely first conversation. hi, welcome to the neighborhood. >> bring a basket of biscuits. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for revealing a well-known secret around here. now it's not a secret anymore. >> what? how to deal with bug bites and pesky outdoor problems. from scratches on the furniture furniture to patching cracks in your sidewalk, we'll show you how to do home repairs by yourself, after this. what you see is brilliant, luminous haircolor. what you get is so much more. garnier olia. the first permanent haircolor powered by oil. brilliant color, visibly improved hair color after color. olia propels color deep inside your hair.
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10:38 am
parabens or unnecessary additives. healthy skin-starts from within. neutrogena naturals. learn more at ♪ do you have a home repair project you have been avoiding because you don't want to hire somebody to help you? we have just what you need. >> he's big and strapping. >> and hot! >> he's eric stromer. i don't know why he's not on tv, he's on the radio. does that look like a face for radio? >> no! >> i know, right. >> he's here to help you around the house. i don't think anybody would mind you helping them around the house. >> i'm available for everybody that needs help. >> and you make a darn good meatloaf, i hear. >> we are going to make it. that's our next segment. >> talk to us about this. if you get a hole in your screen. >> exactly. it happens all the time. this is the after of what it
10:39 am
would like like of a patch. say somebody comes by and puts a hole in the screen like that. or the kids poke their hand through. instead of replacing the whole screen, which is $50, $60, $70, depending on who does it. >> and where you live. >> right, what zip code you live in. why not just repair it yourself? they sell these little patches here that are prefolded at angles. all you have to do is peel off some of the grain going both ways -- >> doesn't look like it's hard to do that. >> at not all. and then you plug it into the the screen itself. >> the point is to find one that matches your -- >> they sell them in all different colors. this is a darker color. it doesn't really show up on camera. >> one matches, right? no. >> we don't have one that matches. >> get out of here. it's not about the color palette -- it's about repairing the hole. >> it is for her. >> next, this is a question for you. paulette has a question for you. my friend is redecorating and offered me her beautiful dark furniture.
10:40 am
one of the sofas had scratches from her dogs. how do i repair or disguise the scratches? >> she put them on there and blames it on the dogs. >> she's scratching her own leather. with leather, if you scratch it, you can see the color discoloration. if dogs get to it and it's frayed, take a hair trimmer and shave off the excess. >> stop it! >> that's what you read when you see a scratched piece of leather, that fraying occurs. after you shave that off a couple of times, this product here is great. maguires makes one, spray it on the scratch, rub it in like that. let it soak in for a couple minutes. we don't have time right now. >> we have to take your word for it? >> no, i'm going to wipe it. it looks way better. >> how long should you leave it on there, big strapping guy? >> about 15 minutes. the color unifies and it looks much better. >> you could use other stuff,
10:41 am
too, if -- >> you have olive oil, baby oil. all oils work. this one i love. it works the best. >> an e-mail from maureen. what would i use to fill cement cracks in a sidewalk -- >> i told you not to use that word -- >> do me a favor and stir this while we're talking, just like cake batter. use cement. this is a cement patch. if you have a crack in the front of the house in a concrete slab and it's not structural you can repair these little hairline cracks. >> check to see if it's structural first. >> wet the cement with a sponge like that. it will make the cement bond much better, more effectively. go ahead and put it right on that crack just like that. this is kind of fun, actually. just do it in an area -- >> she loves this. >> i love this stuff. >> you can clearly make cake batter. >> this is what my dermatologist does for my face. i like it. it's fun. you get great results. >> yeah. then you take it off like that, right? >> i like that. use the metal edge.
10:42 am
go back and take that sponge, wipe off the excess. >> look at that, hody. look at that. >> that looks awesome. >> crack be gone. >> nice job. all right. from feeling overwhelmed and sick to reclaiming your confidence, wer we are going to help you get your life back on track. and we're going to help you scratch bothersome bugs and pests off your list. hoda loves this stuff, after this. you can do something different. because the landscape of options has changed. brisdelle is the only fda approved, non-hormonal option proven to reduce moderate to severe hot flashes during menopause. and the bedtime dose provides 24 hour relief. brisdelle is not for everyone. call your doctor if you have changes in mood or behavior, thoughts of suicide, or a high fever, stiff muscles or confusion, signs of a possible life-threatening condition. abnormal bleeding, bone fractures
10:43 am
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10:44 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. they have more time to travel back in time. try new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. children's zyrtec® is clinically proven to relieve kids' allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours. new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs.
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10:46 am
have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed out about life and aren't sure how to take that step forward? >> psychologist dale atkins and life coach laura postada are here to answer questions about getting your life on the right track. we love you ladies. >> shall we get started? we have a young woman across the street with a question. >> hi, this is kathy from long island. my question is this, my husband
10:47 am
works -- my husband is retired and i work full time. he would like to spend all our free time together, which is a good thing. but sometimes i need time for myself. how do i make time for me without hurting him and/or feeling guilty? >> she wants "me" time. your husband retired young. >> i can definitely relate to this one. my husband retired and all of a sudden, he has free time. my advice to her is, definitely sit down and have a conversation with him. tell him you really love and appreciate that he wants to spend all his time with you. but you need to have some free time to work and also to relax. so, just be honest, have a conversation with him. >> but don't hurt his feelings. >> yeah. >> you think that's the best way to go? >> it's a great way to go. you have to acknowledge your life changed so dramatically because you were going to work every day and you had this whole work life. let's think about the things you
10:48 am
like to do now that don't involve me and let's plan that together. he needs to feel he's still a part of your life but you also need time on your own. >> and make dates. >> they can make dates. >> she is going to feel guilty. but that's okay. you can feel guilty. a little guilt never hurt anybody. >> i like guilt. i'm really fond of shame. >> here's a question from jocelyn. i'm definitely feeling stuck in my life. i'm unmotivated about my job. i'm a mom and juggling responsibility, ignoring my own needs and i end up frustrated. a lot of people feel that way. >> you're unhappy and your whole family is unhappy. >> this is a tag from the other one. she's not taking care of herself. take care of yourself and keep -- she's juggling a lot of balls. the one that has to stay there will prevent her from becoming resentful and frustrated and take it out on everyone else. >> so many people rely on you. >> you do one thing at a time. what were you going to say? >> do one thing at a time, set your priorities.
10:49 am
maybe you are trying to do all these things and you can't do everything right. figure out what you have to do first, get that out of the way. and that will give you free time to do all the other things you have to do. >> if you are frustrated in your job and unmotivated, someone once said, find something you want to do, dedicate 10% of your time and 10% of your money toward that other thing so you don't feel frustrated. >> it's a great suggestion. this woman is looking for a job and looking to improve her life because she wants to go to school. that's a positive action. she needs to remember that positive place she wants to be. >> we have time for a quick one. the next is from angie. i'm 32 years old and single. i work full time, all my friends and family are married and have kids. i am trying to meet guys but i'm introverted. do you have ideas for her? >> yeah, she should find groups of things she likes to do. what is fun for you? are you in a church group, do you like going to the gym, do you like spinning classes, yoga?
10:50 am
>> zumba. >> right, start shaking it. >> she is introverted. one of the things we have to pay attention to is when someone is introverted, going into a group is a horrible thing. and a lot of people who give advice about what to do are extroverts and don't understand. i like to suggest to people do it in a small amount of time, then relax. you have to recharge your batteries when it's hard for you to do that. >> go with a friend. >> go with a friend. understand there are limits. you can meet people doing anything as long as your best self is what you put out there. >> if you have an open mind and smile. >> thank you, ladies, we appreciate it. >> cute. adorable. what's bugging you? >> how to deal with insect bites and other outdoor problems. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
as we spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather, long walks and backyard grilling, we have to deal with the pesky insects and bug bites. >> here with what you need to know is dr. v. >> that's what i call her. >> we do. >> let's start with the stuff out there in the wilderness. poison ivy and poison oak. >> awful stuff. a lot of us have it in our gardens and we have pets and they brush up against it and brush up against us -- >> if it's in their dander, it's easy to spread, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> what should you do if you come in contact with it? >> the toxin that is on the plant leaf is not water soluble. you can't rinse it off with water. you need to use some type of rubbing alcohol or strong soap to get it off. say i have it on my clothes, if i hug you, i can spread it to you. so make sure that you take your clothes off, you are using a strong astringent to get it off. >> you have to be able to identify it to know what it is. >> right, absolutely. so there's a little joke,
10:55 am
everyone says leaves of three you want to stay away. that is absolutely true. if you see a leaf that has three clovers or anything, stay away. >> moekt bite -- mosquito bites is another one. when you get bitten, i say i have a mosquito bite but i don't know -- >> could have been a spider, could have been a bee. >> true, true. >> a lot of us, in this area, we are getting mosquito bites. they just sprayed for them. they are pesky. most of us aren't going to get west nile from them. but some of us can be really allergic to them. i have strong reactions to them. they are attracted to dark clothing, alcohol, perfume, sweat, pregnant women. >> now we know why. >> they love -- oh, really, pregnant women? >> different blood types. the important thing to do is treat the itchy symptoms. you have an antihistamine to use at home, you can do that. if you had generalized symptoms like a fever or rash that started, you want to see a doctor about it. >> you know, speaking of that, remember last year i didn't see
10:56 am
a doctor for the longest time because i had a bee sting. within a couple days, i looked like i had elephantitis. >> and bee stings, that can be different and scarier. >> a lot of people are highly allergic to them. and they get anaphylaxis -- >> that's what i had. >> you get everything. >> it was hideous. it may be a bee sting, but maybe not, a wasp or yellow jacket. it could be something else. if you have swelling like that, you need to see someone right away. for most of us, if you get a bee sting, what you should do, this is interesting. don't use tweezers to pick off the stinger. there's a venom sack attached to that stinger and you can keep injecting venom into your skin. >> what do you do? >> use a credit card or your fingernail with a straight end to scratch it off. >> weird. >> take a credit card with you. >> we do that! >> i never leave it at home. >> spiders, how do you know if you have been bitten by one?
10:57 am
>> sometimes you might not know until a couple hours later. a couple spiders you need to watch out for. if you live in the midwest, you want to look out for the black widow. everyone's heard about it, but may not know what it looks like. interestingly, it's got this little shape on its body like an hourglass. >> and the red spot. >> if you get bit, what do you do? >> it will look like fangs. you may not know you were bitten. you may not have symptoms until 15 minutes or an hour later. you can have nausea, vomiting and even seizures. if you have those symptoms, see a doctor. >> you could die from one, can't you, if you are that allergic to them? >> usually black widows aren't as severe as the brown recluse. if you get bitten by one of those, go to an emergency room. >> thank you. have an awesome day.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. and right now at 11:00, a bay area community already on edge, rattled by new aftershocks. this as san francisco's mayor tours damage in napa for the first time. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. here's a list of this morning's aftershocks, all near american canyon. the largest, a magnitude 3.9. and all four were reported within an hour and 15 minutes. >> nbc bay area's bob redell live along highway 29 in napa, which was damaged again, bob, during this morning's aftershocks. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and kris. we are along southbound 29, we're just north of the butler bridge, also known as


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