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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's thursday, august 6th, coming up on "early today," it is go time for the top republican candidates with big donald as the main attraction. what will the other candidates do to score points with the american voter? and a private conversation just a few weeks ago. it happened again, a frightening afternoon at a nashville movie theater turns deadly. plus, bill cosby forced to go under oath. jon stewart prepares to make television history. "early today" starts right now. good morning everybody and thanks for joining us today. so, tonight is the night. the top ten republicans all on the stage including donald trump, literally front and center. they might have to address some
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of these issues and these are the top five most talked-about political topics on facebook in the u.s. over the month of july. the number one discussion -- racial issues followed by mexico the economy, lgbt issues and immigration. let's go straight to nbc's tracie potts right where it's all going down cleveland, ohio. good morning tracie. any and all of those topics could come up here at either of these debates tonight. it will be interesting to see the responses 0 on immigration in mexico from donald trump after he made headlines early in the campaign with that we're awaiting the arrival of a number of candidates just a mat he of hours before the showdown. final preparations at the arena this morning where seven candidates will debate this afternoon and the top 10 will bedebate tonight. including ohio's governor john
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kasich. carly fiorina is in the happy hour debate. >> only 40% of republicans know my name, but don't worry, they will. >> analysts tell us with social media, it may not matter which candidates make primetime. >> if you pop with any answer, you're going to get a lot of coverage. so wait for your moment. >> marco rubio is in town early, telling nbc, saying he's not worried about competing against donald trump. >> i'm not worried about anyone else. >> trump will be center stage after news he reached out to bill clinton before deciding to run, that may not play well with conservatives. >> if you're running for the republican nominations and convince the conservatives you're one of them, reaching out to bill clinton for advice in any manner or degree is not helpful. >> no opening statements tonight, too many candidates no time. they'll go straight to questions, which as of this morning are still a closely guarded secret. >> so while it's all about the republicans here the democrats, some of them, are weighing in.
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hillary clinton's campaign says that none of these candidates seem to be in as strong a position as either john mccain or mitt romney were at this point before the last couple of elections, we'll be watching. >> and as tracie mentioned, we're learning that mr. trump may have talked politics with former president bill clinton a few weeks ago, according to the "washington post," president clinton had a private phone call with mr. trump a few weeks before the billionaire decided to make his white house run. we don't know what it was said in their conversation but some represents for both said trump clinton encouraged trump's efforts to make differences in the party. well as you head off to work this morning, consider this -- the average ceo of an s&p 500 company likely earns about 216
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times more money than you do. >> these details are part of new securities and exchange commission guidelines that force companies to disclose ceo and worker pay. consider that the ceos on your screen earn over 1,000 times more than the median salary of their employees. in the 1950s, ceos made 20 times as much as the average worker. and this morning, police are searching for a motive after another attack inside a movie theater, this time just outside of nashville. police were able to rush in and the suspect was stopped before anyone was seriously injured. jay grey has the latest from antioch, tennessee. >> reporter: as the chaos started to unfold, two police officers were working a traffic accident just outside the movie theater. >> one of the officers engage the suspect. there was an encounter, he saw a gun come up. he saw a trigger about to be pulled. he disengaged.
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>> reporter: it happened during the showing of the film "mad max fury road "where witnesses say a suspect montano used pepper spray and attacked this man with a hatchet. >> i'm eternally grateful for the metro police department. >> montano tried to escape out the back door where he was shot and killed by the s.w.a.t. team. he had an air soft pellet pistol and montano had a criminal history that included assault and resisting arrest. police say he also had a history of mental problems. >> they're reporting that he'd committed four times, twice in 2004 and twice in 2007. >> reporter: all part of a puzzle investigators are trying to put together to figure out a motive. jay gray nbc news antioch, tennessee. comedian, bill cosby, will
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soon have to answer questions regarding sexual assault allegations. a los angeles judge has ordered cosby to give a deposition in a lawsuit brought by judy huth. huth has accused cosby of sexually assaulting her at the "playboy" mansion in the 1970s when she was 15 years old. the judge has ordered cosby to give a deposition on the 9th. cosby has never been charged and he's never been charged and denies all allegations of sexual assault. also this morning, a fiery new appeal from the president on the iran nuclear deal, featuring words not many want to hear, or war. ahead of the deal's congressional vote which both sides agree will be the most important policy vote since the iraq war, president obama went on the attack yesterday. he called out critics of the nuclear agreement in an impassioned hour-long defense. >> let's not mince words. the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war.
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maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now but soon. >> president obama's critics called that a false choice. saying the debate has never been either or. for instance, before the speech, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said let's hope the president avoids obviously untrue talking points about the iran deal being a choice between a bad deal and a war, it isn't. president obama doubled down in response after the speech -- the choice is ultimately between diplomacy and war. iran's nuclear program accelerate if congress kills this deal. and yesterday, the senate agree officially end it the debate after their month long recess. while washington debates the nuclear deal with iran japan is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of hiroshima during world war ii which decimated the city and killed 140,000 people.
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this was the cover of the "new york times" 70 years ago. it marked the first time an atomic bomb was used in war. earlier this morning, a solemn ceremony was attended by the japanese prime minister and caroline kennedy, the u.s. ambassador to japan. that included a moment of silence at the time the bomb was dropped and the ringing of the bell near the atomic bomb dome. up and down the u.s. west coast, 10,000 firefighters continue battling fires from california all the way up to washington state. and the rocky fire has destroyed 70,000 acres. destroyed 40 homes and forced thousands to evacuate. >> you lose your house and everything in it and that's your life. things you've collected all your life. and it's a big concern for a lot of people. >> the wildfires are so massive, nasa posted photos of the smoke taken from space, more than 7500
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homes remain under threat. now for a look at some severe weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning to you, bill. >> cooler temperatures have helped the fires a little bit. we want to focus on the weather story around the globe. that's going to be on the typhoon soudelor. this sour typical satellite imagery i show you all the time. the japanese meteorological agency has a satellite that takes images every two to three minutes, can you look at the eye and see a little blast circle it spins around there. that's pretty cool stuff. now as far as the storm goes it did hit the island of saipan it did give us this amazing image. i don't know if this is definitely true or not. but if it is it's incredible. something you see in a really strong tornado with the trunk of the tree split by the 2 x 4. as the storm heads through taiwan it will be a direct impact. how strong it is when it gets
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there is the only question. we think it's going to increase up to about a category 3 and weaken to a tropical storm by the time it gets to china. historic flooding is the biggest concern for taiwan. as far as the west coast, we are seeing showers and storms we have a flash flood watch for areas around kingman. but not a lot of widespread rain in the west just scattered storms.onsoonal flow is why we have the chance of a few scattered storms this afternoon. and of course the danger of some of the storms will be dry-based and we'll get more lightning and fires. >> thank you so much. is pope francis about to change catholic doctrine on men
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neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. use with band-aid brand. the prime minister in malaysia confirmed that a wing found on reunion island was from missing air flight mh370. in march 2014 the plane was carrying 239 passengers when it disappeared. hunters mistakingly storm a house while searching for a fugitive tuesday night. whose house was it? the phoenix police chief. the owner of one of the pointy hunter companies was charged with trespassing. and pope francis announced that catholics who divorce and remarry are still part of the catholic church and should not be treated as if they were ex-communicated. currently, divorce is not allowed in the church. when it comes to jury duty,
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even former leaders oof the world have to serve. president george w. bush reported to dallas even though he wasn't picked to serve, he did take time to talk to everyone and snap photos. and power pollution from carbon power plants has hit a 27-year low. electric power plants created 141 million tons of carbon dioxide in april, the lowest for any month since 1988. it's responsible for man-made global warming. "early today" is brought to you by just for men. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon downey. good morning landon. >> good morning to you. blue bell can resume production of ice cream at its alabama plant. state inspectors say the facility meets public health standards. blue bell stopped production in alabama, texas and oklahoma in april after recalling ice cream
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that may have been contaminated. the ice cream has been linked to three deaths in kansas flts. apple tells "u.s.a. today," a month after launching apple music has changed 11 million users to paid users. apple said its app store did $1.7 billion in sales just last month. and cvs health is dropping viagra from the list of drugs it will pay for under your insurance if you have cvs caremark for your subscription provider. you'll have to pay cash or switch to cialis. it's covered if you have another health insurer. dara back to you. just ahead. 18-time olympic gold medalist michael phelps is making a try for the 2016 games. and a fan gets closer to the game than he paid for. sports is up next.
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this morning on "today" we're hearing from the father of the 9-year-old bat boy who was killed by a player swing and how he wants his son, kaiser to be remembered. now for the latest in sports, i'll send it over to my friend betty nguyen. good morning betty. >> we begin with the mets taking on the marlins. new york went into the ninth with commanding lead.
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the marlins scored six straight runs to scare the heck out of the mets. but they held on to win 8-6, that completes their second straight series sweep. and who said baseball isn't a contact sports and parker may beg to differ. the rockies outfielder chases down a foul ball along the third baseline and plows right into a fan to make a great catch. poor fan miss out on the game ball and got ran over, rockies go on to beat the mariners, 7-5. and a third gold medal winner at the world championships in russia congratulations to her. and michael phelps vows not to take a drink until after the olympic games in rio a year from now. last october, the 18 gold medalist was suspended for eight months after his second arrest for d.u.i. and the federal government is demanding records from lance
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armstrong's cancer treatments. the demand came in a government lawsuit to recover millions of dollars in sponsorship money that the u.s. postal service paid to armstrong's team. former los angeles clippers owner, sterling is looking to get out of his marriage and nbc sports is reporting that the los angeles superior court rejected the filing because it was incomplete. all of this comes just 16 days before the couple's 60th wedding anniversary. after leading the u.s. to its first world cup in 16 years, head coach jill ellis received a brand-new multi-year contract extension to lead the u.s. team for years to come. all we have to say is -- way to go coach. dara back to you. just ahead, a new celebrity signs onto the harry potter spin-off movie. and is the end of an era for
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run nearly twice as long as normal. after he signs off, his desk will be sent to the museum in washington. and colin ferrell has been cast in "fantastic beasts and where to find them." the harry potter spin-off is set for release in november. nwa does not stand for -- nine white accountants. >> nwa does not stand for nickelback was awesome. >> nwa, finally, does not stand for new wand abracadabra. >> i'm dara brown, this is "early today," we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc. daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern,
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leading the news in the huffington post, incredible photo captures the dark side of the moon. the deep space climate observatory captured a series of photos last month. isn't this amazing? it shows the far side of the moon, which humans had never seen until 1959. and from "u.s.a. today," vandals hit cecil the lion killer's florida getaway. spray-painted the words "lion killer" on the home. animal rights activists denied any involvement. security has been tightened at the home and police are still investigating. to other stories we're following. an autopsy done on the body of new york state escaped killer richard matt shows he was drunk
4:27 am
when he was killed by police. officials say his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. a man police say was high on drugs broke into a zoo in southern california on tuesday, witnesses say he was shirtless and covered in mud. as he swung from trees, screaming "i am tarzan." you can't make this up. the zoo director who found the man near the monkey exhibit. >> he kept telling me that he needed to play and i needed to play. >> this video from a checkers restaurant shows a hamburger bun being dropped and picked up. and allegedly served. the company did issue a response, saying the employee in the video was very sorry and that the burger was never served. but they also say that all employees involved have since been fired. and it may not be halloween yet, but that doesn't stop some hard-core gamers. they got dressed up for a video game convention in germany.
4:28 am
some came as characters from "assassin's creed." characters from nintendo playstation and others. >> the budgets for some of these games are more than major motion pictures in hollywood. incredible. and the money they make -- it's only a matter of time. we start dressing up at halloween as games. >> you better get ready for it. tonight is the night, at 9:00 p.m. eastern the top ten republican candidates will be taking the stage for the first primetime gop debate. the seven candidates who didn't make the cut will participate in an afternoon event that some are calling the happy hour debate begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern. happy birthday to former spice girl geri halliwell who is 43 and david robinson turns 50. keep it here for more news weather and sports i'm dara
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brown. thanks f
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new debris found overnight that could be linked to the missing malays airpla. what search teams found on "reunion island" that's renewed hope. that could be linked to the missing malaysia airplane. what search teams found on reunion island that's renewed hope. and yet more violence inside a movie theater, this time near nashville. why the man armed with a pellet gun and hatchet raised red flags before. plus digging deep for more than campaign funds, hillary clinton back in the bay area looking to improve her trust with voters. >> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." a good thursday morning. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to on this thur morning. want to check that forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. starting out with some clear skies across the bay


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