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tv   Today  NBC  January 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good good morning. who wants to be a billionaire? >> now for your winning powerball numbers. it is lucky 13. >> despite a nationwide frenzy, that lucky 13 was not lucky. no one wins the powerball jackpot. not a single match of all five numbers and the powerball. expected payout for wednesday's drawing, $1.3 billion. we're live with the latest. stunning secret meeting. oscar winning actor sean penn revealed he interviewed el chapo when he was still on the run. did their sitdown lead to the capture of the notorious drug lord or did it delay an earlier chance to nab him in the burning
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questions this morning. tackling the cold. the vikings and seahawks set to square off in one of the coldest playoff games in nfl history. the temperature not expected to climb above zero. dylan is on the field. and the winner is -- the red market rolling out. the a review and a few predictions as hollywood gets ready for the official start to the award season today, sunday, january 10, 2016. >> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and well can come to "today" on this very rainy sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm jeff rossen. we'll be here through at least wednesday night. i didn't win a dollar on this thing, nothing. >> i didn't play, so i'm happy i get another chance. >> you do have a chance now.
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>> wednesday night. $1.3 billion. >> insane. and what is crazy is millions and millions of tickets sold, right? no inning with com pin nation. you could win if you just had the powerball, four bucks could be yours. so there is that. so powerball is our top story this morning. no one wake up a winner, but the lotto dreams are only getting bigger as in bigger with a big old capital b. kerry sanders joining us from the sunshine state with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. last night's drawing now entered world record territory. there is so much money here that we're talking about $1.3 billion, leading up to wednesday's draw. proof that nobody ever expected a jackpot this big, look at the billboard sign over me, it doesn't have enough spaces for the amount of hone we're talking about. so to help you out, here we go. we're talking about
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1.300,000,000. yikes. >> tonight's jackpot has claimed up to a record-breaking estimated $949.8 million. your winning power ball number is lucky 13 tonight. >> reporter: turns out these weren't the lucky numbers for the millions who played an estimated 75% of all possible combinations on that record jackpot. again, no grand prize winner. meaning power ball fever just got even hotter. after building for two months, now wednesday's jackpot will be at least $1.3 billion. that's billion with a b. >> i think that's more than i could stand probably. >> a dream. >> reporter: it's a dream that liv lives on for at least another three day after a ticket-buying
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fr frenzy. millions of tickets being sold every hour. >> to you want to buy a lottery ticket? all right what does a billion buy? you could get 4,000 rolls-royces to take 9 million friends to disney world and feed them 250 million cups of starbucks coffee. but it seems americans are a generous bunch. >> give some to charity, help family members. >> my church. >> share it with a lot of people. >> reporter: and the other big dream many people had -- >> won't have to work anymore. >> reporter: so how much is $1.3 billion? you have your kid or your -- like your son or daughter sitting next to you or erica, if you want to have jeff do this, and they start counting and they count for every second, they will reach 1.3 billion in slightly more than 41 years. >> that's a lot of money.
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a good sunday activity with the kids. >> that will keep them busy. >> let's get to the chair of the powerball game joining us from austin. gary, good morning in what i assume was a late night for you about. >> good morning. we are a little bleary eyed this morning, but we're very excited about that $1.3 billion jackpot available for next wednesday. things are just exploding. >> what is astonishing to me and all of us here is that 75% of the possible powerball combinations were chosen as of last night, so in a way it's shocking that in one actually got it, so the powerball has defied the weird odds of the powerball. >> we were as surprised as everybody else, but that shows the total randomness. it just takes one ticket to win. at our peak last night, we were selling more than $1.2 million in power ball tickets every
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single minute. that shows how much excitement is out there for this incredible jackpot. >> it is crazy to think about. i know you said it's unexpected for you, too, but in some ways you did set yourself up for this once you added more numbers in october and then made it harder to win. but did you ever think you'd get to a billion dollar jackpot? >> of course not. we made those changes in october in response to our players. our players have shown that they want exciting jackpots. so we made the odds of winning the top prize a little bit longer. but right out of the gate when we made that change, we had a winner within tennessee just a month after the change was made. so hiere we are you now with $13
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billion on the line for wednesday night. and cash value, $806 million in cash. >> that's nothing before taxes. give me a break. >> gary, thank you. turning now to some stunning news that broke overnight. word that actor sean penn interviewed the world's most wanted drug lord, el chapo, while he was on the run. the encounter released by "rolling stone" magazine. gabe gutierrez is at the prison where el chapo is once again behind bars. good morning. >> erica, good morning. it's the saga of el chapo. this is believed to be el chapo's first public interview in decades. sean penn claims he spoke to joaquin guzman months ago. >> reporter: the stunning interview with the world's most wanted drug lord posted online overnight by "rolling stone" magazine.
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guzman responding to questions submitted by sean penn and a mexican soap opera star. the actors say they secretly met with the drug kingpin following his escape from a maximum prison last july. guzman admitted that drugs destroy but, unfortunately, where he grew up, there was no other way to survive. he says all he does is defend himself, nothing more. the videos were taken by his associates after an hour's long face-to-face meeting with the actors at an undisclosed location in mexico. penn said this photo was taken to authenticate the meeting. i supply more heroin, methamphetamine than anyone in the world, el chapo was quoted as saying. this raised concern because the authorities were in the process of trying to find el chapo.
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el chapo and his security team escaped, having been alerted by local residents. we're told the delay may have cost them the element of surprise. we reached out to sean penn, but he was unavailable for comment. it wasn't until friday morning that the mexican navy captured el chapo, following a bloody shootout in his home state of sinaloa. this is where guzman tried to make a last-ditch effort to escape. authorities are trying to extradite guzman to face charges in the u.s. the process could take months. >> guzman is going to be fighting extradition with every resource he possibly has. >> as for the piece written by sean penn, it was agreed beforehand that the final piece
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would be submitted to the subject before publication. "rolling stone" said el chapo made no changes. >> there were questions about whether or not this interview and sean penn may have helped find him or hurt the search. what is the thinking this morning? it did, in fact, delay things? >> well, the short answer is right now, erica, that we don't know. we're hearing conflicting information. a trusted source tells nbc news that penn's involvement may have delayed el chapo's arrest back in october. but the mexican attorney general says it was el chapo's desire to make a movie about himself and his interaction with producers and actors that was among the leads that eventually led to his arrest. we were not able to reach sean penn for comment overnight. >> thank you, gabe. the cold snap gripping the country, but not stopping the nfl.
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the vikings and seahawks will have to bring the heat as they face off in what is expected to be one of the coldest playoff games in nfl history. we sent dylan there. we apologize. >> i appreciate the apology. this is all part of what i have going. it is 8 degrees below zero, one of the coldest games in nfl playoff history. could be one of the top five coldest games in the playoffs. it'll be nowhere near the 1967 ice bowl, when it was 15 degrees below zero. but we should be around zero at game time. that'll be the coldest game the seahawks ever played. if it's below zero at kickoff, it'll be the second coldest game the seahawks played. i made a mistake of pointing out an article that vaseline is the trick to staying warm.
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you have to show off the guns when you're here on the field. especially during playoff football. how do you do it? lather up with vaseline. it blocks the wind and keeps you warmer. i'm going to say this is a load of crud because it's freezing out here. although there are some hot packs everywhere. thanks to deb weber and our wardrobe department, i have hot packs all over. it's about keeping your core warm. as for the arms, yeah, not so much. >> dylan, how about those guns? >> can we see the guns again? tickets to the gun show. >> it's the vaseline. >> not so, dylan. >> makes them look bigger than they are. go ahead. >> go ahead, dylan. >> i was going to tell you how cold it is across the rest of the midwest. we have wind chill temperatures dropping into the below zero range. we'll see the wind chills around 20 to 25 degrees below zero in areas.
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it's going to be extremely cold, the coldest we've seen so far this season. we are looking for a high today in minneapolis of about 2. it should warm up nicely through the afternoon. that'll get the tailgaters warmer later on today. this cold air is coming your way. i've got the vaseline, although i threw it over my shoulder. i have you covered, guys. >> you should know, too, everybody is looking out for you in the studio. sally brought you down your mug of tea, so it's here when you get back. >> thank you. keep it warm for me. >> get on a jacket, dylan. cover up the guns. coverage of the vikings and seahawks matchup begins at noon, here on nbc. meanwhile, a wild day of nfl playoff action on saturday. the pittsburgh steelers jumped to a 15-0 lead. this incredible catch by martavis bryant, pinning the ball to the back of his leg. the bengals battled back for the lead. with time running out, late
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penalties against the bengals put them into field goal range with seconds left. this kick right here clinched the steelers win, 18-16. chiefs and the texans. the chiefs dominated from the opening kickoff. running it back 106 for a touchdown, as they defeated the texans in a blowout. turning to politics. the iowa caucuses are fast approaching. all eyes on donald trump as he escalates his attack on senator ted cruz. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" and joins us. good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> i know you sat down with donald trump and asked him specifically about what would happen, should he not win the iowa caucuses. let's take a quick listen. >> i'm not leaving, no. i'm not leaving. you and i had this discussion about two months ago. i started talking about, well, maybe here or there.
6:15 am
if this happened -- >> there's no maybes anymore. >> i'm not leaving. >> you're going straight to the convention. >> going all the way. if i don't win, i don't win. >> he's in it for the long haul. if he doesn't win iowa, how much of a blow is that to his campaign? how does it change his strategy moving forward? >> it complicates it. his strategy now, he does very well with a certain group of voters. he and ted cruz share some of those voters. particularlyas the primary turns south, end of february, beginning of march, if he can beat cruz in iowa, they get him out of the way, and they think they'll have clear sailing in the conservative, anti-establishment lane. if cruz wins iowa, the two of them could be fighting it out all the way to the convention. the biggest takeaway from my interview, erica, is trump is absolutely focused on trying to engage cruz now.
6:16 am
trying to defeat cruz now. it's why he's bringing up citizenship. he knocked him on immigration. knocked him on renewable fuel issues in iowa. he absolutely had an agenda to try to go after cruz in this interview. >> speaking of donald trump, he has been the most outspoken about bill clinton's past indiscretions, but even bernie sanders and other candidates. they're trying to knock off bill clinton from the trail for hillary. will it work? >> the way that the clinton campaign acted this week, yes. they seem reactive, they're muted. two weeks ago, they loved the idea of being able to have this one-on-one with trump. they thought the contrast was great. then this happened and they were spooked. i think they're very nervous about this, jeff. >> so much to watch. chuck todd, thanks again and we'll catch you later on "meet the press." when you tune in for that, you'll see chuck's interview with donald trump. stay with nbc as the "today" show broadcasts from the white house on tuesday, ahead of
6:17 am
president obama's final state of the union address. matt will sit down with the president himself. savannah will interview vice president biden. the woman nabbed in georgia is believed to be behind a string of robberies in the southeast. stealing millions of dollars worth of diamonds from jewelry stores. her face was caught on surveillance videos in five states. abigail, her crime spree in april, robbing a store also last week before being arrested. they believe she may be a part of a larger crime ring. we'll check back in with dylan for a broader look of the weather. >> the jacket is back on. it's absolutely freezing here. and this cold air is ureventual making its way into the northeast. so the record
6:18 am
hey, good sunday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking our next storm system already bringing clouds to the region and even light showers. so we do have spotty showers across the peninsula. now near half moon bay and also coming through livermore, ple b pleasanton. it's not going to be completely dry. we'll see times of a brief passing shower. most of the day dry with cloudy skies. temperatures back in the mid-50s. heavier rain arrives tonight through tomorrow morning. >> that's a check of your weather. by the way, tonight is the night we have all been talking about. not powerball. we're talking about the golden globes. the biggest names in television and film together in one room for the 73rd annual golden globes. the ceremony of fan-favorites ushering in the glitz and glamour of award season. >> joe fryer is in beverly hills with a preview. >> there is a tarp overhead,
6:19 am
because we've seen a little drizzle this morning. viewers love this award show because it marries movie and tv stars. it's a little rowdier than your average tv award show. plus, no guarantees as to who will win. >> reporter: it's an invite list that would impress even the best of party planners. lady gaga, will smith, sylvester stallone, melissa mccarthy. there are no frontrunners in any major race. "carol" has five nominations. when it comes to best drama, many feel the spotlight is on "spotlight," a film about journalists uncovering the catholic abuse scandal. >> "mad max" could win. it is a very, very tight race. >> reporter: in the dramatic acting category, leonardo dicaprio was a favorite to win
6:20 am
for his role in the "revenant." while young stars, larson and ronan are dueling for lead actress. >> i love my job. >> you hate your job. >> i love my job. >> reporter: on the comedy side, experts predict a race between "the big short" and "the martian." matt damon could win his first golden globe for acting. while amy schumer faces close competition from her pal, jennifer lawrence. >> can you imagine if amy schumer beats her friend, jennifer lawrence, for the golden globe? the speech would be memorable. >> reporter: the foreign press association is showing love to rookie films, like "mr. robot." >> you've been staring at a screen too long. >> reporter: netflix leads the streaming services with eight tv nods. amazon video scored five. hulu is coming to the party with its first golden globes nomination for "casual."
6:21 am
>> while it is an unpredictable year, we do know who will win one award. the cecil b. demille award will go to denzel washington, recognizing his incredible career. all eyes will be on this year's host, ricky gervais, returning after a three year hiatus. we want to know who he will be targeting with his jokes this year. >> the smaller number of people of maybe who he's not targeting. >> maybe sean penn, i'm guessing. >> thank you, joe. nbc's coverage of the golden globes begins here at 7:00 tonight. the "today" show crew is on the red carpet for you, greeting the stars as they arrive. don't miss their recap of the show tomorrow morning here on "today." still to come. flexing the force. you saw dylan's guns on the field. she's also using them for a "star wars" inspired fitness class, complete with a lightsaber. we're back after this. >> that's where the guns come from, in that class.
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good morning. let's give you a live look outside right now at 6:26 on sunday, jan 10th. and that is a life look ve look jose. i'm vicky nguyen. thanks so much for waking up with us. standing by with anthony slaughter with a look at the microclimate forecast. a little dre oy out there. >> our next system is making its way in, barrelling towards the coastline. by tonight, we'll see heavy rain. widespread showers expected after midnight. right now through most of the day, we'll see a good mix of sun and clouds. mostly sunny skies expected. and also down near the coastline. keep in mind of now and again
6:27 am
you may see a brief passing shower. not all-day rain but all-day gray. we won't see much sunshine. temperatures cool, back into the mid-50s for your highs today. >> all right, anthony, thank you. to a developing story this morning, the west oakland b.a.r.t. station is closed at this hour after someone shot and killed a passenger on the train last night. the shooting happened as the train was coming into the west oakland b.a.r.t. station just before 8:00 p.m. our cameras were there when b.a.r.t. police detaped a man at a nearby bus stop. officers did not say if he was a suspect in the shooting. the station was closed and they had to use taxis and ride-sharing services to get home. some riders say they were shaken and terrified when they heard gunshots on the train. >> i heard two gunshots. i've never heard something like this. and my immediate reaction, i was sitting right next to the door, so i just ran out. >> everyone was just laying down on the floor and yelling and started screaming and it was extremely chaotic. >> one man even tried to give
6:28 am
the victim cpr but could not save him. the west oakland b.a.r.t. station is scheduled to reopen at 8:00 a.m. if you haven't had a chance to check your powerball ticket, you didn't win the jackpot. but don't feel bad. no one did. that means wednesday's drawing could be worth upwards of $1.3 billion. someone in the bay area did get lucky. they picked five numbers but not the powerball number on their ticket. that ticket was purchased at a 7-eleven in fremont. no word on how much that person is going to win. some people said if they did win, they would try to spend the money wisely. >> more my little boy. for a house. things that we need. and take care of my family. >> here are the numbers so you can check. 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the powerball, 13. again, wednesday's drawing expected to surpass $1.3 billion. the last time someone won was
6:29 am
back in october of last year. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," making a difference with a creative skill. we'll show you how an east bay man is making sick kids smile with just a single piece of paper. it is a story that will make you "bay area proud." that plus all your top news stories and of course anthony back with a look at the rain headed our way. for now, though, we'll send you back to the "today" show. see you back here at 7:00. show. top livepix
6:30 am
for any of you who don't know, the golden globes are just like the oscars, but without all the esteem. the golden globes are to the oscars what kim kardashian is to kate middleton. what? bit louder, bit trashier, bit drunker, and more easily bought. allegedly. nothing has been proved. >> ricky gervais, the host of the 73rd annual golden globe awards. the unpredictable comedian has already apologized ahead of his comments at tonight's ceremony, to get that out of the way.
6:31 am
we are back on this sunday morning, january 10th, 2016. people are already out on the plaza. first group of folks since the tree came back. we thank them for starting their day with us, especially since it's downpouring out there. >> one of the days you can hear the water pounding on your window. thank you for coming out. let's look at the headlines this morning. no winning ticket yet in last night's record $950 million powerball drawing. lottery officials expect the jackpot to climb to $1.3 billion, with a "b," on wednesday. we're learning about a secret interview with actor sean penn and el chapo, which may have led to the recapture of the drug kingpin. there are questions. in the interview published by "rolling stone" overnight, el chapo defends his role as head of the largest drug trafficking organization. the minnesota vikings and
6:32 am
seattle seahawks will face off in one of the coldest playoff games in nfl history. zero degrees before the wind chill is factored in. kickoff at 1:00 p.m. coverage begins at noon on nbc. we begin this half hour with a final check of the weather from dylan, who is in minnesota. >> it can go up two degrees. game time, we're looking at zero. right now, it's like nine below. that's not factoring in the wind chill. i gave up on the vaseline thing. i think the jacket is the way to go if you're out here in the upper plains and the upper midwest. we are going to see just really cold temperatures. you guys have got the warm air. we could break records in new york city today. the record is 60 degrees. we're forecasting highs in the upper 50s. it comes with a lot of rain. we could see flash flooding. rain up to one to two inches expected. not good for the ski resorts across new england.
6:33 am
the colder air is coming. as the cold air crosses the great lakes, it's producing lake-effect snow. erie, we could end up with a foot of snow. out west, we're looking at decent conditions for the golden globes. 60 degrees and not any rain. hardly any clouds. it looks good on the west coast. that's a look at the weather across the count hey, happy sunday to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking rain across the golden gate bridge. it's not heavy. it's light shower activity even across the south bay. we've got some slick roads as light showers are falling in some spots. as you move through the day today, we are going to see a little bit of brief shower activity. it's not going to be an all-day event, but we will see times of passing rain. temperatures in the mid-50s for highs today. then tonight the big storm system arrives with heavy rain arriving by tomorrow morning. >> erica, if you're wondering how i'm still smiling out here,
6:34 am
it's literally frozen on my face. i can't get it to go away. >> i had a feeling. dylan, thank you. turning now to the golden globes. with a look at who maybe we think should win, versus who will take home the hardware. here to break it down, we'll start with the film nominees. eric davis is managing editor at fandango. let's start with best motion picture drama. >> "mad max: fury road" should win. i think "spotlight" will win. it has everything voters are looking for. a great ensemble, real-life story. the people voting are journalists. this is one of the great movies about journalism. i think "spotlight" takes it. >> when it comes to best motion picture musical or comedy, always an interesting way to consider movies comedies, but who will win and who should? >> "the martian" should win. it's one of the most entertaining movies of 2015.
6:35 am
i think "the big short" will win. great cast, fascinating real-life story. i love how they cut to a bubble bath to explain the complex financial crisis. >> now, actresses. in the drama category, we have two actresses from the same film against each other. >> i think brie larson steals it. i think she should win and will win for "room." this is her first golden globe nomination. she's an incredible actress who deserves her due. >> there's a lot of talk about leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." >> i think he earns the golden globe, as well as his first oscar. >> which we're looking for next after the globes. when it comes to comedy, we have besties against each other.
6:36 am
amy schumer and jennifer lawrence. who do you think takes it? >> golden globes loves jennifer lawrence. four nominations, two wins. i think amy schumer takes it. she's hilarious in "train wreck." it's a great new york movie. these things matter. 2015 was the year of amy schumer. >> i can't wait to hear her speech, hoping for that reason alone, she gets it. >> now let's go to jeff for the tv category. >> we're joined by the editor from "entertainment weekly." >> good morning. >> let's get going with television. we're talking about the best television series, the drama nominees. >> i think "game of thrones" should win. that show is making a movie every week on tv, when you think about the scope of what they do. they film in multiple countries, have casts of hundreds. it's incredible. i think "mr. robot" will win. the globes love to recognize newbies.
6:37 am
>> best television series musical or comedy. some of the shows we may know. others are sort of new. >> that's right. it's an interesting mix. we have "casual" from hulu. "orange is the new black" from netflix. also things like "veep." i think "transparent" should win and will win again. in the first season, it was groundbreaking. she was telling the story of her own transparent. season two was just as good as one. >> best performance by an actress in a television series. this is hard. it's between henson from "empire" and viola davis from "how to get away with murder." >> we saw viola davis get the award at the emmys. i think 2015, the tv story was "empire." henson was a part of the face. >> i'm happy either way. "empire" is a great show. best actor in a television series.
6:38 am
>> this one, i would love to see aziz take it home. the show wasn't nominated as a comedy. >> you think jon hamm should win? >> i think for best drama. and i think "mad men" wrapped up this year, and he turned out an iconic performance as don draper. >> best performance by an actress in a television series, musical or comedy. what are your thoughts? >> julia louis dreyfus is terrific. jamie lee curtis is so beloved. "scream queens." i think the globes will recognize her. >> since you love "transparent," jeffrey tambor, best performance by an actor in a series. >> i think he'll win. >> we'll bring you back on monday perhaps. >> thank you.
6:39 am
>> nbc's coverage of the golden globes begins at 7:00 tonight with the "today" show crew on the carpet. don't miss their recap tomorrow morning on "today." coming up, robots designed to make your life easier, to a workout awakening your inner force. the family's success in the popcorn business for more than 100 years. right after these messages. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death
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6:43 am
like a scene from the future, or even fiction. personal robots are running the place, and they're giving bb-8 a run for his money. newly unveiled products like these are already making mark zuckerberg's 2016 challenge, to build a simple ai, or robot to run his home and help with work, obsolete. >> introducing the world's first family robot. >> reporter: inspired by a childhood love of "star wars," mit professor dr. cynthia calls this a social robot. it can recognize you. >> welcome home, eric. >> reporter: listen to you. >> take a picture. >> reporter: and interact with you. >> there you are. >> reporter: like, well, a real person. >> he can do all the things that our tablets and devices do, but in a healthier and friendly, engaging way for the family.
6:44 am
>> good night. >> reporter: with the touch of a button, segue and intel transformed a hoverboard into a personal robot. with voice recognition and streaming video capabilities. it's a next generation companion that seems almost human. >> hello. >> hello, olivia. >> reporter: small but mighty. it's part housekeeper, part security guard. once the chores are done, it doubles as a virtual watchdog, sending real time photos and alerting you to movement in your home when you're not there. also keeping a watchful eye high. the connected butler. the interactive wall-mounted camera lets you see who is on your doorstep and communicate with visitors remotely. it can even lock up when you head out and let you back in when you return. >> you are so charming. >> reporter: it's a future where technology really is your best friend. for "today" olivia stern, nbc news.
6:45 am
still to come, awakening the force at the gym. our resident jedi knight with the guns, dylan dreyer with a lightsaber in hand. first, these messages. ♪ eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100% you're doing it! whole grain quaker oats. and off you go. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever
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6:48 am
we are back on a sunday morning with a way to escape what some consider the dark side of working out. >> now you can hit the gym like a jedi in a "star wars" inspired fitness class. before we sent dylan to the frozen tundra of minnesota, we sent her to feel the burn in new york. >> yeah, and i'm feeling a different burn right now. there are going to be a lot of tough nfl players playing on this field later today in what will be one of the coldest playoff games in history. i wonder if they could hang with something i did yesterday. just when you thought they thought of everything when it comes to "star wars," there's now a "star wars" workout. >> reporter: "star wars: the force awakens," now the biggest film of all time, raking in more than $1 billion worldwide. and if you've ever dreamed of training to become a jedi knight, now you can. at your next workout. >> let's do this. >> everybody wants to be a jedi,
6:49 am
so we brought the "star wars" element into the fitness studio. >> what can i expect in this workout? >> you can expect to sweat. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: it was time to awaken my inner force. >> got the lightsaber but i need to learn the moves before the class starts. >> let's start by putting one foot in front of the other, and one hand on top of the other. start in a lunge. arms overhead. exhale as you drive it? >> it's more fun with a lightsaber. i'll tell you that. >> when you get challenged, focus on the force. focus on your breath. >> you're going to kick our butts. >> reporter: now, it was time to give it a try. >> try not. do or do not. there is no try. >> dylan, are you ready to awaken your inner force? >> i am. >> may the force be with you.
6:50 am
>> we're going to start by tapping into our inner force. breathe in, and then exhale. >> go, go, go. >> with the lightsaber. >> that was just the warmup. >> which side of the force are you on, dylan. >> no idea. >> the force, it's calling to you. >> i'm trying to let it in. i swear, i'm trying. >> there's been an awakening. have you felt it? >> i'm feeling it. starting to feel the awakening, and it hurts. >> squeeze your glutes. we're getting into the dark side of the force. >> how you guys doing? >> whoo! >> yeah. my thoughts exactly. >> three, last two, last one. >> nice job. >> wow. that was no joke. >> jedi is strong. they're real. >> they are real, hard working individuals. i can attest to that. what do you think of the workout? >> i loved it.
6:51 am
i didn't know what to expect. light sabers, like fun, it'll be enjoyable. >> it's hard but the fun gets you through it. it's how you get through fitness. >> reporter: i may have earned my jedi stripes after all. "the force awakens." >> guys, this workout was so hard! i'm still feeling the burn today. if you want to do it yourselves, the new york sports club on periscope, where i'll do it live wednesday at 7:30, so follow them. you, too, can see if "the force awakens" within you. it was hard. >> really fun piece. go get warm. >> after the workout, dylan got the call to go to minnesota. wasn't a great saturday. just ahead, harry smith gets things popping with the science behind one of america's favorite snacks, just in time for the globes at your house. after these messages. that's a . but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay.
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
6:55 am
with harry," harry treats us to a family in touch with pop this morning on "sundays with harry," harry treats us to a family in touch with pop culture over the generations. >> i get it. >> we like it a lot. for some of us, it's snow caps maybe. sour patch kids. nachos. for me, it's movies and popcorn. i cannot go into a movie theater and not get the stuff. >> reporter: there is something about popcorn. the sound, the smell. it's quite simple. popcorn makes us happy. what better name for a popcorn company than jolly time. >> what's your address? >> 1 fun place. >> is this 1 fun place or one fun place? >> yes. >> reporter: gary smith's great grandfather, no relation, started jolly time 101 years ago in sioux city, iowa.
6:56 am
gary knows the secrets of the corn. >> looks really good. >> it is. >> what's going to make that single kernel of popcorn a successful kernel of popcorn? >> the hard outer shell has to be completely tight, so that there was no moisture leakage. and that moisture needs to be at 13.5% because that's where the explosion is at its peak. >> at what temperature? >> 450 degrees fahrenheit. >> science. >> tough science. >> reporter: every fall, the big trucks roll into the yard at jolly time, loaded with the kind of corn that's perfect to pop. then it goes into this, a gizmo that knocks out the substandard kernels. >> what we want is the corn in between. we want to get rid of the very large, and we want to get rid of the very small. >> reporter: then it gets really serious.
6:57 am
>> what does this thing do? >> this is what we call a color scanner. it's the last quality check before it goes into the package. >> how much is going through here? >> 60,000 pounds an hour. >> how does this sort the bad stuff out? >> what it does is, an ultraviolet light sees the bad stuff, and a puff of air shoots it away. >> reporter: who knew? jolly time is a david competing against the giants in the popcorn field. orville redden batcher and pop secret. the smiths are forever tasting and testing to make sure their popcorn has what it takes. >> very good. >> reporter: here's the inside skinny. the true measure of popcorn prowess, expansion ratio. >> what's this gizmo? >> this gizmo measures the volume of the popcorn, the expansion ratio. this is showing this popcorn expanded 43 to 44 times its original volume. >> wow. >> wow. >> is that good? >> very good.
6:58 am
>> if you have an inch worth of popcorn, it'll pop up 40 times its original volume, 40 inches. ♪ let's all go to the lobby >> reporter: when you go to the movies, the bigger the popped kernel, the fewer kernels required to fill the box, which means more profit for the popper. ♪ the popcorn can't be beat >> reporter: it puts a lot of pressure on gary. he has a lot of history to uphold. >> we're all proud of that. it maybe gives me a little pause. not quite sure how to describe it. but i think the word would be pride more than anything else. i don't want to mess this up. >> i can't stop eating it. >> this is perfect timing for the golden globes. we'll all have our popcorn. >> and tune in tonight for the
6:59 am
pre-show. >> that will do it f
7:00 am
good morning to you. your time now is 7:00. it is january 10th, sunday. thanks for waking up with us. we want to give you a live look outside. kent wilhoit has his camera trained on the east foothills where the twinkling lights are up. it's a little drizzly out there. we're so happy you're with us this sunday. i'm vicky nguyen. driving in, a few sprinkles. >> light brief showers. our next big storm system will bring heavy rain tonight. as vicky mentioned, we may see a little drizzle and sprinkle activity


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