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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  January 31, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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where fresh finally back in a southern obtained radioat newly calls reveal about the capture oin san francisco. ===peggy/ws2== then -nd all tree three escaped inmates back in jail. then have you been outside? if you have, you felt it. we're tracking the storms and the damage they're leaving behind. the panthers and the broncos just landed, how they plan the prepare for the big game right hear in the bay area. >> they are here, both super bowl teams now in the bay area. take a look here at chopper footage. this is just from a few minutes
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ago, when the carolina panthers landed at l.a.x. airport. and the denver broncos made their debut at sjc. in san francisco, the police presence is really beefed up for celebrations there. exciting to know both teams are on the ground? >> reporter: both teams, both busses, very large busses carrying the carolina panthers just left. there's very tight security here at the airport. a lot of highway patrol officers as well as san jose police officers here to es the teams to their respective hotels. the denver broncos arrived a couple of hours ago aboard their chartered jet. the carolina panthers arrived a few minutes ago. this event was not -- their
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practices will be held at stanford university, the panthers will be staying at the san jose marriott. fans will get their first opportunity tomorrow night at the s.a.p. center to sit in on a media briefing where players and coaches will be talking with thousands of reporters. it will be their first meeting with the media, the players and the coaches on this super bowl weekend. is so that will be very cool. as secure and low key as this arrival for super bowl week for the teams has been, we have seen a few fans standing at the fence for another a 30 seconds to a minute's worth of seeing the busses roll past. we'll talk with them in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. right now let's take a look at levi stadium.
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a week from now the scene here will be much different. of course one of the main differences you will see will be all of that traffic around levis. also there are several special events leading up to the game, both in the south bay and also in san francisco. last night from super bowl city, you could see this, beautiful fireworks over the bay. tonight another fireworks show at mission college in san a that clara is scheduled. that starts a at 6:00 p.m. and a performance by heart. that starts three minutes in. fans in super bowl city are thinking about something besides just football. they're thinking about security. they can't help it. a lot of people talking about the strong police presence and the security measures that are everywhere. pete, it's all to keep everybody safe? >> yeah, you know, we're going to see that heavy police
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presence here at super bowl city all week long and i spoke to folks who are just enjoying the festivities and they say they welcome it. >> it's all smiles for the cameras. there's representation for our home teams, but the same can't be said for these two nfl fans, mary and lito, both from oakland, by the way. >> dallas cowboys. >> you're dallas cowboys fans? but everyone can agree, being able to enjoy super bowl city has a lot to do with the heavy security around it . >> we saw sharp shooters, yes, with their rifles all ready. >> san francisco police reported that the security measures are making people feel safe. >> san francisco is no stranger to special events. we have the lgbt pride parade. >> it's appreciated by those looking to take in a once in a
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lifetime experience. >> when you're in a big city, you always have to plan ahead, and safety is good for us. >> how often does a city host a super bowl? >> reporter: there will be a heavy police presence, of course if you see something stay something, there will be plenty of sfpd around to help you out. >> pete, thanks a lot, head to nbc bay to check out the pictures from super bowl city. in southern california, you are looking at the two escaped inmates being taken back into the orange county jail where they escaped. the two were captured yesterday in a whole foods parking lot in san francisco. their van was also stolen, a pretty astute bystander spotted
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that van. tonight we're hearing for the first time the radio calls as the police chased the suspects. >> code 4, code 4, we got him down. >> now the third inmate turned himself in on friday, coming up in our second half hour, we're going to take a closer look at yesterday's capture right here in the bay area. what's next for these inmates a now that they are back a this orange county and the man hunt is over. the wind is blowing out there right now, you can see our camera shaking, you can see the flag on to the left side blowing like crazy. a wind advisory is out. and check this out, it's cold enough for snow in yosemite. we would like to thank michelle roberts taking this video and posting it to our website. >> we have some heavy snow and
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wind in the sierra, you can see livermore, showers moving through, walnut reek, 52 degrees, but atop mount diablo, it's snow. a line of showers and thunder moving away from antioch, as they continue to move off from the tri-valley. cold involved in this system. and the higher peaks around the bay area, you can see fremont peak there, a dusting of snow, san a that cruz mown teens and also lick observatory, looking very winter like to start the day today. and there's still the possibility for more of these showers dropping to the south tonight. then our attention turns to the wind advisory up up into tomorrow morning's commute, we're tracking the wind, plus two more storms in your forecast. >> and you can track the conditions in your neighborhood
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with your nbc bay area app. click weather in the menu and there you can find our live radar and forecasts for your area. we already mentioned the wind here and then that severe weather in southern california. let's take a look at that here, this is the normally bone dry los angeles river, it is roaring today as you can see. we're watching this developing situation as well. we'll bring you any information on the damage, of course they are not used to this much water here in this river bed, so we'll continue to follow that, bringing you the latest. also flooding cutting off a sierra community from their homes. this picture was tweeted out by the nevada county emergency services. the only way in and out of the serene lakes community. so far no word on when that road will reopen. a suspected predator roaming around redwood city.
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police say a man is targeting teens from his car. take a look at these, all supposedly the same person. since mid january, there's been four instances of a man accosting children walking to or from school. in each case, the man asked for directions and then asked to fwif the teens aride. he approached both boys and girls. in each instance, the man was driving a blue or dark color sedan. a starbucks that had a norovirus scare. employees of the store on santa terisa boulevard are only saying they're back open for business. on friday, starbucks told us
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they closed the store as a precaution after an employee came down with the norovirus. >> coming up with less than 24 hours after the iowa caucus, what the underground parking is -- which stations are making an increase and how much more you'll have to pay. the iowa caucuses are tomorrow
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night and the polls point to a close race in both parties. who will win and what at the iowa caucuses are tomorrow night, the polls point to a close race both parties. who will win and what that will mean depends on turnout. in the words of one caucus expert is usually called terrible. so the candidates are scrambling to get out their vote. >> donald trump went to church in muskatine, iowa. he bragged about husband polls. >> number one on security,
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number one on isis, number one in almost every category. you know what i wasn't number one on? personali personality. >> brett and sheena mahan not going to a caucus. >> not going to go. >> despite all the tv ads. >> we can't keep electing the same people. >> reporter: to caucus preparation, only one in six iowans will show up. the ted cruz is really seeking those reliable caucusgoers, donald trump on the other hand is really hoping that first-time caucus can -- >> cruz called trump not conservative. >> the reason that i see conservatives uniting behind our campaign, is they're looking for a consistent conservative. >> nobody likes him, and you
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can't run the country that way, it will be a total mess. >> reporter: bernie sanders is hoping to do well in the iowa acusses. >> the only way that happens is when millions of people stampbtd stand up, come together and demand that our government starts working for all of us, just not the 1%. >> reporter:al polls show 80% of hillary clinton's supporters are ready to caucus for her. >> i will stand for you, i will fight for you in this campaign and in the white house, i will work my heart out for you. >> reporter: clinton seems set up for an awe iowa win. but that's what it looked like in 2008 when barack obama got the caucusgoers out in record numbers. an important reminder to tell you about, those looking to
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sign up for obama care have until tonight for the deadline to enroll. krouk do that by visiting the covered california website. you can do that-the 1-800-number. >> start there and go from there. >> they're operating in a much smoother fashion he tell us than last year, although premiums have gone up. also fines have gone up for people who remain uninsured. the minimum penalty this year is $695. the executive treatment. co-coming up an inside look at the new $82 million terminal in the south bay. and mark zuckerberg just got a whole lot richer, good news for facebook that makes him the sixth richest person in the world. option for people flying into
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the bay area. and it comes just in time for the pe there is a new more luxurious option for people flying into the bay area, it comes just in time for super bowl teams who by the way just
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arrived. scott goi gives us a look inside new executive terminal. >> reporter: the hangar where nfl team also store their jets and decamp to a smaller terminal with no security lines. this is the 10,000 square feet executive terminal, recently built for $82 million around the back of san jose international airport where the broncos and panthers will arrive in the bay area ahead of the super bowl. >> it sounds like so far we have going to have some excitement. >> this is much different than the way most of us fly. >> with but the entire focus of this team has been driven around the schedule for the super bowl to make sure that we were open in time, operationally, that we are doing our best with service. >> reporter: the super bowl teams will fly into and out of
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here after the game these hangars will largely be used by high flying silicon valley techies. >> there's many companies here in silicon valley that own their own private corporate jets and their executives want to fly at times around the clock. they want to fly to certain test naugss th destinations that may not be on an airline schedule. >> it's not how we usually get around, but thanks to the super bowl, it's about to get a lot of attention. from the high flying back down to street level now. make sure you grab some change before you park in b.a.r.t's parking lot. the parking fees will be increased by 50 cents. take a look. the screen shows how much using b.a.r.t's parking lot will cost
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you now. the money will go toward lot maintenance and improving the b.a.r.t stations. >> rob is here with your microcast forecast. >> we're seeing gusty winds, accelerating at this hour and still some showers and a rainbow over there in livermore right now. we're seeing some hail and again some gusty winds and some thunder in the tri-valley. 4,000 feet, we get snow there at times when the snow levels drop. santa cruz mountains, 400 feet and down to fremont peak, and down to 3,000 feet, some snow this morning. 33 degrees, 52 in walnut creek, but the higher hills of the east bay still seeing a chance of some snow showers. quite a mix of weather with some thunder at times, some hail and began the higher hills seeing a chance of some snow showers and that line will continue to head down to mt. hamilton and add to
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some snow there, so for the next two to three hours, not a lot in terms of accumulations, but it could be noise with some thunderser at times, that line really just hugs the east bay hills and down to hamilton during the next three hours. wind speeds will continue to ramp up overnight. right now wind gusts close to 30-mile-per-hour. but you see these wind speeds accelerating and then the wind speeds decreasing as you get through the afternoon. the valleys could see some freezing, some chilly nights ahead, and tomorrow could be a dry day. our temperatures have a bit of that windchill to them. you'll see highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 50s, a dry day around the bay area, a little less wind as it heads toward the area. patchy frost could with be setting up for a few spots by tomorrow night. now tuesday, will be our next storm. that should arrive just in time for the morning commute. that will probably be the best
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storm, we track two storms, tuesday looks like everyone gets some rain, but as we get towards thursday, that's when we get to see things change up a little bit. with justy seeing a chance for showers. thursday a different story, because high pressure still expected to turn stronger as you a approach super bowl weekend. a here you ex go, thursday, we're going to see some rain, moving by, just north of the north bay. but high pressure takes that storm track and shoves it up towards akage. the temperatures are going to climb so temperatures still look good for saturday and sunday. right around game time we should see mid 60s with mostly sunny skies, it just happened to be right now that super bowl sunday will be the warmest day of the next four days, but tonight get ready for some wind chilled weather and the chance of seeing some thunder in those east bay
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hills, but tomorrow morning, looking like spring in the san francisco bay area. >> coming up, jetblue making some changes inside its planes. >> but is what you gain worth what you will lose? we'll tell you all about the tradeoff. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth
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remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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milestones. ==take vo== its founder, mark zuckerbg is w the sixthrichest x facebook has reached a new milestone. mark zuckerberg now the sixth richest person on the plant. when facebook's stock rose last week, zuckerberg's a net worth went up to 65 billion. an estimated 1.5 billion people are logging on to facebook each month. hopefully the better entertainment will make you forget about the less leg room. jetblue now making changes to its cabins, the airline is
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adding a high deaf touch greens the to the back of the seats. they're going to be double the size of the old ones, so the screens getting bigger,ting sma. the smaller bathrooms are going to get even smaller. also less leg room for you. >> they make the screens bigger and everything else shrinks. >> that the remodels should be done by 2019. the longest flight in the u.s. is about to fly in and out of sfo. it's adding a nonstop flight from singapore to san francisco. the flight time 16 hours and 20 minutes. 15 hours and 30 minutes on the way back, flights there start june 1.
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>> coming up next, super bowl excitement is growing, the party is just getting started in the south bay. what's happening tonight to welcome them into the area. also, sick of seeing statues vandalized? the bold move to see that it's not damaged anymore. and those two escaped inmates who escaped from jail are back in jail today. we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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ready. now we are just waiting for the game to start. well the teams have arrived and levi's stadium is almost red you. now we're just waiting for the big super bowl 50 to start and it is now officially in the south bay. excitement for super bowl 50 ramped up in the bay area a little while ago, both teams are now in the south bay, settling
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into their hotels. carolina panthers touched down about 4:00 this afternoon, at san jose international airport. the denver broncos a arrived at sjc about an hour before that. jeff is at the airport with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, right now the carolina panthers charter swret is still being unloaded and you can see it behind me. we watched as the players got off the jet, many of them held cell phones up taking pictures as they were getting off to the airplane. many of them clearly enjoying every single moment of this experience. there's very tight security here at man netta international airport. are there's a lot of chp and san jose police officers escorting both teams to their respective hotels. they were greeted by fans at the santa clara marriott, that's where the denver broncos are


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