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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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into their hotels. carolina panthers touched down about 4:00 this afternoon, at san jose international airport. the denver broncos a arrived at sjc about an hour before that. jeff is at the airport with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, right now the carolina panthers charter swret is still being unloaded and you can see it behind me. we watched as the players got off the jet, many of them held cell phones up taking pictures as they were getting off to the airplane. many of them clearly enjoying every single moment of this experience. there's very tight security here at man netta international airport. are there's a lot of chp and san jose police officers escorting both teams to their respective hotels. they were greeted by fans at the santa clara marriott, that's where the denver broncos are
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staying. carolina panthers team, their flight was delayed slightly, arrived about an hour ago, both arrivals not open to the public, members of the media were kept at a distance. however, this may change as far as accessible. the fans will get an opportunity at the s.a.p. center to sit in on the first immediate where briefing between the fans, coaches and the media. for the first time, fans will be a allowed to sit in the arena and listen in to the q&a session happening now. super bowl week is really kicking off a here in the south bay. >> it sure is, chuck, thanks a lot. the panthers got an enthusiastic sendoff from their hometown fans. fans danced and cheered, while
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thunder, the mascot handed out swag, held by an orange darth vader. some waited for hours just to see the panthers board busses and head the airport and then on to the bay area. >> of course there is our new home for the san francisco 49ers, but now transforming to host the been coes and the panthers. while crews work on the finishing touches, passers by are stopping to take pictures ahead of the event. crews are finishing up constructing a space outside of the stadium for pre-game celebrations. here's a reminder for those who are driving to the air on super bowl sunday. we are counting down to super bowl sunday, kick off at levy's stadium is now just 6 days, 22 hours away. well, they just took it
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away. the super bowl statue that was vandalized in super bowl square in san francisco has been moved. you can see it was knocked down and rearranged to say oops. it's not the first statue vandals can got to. there was another one where someone rearranged the letters to say what's up girl? there's ten of these statues around the bay area. back in southern california and now behind bars, two escaped inmates were on the run for about a week before being caught yesterday in san francisco, in front of a whole foods of all places. the duo was spotted by an alert man approximate near golden gate park and was arrested by officers. a lot of people were relieved to hear of their arrest. >> that's right, in fact the orange county sheriff's department sent out a tweet of
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confirmation today saying that the two escaped inmates are back in custody. the sheriff there says the two men will be housed in the central men's jail, but in a more secure unit and certainly not together. they were captured saturday morning after a stole on van they were in was spotted in san francisco by a person who tipped off police. this came avenue a manager in a south bay motel said that the men and another man stayed there. here's a clip of the police radio track. >> to the two were found hiding in the van, to the other man who was with him turned himself in earlier in the week. during the time that he was on the run, his former wife went
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into hiding. authorities believe that if he was still in california, he may still want to harm her because she played a key role in putting him behind bars in the first place. he was accused of kidnapping and store ch torturing a man and leaving him to die in the desert. a teacher in connection with the jail is being charged for helping in the escape. >> we are following a developing story in southern california, severe weather is hitting the area, bringing rain, thunderstorms and damage. here's a look at our satellite radar, you see a lot of rain moving towards our area. or on the other side of the bay area, on to the east side, here's our meteorologist with what's going on. >> 52, sunny skies, windy in san francisco, 44 and a rainbow so close you can almost touch it here on the set there, over 580
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right now. look at the temperature in livermore, that's a 10-degree drop in the last hour, snow is falling in the higher hills south of livermore as the area starts to cool down. that's the view atop mt. hamilton, over the hill tops east of san jose, not going to get snow, but atop mt. hamilton, as this line drops out of the valley, snow at times down to as low as 1500 to 2,000 feet. wet snowflakes at times as that line of showers heads to the south, we have got is snow occurring right now in the bay area hill tops, then our gusts return tomorrow morning in the forecast. high winds appear to be culprit in taking down these trees in san francisco. look at those cars, you can see the ones that went down, damaged some cars, another huge one came down on south of slope boulevard, pulled out some of the sidewalk, a lot of the
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sidewalk. >> developing at this hour in san jose, investigators are on the scene of a suspected murder, details right now are limited. but what we do know is that one man is dead, one woman is injured. this incident took place off story road and clemmens avenue. the call came in just after 1:00 this afternoon. what we are hearing is that the woman's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you details as soon as we get them. troubling news coming from across the ocean. a violent attack in nigeria. the and in the sierra, the dangerous conditions that are being felt there and the efforts to clean it up quickly. it is the homestretch as the candidates make their final pitch to voters, with just hours
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to go. we'll take a look a at the ground game here, and there's another arrest of a in the killf a 13-year-old virginia girl. all that and more when we seau coming up for nbc "nightly news." we've got a developing story in
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africa: =vo= this is in nigeria where islamic extremists attcked a village and
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at least two camps housing thousands of refugees. at least 86 peoe areeporteddead children. the group "boko islamic extremists -- at leastal 6 people are reported dead including children. the group boko haram claims responsibility. the attack took place over three hours as the are residents were fleeing a neighboring village after an attack there. and we are counting dun to the iowa caucus. it's 24 hours away. right now neck and neck in the polls, yesterday to the final des moines register poll came out, it has former secretary of state hillary clinton with a slim lead over bernie sanders. republican front runner donald trump has a slight lead over ted cruz. these polls taken after the most recent republican debate. today trump was joking about that poll. >> number one in security, number one on isis, number one on protection. number one in almost every
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category, the only thing i wasn't number one on, personality. now the crucial aspect of tomorrow is actually getting voters out there to support to the candidates, with all the focus on iowa, can you believe only one a in six iowans actually show up to cast their vote. coming up, flipping the switch, the return of the bay bridge lights, and what it took to make them sparkle once again a? >> they're brighter. amazing. california almonds finally getting a little bit less expensive, what's behind this price drop and how it will affect farmers. hard to portray a spotless city
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to the thousands coming for super bowl 50 festivities. ==take vo== that includes the city of san jose are working to reveal a e-sending out crews to remove graffiti almost immediately. take a look at this one example here. this is how it looked before, and now after. very nice cleanup there. damian explains how this targeted effort is even possible. >> reporter: they have spent the last two weeks erasing virtually ever tag, a company that paints over graffiti in san jose. how busy are you? >> really busy. >> and that's been the plan for the last few months. >> we're doing it in a way by directing our emphasis and our
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p priorities to gateway areas. >> hundreds of thousands of people expected for super bowl week. >> i think it's good, it's ah asome. >> chris has seen his share of graffiti tagging while working downtown. he brought his friends to the new super bowl plaza. >> i think they should be here year round, it's awesome. >> reporter: the cleanup is in high gear, you might not even recognize this bridge, a it's the is the highway 101 rail bridge crossing. the city says it didn't hire extra painters just redirected resources to those gateway areas. and for those of you wondering why they don't do this all the time, they do. >> we're doing it in a strategic way. >> hoping this paint dominates this paint on the streets of san
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jose. storms and cold are equaling more snow in the sierra. take a look at this video given to us by north star resort in tahoe, if you're a skier, you're excited about what this means to you, this is what we're going to be having next summer. they're cleaning up from the layest round of snow up there. they're expecting more than is six inches. the winter weather advisory is still out for that area. >> so good to see that snow pack improving, we have done stories about how desperate the situation is. this is not fixing the situation, but it's about normal. >> and rob is here with that microforecast. >> we can take a sky camera look outside, we can take a look at some of the showers we're seeing around the bay area right now? again, out towards oakland, you're looking over the east bay hills, where we have got some showers not over oakland, where it's very interesting, we're seeing temperatures around the
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oakland area, in the low 50s, with but out towards the east bay hills, that's where wear seeing some of the east bay showers dropping a little bit of snow down towards livermore, around envisions around 2,500 feet, we're seeing a a chance of snow showers at times, as you can see from the golden gate brej, we're seeing partly cloudy skies right now, and we hope to bring you in your forecast coming up in a few minutes, all the reports of snow and rain are giving our computers a little bit of issues right now. so we'll send it back to you right now, and we'll try to get things restarted in the weather department. >> that picture of the golden gate bridge, it almost has pink clouds in the background, it's just beautiful. >> my dad was involved in the building of that bridge. he was. you can keep track of the wetherather by downloading the bay area app. when rough weather hits the bay area, you can stay updated
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with personal alerts on your smart phone or ipad. go to our app and click on the nbc bay area icon and then hit the gear button right there. now in the middle of the screen in your drop down men yaw, hit the alert settings, you can set an alert for lightning or when a dangerous storm is approaching your neighborhood. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. >> coming up, a permanent pucks your. >> what convinced hem to come back and make hiss creation a permanent part of the skyline and why he did it as part of super bowl celebrations.
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh art installments has made its
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return. you're looking at the they're back. beloved art installments has made its return. take a look at the bay bridge lights a after they were turned on again. it's absolutely beautiful. >> you get the lights every night. you don't get the fire works every night. >> that's a bit pricey. >> joe rosado jr. shows us what brought the creator back to work. >> every big city has its city lights. the glow of illumination like candles on a cake. in march of 2013, san francisco's bay bridge came alive at night with an extra sparkle, courtesy of 25,000 twinkling lights known as the bay lights. after the two-year art project dimmed to black, a it's now
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coming back to life. >> it's like an old friend, to me, i missed it. >> reporter: in the shadows along the city's water front lurks bay light's creator. >> i am tuning the bay lights, we're testing the new system. >> reporter: armed with a lap top. villareal is testing for the relaunch. >> i get into the knobs and sliders and the physics of it. and the tuning and getting the tempo right and the brightness. you have to see it from many different angles. the sequences never repeat the exact same progression twice. >> the $4 million. thousands of strands of lights strapped to bridge cables covering nearly two miles. >> to me, i'm like how deid thi happen and it's interesting to look at the surface of the water, my favorite thing is the
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way it brings people together. people are looking at it from the embarcadero and they can't help but talk to others. nothing can make an art u.s. feel better than to see people discussing their art. >> this month when the lights are on, it means villareal is home on the embarcadero. >> i go to sales lito and look at it there. >> it's a cultural moment and there's going to be a lot of atension on the bay area. >> while the original project with was built to last a couple of years, the new and improved version will remain at least a decade. >> another interesting thing, with the skyline and the city lights. >> like candles on a cake you never want to blow out. joe rosado jr., nbc bay area
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news. >> speaking of lights going out, the computers are back on. >> don't jinx it, right now we're good. maybe it was the snow that froze the computers. you can see at 4,000 feet, we have had snow around mt. hamilton. that's to the radar site that the national weather service has had, 3,400 feet. and tree mont, just over 3,000 feet snow, and the hills around livermore, a snow -- you don't get that often, you get really strong storms moving over the bay area, cool air aloft, temporarily can mix that freezing level closer to the surface. you can see that around livermore and look at all that white. down towards mt. hamilton, where the temperatures are still close to 30. that is snow flying on that radar loop. accumulation is not all that much, but they will get your attention as thes will be white as the temperatures drop off
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overnight. you may see some of that snow lingering tomorrow morning. wind speeds are going to theretoal up. so we'll lose the showers and those wind speeds are going to be pretty gusty. tomorrow could have a chance of getting some 30s. we'll see a better chance of that from monday night into tuesday morning. tomorrow breezy, and chilly outside, mid to upper 50s and then we'll await the next storm to come in, for tuesday morning, we're going to see more rain for your morning commute. that's the best looking storm of the two we'll see this week. tuesday, everybody sees the rain, and thursday we'll see the north bay, as things begin to for super bowl weekend. high pressure is going to start to build in, late thursday into friday, and you can see the storm track really going to the north. sunshine, going all the way from seattle up into vancouver, that gives you an idea of how big that ridge of high pressure is. temperatures climbing through the mid 60s. super bowl sunday, looks like mid 60s and sunshine around the
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bay area, warmest day ahead of the next seven, right there just in time for the big festivities out in santa clara, with that high pressure keeping us dry and temperatures rising as we're moving into next weekend. we'll be right back. bloc
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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almond prices are way down-- after years of sg prices anpopu . get them while they're cheap. almond prices are way down after years of rising prices and popularity. california almond prices have dropped significantly in the past few months. the farmers are saying the downturn was coming after an explosion of production over the a past decade. athletes abound in the bay area this week, football players and also former olympians, that's gold medalist kristi
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yamaguchi. >> earlier today she e-this is yamaguci a's always dream foundation, it promotes literacy among children. >> it's all about instilling that love for reading as early as possible and it's only goings to help build a that foundation for success in school and in live. >> if you want to check out that race but have not had a chance. it's only open for another week, it's open for super bowl sunday. she does amazing work. >> let's see if it's going to feel like winter at that ice rink. >> now you can go from an ice rink to the snow showers in the hills east of san jose, south of livermore right now. the main headline right now as the showers shut down, is the evening commute, temperatures for the afternoon climbing into the mid to upper 50s, cool
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temperatures and 30s for lows monday night, winter not going anywhere soon. on this sunday night, the final countdown. neck and neck polls and high stakes less than 24 hours before iowa voters caucus. the top democrats in a dead heat. the frontrunners praying for victory, making church a campaign stop today. tonight it's all about the ground game. turning out supporters and surviving this first lap of the race to the white house. late word that a college student accused of murdering a 13-year-old girl in virginia may have had an accomplice. the front line, we're in brazil with those working to stop the spread of the zika virus as the risk spreads to other countries. tonight, world experts gather for an emergency meeting. noble acts. wave after wave of desperate migrants make it to the


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