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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, hail in the south bay. trees brought down on the peninsula. gusty winds all across the bay area. a winter blast gripping the region. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. outside it is cold. the mercury might say it's in the 40s, but it feels much colder than that. that cold temperature mixing with the precipitation, creating hail in parts of the bay area. one of our employees shot this individual yes out there in clayton. in san francisco, strong winds have brought down several trees. two of them are down in this video, as you see, from slope boulevard. we have team coverage for you.
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nbc bay area's christie smith out in the cold. but first let's go to meteorologist rob mayeda. look at big sur, the montana wilderness. 5 inches of snow. and into the hills around livermore this evening, we had snow mixed with some those showers. showers which really flared up from 4:00 to 5:00 this afternoon around clayton and concord in antioch. a sleet mixed with some of the showers. the snow south of livermore around 4:00 and 5:00. and late in the day towards san jose, highway 85 and 101, pea and marble-sized hail and more hail into morgan hill. as the radar turns quiet, howling around the bay area gusty winds. point reyes and half moon bay, 50 to 60 miles per hour wind gusts. and san jose 30-mile-per-hour winds. all locations along the coast and hills into tomorrow morning, you've got a wind advisory. not all of us saw the rain, but
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everybody is going to get a taste of the wind and the windchill factor tomorrow morning. air temperatures in the mid-40s. the feels-like temperature for the north bay could be more like the low 30s tomorrow morning. so a winter blast to start the week. plus, we're tracking two storms as we head toward the middle part of the week. a look at this in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. let's check with nbc bay area's christie smith live in redwood city. christie, i know they have seen a lot of damage there. really gusty winds, right? >> yeah, that's right. the family who lives here says they noticed their tarp blowing around in the driveway where they park their cars. so they moved their cars out of the way. shortly afterwards, they say the tree came crashing down. this just one of the problems we've seen on this very windy night. >> it was a close call. >> reporter: sandra is talking about the big tree on hampshire avenue in redwood city. >> me and my step-son were underneath the tarps in our driveway. i mean, it could have came down
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a little bit before and it would have got probably all three of us. >> reporter: no one was hurt, but gusts were at near 40 miles per hour in the area. the tree may be partially resting on another tree. but perhaps her biggest concern, trying to get access for her brother. >> it's a bummer because my brother is handicapped. he literally had to go under the tree to get the house. >> reporter: she has power, but the tree took out a power line to the neighbor's home. in san francisco, trees toppled in the winds as crews worked to clear the street. the wild weather dropped pea to marble sized hail in san jose. and in clayton it was sleet mixed with rain. cold temperatures and a wind advisory too. >> it's getting very windy there is a lot of free branchs on the floor. i didn't think it was that strong. >> reporter: we're told that emergency crews did come out and take a look at the tree. but it's on private property. so what will happen is that an independent company is expected to come in tomorrow and remove it.
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reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a big mess there. thank you so much. also, the drive very slow in the sierra. take a look at all of the snow here on the roads. however, good news as well. interstate 80 now back open into reno. this after a huge pileup at the state line that shut down i-80. at least four big rigs, a couple dozen cars were in that crash. no serious injuries to tell you about. but it did shut down that road for about four or five hours this afternoon. also, hundreds of people near donner pass in the sierra are now breathing a sigh of relief tonight because they have no longer cut off from the rest of the world. the community of serene lakes was cut off all day because rain helped melt snow over the roads. it caused a lot of flooding that blocked their way in and out. nevada crews needed to bring in heavy equipment. >> what does this tell you about mother nature? >> as we were staying inside the house, mother nature always wins. >> now the flooding forced the
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royal resort to close. they allowed the runoff to get down to the yuba river and people started to be able the get back in and out around 4:30 this afternoon. our nbc bay area app is the perfect resource to track the changing weather. download the app future your iphone or android. ah, the super bowl now less than a week away. but both teams have already completed a touchdown. at least at san jose's international airport today. teams arrived this afternoon aboard chartered planes, as you can see here. which one is which? i can't really tell you. but they did taxi to the new terminal on the northwest side. joining us outside levi's stadium with how the bay area is starting off with super bowl week, chuck? >> reporter: terry, the carolina panthers and the denver broncos are cooling their jets tonight after today's travel to the south bay. a very low-key affair. the look all business.
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both teams, the denver broncos and carolina panthers arrived in san jose with tight security. their chartered planes stopping at a brand-new executive terminal. >> go panthers! >> reporter: court got as close as she could. >> i am from south carolina and i wanted to give them a southern welcome as they come into san francisco. >> reporter: they savored the moments as as they walk down to the tarmac and into five buss that swept them past fans beyond the fence. >> you saw one group of buses go. was it worth it? >> oh, just to see them go outside was exciting. i was trying to see inside and see if i could see anybody. now we're waiting for the other buses to come. we're excited to be part of it. >> it's exciting. the adrenaline starts pumping. and we can't go to the super bowl. so we might as well look at the buss that has the players. you can't even see the bus. >> reporter: fans at the marriott cheered at even a glimpse of a denver player. for now this hotel is bronco country. >> i grew up in san jose. teal don't scare me. >> reporter: and in san francisco, sunday was all about
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the party. super bowl city had no disruptions, but plenty of well armed police. >> walking into the city experience, we saw sharp shooters. yes, with their rifles all ready. >> i think what you're going to notice the most is a lot of uniformed police officers. we'll have officers on foot beats, assigned to fixed posts, directing traffic, officers o bicycles, motorcycles, police cars, that kind of thing. >> reporter: tomorrow night fans get a lot lowser to the action at media night. that's when the players and the coaches talk with members of the media for the first time. fans can watch at the s.a.p. center in san jose. a good chance to see the circus without the elephant. reporting live in santa clara, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. very tight at sjc for the teams' arrival. our nbc chopper caught this individual yes of police teams and spotters on top of hangars. all part of the increased security fans can expect to see throughout super bowl events.
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last-minute preparations for super bowl 50 are under way at levi's stadium. of course, the home of the san francisco 49ers is transforming to host the broncos and panthers. while crews work on the finishing touches, football fans are stopping by to take pictures ahead of the big event. now next on the list of things to get done before super bowl sunday, crews need to finish up constructing this space that is right next to the stadium. this will be for pregame celebration. you can see the massive temporary building here decked out in black and white. with the huge 50 right there on the front. we are certainly watching the clock here and counting down to super bowl 50. you can see kickoff at levi's stadium now sitting at 16 hours, 21 minutes away. >> head to for complete coverage of the super bowl. right now you can check out a slide show of photos from super bowl city. it's pretty cool stuff. click on the top left box. we are learning new details about the moments leading up to the capture of two escaped inmates in san francisco. early this morning, the two were
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rebooked into the orange county jail they broke out of. the pair were arrested yesterday near golden gate park. an alert citizen saw their stolen van near a whole foods. today for the first time we're hearing the exchange between a police dispatcher and officers giving chains. >> he's running eastbound. still running. >> still running eastbound. >> code four, code four, we got him down. >> give me a code four. one male detained. >> 37-year-old hossain nayeri and 20-year-old jonathan tieu escaped. they're being housed in a more secure part of the jail. a very mistaken identity. santa clara police have been on the hunt for who they thought was a stabbing suspect. turns out the suspect was actually this woman, stephanie sotelo. a bus passenger recognized her from a police sketch. she is charged with the
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attempted murder of woman in central park earlier this month. the woman first identified her attacker as man. and a 20-year-old man, a father of a small child died today in what appears to be a random shooting in east san jose. police won't say if they're looking for anyone in particular. but "the mercury news" is reporting that 20-year-old jamie martinez died in the shooting just before 1:00 this afternoon. now the shooting occurred off of story road. outside of the home where martinez and his young daughter lived. it appears to be a drive-by shooting and a random act of violence. we have what appears to be a major development involving san francisco police. the u.s. department of justice tonight announcing a press briefing for tomorrow. it says they're going to talk about a comprehensive review of the san francisco police department. remember, there are calls from local critics in the black community for a federal investigation and for the police chief to resign. and the prosecution of officers
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who shot mario woods dead back on december 2nd. the announcement is scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. at least for a third time this year a hoverboard may be to blame for sparking a fire in the bay area. the fire happened yesterday at a house on glen drive and san leandro. firefighters knocked it down quickly, but then found a burned hoverboard. the exact cause of the fire not known. but the homeowner says he was charging the hoverboard before the fire started there have been other fires started by hoverboards around here. earlier this week a hoverboard caught fire in a petaluma home and did damage before the owner was able to put out the fire before it spread. last week a family in santa rosa lost their home and their two dogs after a hoverboard caught fire there. coming up next, super bowl organizers dealing with vandals. their solution after several fines celebrating the super bowl are ruined. plus, coming down to the wire in iowa. presidential candidates pulling out all the stops to get people
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to vote for them. the new act that is going to be counting who wins. can you imagine a dognapping investigation? here is the victim, the person police are looking for tonight. tonight a look at the bay bridge and the lights shining so nice right now. those lights were turned on last night. looking good. stay ahead of el nino with the nbc bay area app. see live radar down to your street. get specific weather alerts for you location and personalize your home screen with weather updates. download the nbc bay area app. i can show you the world
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for special offers visit or call your travel agent tomorrow night is the iowa caucuses well, the big day for decision 2016 tomorrow night in the iowa caucuses will take place. bad weather is threatening to hold downturnout for the caucuses. it could help out the democratic front-runner hillary clinton and texas senator ted cruz on the republican side. nbc's steve handelsman is in des moines with the latest. >> reporter: candidates worked into the final night to get voters to show up tomorrow. bernie sanders rallied volunteers. >> the people of iowa are prepared to lead this country in a very different direction. >> reporter: like barack obama
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when he beat clinton in iowa, sanders is counting on first-time caucusers. this was a democratic caucus run-through. >> i think you might see a record turnout this time around. we hope so. >> reporter: but at a bingo game, few said they would caucus. >> how about hillary? i'm sorry. how about hillary? >> reporter: she holds a slim lead in iowa polling, wrapping up tonight with bill and chelsea. >> don't worry about the weather. i have it on very good guidance that the storm won't start until after midnight. >> reporter: ted cruz is counting on evangelicals who typically do turn out. >> together we will win the iowa caucus. we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election. >> reporter: donald trump figures holding his slim leads will not matter if he cannot get lots of first-time voters to caucus. and predicting the turnout here has proved impossible, even when the forecast is for good
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weather. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, des moines, iowa. >> we know it's going to be a close battle tomorrow night in iowa. and the company that is tallying the vote tech giant microsoft. company volunteered to tally the caucus results. it's supposed to cut down on human error and speed up the final results. and patiently it's a hit with most of the candidates. both parties have recently voiced confidence in microsoft after suspicion of corporate influence from bernie sanders' campaign. parents warned to watch out after a suspected predator is found roaming around redwood city. police say a man is targeting teenagers from his car. three sketches, all supposedly the same suspect, although they look slightly different since mid-january there have been four instances of this man offering rides to teenagers walking alone to or from school. now three of these incidents happened just in the past week. the most recent one took place just a couple days ago. now in each case, the man asked
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for directions and offered to give the teenagers a ride. he is approached both boys and girls at sequoia high school's parking lot, after the girls' soccer practice as well as wed more park. in each instance the man was driving a dark colored sedan. nowhere to be seen. the super bowl statue that was vandalized at alamo square in san francisco has been taken away. it went through too much. we showed you these photos yesterday posted to twitter. you can see it was knocked down and the laters rearranged to say oops. this is the second time this has been vandalized. it previously said superb owl 50. it's not the first statue vandals got to. what did it say, peggy? >> what's up, brother. >> no one says it like peggy there are ten around the bay area. obviously two have been vandalized. one has been taken down. well, the girl scouts of
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northern california have a super bowl strategy. sell early and sell hard near super bowl events. starting tomorrow, girl scout cookie booths will be up near san francisco super bowl city and other activities. likely to be a win-win for the organization. and a lot of hungry fans. >> that's just good business right there. for sure. >> hope they do. >> looks good. new at 11:00, the spca needs your help in finding a dog that was stolen right out from under the agency's nose. take a look at this pup here. her name is daisy may. the volunteer was taking her for her daily walk when a man stopped them to ask about daisy may. they chatted for a little bit. that's when the man snatched the dog, threw her in his car and took off in a brownish gray sedan. this happened at the east bay spca 11:00 this morning. if you know anything about this dog, please do give them a call. daisy may needs to get back. she is actually scheduled to have surgery this week for a health issue. >> all right. meteorologist rob mayeda here. i was out in the parking lot at
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nbc bay area a while ago. >> windy and blowing mighty cold, you may not need an extra shot in the coffee. the cold is going to smack you in the face. outside right now, we're in the mid-40s. and tomorrow morning with the winds staying active we may not see 30s tonight. but the low 40s with winds 10 to 20 miles per hour is going to make it feel more like the 30s. get used to this concept of the windchill index or windchill factor for tomorrow morning. and right now you can see still pretty gusty along the coast up to 25 miles per hour. as the rain moved on, the rains really started to increase around the bay area. so why so windy? unusually strong. this area of low pressure which crossed the central california coast, deepened and actually turns stronger as it moves through southern california. we're kind of sitting on the back side of this. it's a cold air coming out telephone north, mixing down towards the bay area. so for now we've got some gusty winds at that low, right over southern california. but towards tomorrow morning, as it moves off towards arizona and the desert southwest, that pressure gradient will begin to
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slacken off. still gusty for the morning, but probably less wind or about half the wind we're seeing now as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will have a tough time climbing above the mid-50s for highs. so there you go. mid- to upper 50s for highs. gusty at times for the morning. san francisco in the mid-50s for highs. 50s maybe close to 60 in santa rosa, with the north winds. and around tri-valley tomorrow, you'll see highs in the mid- to upper 50s. there goes the departing low that we're watching. we've got two storms coming up this week. storm number one arriving on wednesday tuesday. and another wednesday afternoon and thursday. look at the rain totals. not a lot by february standards. but our best bet for seeing some rain after today comes in tuesday. light to moderate rain from the north bay towards the peninsula. and notice the north bay thursday and san francisco, chance of seeing some showers wednesday into thursday. but may not see that chance of showers for the east bay and south bay. tuesday looks to be the most widespread rain. and the next system wednesday into thursday may stay in the north bay.
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so look at the estimated rain totals as we go all the way into next weekend. and again, by february standards, it's almost as dry as it can get. but the silver lining to this is that the trend to the dryer forecast really accelerates just in time for super bowl weekend. blocking a ridge of high pressure, really clears out our skies from san diego to seattle and beyond. so our temperatures which will start the week quite chilly make a rebound as we head towards next saturday and sunday. you can see a few high clouds there on friday. and then we'll see our temperatures beginning to climb. for santa clara on sunday, it's looking like temperatures in the mid-60s as the game gets under way at levi's stadium. variable high clouds. the warmest day in the next seven days arriving right there on super bowl sunday. so there you go. windy and chilly to start this week. and then we'll see our temperatures climbing as we head towards the end of next week. mid-60s in range. and so far thanks to all the rain we've had so far for a very active january, these averages 90 to about over 100% of
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average. might we see this begin to slip as we see seven to ten days of dry weather? we'll have an extended look coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> all right, ralph. thank you so much. coming up, google is about to have some competition when it comes to self-driving cars. which company is dedicating a special team to that challenge. also more like than dollar signs. facebook stock pushes the ceo do new likes on forbes' list of wealthiest people.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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is jumping into the driverless car market. =vo= general motors says, starting tomorrow, there will be a the country's largest carmaker is jumping into the largest car market. general motors no less. starting tomorrow, there will be a team within the company dedicated to autonomous vehicles that will work in gm's product
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development division. the manager, who was in charge of global products for the detroit automaker will head up the team in a brand-new position. gm getting in on that. sign up for pay. midnight tonight, in about 34 minutes is the deadline to enroll in the affordable care act, or obamacare. health care websites are operating much smoother than last year, but premiums have gone up. fines are also going up for people who remain uninsured. the minimum penalty this year we're told is almost $700. you can do it right now online. if you start now, you can avoid the fine, i'm told. >> good to know. mark zuckerberg having a pretty great year so far. the founder of facebook is now the sixth richest person on the planet. when facebook stock rose about $6 billion last year, zuckerberg's net wealth jumped to $47.5 billion. now according to bloomberg news, that puts him above charles and david koch. it's all because more users are logging on to facebook than ever
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before. an estimated 1.5 billion per month. the company's net income has more than doubled from this time last year. still to come, the fight to clean up tons of trash. the homeowners who refused to wait for the city to come up with a solution. >> took it into their own hands. also, it is a dangerous virus and it's spreading. the critical action that the world health organization is now considering to fight the spread of the zika virus. nter tonight right
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now so bundle up. hopefully tonight you're home toasty, warm inside. because it's been very blustery outside. bundle up. we've seen a lot of hail, a lot of strong winds. >> and the question is there more ahead? meteorologist rob mayeda joins us now with the answer. >> a colder air mass settling into the bay area. we saw snow across the peremptory peak to the south. the observatory, the ham cam
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throughout the day, you've been watching snow flying there at 4,000 fight. 3400 feet towards the santa cruz mountains, you can see the snow there at the national weather service radar site. and in big sur near the ventana wilderness, looks more like lake tahoe. look at all the snow that came down. frita, about 5 inches of snow above the hills of big sur. livermore this evening we had snow mixing down with some of the heavier showers. a line that brought some sleet at times and some ice pellets down to places like clayton and antioch moving north to south through the tri-valley. you can see the snow there. to the south of livermore and the east of san jose, up towards mt. hamilton. pea and marble-sized hail. the radar is quiet now. but wind is really the big story. gusts have gone up to 40 to 60 miles per hour out towards the coast. livermore over 40 miles per hour. and this is the next phase of the storm. gusty winds into tomorrow morning. we'll see wind gusts strongest along the coast. and that's really going to take
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a big bite in those temperatures that you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures in the low 40s. daytime highs running cool. plus, we're still tracking two storms on the way as we head towards the middle part of the week that and a look at the forecast in a few minutes from now. >> rob, thank you so much. you can keep track of the weather by downloading the nbc bay area app. you can set up personalized weather alerts. here is scott budman with more. >> when rough weather hits the bay area, you can stay updated with personal alerts on your smartphone or ipad. here is how to do it. go to our app and click on the nbc bay area icon in the upper left-hand corner. then hit the gear button right there. now in the middle of the screen on your drop down menu, hit alert settings. from there you can choose from a list of weather events like alerts for lightning. or alert when a dangerous storm is approaching your neighborhood. i'm scott budman. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. the san jose starbucks that closed after an employee came down with the norovirus is back open. it took starbucks two full days
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to thoroughly clean up the restaurant. it was back on friday that starbucks announced that closed the store as a precaution. it only says an employee got sick. but not at the business. the company says the closure was out of an abundance of caution in any event on santa teresa boulevard. it is back open. is it a health concern or is it a global public health emergency? in the next 24 hours, the world health organization will decide if the zika virus deserves that title. brazil is ground zero for this virus outbreak. zika symptoms include fever, rash and body aches. the virus is especially dangerous for pregnant women. it's been linked to birth defects and brain damage. experts in brazil say the risks for people there is high. >> how hard is it to communicate this message to protect yourself? >> it's very difficult. a lot of times they just don't know what the consequences are, what the dangers are. >> to the north of brazil, colombia is fighting to stop the spread of zika. the government there urging women to wait to get pregnant
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for two years. the ongoing migrant crisis playing out in the greek isles continues every day. and every day greek residents risk their own lives to rescue and welcome them. nbc's bill neely reports that has caught the attention of a lot of people now petitioning for those people to be considered for the nobel peace prize. >> reporter: overloaded with syrians fleeing war, another boat lands on lesbos, the island in the eye of the refugee storm. their relief is clear. safe in the arms of islanders, whose compassionate now in line for a nobel prize. the freezing temperatures aren't deterring these people. 50,000 people have come ashore already this month. a quarter of a million in the last three months. many owe their lives to the island people who rescued these men from their sinking boat. but who see tragedy too.
11:34 pm
>> we're sad about this, many accidents. >> reporter: volunteers have seen people drown trying to get here. others dying from extreme cold. >> it's t water that we're in, we've had lots of people that have not made it. >> reporter: some other rescues. this one a boatload full of children under 12. >> open, open, open, open. >> reporter: volunteers medics rush babies to a clinic where the island's doctors despair of a war without end. >> i feel very sad. and i'm very angry about this. >> reporter: everyone here has been deeply affected. >> people just walking their dog on the beach, you don't expect to find a body of an 18-month-old child in the morning on a dog walk. not good. >> reporter: for their courage and sacrifice, the islanders are now being nominated for the nobel peace prize. >> when they make such an honor to you, that means a lot. >> reporter: but not everyone on
11:35 pm
the island is celebrating their nomination. >> we need to stop this. i don't know. the people are dieing this way. >> reporter: the island's lifeblood, tourism is dying too. they fear the nobel prize won't bring that back. >> i am afraid. >> reporter: you're afraid for your livelihood? >> family. >> reporter: but nothing, not fear or a peace prize will stop them, rescuing the victims of war. bill neely, nbc news, lesbos. coming up next, the warriors hit the big apple. steph curry has had plenty of success under the bright lights of madison square garden. will they pull it off again? could the new look knicks spoil the mvp's party? the warriors look for win number 44. highlights and reaction next in sports.
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henry on cam the warriors blew a 24-point let's check in with henry wofford right now with comcast sportsnet. >> looking at the warriors, henry we know we have that tough game. but now that they've got the knicks that they're going to be taking on, they've got to get tired. 44 games already. >> absolutely. they've been taking teams lightly lately, and it's almost starting to hurt them. warriors blue a 24-point lead yesterday to the worst team in basketball, the philadelphia 76ers, only to be saved by harrison barnes buzzer beater. today on the back end of back-to-back games taking on the knicks. another team struggling. but the warriors have to fight hard in this one. carmelo anthony and his guys were ready to go. second quarter, dubs down two. derrick williams throw it down like you mean it, sir. no bucket. was in the way. maurice speights, nothing you do about that. thompson was tearing things up
11:38 pm
because steph was off his game today. 34 points on 14 of 18 from the field. and draymond green finished with his night triple-double of the season. the dubs, they win again, 116-95. >> it means i'm glad i'm coaching this group of guys. i mean, they're amazingly talented. and as i said, committed to one another. and, you know, we're not really paying much attention to the record. we're just trying to get better. but we don't take winning for granted. that's for sure. get this. sunday's perfect triple-double was draymond green's second this season. he is just one behind wilt chamberlain's nba record, three triple-doubles without missing a single shot. that's according to elias sports. the teams have arrived for super bowl 50. peyton manning and his broncos in a great mood, including
11:39 pm
former 49er vernon davis who was traded to denver this season. all smiles. and the same goes for cam newton and the panthers. now we have great super bowl coverage all week. and plus immediately after the game. 2016 nfl pro bowl. charles woodson in his final game playing for team rice taking on team michael irving. a little afc west love there. team rice down seven. third quarter now, chase charles woodson lining up as a receiver. you got to get him the ball. carr, he didn't do it. oh my goodness. he gives it to adrian peterson. hey, man, i'm open and we're teammates. that's okay. woodson gives everyone a kiss goodbye. team irvin wins 49-27. all right. nhl all-star game. john scott in the pacific facing
11:40 pm
the central. scott voted in by the fans. he didn't disappoint. that's the fee from brent burns. finds the back of the net. later, another start. joe pavelski power play goal on the rebound. pacific up one. then after scoring a wide open goal, patrick kane drops his glove and jokingly tries to fight scott. oh, you got to enjoy them having fun out there. the pacific would move on to defeat the atlantic, 1-0 in the final. australian open. men's final. novak djokovic taking on number two andy murray. second set, break point for djokovic. pick up mid point after a long rally. andy murray's backhand goes long. djokovic goes on to get the second set. this man is unbeatable right now. third set, tie break match point. novak, he hits the eight.
11:41 pm
yes, djokovic wins his sixth aussie open claiming his 11th grand slam title. to golf now. pga tour golf. final round at the farmers insurance open. rain and wind created some issue for those starting at early tee times. except for colt knost. putting from birdie on three. the ball goes past the hole. but mother nature says i'll help you out this time. blows it in. are you kidding me? that would be as exciting as it would get. play would be suspended due to the heavy winds and rain. it will resume monday. jerry woodland and k.j. choi are your leaders. that's going to do it for now. peggy and terry, i'm working my hardest. i'm trying to get you both super bowl tickets at the 50 yard line. but don't hold your breath, okay? >> thank goodness. you are my only hope, henry. >> did you call on your connects in vegas? >> yes. >> yeah, i got connections everywhere, right? >> whatever you need to do,
11:42 pm
let's get that done. henry, thanks. >> my connections, i owe them money. so i apologize. >> we'll be right back. there's no whining in "wine
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country." some pelwho livein so complaining about a constant problem. ==peggy//2 shot==bc there is no wining in wine country. some people who live in sonoma county got tired of complaining about a constant problem. >> joe rosato jr. shows us how they took the matter into their own hands. >> reporter: there are two views of guerneville.
11:45 pm
there is the view of the russian river's graceful sliding path, and numerous homeless encampments on the river's banks leaving mounds of trash. >> there has always been homeless here. >> reporter: the small resort town is shouldering a homeless problem that per capita is four times san francisco's. >> today we're going to drive down outside of town. >> reporter: but area resident chris got tired of talking trash. >> going out through a lot of the stuff that has been left behind. let's watch our step, everybody. >> reporter: so he started picking it up. >> a lot of clothes. a lot of canned goods, trash. >> reporter: he began organizing twice a week volunteer cleanups along the river. >> there you go. >> reporter: they even got a name. >> we're now calling ourselves the garbage patch kids. >> you have to have a good sense of humor and a willingness to pick up trash, and you're in. >> i was horrified at the trash
11:46 pm
that ends up down there. >> reporter: even when hauling away filthy mattress, clothes, and garbage, volunteers whistle a happy tune. ♪ i'm happy when i'm trashing >> it breaks my heart. i hate to see anybody living like this too. >> reporter: on occasion the homeless pitch, in using trash bags brocade splice. >> i think it beats digging a hole and burying it. >> reporter: the trash problem is especially urgent in winter when the russian river is famously known to climb its banks. >> one high-rise of the river and this stuff gets swept down to our beaches. >> reporter: the homeless issue has concerned guerneville. in the past month the town has been hit by five suspicious fires, including an arson fire at a health care facility that helped the homeless. >> and i could yell and scream and whose fault is it, or i could pick up a bag and get this stuff out of here. >> we're doing it because it's
11:47 pm
there. >> chris, that man makes me want to cry. he has done so much. he has so much heart. >> reporter: last year the garbage patch kids pulled 80,000 pounds of trash from the river. >> adversity is nothing new to our area. we flood. and we rebuild. >> reporter: only now they're rebuilding paradise, one bag at a time. joe rosato jr. -- >> i'll sleep a lot better tonight. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> the shot that really brought it home is that time lapse. >> before and after. when you see that. boy, those residents have to a lot to be proud of. good for you in guerneville. meteorologist rob mayeda. talking about a lot of wind. >> and cold temperatures outside right now. the thermometer will be telling you mid- to upper 40s outside. as soon as you step outdoor, it is not going to feel like that. it will feel more like the 30s with wind speeds wrapping up around an area of low pressure that turns stronger as it
11:48 pm
crosses the coast for northern california. mixing towards the bay area, giving it gusty winds still above 40 miles per hour into tomorrow morning. and wind speeds will back off as the low begins to move on. and we'll see temperatures tomorrow mostly in the mid- to upper 50s. so a cool day tomorrow. breezy, just not as gusty as we're seeing right now into tomorrow morning. that will be the case for the afternoon. upper 50s around san jose. mid-50s closer to the coastline tomorrow. north bay temperatures 50 to near 60 in santa rosa. and around the tri-valley tomorrow highs in the upper 50s as the seven-day forecast shows second half of the week we're due future a bit of a warm-up. before we get there, two more storms to track, and the trajectory for the storms instead of going right through california like this one did, they're going to move more towards the pacific northwest. tuesday most of the bay area seeing a chance of getting a little bit of rain of getting out of that system. i think that wednesday, thursday system, the main. pack will be from the peninsula to the north bay. the north bay a good chance of rain wednesday afternoon into thursday. as we move a little further to the south, still some rain for
11:49 pm
tuesday. but maybe less of a chance for the east bay, tri-valley and san jose. then the second half of the week is a bit of a different story. temperatures will begin to climb as high pressure strengthens and strengthens so strongly, by the time we get towards next weekend and super bowl weekend, the entire west coast now starting to clear out. so our temperatures are going to climb up. as we get into friday and saturday, clearing skies. temperatures in the mid-60s. come super bowl sunday, still looks like we're going to see temperatures in the mid-60s. mid afternoon on sunday, probably the warmest day of the next seven days. and that will carry through. super bowl weekend, if you see that, lots of sunshine. 60s a cross the bay area. temperatures warming. not much rain in the forecast that is a bit of issue. from super bowl weekend all the way through the 21st of february. notice the chances are actually for below average rainfall. not towards the end of the month. we begin to see the patterns reverse. and of course we've had a lot of rain through january. haven't seen the drought monitor
11:50 pm
move a whole lot. until just very recently. look what happens here. january 25th into just the last couple of days now. you're starting to see the severity of the drought drop just a little bit. we still need 150 to 200% of average rainfall. what does that look like? here is the rain totals we've had so far. about 100% of average to erase that for your drought. that is how much more we would need. odds are against getting that much rain. so what can we hope for? well, the signs are there in the sierra. we're seeing a snowpack, 111% of average versus 25 last year. the highest since 2011. if the sierra snowpack is up to 150 percent of average, the drought monitor looking better but not completely gone. the drought cannot be erased in one year, but improving conditions as long as the rain and snow totals continue to add on. back to you. . that is so interesting. break that down. >> it's an enjoyable seminar. >> all the data.
11:51 pm
excellent work, rob. thank you so much. coming up next, controversy in hollywood. >> we're going to show you the strong message of some screen actors the s.a.g. awards are sending to the academy. ods. and that sapparenturing las
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
"screeactors guild" awards. several minority actors winning some say there are really two hollywoods. that was apparent during the screen actors guild awards. some minority actors did win. >> the academy award announced this month. it's led to criticism and boycott. nbc's steve patterson tells us about the message some sag winners had for oscar organizers. >> reporter: the night could be summed up with one sentiment. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> reporter: actor idris elba calling it like he saw it. one of several statues awarded to a nonwhite nominee at this year's annual screen actors guild awards. from the nominees to the withiners to the red carpet, this was hollywood's night to
11:54 pm
showcase diversity. >> look at this stage. this is what we talk about. we talk about diversity. >> reporter: all in direct contrast to this year's academy awards nominations. not a single actor of color up for an oscar in any of the major categories. sag winner viola davis says diversity is an ongoing battle. >> we have become a society of trending topics. diversity is not a trending topic. >> reporter: but this oscar season it's become a viral discussion. the #oscarssowhite sparked for a second year in a row. now a hollywood boycott with the academy making changes, diversifying membership. >> it's okay to evolve and change and grow. >> reporter: i think the sag award winners were an absolute rebuke to the academy in their failure to nominate any nonwhite actors. >> reporter: between the two awards shows, there is a sizable difference in voters. the s.a.g. awards have four times as many members voting for its nominees.
11:55 pm
>> i think a message was being sent by the actors that they want a more diverse group of candidates, and they want more diverse winners. >> reporter: last night's celebration of color adding more fuel to the fire for critics that say come oscar night, all we'll see gold and white. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. >> interesting topic there. >> yeah. we'll be right back. stopping by levi's stadium to
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
get a picture with the big "50" sign. today, a belgian malinois a lot of nfl fans have been stopping by levi's stadium to get a picture with that big 50 sign. well, today a belgian malinois named mighty mouskowitz is waving to the camera. he regularly visits sick
11:58 pm
children at stanford's children's hospital. he has a really good heart because he had a rough start to her life. >> as a runt. >> she almost didn't survive. she is happy and very healthy today. >> and knows how to wave. that's pure talent right there. she is adorable. >> speaking of pure talent. >> that's right. mr. rob mayeda. >> i could talk about the numbers. they're on the board right now. we've got winds to talk about tomorrow morning. wind advisories to start the day tomorrow. blustery and cold outside. gusts to 40 around the coastal hills and temperatures for the afternoon climbing. >> stay bundled up out there. >> have a good night and a good week. >> thanks for joining us.
11:59 pm
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