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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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no team members were hurt. they're now at media day and how they got there can be one of their super bowl stories. let's take you to the east bay and some breaking news where a shooting may have led to a multi-car crash on highway 4. this is at the port chicago highway exit in concord. it started when a b.a.r.t. police officer saw people in a gray nissan open fire on another car. the officer followed the nissan. as the driver tried to speed away, he caused a five-car pileup at the exit ramp. at least one car rolled over. investigators say seven peach el were injured, including three people inside the suspect vehicle. none of those injuries are considered life-threatening. we're following more breaking news, this time in san francisco. uber drivers say they're fed up with the company. uber is slashing their pay so the drivers are protesting as we speak. dozens of drivers gathered at candlestick point and are now driving slowly through the city. this is creating a traffic mess and that's exactly what they want to do. a video posted online pie the
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drivers claims that uber fares here in the bay area are 50 cents a mile and drivers are making less than $4 an hour. uber officials say that's not true. we'll bring you more details as they come in. traffic around the city is challenging to say the least. this is our live camera over super bowl city right there in the embark dare caderoembarcade. it's fun, it's free. mike, i went into super bowl city yesterday, i took your advice and took b.a.r.t. it worked out great. >> that's the best way to get in there. i'm going to show you the map behind me, the familiar purple that are closed areas. the attractions are open and aside from getting over there to see raj mathai, which is a big draw, there will be a lot of folks going over to see super bowl city and the nfl experience. right now b.a.r.t. and muni will take you to your specific spots.
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traffic is not that bad. that will continue to build. now today in addition to that traffic for super bowl city we talked about that uber protest. uber has a headquarters at city hall and they're rumored to be going around this area. south of market it is a nightmare. all the activity on that side, the east side. west here it looks really good. we'll track it, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. from san francisco to san jose, security tight, lines long and the excitement is building with tens of thousands of super bowl fans descending on the bay area. the countdown is on. the big game now just five days away. >> a lot of people are buzzing. we have multiple reports this evening. scott budman is in san jose where thousands of fans are with the players, but we begin with peggy bunker at super bowl city in san francisco. beggy, a lot of fun but a lot of frustration as well. >> the traffic has been
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rerouted. parking is a nightmare, but i've got to say from talking to people out here, those most inconvenienced by super bowl city are those who work in the buildings adjacent to super bowl city. that's because they're forced to go through super bowl security every time they go into work. >> the line was all the way down this block and down first street. >> reporter: it's not the line for super bowl city, it's the line to get into her office. lori hawkin has to go through super bowl security just to go to work. >> i have to leave earlier but as soon as i got off b.a.r.t. and saw the line, it was a little shocking. >> reporter: those working in buildings next to super bowl city are forced to go through it too. >> it's a pain. it usually take me 30 minutes. >> reporter: employees say they were warned and even encouraged to work from home. >> they sent e-mails around and forewarned people and have encouraged people to work from home.
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>> oh, yeah, we were warned probably four or five times. >> reporter: san francisco police and special security forces or on every corner, which some say is reassuring. >> i think the police presence makes everyone feel a lot safer, though. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll introduce you for one man who showed up for his first day of work at mission and spear. he was turned away because he didn't have a building i.d. because he had never been there before so super bowl security told him he couldn't come in. you'll meet him coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much, peggy. tonight the fans get a chance to hang out with super bowl players. they'll have to do that in the south bay. a live look at the sap center where fans are lining up to get in for what the nfl calls the super bowl's opening night. it is a q & a with the teams playing in sunday's showdown. scott budman is outside the sap center. scott, a lot less expensive than actually going to the super bowl
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and i bet fans will have fun. >> reporter: yes. for as little as $30 you can get reasonably close to the players as they answer questions and talk about the big game coming up sunday. as you can imagine, there is a ton of security around the event. commuter hour traffic moving very slowly here in downtown san jose with nearby oautumn street shut down. fans do not mind standing in line. opening night runs until 8:00 tonight here at sap center. i am told it's a sellout as far as tickets are concerned. i must say, i haven't seen lines this long around s.a.p. since the one direction concert. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. our coverage continues online on click on the button in the upper left-hand side to see a slide show of super bowl city and that fan experience in san francisco. some other headlines this evening, two of the biggest questions behind that sliding
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san francisco home have been answered. why was it shifting and who's on the hook for replacing this $2 million home? kim is in san francisco at that home. we're looking at the former site of that home. what's the latest there? >> reporter: we can tell you right now, raj, that a leaky water pipe appears to be to blame for the demolition of this $2 million home. the damaged pipe is about four houses up from the home that was demolished. it's an 8-inch line that was cracked along its entire perimeter. city water officials say if that truly is the sole cause, they will take responsibility. this is all that is left of that multimillion dollar home. it was demolished last week after neighbors noticed cracks in the foundation and engineers discovered it was sliding down the hillside. the fate of five other homes in this neighborhood was unclear until engineers this weekend deemed them safe. water officials say they'll be drilling a well on the original
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site to pump out any remaining water and determine if any other factors beside the leaky pipe are to blame. >> the main thing is that we want to make sure that we identify all the causes instead of just assuming that was was the cause and something else has happened. it wouldn't be good for everyone. >> reporter: city water officials say they don't know how long the investigation will take, but they will move, quote, swiftly to deal with the property owner's losses. reporting live in san francisco, i'm kim yonenaka. escape to san jose. three escaped inmates spent nearly a week in the bay area after breaking out of a so cal jail. one of the men appeared before a judge this afternoon. today investigators revealed the inmates kidnapped a taxi driver after the jail break on january 22nd. they stole a van and took the cabbie with them to san jose last week on tuesday. investigators say the man's life was in jeopardy once they
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arrived. >> inmate nayeri and inmate duong have a physical fight inside a motel room. the information we have is that the fight was about whether or not to kill the taxicab drivers and bury his body. >> instead, duong and the taxi driver returned to santa ana where the fugitive surrendered. the two remaining escapees headed to san francisco where police caught them on saturday. it is a big night in politics in iowa. as we speak the time for talk is done. now it's time to caucus. the winner in each party gets a boost going into new hampshire and the rest of the primaries. the polls point to a close race in both parties. nbc's steve handelsman is in des moines this evening. steve, iowa is a small sample but does give the momentum to the winner here. >> reporter: absolutely, raj, which is why the world is watching. out across this state more than 1,000 locations, these caucuses have already begun as of about
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nine minutes ago. the republican process is simpler, they just vote. democrats more convoluted. that's going to take some time. and the latest on the weather here in iowa makes it look like it's going to be less of a factor. no snow by caucus time, which could mean a bigger turnout. to power up her volunteers to get out to vote tonight, hillary clinton brought doughnuts. >> i'm feeling so energized because of all of you. >> reporter: she has slipped to a slight lead in iowa polls. bernie sanders rallied his volunteers to get out the first-time caucuses that he's counting on. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: his workers are signing up first-timers. >> i have never felt as strongly about an election as i do this time. >> reporter: sanders has a big lead in new hampshire polls. >> senator, in order to do well after new hampshire, to achieve the political revolution you talk about, you've got to win here in iowa, right? >> of course not.
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you know, that's media mythology. of course we want to win here in iowa. but if we end up getting two delegates less than hillary clinton has, why is that the end of the world? >> reporter: on the republican side, marco rubio visited volunteers. >> you're going to make a big difference tonight. we're really excited. >> reporter: ted cruz who rose to a lead in iowa polls and then slimmed was in jefferson. >> we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. >> reporter: cruz filled the hall last night. he's counting on evangelicals. donald trump drew a smaller crowd than usual. he needs a big turnout of first-time voters. >> win, lose or draw, i love you folks all. >> reporter: all eyes on trump tonight. will the leader in gop polling grab his first-ever election victory? i'm steve handleman, nbc news, des moines, iowa. >> steve, thank you. our coverage of the iowa caucuses. just in about 20 minutes from now, lester holt anchors nightly news at 5:30 from des moines.
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cold, breezy and clear. for now you're looking at a live picture, but rain could be coming back soon. a live look over san jose. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking the next system with rainfall. we'll have the full timeline and how much you can expect with two systems in two days. and a health scare at a south bay university. one student comes down with a highly contagious infection. the warning that's going out to everyone on campus. i'm mark matthews at city hall where the mayor is welcoming a department of justice information into the police department's use of force. i'll tell you what that information includes and what it doesn't, coming up. san jose.. a man has died at
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"berryessa creek park" after a tree branch fell on we're following some breaking news in san jose. a man has died at berryessa creek park after a tree branch fell on him. this happened about two hours ago. the park is right next to majestic way school. the victim could be an elderly man, falling branches have been a problem in the last 24 hours with all of our wind. we do have a crew arriving on the scene and will bring you the very latest. san jose.. a man has died at
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"berryessa creek park" after a tree branch fell on him. we're following some breaking news in san jose. i want to repeat the story here. a man has died at berryessa creek park after a tree branch fell on him. this happened just a couple of hours ago. the park is next to majestic way school. the victim could possibly be an elderly man. now, falling branches have been a problem over the last 24 hours with all of our wind. we'll have a crew on the scene arriving there now. we'll bring you the very latest coming up at 6:00.
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let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have had high wind advisory, even yesterday and a lot of wind. >> it has been and that really is the biggest story, at least the past 24 hours. are those gusty winds and the cold, blustery air moving across the bay area. even the wind around 20 miles per hour could take down some trees. you want to be very careful out there with a lot of those old oaks scattered throughout the bay area. as we get a look right now, winds at 17 miles per hour in san francisco. yes, it's gusty but again we're on the downward side of this wind event so we should see it calm down through tomorrow. as that wind will continue to kick up again tonight, it's making that 54 in the south bay feel at times like the upper 40s. east bay at 54 and san francisco coming in at 51. we do have some big changes coming our way for tomorrow morning, namely the return of rainfall. this will bring back the chance here of rain for the entire bay area. up to the north bay starting at 39 degrees.
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for the east bay 40 degrees. and right across the south bay we'll begin as cold as 43. here's what we're tracking, two different storm systems in two days. neither one of these storm systems is overly strong that's moving in. again, at least it will get the ground wet and continue to help the drought slowly and keep that fire danger down. that first system again is offshore tonight by 11:30, not expecting any accumulations across the bay area. once we hit 6:30 in the morning tomorrow, we'll see heavier rainfall develop up into the north bay. scattered areas of rainfall from san francisco down to san jose. by 10:30 in the morning, heavier rainfall develop throughout the peninsula and the south basemy.t by the afternoon on tuesday we start to dry out. next storm system lines up just behind that as we head into wednesday afternoon's forecast. by wednesday evening that's when it looks like we'll see the return of more scattered rainfall to the bay area.
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so again, neither storm system looks overly strong. the totals i would love to see this a lot higher, it's not going to happen. we're looking at a quarter inch for the south bay, about the same in san francisco and orinda and very similar numbers for santa rosa and napa. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. we get the best chance of rain in the morning. by the afternoon a few sun breaks to a partly sunny and mostly cloudy sky. that will put san jose at 57 degrees. back into morgan hill 55. for the peninsula 56 in san mateo and in san francisco, you can see more 50s here. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, carbon copy forecast for napa, santa rosa, mill valley, right across the east bay and the tri-valley. no major temperature extremes expected throughout tuesday, just those chilly 50s. as we get a look ahead at the next 15 days, once again rainfall returns tomorrow morning. another chance wednesday evening. high pressure comes back for
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super bowl weekend to keep it dry and we likely may not see a return to wetter weather and stronger storms until february 15th through the 17th. we'd like to see more with el nino happening in february, but right now we'll just deal with this. >> dry for super bowl sunday. very convenient. still ahead here at 5:00, google got it. the title that google just took from apple. and the feds give chipotle an all clear but is it enough? the questions no one has been able to answer in the fast food chain's e. coli investigation. south bay police need help in
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identifying this man. detectives say he committed a police in the south bay need help identifying this man. detectives say he committed a violent crime in an upscale neighborhood. two weeks ago he knocked on the front door of a saratoga home and assaulted the elderly man who answered. he ran off when the man's wife confronted him and activated the alarm system. the injured homeowner is still recovering from serious head wounds. a call for help ends with a deadly shooting. it happened in newark yesterday on bridge point drive right by lincoln elementary school. police responded to a report of a suicidal man with a gun. they tried to talk the man into
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putting the gun down but an officer fired his rifle after the man pointed at officers. a clean bill of health for chipotle. federal investigators say the e colie could you tell break is over. they still don't know the source of the contamination but there have been no new cases since december 1st. last year you might recall two separate outbreaks sickened 60 people across 14 states. a warning at santa clara university. a student was hospitalized with meningitis after becoming sick last night. other students who may have come in close contact with that person are asked to come forward because they may need to take preventive antibiotics. meningitis is a rare infection which causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. making investors very happy, alphabet is reporting more than
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$21 billion in revenue last quarter, beating expectations. its stock is soaring in after-hours trading. if it continues tomorrow when the market happens, google will most likely overthrow apple as the world's most valuable company. well, the news isn't so good from yahoo! tonight. the sunnyvale tech giant is expected to layoff some 1600 employees. that's about 15% of the company's workforce. the details on the layoff are expected tomorrow after the company's quarterly earnings report comes out. so who's it going to be, the broncos or the panthers? the champion won't be crowned until sunday evening but there are already winners in a different sort of field helping young people succeed. >> 509 profits were awarded half a million dollars each by the super bowl 50 fund this week. we'll show you who they are and what they're doing with that money. garvin thomas joins us with more. >> reporter: the nfl calls the grants game-changers, not only because the nonprofits they go to change the lives of young
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people but the money will hopefully change the nonprofits for the better too. juma ventures has been giving young people jobs and much more for more than 20 years. you in fact might have already met a juma ventures success story at at&t park and more recently levi's stadium. juma has contracts at both those and many more sports facilities for their youth to work as concession vendors. great opportunities in a tough market for teens, though the job is just the start at juma. >> we're one of the only organizations that combines both being able to employ a young person and offer them a college savings program. in addition to that we round it off with a supportive case management structure. the power of three is not what you see often. >> it's been good. >> reporter: over its two-decade history, juma has helped more than 5,000 young people. 300 a year just in the bay area.
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rachel and bishwa say their prospects are much brighter. >> if you have questions along the process, they'll answer and beside by side with you. >> reporter: the $500,000 unrestricted grant from the 50 fund will help expand the juma model even further, both in size and scope. the super bowl is promoting itself as the most philanthropic ever. in addition to these five game-changers, there were 50 other nonprofits that got smaller donations and it adds up to a lot of money. >> that's terrific. thank you, garvin. finally here at 5:00, president obama can put his white house basketball court to good use this week. here come the warriors. after they play the washington wizards on wednesday, steph curry and the guys will drop in on the president. thursday's white house visit will celebrate the team's nba title. the team will give president
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obama -- how many of these jerseys does he have? a custom warriors jersey. it's a small number of delegates but a big night for both parties. i want to show you a live look from the democratic caucus, precinct 15 in des moines. lester holt is there this evening covering our live coverage of the iowa caucus. >> we'll tune in with lester in just a little while. before we go we want to check in with jeff ranieri. it's like the nfl called you and said please clear the skies for sunday. >> we're doing what we can, guys. it has all been about the wind the past 24 hours. you can see it has calmed down quite a bit from yesterday when gusts were 20 to 50 miles per hour. it's still blustery. you want to watch out for any tree limbs as the ground is saturated right now out of the northwest at 16 in san jose, northwest at 15 to about 20 in san francisco. so what's to come as we head throughout the next 15 days? pause and just digest this. you can see tomorrow morning rainfall returns across the bay
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area. it's going to be wet for the commute in the morning and then dry out by afternoon. wednesday evening another chance of scattered rainfall comes back. now, neither one of those storm systems looks overly strong. we're talking about only a quarter of an inch with both of these storms on tuesday and wednesday. high pressure is back by super bowl weekend. that will bring us dry weather the way it looks now on saturday and most importantly on sunday. and then what about this el nino? we're in february, one of the wettest historical months when it comes to bay area weather. we may not get back into a wetter weather pattern until february 14th and the 17th the way we see it as of today. that's a look at our long-range forecast over the next 15 days. specifically for the super bowl at levi's stadium not in san francisco but in santa clara, i know we get a lot of buzz about san francisco, but it's happening down here in the south bay, 67 at 3:00 p.m. right around kickoff and then 60s by
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4:00 and also 5:00. >> it's a biting wind outside right now. >> it's chilly. >> for our east coast friends, this is cold for us. thanks for joining us. lester holt is next. breaking news. tonight the voting begins in iowa as the nation takes its first step toward electing a new president. after months of campaigning, tens of millions spent, the final polls show just how close it is on both sides. can trump close the deal, or will cruz take down the front-runner? and can marco rubio surprise with a strong showing? and for hillary clinton, can she fight off a surging bernie sanders, or will 2008 repeat itself in another devastating loss? it's all about turnout. the ground game, and a wild sprint to the dramatic finish tonight. "nightly news" from iowa begins right now. >> announcer: decision


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