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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> it is cold in the studio and it is cold outside. we will have this cool air all throughout the day with this rain moving in. and we're even getting a look at some snow now falling over mt. hamilton. some of our higher elevations getting in on some very cool and wet weather. it's also moving into san jose making those roads wet. watch out for that as you head out the door. we're seeing those showers this morning and it will impact the morning commute and by this evening it's all out of here. our highs today will only reach the low to mid-50s and much warmer air is in the forecast. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> starting with highway 101 in palo alto. slicker roadways and the sheen and the mist kicking up behind the cars. the big billboard north 101 at university. folks getting off towards ikea and the shopping area. you see that in palo alto. the road weather index indicates with the green highlighting to look at the slick highways all
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over the bay now. you move north and see that coming down through san rafael and novato down to the 101 and slick roadways and an easy drive so far. back to you. kicking off your drive this morning and we're kicking off the start of the election season officially. decision 2016. a nailbiting night for the iowa caucuses with an unexpected republican winner and a historically close democratic race. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is tracking the results for us. so close, kris, we just learned who won on the democratic side a few hours ago. >> you might have gone to bed not knowing that hillary clinton squeaked out that win. i know i went to bed before knowing the final count. take a look at how close it was. the percentages equal. 50% each. but if you look at the number in the parentheses there. that five-vote difference gives hillary clinton the win. she gets one extra delegate. it was a historically close race, as you said, that was anything but to start. when this all started back in
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april, clinton had a 40-point lead in iowa. >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa! >> iowa, thank you! >> ted cruz is also thanking iowa, as well, for a more definitive win. cruz got 28% of the votes. donald trump was four percentage points back. marco rubio just one point behind trump. and rubio surges really just one of the surprises of the night. the other is that donald trump who, as we all have heard has always said if you're not first, you're last. if you're not first, you're a loser. he said he was happy to be second. >> we finished second. and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. >> tonight iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming.
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morning is coming. >> and that a biblical reference. we also know that there are two fewer candidates in the pools. both one drop out on the democratic side and martin o'malley said he is seizing his campaign. on the republican side, mike huckabee also deciding to fold his campaign. and you might be saying at this point they were still in the race because they were really so far back. we're talking about single digit percentage points in the polls. laura? >> one to watch, thanks a lot. what is to take away from last night's results coming up in the next ten minutes what the iowa caucuses mean for the candidates now moving forward. back on the local level now. new this morning, a hominid construction in the oakland hills no more after an overnight fire. it broke out just before 11:00 last night on hood street. right near the oakland zoo. by the time crews got there, the house completely engulfed in flames. took them about 80 minutes to get that fire under control.
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we talked to a neighbor that described the moment he knew the house was on fire. >> i came outside and wasn't nobody around and i went over there and looked at it to investigate to see what was going on ask it was real high and somebody was banging on the window and everything like that. so, i called 911. >> no one was inside the house because the house is under going a remodel. the cause of the fire still under investigation. it is time and this morning investigators will try to begin to figure out what caused a tree to topple on a man killing him. it happened at a popular park. now, neighbors are concerned about other trees there. "today in the bay" bob redell live in san jose. several factors investigators are looking into. >> they will be. good morning to you, laura. tree inspectors expected out here later this morning to try to figure out what made this large 70-foot eucalyptus tree fall down on that walking path. some of the factors that they will be considering.
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they'll see if this tree was weakened by recent winds and whether the drought had some sort of impact or the water running by its roots on the creek bed or possibly something else altogether. it fell around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. it killed a man. the coroner has yet to release his identity, but police say he was older than 60. witnesses told police that more people could have been hurt or killed. >> there were words that we got that there was some kids that were kind of in the area and they were able to move out of the way to safety before the tree hit the ground. >> we spoke to a couple of people who live around the park who think the tree's health might have played a role. they are worried about other trees that don't look good and hoping the city will inspect those, as well. again, a tree inspector expected out here within the next few hours. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. think about the fact that we've seen trees topple on playgrounds
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and schools over the course of the next year. >> i even heard a reporter in san diego covering a tree collapse and got hit by a tree themselves. all right, some break in the storms right now. cold weather to greet us this morning. kari has a look at the radar. >> we have wet conditions all across san francisco over towards the east bay and san jose where we see that rain is coming down now. so, creating some slick conditions on those roads. grab the umbrella. we will only see this rain falling throughout the next couple of hours and, once again, we've been tracking this snow as it continues to move across some of the hills. as we go into the rest of the day, we will see spotty, light rain during the morning commute, but then by lunchtime we'll start to see that clearing out of the north bay. san francisco and parts of the east bay. later on tonight we will get ready for the next round of rain as it approaches in from the west. temperatures will be cool. only reaching the low to mid-50s. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> kari, san mateo bridge saw
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rain earlier and now it looks clear. a lot of mist on the lens earlier and you still see slick conditions on the span itself. the wind calmer we judge by the tarp blowing around yesterday. we show you the maps and we do see the effects of that rain coming down the area. as kari is talking about. anywhere north of the san mateo bridge and see that move south through the south bay and the road weather index the green highlighting that hits the roadway and indicating wet roads. our live camera right here 101 at 680 still okay. those roadways are dry. watch for those in patches. >> good advice, thank you, mike. super bowl l hype in full swing this morning and why not? we're only five days away. people are starting to show up in anticipation of the big game. >> steph, super bowl city only expected to get even more crowder as we inch closer to sunday. >> yeah, laura and sam, we've already seen that it's made it messier for people who work in this area. it's wet outside today. some rain going on.
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we'll have to see as more people decide to telecommute and avoid super bowl city altogether today. we already see security out here. it was especially tough for people like siad. he had his first day of work at his new office at mission and spear. the problem, he doesn't have his work i.d. yet so super bowl security would not let him through. that's what's happening here. office buildings at or around super bowl city are requiring people to go through security every time they enter, which is driving some of the long lines in the morning and after lunch. >> they sent e-mails around and they forewarn people and have encouraged people to work from home if they don't have to be in the building. >> and she was not the only one to mention that employers issued warnings far in advance about these possibly long lines with encouraging employees to work from home during this particular week. san francisco police and special security forces are on ever corner. we've already seen some here this morning.
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we'll also have to see how vehicle traffic does this morning, again, with the wet roads out here, especially with these closures. we won't see until a little bit later this morning, later in the am commute. but we're hoping and organizers are really hoping that people heed the warnings to avoid driving in this area altogether. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> our coverage continues online at click on the button in the upper left-hand corner to see a slide show of pictures from super bowl city and the nfl fan experience in san francisco. coming up, we have the winners, but what does that mean? we break down the iowa caucuses and the take aways for the candidates. our decision 2016 coverage
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our decision 2016 coverage continuing now. two official winners for the iowa caucuses overnight. a narrow win for hillary clinton. historically close and ted cruz scored a bit of an upset over donald trump. >> what does it all mean for candidates down the road? for that we turn to "today in the bay" tracie potts live in des moines this morning. tracie, how does the iowa caucuses impact the rest of the election? >> well, if you take a look forward, the next stop on this train is new hampshire. what hillary clinton may have learned in iowa that is going to help her there, do not discount bernie sanders. his organization or his supporters. yes, she won, but she barely won. it it took them all night to count those delegates. to count the vote. and in the end, she only won by 0.3. bernie sanders said all along his expectations were that he do
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very well here, if not win. and now we know going into a state where he's already running strong, hillary clinton can't discount him. what ted cruz may have learned here is that he's got a different game to play in new hampshire. this was an area where he knew how to play the ground game. evangelical voters who supported him in troves. even though some drifted over to donald trump. but he had the people on the ground. he's going to have to try to replicate that in new hampshire where he's not nearly as strong in the polls. >> tracie, you make a really interesting point which is that ted cruz invested a lot of resources. manpower in iowa. but now moving forward to new hampshire and beyond, how do you stratjz when you haven't put the sorts of dollars and grassroots efforts in the other primaries? >> exactly. because momentum and the name winner is only going to carry you so far. look, ted cruz is not out of this race after new hampshire.
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even if he doesn't do well. he goes into the other areas like the south and nevada where he can be more competitive against donald trump. we learned a lot from watching all this play out, especially with marco rubio. who knew he would be not only number three, but such a close number three. there were times last night when it looked like he may overtake donald trump based oon the precincts that were out. he certainly proved himself to be competitive. as we've seen in the debate and as we've seen on the campaign trail, ted cruz has got to look both ways. in front and in back. >> we're just getting started. we have months to go, tracie, you'll be a very busy woman. thanks. happening today, president obama and white house speaker paul ryan set to meet one-on-one for the first time. they'll have a lunch meeting today in the oval office that will include mitch mcconnell. the men are expected to discuss the president's 2017 fiscal budget request among other hot topics.
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it's probably going to be a tough day thousands of workers at yahoo!. >> or scott mcgrew as they call themselves, yahoos. >> probably a misplaced term today. yahoo! will report its quarterly profits today. a time to open the financial books to investors. time to make major announcements like restructuring or layoffs. we don't know for sure they're coming but all the markers are there. yahoo! will make the announcement after the close of trading today. we suspect they'll cut thousands. no layoffs at google. in fact the company said it it added more than 8,000 jobs in the quarter. its numbers were so good, google's share price will no doubt rise and google will overtake apple as the most valuable company in the world today. that's huge. now, some headlines say google has already done that. but google has a super complicated stock structure with three class. so, i'm saying they haven't yet, but they will. those are my numbers. let's get a check of the other numbers. landon dowdy has those at cnbc world headquarters.
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good morning. >> hi there, scott. wall street could see red arrows at the open today. futures are lower and tostocks d nearly flat. a top federal reserve official about potential interest rate hikes this year a big drop in oil prices and look for earnings today from exxon mobil and pfizer. the dow slipping 17 points to 16449. the nasdaq rising 6 to 4620. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you much. sam and laura, i think you'll have differing opinions on this. united airlines will go back to the old system of allowing families with small children to board the airplane first. i heard a yes! they dropped that policy about four years ago and a few other airlines don't do it any more, as well. i'm in favor of it. i can remember how hard it is to walk down that aisle with two kids and a car seat and then when you board before they do and you see them and the little boy or little girl who is getting a suitcase here and
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there in the head. this is bate e better system. >> i'm glad we could both celebrate with a yes when you said that. >> i'm all for the kids. are you kidding? >> just don't sit by me. >> that's true. the crying. well, whatever, you just have to know how to talk to them. thank you very much, scott. happening later today. the second sierra snow survey of the winter could lead to good news. the state's water shortage. state leaders are waiting right now on today's results to decide whether to extend emergency water conservation orders. the department of water resources says that while january storms have improved water levels at state reservoirs, you probably noticed that. still a long way to go to significantly impact the dent of the drought. the first survey taken in december showed the highest snow pack levels in five year. >> i'm just excited snow shoes to go out. >> they could use sandals last year. >> pretty much. >> they already did. >> maybe get a snow sample.
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>> it's snowing there now. maybe they want to head over to parts of the bay area to check out the snow step there. let's take a live look outside now. in san jose, the rain is coming down and the temperatures are chilly. yes, we've been talking about some snow in some of our mountain peaks. as we go into the rest of the day, some of those showers sinking to the south. we will only have to see this through the morning and then by the evening commute, it all starts to clear out. now, this is what i've been talking about that. that rain moving through san jose and then the bright blues, which indicate some snow there. and, once again, that is right over the area of mt. hamilton. as our temperatures now start out in the low to mid-40s, let's drop in on the south bay to see what's happening there. 41 degrees in livermore and 41 in dublin and alamo now at 43 degrees as you head out the door. make sure the kids have on an extra layer and the rain boots. at least to start out the day as our temperatures will only top
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out in the low to mid-50s this afternoon. this is well below average, but as you take a look at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, it it warms up significantly by the start of next week. the futurecast shows a couple more waves of rain and then as we go into tonight, mostly cloudy skies into the start of the day tomorrow. it is still dry, but then look at what happens as we go into the afternoon. tomorrow's evening commute will be wet as that rain starts to move into the north bay. it will also move into the rest of the bay area, once again, by that evening commute. rainfall totals between these two systems looked like about 0.1 for san jose. little bit higher and closer to 0.5 for parts of the north bay. heading into this weekend it all clears out and it it will be perfect and highs in the upper 60s. even hitting 70 degrees in the north bay on sunday. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving.
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>> kari, first, a couple live shots. here a steadier camera than yesterday. the wind is calmer and bay bridge getting into san francisco. little low. moisture in the air and let's look at the golden gate bridge. that rain having come through and left slick roadways in many patches around the bay. pick out two spots for you, as well. for commuters, we'll look to thes and see that. a crash reported westbound 24 and not in the tunnel, though, outside the tunnel. but the slowing comes eastbound. so, we're sorting things out there. dozen look like they are related. an overnight crew and the green all over our maps indicate those slick roadways. in the city you saw steph chuang or maybe you'll see her in a couple minutes. remember, yesterday, lines for security getting into the area, yes, pedestrians, as well. the rest of the vehicles, of course, that might need to make deliveries in the periphery and slowing through the area. of course, if there is rain t it will complicate things, as well. we'll track that. green surface streets moving well. right now the rest of your bay
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shows more slick roadways all over the bay and be careful, all the traffic is very light right now. 5:20. coming up an international emergency. the action being taken by the world health organization amid the explosive of the zika virus. and the warning to california residents this morning. nbc bay area microclimate weather alert. we made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. you click on the bar that says weather alerts. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm vicky nguyen and that's how to stay informed.
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a developing story regarding the recent zika virus out. the california department of public health is warning people to take precautions against mosquito bites. health officials advise people to remove standing water near their home and apply insect repellent when necessary. six confirmed cases of the virus in the state all contracted while traveling outside of the country. the world health organization has declared an international emergency over the rapid spread of zika. the w.h.o. says there could be as many as 4 million cases of zika in the americas, i should say, in the next year. the group held an emergency session to evaluate the outbreak after a number of cases were linked to birth defects that result in abnormally small heads
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in newborns. >> all agree on the urgent need to coordinate international efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. >> the last time an emergency designation was used in 2014 was over the ebola virus. back then the world health organization was criticized over what was called a slow response. well, it's a very tough decision for one school district. it's grappling with an idea that most parents probably wish they did not have to think about. a san francisco unified school'sy voted last night to support a plan to expand the district's high school condom availability program to middle schools. planners say it would still be difficult for students to get the condoms and they would first have to receive counseling from a school nurse or a social worker. parents we spoke to are very divided about this issue. >> they're only in sixth grade. sixth or eighth grade. no, i'm not in favor of that. >> go for it. they need to be speaking to an adult. >> the recent survey found 5% of
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middle school students are actually sexually active. but only 3% of those who are sexually active use condoms. the full board will now consider that plan and decide whether or not it is going to approve it. 5:26. happening today. a pivotal moment in the case against bill cosby. his lawyers will ask a pennsylvania judge to throw out the criminal case against him. cosby admitted in the deposition he had a series of oaffairs and had obtained qualudz and gave his accuser before an encounter at his home. he would not be charged if he testified in his accuser's 2005 civil lawsuit. an intense night for presidential candidates. the winners and losers from last night's caucuses. stuck around super bowl city and i'm not just talking about road traffic. i'm stephanie chuang live here in san francisco with what
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people who weren't trying to come to this fan village are dealing with. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪
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thank you very much for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we want to check the forecast. some rain coming across the bay area. chilly temperatures, too, as we take a look at the radar, we see the showers moving in and even some snow showers in parts of the hills and farther off towards the east. now, in the bay area, take a look at these temperatures now. it's 4 degrees in the south bay. 44 degrees in the north bay and highs will only reach the mid-50s in san francisco. 53 degrees in the east bay and tri-valley up to 55 degrees. speaking of the tri-valley. mike, how is it looking there? >> kari, the traffic flow is all right. we'll have show you a bigger view with our speed sensors. and you see that it's slick. the sheen on there as the rain traveled through the area. not leaving a huge impact, but some slick roadways will be a factor. we'll look at your map as that volume builds coming out of the altamont pass that little
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slowing into livermore and the cameras and a smooth drive for the dublin interchange. tough to see the green speed sensors and we have a nice slow down starting in the south bay. we'll show that to you coming up, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. moving on to decision 2016 and iowa voters provide the first moments for the race for president with a nailbiter and an upset. kris sanchez crunching the numbers for us this morning and, kris, a tight race for both sides. >> we were just talking off camera that some of the precincts deitted issed with a coin flip because when things got really tight and really close, that's how they decide in iowa. we're not talking about traditional voting the way you and i do here at the polls here. you have gone to bed not knowing that hillary clinton did squeak out that win over bernie sanders. look at how close it was. the percentages are equal. each at 50%. but the numbers in the parentheses.
5:32 am
that five. that difference of five people caucus goers gives clinton the win there. it was a historically close race that was anything but to start back in april when they started clinton had a 40-point lead in iowa. >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! >> iowa thank you! >> ted cruz also thanking iowa, as well. but for a more definitive win. cruz got 28% of the votes. donald trump was four percentage points back marco rubio just one point behind trump and, again, i'm calling them votes, but that is getting simplistic to try to make sense of things. rubio surge is one surprise of the night and the other is that donald trump has always said if you're not first, you're last. if you're not a winner, you're a loser. said he was humbled to be second. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> this is the moment they said
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would never happen. >> tonight iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming. >> now the candidates had to leavave iowa. some on the democratic side because there was a blidered he headed that way and they need to get to the next contest. democrat martin ooo'malley and mike huckabee each suspended their campaigns after single-digit showings in iowa. laura and sam. >> as you said, doesn't mean a lot of people knew they were still running at that point. thank you very much. we're inching closer to the big game. have we mentioned that? super bowl l now five days away and thousands of fans already piling into the bay area. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in san francisco. super bowl city expected to get more crowded as we inch closer to sunday.
5:34 am
got your umbrella up, too. >> i got it out because the rain has picked up in the last few minutes to a steady sprinkle. the question is, will this rain end more super bowl city traffic and tie up the roads here? we won't see until later in the am commute. but bad traffic for people waiting in the security line here around super bowl city. trying to get in. we're not talking about people trying to come here to the fan village, but those trying to get to work. san francisco police and special security forces are on every corner. people who work in the area say their employers did warn them very early on about potential for a long line with some even encouraging those employees to work from home this entire week. now, others who decided to come said they just wanted to try getting an early start first. >> i saw the lines down. down the side of the building. it was a little bit shocking. >> office buildings around or near super bowl city are requiring all the tenants to go through super bowl city every
5:35 am
time they enter which is driving the long lines and especially in the morning and after lunch. so the point is, if you don't have your work id, you're not going in. some employees say they do feel more protected with all the police around and that may be true for other groups like students. we know that for instance 40 groups from mlk junior elementary will be here taking a field trip this morning. maybe the security here is something that they and their parents will appreciate. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, steph. stay dry out there. super bowl l madness is also piling into the south bay. a live look right now at the sap center this morning where the red carpet rolled out last night for the league's inaugural opening night event. it's where the super bowl teams come face-to-face with the media and primetime in what has traditionally been known as media day in the past. opening night complete with orange wigs still had that familiar flair of characters
5:36 am
asking the players equally as interesting questions. questions for the newly crowned miss universe. >> ask them if they have a victory dance or a team hand shake or a victory hand shake maybe. >> i love it. it's support. that's why you continue to do it. you want to put smiles on someone else's face and you want the same in return. >> a lot of fans ecstatic about the opportunity to be this close to the players. the super bowl also a homecoming for a player very familiar to niners nation. broncos tight end vernon davis enjoying the advantages of playing at levi stadium. >> just gather myself for a moment. like, wow, i'm actually back in san jose. i get to go home and sleep in my bed. you know, i'm playing in the super bowl this is amazing. it's really amazing. >> back now to the business of football. broncos quarterback peyton manning hinted that super bowl l could be his final nfl game.
5:37 am
our coverage continues online at click on the button in the upper left-hand corner to see a slide show of pictures from super bowl city and the nfl fan experience in san francisco. all new this morning, a commuter train on the peninsula hit and killed a person who was walking on the tracks. this happened just after 8:00 last night right near 25th avenue in san mateo. service was slowed down for a couple of hours while investigators canvassed that area. transit officials say that thises cal train's first fatality of 2016. 5:37 and a traveling scene in the south bay. a 70-foot tall tree toppled on a man in san jose killing him. now, investigators want to find out how it it happened. it it happened in the bay area neighborhood of san jose at a popular park. "today in the bay" bob redell live in san jose with now concern from residents. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura. people who live around the park a few we spoke with questioned whether this 70-foot eucalyptus
5:38 am
tree which you can still see is laying here. they question whether it fell because it was sick or unhealthy. a tree inspector is expected out here later this morning to try to determine whatted this tree to topple around 3:00 yesterday afternoon killing a man who police say was over 60 years old. the coroner has yet to release his identity. the tree inspector will consider possible several factors. did the drought play a role? what about winds or the fact that the nearby creek ran through the tree's roots. nearby residents are hoping the inspector examines other trees in the park, as well, that they believe look unhealthy. >> happening all over. just dangerous. something that needs to be taken a look at around here and just lots of kids around here. >> and police tell us that there were kids actually around the tree yesterday afternoon who had to move out of the way as it fell, but they were unhurt. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:38 right now. police searching for a hit and run driver responsible for
5:39 am
severely injuring a young child last night. this is the car involved in that crime. a brown or gold colored sedan. witnesses say the 5-year-old was hit in the middle of san marco street in fairfield. right near an elementary school kyle elementary. the driver never stopped and after striking the child just sped off. thankfully the child is expected to survive. it is 5:39 right now. want to check the forecast for today because we're getting a little bit of rain out there, kari. >> a wet start to the day. anywhere from san francisco on down the peninsula and parts of the east bay, but we've seen the heaviest rain now moving across parts of the south bay and it continues to move closer to gilroy and we're also picking up on snow on some of our peaks. into the rest of the day, we will still have the scattered showers through the morning commute. but then by noon we start to see this rain clearing out. we even get a mix of sun and clouds. but it it will be a chilly day as our highs will only reach into the low 50s.
5:40 am
now it's 44 degrees in the east bay and south bay, as well as the peninsula and san francisco, as you step out the door, it is 48 degrees. we'll talk more about this rain and what to expect as we head into tomorrow with even more rain moving in. but let's see how things are moving in the south bay now with mike. >> kari, even though that rain came through this particular camera didn't see a lot of wet roadway. not much roadway at all because it's filled in with this traffic north 101. that's the burst we often see right here. it it looks like there might be a crash although i couldn't see it in the camera scan we just did. we'll look at your map and show you just north of 680. little heavy even for a tuesday right now at this particular moment. we're showing a smooth flow of traffic for 87 and 85 and around the bay that green that highlights and obscures the view of our green chicklets which are speed sensors at the limit and wet roadways around the bay. shows mostly green through the tri-valley and over here in the east bay.
5:41 am
later commute start already showing up for tuesday. we may have some folks as we have been talking about with stephanie perhaps keeping their commute to themselves but we have the bay bridge metering lights on and looking at golden gate bridge with slick roadways. that's what you'll find in many patches. our super bowl l coverage continues. how protest iters are trying to take advantage of all this publicity this week. we already know who wins according to that madden video game. don't tune in if you don't want to be spoiled. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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what's in a platform? a lot. all eyes on the bay area and the days leading up to super bowl and the focus on incelebrations from the south bay to san francisco has also become a grand stage for groups that are protesting. last night uber drivers for one protested pay cuts staging a demonstration from candlestick park all the way to downtown san francisco and uber headquarters. that snarled traffic for hours. the driver said they wanted their voices heard. >> this will wake them up. you know, it's like david and goliath. >> 40,000 driver partners throughout the bay area. and, you know, i think for many of them, i think our message to
5:45 am
them is that we realize that, you know, price cuts are difficult. >> and we did say groups plural. the justice for mario woods coalition also welcomed the nfl to san francisco during weekend festivities. that group calling for police reform. police say that people do have the to protest, but not the right to break the law. it's 5:45 right now. all eyes point to the raiders staying in oakland, at least for now. both city leaders and mark davis say working on a lease extension for next season. mayor libby shaft says she's not personally involved in the talks with the raider but believes a deal will get done. handling negotiations for the lease extension withes. happening today, yahoo! reports earnings and some critics of the company promise to use the moment to protest what they say are illegal ivory sale sales by yahoo!. they ban all sales of ivory products and the company admits
5:46 am
enforcement could be difficult in places like japan, where some ivory sales are still legal. yahoo! japan recently rolled out tougher ivory sales policies, along with tither monitoring, but demonstrators today still plan to gather outside of hue san francisco offices. chances are yahoo! employees won't notice. they're worried about the job. >> talk of restructuring within that company. >> these earnings calls are also an opportunity for companies to make big announcements. certainly yahoo! employees are used to some of these layoffs. we've heard of here and there layoffs the company for months but "wall street journal is talking about as many as 1,600 jobs announced today. well, thousands of jobs could be on the line. really no options left for yahoo!. let's talk about wall street. wall street did not do very well because of low oil prices, once again. we're watching the futures quite lower this morning, as well.
5:47 am
what should we talk about next? we talk about lucy koh. a judge in silicon valley. one of silicon valley's most favorite, in fact. she may move up to the ninth circuit court of appeals. "the mercury news" mentioned that. a big promotion. long been talked about in silicon valley, but now it may actually happen. koh is best known as the vjudge in the apple samsung. electronic arts has made its prediction of the super bowl using madden football video game. ea has been accurate in the past predicting not just the winner, but how they win. in this case, ea says the panthers will win 24-20. totally shutting out the broncos in the first half and then there's a huge comeback by denver. but not enough. again, according to themming this over and over on madden football, but i think we ought to run it a few more times this
5:48 am
afternoon and we'll just all sit on the couch and research. >> run to vegas and put your odds on it. >> did you see 11 out of 13 times in the super bowl madden has been right. >> off the top of my head, they've been correct 11 of 13. >> probably better odds than you're getting from vegas. thank you very much, scott mcgrew. a south bay nudist camp accused of stealing water. authorities say in 2014, the owner of lupin lodge near los gatos diverted water from the nearby creek. prosecutors eventually dropped charges against three other people. but yesterday the resort'ser agreed to a no contest plea avoiding jailtime. instead, she'll receive probation and community service. well, that looks bad. a pretty scary sight caught on video at a southern california tiki restaurant but you might
5:49 am
say the tika gods were smiling. that's because the 100-foot tall palm tree that crashed through the roof of the tiki lounge just missed four people sitting on the patio. another eight folks had just left the exact same area. this happened in ventura. strong winds blew through southern california all day on sunday. the tree came to a rest on, what else, but a tiki statue and nobody was hurt. >> that's a tii -- >> that's right. >> southern california tiki room, but not the one at disney world. >> where the birds sing and the flowers bloom. >> little bit too much tiki history. you're scaring me right now. 5:49. quick check of your weather. bit of a wet start on your tuesday. >> it is soggy as you head out the door. you need to bundle up along with the rain boots and umbrella because temperatures are cool, too. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge as we get the day started with some soggy weather, but it it will not end that way. but our temperatures really will
5:50 am
not change much. but as you take a look at the seven-day forecast as it comes up at the bottom of the screen, we will have some major changes in the forecast for the weekend. it is looking pretty much perfect. but it's really good that we're getting some rain in here now, as well, as we continue to see these showers moving into san francisco, as well as oakland and then down the peninsula over towards san jose and we've had some light snow falling on mt. hammel this morning. temperatures are in the mid-40s. upper 40s for san francisco as we get a closer look. the temperature in the castro now 47 degrees and 47 also and we're seeing those temperatures in the upper 30s north bay. highs will be reaching into the low to mid-50s today. so, it will be cool all throughout the afternoon. and, once again, the rain will only be during the morning and cloudies the rest of the day. a look at the futurecast. by 9:00 oor 10:00, we have scattered rain moving in and a
5:51 am
light wind. chilly temperatures into the rest of the day. as we will only see, once again, those highs not reaching that warm. and then into tomorrow, we'll have another round of rain moving in. this time during the evening commute. and then we'll be done with the rain the rest of the week. and our rainfall totals really don't look like it will be that much. up to 0.1 in san jose and maybe 0.4 in santa rosa. into the rest of the forecast, we are looking now at the sierra with the snow wrapping up today and then, once again, another round tomorrow. we see those showers falling and snow showers there and the snowfall totals don't really look that high but it may be just enough to make those roads a little trech, especially as you go through some of they parts of the roads. about one to four inches of snow between now and tomorrow. the weekend forwarms it it up. dries it out. a lot of sunshine. high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s on sunday in the south bay.
5:52 am
let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> all right, kari, the san mateo bridge moves well. see the volume build a bit and you don't see as much mist or drizzle and here this tarp. that was an indicator of the wind yesterday. we're very high tech here and today is very. there you go. different conditions. we're looking at your map and a fender bender getting over towards that toll plaza. it is out of olanes and more cars in lanes for 880 southbound just a little build for hayward and down out of pleasanton and in towards sunol. metering lights are on and the green hugh all over the bay and wet roadways. look at san rafael with our live camera and show you more traffic and water kicking up. a little bit of spray behind the folks. some puddles you see. no major slowing, just some minor stuff you expect from novato down to the golden gate bridge and on 101 through palo alto. light rain. right now it's kind offy through the area. watch those off ramps like over here at university where you're getting off freeway speed.
5:53 am
these folks will have to slow otherwise they may slide on the roadway. be careful. back to you. coming up, bay area parents up in arms. why a plan to middle school students is creating controversy in san francisco this morning. and happening right now on n comedian bill cosby seeks to have the criminal charges against him tossed. reporting from the courthouse where cosby just arrived. did you miss miss universe at the super bowl. check out last night's media circus at the top of our home page. just moments from now push out our morning weather alert and sign up for alerts when you download our nbc bay area app. it's free. got a tip for nbc area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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5:56 am
well, it's a very tough decision for one school district most parents wish it it probably didn't have to think about. a san francisco unified school committee that voted last to support a plan that would expand the district's high school condom availability program to middle schools. planners say it would still be difficult for students to get and they would first have to
5:57 am
receive counseling from a school nurse or a social worker. parents, as you would imagine, very divided on this issue. >> they're only in sixth grade. i mean sixth or eighth grade is, you know, i'm not in favor of that. >> go for it. they need to be speaking an adult. >> recent survey found 5% of middle school students are sexually active. of that population, only 3% use condoms. the full board is now going to consider that plan and decide whether or not to approve it. happening today, tmoment in the case against bill cosby. the comedian arrived at the courthouse just minutes ago. cosby admitted in a deposition he had a series of affairs. had obtained qualudes to give women before sex and gave his accuser pills at a 2004 encounter at his home. he would not be charged if he
5:58 am
testified in his accuser's 2005 civil lawsuit. >> they say that's game over. the current d.a. says that there is no evidence of that written agreement from the time. >> today a judge will decide whether cosby deserves immuni s authorities say those men almost killed another man in san jose. all three recaptured escapees appeared in a santa ana courtroom. they planned their jail break for months. they kidnapped a taxi driver with his cab and drove to san jose. dwo of the inmates then got into a fight in a motel room right near the sap center over whether or not to kill the cabby. one escapee in the taxi driver returned to santa ana where that fugitive essurrendered. the fbi now using social media as a new tool to help
5:59 am
track down a missing former agent. the fbi is trying to locate robert levinson who the associated press reports was working for the cia when he disappeared in iran in 2007. the bureau's facebook page is now asking iranians directly for information to help find him. the iranian government has never acknowledged arresting him. happening later today, president obama and house speaker paul ryan set to meet one-on-one for the very first time. they're going to have a lunch meeting today in the oval office that will include senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the men are expected to discuss the president's 2017 fiscalt request, among other hot topics. from the president to the president hopefuls. right now at 6:00 the votes are cast and the counts are in. wrapped just hours ago as two winners are named in iowa. a homes in the oakland hills goes up in flames.
6:00 am
the reason firefighters say this fire could have been far worse. a live look at a soggy super bowl city this morning. we'll check where the rain is falling now and back to your morning drive. "today in the bay" continues now. buterse fir, first, we want go good morning to you. >> we saw reporters out there with umbrellas and seen some rain passing through the bay area. >> we all need the umbrellas and a warm coat to go along with it. we have some very chilly temperatures as this system rolls through the bay area, it is bringing a cool rain and, at times, we have seeing bouts of heavier downpours and some snow now for some of our hilltops. as we go into the morning, looking at all the microclimate temperatures and the low to mid-40s, but reaching into the mid-50s today. still cooler than average and we warm up significantly as we go through the week. i'll detail that a look at our next chance of rain coming o cfo let's check in now with


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