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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> breaking news in san francisco, stroeets blocked off in the city as police investigate stabbing of a chp officer. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. this is happening right now near the bay bridge exit in san francisco. the area is the intersection of 4th and ryan. >> always a question, is there a danger to the public? good news, officers have a suspect in custody? >> reporter: they do have a suspect in custody, a couple of blocks away from where we're at. at the essex street on-ramp.
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leading san francisco into oakland. a chp officer and partner, were in a squad car, squad car since left the scene, responding to a call here. if you see in the foreground the purple gloves, that's where we believe the officer was worked on before they rushed him to the hospital with one stab wound. we're not sure if the homeless encampment beyond that where the tents are at, not sure if that was related in is call they were put on. we did speak with a colleague who he knows the man but doesn't know what the call was. he said he's a young man with a family and, again, he has been rushed to san francisco general with a stab wound, after being stabbed here by another man along the on-ramp. the suspect did run away but caught a couple blocks away at 4th and bryant at a local wells fargo bank. there are four san francisco police officers just off to my right right now who are detained
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another person, we're not going to show you, we don't know what his role is, but they have him deta detained, questioning him, not sure if he's a witness or possible person of interest. as far as getting more information, we've spoken to sfpd and they referred us to chp. one chp officer stabbed. a heavy police presence trying to investigate. they have one suspect in custody while the officer is in san francisco general. again, his condition unknown. b bob redell. >> not the exit but bay bridge entrance from san francisco to oakland. check with mike. you can give us a better idea. >> you're correct, you meant to say something else but right, exit off of the bay bridge. the bay bridge coming into san francisco, exits over there. right at 4th street, on rach,
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off-ramp, third, essex, fourth, bryant. that area is one to avoid. the jam coming into the area, this just showed up on the sensors. this is the area to avoid. there's that bay bridge coming into and out of san francisco. now, important note, south of market. it's on the other side of the bay bridge or interstate 80 from howard where we have closure from moscone center. that's a distance away and out of the activity but congestion for south of market. 4th and bryant, on and off-ramp as wellessex. avoid that because of the investigation. thank you, mike. we are updating breaking news story across digital platforms. download our nbc bay area app. in south bay a 70-foot tall
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tree toppled on a man killing him. investigates want to find out why it happened. it took place at the park yesterday. the coroner haven't identified the man, he was older than 60. looking into a number of factors including recent winds and drought. many in the area think that tree's health may have played a role as well. now they want other trees inspected. >> it's happening all over. it's dangerous. something that needs to be taken a look at, lots of kids here. >> several kids able to escape the falling tree. a tree inspector will be at scene to figure out what happened. michelle roberts with the inspector. if she learns anything, we will let you know. >> a home under construction in oakland hill is no more after this overnight fire. it happened before 11:00 on hood street near the oakland zoo. by the time crews got there, the house was ungulfed in flame. it took firefighters about 80
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minutes to get it under control. we talked with the neighbor who described the moment he noticed the fire. >> nobody around, so i went over there and looked at it, to investigate, see what was going on, it was real high. somebody banging on the window and everything. i called 911. >> no one was inside the home because the house is undergoing a remodel. the cause is under investigation. to happier news, coverage of the super bowl, super bowl city isn't all about fun and games. pushing star power to teach important lessons to bay area students. the 49ers are playing football, not on the gridiron. >> stephanie chuang live sinds the media center where players wrapped up what they are calling financial football. i like this story, steph. >> reporter: yeah. i like it, too. we're in the fourth quarter of financial football. honestly, if i didn't know any better, i would think an actual football game is going on.
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what is happening now is you've got two sides, high school students from two different schools in san francisco, lincoln and thurgood marshall. on the left, broncos, on offense, led by 49ers' qb blaine gabbert in the plaid and five-time consecutive pro bowler joe staly, he's over there. they're coaching this side. there's questions on the board now. they answer correctly, kids get to advance. and that happened, cheers they're getting into it. so this is all about immersing students in real financial lessons and so, this united states a huge opportunity for them. we spoke earlier with staly who said he wishes he had this kind of experience when he was younger. >> a company years ago, it came up, kids really enjoy it, really interactive. it's like a video game kind of questions and answers.
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see how much they're paying attention to what we're talking. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: they don't tackle? >> throw a couple around the block, on the ground. we'll give them a game. >> reporter: how different is it to hear these lessons from, say, joe stalely and blaine gabbert, instead of your teacher. >> these are professional athletes and people think of athletes as they're just athletes. for athletes to take i'm out of their day to teach something, it's memorable. >> reporter: back here live, looking at super bowl champ and possible hall of famer, kurt warner here. he's on the other side, panthers. they're quiet now, waiting for the other side to finish. this was launched eight years ago. the state gave out free copies to every public high school.
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today is annest to renew and grow the program in california and locally. they're in the fourth quarter. it is still 0-0. they're into it. i don't know how much longer this will go for. stalely did say he's very, very comprehensive and says he's going to win and kids will walk away learning something for sure. 6'5", 300 pounds as a teacher, me as a student i would listen, too. >> yes, sir. >> steph, thanks. last night it was san jose's time to shine in national spotlight. these are images from s.a.p. center which hosted nfl opening night. a red carpet twist. highlights and low lights in 30 minutes. the old game itself. that's inching closer. five days away. we'll be on air early sunday starting 6:00 a.m. to bring you updates throughout the day. now to a contest of a different kind. decision 2016, which moved to
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new hampshire this morning after a nail-biter in iowa last night. republicans had a winner, not long after the caucuses ended. >> but democrats had to wait until morning to declare a winner. tracie potts tells us, some precincts, it took a coin flip. >> good morning. >> reporter: the candidates are on the ground in new hampshire campaigning furiously following last night's iowa caucuses. on the democratic side, a razor-thin finish, hillary clinton edges out bernie sanders. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! >> reporter: after counting all night, clinton declares apparent winner by the narrowest of margins, less than half a percentage point. >> iowa, thank you! >> reporter: bernie sanders had this reaction, right after he landed in new hampshire. >> we look forward doing well here in new hampshire, and after that we're off to battle in south carolina where i think we're going to surprise a whole lot of people just as we did in
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iowa. >> reporter: ted cruz, quoting the bible, claiming biggest victory ever in iowa caucus history. >> tonight, iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming! >> reporter: donald trump landed in second place, barely ahead of marco rubio. >> we'll easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever they throw up there. >> reporter: rubio, close number three, first to declare victory. >> the moment they said would never happen. >> reporter: all candidates pledging to battle it out in new hampshire and beyond. new hampshire is a primary state, dynamics of polling very different there. but less sons learned here in iowa that these candidates can take to new hampshire, one of them, turnout, it was -- wasn't a record but it was strong. tracie potts, nbc news. president obama just signed an executive order to create a
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federal earthquake risk management standard which includes early warning system. announcement is new, the system's been in development four years with uc berkeley leading the charge. we asked the head of the seismology lab to talk about the quake and what a difference a few minutes could make. >> we could halve the injuries. automated control, slow and stop trains in a few tenths of seconds, put data into storage, stop elevators at the for neare floor the order comes ahead of the earthquake resilience summit. agencies like berkeley and private businesses like intel will work together on the early warning and recovery plans for after the earthquake. remember that san francisco home dele molished because it
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was sliding down a hill. proven they are good at predicting the super bowl. what ea sports is saying about sunday's game. i'm metrologist kari hall, rain earlier this morning. now clearing out. we're et going ready for another one. i'll detail that coming up. (scott ad libs markets)
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=tech= yahoo will report its welcome back to you. another lousy day on the markets. dow industrials down 300 points. nasdaq down 100. percentagewise, enormous for the nasdaq. yahoo! will report quarterly profits today. time to open the financial book to investors. but also a time to make major announcements like restructuring or lay-offs. we don't know they're coming but markers are there. yahoo! will make the announcement after close of trading today. we expect hundreds of jobs. google added more than 8,000 jobs in the quarter. financial numbers so good,
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google's share price rose enough to overtake apple as the most valuable publicly traded company. history made this morning. other news, electronic arts made its prediction of the super bowl using madden football game. ea has been uncannily accurate in the past. predicting not just the winner of the real super bowl, but how they win. in this case, ea says panthers will win 24-20. totally shutting out broncos in the first half. huge comeback by denver but won't be enough. united going back to old system of allowing families with small children to board the airplane first. they dropped that policy four years ago and few other airlines do it anymore. i'm in favor of it, because i can remember it's been a while, but i can remember how hard it is to go down thatisle with two kids and a car seat, much less people crushing you from behind. >> you no, even when i don't travel with my kids it's a great
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idea. as quickly as they are settled the rest of us can get on, too. >> absolutely. the slowest people on the plane, get them on and get them out of the way. now looks like a broken water main is the smoking gun behind the demolition of a san francisco luxury home. the power of water. you kro crewed ordered to demol the $2 million home after a neighbor discovered a crack in the foundation. other neighbors were concerned recent rains were to blame. for a time they worried their homes might be in jeopardy as well. now san francisco utilities are taking the blame. an eight-inch water line owned by the city was leaking and that weakened the soil surrounding the home. barring something unexpected the city will likely have to pick up the tab for the rebuild. a new video of flames ripping through an historic home in downtown fresno, the fire broke out at the rehorn home.
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4,000-square foot house built after the turn of the century in the national register of historic places. no one inside at the time. no one was hurt. happening today, san francisco leaders make a push to ensure that guns do not end up in the hands of the wrong people. supervisors will vote on legislation requiring all firearms be strictly stored away inside unattended vehicles. ordinance inspired by the deadly pier 14 shooting in which a gun stolen from a car used by the suspect. it was stolen from an agent of the bureau of land management. that person's vehicle. the maeasure would require all firearms be locked in the trunk, which cannot be accessed by the car's main body, or in a lock box. caught on video, southern california tiki restaurant, the gods were smiling because
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150-foot palm tree crashed through the roof of the lounge but just missed four people on the patio. another eight people just left the table. this happened in ventura. strong winds that blew through southern california sunday, tree came to rest on a tiki statue. nobody was hurt. happening today, the second survey of the winter could lead to good news for the state water shortage. state leaders waiting for results to decide whether to extend emergency water conservation orders. the department of water resources says that while january storms have improved water levels at state reservoirs, there's a long way to go to significantly impact the drought. the first survey taken in december showed the highest snowpack levels in five years. that infamous one where there was nothing but dirt. >> yeah. looking much better. more good news. i see clouds behind you. >> yeah. we've been tracking rain this
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morning. i just saw a tweet as they are doing those surveys up in the high sierra. very interesting to find what the measurements will be later on today. and we'll continue to see showers streaming through some light snow, farther off towards the east and in higher elevations. looking at a couple of more inches of snow. now in the bay area, after that rain this morning, still left with clouds in spots. but the sun starting to come out like in the south bay. camera's shaking around because it is windy as skies clear. temperatures are in the upper 40s to lower 50s. heading into the rest of the day, we will continue to see temperatures climbing. and now, look at all of of the microclimates in san francisco. 51. 51 south bay. a closer look at the north bay now. napa 47 degrees. chilly in a lot of spots. 48 degrees in petaluma, santa rosa 51. as we take it hour by hour in san francisco, temperatures will be in the mid-50s, pretty much
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staying there all day as we've been cooler than average behind these weather systems moving through. and guess with that wind it will make it feel colder. and into tonight, mostly cloudy skies, dropping back into the upper 40s by 9:00. so as that continues to move out, rain we had earlier today we will get some breaks in the clouds and then clouds return tonight ahead of the next system moving in. it also looks weak. just like the one we had this morning. but instead of coming during morning, this one arrived during afternoon. tomorrow at noon. we see the rain starting to move into the north bay and approaching san francisco. it will continue to move to the south spreading over pretty much the bay area. by the evening commute, making things soggy and moving out late tomorrow night. rainfall totals again, don't look that high. about a tenth of an inch for most of us. maybe up to a quarter of an inch in some spots. yeah, talking about the sierra as we continue to see that snow
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moving in. there will be another round with rain that we get tomorrow and after that moves out, we will be watching additional one two to inches of snow. doesn't look high but making roads slippery again. heading into the weekend, gorgeous, as our temperatures warm up. highs in the mid to upper 60s. maybe even hitting 70 degrees in the north bay by sunday. in the south bay looking at 69 degrees. we'll take a look at how much rain we had this morning and another look at the forecast. that's coming up later. >> all right. we know you're following us. next, a soccer fan gains international attention wearing a jersey made out of a grocery bag and leading to i big moment with his favorite player. and happening now, on our digital platform trending on our website, exclusive area of an incident during a water polo match that landed a high school athlete in court.
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go to face box to get a primer on the zika virus. nothing can stop the warriors except tmj. next dij at it update in an hour.
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scott/2shot a young soccer faniy waiting to meet his favorite player. the great messi. kris/vo five-
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waiting to meet his favorite player, the great mesi. >> the 5year-old from a poor family in afghanistan became an internet sensation, playing in a soccer jersey made from a plastic bag. it has vertical blue and white stripes mirroring messi. the soccer fed raths is in contact with representatives and would arrange for the boy to meet the player soon. so cute. >> all signs to point to raiders staying in oakland for now. oakland city leaders and team owner say they're working on a lease extension for the next season. the mayor is not personally involved with talks but believes the deal will get done. the coliseum authority handling negotiations for the lease extension with davis. a hopeful outcome to a heartless story. half a dozen puppies recovering after someone found them in asan francisco dumpster.
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the spca says a hair salon worker taking out the trash when noticed something moving in a bag. it was sealed tight. she found this guy and five other border collie puppies. the dogs appear to be 4 months old. good news, spca says they're getting showered with water and soap and love and affection and being groomed for adoption down the road. >> reporter: good morning, bob redell. new details on a chp officer stabbed rounding to a call near the bay bridge. we'll tell you what this is doing to track for people trying to get into san francisco. we first brought you at the top
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of the show. a c-h-p officer stabbed in san francis. updating on breaking news we first brought to you, chp officer has been stabbed in san francisco. >> nbc bay area's bob redell live there. bob, you have new details from police. >> reporter: we did. we talked to chp and they did -- would not give us much except to
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tell us their colleague, the chp officer stabbed here at the essex on ramp is still alive, rushed to san francisco general. they would not comment other than that. it was around 10:00 he and his partner responding to a call of a person walking on the on ramp here at the bay bridge, near 80 east entrance to the bay bridge leaving the city into oakland. during that call, something transpired the of was stabbed. now the suspect ran away but caught captured a couple of blocks away at 4th near a wells fargo bank branch. that suspect had blood on his jeans and was taken into custody. there was also another person here on the scene who was taken away by san francisco police, appears to be for questioning this person was not in handcuffs but detained here on the scene. in case you're not familiar with this on-ramp, there's a homeless
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encampment here, if you come back live, you can see the at any times lining the barrier on the left side of the road. it not clear if the person who was walking on the bay bridge or getting ready to walk on the bay bridge was a member of that homeless encampment, it's not clear if the person taken into custody might have been a member of that encampment or a resident, if you will, though the person we saw did appear to be maybe someone living here on the side of the bridge. as far as traffic, east bay, trying to get into san francisco, we want to show you the live shot of what the ride looks like on the western span of the bay bridge. you can see the traffic as it's coming from treasure island here, it is backed up into yerba buena island trying to get into san francisco. local streets here, harrison, essex, this area, trying to get out of the city is jammed up as a result of this. it is a problem for the traffic, of course. but the bigger issue is the condition of that chp officer,
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again, in san francisco general after being stabbed here an hour and a half ago. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> we are updating breaking story across all of our digital platforms. update the free nbc bay area app and get the updates as well. bill cosby back in a pennsylvania courtroom today. cosby's attorneys trying to get a sexual assault charge thrown out -- against him thrown out. >> why they think that they can get the judge on their side. >> reporter: entertainment icon bill cosby in court facing sexual assault charges which could put him in prison for a decade. the hearing, a pivotal moment. all eyes on the district attorney bruce caster. he told prosecutors last year he made a promise to cosby a decade ago he would not prosecute if cosby testified in a civil
11:32 am
lawsuit. cosby did and settled that. >> i remember thinking he did do something inappropriate but thinking that, and being able to prove it, are two different things. >> reporter: the current district attorney says there's no evidence such an agreement ever existed. cosby's charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault stemming from 2004 encounter with former temple university basketball employee. she contends in early 2004 cosby drugged her and sexually assaulted her. the newly elected district attorney decided to file charges after a judge unsealed transcripts of cosby's deposition in the civil suit. in the deposition, cosby admitted he gave constant bills and wine that night. it doesn't get better than having the district attorney at the time say, i made this deal and it should be honored. that's as powerful as it gets. >> reporter: a judge will decide if cosby's own words can be used against him. more than 50 women have accused
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cosby of sexually assaulting them, some even filed civil lawsuits. cosby denied all of the allegations and countersuing some accusers. in norristown, pennsylvania, chris pollone, nbc news. school leaders in san francisco are considering a novel idea. condom for middle school kids. >> parents have strong opinions about that. nbc bay area's jean elle has more on the controversy. >> reporter: the sound of middle school kids on the playground doesn't make you think 0 of adult behavior but san francisco school leaders say survey results tell them some young students are sexually active. >> we have a very small poplation of our middle school students, 5%, identified as being sexually active and 3% of that population are using condoms. >> reporter: knowing some students risk pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,
11:34 am
san francisco unified is looking into expanding its high school condom availability program to middle schools. condoms would be on campus, but not exactly easy to get. >> a student could have a face-to-face discussion with a nurse or social worker and then decide if this is the time and the place to begin a sexual relationship. >> reporter: middle school parents are quick to react to the idea. >> go for it, they need to be speaking to an adult. >> they're only in sixth grade, sixth orac eighth grade, i'm no in favor. >> reporter: the program is sure to spark heated debate among programs. the committee voted to support the proposal and send it to the full board for consideration. members say, educating kids about sex can be life changing. >> i was sexually active as a teen and i had kids at 16, 17, i love my children to death but
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programs like this help our children make healthier responsible decisions in choices. >> here i am! >> all right. so the party, red carpet treatment in san jose, super bowl players coming face-to-face with fans. a big change for nfl and san jose. the testing ground. $27 got you inside with the players. >> a circus, to say the least. but sellout crowd seemed to love it. nbc bay area's chuck coppola recaps highlights of nfl's opening night. >> reporter: the best circuit in town. rocky, aka the colorado leprechaun, joins the club of bay area broncos fans. >> over 600 people now. we're here to represent, trying to get everyone here. >> reporter: everyone else here, disguised as reporters including alleged superhero pick boy with a question for peyton manning. >> comes from a football family, you know. what happens at dinner? do they huddle up or a no huddle
11:36 am
situation. >> i'll ask if they have victory dance or a team handshake or victory handshake. >> reporter: carolina linebacker did not talk about victory hand shakes but recovered from his concussion. >> i feel great. i feel like nothing going on with that. i think as long as you take care of it, it's not an issue. >> reporter: just when football talk might break out, there were puppets and maria brooks. >> i've been seeing this going wow, so cool. here i am, whoo! >> i love it. it's support. that's why you continue to do it. you want to put smiles on someone else's face and you want the same in return. >> reporter: peyton manning finished by saying this could be his last game, signed an autograph before leaving. the media madness this year called opening night. >> broncos back to the santa clara marriott was smoother than the bus ride earlier.
11:37 am
three buses got into a fender bender on highway 101 after practice. as the convoy approached 237 exit, you know the chokehold that happens there, another car cut them off and that forced buss to brake and run into each other. >> an exciting bus ride today. we got into a wreck on the bus today. that was exciting which adds to unique season that has occurred this year. >> no one was hurt but quite a start to super bowl week. the picture tweeted out by a broncos linebacker, demarcus ware. media day filled with silliness but also tender moments. >> the cancer survivor joined as the saint jude's super bowl correspondent. big break when he scored a one-on-one with bronco's quarterback peyton manning. >> played super bowl 50, big
11:38 am
timing for you. how special is this super bowl than maybe your others or any of the other games? how special is this one to you? >> it's very special. super bowl 50, because of the great players that have played in this game and growing up a football fan, i understand the significance of this game. to have a chance to be playing in this game, i am grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to being out there on sunday. >> like a true journalist, austin asked hard-hitting questions, to be able to get peyton open up about possible retirement following super bowl 50. >> a follow-up question that's the one. up next at 11:00, are we in for a longer winter? we'll ask that rodent, what he has to say about it. it feels like winter out there now with chilly temperatures, highs reaching into the mid-50s. but it will warm up heading into the super bowl. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
11:39 am
before we go to break, we showed you this video of cam newton arriving at sjc. talk about the colorful zebra print pants. >> super bowl 50. the mantra of the colors are black and gold. the black and gold attire i had in my closet was extremely limited. when i looked at my pants and said these are black and gold, shoes are black and gold, to tie with the super bowl 50 black and gold.
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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grade for financial american schools get a failing grade for financial literacy education. >> sharon eperson shows us the result of a new study. >> reporter: there are only teenagers but the high school students in rhode island often have to make tough financial decisions. >> i don't think a credit card would be in my near future. >> i lay out how much money i need during the week to pay for gas or if i want to go out with friends. >> the price of college today insanely high. >> reporter: high to manage money is a lesson schools are
11:43 am
failing to teach. until 2014, rhode island had no basic standard for teaching financial education. an issue that was a big concern to patricia page who spent years in the private sector before becoming a business teacher. >> graduating a generation of students compelled to make substantive financial decisions before they left the high school and they were ill equipped to do so. good afternoon. >> reporter: some students took action, petitioning the state board of education to adopt financial literacy standards. >> it made me a lot more prepared. >> reporter: this recent graduate charlotte palmer was part of the influential group. >> when you learn from parents it feels the same as put your money in a piggy bank. learning from a classroom, it's seeing in the broader scope what's going to happen to me growing up. >> reporter: studies show high school graduate whose have taken a personal finance course are more likely to pay bills on time and get higher credit scores.
11:44 am
many states do not require students to take a personal finance course to graduate. >> are there taxes? >> reporter: according to the nonprofit council for economic education, 20 states require students to take an economics course before graduation. that number dropped to 17 for personal finance classes. but the impact on those who take these classes is clear. >> it's important to know about the federal reserve because they sort of regulate the economy. >> it's definitely contributed to the successfulness of my small little business. >> distinction is -- >> reporter: helping students make smarter financial decisions while in high school and for the rest of their lives. sharon epperson, cnbc business news. >> the guy, federal reserve, hey. >> but that's why the story that steph was doing, the financial football, successful. >> right. most athletes use drinks like gatorade or power aid to recover from competent significance. >> how your activity level
11:45 am
determines what you should be drinking. >> reporter: feeling fatigued, sore, worn out during after exercise what you're drinking may be to game. >> losing sweats, electrolytes. we need to replenish to stay on top of our game. >> reporter: when your workout lasts less than an hour, the dietitian says water will suffice. >> helps prevent dehydration, keep you focused on your event or workout. >> reporter: staying hydrated is key to helping your body recover properly. >> good indicator of hydration status, make sure you're well hydrated, urine is pale lemonade color rather than apple juice. >> reporter: sometimes water won't cut it. >> i encourage people to have a sports drink for anything intense or lasting over an hour for your exercise. >> reporter: after your workout is finished, replenishing your body doesn't stop there. >> with the protein bars giving you protein but make sure you're
11:46 am
getting enough carbs, too. >> reporter: if you're feeling sluggish, consider changing your eating patterns, leading up to your workout. >> well, six more weeks of winter or does spring arrive early? all eyes on punxsutawney phil. >> he came the of his hole, did not see his shadow. we can look forward to springtime conditions earlier this year. members of the top hat wearing groundhog day inner circle announced the forecast. only the 17th time phil has not seen his shadow. my money's on kari hall. >> you think you ought to do kari hall over a groundhog? yeah, probably. >> i think so. >> slightly more schooling. >> and all of us meteorologists roll our eyes on groundhog day. whatever. >> how cute. >> it's fun. now we are taking a look at clearing skies in point reyes after early morning showers.
11:47 am
all of that has cleared to the east with the exception of light, spotty rain around the delta. looking at how much rain we have this morning, not a lot. most of us measured rain in the hundredths of an inch. san francisco, almost a quarter of an inch in mira loma park. from san francisco over to east bay, not much 0 there. many spots about .01 of an inch in the south bay, barely measuring rain there. most of it, though, in the peninsula. and then after it moved across the peninsula, a lot of it dried up but moss beach had the most rain, .3 of an inch. now that that has moved out, ahead it our next weathermaker and it looks light, weak, just like the one we had this morning but this moves into the afternoon by tomorrow. starts around noon for the north bay and spreads to south creating slippery, slick
11:48 am
conditions for evening commute with potential of another tenth of an inch for most of the bay area. so both of these systems working together, may bring us up to a half of an inch in total in some of the spots to get the highest amounts of rain. as we take it hour by hour, oakland, we will have a mix of sun and clouds, and temperatures cool today. we're only going to make it into the mid-50s this afternoon. and then later on tonight, more clouds moving back in, we're in the upper 40s. a look at all of 0 the microclimates today. highs well below average for this time of year. but don't worry, as you take a look at seven-day forecast at the bo bottom of the screen you see how much it warms up after the rain moves out. to the weekend for cast, we will have temperatures reaching into the low 60s, by friday, saturday, also looking perfect. and the warmest day of the weekend super bowl sunday. as we look to that forecast, you're heading out to levi's stadium or just tailgating or
11:49 am
spending some time grilling, it will feel like spring as our highs reach into upper 60s. that's where we'll be at kick-off. close to end of the game we'll have temperatures in the lower 60s. overall, we've got perfect weather, super bowl sunday, and at this point, no worries about rain. it is looking all good as our temperatures warm up. >> a few weeks ago we were nervous about the weather. >> it did not seem like it was going to be beautiful. >> we'll be back if a minute. >> we've made it easy to get the latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need know it. that's how to stay informed.
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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there are already winners so super bowl champion will be crowned sunday evening but there are already winners in a different field. helping young people. >> five nonprofits awarded $500,000 each by the super bowl 50 fund. this week we will show you who they are, what they are doing with that money. a super bowl version of bay area proud. >> reporter: the nfl calls the grants game changers. the nonprofits change lives of young people but the money will hopefully change the nonprofits for the better, too. giving young people jobs and much, much more for more than 20 years. you, in fact, might have met a success story at at&t park and recently, levi's stadium. >> would you like a reason?
11:53 am
>> reporter: contracted sports facilities for youth to work as concession vendors. great opportunities in a tough market for teens, though the job is just the start at juma. >> one of the only organizes that combine both being able to employ a young person and offer a college savings program. but in addition to that we round it off with support in case management structure. power of three is not what you see often. >> it's been good. >> reporter: over two-decade history, juma helped more than 5,000 young people. 300 a year just in the bay area. rachel and this man say future is in education and employment brighter thanks to juma. >> they walk you through the process and like if you have questions along the process, they will answer it, side by side with you. >> reporter: the $500,000 unrestricted grant from the 50 fund will help expand the juma
11:54 am
model further, both in size and scope. super bowl 50 bills itself as the most philanthropic super bowl ever in addition to $2.5 million give tonight the five game changers they gave 50 smaller grants to playmakers. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know somebody doing something nice for others, go to our website, and search bay area proud. >> we'll be right back. valley have a lot of love for a
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
puppy name'v welcome back. firefighters in central valley have a lot of love for a puppy. >> 4-month-old pup fell into a shaft inside an abandoned packing facility yesterday. someone reported whimpering from the building. crews found that puppy deep if a hole there. they use the a tripod and rope system to lower the firefighter into the shaft to grab the canine. valentine is said to be in good health and up for adoption if the owner does not come forward within five days. >> thank you for joining us. next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> you can get the latest information anytime of day, have a great day.
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today on "access hollywood live," somebody was doing shots with clooney and channing tatum. >> i don't know what happened! >> that's so funny. no one saw this coming. >> we didn't. daisy fuentes got married. how did they keep their romance a secret? >> never knew they were dating. >> star of "girlfriend's guide of divorce" is here, she once worked for donald trump and even staged a walkout. she better tell that story. >> i'm so excited. dave is here, he brought eight of the cutest rescue dogs. >> one is right here. gerdy, hi, gerdy. now the ratings go up, and the ratings go flat, and theat


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