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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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he was so friendly with students they simply knew him as mr. g. now, gonzales was named interim vice principal last month. prior to that he was an adviser and has been with the district since 2008. he also coaches the varsity baseball team and the girl's varsity volleyball team. some of the parents we spoke with here today said they think he's an excellent coach. parents and students say they just can't believe the news. >> i just felt like shocked and like puzzled. because like you know, it's just something you wouldn't believe. >> i'm shocked also along with my daughter. because he's very well-liked by a lot of students. >> my kids play baseball. and it's just shocking. >> now gonzales has been placed on administrative leave. he was first arrested last friday at his home. also the superintendent of the
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school district has sent out a letter to parents that read in part "based on these allegations, the san jose police department is conducting an investigation to determine whether any crimes have been committed." so once again, placed on administrative leave. many of the details here still a shock to some parents and students. they were still getting the word via text message this afternoon. some say they found out in the later part of their school day. and once again, were just plain shocked. in san jose i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> peggy, thanks you for the update. it is getting tense tonight outside super bowl city in san francisco. hundreds of protesters facing off with police right now. the goal to draw attention to what they say is one of the city's biggest issues, homelessness. nbc bay area scott budd is following this protest. so far things have remained peaceful? >> reporter: yeah, the protests are still going on. you're right homelessness and the super bowl are going on within several feet of each other. i want to direct you that way
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across embarcadero to the protests that have been going on since about 5:45. thousands of protesters and about that many police. it is a calm standoff. it has been that way since the beginning. you'll notice lots of protest signs. you'll also notice tents that have protest messages on them. those tents are being held above the ground. the police officers have made it clear you cannot put tents on the ground or else they will be confiscated. but if they're held up in the air, they serve as protest signs. and for the last hour and 15 minutes those tents have been held up in the air. some of the volunteers and homeless advocates have taken turns holding them up. now this is just feet away from the ferry building. we have seen about 100 protesters and cops. at several times during the evening about that many people lining up to take the ferry. so life still goes on even though bose sides of street along embarcadero are now shut down. just across the street of course is super bowl city. and that is largely why the police officers are here.
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they want to keep this protest calm. but obviously they also want to keep it away from the tourists and from super bowl city. now for the city's part, it says it opened a new homeless shelter along pier 80 today. they say that officially opens in the next few days, a soft opening tomorrow. but again, back here live the protest is going on. still peaceful, still going on, and it's been going on for about 75 minutes. we'll wrap up and send it back to you guys. >> thank you scott budman there at super bowl city. on one side of the street all those protesters. on the other side the super bowl revellers. the feds are also in town on the ground and in the sky keeping an close eye on the super bowl. a no fly zone will be in effect above levi stadium on game day. so what if someone violates it? that's what they prepared for faud. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez with the civil air headquarters in oakland. jodi, what are they doing this group? >> reporter: the civil air patrol ran drills today with the u.s. air force and the
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department of homeland security. they're practicing enforcing that no fly zone above levi stadium on super bowl sunday. now, if there is an intruder in the sky, they're ready to tackle. >> the eyes of the world are upon the area because of the super bowl. it's one of the most watched television events. and we want to ensure that everybody is kept safe. >> reporter: members of the civil air patrol are doing just that. they're playing a crucial role in super bowl security. this afternoon they took to the skies to help train the air force on how to respond on super bowl sunday. if a plane trespasses into the no fly zone above levi stadium. f-16 fighter jets practiced the emergency maneuver 10,000 feet above the bay area. they want to be up to speed if they need to act. >> on air force fighter jet will come in usually behind us or
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beside us and they will rock their wings in order to signal to a pilot. >> reporter: it's a drill they hope they don't have to perform for real on sunday. but pilots will be standing by just in case. members of the civil air patrol are happy to help gear up for game day. >> the people who are involved in this mission can never be too prepared. so we're making sure that everybody is trained and ready to go. >> reporter: we're told the no fly zone will be in effect from 2:00 p.m. to midnight on sunday. violators face big fines, losing their pilot license even jail time. it is a federal offense. reporting folkland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> the civil air patrol and air force will be watching from the skies but you can't. the faa launched a new psa today. >> bring your lucky jersey. bring your face paint. bring your team spirit.
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but leave your drone at home. >> the faa created this video to remind people that the area around levi stadium is a no drone zone. unmanned aircraft won't be allowed within a 32-mile radius of the stadium on game day this sunday. the psa is being promoted on special media and on the faa web site. got a few more days to prepare for your super bowl party. the countdown, the kickoff, there's our countdown clock. three days, 21 hours and 23 minutes away until the big game. let's take you outside now. downtown san francisco. looking beautiful. and the city is buzzing as the crowds get bigger our traffic will probably increase. let's bring in our traffic reporter mike inouye. mike when we borrow you from our morning show we know there's a big traffic event. >> you guys have seen the evening commute for years. compared to a typical evening commute getting out of san francisco has not been that bad. it's been less unpleasurable than normal but coming into the city today more traffic than
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usual. all the surface street traffic heading over towards super bowl city and south of market for maybe dinners what's going on. folks are starting to head there after work. the morning commuters still staying out of the area as is best. on top of that we have the protests scott budman has been following. expect the closures like purple or unexpected like at that pier. we'll follow all the activity and let you know all about it. >> thanks, mike. more super bowl coverage later in this newscast and panther star cam newton makes a sunny vail mom her dream come true. the touching story how he brought that mom to tears. a woman is fighting for her life tonight after a man attacked her in the parking lot of a fairfield mall. it happened around noon today at solano touchb center. police are look for a man in his 20s about 6'2" with blond hair. he was last seen wearing a black beanie, black sweater with green stripes down the sleeves and black sweat pants. his car was a burgundy early 1990s honda civic two-door
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hatchba hatchback. if you have any information about this chase please call fairfield police. he is being credited for the capture of three violent inmates on the run from an orange county jail. a san francisco man says he was just trying to do the right thing. and now he could get tens of thousands of dollars in reward money. nbc bay area pete siranos is live in san francisco with more. pete this man has his own remarkable story. >> reporter: yeah, janelle. matthew hey chapman is homeless but he frequents this area near haight and stander. he tells us on saturday he was going into this regular mcdonald's to grab his regular cup of coffee. he noticed those white vans across the street in front of the whole foods. he says from there hossei hossein nayeri went into the mcdonald's and chapman followed him. he flagged down officers in the area for help. police chased nayeri back to the park station in this area where he was arrested without incident. he found the other inmate jonathan chu hiding in the van
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and he was taken into custody as well. chapman credits his photographic memory and being a news junky for finding these guys. here he is in his own words. this was an interview he did with the "san francisco chronicle." >> i said that's the guy! that's the iranian escapee. hossein nayeri? i don't know how to say his last name. but i say to myself, i said to myself i've stepped in a van my work van just like that. i knew there's two people sleeping in that van. >> reporter: now, both men have been transported to authorities in southern california. as for that award, that's what allot of people are talking about. that will be up to the orange county sheriff's department. reporting from san francisco, pete serratos, nbc bay area news. the taxi driver who was allegedly held captive by those three fugitives speaks out tonight. i'm damian trujillo live in san jose. we'll hear from that taxi driver
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coming up next. a health scare in the south bay. what university officials are doing to prevent the spread of meningitis. i'm michelle roberts in santa clara. and the message from health officials coming up. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our storm system is moving across with a few areas of showers in the north bay. we'll talk more about this system how long the rain lasts and a full look at super bowl weekend in about seven minutes. dangerous inmates on the run.
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==take vo== tod, a taxi driver d his life in the hands of three dangerous inmates on the run. today a tax question driver kidnaped and held at gunpoint by the orange county escapees is talking about his terrifying ordeal. they ended up right here in the bay area. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live outside the san jose motel where they spent at least one night. and damian, he says two of the fugitives wanted him dead but the third ultimately saved his life. >> reporter: yeah. he says he's very lucky. they spent several hours here at the alameda motel in san jose just down from the shark tank in san jose. but he says that he's very grateful that he was released. he spoke through a translator in los angeles to reporters. he can now laugh about that ordeal from last week. but he told reporters in l.a. he didn't know if he was going to make it out alive. now, through his translator, ming long says after the trio escaped from the orange county jail they found an ad in a vietnamese newspaper for a
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driver and called him. long says the fugitives forced him to drive north following the white stolen van the three had taken during the escape ultimately ending up in san jose. ming long says one of the three lobbied to spare his life, sparking a fistfight among the escapees. when two of the suspects left in the van to get the windows tinted, that taxi driver and the third fugitive took off back to l.a. the third fugitive was going to turn himself in. >> i don't know why he saved me. until now i'm stillondering why he saved me. >> reporter: the next day the two remaining fugitives were captured again in san francisco. and min long says he owes his life to that third escapee. he says he would not be alive today if he had not interveend. >> damian, thank you. an update now on a story we stirs brought you. we have justice this evening for the brutal abuse of a 4-year-old
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girl while in foster care. all four suspects pleaded guilty on monday. this comes after 22 complaints of suspected child abuse were filed over a two-year span. and that's how long it took for santa clara county's department of social services to remove the toddler from the home where authorities say she was repeatedly beaten, burned and bitten. one of the suspects is the victim's half sister and foster guardian. prosecutors say the woman was directly responsible for abusing the child and now faces 22 years in prison. you can watch our entire investigative piece on our web site,, just click on the investigative unit tab. a health scare at santa clara university. two students have the contagious meningitis virus. the university is now taking swift measures to stop it from spreading. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in santa clara this evening. michelle, there are super bowl events coming up there on campus. what's the university doing? >> reporter: well, they say the
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super bowl event will be fine tomorrow. this venue here at levi will be open for a free clinic. they're asking people to come in for a vaccine. there are two type of meningitis vaccines. one many of us got when we were kids. a new one came out a couple years ago. that's what they're asking people to come by and get tomorrow and friday. >> it definitely surprised me to hear that there was a case. cane understand why people are worried that there's a second one. >> reporter: students at santa clara university are hoping a meningitis outbreak is contained. two undergrad students have been hospitalized since sunday and have now tested positive for the bacteria. law student leah collins says many people on campus are nervous the illness will spread. >> you're touching things. people are everywhere and you're waiting in line. it's a small school. >> reporter: tomorrow and friday the university will set up a free clinic and officials are urging all students to get vaccinated. in addition, health officials are reaching out to anyone who may have been in close contact
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to the infected patients. they say some will receive preventative antibiotic treatments. >> we have met with approximately 500 students of that we have treated students appropriately. >> reporter: doctors say meningitis can be spread by sharing a drink or cigarette or even talking closely. the health department is asking any student who experience flu-like symptoms to see a doctor immediately. >> we'll be monitoring. we don't know whether there will be additional cases or not. but our job is to catch them as soon as we can to make sure they get rapid treatment if needed. >> reporter: there's a big super bowl event here on campus on saturday. the signs advertising just went up this afternoon. school officials are encouraging people to come enjoy the event. they say it will be safe. reporting live in santa clara tonight, measure shet roberts, nbc bay area news. crews are cutting down trees in san jose after one fell on a man during a windy morning and
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killed him. arborists were out at bairy essa park looking for trees with signs of distress. the city arborist says they do their best to find signs of distress on large tree on park property. but trees do age, deteriorate and eventually fall down. >> unfortunately in a lot of cases these things do just happen. they're not visible. there are no outward signs that tell us this tree is going to fall. >> the city is keeping one area of the creek park roped off as a safety precaution while they continue to examine other nearby trees. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're getting a little break in the rain but it looks like it might be coming in tonight. >> a little bit of scattered rainfall. nothing major expected. the storm system is beginning to move over right now. a few spotty showers in the north by. likely moving into san francisco and the peninsula as well. for tomorrow's forecast after we
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have a slight chance of some spotty showers for the morning sunshine building by the afternoon and warmer temperatures. 64 in the south bay, trivalley at 62. for san francisco 58. we may hold onto a spotty shower in the north bay by the early afternoon but the general trend through tomorrow will be increased sunshine. and that's all due to high pressure building in from the pacific. this is going to build in super strong by the weekend and definitely bring us the possibility of 70s. so what about san jose and santa clara specifically? as we get ready for the super bowl you can see by friday, 64 degrees. that's a little bit above average. but by saturday, 67. and on sunday, 70 degrees expected. now, specifically at santa clara and levi stadium for the big game we are looking at pre-game temperatures of 67 degrees, partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies by that 3:30 kickoff 72 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so weather definitely not a problem. and then as we head through
6:20 pm
halftime, 68. so let's take a real nice forecast after that possibility where it looked like we may have had several different storm systems moving in we have avoided that. we'll talk more about our full forecast and that's coming up in about 25 minutes. >> that's beautiful. thank you, jeff. happening right now in san francisco, we want to bring you a live picture of what's going on along the embarcadero. this is near the ferry building just yards from super bowl city. there are hundreds of protesters there trying to bring attention to the homeless problem in the city. you can see they're in a standoff of sorts with police. but so far we hear it's been very peaceful. of course we'll continue to follow the story and keep you posted right here on nbc bay area news. also ahead, can you hear me now? right back at super bowl city. verizon wants a refund after that gigantic sign was forced to be taken down. the fight over 2 million bucks. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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and not enough transparency. one
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bay area lawmaker says this claims of mismanagement and not enough transparency. one bay area lawmaker says this is bart's track record. and voters should not trust the agency. this as a bond to repair bart's aging system is expected to go on the ballot this fall. nbc bay area's alicia kirschner joins us live from the walnut creek bart station with more. elyce. >> reporter: yes, some lawmakers are pointing to employee raises and contract negotiations which led to workers striking as reasons why a new tax is not the answer to much-needed repairs. there's no question riders see it. >> you hear some funny grinding and you sometimes wonder what is that or funny shaking. >> reporter: bart's aging rail system needs upgrades to replace the 40-year-old tracks, infrastructure and electrical substations. >> i think it's an investment. i know the money has to come from somewhere. >> reporter: the repairs are estimated to cost voters $3
6:25 pm
billion. >> they need to restore our trust if they're going to ask for billions more in new taxes from us. >> reporter: state senator steve glazer as aligned with more than 30 east bay mayors and city council members. they say the transagency needs to renegotiate its 2013 employee contracts before asking voters to back the $3 billion bond measure. >> show that that can be financially responsible. show they can do it without having work stoppages and strikes and give us the confidence to invest the billions that they're asking for into the bart system. >> the state legislation wit senator's responsible for. >> reporter: bart's spokeswoman argues it's lawmakers that have the power to stop transit workers from striking and says the bond measure will include an oversight panel. >> it can only be used to go into replacing critical infrastructure. not one penny can be used on salaries or anything that would benefit bart employees. >> reporter: the proposed $3
6:26 pm
billion bond measure should be on the ballot in november. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, i'm elyce kirschner, nbc bay area news. health conscious californians are concerned with childhood obesity. a new nbc bay area field poll shows they want the government to get involved. most voters see a close link between sugary drinks and health problems linked like type two diabetes. our field poll finds 79% want restaurants to serve milk or water as the default beverage for children's meals. 78% want warning labels on soda. 70% support banning soda and sugary drinks in cafeterias and vending machines where children are. 68% favor taxing soda sales to pay for school nutrition and exercise programs. new information today on the prostitution sting operation that took place at a south bay motel and sent a denver bronco player home. i'm robert honda live in san jose. coming up, what actually
6:27 pm
happened and what the team is saying about it today. the high security you see is now going to get even more intense on super bowl sunday. i'm mary ann favro. i'll have that story live from levi stadium. and that traffic in san francisco will get more intense toward the weekend. right now the traffic on the bay bridge getting pretty crowded toward super bowl city. look at that surface streets packing up looks like a lot of folks had planned to be there tonight. we're seeing more traffic. but they hadn't planned for this the protests we're following coming up south of there. you'll watch for the planned and the unplanned. we've got it for you right here at nbc bay area.
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going on right now in right now at 6:30 want to get back to the story we've been covering for the last 90 minutes or so. another live look at the protests happening right now in san francisco. you can see hundreds of people there. this is happening right there at the ferry building just across the street from super bowl city. hundreds of protest evers tryino bring attention to the homeless problem in san francisco, specifically some of them are claiming that city officials have forced out the homeless from the embarcadero just for this week being super bowl week. so far it has been peaceful but you can see there there's a heavy line of sfpd and other officers right there across from super bowl city. we'll continue to follow this protest throughout the evening here on the news side and also on our web side. on the defensive before the big game has even started. the denver broncos are still answering a lot of questions
6:31 pm
tonight after a player's involved in a prostitution sting. it's a followup to our breaking news story we first reported yesterday during our 6:00 newscast. a member of the broncos practice squad was questioned by police during a prostitution sting in san jose. nbc bay area robert honda is live outside where it all happened. the motel 6 on brokarl road with new details. >> reporter: details that explain a lot about what happened. we are outside the moment where the sting operation took place. one of many such operations taking place in the south bay during super bowl week. the sting operation in san jose has seen many prostitution crackdowns. sources tell me the task force on human trafficking is posting ads such as these requesting prostitution such as are popular around a super bowl. >> we have seen an increase in ads both on women looking to seek men that want prostitution and men seeking women for prostitutional acts. >> reporter: one woman who
6:32 pm
answered an ad was driven to the motel 6 by a man yesterday evening where we're told she made contact with an undercover officer. denver bronco practice player ryan murphy was also a passenger, and when the woman came back to get some belongings the task force swept in murphy was questioned and released. his friend, once identified by murphy as his brother but it turns out is not, was cited for pimping. the woman was referred to a victims program. as reported last night the broncos sent murphy home. today the team said the episode is over. >> obviously disappointed for the young man. but we're focused on what we have to do football-wise. we're going to work this morning with our meetings, getting into our routine so we've moved on. >> reporter: the task force has now cited 20 men during recent operation. county supervisor dave cortezi who spearheaded the task force had mixed feelings. >> on the one point disappointed to see the trachbfficking.
6:33 pm
on the other hand i was pleased to see our police department cracking down on the problem. >> reporter: the nfl has set up its own regional task force but the supervisor reports the county task force will remain in place long after the super bowl is gone. >> robert, thank you. a chp officer is recovering this evening after a man stabbed him in the throat. sf general telling us tonight that the officer is still in critical condition after surgery. the attack happened yesterday near a homeless encampment along an on ramp of a bay bridge. witnesses say the man lunged at the officer with a large cutting knife stabbing him multiple times. that suspect is in custody. the criminal trial will proceed. today a judge rejected a motion to dismiss charges against bill cosby. after a two-day hearing a judge ruled the sexual assault charges against cosby will stand and will proceed to the next step. cosby's lawyers had argued that the comedian had an immunity
6:34 pm
deal years ago in exchange for testifying in a civil lawsuit filed by the victim, the alleged victim. but this was rejected by the judge. a preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for next month. a few bumps along the way when it comes to super bowl city. verizon wants a refund after that botched ad on a high-rise building. the super bowl committee took that giant sign down last week because it violateded san francisco regulations. these types of advertisements aren't allowed in san francisco. so now verizon wants back part of the $2 million it paid to be a major sponsor of super bowl city. the super bowl committee says it's working on a solution. from santa clara police to the fbi and even homeland security and even national guard, today all those agencies came together to give us the most detailed look yet at what's being done to protect the big game. nbc bay area marianne favro is at levi stadium in santa clara with the new information.
6:35 pm
marianne. >> reporter: raj, from x-raying bags to air surveillance to identifying possible biological agents, the super bowl security team tells us that they're confident they will be able to keep fans safe. police armed with high-powered rifles were out in full force outside the nfl experience at mosconi center in san francisco today. even though -- >> at this time, we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. >> reporter: super bowl 50 has the highest threat assessment rating any event can get, which is why more than half a dozen agencies are teaming up to keep fans safe. homeland security secretary jay johnson toured levi stadium today to review the security plan and later outlined what his agency will do. >> increase maritime security and helicopter patrols by the coast guard, on-site intelligence support to local police and the federal coordinator.
6:36 pm
assistance in security at the stadium, hotels, and super bowl-related events. aerial surveillance to enforce flight restrictions around the stadium. >> reporter: at an estimated 1500 california national guard members will also be watching over levi stadium. >> we're deploying things from firefighter jets who will be flying combat air patrol to enforce the no fly area over the stadium. down through other air krart such as helicopters that are avail vailable to fly law enforcement. soldiers on the ground that are reinforcing the police presence in the area. >> reporter: the leader of homeland security says he's contacted investigators in both san bernardino and paris to learn more about the two recent terrorist attacks in order to enable super bowl security teams to better prepare for game day. san francisco's police chief says law enforcement can't do it alone so they're asking the public if you see something suspicious, say something. and that has already paid off
6:37 pm
earlier this week someone saw something that didn't seem quite right. they phoned it into police and it led to the arrest of two escaped convict from southern california. reporting live in sclar remarks marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mary ann. now let's go live to the stadium in the east bay where a deal could be in the works. the coliseum authority and the raiders are said to be meeting right now to discuss a possible one-year lease extension for the 2016 season. this is a live look at the oakland coliseum. raiders owner mark davis is expected to attend. the team is looking for a short-term home as it explore its long-term options for a new stadium. the team's current lease expires in just two weeks. oakland mayor has repeatedly said the city would like to work with the raiders to get a new stadium deal done but has said any deal cannot include taxpayer funds. coming up here at 6:00, some troubling news about raiders legend ken stabler who died recently. the new report that uncovers some of the dangers that all
6:38 pm
football players face. plus don't get tesla ceo elan musk's bad site. the reason he banned a man from buying an electric car.
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don't make tesla ceo aylan musk mad. it might just cost you your new tesla. that's what venture capitalist stewart allsop says happened to here. he was at this premier last september. apparently musk was late to the event in fremont. the venture capitalist ranted about the tardiness on line. allsap says musk has cancelled his order for a new car.
6:41 pm
here's what musk tweeted today "must be a slow news day if denying service to a super rude customer gets this much attention." google's self-driving cars are headed to the streets of washington state. the company will begin testing the autonomous vehicles in kirkland a suburb of seattle. it will give the company a chance to see how the cars perform in significant wet weather. the fleet of self-driving cars hit the road in silicon valley sex years ago. actually testing began in austin, texas last summer. okay. the bet it on. you know how this works. the mayors of the super bowl cities get together. this is the mayors of charlotte and denver making a friendly wager today. they laid out the terms of the event via phone. here's the deal. the loser will wear the jersey of the winning team's quarterback and post that photo on twitter. >> friendly wager. >> that's a pretty tame wager. our old friend jerry rice is having a blast at all these super bowl festivities. >> the hall of famer spent the day at the nfl experience at the mosconi center. showing off his hall of fame
6:42 pm
ring. raj mathai used to host a show with jerry rice. rice had something to say about that today. >> raj used to always you know when i was working with him, and i liked to talk with my hands. and raj, i'm talking with my hands, okay, raj? look at that. he would slap my hands while i was talking. like keep your hands down. keep your hands down. when we did a sports though. >> how fun. >> here's the deal. the network would say jerry is talking with his hands too much but we're not going to tell jerry. they told his agent. his agen said i'm not going to tell jerry. raj had to tell jerry not to talk with his hands up so high. >> i talk with my hands a lot. >> i would have to slap it down. >> okay. >> that doesn't work with me. i got to point. >> we are dear friends. jerry and i hosted a show here in our studios for six years back in the day. >> you guys had a lot of good times together. >> that's awesome. >> i'm not going to slap your hands down at all, jeff. you do great. >> they're never going to stay down. >> he's got to point to the
6:43 pm
temps. >> let's get a live look outside the sky camera network. you can see from emeryville looking towards san francisco while super bowl city is there of course the super bowl is in santa clara at levi stadium. we'll have the forecast for what you can expect this weekend in just a few minutes. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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going on right now in san francisco. this is happe okay. happening right now another live look at a protest going on in san francisco. and just in the last couple of minutes you can see the protesters have started to move down the embarcadero. they're walking there in the background. we hear there are hundreds owe protesters. they're trying to bring the attention of homelessness in san francisco. they say it's a real problem and the city needs to address it. they're marching down the embarcadero. it looks like they're going north along the embarcadero right near the ferry building. this is just yards away across the street from super bowl city in san francisco. that's at herman plaza. you can see a heavy police presence so far. it's been very peaceful there
6:46 pm
but officers there are on stand by just in case things get rowdy. of course we will continue to follow this demonstration. keep it here for updates. you can also go to our web site, amidst the hype and hoopla of the super bowl, a sobering story. we learned today that raiders great kenny stabler who died of cancer was suffering from a degenerative brain disease believed to be caused by repeated blows to the head. >> this is the injured brain of raiders legend kenny stabler who died last july. dr. ann mckie dissected his brain. from boston she tells us stablers headaches, memory loss and sensitivity to light and noise were likely due to cte. >> this was a very pure case of cte. he had no other neurodegenerative disorder. >> reporter: stabler is one of the highest profile players to have been diagnosed with cte
6:47 pm
along with hall of famers junior seau and frank gifford. nicknamed the snake he was named the nfl's most valuable player in 1974. two years later he led the raiders to their first super bowl title. many think quarterbacks are less at risk for brain damage. but no position except for kirks are immune to cte. >> i was surprised to see it. but then when i found out that he had been playing for 28 years, that's a very linengthy exposure. >> experts say serious changes to the game we know, they are training youngers players across the country. they teach a safer method for tackling. >> an individual gets something like 1,000 subconcussive hits per season. that's really where we think the damage is beginning.
6:48 pm
>> we should note ken stabler is a finalist for this year's pro football hall of fame class. the vote is this saturday in san francisco. let's get a check of the forecast now. up can see some green on jeff ranieri's radar. >> we like to see a whole lot more with our drought in place. this is all we're getting out of the current system moving across right now. scattered rainfall developing in san francisco off the peninsula. a shower here on the very busy during the commute hours 680 from martinez down to about walnut creek. we also have that shower extending towards orinda and lafayette. that's really the worst of it tonight will be the scattered miss and hit areas of light to moderate rainfall. get you outside to the sky camera network right now. south bay at 55. east bay coming in at 52. san francisco also in the low 50s. and a little bit of that spotty activity as well in the north bay and 49 degrees. tomorrow morning's forecast our storm system will continue to exit. so we won't be totally dry. but it's not going to be a super wet commute. just a chance here of possibly some spotty showers for the
6:49 pm
peninsula. east bay, san francisco and the north bay and temperatures starting as cold as 44 in the north bay and then right back here across the south bay 43 degrees. let's take you to the futurecast and you can see 11:30 tonight storm system continues to fall apart. and that again may only leave just a few spotty showers. after 7:00 a.m., we start to clear out all the way through super bowl weekend. we have high pressure building in offshore. it's a stark contrast from what we've seen over the past six to eight weeks. that's going to push temperatures into the 70s. while that's great for the super bowl and a lot of folks that are visiting, we would like to see more rainfall to continue to boost up our rainfall season. but we're still doing okay to date. santa rose say 90% at average. san jose at 99%. san jose doing the best because a lot of the storms have had a bit more southerly push with el nino fuelling a lot of our activity. as we take you through your thursday forecast, you can see across our microclimate.
6:50 pm
san jose coming in at 62. sun by the afternoon at cooper tino and 63. for the peninsula possibility of spotty showers neither immediate coastline 56. san francisco will top out in the mid 50s here from the marina back towards the financial district. for the november bay east bay and trivalley best chances of showers in the early morning into the early afternoon would be napa and santa rosa. otherwise beautiful day in the valley at 63. as you round out the next 15 days we have that chance once again of maybe a few showers in the morning on thursday. super bowl saturday and also sunday if you're here this weekend, high pressure keeps it dry. then february the 12th through the 17th possibly wetter weather returning as we'll get more storm systems lining up. now, specifically for that super bowl and that 3:30 kickoff as we head into sunday's forecast, we're pushing it up to 72 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour.
6:51 pm
it's remarkable to think we're going to have this kind of weather considering how wet it has been for the start of the year. but good news again for what, hundreds of thousands of people that are going to be out here for that? >> absolutely. jeff will probably be right there on the field so he can work on his suntan. >> still working on that vip pass. the warriors meet with president obama tomorrow. but tonight some business to handle on the court. we're going to take you to washington, d.c. kozimor, jim kozimor joins us next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
they're going to have to put away their jerseys and dress to the nines. the warriors have a big day tomorrow.
6:54 pm
here's jim kozimor with comcast sportsnet. hi, jim. >> it is going to be another exciting day for bay area sports fans as another team gets to go to the white house. giants have made a habit of going to the white house. they won those three world series. on thursday the warriors will continue the tradition of meeting the president. would it distract them from doing their real job? warriors in the district facing the wiz trying to extend a seven-game win streak. how cute is this right here? steph and his little friends. first quarter off a wiz miss here come the warriors. draymond and a jam and another fun one for the dubs. now let's turn to the reigning mvp. had a couple of days off so steph curry has extra energy. the human torch off to a scorching start in washington lighting up the wizards from the first. 7 of 8 from the three-point line. first in his career steph has made seven threes in the quarter. he finished the quarter with 25 points. curry showing off before visiting the white house and meeting the president on thursday. the warriors are up 99-86 in the
6:55 pm
third. win or lose sunday, as we talk football, peyton manning will still be considered one of the best ever to play quarterback in the nfl. many have speculated this will be manning's final game and that he could possibly retire a champion just like former broncos quarterback and current general manager john elway. >> i had some conversations with john when i first signed here about playing quarterback at the ages 35 plus. but i haven't had those kind of conversations with him recently about that. and like i said, i'm excited to be in this game and have this opportunity and going to keep my focus just on that. >> all right. to college football national signing day and the cardinal have landed another strong class. today stanford announcing the student athletes who will continue their careers on the farm headlined by a five-star linebacker curtis robinson and a four-star quarterback k.j. costello. many say he could compete for
6:56 pm
the job in freshman year. curtis robinson and k.j. costello were given the equivalent of $300,000. both get five-year scholarships at about 60 k per year at stanford. if they win a national title they could also one day meet the president just like the warriors are going to do on thursday. we'll have plenty more of that on thursday. that will do it for sports. you guys ever met the president at the white house? >> no, i have not. >> not even close. what about you? >> i have, actually. i've been to the white house and met george w. bush, shook his hand, had a nice conversation. >> wow! >> i know exactly. >> we need to hear more sometime. >> i know we will. we will chat. >> that's a good story. okay. thanks, jim. >> thanks, koz. geopolitical conversation that we had. we had to go over some things going on at the world at the time. >> of course. >> it was very nice to do, though. >> thank you, koz. thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you tonight at 11:00. bye.
6:57 pm
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new video -- o.j.'s daughter sydney simpson all grown up. her first sighting in years as the o.j. mini series premiere. >> and what kim goldman thinks of the series, now on extra! o.j.'s little girl, then and now. >> you want to talk about your new life now? >> sydney simpson, kim goldman, reaction to "american crime story." >> i hope that people walk away believing he's guilty. >> the scene that was hardest for kim to see. and why o.j.'s not watching in prison. >> hilary and trump, no love lost. >>


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