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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is thursday february 4th. coming up on "early today" hillary clinton and bernie sanders trade jabs ahead of their first one-on-one debate tonight. meanwhile. >> it is no surprise that donald is throughing another temper tantrum. >> ted cruz hits back after trump accuses him of voter fraud in iowa. a pennsylvania judge decides a criminal sexual assault case against bill cosby will move forward. and what causes a massive hole blown in the side of this commercial airliner. a accident captured on dash cam and a giant panetta makes his pick for super bowl 50.
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"early today" starts now. good morning everyone. i'm sheba russell. democratic kthds hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face you have tonight in their first ever on 1-1 debate. expect to see plenty of fire. sanders is doubling down on calling clinton a moderate and not a progressive an attack clinton says she's disappointed about. >> it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said in response to a question, well maybe she's a progressive on, you know, some days. >> across the aisle, it's becoming even more brutal. donald trump is accusing ted cruz of voter fraud. trump says he'll probably file a formal complaint. may even challenge the iowa caucus results. that is over a cruz campaign note sent just before the caucus which said ben carson was dropping out and his supporters should urge carson's to switch
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to cruz. not surprisingly cruz has responded and pebed a new word. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet a another temper tantrum and if you hike another trumper tantrum. and i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. that he finds that very difficult for him. but the end of the day the iowa people spoke. >> trumper tantrum. i'm joined by nbc's tracy potts live in washington to hash out all of this for us. good morning tracy. >> wile we are watching this back and forth between ted cruz and donald trump keep your eye on marco rubio. just this morning, brand new poll in boston says marco rubio is on the move now number two in that poll in new hampshire. we are also watching the democrats where bernie sanders calls himself the underdog but the number s show different. >> tonight's debate is hillary clinton's last chance to take on
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bernie sanders face to face before new hampshire votes tuesday. >> if it is about our records, hey i'm going to win by a landslide on tuesday. >> sanders has a double digit lead here. he's hammering clinton on her six-figure speeches. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that is just not progressive. >> her response. >> i don't know, that's what they offered. >> donald trump claimed he could have won iowa if ted cruz hadn't sent out questionable mailers and rumors that ben carson is droup dropping out. oh that voter fraud. they are brutal. they are a bunch of dishonest cookies. >> i wake up and laugh at the
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latest things he's tweeted. >> marco rubio is a close number three. >> ultimately it goes back to what i said before and that is a willingness to say or do anything. >> the field is getting smaller. rick santorum dropped out and endorsed rubio. >> someone i feel a lot of confidence? >> rand paul and mike huckabee dropped out and didn't endorse anyone. the brand new poll showing rubio on the move, up everyone is since monday. >> lot of of dropouts over the last several days. thank you tracie. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off one on one for the first time in a democratic debate tonight live from new hampshire. it begins tonight at 6:00 pacific on msnbc. and in pennsylvania a judge ruled they can move forward.
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nbc's chris palone has more. >> the sexual assault case against bill cosby moves forward. a pennsylvania judge rules there was no agreement between prosecutors and cosby not to press criminal charges against him. it stems from a 2004 incident in which cosby is accused of sexual assault by an associate named andrea constand. the decision after a second straight day of arguments and testimony. his long time attorney john schmidt took the stand first telling the judge he believed that montgomery county district attorney's 2005 decision not to prosecute was irrevocable. the da admitted there was no agreement -- tuesday caster himself testified that when he decided cosby wouldn't be charged he meant that none of
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his successors would president cosby either. kevin steele said no such agreement existed. smith said if the threat of criminal charges loomed cosby never would have testified in a 2007 civil suit against him. in the transcript admitting to giving pills and wine among other things gave the newly elected steel enough evidence. the judge told lawyers he couldn't find any case law which matches the scenario playing out in the cosby case instead forging out on his own. the prosecution continues. nbc news are norristown pennsylvania. >> and cosby has said that sex with constand was consensual. he has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. >> florida governor rick scott declared a health emergency in four counties amid fears of the
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zika outbreak. in an effort to contain the outbreak the red cross is asking people traveling to effected countries to wait 28 days before donating blood back here in the u.s. the virus has always made an appearance in georgia and texas with another will 1 1 cases reported there. meanwhile in brazil another challenge as tourists pour into the country to celebrate carnival. health officials in recife are rushing ahead of the weekend's festivities which could attract a crowd of more than a million people. nearly 5 thousand cases of zika have been reported in brazil since october. officials continue to examine the events thatter to a hole in the side of a small lay plane on tuesday. officials have seen no evidence of terror involvement but does not rule it out.
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>> the moments after an explosion ripped a hole in the cabin of a commercial airliner. oxygen masks flapping. people on board claim a burning man was sucked out. while most passengers walk safely away. >> i heard a big bang and smoke erupted. we couldn't see anything for a few seconds. >> experts are studying the images for crews. >> it is evidence from the pictures that the explosion or the failure of that fuselage happened from inside out. that means that it looks like like it originated inside the cabin and blew the structure toward. >> could it have been a bomb in or a failure of the plane? united 747 from honolulu lost part of its fuselage before. and a southwest flight lost part of its roof. metal fatigue was blamed.
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then there is attempted terrorism attempts. an official in somalia where this week's flight took off told nbc news no shrapnel has been found. the cause is unclear. experts say had this plane been flying at higher altitude or had the explosion occurred closer to the fuel tanks it might have suffered the same catastrophic fate. keer simmons nbc news london. >> punxsutawney phil may have predicted an early spring but on medicine lake nooer mip yams it was a brisk 22 degrees yesterday. and some daring sole s took
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advantage to parasail on skis and snowboards. how fun. >> looks fun. very difficult. i've seen people do it in the water. i don't know. >> well the storm system in the west and we've changed the weather pattern the last couple of weeks. we now see a lot of storms going sfoo the british columbia. couple little ripples here the jet stream is going to change through the next week and weekend into next week we're going continue to see sub tropical moisture heading northwards and a big ridge is going to lead to a dry forecast and temperatures well above average next week. maybe not to the end of next week. we still have some moisture in northwest oregon and the mountains of the cascade. i-5 from portland to oregon will
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be on and off scattered showers. notice the heavier rains are further north into british columbia. friday, we'll see a little dragging be n but it doesn't look like california gets into the action. looks good into the super bowl and next falls. california, lots of sunshine and temperatures seasonal. >> thooe weather looks fantastic. >> it does. san francisco the next seven days in a row, sunny and 60s. >> love it. bill thank you so much. just ahead a california lot toe winner has just hours to claim a $63 million jackpot.
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we have some bad news. if you are planning to file your federal tax returns on line this morning the irs announced wednesday it's been dealing with a computer system failure and cannot accept electronically filed tax returns. the agency does not expect refund disruptions. they continue to expect 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days. >> if you are the winning person with the winning lot toe ticket to told, today is your last chance to claim the fries. 46, 1, 33, 30, 16 and mega
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number 24. and check out this dash cam video showing a flipped over car skidding down the highway in england. fortunately a baby and his parents, they survived with no major injuries. let >> let's get down to business now with cnbc's land rn dowdy. >> stock futures point to a higher open. at allows the dow was down nearly 200 but a rally in oil helped wednesday up 180 points. markets will be watching earnings from canco phillips. and weekly jobless claims number at 8:30 a.m. honda announces a new round of more than two million vehicle recalls in the u.s. bringing the total to more than
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8.5 million vehicles in the 2 u.s. and resigning from his position at executive chairman of cbs amid concerns of health. he'll bepla replaced by leslie moonv moonves. back to you. >> and just ahead here a thrilling finish on the hard court. and the cutest super bowl prediction you will see. this is "early today." here's a little healthy advice.
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and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. it is time now for the latest sports head lines with gigi stone woods. good morning. >> good morning sheba, the nhl has handed down a 20 game suspension for flames defensemen dennis wideman for "cross check"ing linesmthis linesmen l week. weidman maintains the hit was unintentional and has apologized to henderson. >> to the nba. finishing with a season best 41
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but curry finished with 51 leading the warriors over the wizards, 124-121. and the magic hang around late but with under ten seconds remaining star kevin durant decided enough was a enough. >> and the thunder in a tie game durant for three and he's got it. he's got it. he's got it. one second remaining. and durant has done it again. >> and we got your super bowl prediction right here. lili the panda from the memphis zoo has picked the carolina panthers over the denver broncos to win the big game. sheba back to you. >> so cute. thank you. just ahead here the cast of friends has reunited and we've got the video for you. plus valentine's day comes early for one lucky channing tatum fan. you are watching "early today."
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leading the news on, three-parent babies are okay. if monitored and regulated carefully, experiments using sperm and egg cells from three different people to make a single embryo is find. >> why stop at three? let's do ten and see what happens. >> that's what you're hoping for bill, huh? we'll have to the have a talk afford. according to the academy of medici medicine. >> and it is a la order after rude post.
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the man who places the $5 thousand deposit on the tesla model x has his pre order canceled as the response. how about that. >> no soup for you. >> the cdc has released a new report that urges sexually active women from 15-44 to stop drinking alcohol if they are not on birth control. about half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are unplanned. according to one cdc official, alcohol can permanently harm an baby before a woman even knows she's pregnant. common sense there. have you ever seen an upside down water fall? in western scotland. two water falls defied gravity. >> we're seeing it. it's hard to believe but. >> you could get a great facial i they way. right? >> yes. >> here in the u.s. a ground hog just predicted early spring and
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in some towns in japan it's time to terrify the children. each time this year a man dressed as a team comes to scare the local kids. the more tears the more luck in the coming months. the ancient rite is meant to ward off evil and mark a transition between seasons. >> now a look ahead. the controversial pharma bro heads to the hill. martin shkreli is set to appear this morning before congressional committee. the 32-year-old has been subpoenaed for a hearing on rising drug costs. shkreli previously slammed the committee for its quote attempt to subvert my constitutional right to the fifth amendment. >> and happy birthday to gavin degrau. he turns 39. and oscar dde la hoya is 43. alice cooper turns 68.
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very powerful protest. a very public platform for a very powerful protest. san francisco homeless residents hold up tents and jam up super bowl city during rush hour traffic forcing city leaders to respond. plus ganging up on a defenseless woman outside a popular east bay mall. not only the car robbery and break in that has two men responsible facing serious charges this morning. perfect timing for a demolition, right? with super bowl activity swirling in san francisco abuzz with people, there's another show taking place on the embarcadero, but this one has nothing to do with football. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good thursday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm


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