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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. right to your forecast right now with kari. talk about a pick me up and how about a temperature me up, kari. >> cold this morning but warming up this afternoon. we start out in the 40s as you head out the door and now 50 degrees in san francisco. mostly clear skies in many spots and then highs today up to 64 degrees in the south bay. the north bay 62 degrees and san francisco 58. tri-valley looking at 62 degrees. so, we'll talk about this warm up on the way, especially this weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. but let's see what's happening on the roads as we check in with mike. >> we're looking towards 101 and san jose where the earlier burst let on schedule for a thursday and see this burst kick in, once again, in a hour. as we look at your map, that is the only area with the slowing. there it it is showing up in a different color. and for the last week 87 has had a hefty drive.
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remember last week san jose state got back in session and that might add to a little downtown traffic but nothing dramatic right now. tri-valley very easy drive and that still active and a little slowing at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. no major problems once you get past the toll plaza. meanwhile, a great drive towards the toll plaza and approaching redwood parkway. a crash that might slow you towards the carquinez bridge. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening right now a live look at the bay bridge where things tend to feel a little dramatic. this morning the next phase of demolition expected to get under way on the old eastern span. "today in the bay" bob redell joining us live with much more. bob, the sis a process that could take hours, if not more to complete. >> correct, sam. yes, as you mentioned. this is phase two of demolition of the old bay bridge and starting as soon as today, we could be seeing the removal of a 500 foot four-foot long truss. if you're not familiar a truss
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is that section of bridge and road and steel that connects between two towers. now, workers will start lowering that truss where we're at right now. lower it on to a barge in the water below. cal trans has installed pieces of equipment on either side of the truss and used to lower that large section of steel and it lowers at a rate of about 25 feet an hour. it would be expected to take six hours, roughly. a barge would then take the truss to pier seven where it it will be disassembled and the steel recycled. a total of 19 trusses on the old bay bridge that need to be removed. you got five, 400-foot long sections and the remaining are around 288 feet long. it will take several months for all this to be completed and on to the third and final phase which will involve demolition of the underwater foundation that support those towers. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob, santa clara
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university will offer free vaxes against meningitis to all students. the clinic runs this afternoon from 2:00 to 8:00 tonight and again tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night. it it comes after two students were infected with a contagious bacteria. now, the university's reaching oout to anyone who may have come in contact with those patients. >> we'll be monitoring. we don't know whether there will be additional cases or not. but our job is to catch them as soon as they can to ensure rapid treatment as needed. >> doctors say meningitis can be spread by sharing a drink or cigarette or even talking closely. the health deit apartment is asking any student who experiences flu-like symptoms to see a doctor immediately. the super bowl is thrusting the bay area into the national and international spotlight. and protesters are taking advantage of the opportunity to draw attention to one of san francisco's biggest problems, the growing homeless issue.
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"today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us live near super bowl city where protesters clashed right in complete view with everyone who is here from out of town. >> yeah. that's what protesters were counting on, sam. protesters are calling this super bowl protests tackling homelessness and they are wanting to turn the attention that is here in the city, especially from the fresh eyes on to their. set up a tent city across from the ferry building until this happened. >> you have one minute to disassemble the tent. >> san francisco police officers in riot gear warned the dozens of protest iters, an estimated 200 at one point to keep it moving. calling the tent city an illegal encampment and protest those people continue to mark holding up those tents and other signs. now, they're accusing the city of trying to get rid of the homeless in order to make way for super bowl city and taking away their tents and pushing them to go to shelters.
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>> we're closing down drop-in shelters and not providing the services. just simply saying that the homeless people have to leave isn't going to solve anything. it's not, yeah, it's not a solution. >> the city has already been working to provide more homeless housing because of el nino. in fact, today it's set to open a new navigation center at pier 80 that is big enough to house 150 people. but the homeless advocates say what about the five million taxpayer dollars spent on super bowl city and all these festivities you see here in downtown. they estimate that that money would house about 500 homeless people. in the meantime, the city says it spends more than $241 million on homeless services every year. by the way, protesters say they're not done. they have a march planned for saturday afternoon. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> taking a live look from this morning. plenty of super bowl related
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events happening across san francisco today. here's a look at a few. several nfl players will be stopping by the nfl experience this afternoon to sign some autographs. also happening at the mosconi center the madden bowl challenge tonight at 7:00. a video game championship between the top two madden nfl players seem them go head to head. also tonight a free mraconcert the city stage featuring the band perry. just three days until kickoff. we'll be here for you early on super bowl sunday, as well. our special coverage starts at 6:00 a.m. we'll also have some live updates throughout super sunday. all right, laura. an elderly woman attacked while she was shopping. now two men are behind bars accused of carjacking, burglary, and, of course, elderly abuse. accused of pushing down an 87 woman and taking her car and later burglarizing her home. this happened yesterday afternoon at 1:30 in the afternoon. when she left her car.
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that's when the two men approached her. we spoke to that victim exclusively and she recalled all of the horrific details of the attack. >> young man pushed me down and grabbed my keys and took off with the car. they took a bank that my husband gave me that had all kind of antique coins and stuff in it. >> and police believe the carjackers got her address from the registration inside of her car. a neighbor reporting a burglary in progress was able to write down the license plate of the get away car that helped police track down the suspect at another strip mall a few blocks away from the police department. the two men arrested are not being identified yet but on probation and face gang enhancement charges. another attack this time in the north bay. a man accused of attacking two people in as many days is now bebars. william king beat and robbed a woman yesterday afternoon at the town center in fairfield. she is now in critical condition
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with life-threatening injuries. police eventually tracked him down yesterday and arrested him. a follow up now on the homicide of a san leandro college student. the reward for information regarding that case now stands at $50,000. joe joe ramirez was shot and killed in his driveway. he was found dead in the front seat of his car and they believe the gunman mistook him for a nearby pot grower. ramirez was not tied to any criminal activity or any gang. marks the largest reward that that city has ever offered. in san jose, firefighters working to pinpoint the cause of this destructive house fire last night. the fire breaking oout at a hominid construction in the willow glen neighborhood about 8:00. firefighters had to call for backup two times and burning embers actually jumped catching a nearby roof on fire, as well. pg&e got involved because of a potential for downed power lines. luckily no one was hurt.
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when we woke up this time yesterday, temperatures were in the high 30s and low 40s in parts of the bay area. we need to lift that up. i 40s and 50s behind you this morning, kari. crank that up a little more. >> warming trend. yeah, we're making some improvements here. it's 44 degrees in the east bay while san francisco is now at 50 degrees. as we drop in on the east bay, it is still chilly out there. and our temperatures are in the low 40s in dublin and in castro valley, 45 degrees. sunol now at 43 degrees. and into the day, we will have temperatures maybe in some pots about five degrees warmer. like a los gatos today. 65 deit gree degrees and no cha francisco. the embarcadero up to 58 degrees. in napa 68 degrees and oakland 57 and san ramon today a high of 62 degrees. we will continue, though, this warming trend heading into the weekend. i'll tail that coming up in a few minutes and let's get an update on the roads and what's
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happening there with mike. >> looking towards the maze and this is 580 and just about three minutes ago we started to see that slowing in coming in out of the maze. that is later than we often see for a thursday. great flow of traffic building for the berkeley curve and as we look at your map, we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights are on. commute into the city all week and looks like we'll have that for the remainder of the week and we hopes folks getting in there. super bowl activity and super bowling a ing activity on surf streets. we do have this slowing we've seen for a while through hayward and that's a typical pattern. over here looking at 84. the crash at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza in the fstrak lanes and mild slowing on the approach and north 101 and maybe out of lanes affecting just the connector ramp there. looking towards palo alto and northbound moves smoothly in towards that off ramp and
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southbound into the south bay, no delays. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. the baby face assassin headed to the white house. the white house security not only letting him in, but the president will honor him and his team today. the man once called the hated in america will testify before congress today. we think he's going to say exactly 20 words. what words? we'll tell you coming up.
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happening later today, a lot of the political candidates trying to get a ticket to a place steph curry already has an entrance to. a championship tradition for the golden state warriors. the team will visit with president obama at the white house in just a few hours before returning to the bay area. the ws come bearing some gifts. they will give the president his very own warriors jersey. >> what number will be on it? the ceremony starts at 10:55 this morning and air it it live on our midday newscast and stream it live on our website. head to click on the link warriors that white house. meantime, warriors celebrating this morning's visit on the heels of yet another victory. steph curry dropped 51 points to lead the ws to a 134-121 win over the wizards. still taking threes and making them that other players wouldn't think about shooting. he had a quick dousing after the game from his body who notched
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his tenth triple double of the season. the warriors now a historically best 45-4. >> just amazing to watch. the man once called the most hated in the world will go before congress this morning. >> scott mcgrew, you expect martin shkreli to say precisely 20 words. >> we are pretty sure he is going to say on advice of council i decline, he is going to plead the fifth. looking at a live picture of him testifying. right now we're waiting for him to say anything. the moment he does or does not, we will bring it to you. so we don't know exactly what's going to happen. we do know he is under criminal indictment in new york. this is video from yesterday. he's the guy to remind you who raised the price of the drug by 5,000%. now, that's not what he's in trouble for in criminal court. he's in trouble for moving money around to protect the company in which he was previously involved.
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congress wants to talk to him about drug prices. shkreli is out on bail after used an etrade account with $40 million in collateral. came from investment in this company. the bay area he was arrested, baos filed for bankruptcy and their stock is now near worthless now. his lawyer advised him not to talk but still talking on twitter tweeting out this picture of the media. paparazzi on me today lol. hey, let's talk about somebody who is well liked. i want to make a quick mention of this fellow. he's the guy in charge of google search. he's the guy in charge of the thing you do practically every day. you just never knew who was behind it. he is going to retire from google. shares in go-pro in huge trouble this morning after the company posted its first ever loss as a public company. gopro had warned investors a month ago this news was going to be bad.
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but the stock still fell. gopro said, hey, look out, it's going to be terrible, but little did we know how terrible. now, guys, gopro their cameras are amazing, but you knew there was going to be a but here sam and laura. i have been using this company as a poster child of how vulnerable one consumer tech company is. their devices get cheaper and cheaper and can't make amazingly better faster to raise the price this is what you get and it's exactly what we said you were going to do. >> you have to see however they can branch and continue to grow, too. >> meantime, we need to branch out and get more video of nick woodman. he seemed so secelebratory. >> hard to find him and track him down today. >> he's going to be hiding like martin shkreli. thank you very much. maya copa from the san francisco 49ers this morning directed at the sweet little cookie loving girl scouts. >> the team might need to buy more thin mints. back tracking on deit liveriliv
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sweet treat. girls host a sleepover at levi stadium. they had to sell 50 cases of cookie over the last month. the team canceled saying it booked a concert for the night of the sleepover. more than 1,200 girls were expected to attend that event. >> run through it tunnel and burst through a banner celebrating their accomplishments. just cool. and girls were excited. >> but after public pressure, the 49ers back pedaled after all who could say no to those faces. the girl scouts can have the stadium for another night that is not conflicting with the concert. the niners will cover the cost of that event. roughly $70,000. >> cute little faces are making me really. along with a concert and a sleepover. girls enjoy the concert and then -- >> there you go. >> going to be like a late night showing of "frozen."
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>> let it it go, sam. >> what's the name of the head character? >> elsa. >> i think she was liking the weather we had earlier this week because it was cold. and olaf likes warm hugs. warm weather this weekend. let's take a live look now at the bay bridge. the lights are on and we're starting out the day with dry weather. that is what we will see for the next several days. as we take a look at all the microclimates now. in san francisco it's 50 degrees and 5 degrees in the south bay. let's get a closer look at the north bay now. in napa it's 43 degrees and novato is 46 and santa rosa 46 degrees. weesk we've had some cool weather and even a little bit of rain. as we go into the rest of the forecast. you can take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. it will be warming up and starts today with all of this sunshine. at lunchtime in oakland, it is 58 degrees. into lower 60s and then we're back in the upper 50s during the
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evening commute. dry and cool weather today. but as high pressure continues to build, it keeps those weather systems farther to the north. no more rain for the next few days. le which is kind of unfortunate. nice to get some rain in the forecast. high pressure, once again, keeps those weather systems away from us, we will have much warmer temperatures. the same will be true in the sierra. we're looking at the squaw valley and alpine meadows report and low 40s today. 48 degrees on friday and more of that snow may be melting. we're at snow depth in the summit at 125 inches. and at the base, 72 inches with no more snow in the forecast this weekend. but it will be a great weekend to head to the sierra. our temperatures here in the bay area will continue to warm on sunday. super bowl. we're at 74 degrees. also 74 degrees as we get ready to head back to work coming down from the excitement of what's going on here in the bay area. average temperatures 61 deit
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gr grees. we will be well above that in the next several days. let's check in with mike and see what's on the roads in the next several days. >> move very well past the coliseum and further north i want to point out the incident we have on the map show it it, once again. north 880 over near jackson street and reports of a big rig as motorcycle and that is a bad mismatch. i have not heard any updates or injuries or lanes blocked and we'll track that. meanwhile, south or westbound, i should say, the east shore freeway. things moving north to south on our map and little slowing there and the metering lights and the berkeley curve and the incline there. the rest of your map, smooth flow of traffic and towards that 92 interchange heading across that san mateo bridge and well as 680 building through sunol out of pleasanton. 101 at capital expressway as well as 680. the two areas that show and dip and a skip look. we skipped over fremont and 880
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through the area and no major problems and predictable pattern for that south bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, who is holding that winning lotto ticket about to expire in southern california. one man says he does. lottery officials say not so fast. the reason $63 million could still go unclaimed despite a winner coming forward. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. the clocks are ticking. we're now just hours away from someone losing out on a $63
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million lotto jackpot. >> that winner has until 5:00 tonight to get the ticket to a lottery office, but one man says he already did that. adrian from our sister station in los angeles live this morning where a man claims he has that winning ticket and is now heading to court. good morning. >> laura, sam, good morning to you. yes, that winning ticket was sold here at this 7-eleven and there is a very simple, but important question on the door here. is it you? california lottery reporting this big $63 million check hoping that the winner will come forward. now, there's some video i want to show you right now. the winning ticket sold at this 7-eleven on the 29000 block that was sold back in early august. and, of course, the winner could take home $63 million over 0 years or they could take the lump sum of $40 million. either way, lotto officials are certainly hoping to hear from the winner.
6:26 am
and that's where it gets really dramatic because a man has come forward filing a suit claiming he was the winner but his ticket was too damaged to be processed. we have some pictures of the lawsuit that was just filed earlier this week. and, again, that man who says that he has the winning ticket but is being cheated by the lotto commission wants a judge to declare him to be the winner. as we come back out here live at the scene right now, an estimated 20 to $30 million in lotto winnings go unclaimed every single year. those go back towards those winnings go back to the state schools and there is a bay area connection. previously, the largest jackpot unclaimed was about $28.5 million. that was in alameda county back in 2003. sam and laura, back to you. >> you have to dig through your purse andt for those tickets, but then keep them in pristine condition, as well. >> looked like we could read the numbers there. i don't know if that was the ticket or not he was just flashing. we'll have to find out. coming up, a live look at super bowl city this morning. big warm up on the way just in
6:27 am
time for the big game. the full forecast with kari and a look at the morning commute with mike in less than three minutes. another matchup not as big as the super bowl, but certainly just as important. bernie sanders, hillary clinton head to head for the first time. i'll show you what to expect.
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time to spring out of bed this morning as we spring into your thursday. thanks for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura gar secanon.
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the cold temperatures still hanging on, kari. >> still feels like winter this morning. but starting to feel like spring this weekend catching the hints there as our temperatures will be warming up. it's now 45 degrees in the south bay. and in san francisco, as you step out, it is 50 degrees. so, wear an extra layer or two. you'll be taking it off today. as we look at highs in the north bay up to 62 degrees in the peninsula. 61 deit gree degrees in san fra the tri-valley a high of 62. so, looking nice today. warming up this weekend. i'll detail all of that coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, we reported this crash and chp gave us bad updates as far as that morning commute goes. southbound 880 is jammed up right now and the crash reported south 880 at the new location right under the overpass. a motorcycle from the report and deit tails in the report right now and that is a bad place this
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to have two lanes closed. and southbound has your left two lanes closed and your right two lanes open and jamming up out of hayward and ow out of union city. traditionally when we see something of this nature, you need to call the coroner for an investigation. at least an hour and a half. looking at least 8:00 and get more detail in the next few minutes. meanwhile the san mateo bridge moves pretty smoothly. might have a lighter commute because folks are held up right there. eastbound coming into the area and they'll see the flashing lights, as well. we're watching oakland, 880 and a nice easy drive towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on but southbound heads into all that back backup, again, you're jammed past that san mateo bridge because of that deadly crash. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. moving on to decision 2016 and then there were two. in less than 12 hours, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the democrats' final debate before the new hampshire primary next week. "today in the" kris sanchez joins us with a look at what we
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expect to see tonight. >> hillary clinton leads in the national polling but after that win in iowa that was really too close for comfort, she's looking for aer win over bernie sanders in new hampshire. if the most recent poll, the predictor. she's not going to get it. bernie sanders got the nod from 61% of likely voters polled by the university of massachusetts. hillary clinton got 32%. those 417 likely new hampshire voters were polled the day before the iowa caucuses, the day of the day after. now, clinton won that contest by than 0.5%. we got a preview of tonight's showdown at a town hall meeting sponsored by cnn where the buzz is about who is the true progressive. in case you're not a political junky, the definition is the candidate who can best put the power oof the government to work for the american people particularly on the economic front. >> we share a lot of the same big progressive goals, but we have different ways of going about them. >> i do not know any progressive
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who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> now, sanders and clinton are really trying to differentiate themselves at this point. we've put together some of their main differences. speaking of wall street, that is one of the differences between clinton and sanders. clinton wants to increase penalties for financial crimes and impose a so-called risk fee. sanders wants to break up big banks and tax trade to fund free college tuition for all. on higher education, clinton wants free community college, but not for high-income families. no free ride for them. as i mentioned, sanders wants free higher education for everyone at public universities. on gun control their positions are the same but their records are different. clinton voted for the brady bill and sanders voted against it more than once mainly because of the weight period it should be a state issue. both support regular background checks and loop holes.
6:34 am
on health care, supports and sanders voted for it and now going forward would prefer a single payer system and expanding medicare for all. now, the clinton/sanders debate is tonight at 9:00 eastern. 6:00 our time, of course, on msnbc. you could stream it on your mobile device in case you can't get to the tv in time now, this is the first debate that is one-on-one because you might remember that after iowa, martin o'malley dropped out. sam and laura. >> okay, kris, thank you very much. also new this morning, the poll just released shows that republican presidential candidate marco rubio making moves in new hampshire. rubio is now second in that state, according to the most recent polling. ahead of ted cruz. but behind donald trump. 6:34. happening now, a live look at the bay bridge this morning. just out of view, crews are expected to slowly start to take down what is left of the old eastern span of the bridge. "today in the bay" bob redell
6:35 am
live and any of the work started oout there just yet, bob. >> laura, from our vantage point it's hard to tell, but i would say no. we don't have the sun yet. but it it could start as soon as today. it could be tomorrow, according to cal trans. what we're talking about is the second phase of the demolition of the old bay bridge. and the first part of that phase is the removal of 500400-foot sections lowering it it it gently,icately on to a barge in the water below. now, the section we are talking about is a 504-foot long truss on the western most part of the old bay bridge. this is the section closest to the island. the demolition crew would be using jacks, a special type of equipment to very slowly lower that truss at a rate of about 25 feet an hour. expected to take about six hours to complete. the barge would then take that steel structure to pier seven, where it it will be taken apart and recycled. now, this is just one of 19 trusses that will be removed
6:36 am
over the next several months. there are four more 500-foot long sections. the remaining are just under 300 long. when all of those are removed, the workers will begin the final stage of demolition. reporting live here, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 6:36 right now. a popular san jose school leader facing child molestation charges this morning allegedly he had a relationship with one of his students. san jose police arrested jose gonzalez at his home on tuesday night. he's the interim vice principal at james lick high school. he is also the coach for the baseball and girls' volleyball teams. officers launched an investigation last friday after the school learned of a 17-year-old girl having a relationship with gonzalez over the summer at his home. parents and students are stunned to hear this news. >> i just felt like shocked and puzzled because, like, you know,
6:37 am
it is just something you wouldn't believe. >>i iu'm shocked along with my daughter. >> get to play basketball aebals just shocking. >> gonzalez is on administrative leave as his criminal case plays out. also new this morning, police are connecting an explosion at a vallejo mobile home park to an illegal hash lab. the explosion happened last night between highway 29 and highway 37. officers say one man suffered burns to his hands and his face. investigators now believe he was making hash in a shed that wasn't properly ventilated and he blew the shed to pieces. the fire damaged three neighboring homes, as well. 6:37. the big stage of the super bowl brings big protests as people square off with police in riot gear right in the heart of san francisco's super bowl celebration. the protesters want to put the city's homeless issue in the national spotlight. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live at super bowl city this morning. steph, how is the city reacting?
6:38 am
>> laura, i can tell you first that it is quite cold out here. about 46 degrees and the city says, you know what, that's why we want theless out of their tents and out of the area because we're creating more beds to protect them from this cold. protesters say not so. they say the city is kicking them out and tossing their tents to make way for a nicer super bowl city for everyone visiting ahead of the big game. and so up to 200 protesters yesterday afternoon around 4:30 tried setting up a tent city across thor bowl city. police called it an illegal encampment so officers in riot gear showed up. protesters decided to hold up their tents to attention to what they describe as bad and unfair treatment of the homeless here. >> i certainly don't claim to have the solution to it it. but i do think that we need to put more resources towards this. >> it's called human beings. where are we going to go.
6:39 am
>> now, separate of this super bowl conversation, the city did begin prepping for more shelter to protect the homeless from el nino weather and starting today the city is set to provide 50 new beds and this is a new navigation center at pier 0 people who can bring their tents, pets and partners. planning a march to super bowl city 1:00 saturday afternoon as a part of what they're calling super bowl protest tackling homelessness. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> more protests as more events going on there. thank you. a live look right now at super bowl city from above. plenty of super bowl-related events happening all across the city today. here's a look at a few of them. several nfl players will stop by the nfl experience at the mosconi center this afternoon. that includes j.j. watt just to name a few. don't try to sack him. the madden bowl challenge
6:40 am
tonight at 7:00. it's a video game championship between the two top madden fl players. also tonight, a free concert on the city stage. that features the band perry. we are just three days away from kickoff. we'll be here for you early sunday morning. our special coverage starts at 6:00 a.m. and live updates throughout the day, as well. you bring the burgers, i'll bring the guacamole. kari will bring the great weather for super bowl sunday, as well. >> that's good. if that's all i have to bring for the party. we're good. now, it's 47 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. 45 degrees and as we get a closer look stepping oout the door in morgan hill. heading into the rest of the day, we're in for a bit of a warm up especially in the south bay. up to 64 deit gree degrees and o at 68 deit gree s and i'll ha an update on the weekend forecast coming up in a few
6:41 am
minutes. but, let's get an update on what's happening in the east bay now with mike. >> yeah, kari, again, the worst part of my job when i have to report that someone died as a result of a crash. that's what happened here. sounds like the motorcycle rider involved in this crash here. southbound 880 at 92. right underneath the overpass, your left two lanes are blocked and that has traffic jammed up from san leandro and 238 all the way past that scene. now his peerian boulevard already backing up as folks are trying that as an alternate and mission boulevard state route 185 will take you from 238 in towards san leandro, as well, when you jump on further south. those are options for you right now. but things are jammed up and we're looking at least an hour and a half. that will reopen. chp doesn't give us any clear time for that to reopen. on the peninsula, much less severe situation north 101 past the airport. a fender bender blocking one lane and slowing a bit there. palo alto moving just fine willow southbound and little
6:42 am
build towards san jose and 101 and 87 show a slight build, as well. >> thank you very much. 6:41. coming up a new crosswalk in the south bay is drawing praise and criticism. we'll show it to you and let you be the judge. as far as i'm concerned there is one thing you never do in front of congress and martin shkreli just did and we got it on video. coming up. a new crosswalk in morgan hill
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6:44 am
is getting a colorful response to its c 6:44. a new colorful crosswalk in morgan hill getting quite a colorful response to its design. the city unveiled this installation earlier this week which leaders say will hopefully direct visitors to major downtown attraction.
6:45 am
it's at the intersection of monterey road and dunne avenue. the walkway was funded by an initiative by the nfl. we're hearing mixed reaction of the crosswalk but mostly positive. >> i think it's beautiful. it's gorgeous. better than the lines. takes it from nothing to something. not exactly what i would have painted, but makes it it look better. >> the new addition also raised some safety concerns that city leaders say the crosswalk is made of a material that will not get slippery in the rain. >> at least people are talking about that. martin shkreli wasn't saying anything but now the man called the most hated in america just rolled his eyes at congress. >> scott mcgrew, we don't mean that figuratively. >> no, he literally just rolled his eyes at congress. he has been called before a congressional panel investigating preskripg drug prices and, of course, he's the
6:46 am
guy that raised the price of a drug by 5,000%. here's the tape from 20 minutes ago. he smirks, he rolls his eyes and he even giggles. as you might imagine, this does not sit well with his questioners. >> it's not funny, mr. shkreli. people are dying and getting sicker and sicker. based on the documents obtained by the committee, we know exactly what these companies will say as part of their public relation strategy. it will try to distract from the massive price increases by talking about. >> he even giggled a little bit when pleading the fifth. shkreli is not the only person facing question, as you saw. there are other drug company execs probably trying to stay as far away from him as possible. now shkreli was in court on a separate matter accused of illegally moving money around to
6:47 am
support a different company in which he was involved a few years ago. people hate him and prosecutors want to put him in jail and congress is yelling at him and we just learned the etrade account he posted as collateral for bail went from $40 million to 4. now that sounds like karma, but keep in mind that money came from an investment he made in the bay area company, which he made worthless by getting arrested and real people worked there and invested their money, as well. that company is now bank. >> what is wrong with that guy? >> not making too many friends. he seems nerve, as well, scott. >> maybe that's his natural reaction to giggling and rolling your eyes before congress. just don't do it. >> so interesting to watch. >> totally. >> thank you very much. clearly congressman elijah cummings did not take kindly to that. the clinydesdales we all agree love butterflies and clydesdales. they're spending the next 11 days in fairfield at the
6:48 am
anheuser-busch brewery. fans are invited to come check out thes and the brewery parking lot, but, hey, you could also see dalmatians. able to catch a glimpse of one of the clydesdales making an unadvertised stop at the mosconi center. the good old puppy bowl. clydesdales and puppies. >> i'm just saying. we can all gree on these points. >> i, for one, love puppies. starting today through sunday, dozens of puppies are going to hit the field as they participate in practice scrimmages. here's some video from last year's puppy bowl and, yes, laura, we can all love puppies. >> hamsters do, gerbils. >> the event is an experience for sure. puppy bowl virtual reality where they can get nose to nose or bone to bone. on the field with the pups. hopefully the four legged players will find their forever homes because there is an adoption after the event. >> you can't go wrong with
6:49 am
puppies? >> you can brag and say, my puppy was in the puppy bowl. everyone seen it. >> all right. show us right now what's going on for the rest of today on the weather front. >> it is going to be warming up. we have a cool start to the day and mostly clear skies and a nice sunrise as we take a live look at san jose. the sun will be coming up and we will have a lot more sun as we go into the next several days. now that seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. come on over and take a look at it because we will have some much big changes on the way. some much warmer temperatures as our, we start out now at 44 degree in livermore, san carlos at 46 degrees and 50 in san francisco. let's take it hour by hour in oakland with all of this sun today we go from the upper 40s to 56 degrees by 11:00 noon it's 58 degrees and lower 60s as we go through the day. and we are also keeping an eye on the waves off shore because we do have a high surf advisory
6:50 am
that continues into tomorrow. winds have been breezy. we'll continue to pick up as we go through the day and our waves go from about five or six feet to possibly over ten feet at times. high pressure building, though, we'll keep our weather calm and dry weather into the next few days. highs tomorrow reaching the 60s all across the bay area and then those 70s start to creep into the south bay by saturday. sunday we'll have more widespread 70s for the north bay and the south bay. still in the 60s for san francisco and parts of the east bay and then we'll see those 60s right along the immediate coast while the rest of the bay area warms up into the low 70s. here's a look at that trend into the day tomorrow. all across our microclimates into the 60s. 70s for a couple of spots like south bay. sunday looking at 74 degrees. and mostly sunny skies. let's get an update on what's happening on the roads now from mike. >> kari, i want to shows the san mateo bridge. this is pretty well traveled. a steady flow of traffic under
6:51 am
the bridge. the reason i want to point this out. you expect it to backed up and for those of you just joining us a deadly crash blocking two lanes of southbound 880 right at highway 92. those are the two left lanes. the ones near the center deit vd and the three if you include the off ramp. they're open. folks are able to make their way steadily over towards that toll plaza. you do see a sizable over towards that toll plaza and an extra backup down the san leandro and also come through city streets and hayward, mission boulevard and heading down over towards the area and get south of jackson, if you can, and that will take you out of the backup. the northbound side also showing traditional congestion and added activity. no update, we don't know when the coroner can get on the scene to do the investigation that is necessary before they can even begin to move cars out of the roadway. meanwhile on the peninsula more slowing right around the airport a crash there and it's obstructing at least part of one lane. we'll looking towards the bay
6:52 am
bridge otoll plaza and the standard build and that's not so bad. jump down to the south bay where the northbound route all starting to show the build for the volume of traffic 101 southbound and moving slowly here and clearing by the time you get just past the airport. back to you. >> thank you very much. lays on the bay bridge this morning. happening right now as mike just told you about, that deadly crash on 880. we also sent out a traffic alert on our nbc bay area app. also, the so-called hated man in america getting grilled on capitol hill. we've tweeted oout a li eed out former drug ceo who jacked up prices. the world champion warriors are white house bound this morning. we'll stream that visit live right now relive their victory parade on our home page.
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6:55 am
welcome back. 6:55 on your thursday morning. one final look at today's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. bob redell live near the bay bridge where they demolish part of the old span this morning. >> we're live where this could be today the start of phase two of the demolition of the old bay bridge and the section we're talking about is the one that is closest to us about 250 feet in
6:56 am
the air. starting as soon as today, workers could start lowering that section and it's a very large piece of metal and roadway. 500 feet long. it's called a truss. they could be lowering that on to a barge in the water below. it's a slow process, a deticdel process and take six hours to move 25 feet per hour and once it's on that barge it would be transed to pier 7 where that metal would be recycled. 1 of 19 trusses that are scheduled to be removed over the next several months. five that are around 500 feet long and the remaining are 300 feet long and once that process is done, they'll move on to phase three, which is the demolition of the supports for the towers. reporting live here, bob red it it"today in the bay." hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head to head tonight ahead of the next big test which is the new hampshire primary next tuesday. the most recent polls are
6:57 am
predictors, then she's not going to get that win she wants. bernie sanders is at 61% to hillary clinton's 32%. 417 likely new hampshire voters polled by the university of massachusetts lowell. we did get a preview of tonight's show down at a town hall meeting sponsored by cnn where the buzz is all about the true progressive. >> we share a lot of the same big progressive goals, but we have different ways of going about them. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> loosely speaking politically, progressives put the power of government to work for the people. we expect to hear their other differences like on wall street, health care, higher education, gun control and maybe some foreign policy as folks try to make up their minds. that clinton and sanders debate is tonight at:00 p.m. eastern. that is 6:00 our time on msnbc and also stream it it on your
6:58 am
mobile device. this is the first debate that is one-on-one. martin o'malley dropped out after iowa. sam and laura. and i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where protesters are trying to take the spotlight on super bowl city and put it it on tent city. >> disassemble the tent. >> a couple hundred protesters tried to set up tents yesterday afternoon next to the building in plain sight of all super bowl city goers. instead they got police in riot gear who called the protest an illegal encampment. accused of trying to get rid of the homeless to make way for super bowl city and pushing them to go to shelters which do not have enough beds. the city spends $241 million a year on homeless services and, in fact, today, it is set to open a new navigation center at pier 80 big enough to house 150 people to protect them from el nino and cold weather. the homeless advocates say what about the $5 million going from the city to super bowl city? they say that could shelter 500
6:59 am
homeless people and they plan on another march saturday afternoon. live in san francisco, stephanie chang, "today in the bay." let's check the forecast with kari and mike. some deadly crashes out there. >> yes, the first protesting obviously for a point but i hope they bundle up in the process. >> 50 degrees in san francisco and up to 58 for a high. low 60s else where. >> kind of a messy commute. >> yeah. both sides of the bay. we'll start with the one san francisco side. the peninsula. this is not a deadly crash and we have new information. two lanes are blocked by this crash northbound and we are seeing a lot of slowing unexpected for this point in the morning. back to the hayward side and we have been telling you about this one. southbound 880 at 92 under the overcrossing there. a motorcycle rider is dead after a big rig or some big, they into a collision. i don't know who is at fault here. this investigation will continue and that might leave lanes blocked untilably 8:30.
7:00 am
we might make it heavier than it's been all week. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back in half an hour with a local news update. >> meanwhile sunrise over that bay bridge. see you in 25. g good morning. face-off, hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a forum in new hampshire. clinton asked why she took those massive speaking fees from wall street. >> that's what they offered, so -- >> donald trump accusing ted cruz of stealing the election. >> he is losing. we are liable to wake up one morning and donald, if he were president, would have nuked denmark. >> the battle getting more heated every day. bomb on board? what blew a large hole on the commercial jet? one passenger allegedly sucked out of the plane. the growing fears it was a


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