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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the warriors at the white house. they're meeting the president and getting honored for their n-b-a championship. kris/2shot good morning, and thanks for obama. scott/re being honored for their nba championship. 16-h morning and thanks for us. i'm kris sanchez. nt i'm scott mcgrew. we'll take you live to the white house. the golden state warriors are at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and on jident obama will congratulate them in just seconds from now. for their first nba title and workers. to win the title back in june, here they come all of them lining up one by one.
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everyone seems to have a picture opportunity. saw nancy pelosi there in the front a short time ago as well. the number 44 because he's of course, the 44th president. the joke going around the newsroom is that they allowed an assassin into the white house because of the baby face killer. president obama should be walking out to congratulate the warriors. they're getting congratulated for last year's championship and being -- let's see what they're doing. maybe they were -- at the same time. >> sounded like they were saying
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something. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. accompanied by coach steve kerr. mr. jerry west. [ applause ] welcome to the white house everybody. give it up for the nba champion golden state warriors. [ applause ] everybody, please have a seat. now, let me begin by saying i was hoping that riley curry would be here today to share the podium with me. i guess i'm going to have to get media training some other day. the east room is not as loud as
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the oracle. but dub nation is well-represented. we've got members of my cabinet and congress in the house who are big fans. and i don't just mean harrison barnes who apparently they call the senator. he's from iowa. maybe he's got politics in his blood. we've not one of the biggest golden state warrior fans around. our leader in the house of representatives, democratic leader, nancy pelosi. [ applause ] we've got republican leader kevin mccarthy is here. so this is bipartisan. we have mayor chaffetz here. so we're glad you're here to celebrate the best. >> what's going on back there?
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i also want to recognize warrior executive board member and nba legend, one of the greatest of all-time, the logo, jerry west. [ applause [ applause ] he's worth a standing ovation. as well as owner joe lake up and general manager bob myers. give them a big round of applause. [ applause ] now, it is rare to be in the presence of guys from the greatest team in nba history. we're pretty lucky today because we've got one of those players in the house. steve kerr. from the 1995-'96 chicago bulls.
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[ applause ] it's good to see you back. for those of you who don't know, the warriors started the season without coach kerr who was recovering from back surgery. so luke walton stepped up and led the team to a ridiculous 39-4 record. unfortunately, the nba won't let luke count those wins as his own. man, that doesn't seem fair. you defied and accomplished big things, racked up a great record and you don't get enough credit. [ laughter ] i can't imagine how that feels.
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now let's face it the warriors are in the midst of a pretty special two-year run. folks are saying that they are revolutionizing basketball. they're so good that they seem to be just breaking the game itself. i don't play anymore, but i still know a little bit about basketball. and this really is one of the best that we've ever seen. great shooting. great passing. a small ball nuclear lineup. it's almost not fair. they play not just well but they play well together. they play as a team the way basketball is supposed to be played and it's beautiful to watch. when they're working on all -- beautiful was not how folks described the warriors for many
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years. i may one of the few old enough to remember the last time they were good. back in the middle '70s, last time they won a championship. i was 10 years old. they have great teams and players, but it had been struggling. one college player forgot that there was a team in oakland. that was klay thompson, by the way. [ laughter ] but a few years ago joe lake object took over and said that's a lonely flag and we need
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another one. 67 wins, 16 straight at one point. that used to seem like a lot until this year where they started off 24-0. it ended last season with their first title in 40 years. obviously, a big part of that was league mvp steph curry. [ applause ] steph a a pretty good shooter. for those of you who watched the game against the wizards last night. he was to use slang -- he was clowning. jumping up and down.
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by the way, for the record, i heard during this summer after our golf game, that steph was using the excuse of secret service being intimidating for why he lost the match. that is not the case. but he will have an another opportunity. obviously, watching steph play is incredible. and for anybody who enjoys basketball, it is just a lot of fun. but it's not just steph. there's the other splash brother, klay, who dropped 37 points in a quarter. and whose jump shot is actually a little prettier. [ laughter ]
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i'm just saying. there were barnes' dunks, bogut's blocks, draymond green showing us heart over height every single night. draymond is also known to add a few more words that i cannot repeat. then you have a couple of unselfish allstars in their own right coming off the bench. andre iguodala and david lee. a bench that was so good. they have two starting lineups. in the finals, golden state faced cleveland and a guy named lebron. down two games. coach kerr had the guts to shake up the lineup and it worked. andre came off the bench, played
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great d, took home the final mvp and it was a perfect example of the kind of team, with everybody doing their part and everybody ready to step up at any moment. unselfish play. folks looking out for each other. it's the same selflessness that the warriors show in their community as well. they've led the way for our brothers keeper initiative, promoting mentoring in the bay area and nationwide. i know they met with some students in the white house mentor program earlier today. this team is also supporting the oakland promise effort to help more kids make it through college. you've had -- [ applause ] you've had players take a stand against gun violence. work with michelle's let's move initiative. they've dressed up as santa to deliver christmas presents to
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those in need. and the first time i met steph is because he partnered with the u.n. foundation to donate three anti-ma layerial mosquito nets for every three-pointer he makes. that's 33 nets last night. keep shooting, steph. not that he needs any encouragement, obviously. the point is, this is a great basketball team, but it's a great organization, it's a great culture and these are outstanding young men. and some of them i've met before. stef i've gotten to know a little better. they're the kind of people you want representing a city. representing the nba and the kinds of people that you want our kids to be rooting for. they have a lot to be part of the rest of this season. maybe you'll break that bulls
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record. as coach kerr pointed out. he wins either way. either way erks got the ring. thanks everybody, congratulations. [ applause ] actually, i'm a little thirsty, is that my water or yours? i thought maybe it was yours. i'm guessing it's yours. i want to say thank you. i also want to say congratulations for becoming the first president in our nation's great history to use the term clowning. although, maybe teddy roosevelt used it somewhere in there. i don't know. but we want to thank you. our organization is so honored to be here to meet you, tour the white house and celebrate our
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championship with you. our general manager mentioned to me that you'll be a free agent at the end of this year. we don't know if you have anything lined up yet. >> i'm ready to go. >> you can consider this a symbol of an offer that's coming. we want you, as soon as your duties are done here in the white house, we'd like you to be the leader of dub nation. [ applause ] our warriors at the white house. we'll post video of today's big gany and relive the last year's victory parade on our website. all those wonderful things. s nothis one was just completely
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on point. up next at le11:00. the big game. the other one. lots of super bowl gear. it's not all legit. super tails on a counterfeit crackdown in san francisco. plus, on the bay bridge today, nothing do with the super bowl. events in the city. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are slowly warming up and a lot of sunshine today. we're headed into the low 60s. i'll detail that all of that and a warmup for the weekend coming eit su
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krrning now to our super bowl overage game and town. lots of people looking to cash in, including people selling lounterfeit gear. >> everybody wants a quick buck. we're live in san francisco. steph, since the last super bowl, authorities seized more than $39 million worth of counterfeit merchandise, isn't that right? >> you heard that right. yes, that's right. s ti called part of team
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operation -- operation team player. we have a bit of a what is out there cap. we've got jerseys and rings, jewelry and even though they say you have to look for the hologram for the authenticity, they say some of these are counter get. the question is what's the big deal? the nfl, homeland security saying look, people are getting put out of work because of this. they gave plenty of other reasons, also saying that this is on track this year so far to exceeding last year's levels of counterfeit goods being seized. customs border and protection is in phase two of what's called super fake two. the first part was done in san francisco netting more than $430,000 worth of fake goods. it powers a lot of other crimes, which is why they focus so many resources on these counterfeit sales. >> criminal organizations behind selling the stuff will take the
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profits and invest them in illegal marks, for example. they'll invest it into human trafficking, guns. we've shown gangs have invested profits into weapons. >> now a big part of this is also fake tickets, especially as we're nearing super bowl 50. if you're in desperately trying to get them, people take advantage. there's special security features. you can look for a hologram with a skyline of san francisco, for instance. also, there's something on the back, on the bottom super bowl 50, the image will fade when heat is applied and reappear when that heat is removed. again, some things to help protect consumers. and fans. a lot of what turns out to be fake by the way here in san francisco were fake shoes. that's part of the pattern. they are in a second phase. customs, border and protection.
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second phase undisclosed location. but it's received more than $2 million worth of goods there. as part of the other operation, we're talking about 4 is arrests, three convictions. this is something they're working hard on. the warning coming out now because we're getting closer to the big day and they don't want people taken advantage of. for yon san francisco. nbc bay area news. spehank you very much. we are three days to kickoff. throill be here early for you. well, these guys will. we have special coverage starting at 6:00 a.m. bayl have live updates throughout super sunday as well. >> i'll be having the bloody mary. e> new details on the removal of the old span of the bay bridge. are look at that span that's been there idle for 2 1/2 years. >> nbc bay area's bob rydell is there. >> reporter: very soon, scott and kris. workers will remove the
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westernmost part of the old bay bridge. that section we're zooming into now. that's a 504-foot long truss that extends to yerba buena island. in about an hour, demolition crews are expected to use cutting equipment to separate that truss from the two towers that supported above the bay for the past 80-plus years leaving it suspended in the air by cables. they will adjust the truss and make sure it's level. tomorrow, as you can see in the animation, the workers will slowly lower that steel structure on to two barges settled on the water below. the barges will haul the steel over to pier 7 in oakland where a crew will dismantle the truss and recycle the steel. even though the road surface has been removed from the truss, it still weighs a lot. around 2500 tons. that's why this removal process is very slow. very methodical. tomorrow descent is expected to
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take several hours, descending at 25 feet an hour. the movement most likely not visible to drivers passing by on the new bay bridge. >> it's such a slow process. it's not like a six-second implosion where it's visible in that way. it's so slow that it will not necessarily be obvious to a passing motorist. it may be somewhat obvious once we have it off of the towers and visible as it's being lowered. >> cal trans will employ this lowering process for all 19 trusses. that remain on the old bay bridge. there are 504-foot long sections, then you have the other 14 sections. they're under 300 feet. they're 288 feet long. complete removal expected by late 2018, early 2019. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. not selling tickets to that show even. no, you don't get to watch. meteorologist carry hae car
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hall is here with a glorious forecast. >> it's going to be very nice this weekend. no matter if you're planning to watch football, grilling, no matter what, it's going to be much warmer, a lot of sunshine. and really nice. a live picture at this picture. sunshine and temperatures have been slow to warm up. now in the north bay, santa rosa, at 56 degrees. oakland, 58 degrees. it's 54 degrees now in san jose. as we take it hour by hour in livermore, at lunchtime you'll be at about 56 degrees. you may still be wearing the long sleeves as you walk down the street. pick up that sandwich and we'll be at 58 degrees by 4:00. dropping back into the upper 40s. shortly after sunset. and late tonight. it will be another chilly one in some spot. we're dipping into the upper 30s most of us in the lower 40s. los gatos today, a lie of 65 degrees. san carlos, 59 degrees.
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mission district today at 57 degrees. napa, 60 degrees and brentwood, 57. livermore today a high of 62 degrees. we've been watching the ocean because we've had some fairly high waves recently. even though we haven't had active weather here, there's breezy winds creating a high surf advisory continuing throughout today and it will be discontinued tomorrow. high pressure, though, building. we'll allow our temperatures to warm over the next couple of days. by tomorrow, widespread 60s for highs all across the bay area. then more 70s starting to move into the south bay. we'll also start to see more 70s moving into the north bay by sunday afternoon and, of course, that will be the day everyone will be watching the weather forecast. then as we head back to work on monday, more 70s with only 60s along the immediate coast. our temperature trend going up with much warmer air. once again that high pressure builds. keeping the storm systems well to the north of the bay area.
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temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s. tomorrow, saturday, we may even have a couple of spots hitting 70 degrees, like in the south bay. up to 70 degrees on sunday in the south bay. we'll also have those temperatures right at the start of the game at about 72 degrees at kickoff. halftime at 68 degrees and mostly sunny skies. coming up a little bit later, en'll talk about your get away om acast and what's happening in the sierra. that's in a few minutes. happening right now, execs from a san jose pot dispensary ed tng tax evasion and insurance fraud charges. you can read the story we broke w. on our app, crews forced to clean up a mess at aquatic park and pointing fingers at super photosity fireworks and that show. we showed you the warriors at the white house and go to our twitter page to see behind the scenes photos. they're pretty good. in san jose - firefighters are
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working to pinpoint the cause of this destructivese fire last night. the fire broke out at a home under constr in san jose, firefighters are working to pinpoint the cause of this destructive house fire. it started at a home in the willow glenn neighborhood around 8:00. it happened on ellis avenue near lincoln avenue, not far from that downtown there.
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firefighters had to call for backup two times and burning embers caught a nearby roof on fire as well. there was a potential for downed power lines. fire crews had that situation under control in about two hours. no one was hurt. it was under construction and no family was living there. happening today, free vaccinations at santa clara. the clinic runs this afternoon at 2:00 to 8:00 tonight and again tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00. this comes after two students were infected with the contagious and potentially deadly bacteria. >> university is reaping out to anybody who came in contact with the patients particularly at a party on friday night. the health department is asking any student who experiences flu-like symptoms to see a doctor absolutely immediately. up next at 11:00, it was supposed to be a dream event for the girl scouts. but their dreams were dashed. that is, until they took on the
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49ers and they won. details of the stadium sleepover controversy coming up.
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welcome back. what an unusual day on the markets. absolutely nothing is happening. the dow is up a single point. go pro is getting crushed. better than 10%. what happens when a young hedge fund manager with a known tendency to be a smart alec faces congress? martin shkreli, the guy who raised the price of a drug by 5,000% was subpoenaed to appear before congress today where he smirked and laughed and even rolled his eyes. congress are people who never miss a chance to sound outraged, were outraged and they blasted shkreli. he's the subject of a separate criminal investigation decided not to testify. >> on the advice of counsel, i
11:33 am
invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and decline to answer your question. >> i am stunned that a conversation about something he purchased could subject him to incrimination. >> that's right. he wouldn't talk about his record album. congress didn't like any of this even though they knew to expect it. i'm going to show you other clips. they're not edited in any way. this is shkreli as they're happening. >> you can look away if you'd like. but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter what is said who cannot get the drugs that they need. by the way, it's a taxpayers, somebody is paying for these drugs. i truly believe -- are you listening? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i truly believe you could become a force of tremendous
11:34 am
good. >> now, congress let him go as is his right. you saw him standing up there. the congressional investigation includes drug manufacturers. they had to stick around. today's hearing is very separate from mr. shkreli's criminal case in new york city where he's accused of moving money between companies, something that prosecutors say, kris, amounted to fraud. >> i get that sometimes we tend to laugh when we're nervous. it does not look like that is what was happening. >> this is not helping him in any way, shape or form and there were people in the criminal prosecution that were watching this as well. he just cannot get out of his own way. >> no. i can understand why congress -- congressional hearing folks let him go because he was a distraction. >> probably. >> i should have said that more eloquently. to decision 2016 now. the focus this this morning is on the final face-off before tuesday's primary in new
11:35 am
hampshire. things are heating up. tracie potts is following it all from washington. >> a new 7 news boston university, massachusetts poll puts marco rubio on the move in now hampshire. now number two ahead of cruz. he's questioning how cruz won iowa. >> it goes back to what i said before, the willingness to say or do anything. >> the leading republican, donald trump is claiming he could have won if false rumors weren't spread that ben carson was dropping out. >> these politicians are brutal. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. because he's losing it. >> tonight's msnbc debate is hillary clinton's last chance to take on bernie sanders face to face before new hampshire votes on tuesday. >> if it's about a record, hey, i'm going to win a landslide on tuesday. >> sanders has a double-digit
11:36 am
lead here. he's hammering clinton on her six-figure speeches. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> her response? >> that's what they offered. >> so the democrats, the new poll shows clinton gaining but still far behind. rand paul and mike huckabee dropped out but didn't endorse anyone. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the clinton/sanders debate is at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 our time. you can also stream it on your mobile device. it turns out the 49ers messed with the wrong people, the girl scouts. they were supposed to use levi's stadium for a sleepover. >> but then the niners canceled and it got the scouts and the community buzzing. we see how they flipflopped
11:37 am
twice. >> as part of a lead-up to super bowl 50, the girl scouts were given an incentive to sell a lot of cookies, an overnight party at lee sly's stadium. >> what better way to celebrate. you get a sleepover on the 50 yard line. >> the scouts signed a contract with the 49ers back in september to host a party for the girls and their dads who reached that goal. they were expecting 1200 scouts for the event. but this week the team backed out saying it just scheduled a concert for that day. >> the girls were going to get to run through the tunnel and burst through a banner celebrating their accomplishment. just cool. girls were excited. >> the scouts knew a cancellation was a possibility. the 49ers back pedaled after news organizations started asking questions. the team released a statement saying the scouts can host the overnight the following week and now the team is even covering
11:38 am
the cost. estimated to be around $70,000. >> it feels good. i have to say. to know that we're appreciated and supported by our community. it was nice happy ending. ian cole, nbc bay area news. now to an investigative unit exclusive. with the big game coming up, will security be a dang -- we investigate the question. our unit gaining rare access behind the scenes at the regional intelligence center and our team uncovered a little known incident. last year where a major security breach occurred outside the super bowl in the phoenix area. senior investigative reporter sits down exclusively with the nation's former homeland security secretary, tom ridge. >> 9/11 world is all about managing the risks to the extent you possibly can. so you can never be so confident, so self-assured that
11:39 am
nothing is going to happen. >> tonight our investigative team shows you how these intelligence experts are using new techniques developed here in the bay area to try to stop an attack before it starts. that's tonight in our special at 11:00. now we're hearing it. the super bowl meets the symphony. terry mcsweeney shows us tchaikovsky with a hint of -- >> at symphony hall, hard hitting action hit music at a concert of champions. the tribute to super bowl week. >> never heard beethoven's 50-yard line concerto. >> removed the recorded music and played it live. >> you have a lot of emotion packed into these little short films. the orchestra is supplying that live. takes lots of brass and percussion. huge strings. moments of going into battle.
11:40 am
moments of emotional turmoil. >> hall of famer and former oakland raider and kansas city chief running back marcus allen said his amazing runs look better after the magic editing. >> vicariously every step i took, you took a step with me. >> some came for the music. >> actually more symphony. my family grew up in the area and loves the symphony. >> some fans came for the football. >> i came here because nfl films is legendary. i've been watching it since the '06s. we grew up and watched raider highlights. >> and some came for both. >> it's just amazing that they both came together so i could have something for me and then he could have something for him. >> that's the note the symphony was hoping for all along. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. sorry i missed that one. up next at 11:00, with the big game comes big time snacks. if you don't want to pig out,
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we'll show you what to avoid and give you ideas for healthier game time goodies. and we're looking attribute full clear blue skies and very nice day. but it's a little bit on the cool side. don't worry about that. i'll talk about a warmup coming up. super bowl and millions of
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11:43 am
dollars, but in a much different way than you might pt welcome back. our next story involves the super bowl. millions of dollars, but in a different way than you expect. >> this week, we're highlighting the game changers.
11:44 am
five bay area nonprofits by got half a million dollars from the host committee. we're introduced to one of the winners today. >> among the five grant winners, this is a veteran of the group by far. they've been providing family health services to low income services for 45 years. school-based is one way that they've helped in the east bay for years. the medical care they're providing there does more, they say, than just keep kids healthy. >> when we do our job attendance at school increases. school performance increases, graduation rates increase. >> but that doesn't mean la clinica isn't interested in doing better, which is where the game changer grant comes into play. for all the great medical care they were giving teens, they realized mental health services they could provide.
11:45 am
in a familiar setting where young people would feel comfortable talking about the issues of violence or trauma they were facing at home or elsewhere. >> with these dollars, we're going to be able to put a therapist in every single one of our schools. >> what that means is a doubling in just one year of the number of young people they're helping. >> the ability to provide this service on school grounds is what makes it different. and that's getting it at the very beginning and that's what is going to make this a home run. or a touchdown. >> yes. when the super bowl 50 fund gives you half a million dollars, that is a touchdown. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know something nice being done for others, garvin would love to hear from you. when the denver broncos and carolina panthers hit the field on sunday, most of america will
11:46 am
be hitting the snack table. >> that's right. parties include a lot of unhealthy treats. yea. we have tips for slightly healthier game time goodies. >> the only thing that gets football fans fired up more than their favorite team playing in the super bowl is the food that goes with it. >> chips, beer. >> nachos. >> hot dogs. hamburgers. >> the typical smorgasbord is so filling, an estimated person can consume as many as 2,000 calories on gameday. >> one of the biggest culprits is the chicken wings. three to five of them has as many as 300 calories and no one only eats three to five wings. >> chicken wings are basically calorie and fat grenades. >> clinical dietitian suggests replacing wings with chicken tenders. also swap out sour cream and dip for greek yogurt and stick with
11:47 am
light beer. the higher the alcohol content of the beer, the higher the calorie content of the beer. >> the best defense against an entire bowl of chips and dip ending up on your end zone is a plate. experts say fill it up once and then turn your back on the buffet table and get back into the game. >> super bowl sunday is the second largest day for food consumption. but it is one day. dietitians say it's fine for most people to indulge a little, then get back on track on monday. reporting in charlotte, north carolina, clearly without any bias whatsoever, i'm erica edwards, nbc news. >> fair enough. you heard the nutritionist talking about fat grenades. is that something we can cook? fat grenades. [ laughter ] >> deep fried butter. >> and we will have great grilling weather on sunday. no matter if you're cooking
11:48 am
healthy or want to cook fat grenades, we'll have temperatures that are starting to warm up now. it's in the low 60s in the east bay. we will see a high of 60 today. 61 degrees in the peninsula and san francisco up to 58 degrees. let's take it hour by hour in san francisco to help you plan out the day. a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. 58 degrees the warmest temperature at 4:00. shortly after sunset, those temperatures start to dip once again. we'll be in the low 50s tonight, but describes staying clear and no fog. we have been keeping an eye on the beaches, because we have a high surf advisory. even though the system that moved through yesterday is now well off to the east, we do still have choppy conditions out there. rough waves. if you are going to the beach as the temperatures warm up, never want to turn your back to the water. you may have some high waves coming up. we also have the risk of rip current. so far, the waves haven't been that high. but we will have the conditions that could create some waves up
11:49 am
to about 15 feet between today and tomorrow. temperatures will be warming up. we're making it above average. average temperature, 61 degrees. haven't been there all week. we'll finally make it there today with a high of 64 degrees. and then look at this. by sunday, we're up to 74 degrees. we'll start out the week that way also. super bowl is not only looking sunny but it is looking warm. we will keep that weather for several more days. you can see that forecast at the bottom of the screen. how that weather continues into next week. as high pressure continues to build, it keeps those storm systems well to the north of us and by the start of the week in santa rosa, we could be up to 74 degrees. san francisco also very warm. 69 degrees in san jose at 74. i wish we had some more rain coming our way for next week. but at this point it looks fairly dry as that high pressure will be very persistent in keeping the storm systems away. now we'll see the temperatures warming up for the next few
11:50 am
days. the peninsula up to 65 degrees. 68 degrees on saturday. by sunday, we're hitting 70 degrees in many spots. but we'll also have upper 60s in the east bay and the tri-valley. the north bay up to 72 degrees. if you are getting away, you want to feel cooler weather, head to the sierra. we'll have temperatures well above freezing and that's not good because we're melting some of the snow. but we do have a snow base at the summit at about 125 inches. at the base about 72 inches. but a lot of that sun over the next few days and temperatures in the upper 40s. heading to sonoma, wine country, temperatures in the low 70s for highs and mostly sunny skies. monterrey goes from the upper 60s to 73 degrees by sunday. in santa cruz on the boardwalk into the mid-70s. also on sunday as we keep that sunshine throughout the weekend. scott and kris. that looks fabulous. we'll be right back.
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see what spam can! do... at "hidden hooch" is now aunique piece of history that still may prove to be liquid gold. what might have once been hidden hooch is now a unique piece of history that still may prove to be liquid gold. >> the owners of an oregon bed and breakfast were remodeling and found a built-inbox of vintage scotch. they don't know the exact age. there's no date on the labels. but there's a newspaper dating to 1930 in the height of prohibition. a husband and wife lived there and it begs the question, who hid the whiskey? >> on the blueprints is show distinctly that there's mr. rogers closet and mrs. rogers' closet. this was in mrs. rogers' closet. i'm not pointing any figures or
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suggesting anything. it's just interesting. >> the b and b say the labels held up. they're hoping it's worth a lot of money so they can cover the renovation costs. if they had kids, it was her closet. here's something you've never seen. a look at the only known kwiewi jaguar in the u.s. this is the first time it's been caught on camera. only took three years to get the video. it was spotted from outside downtown tucson, arizona. a group of conservationists say he is currently in prime condition. >> no lady jaguars anywhere. >> not only the only one but the last one apparently. >> bummer. we'll be right back. 2016 is the year of monkey. but
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at a lunar new year welcome back. according to the chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of the monkey. a lunar new year celebration in southwest china was all about their panda. >> look at them. they're adorable. six panda cubs at a breeding center. they had fun with decorations. it symbolized joy and good fortune. they had toy monkeys to cuddle with during the party because it is the year of monkey even though the pandas always try to steal the show. >> cuter than the puppy bowl. >> no. nothing is cuter than that. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a great day.
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here we go. today on "access hollywood li " live," analyze the cold oven. >> we're excited you're here. so much with the show. howard is out, simon is in. we've got to find out who you like better. >> and auditions. who do you like more, howard or simon? >> i haven't worked with simon. i love simon. >> show is coming, i'm excited about that. >> and a true story of how 16-year-old disney star cameron boyce's grandmother changed segregation. they are sharing inspiring story in honor of black history month. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> is there a jew history month? >> morgan freeman brought


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