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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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macy's for this fireworks debris washing onto the shore. but they did mention fireworks shows have been in san francisco and this has never happened before. most notably, the new year's eve celebration that takes place along the embarcadero. but macy's did respond to this situation in a statement to nbc bay area saying they are investigating the matter. along with their pyrotechnic partner, pyrospectaculars who have done previous fireworks shows in san francisco. they say debris is likely the cause of the wind, tide and currents and they plan to work towards minimizing this impact of this for upcoming fireworks shows. >> now the show will go on. that fireworks show is set to take place at super bowl city at 10:00 p.m. the park officials will have to wait to see what happens. reporting from san francisco, pete seratos, nbc bay area news. how do you beat the traffic? b.a.r.t. is your best bet. ridership is at record levels. just yesterday was the sixth busiest day in b.a.r.t.'s history. more than 470,000 people took
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the trains. that's 50,000 more than normal. now b.a.r.t. takes you right to the heart of super bowl city. and here it is. a live look from a top, our nbc live camera our traffic anchor mike inknow n inknowway inouye us. >> b.a.r.t. can get under the crowd. it takes you along market as well. now this traffic doesn't look so bad, especially those familiar with the getaway traffic for an evening commute from the city. that's probably because the bigger b.a.r.t. numbers. folks instead of taking their cars are are taking the b.a.r.t. trains or the muni in the city or cal train up the peninsula to get knew the area as well. we're seeing today, a lot more congestion in the south of market area and also battery coming down in toward first where can you cross market. you're cut off by the purple closure, that's super bowl city, it's been closed since the 23rd. but we've had two weeks of some folks avoiding the area. this is is a congestion spot.
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b.a.r.t. is the best way to get into the city. we'll track this because the crowds are going to build from here on out. back to you. thank you, mike. the super bowl is the biggest tv event of the year and the biggest audience is usually when neither team is on the field. we're talking about the halftime show. today the band headlining the show held their own news conference. we sent our scott budman out to meet coldplay. i'm super jealous, he's live at levi stadium where the band is doing a sound check. >> we've been following coldplay around all day, janell, who knew? you heard from the athletes taking the field on sunday. today the talk turned to music. they're not athletes, but they'll soon be in the super bowl spotlight. >> i feel like donald trump. >> coldplay, headlining the halftime show, with beyonce and with respect. >> everyone who does this show knows it's the biggest honor, the biggest privilege and so they put their life and soul
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into it and we've watched all of the other halftime shows, many times and they're all most of them are fantastic. >> most of the questions came from the entertainment world. but how about being part of the world's biggest sporting event? >> i think we all just -- we were staggered, to be honest. it's, it is such a huge event as you say, it's there's nothing bigger. >> thank you, everybody for being so sweet. >> and for that, the british band got american footballs. coldplay will headline the halftime show, along with beyonce. we're told by the nfl there will be a third act, but so far, that's being kept a secret. reporting live at levi stadium, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it's going to be a spectacular show, thank you, scott. our coverage of super bowl l continues on "nbc nightly news," miguel almaguer has extraordinary access inside the fbi's operation to protect the big game. >> the bay area is wired, here in downtown san francisco, there are cameras everywhere.
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on intersections like this and on the major street corners. coming up on "nightly news," we'll have a look at super bowl security and tell you who's watching who. i'm miguel almaguer for nbc bay area. >> can you watch his report tonight on "nightly news" with lester holt in 25 minutes. the big question, will security be enough to prevent an act of terrorism? we gained rare access behind the scenes at the regional intelligence center. senior investigative reporter steven stock is with us. what did you see during the tour? >> we got an inside look at what's called the fusion center. what's technically known as the northern california regional intelligence center. or nicric. federal, state and local agents. if all of the intelligence is gathered, it comes and processed through this center. if law enforcement needs to take action, they are told by this center. we also unkoofred a little-known incident where a major security breach occurred last year at outside the super bowl in the
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phoenix area. and we sit down exclusively with the nation's former secretary of homeland security, tom ridge, to get his views on the security preparations for this upcoming super bowl. >> unfortunately, in a post-9/11 world, it's all about managing the risk to the extent you possibly can. so can you never be so confident, so shelfelf-assured nothing is going to happen. coming up, our investigative team shows you how these intelligence experts are using the new techniques developed here in the bay area to try to stop any attack before it starts. that's all tonight at 11:00. see you then. >> very interesting, thank you, stephen. if you have a tip for stephen stock or anyone else in our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an email directly to an update on the chp officer stabbed in the throat with a kitchen knife this week. officer andre sorenco is doing
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better, still hospitalized but in improved condition. it happened along an on-ramp to the bay bridge in san francisco. the chp said noel corpuz lunged at the officers, stabbing him sefl times, he was arrested. a popular san francisco deejay is dead after a violent attack in the tenderloin neighborhood. friends trying to raise money for the family of joseph orrazo, this site has received $27,000 in donations. he died a week after he was stabbed outside of the cellar nightclub. police say it happened while he and a friend tried to break up a fight. investigators have not identified any of the suspects. well this is no customer. new at 5:00, a suspected robber caught on camera. this is surveillance video from a subway in concord. the suspect is on a crime spree and it's only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.
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police say this guy's motive is always the same. >> it is very similar. we're actually in front of baskin robbins here, this was the latest robbery to take place, and police say the suspect's m.o. is the same. he calmly walks in, flash as gun or a knife. and demands cash. wearing sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt, a man calmly walks into this subway on clayton road in concord. he flash as gun and grabs the money in and out in less than a minute. >> he said, open the drawer and give me the money and i won't hurt you. >> police say leslie glaze was another one of his victims. the suspect walked into casper's hot dogs in walnut creek and robbed her. >> he's done it before, he was just way too calm. >> in the last month, police think this one suspect hit eight businesses throughout walnut creek and concord. even robbing this subway in nor cal swim shop on the same day. authorities say he stepped it up, three days later.
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robbing three businesses in 24 hours. >> that's very brazen. he's going in, displaying a gun or a knife, a weapon and he's demanding the money from the clerk. and if they don't give him the money, he's going to hurt them. >> concord police say the suspect is described as a white adult male, 5'7" with a thin build. >> on all those occasions there was a weapon, either a gun or a knife. so he is considered armed and dangerous. >> and police say because this suspect is considered armed and dangerous, if you recognize him, do not approach him. if you have any information you're asked to contact authorities. live in concord tonight, i'm elyce kir anywhere. >> mavericks off half moon bay, many say these waves are ideal for the mavericks surf contest. while conditions are perfect right now, there won't be any surf contest this weekend. that's because the super bowl
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blackout period starts today. many of the agencies needed for the mavericks surf contest are too busy, they're tied up with the super bowl. and good afternoon i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we're tracking the waves, they're as high as 13 feet, they could go to 15 feet through tomorrow morning. you want to stay away from the coast. all the way through tomorrow, the waves very dangerous. we're also tracking a weekend warm-up. we'll let you know how warm those temperatures go for super bowl weekend. in about seven minutes. jumping up and down. >> president obama bringing his jokes, doing his best impression of stephen steph curry. that and other memorable moments from the warriors trip to the white house. plus -- a meningitis outbreak spreads at a bay area unit. why students who have already been vaccinated may still be at risk.
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>> announcer: closed captioning sponsored by mancini's tax free mattress sale. two bay area universities are dealing with the meningitis scare. one a deadly case at argosy university in alameda. today we learned of a new case at santa clara university. michelle, a lot has happened since you were just there 24 hours ago. >> that's right. third case here on the santa clara university campus has been confirmed this afternoon. which has a lot of students extremely worried.
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they have the free clinic set up in the building behind me. there's a line of hundreds of students wrapped around the corner, trying to get this free vaccine. so again we know three students have tested positive for meningitis. we know two students are in fair condition. they're still at the hospital, a third is in good condition. and home from the hospital tonight. we're told awe three students were infected with the sero group b strain that particular strain of meningitis is not protected by the most common vaccine that many current college students received as kids. but the b strain is protected by a new vaccine released in the last couple of years. which is why health officials are urging students to stop by the free clinic tonight and tomorrow. >> it worries me for the people who won't get the vaccine and yes for myself, we're not 100% sure, that's why i'm here getting the vaccine. i feel all the more confident in my decision to show up here. >> today health officials in alameda county confirmed that one person has died in
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connection to the meningitis bacteria. we're told that person worked at argosy university in alameda and students and staff who worked closely with that person are being monitored. health officials in the south bay say there's no reason to believe that the cases at santa clara university are connected to that recent alameda county death. meanwhile, here at campus in santa clara, they're asking students if they feel flu-like symptoms to see a doctor immediately. reporting live in santa clara tonight. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> more details on the symptoms of meningitis, michelle was mentioning, you're looking for flu-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, stiff neck, nausea or mental confusion if you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you're urged to contact a doctor immediately. today crews began removing the western-most section of the old bay bridge. they're using cutting equipment to separate a 500-foot-long truss from the two towers that support it the work is slow and methodical. the truss weighs around 2500 pounds and is more than 500 feet
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in the air. tomorrow cal transworkers will begin lowering the steel structure on to two barges. the first of 19 trusses that must come down. all of the work will take another two years. you can watch the project around the clock, just click on the bay bridge demolition box on our website there you'll see the cal transcamera, that's pointed right at it. that's at president obama having some fun with the warriors. >> the east room is not as loud as the oracle. but dub nation is well represented. >> president obama a huge basketball fan and occasional golfing buddy of stephen curry. he called this warriors team one of the best in nba history. he even singled out assistant coach luke walton for not getting official credit for any of the wins when he stepped in for steve kerr earlier this season. >> man, that doesn't seem fair.
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your defied the cynics, accomplished big things, you racked up a great record and you don't get enough credit. i can't imagine how that feels. >> just like politics, right? at one point president obama even imitated curry after his 51-point performance last night against the washington wizards. >> to use slang, he was clowning. he was jumping up and down. >> steve kerr said that was the first time in oval office history that someone said clowning. now mr. obama official part of the dub nation with his very own jersey. number 44, for the course, the 44th president. from basketball back to football now. this sunday's super bowl be one of the best games ever? we don't know. but we already know it's one of the most generous.
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>> five bay area nonprofits were given $500,000 each by the super bowl l fund. garvin thomas has been introducing us to the special nonprofits. despite the thing to do now in the future what we've started here in the bay area with the super bowl. >> they're setting the standard. whoever has the li super bowl is going to have to come up pretty large. the this is on top of another nonprofits that got $10,000 each. it's a lot of money that can do a lot of good in the right hands, like those at fresh life lines for youth. fly as it's called just celebrated its 15th birthday. started by then law student krista degannon. who looking to boost her resumé at the time says she volunteered to spend time teaching juvenile offenders about the law. >> i was drifg by selfish motivations and curiosity. i fell in love with those kids.
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>> she said inside the walls of the juvenile justice system, she saw kids who the world had given up on. >> it just stole my heart, i looked around and i didn't see other people willing to support the young men and women. >> she started fly working with three groups of young people. those in jail, those on probation and those in what she culled high-risk schools. they teach them about the law to help them get a better handle on life inside the system, then give them mentors, to help them better handle life outside of it. becca esparza says the difference for her between gang life and a hopeful life is fly. >> i'm really like grateful for them. they help immediate like turn my life around. >> one of the reasons these groups got this money was they were able to demonstrate to the super bowl 50 fund what we're going to do with the money in fly's case, they were in two counties, they were about ready to go into alameda county and
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the $500,000 jump-starts that. in fact krista told me they had a board meeting and they had listed their funding possibilities, under hail marys, they had the 50 fund. well put. and the next day she said she got the call on the hail mary came through. they alameda county next year and another county by 2020. >> so houston has the super bowl next year, they need to donate money to charity. >> we set the bar pretty high. >> houston, we're coming after you. thanks, garvin. it's a beautiful day today, lots of sunshine. >> this is the warm-up jeff has been forecasting. >> i want to say i worked with the fly organization and it truly is so great. check them out go, to google and type in fly and bay area and can you learn more information on that. as we get a look outside the sky camera network, we had some blue sky, a little cloud cover mixed in. 58 now, but a lot of spots did manage to push up to the 60s, the slight warm-up. as you'll see on the bottom of the screen, even hotter this
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weekend. with potential of 70s. so let's look now. you can see 61 here overall for the south bay. east bay checking in at 54. san francisco currently at 57. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, the good news, for any kind of commuters that aren't related to the super bowl at all, is you've got some smooth sailing coming your way. 39 degrees, and some sun up into the north bay. granted, it will be cold to start. but at least we get the sun to start. east bay, sunny skies and 38. and for the south bay, we'll begin at 42 degrees. so once we get over the morning forecast. you can see we'll have cloud cover offshore by the afternoon. but here is that increased sunshine across the bay area. that's going to continue as with we head throughout the weekend with high pressure offshore this will bring back as we mentioned the possibility of 70s in the forecast. this is awesome for the super bowl. all of the fans visiting, watching right now. want to know exactly what the forecast is. but for us it brings up another larger point. a lot of questions about what's
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happening with el nino. so i've put together this, it's a little look here at what we're seeing in the current moment. we're not done with el nino just yet. the forecast is not finished, we have 12 weeks of potential storm systems coming our way. best chance will be late february and march and remember while the strength rivals 97, 98, not all el nino events are the same. they're in fact very different so we're going to take it week by week and definitely hope we get more storms rolling in. february, also into march so as we take a look at microclimate forecast for friday, beautiful weather in san francisco heading out to super bowl city. temperatures in the low 60s across the financial district. near the embarcadero, in the mission, checking out the flavor there, 61 degrees. across the peninsula, palo alto at 64, pacifica, 60, and up towards santa clara and san jose, 66 degrees. north bay, east bay and tri-valley. our sunniest locations across the east bay would be walnut creek and fremont for the
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tri-valley. livermore coming in at 65 degrees. let's round up the next 15-day forecast. high pressure once again, responsible for keeping the super bowl dry this saturday and sunday. so for that forecast, at 3:30 kickoff, we're looking at 72 degrees, winds out of the northeast, 5-10 miles per hour. by halftime, 68 and check it out, raj and janell, maybe by february 14th through the 19 we'll get more wetter weather coming our way. >> janell wands to know the coldplay forecast at around 5:15 and halftime. >> i'll have to work on that. >> it's going to be beautiful, thanks, jeff. still ahead, the so-called most hated ceo in the world testifies on capitol hill. his behavior today that further tarnishes his already bad reputation. also not an explosion or an earthquake. the jolt that left a lot of damage behind at an east bay liquor store.
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. happening now, the warriors at the white house, head to our website to watch the entire ceremony with president obama and the role 49ers legend, joe montana will play this sunday on super bowl 50. and twitter, fashion meets football. the bedazzled pigskins. our next update coming up in an hour.
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check this out, this new surveillance video, robbers back their truck into a liquor store in downtown berkeley this morning at the pick and pack liquor store on san pablo avenue off gillman. police say the suspects tried to pry open the atm machine. but couldn't. they fled, leaving the store in shambles, most inventory was ruined or damaged. the suspects have not been caught. his bad reputation just got worse. martin shkreli, dubbed the most hated ceo in the world frustrated lawmakers today. on capitol hill. the 32-year-old smirked and rolled his eyes during the testimony. this was in front of a congressional hearing on skyrocketing prescription drug prices. shkreli landed in the hot seat last september you might recall
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after his company turing pharmaceuticals jacked up the price of a life-saving hiv drug by 5,000%. he was fired as ceo from kalobios, a drug company in san francisco. >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> fifth amendment there at the hearing. then on twitter he let loose. calling the lawmakers quote imbessels. a canadian-born neuroscientist is the new president of stanford university. mark tessier levine is a former stanford professor and most recently president of rockefeller university in new york city. even if you're not a football fan, we have a prediction, broncos or panthers, we'll tell you about it next -- sort of.
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why bother watching the game. a san francisco river otter apparently knows who's going to win the super bowl. the denver broncos, lives at pier 39's aquarium on the bay didn't hesitate. when picking a helmet filled with treats, he went denver all the way. even had a broncos foam finger. what do the animals know about sports?
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well, they otter know plenty. very creative writer. >> yesterday the panda picked the panthers. you've got the panthers or the otter. tonight, facing off. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing tonight in their first one-on-one debate on msnbc. in a battle over who is more progressive. while marco rubio becomes a bigger target in new hampshire. taking the fifth. with a smirk, the former ceo who raised the price of a life-saving drug 5,000% refuses to testify before congress, later calling committee members imbeciles. invisible threat. the massive leak that's forced thousands from their home. tonight nbc news takes you to the source for an exclusive view. and super bowl security. we take you inside the enormous operation to protect the big game in the air, aboard blackhawks, on the land, and at sea. "nightly news" begins


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