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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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50. damian trujillo has the look. >> reporter: their handlers drove them in from atlanta, seattle and southern california. canines that can sniff out explosives, we have canine teams, bomb detection dogs that have come in from all over the country to augment our security for super bowl. >> reporter: more than 50 teams arrived in san jose today for a briefing and orientation of the south bay mass transit system. their job is to keep that system safe on super bowl sunday. >> we have almost all of the trains in our fleet that are going to be working. and we have a lot of people workingover time and long hours as well. >> reporter: the security measures are available all over the bay area. for security reasons, no agency will confirm the exact number of additional police officers in the region this week, only to say it's in the thousands. at bay area airports, the department of homeland security is adding emphasis to a so-called behavioral detection
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officers. agents whose job is to look for the smallest hint in someone's mannerisms to determine if any pose a security threat. >> that's interesting. that's interesting. that doesn't work very well for someone like me that can just sweat like on the moment. >> when it comes to the airport, that's fine. because the more secure we are the better. >> reporter: dozens os of patrol cars are lined up ready to hit the streets on sunday for the biggest show of the year. now with damian trujillo reporting, as promised bay area police cracking down on human trafficking. this is tekera scott. she's behind bars tonight for trying to sell a young girl for sex. undercover police agents arrested scott yesterday at a motel in milpedes by levi stadium. they responded to an ad for escort services. they say she planned to force a 17-year-old girl to have sex
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with one of the officers who responded to her ad whampblgt about the outrageous rental prices we've been hearing about? rooms renting for 1,000 bucks a night. homes for 500 bucks. is it really working? this graphic shows a lot of air b and b rentals still available near levi stadium and san francisco. dozens of places are still listed ranging from 200 to nearly $2,000. in fact, hotel rooms are still available. new at 6:00, nbc bay area marianne favro is in santa clara. marianne are these people slashing prices? what are they doing now? >> reporter: they really are slashing prices by hundreds of dollars, raj. we chaired air b and b and found one home on this street that is just a few steps away from levi stadium. and they still haven't been able to find any renters for this weekend. and a lot of people in the south bay are having the same problem. >> then in here the large living room area. >> reporter: brandon smith hoped to score extra cash by super bowl by renting out his 22
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hurricane b -- 2-bedroom on campbell. he listed it for -- >> when you have a chance at a huge amount of money for someone to stay in your place when you're not using it, sometimes you can be disappointed with that. >> reporter: he's not the only one disappointed. we checked air b and b and found dozens of houses an apartments still to rent for super bowl weekend. now prices are dropping fast. this morning this house in santa clara was listed for $700 a night on air b and b. by noon the price dropped to 575. so whatt happened? experts say too many people have that dream. >> at one point we thought hundreds and hundreds of homes in santa clara which is a rel relatively small town compared to san francisco. hundreds of home at over $1,000 a night. so that place really had way too
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much supply. we only saw less than 20% occupancy there. >> reporter: compared to a 50% occupancy for short term rentals in other parts of the bay area. his advice? throw a hail mary by cutting the price to less than 200 bucks a night. ian mchenry with beyond pricing says of the 10,000 air b and b listings over super bowl weekend, only 4,000 have been sold out. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a million people are expected to be traveling in the bay area due to the super bowl. that meerns of course lots of traffic, lots of backups. one of the most congested areas the area around super bowl city. you're looking at it right in front of the ferry plaza here. mike inouye is here to talk about the traffic complaints. >> when you showed the northbound side had all the
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taillights -- look how it's consolidated to this portion of the city. by golden gate park your typical evening commute. getting out of the city hasn't been so bad. we'll show you the purple closures around super bowl city and mosconi center. that's really crowd now today. you notice the majority of the traffic is getting into the city. the morning commute getting into the city and evening commute getting out has been lighter as far as the cars go but we've got a lot of people in the city. i'm guessing mass transit probably has a big deal to do with it. jess, do you have any numbers that are going to back me up on this? >> all right. thank you very much. bart is helping to ease the traffic congestion. yesterday the sixth busiest day ever in the transit agency's history. more than 470,000 people took the trains. the day before, bart recorded more than 450,000 riders. all of this because of super bowl. on an average day bart sees about 430,000 riders. now our coverage of the super bowl continues online. you can find out what hospitals
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say the big event has them in desperate need of more blood. all you need to do is log onto or download the nbc bay area app. not one but two bay area universities are now dealing with meningitis tonight. one a deadly case in alameda. today a new case at santa clara university. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is on the santa clara campus. michelle how's the school responding to today's developments? >> reporter: well, they have a free clinic. it is a very busy place tonight. hundreds of students have been lined up for hours. take a look behind me. i just talked to some students at the front of the line. they say they've been here for about three hours. so far 500 students have been vaccinated. >> i knew that everyone and their mother was going to show up for a vaccine. so i really wanted to make sure i got on this. >> reporter: this young man lined up hours before the doors opened at the santa clara free clinic today. >> it worries me for people who won't get the vaccine.
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not 1 hurrican . >> reporter: a third undergrad student has been hospitalized and tested positive for meningitis. we're told all three students were infected with the group b strain which is not protected by the most common vaccine that many current college students received as kids. >> the vaccine that we're urging them to get today and tomorrow is a new vaccine that in all likelihood they've not had but they need to get. >> reporter: dr. sarah cody with the health department says around 200 students who came in close contact with the infected patients are receiving antibiotics as a precaution. she also says the cases on campus appear to be unrelated to a fatal meningitis case in alameda county. today school officials at argosy university in alameda have confirmed that an employee who tested positive for the meningitis bacteria has died. they say that students and staff who worked closely with that person are being monitored.
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doctors say early stages of meningitis look very similar to the flu so they're asking any students who feel under the weather to see a doctor immediately. reporting live in santa clara, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> important things to keep in mind. thank you, michelle. a followup now to a story we first brought you by the nbc bay area investigative unit. three executives of a san jose medical marijuana collective have been indicted by a criminal grand jury. last may the investigative units hidden cameras caught employees at san jose organic admitting to selling pot in violation of the city's age limit. >> they think you're an undercover cop. people that look 18 obviously don't come in. but for our purposes so we don't get in trouble we say 21 and up because that's the coordinates. >> following those reports, san jose organics was raided last july by local, state and federal officials. now owner ben lew and manager
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brian wong face money laundering charges on top of the previous charges of illegal marijuana sales, tax and insurance fraud. lew could serve up to 46 years in prison and wong 23. a third associate could spend a maximum of ten years in prison. santa clara county prosecutor edward yang says san jose organics abused medical marijuana laws. >> we believe that san jose organics over the course of approximately almost 2 1/2 years or so had made a profit of about $10 million. and we only found $800,000 in cash at the owner's home. so there are ultimately now millions of dollars that are not accounted for. >> the attorney for san jose organics have not discussed the indictment but did say that our reporting may have played a role in that indictment. we have new video to show you from pacifica where the waves continue to pound at the cliffs. our nbc chopper overhead just a short while ago. our clips eroding right before our eyes as you can see the facade of that concrete facade that covers the stone seawall at
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beach boulevard has been pulled down by the pounding surf. minutes ago the city releasing photos of new damage just a couple of blocks away. the city machk manager says this new sink hole is about 25 feet long. he says the good news in this is that stone seawall underneath, that fallen concrete, is still intact. now, pacifica has declared a local emergency and is appealing to the state of california for money to make repairs. police say this suspect is responsible for robbing eight businesses in walnut creek and concord. alive in concord tonight, ahead details on a series of robberies here. he's described himself as the most hated ceo in the world. now more drama. i'm janelle wang. we look into the questionable behavior martin shakrelli had in front of congress today. and then perfect conditions for mavericks, but the big surf
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competition can't happen because of the big game. we'll tell you why. and we are tracking those big waves right now. anywhere from 12 to 15 feet through friday's forecast. we'll have details on some major changes as we head into super bowl weekend. and that's in about seven minutes.
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sunglasses -- and wanting take a look.
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dressed in a hoody and sunglasses and wanting more than just a subway sandwich, surveillance video shows a serial robber in the east bay. eight businesses in concord and wall anytime creek have been robbed in the last three weeks. the most recent robbery just last night in concord. nbc bay area's elyce kirschner is there this evening. elyce, any leads in this case? what are the local police telling you? >> reporter: well, the police are hoping that someone recognizes this man. they say that he walked into the business here behind me calmly waiting until employees were alone, then demanded cash. it's one of several incidents that were caught on camera. this is what police say one man has done more than a half a dozen times. you can seat suspect calmly walk into a subway in concord and demand cash. >> there was nobody in the store. and this guy walks in through the door and straight to the register. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened to leslie glaze. she says the suspect matching
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the same description walked into casper's hot dogs in walnut creek, flashed a knife and walked out with the money. >> yeah. he's done it before. because he was just way too calm. >> his m.o. is he comes in so nonchalant. he will either come into the business when no customers are inside so it's just him and the employee. >> reporter: in the last month, police say this one suspect hit eight businesses throughout walnut creek and concord, even robbing the subway on the wake day. authorities say he stepped it up up three days later, robbing three businesses in 24 hours. >> on all those occasions there was a weapon, either a gun or a knife. so he is considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: concord police say the suspect is described as a white adult male about 5'7" with a thin build. glaze hopes he gets caught sooner rather than later. >> you never know what he might do if you don't give him the money. >> reporter: and police say because the suspect is armed and dangerous, if you recognize him
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do not approach him. and if you have any information, contact authorities. we're live in concord tonight, elyce kirschner, nbc bay area news. the popular sfraent d.j. is dead after a violent attack in the tenderloin. friends are now trying to raise money for the family of joseph razzo. the site already has more than $27,000 in donations. razzo who works as an apple analyst and moonlighted at night as a dj died tuesday more than a week after he was stand outside the stella nightclub. police say it happened while he and a friend tried to break up a fight. investigators have so far not identified any suspects. the man accused of stabbing a chp officer will have to wait until next week to face a judge. knoll corpuz was supposed to be arraigned today but it's now been pushed back until tuesday. he's accused of stabbing officer andre serenko several times including in the neck. the officer remains hospitalized at sf general in stable condition. he is, though, doing better. this all happened on tuesday near a homeless encampment along
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an on ramp of the bay bridge in san francisco. corpuz took off running after the attack. officers later tracked him down and arrested him after a struggle. well the man dubbeded the most hated ceo in the world may have just gotten some more haters. this time from members of congress. the former drug company ceo refused to answer any questions when called to testify on capitol hill today. nbc bay area's janelle wang has more on today's event in washington. >> reporter: martin shkreli looked completely bored and disinterested at today's hearing. we talked to a local psychologist who describes shkreli's behavior as breathtaking. mum's the word for the usually chatty martin shkreli. the 32-year-old refused to answer questions at a congressional hearing today. >> i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. >> reporter: the former ceo of the san francisco-based drug company kalobios came under a lot of heat when he was also the ceo of turing pharmaceuticals.
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he raised the price of the hiv saving drug by 5,000%. >> do you think you've done anything wrong? >> you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives. >> reporter: shkreli pleaded the fifth but expressed himself in other ways by rolling his eyes. >> it's not funny. people are dying. i know you're smiling but i'm very serious, sir. >> reporter: and ignoring members of congress. even shkreli's lawyer had to remind a client to show a little respect. >> are you listening? >> yeah. >> reporter: after testifying, shkreli tweeted "hard to accept that these imbeciles represent our government". >> is that seems to suggest the rules don't apply to me. >> reporter: this psychology pro professor at santa clara university watched his reactions today. >> where do we begin? i was having this image of a middle school teacher scolding a young student for acting like a jerk in class. >> reporter: plant says it's hard to diagnose from afar but
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says shkreli may have personality issues. >> when you see egotistical behavior or narcissistic behavior sort of on steroids it can be absolutely breathtaking. >> not a great prognosis. shkreli is also facing federal charges of securities fraud. his next court date for those charges is in bay. the super bowl trumps mavericks. we showed you the huge waves earlier in this newscast pounding the cliffs in pacific cave. but huge waves also idea for the surfers. specifically the mavericks surf contest. the famed contest as you know is invitation only and happens only when and if conditions are perfect. surfers just get two days' warning to get to the contest right off half moon bay coast. conditions are nearly perfect right now. in fact take a look at the waves. however, there won't be any surf contest this weekend. that's because the super bowl black out period starts today. too many agencies needed for a mavericks contest are tied up with the super bowl. >> people have to be super
6:20 pm
careful. let's bring in meteorologist jeff rainieri. a lot of amateurs shouldn't go out into that water at all >> it is so dangerous. talking about potentially deadly are up current and sneaker waves. they get their name because you can be out there, you turn your back to the waves and they sneak up behind you. they can hit you really hard and pull you back out to sea. i think there's going to be several more chances for mavericks to happen over the next month and a half with such an active pacific. that's really what we're seeing right now. so many storms lining up. while they're missing the bay area because of this area of high pressure eventually we will get some rainfall in here. so the high surf advisory the entire coastline right now waves as high as 12 feet from the current buoy reporting. but we could still see them top 14 to 15 feet through friday's forecast. so again be very cautious of that. otherwise for tomorrow we'll see some increased sunshine. temperatures warming up a few more degrees. that will put san jose at 64. trivalley at 62. san francisco generally looking at the upper 50s to low 60s.
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and for the north bay also expecting 62 degrees. now in fact for the weekend's forecast for the south bay, we are looking at temperatures returning into the low 70s saturday and also on sunday. but for the super bowl in santa clara, looks pretty much perfect. check this out. for pre-game activities, 67 degrees. kickoff at 3:30. 72. wind out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. shouldn't pose any problems down there on the field. and then by halftime, 68. in about 25 minutes we'll take another look at el nino. i know with this recent break a lot of you are curious about what exactly is happening. and we'll have details on that again later this hour. jeff, thank you. just ahead a giant crash. thieves literally crashing into a berkeley liquor store. and what they wanted wasn't booze. the warriors visit the whoug. the impersonation that president obama did that left the whole team laughing.
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(family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. digital platforms: ==halfslab== you can watch the entire ceremony with the warrio at thew happening right now in our digital platforms you can watch the entire white house ceremony with the warriors in washington, d.c. on our web site. and it's the home of super bowl 50 on facebook watch time lapsed video of levi stadium being built from the ground up and more on that attack that left a popular dj and apple employee dead in san francisco. details on our twitter page. our next digital update next hour. a lot of laughs at the white
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house today.
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president obama --aving se n the president was in rare form. a lot of laughs at the white house today. mr. obama having some fun with the warriors. >> the east room is not as loud as the oracle. but dub nation is well represented. >> it started out tame and then he started to roll. president obama a huge basketball fan and an occasional golfer buddy of stephen curry called this warriors team one of the best in nba history. he even singled out assistant coach luke walton for not getting official credit for any of those wins when he stepped in for steve kerr. >> man, that doesn't seem fair. [ laughter ] >> you defied the cynics, you accomplished big things. you racked up a great record. and you don't get enough credit [ laughter ] >> i can't imagine how that feels. [ laughter ] >> he had everyone laughing. at one point president obama imitated stephen curry after his
6:26 pm
51-point performance last night against the washington wizards. >> to use a slang, he was clownin'. [ laughter ] >> he was all jumping up and down. [ laughter ] >> the first president to use the term clowning. mr. obama now part of the dub nation with his very own jersey. number 44 for the 44th president. okay. well, you've heard of athletes who will take the field on super bowl sunday. today we heard from the band who will headline that halftime show. coldplay took center stage this afternoon at the nfl experience in san francisco. the british superstars chatted about how the super bowl makes them nervous, both because of the size of the audience and because of the musical performers who played the halftime shows in years past. >> everyone who does this show knows it's the biggest honor, the biggest privilege. so they put their life and soul into it. and we've watched all the other halftime shows many times. and they're all -- most of them
6:27 pm
are fantastic. >> coldplay won't be alone on lee rye stage. beyonce' will join them. and there are rumors of a mysterious third act. head to at&t park it will be the place to rock out this weekend. we're here's a look at saturday's presupercoal concert featuring metallica. the band decided to live stream the performance for free even though it's been sold out for months. fireworks washing onto aquatic beach in san francisco. is the super bowl city fireworks show to blame? we'll have all the information coming up. i'm jodi hernandez in san pablo where there's a plan to breathe new life into doctor's medical center. could the hospital reopen as a hotel? i'll have details coming up.
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fireworks show tonight. the mess that washed ashore ... that now has people asking fallout tonight after the super bowl kickoff week fireworks show. the mess that washed ashore that now has a lot of people asking questions. that mess is made up of all sorts of debris. >> it washed up on the beach at aquatic park on sunday morning. park officials aren't placing the blame on anyone, but they do want some answers. nbc bay area's pete serotos is in san francisco this evening. pete these are overlooked details perhaps. how are they responding there? >> reporter: i spoke to park
6:31 pm
officials. they say it took several hours to clean this up on sunday. for all that da brooi bree they filled up four 50-gallon trash cans. according to them this is something they've never seen before. is there a chance the fireworks that kicked off super bowl city on saturday night are connected to the pictures you see here? the cardboard casings and other fireworks debris all washed onto aquatic park beach sunday morning. the show taking place just three miles away. >> well, i'm not a fireworks expert so i'm not sure. >> i gotcha. >> but if i take a look at this i think this is probably something that was on the ground and fireworks shot out of. >> that one right there. >> reporter: this national parks service representative says things wash onto the beach all the time. but he says this large amount of debris made it different. >> the advice i would give to anybody doing a fireworks show in the bay is to really make sure nothing goes in the bay. >> reporter: the national parks service isn't going as far as blaming macy's for this fireworks debris washing onto the shore. but they did mention fireworks shows have happened in san francisco and this has never
6:32 pm
happened before. most notably the new year's eve celebration that takes place along the embarcadero, macy's who sponsors the show did respond to the situation in a statement to nbc bay area. saying "they are investigating this matter along with their pyrotechnic partner pyrospectaculars who have done previous fireworks shows in san francisco. they say the debris is likely the cause of wind, tide and currents. and they plan to work towards minimizing the impact of this for upcoming fireworks shows. this will be put to the test soon. the next super bowl fireworks show is tomorrow night. >> it's a mess and it could have prevented people from enjoying the beach and also prevent people from enjoying the lagoon and swimming out there. >> reporter: now, that macy's fireworks show is set to take place at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night at super bowl city. so for park officials we'll just have to wait and see what happens, guys. reporting from san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. with the big game in town a lot of people are looking to cash in that includes counter first. today immigrations and customs
6:33 pm
enforcement officials revealed the results of a nation-wide crackdown over the past year. take a look. they seized thousands of bogus sports-related merchandise from flea markets and street vendors. all the fake goods are worth an estimated $39 million. they say the big ticket item for counterfeiters in san francisco turned out to be fake shoes. some other headlines tonight, the reward to help solve the murder of this east bay man has just increased. the san leandro city council have increased the reward money to $50,000 which is double the original amount. joe ramirez was shot and killed two years ago just three days before his 21st birthday. ramirez was shot in his own drive way. police suspect he was the victim of mistaken identity. driving a truck right through the front door. that's how police say robbers got into a liquor store in berkeley. captured on surveillance video that's the truck. police say suspects tried to pry open the atm. couldn't do it so they had to
6:34 pm
leave. happened early this morning at the pick and pack liquor store on san pablo avenue. the store left in shambles. most of the inventory ruined or damaged and the suspects nowhere to be seen. you're watching video of a san jose taqueria getting burglarized. it happened back in june but the video has just been released. now what the thieves didn't realize that a cook there was there the entire time. the employee hid in the back and called police. the thieves still managed to get away but you can get a good look at them. they got some cash before the officers got them. if you recognize that guy, call police. new at 6:00, from hospital to hospitality, an east bay medical center shut down last year could soon be reborn as a hotel. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in san pablo this evening. jodi that's a well-known spot. could this really happen? >> reporter: raj, a plan is in the works for a boutique hotel
6:35 pm
company to buy the 189-bed hospital and turn it into a hotel. the deal is not done yet. some are feeling sick about it. doctors' medical center has been sitting empty and idle for the past ten months. but investors may breathe new life into the former hospital. a hotel operator has made an offer to buy the property. >> they are a small boutique hotel developer. they have done projects up in davis, up in the sacramento area. >> reporter: the health care district board chairman says royal guest hotels has offered $13.5 million for the property. an offer the debt-ridden district can't refuse. >> we have a preference to sell to some kind of health care use. but there was no viable health care option that was put before us. >> it could be good if it all worked out. >> reporter: san pablo's mayor rich kenny says he thinks a hotel would be a good fit for
6:36 pm
the city. >> we all know that hotels bring jobs, and there's always a lack of hotels in our area. >> they need a hospital more than a hotel. >> reporter: but county residents aren't so sure about the plan. rebekah collins puerto thinks developers are hoping to cash in on the san pablo casino crowds. but in her opinion, the idea of a hospital turned hotel doesn't seem hospitable at all. >> no. because in my mind we'd be thinking about who died in the room i'm in. you know? i'd be looking for spirits and ghosts. >> reporter: again, it's not a done deal yet. we're told it will be another 4 months before the sale is complete. and of course, anything can happen. but if the sale goes through it will likely take quite some time to remodel the hotel and reopen it to new guests. reporting live in san pablo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
6:37 pm
news. classrooms not ready for earthquakes. our reporting prompts action to try to make them safer. the alarming pictures that led to new legislation. also the old bay bridge is coming down tonight. but the work is so slow you might not be able to even tell. and the traffic is not quite that slow but you can tell we have more of it tonight than the previous days this week. traffic getting into this section of the city look at all the red there. financial district where super bowl city continues to have the closures in all the activity. more folks headed into town. the best way into and out of the city the mass transit. the numbers back it up. we'll track this all. nbc bay area. out of new york city right now.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
there are reports two n- y-p-d officers have been shot in the bronx. we're following breaking news out of new york city right
6:40 pm
now. reports that two nypd officers have been shot in the bronx happened about hour ago. the officers hit during a shoot out at an apartment building there. one of the officers is said to be badly hurt. shooting happened just miles from our new york city mayor bill deblasio was giving his state of the city address. we're trying to gather more details for you. as soon as we get them we will bring them to you. today crews began removing the old bay bridge. caltrans workers are separating a 500-foot-long truss from the two towers that support it. the work is slow and methodical. that truss weighs about 2500 tons. and it's more than 500 feet in the air right now. tomorrow caltrans workers will begin low, the steel structure on the two barges. you see some animation here. this is just the first of 19 truckses that will be removed. all of the work will take at least another two years. well, the deadline has come and gone and no one is the winner of the $63 million superlotto jackpot in
6:41 pm
california. someone bought the ticket at a 7-11 in chatsworth a few months ago. he had until 5:00 p.m. to come forward to claim the prize. one man claimed he had the winning ticket but lottery officials rejected it last month saying it was too damaged to tell if it was the winning ticket. he is now suing the california lottery commission. this is the largest jackpot to go unclaimed in california history. or they could maybe have like a second runner-up for the money? >> yes. >> and that could be me. >> there you go. he's going to find it in the laundry room in some jeans. what a mess. >> just stop looking at this point. >> at this point. >> take us outside. it looks beaut full bay bridge. >> for super bowl fans, anyone visiting we've hit that jackpot when it comes to the weather forecast. we'll have details on how warm this sunday is in just a few minutes. our ongoing coverage of
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
earthquake safety in schools. our reporting has prompted neweg now to education and an ongoing coverage of earthquake
6:44 pm
safety in schools. our reporting has prompted new legislation that proposes to tighten seismic safety. now, we were the first to show you a pattern of failures in schools revealing dangerous debris inside classrooms after earthquakes. today for the first time, sacramento takes up the issue. in tonight's class action, a new bill addresses earthquake safety in public schools. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to keep a classroom safe in the event of an earthquake. >> so if we open up the cabinet, we'll see that there are bolts, two in the bottom of each cabinet. two in the top of each one. these are attached directly to framing inside the wall they're blocking. this is precisely what we want to see. >> reporter: what he doesn't want to see is what he found inside napa schools after a 6.0 earthquake struck in the middle of the night. >> i know it's very scary, okay? [ sobbing ] >> reporter: book shelves blocked exits. a file cabinet toppled onto a
6:45 pm
desk. >> things you wouldn't expect, light fixtures, a number of schools had light fixtures fail and some fall. >> reporter: we were the first to show you the chaos inside classrooms. structural engineer mary ann phipps saw our story. >> if it had been another time of day it would have been a completely different story and we would have been mourning the loss of students. >> reporter: a report she wrote for fema doesn't mince words "at least three public schools experienced potentially life-threatening damage to classroom furnishings" prompted by what we saw, we reviewed more than five decades of seismic activity across the state and uncovered a pattern of failures. equipment on the floor in a shop class. blocked classroom exits. more fallen lights. in calexico in 2010. northridge in 1994. coalinga in 1983. even kern county back in 1952. each time, earthquakes struck outside school hours. when the classrooms were empty.
6:46 pm
just like in napa. >> we just should thank our lucky stars that it was during the middle of the night. >> reporter: assembly member bill dodd represents part of napa. he's now proposing new seismic legislation in sacramento prompted by our reporting. >> that frankly was the impetus for our bill idea. because we were -- i don't think the word is outraged but we were very concerned. >> reporter: dodd's bill would for the first time require school districts to inspect the contents of classrooms, inspect school equipment, and fix seismic hazards. >> once this inspection is done, then they will be required to report it and then the law will make sure that they're done and compliant with the law and now no longer guidelines but requirements. >> and this would be every school in the state? >> every school in the state. >> reporter: superintendents would be charged with certifying school's contents as safe.
6:47 pm
>> obviously it comes with a price tag. >> reporter: darren drake is the fire marshall in napa and one of the first people we talked to after the napa quake. he backed the legislation. >> school districts all have to look at that and base the corrections, the degree of corrections on their capability and triaging those schools that need most work or that are in dire need sooner than later. >> reporter: more than a year after the earth rumbled in napa, dangers persist in other districts. just last week we found awn secured television sitting on an upper shelf in the classroom in the south bay. >> who in the world wouldn't support this? who wouldn't see this as a good thing? and a great prohibit of saving injury or worse yet death in a school the next time a major earthquake comes? who wouldn't support that? >> as sacramento begins to debate the proposed legislation, one thing is for sure. another earthquake will happen. and it's only a matter of time.
6:48 pm
>> so if the dodd bill passes, schools would then have until 2019 to complete all of those seismic inspections. we'll keep you posted. >> very interesting. thank you, jessica. let's bring in now our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it is a beautiful night just in time for all the out of town visitors coming in for the super bowl. >> i know. mother nature right in line with the super bowl happening this weekend. yes, i would love to have that rainfall it's not going to happen so we might as well just enjoy this beautiful weather. right now plenty of 50s outside here across the bay area. east bay coming in with 49. check out the view in san francisco right now from our downtown camera. back towards the bay bridge. looks like a golden reflection out there on that water. now, the calm winds right now allowing us to be able to see that beautiful reflection this evening. let's go and take you into the forecast as we head throughout tomorrow morning. and we are going to start off with plenty of sunshine. nice switch from some area that is have had some fog the past few days. north bay colder temperatures
6:49 pm
down to 39. clouds and sun mixed in for the east bay. 38 and sunny skies. right back across the south bay 42 degrees. as we head through the afternoon for tomorrow we'll have cloud cover right here offshore. but we still should stay at least partly cloudy throughout the afternoon for tomorrow to mostly sunny. with that recent break coming our way it's all being driven by this super strong ridge of high pressure that's building in from the south. and that will be good enough to fuel some 70s again this weekend. you can get a preview of that on the scrolling seven-day forecast. but the larger problem comes in with this recent warming trend. a lot of us have been asking what about el nino. are we finished with it just yet? well, no, that's not the case. we are still looking at it in the forecast. at least 12 strong weeks here of potential storm systems that are possible. best chance of those happening would be late february and march. remember, though, while the current strength rivals 97-98 each el nino event is different.
6:50 pm
beautiful weather in san francisco warming up to 63 along the embarcadero the financial district for super bowl city. for the peninsula, palo alto 62, san mateo 62. north bay sunshine towards morgan hill and 67. san jose 66. north bay east bay and the trivalley, widespread sunshine here across walnut creek into fremont. temperatures in the mid 60s. and a beautiful day here throughout the trivalley danville expecting 64. as you look at the next 15 days, once again it's high pressure that's the main reason why we have this great weather on saturday and sunday for super bowl weekend. so you're asking how great is it going to be for that 3:30 kickoff? let's get a look at that forecast. you can see by 3:30, 72 degrees, winds out of the northeast 5 to 10. at halftime, 68, no chance of any kind of rainfall. then by february 14th through the 19th, we get what all the local want. that is more rain coming our way. raj and jess, looks like we get a little bit of everything. >> you get that super bowl rain
6:51 pm
on sunday, jeff, thank you. up next after he chatted with president obama, draymond green chats with us. we have the exclusive interview. and we'll check in with snoop dogg at today's super bowl festivities. jim kozimor is next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
jim kozimor joins us from the comcast sportsnet news room. i hear you're trolling looking for a suite to sit in for the super bowl >> yes. if i only knew someone who could get me into a sweet suite i'd be ready for that. let's talk about the wonderful day for the warriors. let's get started here. they say that to the victors go the spoils. and that is the case when you win a championship. between college and pro title
6:54 pm
teams during president obama's two terms he's met with over 40 championship teams. and now you can add the warriors to that list. the mvp of the league he brought his basketball, he brought his coach, he brought his teammates to the white house the world champions were honored by president obama. our own monti poole made the trip and he got a special one-on-one with mr. triple double, draymond green. >> here with draymond green after white house visit. it's been a pretty nice day for you guys today. champions coming to the white house. just go over for you what were the highlights of the day. >> special. very special. obviously him coming in and talking to all of us, having those moments with him and on the stage was special. sharing that moment with our family and friends and teammates and our entire organization was special. a chance to go in the oval office with him. i asked him will you take me in the oval office? he did it. it was special. like to go in there, you know how many decisions are made in there. and our world, our country is
6:55 pm
pretty much controlled from that room. and to spend some time with him in there before he went back to the real work was special. >> steph noted the last year when he visited that he talked about you a lot. did you call him out for being one of his favorite players? did you get into that at all with him? >> no. i want to keep it that way. so i'll just know that in the back of my head. and continue to try to get better. but i mean, it definitely means a lot. >> great day for the warriors. now let's move to the super bowl. because there were over 5500 people credentialed for the super bowl. that includes the dog. snoop dogg. he took his turn questioning the two biggest stars in the game. >> first of all, can i get a 50% discount on pa discount papa john's pizzas when i'm in the state of colorado? >> absolutely. abe absolutely. >> for this big game right here
6:56 pm
is it fair to say you get advice from archie and eli? >> snoop, i've always enjoyed my conversations with my dad and eli. >> i mean working the media, talk to me, huh? first of all i want to say jam, oh, jam. jam. jam. dance with me. there you go. >> that was incredible. snoop d-o [ gunfire- dogg. the question by pizza in colorado good question by snoop on that. klay thompson, steph curry in the three-point contest all star weekend. steph won it last year. raj you're going to help me get into a suite? >> we will get you in a suite. we'll talk off camera on that one. >> going to turn that into a rematch. that was awesome. >> see you tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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