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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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out-of-towners.ig tiet superbowf weve got them coveredit right now at 1 -- 11:00 here come the out of towners. >> a lot of vips headlining some
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notable parties. good evening, jean. >> good evening. there's lots of free fun to be had here at super bowl city but this is just one of many parties all around the bay area. tonight from charity events to big name concert, there is lots of celebration under way. >> the red carpet is rolled out for football stars and fans as super bowl festivities kick into high gear. >> san francisco is a super city. >> parties are taking over san francisco venues. at cigars with the stars, mike ditka was autographing footballs, while former dallas cowboy preston pearson looked for old friends. >> it's kind of a reunion. i'm one of the older guys so, yeah, i'm hoping to see a lot of guys that, again, that i played against, maybe some teammates. >> ditka says he remembers playing the 49ers at kezar stadium. he's looking forward to a good game on sunday. >> it's good football, it's hard
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football, it's a good team but they're having fun. if you take the fun out of sports, what the heck, it's drudgery. >> lots of fun at pier 70. >> hundreds turned out to for charity. >> two more nights of celebration before the big game. sul bowl city is sure to be busy tomorrow night. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle. >> a lot more super bowl coverage later in this newscast. an exclusive look behind the
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scenes of the federal security detail. we'll show you the secret techniques to identify terrorists coming up in ten minutes. >> a south bay man who targeted school girls is in jail. police say john ha would park his car outside several schools in san jose and expose himself as the girls walked by. it occurred in front of some of the biggest girls in south bay. police arrested ha on tuesday. >> will money be the key to finding a killer? the city is increasing the reward in asking for the public's help. cheryl hurd is live. what are we're talking about in terms of this increase? >> reporter: there are no new leads. that's why the city is offering
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a $50,000 reward for information. that's a lot of money. police are hoping that will con advice someone to come forward and point them in the right direction. >> every time we even dry by, you again p get the sensation. it has been very difficult. >> reporter: difficult for joe el's aunt who was shot to death. >> he was such a lovely kid. it's very hard not to miss him. he was my sister as baby. >> a young man who just turned 21 three days before he was killed. >> ramirez was coming home from his girl friend's house that night. police believe his killing was a case of mistaken identity because during the investigation detectives discovered renters occupying the home in front of
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where ramirez lived were using it as a grow house. >> during the investigation we started to learn some things about joel. joel not only being a good member of this community and being a college student, he had an aspiration to be a police officer meech could have opin n officer. he could have been standing shoulder to shoulder with any one of us. >> joel's family wants sense of closure and a little more. >> we want to make sure the person responsible nor gets put behind bars. >> cheryl, thank you. an accused killer is in jail for the stabbing death of a popular san francisco d.j., this d.j. also an employee at apple. he and a friend were trying to
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break up a fight. concolla was arrested last night. >> this new sinkhole measuring about 25 by 3 feet appeared on the beach promenade this morning. the foundation under this section that failed is in much better shape than what collapsed last month but it has nearby neighbors concerned for their safety. >> since there's another one occurring, i am speculating we're going to have more rough oceans with the sea water elevating that maybe the sea wall itself is -- its life is expired. >> this el nino season has been
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very difficult, happening not far from where the cliffs had eroded. >> the gloves are off. tonight hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders went head to head in l first one-on-one debate. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been care earring out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> clinton and sanders were fighting it out in new hampshire. tonight sanders again pointed out that clinton has some connection with deep pockets. >> being part of the establishment is in the last quarter having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> if you've got something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that ever changed a view or a vote because of any
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donation that i ever received. >> mrs. clinton went on it say she's never been influenced by money. after the iowa caucus, senator sanders ahead by 20 points with 4% of voters undecided. >> a lot of long lines not for any super bowl events, shthough. this for vaccinations. three students are now sick with bacterial meningitis. another free vaccination clinic will be held tomorrow. students who have flu-like symptoms are being told to see a
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doctor immediately. minu meningitis died from a different strain of it last week. >> good news about the chp officer who was nearly stabbed to death in san francisco. he was atalked tuesday near a homeless encampment. the motive for this attack remains unclear. he made his first court appearance today. >> unfortunately in a 9/11 world, it's about managing the chris bei risk to the extent you possibly
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can. >> tonight we take you into the secret world of surveillance and security at work right now to keep up safe. >> there's been a joke going around the school that there's three teams left playing football. >> local high school football players getting a chance to stand in for some nfl stars at levi's stadium. >> also, who's who? a simple photo of a mom and her daughters, but it has the internet stumped. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, waves could top 15 feet high on friday.
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security around the super bowl will be some thtightest the world. tonight, we take you behind the scenes. =raj/2-shot= nju
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as you main know by now, security around the super bowl will be some of the tightest in the world but tonight we're going to take you behind sooeth scenes. >> not just what they're doing but how they identify suspicious people and objects. >> multiple sources tell me threats to the super bowl date back to last year when at least one person know of on the known terrorist watch list was seen getting through the first level of security there. the possibility of all that happening again this year has security on high alert. >> this is actually created by our awareness team. is there while it might look like a typical office in silicon valley, this is the nerve center of some of the most sophisticated gathering of
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terrorist threats. it looks similar to this room, the joint operation center, a room near set up just for super bowl 50, but before any report of suspicious activity gets here, it comes through the intelligence center and a team of five specially trained experts who sift through a constant stream of reports that arrive 24/7. >> we have to triage specific activity reporting. >> as in sporting the real threat of hundreds of calls of suspicious tips and activities. >> we have to see which should are the most importance, witch should have the least and which is just bogus. >> mike senna took us exchooseively behiexchoos exclusively behind the scenes. >> we're connecting things like automated license place
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recognition systems, dispatch systems, records management systems, that way we're not all islands. >> we got to meet the agent who developed this latest system, though he's based in the greater san francisco bay area, we agreed to hide his identity and not reveal the agency where he works. >> our goal is that, yes, we want people to report, we want them to report accurate information. >> it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. last year santa ana's team received 3.2% elevated enough to check out. >> an fbi squad may or may not have analytical support would
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have to run down every one of those leads. >> other high tech tools will also be in use during super bowl 50. tom ridge served as the country's first secretary of homeland security. >> it's all about managing the risk to the extent up possibly can. you can never be so confident and self-assured that nothing's going to happen. dh make no mistake it will be a big challenge. several didn't challenges tell nbc bay area's investigative unit that at least one person on the terrorist watchle list was
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the zone. >> here's the turn. back when we were dealing with al qaeda, we would see plans that they're thinking on decade level. the folks we're seeing now are thinking on minute level. they are ready to roll on a short period of time and often times the first indicator that somebody is going do something bad is they tell someone. >> according to this federal threat assessment that we obtained, terrorists have attempted to get into large events before. for instance, at that soccer stadium in paris laughs year. because of that the feds say the most vulnerable targets this weekend are the public spaces outside levi's stadium. there's an actual link online you can find it on our web site. if you see anything suspicious,
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click on it and you can report it. >> if you have a tip for steven or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit. >> how about this story line. before the broncos and panthers take the field on sunday, another team will be playing right there at levi's stadium. it's a game few peoplele know about until now. >> the st. francis high school football team just finished an amazing season but recently their coach told the players there's one more game, a bonus. >> he said come into our room, i have something to tell you. and he said we're going to the super bowl. >> reporter: broadcast crews need practice for the super bowls so they were invited to run plays like the super bowl contenders. >> work all their sight lines and replay booths and step out of bounds and make sure they got
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it. >> there's a joke, there are three teams playing. >> a great group of kids together who get to enjoy one final game and on a big stage for fun. >> going out on top, super bowl. >> exactly. it's the dream. >> ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> does one of them get to be peyton manning? >> we have the broncos, panthers and lancers. >> we have a change happening
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now that will set off warmer weather for friday, saturday and sunday. le chilly to start but check out our microclimate forecast. by the afternoon tomorrow, morgan hill close to 70 degrees and sunny skies. tup cupertino 66 and palo alto 65. super pobowl 60. we have high clouds passing on
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buy the golden gate bridge. sunny conditions from walnut creek back to fremont. if you're headed up to lake tahoe to a big super bowl party, 123 inch base here at squaw valley, 100 runs open as well. known no snow this weekend, it looks great. speaking of which, there's no way we would have this great weather coming our wave the next thee days without high pressure building offshore. it is going to stay in place, so much so we have a zero percent chance of rainfall. check out how great it looks prefame, 67 degrees, mostly sunny at kickoff, winds out of the northeast 5 to 10 miles per
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hour, by halftime, 68. february 14th to the 19th, possibly some wetter weather returns. >> did he say zero chance of rain? >> zero. >> with every super bowl comes its furry counterparts, the puppy bowl! puppies from the shelter have been running plays outside. and they are just winning everybody over. >> my girl friend wanted to come see the puppy bowl, even though i actually want to watch the real super bowl. >> you're going to blame your girl friend? >> i don't blame her. i'm enjoying it allot and i want to take a pup he home with me
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now.belly, how cute it is. >> still ahead, the family photo leading to plenty of confusion and debate. we'll show you. >> and we have jimmy. >> jonah hill is my guest tonight. he has something to confess. and puppies at the super bowl. >> puppies! >> happening on our digital platform, a demolition of the old bay bridge. plus donors needed. why blood centers are putting out a call for help ahead of the super bowl. and a super bowl sighting nfs. find out where you can pet budweiser's famous clydesdales.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) the floor. surveillance video pac" liquor erat th"pic n' store in downtown berekely -- right off gilman. early this morning -- the suspects backed their truck through the doors. once inside they tried to pry open the atm -- but couldn't -- atm.hey took f. witht the >> surveillance video show a rob i of this liquor store. once inside they tried to pry
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open the atm but couldn't so they took off without the atm. >> the deadline has come and gone and no one is the winner of the $63 million super lotto jackpot. the person had until 5 chalk tod -- 5:00 today. they say the ticket was too damaged to tell if it was indeed the winning ticket. he's now suing the california lottery commission. >> up next, we're talking president obama and the warriors and snoop dog in the south bay. take sot runs: 1:26 outq: after
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the break 0-10 they say to the victors go the spoils and that is the case when you win the championship between college and pro title teams. barack obama has met over 40 teams. kerr and curry strolling on the white house grounds. the league mvp on his visit to the white house.
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>> i had been with him that one golf round. his material is pretty good. i think he told me i don't need to make up nip more excuses to shoot more shots. he's just got a great sense of humor. this is what he does, great, great speaker and the way he was able to talk about our team and what we were able to accomplish last year and know us on a personal level was pretty cool. >> now to the big game. there were over 5,500 crecred deng-- credentialed for the super bowl including snoop dog. >> that will do it for sports. more news after the break.
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learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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genes. a familyeie has thintern =vo= if you c b okay. talk about some good genetics. a family selfie has the internet buzzing tonight. you're looking at a mother and her twin daughters.
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they look like triplets. >> so which one is the mom? >> left. >> the one on the right. yes, that is mommy on the far left but mommy looks like a big sister. >> good genes. >> you have to look carefully. >> they are a really good looking group. >> very beautiful. >> that's going to do it for us tonight. jeff, all these people in town tomorrow morning. should be pretty nice, right? >> clear temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s, partly cloudy skies tomorrow. >> peyton manning should be giving you a signed ball. >> yeah! >> have a great friday morning. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jonah hill, megyn kelly,


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