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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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anxious super bowl fans. millions flood the bay area. before you get to super bowl city or levi stadium, many fans are coming through here and this is the calm before the storm. i'll show you what bay area airports are expecting. "today in the bay" starts right now. and on this super bowl presuper bowl friday, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> let's get a look at our forecast. that weekend is going to be gorgeous. >> beautiful weather going to be headed our way and still chilly. some of the coldest temperatures we had all week settling into the north bay. look at that, it's 38 degrees and not only cold, but we do have some fog. else where it it is mostly clear, but temperatures now in the low to mid-40s. today we're heading into the mid-60s this afternoon. 65 degrees in the north bay, peninsula and south bay. in the tri-valley today, 64 degrees. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> checking the san mateo bridge, again, once again.
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just in the distance up to 30 seconds ago we saw flashing lights. let's check the reverse angle. that will be our second incident for our westbound commute direction coming towards the high rise for the morning. we haven't seen any slowing our senso sensors. we had the two incidents and sounds like everything is clear. we do see a smooth drive there as well as the bay approaching the bay bridge. we'll check back with you in a second. back to you guys. not too much company on the roads right now. plenty in the bay area in general. the super bowl madness now in full force we're just two days away from the big game. the excitement and the traffic only about to get a lot more intense as we inch closer to super bowl sunday. >> we have team coverage to help you navigate through this busy weekend. first, let's check in with "today in the bay" bob redell live near levi stadium with plans to keep everyone safe. level one security from san francisco to san jose right now, bob. >> correct, laura. the department of homeland security reserves that level one
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security classification for events that it deems to be a potential terrorist target, even though there are no known threats against levi stadium. there are more than 60 federal, state and local agencies that are involved in securing this venue and the other venues throughout the bay area. law enforcement won't say how many additional officers and agents will be deployed for sunday's game only that it is in the thousands. yesterday 30 bomb sniffing dog teams from the east coast were briefed at the valley transportation authority in how to secure the largest mass transit system. that's one example of how you're seeing security stepped up. at bay area airports the department of homeland security is relying more on their so-called behavioral detection officers who are trained to analyze people's mannerisms for possible security threat. >> that's interesting. that's interesting. that doesn't work very well for someone like me who can just sweat like on the moment. >> when it comes to the airport,
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that's fine. because the more secure we are, the better. i'm no one to be suspicious of, it's fine. >> the local emergency operation center has been activated. right now, they're at a level one. by sunday it will raise its degree of readiness to a level three. reporting live, bob redell "today in the bay." another big concern this weekend is beating the traffic. this is a live look at super bowl city in san francisco this morning. all lit up. it will be one of the most congested areas this weekend. >> people just trying to get to work there right now have already felt the pains of that. let's turn it over to mike inouye with how to navigate through that mess. mike? >> over here the purple section that is the closure for super bowl city and moconi experience where steph showed us all the cool stuff there. now, we've been seeing the commute manage pretty well getting into and out of the city and that congestion right there
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and super bowl city in the city. but let's remind you, that is not the city where the super bowl is. super bowl is down here in santa clara. if you're managing to get down there, you are not going to beat the traffic, but manage that with mass traffic, as well. we get out to the options, you can take a b.a.r.t. out of the city and i think we had information that we'll put on the screen for you guys. talking about b.a.r.t. getting out of san francisco or transfer through the area. cal train will take you down to san jose station and at that station you can take that short jog over to levi stadium. now, let's pretend you wanted to get out to levi stadium. before you head to the levi stadium and see how things are going. bay area travelers, i guess, are told to arrive three hours before their flight and also have information from the levi stadium site and you have to have your super bowl ticket and
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the prepurchased ticket from the vta line. the mobile app. they'll require you to purchase that ahead of time and activate it before you get on that line, again, without that super bowl pass and vta pass. you can't get over to this area. can't drive through the area, either. unless you have one of the park passes. look how widespread this closure is. basically great america parkway and great america itself over towards lafayette. this entire section is closed. you can't pass through and check things out because we have rings and rings of security. if you're not dpoeg going to thr bowl, stay away. helping folks stay in and out of the city. i think you have good numbers about that, right? >> i do, good morning to you, mike. in addition to all the bling you were talking about at nfl experience, our interactive events geared towards the fans that are coming here like this one of jennings who spent the year with the raiders and
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charles has been an artist for the nfl super bowl for 16 years. this is his 16th this year and doing a demonstration just for us this morning designing a helmet for nbc bay area. now that it's friday and we are officially in super bowl weekend mode and a big warning to those who are getting around the bay area. b.a.r.t. saw its sixth busiest day ever on wednesday at more than 470,000 riders to help with this weekend's crowds. expected to be even larger. b.a.r.t. said it will up the number of trains to meet that demand, adding service both to sfo and oakland international to serve the busiest travel days. expect to see more security and station officers and police officers and b.a.r.t. says buying a round trip ticket ahead of time will save you headaches. another warning, parking, that is going to be tough to find. definitely plan accordingly. even as mike said, even if you're not headed to the super bowl or super bowl events. coming up in half an hour, all the events that are happening
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today and check in with charles, again. also here from rashad jennings. >> quite the artist there. >> we have a half smile from charles there in the middle of his artistic expression. from the ground to the skies. fans all heading in for super bowl sunday. >> kris sanchez live at san jose maneta international airport. with the mad rush expected there. kris, they have been preparing for this for quite some time. >> they've seen this storm coming for a while, though it doesn't appear on the radar, just faa radar. mostly quiet where the regular folks will start arriving. but when they do, what a welcome. if you've been in any of our bay area airports and you've seen all the gold and black signage, trumpeting the arrival of super bowl 50 and this is how the high rollers are going to travel. more than 1,000 private jets will travel through sjc and
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other bay area airports large and small. but this is how the rest of us travel likely. this is the crush that the average joe can expect. a little bit of holiday travel video. maneta expects another crush on monday and they got a huge crush yesterday, as well. at oakland international a loan expecting a 20% jump in travelers, according to "mercury news." sfo expects 1.3 million passengers through super bowl weekend, in particular, sfo is bracing for a 50% spike in travelers. on monday, the day after the super bowl, the day most of the fans will try to get back home. hopefully victorious for the denver broncos. even if you have some very specific advice for you if you are traveling for business or fun, you can go monday, read it carefully. arrive three hours before your flight. three hours, especially on monday whether you're traveling for fun or for business. if you can put off your travel, probably a good idea, as well.
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at maneta san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> little cheer in the bronco. >> was she just stumping in the middle of her live shot. >> unbias reporter. >> no impartiality there. long flight if your team loses. meteorologist kari hall. >> you'll be sad to leave here, especially when we have temperatures in the 70s next week. but now it is fairly cool as a lot of people arrive. they're thinking, wow, it's really cold here. 39 degrees in livermore and 39 now in santa rosa while san francisco is in the mid-40s. oakland as we take it hour by hour. we'll see a lot of sunshine today and temperatures warming up nicely, into the low 60s this afternoon. will feel much better as we go through the day. we'll talk about that super bowl forecast coming up in a few minutes, also a look ahead to next week. that's in less than ten minutes. now back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much. coming up next, the gloves are off, kari. hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders fight it out on their first one-on-one debate. a full recap of the ups and downs coming up next. a lot of bad boys coming up today. we'll tell you in "business and tech." super bowl city where the football frenzy is still going strong. some items on the agenda, you could find the three finalists for the nfl man of the year award later this morning. that includes the niners, fans can also enjoy, hey, a live performance by the band, one republic. love them as they take pictures with the gold rush cheerleaders. a lot of people love them. >> a couple fans out there. stay with nbc bay area for continued coverage of the super bowl on sunday. a special edition of "today in the bay" starting at 6:00 a.m. also bring you live updates throughout super bowl sunday. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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==sam/ots== hillary clintoa bernieanders are bo 'pnding little politics this morning. now decision 2016. nod in new hampshire after trading verbal jabs last night with each other. clinton behind in the polls in new hampshire and came out swinging. she said that she's the true progressive defending the idea that clinton is the established candidate influenced by big banks. >> enough is enough. you have something to say, you say it it directly. >> we need to stand up to the big money interest. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here a who does not have a super pac. >> 98% of sanders' contributions
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come from individual contributions. that statement is correct. other issues brought up during the debate, paying for campaigns, free college and free health care. the two democrats disagreed on how quickly to normalize relations with iran, though. >> you don't just rush in, open the door and say, here i am. let's talk and make a deal. >> those are exactly the people you have to talk to and you have to negotiate with. >> the next debate is next thursday after the new hampshire primary. the music world mourning the doth of maurice white. ♪ i'll be there after a while if you want my love ♪ >> "let's groove" is one of many earth, wind & fire hits he created. ut other big hits include
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"september" and "shining star." maurice white had been suffering from parkinson's disease. he died yesterday in his los angeles home. he was 74 years old. boy, those songs will just really live on. >> hard to hear the music and not dance right now. now to the bad boys hedge fund manager martin shkreli is back home after. >> plead the fifth. you know, i respectfully refuse to answer and all that. and shkreli said that as expected but his facial expression. >> you can look away, if you like, but i wish you could see the faces of people. no matter what she says who cannot get the drugs that they need. by the way, it's a taxpayer.
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somebody is paying for these dr drugs. i truly believe -- are you listening? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i shreli appeared before congress into high drug prices. he also faces criminal charges in new york in a separate case. not only did he infuriate congress but tweeted hard to accept these imbleesimble slz. "the chronicle" says he's having trouble selling it. reducing the price from $12 million to $8 million. he will be in court in april over accusations of domestic violence. forget super bowl sunday. it's jobs friday.
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good morning. >> hi, there, scott. good morning to you. stock futures are flat after yesterday's trading session and saw dow move from positive to negative before closing in the green. wall street watching for today's january's job reports. 185,000 and unemployment rate of 5%. the jobs report will have a big impact, not only on today's market movements but also on the federal reserve. a strong number could encourage them to raise interest rates while a weak number could persuade them to hold off. the dow up 80 points to 13416. the nasdaq up 5 to 4509. >> hold on, o'dowdis that a pan jersey? >> you know, scott, i do pride myself in being an unbias journalist even when it it comes to my football reporting.
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>> manning in the back. that is truly unbias. landon dowdy live at cbc. she'll watch the super bowl along with us and the jobs number. at 5:30, guys, weal bring that to you. >> you don't know if the party is in the front or in the back. >> all over. >> thank you very much, scott. 5:18 right now. new problems for pacifica this morning as strong waves continue to pound the coastline. another sinkhole measured. that's the second sinkhole this year. city leaders say that foundation under this latest section is in much better shape than what collapsed next month. but the double dose of destruction has nearby neighbors concerned for their safety. >> since there's another one occurring, i am speculating that we'll have more rough ocean with the sea water elevating. that maybe the sea wall itself
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life is expired. >> all this is happening not far from apartment building where cliffs have just completely eroded. residents we told you were forced to move out. pacifica declared a state of emergency last month hoping to get state money to deal with that erosion. as long as it looks like someone took a spoon and carved land out of the coastline there, this is going to be an issue. how do the, i guess, surf and waves look this morning, kari? >> they had a surf advisory and there is still a beach statement that anyone going close to the coast needs to be aware of that we may still have high waves today. otherwise, we start out cool and we'll have sunshine and a nice, calm day all across the bay area. a live look now at the bay bridge as you get the day started. we have mostly clear skies and the seven-day forecast is now coming up at the bottom of the screen. come on over and check it out. we will some much warmer temperatures in the forecast.
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but it's chilly out there now, especially in the north bay. we drop down to 37 degrees there. it's 42 degrees now the peninsula, but as we get a closer look at the south bay, we also have some 30s. downtown it's 38 degrees and morgan it is now 39. so, bundle up. but as we take it hour by hour in san francisco, a cool start as our temperatures will be in the mid-50s at 10:00. here we are at lunchtime and it is in the low 60s in the mission district. we're at 61 degrees and the emdearo will be also at about 61, 62. eventually reaching 63 degrees for the interior parts of the city and then later on this evening, we're back into the 50s. so, look at some warmer air in the south bay, at least. we're up to 66 degrees in palo alto and 65 degrees and the mission district at 63 and also 63 in santa rosa. oakland is up to 65 and livermore today 63 degrees. our temperatures have been going up a little bit each day. and we will start to see some
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more 70s moving back in as we go into saturday, as well as sunday. more widespread 70s across the bay area. take a look at what happens on monday. some 80s moving into parts of the south bay. so our temperatures will be much warmer as we head into the start of next week. so, a beautiful weekend is on the way. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> kari, we're looking at a beautiful view of 880. i say it's beautiful because no problem for this stretch by the colise coliseum. taillights building and still not having a problem getting towards the bay bridge. the speed sensors show a great flow of traffic all around the bay right now. this whole section of the east bay show any slowing out of the altmont. tad bit of speeds dipping into livermore. remember, it's friday. see a lighter volume around the bay. this weekend more activity right around levi stadium and santa clara university continue to have super community events and
5:22 am
introducing huey lewis and the news and they perform would the 49ers in the past. fremont a nice flow of traffic southbound for fremont. 880 the nimitz freeway a nice drive. >> we know mike can carry a tune. thank you very much. unfortunately in a 9/11 world is all about managing the risk to extent you possibly can. >> we investigate how homeland security is managing that risk at this year's super bowl. we'll take you into the secret world of surveillance and security all at work right now to keep you safe. now to an investigative unit
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exclusive: ==sa2shot== we'only the big game at levi's stadiu right now an investigative unit exclusive. we're only a few days away from the big game at levi stadium. will security be effective enough to keep something bad from happening. >> stephen stock got exclusive access to get some answers. >> well, good morning, guys. sources tell me that at last year's super bowl one person on the country's known terrorist watch list was seen by law enforcement officers inside one of the perimeters of one of the security zones there at the super bowl in the phoenix area. he was not committing any crime and could not be detained. that's why sxurt is especially tight this year here in this bay area for super bowl 50. our investigative unit gained exclusive access to behind the scenes at the regional intelligence center based in san francisco. we got to meet the federal agent who developed this specialized data analysis tool to help
5:26 am
agents focus on legitimate terrorist threats and to help law enforcement neutralize those threats before they happen. we also travel to washington, d.c., and sat down exclusively with the nation's first secretary of homeland security tom ridge. who told us three things. one, there could never be 100% assurance that there would not be a terrorist event. number two, he says there needs to be cooperation and sharing of information by federal agents with local law enforcement, even today. and number three, former secretary ridge says anyone going to events here in the bay area needs to be ready to wait in long security lines. lines that could take four to six hours. so, be patient. now, if you want to see our entire report, just go to our website, guys, back to you. >> stephen, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to
5:27 am years in the making and now the big day just two days away. the traffic and security flooding the bay area ahead of super bowl 50.
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good friday morning to you. here's a live look at super bowl city this morning. just days ahead of the big game. we have team coverage on what to expect and the traffic and the crowds roll in. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. behind us the bay bridge and everything is lit up right now. hopefully the temperatures will match with some nice sunshine. kari, i saw you pluck some numbers. >> it is going to be beautiful this weekend, but take a look at these temperatures this morning. it is cold out there. so make sure you bundle up. it's 37 degrees in the north bay and in the low 40s else where. looking at highs today that will be in the mid-60s all across the bay area with a lot of sunshine and breezy winds and, yes, we do have some 70s in the forecast this weekend. so, we'll take a look at that coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> kari, it's a friday. we expect a lighter commute overall but remember with super bowl activity in the city, we may see an unusual flow. right now we've been seeing for the first few days this week, mass transit has been paying off here. we'll talk more about that in a bit and we see this upper deck of san francisco picking up a little bit more heading towards
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the city. the bay bridge toll plaza has your cash lanes. over in the north bay, catch a little glimpse of this orange and indicates possibility of fog and we'll keep that in mind as the morning continues no problems here. little slowing out of the altamont pass and quick look at 101 and show you the volume of traffic very manageable. back to you. >> breaking news now, forget super bowl sunday, that's what scott mcgrew said. we have jobs friday. the latest jobs numbers just came down within the last couple of minutes and let's turn over to "business and tech" reporter scott mcgrew. >> we had such a great 015, the best 2015 for jobs. 151,000 jobs added in the month of january to the u.s. economy. now, the unemployment rate falls to 4.9%. the first time we've been under five since 2008. normally i'd tell you to ignore that unemployment number because
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those little tenth of a percent movement just not a very good metric. but i think today we'll try to celebrate that. wall street may like this, laura and sam, because it's a weak jobs number of 151,000, which shows that there is maybe not as much room to raise the interest rates. we'll see how that works out. but kind of a disappointing number and we got spoiled. 151 not bad, but it ain't great. >> glad you're keeping an eye on it for us, scott. super bowl madness in full force. just a few days away from the big game and the excitement and traffic only to get more intense as we inch closer and closer to super bowl sunday. team coverage to help you navigate through a very busy weekend. kris sanchez smiling there. we have bob and stephanie, as well. we'll start right now with "today in the bay" bob redell, with plans to keep everybody safe. level one security from san francisco to san jose. >> good morning to you, sam.
5:33 am
which is not unusual for a super bowl. the department of homeland security has classified the past ten super bowls, including super bowl 50 taking place here sunday at levi stadium as a number one security event. they deem this to be a potential terrorist target even though there are no known specific threats to sunday's game. that being said the state and federal and local levels are involved securing all the venues. this was the scene yesterday at the vta headquarters. the valley transportation authority where roughly 30 canine teams, bomb sniffing dogs arrived from seattle, atlanta and southern california for a briefing on how to secure the south bay largest mass transit system which will be taking fans to and from the game. how many officers will they be adding for security this week? they would not answer only saying it is in the thousands. at the bay yare airports, the
5:34 am
department of homeland security they're increasing their use of so-called behavioral detection officers. agents are especially trained to look at people and mannerisms to see if there is any indication that those people are a security threat. as far as the emergency operation centers go, police here in the south bay they have been activated. right now level one. by sunday they'll raise their level of readiness to a three. reporting live here at levi stadium, bob redell, "today in the bay." another big concern this weekend is getting around the traffic. you're taking a live look right now at super bowl city in san francisco. this morning the ferry building lit up. that area is going to be one of the most congested for the whole weekend. >> let's check in with mike inouye to navigate through a crowded mess. >> your picture of super bowl city was much prettier. this purple blob and the closure that we've been seeing since the 23rd. slowing our surface street sensor and how we're getting
5:35 am
around the area already slow. that doesn't mean it's jam packed with traffic. that means whoever is navigating has to go slower for whatever reason. they're doing early morning cleanup, as well. now, the traffic flows nicely. we have been calling this super bowl city and it is in the city. that is the title of the area, but, remember, the super bowl itself is in san francisco, it's all the way down here in santa clara. we want to give folks an idea of how they'll get down there. whether or not you're lucky enough to go to the super bowl. get out of san francisco and use b.a.r.t. to get in and out of the area. b.a.r.t. is a great way to get in and out of the city. one possible option for you for you to take b.a.r.t. to super bowl city underneath market and down to millbrae where you can transfer over to cal train. take you down to san jose and where we do have light rail that joins up there. now, a very special light rail line will take you out. the vta to levi stadium. a big note, though, some folks don't have tickets to the super bowl, but you want to go see all the activity don't.
5:36 am
because you can't. the vta to super bowl direct service to super bowl, basically what it is saying is if you don't have a super bowl ticket, you can't go anyway. if you do have a super bowl ticket, you have to buy your pass ahead of time and activate it before you get on the train. make sure you check all the information before you go. let's get a look at this map over at levi stadium. a lot of parking facilities. again, some folks might want to wander through the area, but these entire area. there's the stadium. rings and rings of security continue out beyond all these parkingias and levi have a special spot for uber and taxies. your best bet is to watch us on tv. back to you. >> there you go. we'll be here bright and early on sunday morning. that's right. i had to think about it for just a second. 5:36 right now. well, from the ground, as you saw there was mike to the skies. airports also expected to be very crowded as fans head in for the super bowl sunday.
5:37 am
kris sanchez live at maneta san jose international airport with the mad rush expected there. they have been preparing for this for a while now. >> they have been preparing and the folks behind me are getting out of town, perhaps wisely. but the folks arriving and the flights not coming in for a few more hours. what a greeting they will get. maneta san jose and all gusied up in the black and gold of super bowl 50 and it's kind of exciting as you get off the plane. here's a peek at how the high rollers will travel. the executive terminal here sjc is new and according to the faa. more than 1,000 private jets will travel through sjc and other bay area airports large and small. we want to sensitize you to the crush of people. this is a little bit of holiday travel video here. got a crush of travelers yesterday and they expect more travelers on monday. that will be their heaviest day. at oakland international, southwest airlines alone is
5:38 am
expecting a 20% jump according to "mercury news." they expect 1.3 million passengers through super bowl weekend and, in particular, sfo and the rest of the airports are bracing for that spike of travelers on monday, the day after the super bowl. so, now, some very specific advice if you are traveling for business or fun. on monday, look at your screen. arrive three hours before your flight exclamation, exclamation. we don't put emojis otherwise. but consider that your fair warning. rosemary barnes here at syc says said if you can delay your travel beyond monday, you'll have a much better time getting out regular schedule is getting in one hour before. if you are traveling on monday, again, three hours early. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> leaving a big party, kris, is always a little painful. anybody who has been to vegas knows that. we have to get there first. in the meantime, let's party.
5:39 am
also comes lavish parties and lavish events and the weekend is chalked full of them. >> stephanie chuang live from super bowl city in the heart of the big party there with a preview of what we can all expect. steph? >> yeah, good morning, laura and sam. it starts early here at 10:30 this morning. steve young is hosting a fashion show here on the stage back there. this is at nfl experience. the free part at mosconi center west and an interactive event with jennings of the new york giants who is going to do a signing with this man who is actually this morning he got up bright and early just for us to do this sort of special nbc bay area helmet design special super bowl artist and he will be with us all morning long. now, many events starting at 11:00. you'll have pep rallies and deejays blasting the area and one republic performs and it it is free. players set to appear on stage
5:40 am
at super city all day long and they told us they're here to hang with fans and raise money for charity and local youth. >> nothing special about me. i'm just in a special position. any time i get to be a magnifying glass, i'm going to take advantage. >> and you can take advantage if you are a big fan of rashad jennings and of this man's art here. he's working on a painting section right now. the golden gate bridge. this is for nbc bay area. the fan signing tonight at 6:00. again, you guys, it is free. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> can't wait to see the finished product. you know what is going to be great this weekend, the weather. we have been having a lot of rain for the bay area but for super bowl sunday, perfect as everybody is coming into town. kari has a look at that forecast. >> as a lot of people arrive thissing, they're stepping outside and saying, wow, cold in california. yeah, it is this morning.
5:41 am
upper 30s in the east bay and  also in the north bay, san francisco is at 45 degrees. as we get a closer look at san francisco now, right at about 47 and pacific heights 48 degrees and 45 degrees. in the south bay now, 41. but it warms up nicely today. we're talking mid-60s for the south bay. san francisco up to 63. in napa, 65. also 65 in oakland. and san ramon today up to 62 degrees. let's check in now with sam and laura to see what's happening in news. >> let's move this thing right on forward. move that ball forward. the super bowl history on full display. legends taking the field right before the games off. >> in fact, let's take a live look at san francisco super bowl city illuminated this morning. excited crowds going to be even bigger by the day, checking out all the nfl events. the puppy bowl continues as puppies from bay area animal shelters will run plays in a mock field set with hopes of finding their forever homes, as
5:42 am
well. pharrell williams and zac brown band will be performing there tonight.
5:43 am
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5:44. friday morning. so we know that neither bay area football team playing in this year's super bowl will be on full display during the coin toss. six niners and raiders legends. pretty cool. so where do we even begin? three-time mvp joe montana flipping that coin. joining him jerry rice and steve
5:45 am
young. meantime, representing the raiders, former super bowl mvp marcus allen, jim plunkettt and fred bilenenkoff. coldplay is the headliner. the british super stars say they're actually a little bit on the nervous side as they think about the size of the audience and the musical performers who have played that half-time show in game's past. >> everyone who does this show knows it's the biggest on earth. the biggest privilege and so they put their life and soul into it. we've watched all of the other half-time shows many times and most of them are fantastic. >> speaking of mega stars. coldplay not the only one taking the stage at levi stadium. that's right. if you like it, then you better put a ring on it. beyonce will join them. coldplay says a third act on stage, but who that may be right now is a secret. so, the stage is set for football's biggest weekend now.
5:46 am
>> more a million visitors are expected to pour into the bay area for the broncos/panthers game and many still looking for tick toots the big game. jay gray joining us live in san francisco. thanks for coming to our turf. fight for the coveted tickets and, jay, just days away from the big game. they're going for a lot of money, averaging somewhere around $5,000 before. >> what did you pay, jay? >> yes, sam, laura. great to be here. i was counting on you guys. i'm in your town. i was counting on you getting me a ticket to the game. we'll talk about that later. but, you're right, 5 grand a ticket right now. and the brokers say that's going to go up as we get closer to kickoff. in fact, a lot of people saying this will likely be the highest price ever paid for a ticket to the super bowl when things are said and done here. a lot of people wanting to come to the bay area and be a part of what is history. the 50th anniversary of the super bowl. you look back at the super bowls of the past. what was the first one?
5:47 am
what did ask you to pay to go to that one 50 years ago? face value on that ticket, 10 bucks. i could handle the 10 bucks to 5,000. i will need a little help you guys. one thing break a little loose and i hate to spoil the surprise. coldplay and beyonce on the and a third act and i'll go ahead and tell you, i'm going to be performing with the groups during halftime. >> jay gray and huey lewis. >> and there may be a wardrobe malfunction. so, just a warning. >> with his north face parka. thank you very much, jay gray there. still working hard for the money to buy the ticket. well, you probably already know it's a bad idea to fly your drone anywhere near levi stadium. >> scott mcgrew says the rules say anywhere far, too. 36 miles. no drones. 36 miles from levi stadium.
5:48 am
that starts 2:00 p.m. sunday. for the record a blanket no-fly zone. no airplanes either. here's your map and it extends through san jose and even includes the county's designated radio control airport near 101 near morgan hill. put it another way, it's not legal to fly drones where it is legal to fly drones. don't. looking at the latest jobs numbers showing 151,000 jobs added in the month of january. this is our first data for 2016. after a really good 2015. we got the best jobs numbers in decades over the past few years. unemployment rate drops to 4.9%. lowest that's been. first time under 5% since 2008. hard to say what wall street is going to think about that, though. the jobs number itself was not very strong. that means the fed may not raise interest rates through the rest of the year. sam and laura. i know you like to eat healthy. i thought this sounded like something you might like. the new mcdonald's caesar
5:49 am
chicken salad. right now only available in canada. it has kale. more fat, more salt. >> the chicken is fried. >> interesting. 1,400 milligrams of salt. 730 calories. >> at that point, why bring that it is healthy? i'm coned about this. >> because it has kale. if you see kale and put it with fried chicken and drizzle shugry stuff in there. >> and french fries. quinoa and french fries and mayonnaise and butter. >> why not? all right, everybody is talking about the super bowl. have their predictions now who they think are going to win it. now going to the dogs for this one. jimmy fallon brought out, in fact, that parade of cute little puppies on "today" show to make
5:50 am
his prediction. >> this process has evolved from puppies and octopus. the puppies still rule the day. who are they going to choose? panthers or broncos. two dog bowls and one choice. maybe more than one choice. in general they went towards the broncos first and they moved over to the panthers. how do you read the tea leaves here. you are probably asking how accurate are these puppies? they did pick the niners over the ravens in super bowl xlvii and accurately selected last year's kentucky derby winner. >> look how cute they are? so cuddly. >> every year, remember, puppies. different puppies every year because they don't stay the same. this is not the same source every time we see this. >> you're acquestioning the methodology of this. >> the unbiassed puppies. that's all we know. no bias but we'd like to see nice weather this weekend for super bowl. >> oh, yeah, you got it.
5:51 am
making it happen. >> the 70s this weekend. beautiful weather, sunshine. now as you step out, it's not 70 degrees. it is very chilly in some spots the upper 30s now. taking a live look at san jose, we have clear skies. we have been seeing some patchy fog in parts of the north bay and the seven-day forecast as it comes up, you can see how much we do warm into the weekend and the start of next week. it's 41 degrees now in oakland and san carlos and san jose. 39 in livermore and 38 ina and santa rosa, san francisco wakes up to 45 deit grees. as we take it hour by hour in oakland, we will have low 40s to start, but temperatures warming up quickly and by 11:00, we're at 58 degrees and we're not done there. low 60s this afternoon with a lot of sun because high pressure continues to keep any rain away from the bay area. and we'll highs in the 60s heading into the day tomorrow. a few 70s. farther off towards the east, but then the 70s start to push
5:52 am
in as we head into sunday as well as monday and then look at what happens. we'll even have some 0s down just around santa cruz and maybe farther to the south. we will have much warmer air starting to push in. and we're going to see that warming trend starting today with mid-60s and upper 60s and even a few low 70s and then up to 73 degrees super bowl sunday in the south bay. perfect weather for the super bowl. let's check in now with mike to get an update on traffic. >> kari, pretty perfect commute right now. the metering lights. everybody is waiting and getting up on the incline. we'll look at your maps and not much of an issue. it's friday and the lighter commute. but, remember, also, a lot of folks heading in towards super bowl city. in this city san francisco all weekend. building now as more folks come into town and we'll track that over the morning. shouldn't see a big morning commute. little slowing hayward and 880 south and san mateo and dumbarton bridges and a little
5:53 am
build for northbound 101 and that is your first burst and the south bay commute will kick in about 6:30. condense to the greater part around 7:00, 7:30 in the morning. palo alto, 101 and bay shore freeway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next -- >> 9/11 world is all about managing the risk to the extent that you possibly can. we investigate how homeland security is managing that risk at this year's super bowl. we'll take you inside the secret world of surveillance and security all at work right now to keep you safe. and happening now, kari hall says warmer weather is coming. so is our morning weather alert, which we'll post any moment now. sign up for alerts on our mobile app. facebook liking our latest class action segment. what is behind new legislation to boost earthquake safety in public schools. funny impersonation of steph
5:54 am
curry. you'll crack a smile when you click the link at our home page.
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5:56 am
at 5:56. new this morning, an east bay man reportedly facing charges after authorities say he triggered a pipe bomb scare. according to "contra costa times" it it happened in a strip mall in discovery bay. deputies say the man was in some
5:57 am
sort of an altercation and threw a pipe affixed with wires into another man's truck. a bomb squad showed up. the device ended up being fake, but right now, the charges very real. the man is being detained at the county jail. at 5:57. some encouraging news to report to you this morning, a chp officer stabbed in the throat earlier in the week is getting better. he's still in the hospital, but no longer in critical condition. andrew was attacked on tuesday near a homeless encampment along an onramp to the bay bridge in san francisco. the chp says noel stabbed officer siranko several times, inclugd in his neck. the motive for that attack res unclear. he made his first court appearance yesterday. fellow chp officers were in the courtroom as a show of support for the injured oofficer. now to an investigative unit exclusive. only a few days away from the big game we have been talking about at levi stadium. but the big question remains. will security be effective enough to keep something bad
5:58 am
from happening? >> stephen stock got exclusive access to get some answers. stephen? >> well, good morning, guys. sources tell me that at last year's super bowl at least one person on the country's known terrorist watch list was seen by law enforcement officers inside the perimeter of one of the security zones there at the super bowl in the phoenix area. he wasn't committing any crime and, therefore, could not be detained. but that's why security is especially tight this year here in this bay area for super bowl 50. our investigative unit gained exclusive access to behind the scenes at the reelg regional intelligence center based in san francisco. we got to meet the federal agent who developed this specialized data analysis tool to help agents focus on legitimate terrorist threats and to help law enforcement neutralize those threats before they happen. we alsoed to washington, d.c., and sat down exclusively with the nation's first secretary of homeland security, tom ridge.
5:59 am
who told us things. one, there could never be 100% assurance that there will not be a terrorist event. number two, he there needs to be more cooperation and sharing of information by federal agents with local law enforcement even. and number three, former secretary ridge says anyone going to events in the coming days here in the bay area needs to be ready to wait in long security lines. lines that could take four to six hours. so be patient. now, if you want to see our entire report, just go to our website, guys, back to you. >> thank you, stephen. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to we addressed the security side of things here. stay at the super bowl. and also some celebrity-filled parties and the super bowl itself, you know, the big game. all of that coming up right now at 6:00. live team coverage on everything you need to know whether you're
6:00 am
going to the contest, watching from home or planning to far, far away. the economy and the latest jobs numbers. "today in the bay" continues right now. all this excitement, all this drama. you made it to friday. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look from above super bowl city. much more on all things super bowl in one minute. a check of your microclimate forecast with kari. >> good morning, as you head out the door for work and enjoy friday bundle up to start. much warmer temperatures this afternoon. we'll also monitor some dense fog in the north bay as temperatures have dropped down to 36 degrees. it is chilly, but highs today reaching the mid-60s. we'll feel much nicer and that warm up continues this weekend. we'll talk more about that and get a close look at the super bowl forecast. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening as you travel across the east bay.


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