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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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going to the contest, watching from home or planning to far, far away. the economy and the latest jobs numbers. "today in the bay" continues right now. all this excitement, all this drama. you made it to friday. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look from above super bowl city. much more on all things super bowl in one minute. a check of your microclimate forecast with kari. >> good morning, as you head out the door for work and enjoy friday bundle up to start. much warmer temperatures this afternoon. we'll also monitor some dense fog in the north bay as temperatures have dropped down to 36 degrees. it is chilly, but highs today reaching the mid-60s. we'll feel much nicer and that warm up continues this weekend. we'll talk more about that and get a close look at the super bowl forecast. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening as you travel across the east bay.
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>> kari, had found one flashing light over there and countercommute and cleared without any slowing and any disturbance. this is your berkeley curve heading towards the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and look at how well this maze moves. a lighter volume around the bay. fremont south into the south bay with these headlights. taillights and all the way up to nimitz without any deit lay to oakland. san jose northbound 101. a little build as far as that volume. mild slowing up to 880 through this stretch and then farther up the bay shore freeway. no delays, guys. back to you. 6:01. been talking about it for a while now. today super bowl madness kicks into another gear as we're just two days away from the big game. >> live team coverage of all things super bowl from the travel rush to all the big events. we have kris sanchez, stephanie chuang, bob redell all watching different angles here. bob redell will kick off our coverage at levi stadium where
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security is the top priority, bob. >> level one according to the department of homeland security, sam and laura. a classification that the dhs reserve for big events like the super bowl. areas and places where it it could be a terrorist threat even though there is no known credible threats against sunday's game. more than 60 agencies from the local, state and federal level will be involved and have been involved. law enforcement won't say how many additional officers and agents will be deployed for sunday's game. only it is in the thousands. yesterday 30 bomb sniffing teams from the east coast and up and down the west coast were briefed that valley transportation authority on how to help secure the south bay largest mass transit system. just one reason how they're upping security. the department of homeland security is relying more on their so-called behavioral detection officers.
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>> that's interesting. that's interesting. that doesn't work very well for someone like me that can just sweat like on the moment. >> when it it comes to the airport, that's fine. because the more secure we are. the better. i am no one to be suspicious of. it's fine. >> the local emergency operation center has activated. right now they're at a level one. by sunday they'll raise their degree of readiness to level three. reporting live here outside levi stadium in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." let's bring in stephanie chuang live inside the nfl experience. while the game is in the south bay, the party has been in san francisco. >> yeah, absolutely, laura. party with players and with this man who woke up very early this morning just to join us. this is charles. official nfl super bowl for 16 you're celebrating your sweet
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16. you're working on a special bay area design. tell me, charles, why does the nfl go to you to be the official artist? >> perhaps i bring something different than just hats and shirts and so forth that are sold with the logo. it brings a new group of people, my artwork is shown in art galleries all over the country and it possibly appeals to people who are not exactly football fans. maybe we can convert them. >> very good. good mission, thank you, charles. he is doing a fan signing event here today with rashad jennings who played a year with the raiders and now is with the new york giants. more events, you guys, means more crowds as we head into the weekend. b.a.r.t. busiest day and help with this weekend's crowds expect to be even larger. b.a.r.t. will up security and the number of trains to meet demand adding service to and from sfo and oakland international airport to service the busiest travel days like it
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today. buy a clipper car and buy a round trip tickt to save yourself some headaches. another warning, parking is going to be tough to find all weekend long. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> b.a.r.t. bursting at the sooe seams. getting around the entire bay area not going to be so easy this weekend. >> in fact, let's bring in the pro. mike inouye with the road clochers and what people need to know if you're lucky enough to go to the super bowl. >> first of all, this is not a surprise. the closure that we had over in san francisco. this is super bowl city in san francisco. this had the roadways closed since the 23rd. that super sunday. but, remember, super bowl city is up here in san francisco. 45 miles away is the city of the super bowl santa clara. so, folks are going to have to get down there. b.a.r.t. will get you down to cal train and take it down to santa claira and san jose. you can take vta, the light rail
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right into the levi stadium area. for folks who want to take that to see what all the festivities are like, you can't. look at the short from the website and we'll talk about the security issues. folks direct service to super bowl. basically, if you don't have a super bowl pick ticket and activated your vta rail pass, you can't even in towards the area and don't get in on that train and don't even bother. this whole area is just secured off. levi stadium right here ands and rings and rings of security and even uber and taxies and limos can't get anywhere closer than lots five and seven through the area 101 at the edge of your screen. this whole perimeter. stay away, folks. i wouldn't suggest walking through that area. again, security is a priority. but can. at least enjoy the air of the super bowl. back to you. >> that's right. the air is free. neither bay area football team we know is playing in this year's super bowl.
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such a rich history of. >> tell me if you recognize any of these faces. six niners and raiders legend, including those two are going to participate in the coin flip and, oh, yeah, also joe montana. all of them won super bowl most valuable player awards. where to begin with the three-time mvp montana flipping the coin. joining him will be fellow members and niners hall of famers. jerry rice and steve young. on the other side of the bay with the raiders, we have former super bowl mvp marcus allen and ed plunkett. sjc already busy this morning. people pouring into the bay area just in time for this weekend's celebrations. not only passenger planes, but private jets, as well, landing here for the biggest sporting event of the year. kris sanchez will have a live report from sjc in about 15 minutes. serious story here now, an
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accused killer is behind bars this morning for the stabbing death of a very popular san francisco deejay. this deejay also an employee at apple. joseph razo died tuesday after a violent attack. he and a friend were trying to break up a fight in the tenderloin neighborhood. allegedly stabbed the two. the friend recovered, but raz did not survive. he was arrested on wednesday night and he remains in jail. 6:08 right now. students at santa clara university lining up for the second straight day looking to get meningitis vaccinations. three students are sick with bacterial mennmeningitis. again, it is not too late for those to get shots for meningitis. scu holding another free clinic on campus this morning. meningitis is a threat, not just in santa clara, but also in alameda. a professor actually died from
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the bacterial infection last week. officials say the strain in the professor's case is not the same as the cases at santa clara. >> very saddening there trying to get that under control. meantime, 6:09. a quick check of your weather with kai who is feeling the flash of sunshine at least for the weekend, kari. >> flashing it it all over the bay area. warmth and temperatures in the low 70s in spots, but it is cold as you head out this morning. we do have some upper 0s. our temperatures haven't been this cold all week long. in santa rosa, it's 38 degrees and we also have some fog in the north bay. but this afternoon it clears out. we'll get some sunshine and highs in the mid-60s and feel nice. half moon bay today up to 68 degrees and embarcadero at 61 and 65 in napa and oakland, as well, as pleasanton. we'll take a look at that weekend forecast and i'll show you what to expect as you head to the super bowl or the festivities. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, show folks the
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beautiful view of the tower. look at the lights at the embarcadero and a lot of activity in san francisco and that's why we expect over the course of the next couple of days a lot more drivers and westbound is typically slow across the weekends. although right now, the morning we're seeing a lighter volume. yes, that's lighter. that will show you the map. the metering lights are on and no major backup. the maze in the east shore freeway moves well and the green speed indicators all around the bay show you a nice flow of traffic. we'll move the map out and see a little slowing west out of livermore and in towards dublin and little build forward. seeing more cars for west 92, as well. we'll move this map down to the south bay where you don't see any real problems. the early slowing for 101 has cleared up and looking towards fremont. the burst of traffic will kick in about 6:30 and more south bay slowing later. >> thank you, mike. at 6:10. head to head faceoff in new hampshire we break down last night's democratic debate ahead of a primary.
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the bad boy of biotech drops the mike and then stomps up and down on it. the strange story of martin shkreli coming up. a live look from inside at&t park this morning. not hosting a super bowl. but what you're seeing there is the back of the stage all set up for tomorrow presuper bowl concert featuring metallica. the show has been sold out for months but the band decided to live stream the performance for free. check that out. we'll be back in just a moment.
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fresh off the democratic debate last night. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders wasting no time hitting the campaign trail this morning. just hours after their first head-to-head debate. tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c., this morning. tracie, knowing she was behind the polls in new hampshire, clinton came out swinging last night. >> she showed up to make a couple things clear. she is the progressive that bernie sanders says she is not and make decisions and be tough on wall street, even if she accepts their money. >> enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it it directly. >> hillary clinton pushing back on the idea that she can't be tough on wall street because she's taken so much money from them. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever receive. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money
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interests. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. who is not raising huge sums of money. >> reporter: paying for free college and free health care. >> i do not accept the belief that the united states of america can't do that. >> the numbers just don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> reporter: on foreign policy they disagreed on how to normalize relations with iran. >> you don't rush in and say, here i am, let's talk and make a deal. >> those are exactly the people you have to talk to and you have to negotiate with. >> reporter: united in principle but drawing distinction on how to get things done. their next debate on thursday in wisconsin. back to you. >> okay, tracy live from washington, thank you very much. at 6:15 this morning. we have some breaking news we're following from new york this morning. we have now confirmed that one person has died, 12 people hurt
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in a major crane collapse that happened in new york city's financial district this morning. >> that was on worth and church streets. again, we're continuing to watch this story as it unfolds. but nbc news in new york has confirmed one person dead and at least 12 injured and updates for you throughout the course of the morning. in the meantime it, business news now. bad boy hedge fund manager martin shkreli back home this morning after unbelievable faceoff with congress. >> had a strategy so shkreli wouldn't -- >> i plead the fifth. shkreli said that as instructed and still managed to incriminate himself with his own facial expression. >> you can look away if you'd like, but i wish you could see the faces of people. no matter who cannot get the drugs they need. by the way, it's the taxpayers. somebody is paying for these
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drugs. i truly believe, are you listening? >> yes. >> i true believe you could become a force of tremendous good. >> he was then dismissed, which is standard procedure. since he clearly was not going to answer any questions. leaving these other drug manufacturers to face the panel over questions why prices are high. he wasn't done. he then tweets out hard to accept these represent the people in our government. he did this while panel was still meeting. and, yes, they saw it. speaking of bad boys. san francisco tech entrepreneur is putting his swank penthouse up for sale. "the chronicle" says he's having trouble selling it. reducing the price from $12 million to $8 million. he will be in court in april over accusations of domestic
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violence. the latest job numbers show 151,000 jobs added to the american xhee in the month of january. not a strong enough. certainly when you compare it to the numbers we got in 2015. but the unemployment rate does drop to 4.9%. and we're guessing with silicon valley love for tech, there are more drones here than anywhere else. reminder, no drones. 36 miles from velie stalevi sta. we're talking about all of san jose. even the county special radio control airport near 101 and morgan hill. it's not even legal to fly and where it's legal to fly them. no parks, no backyards, no where if you're in this circle. >> clearly taking no chances for obvious reasons. thank you very much, scott. 6:18 right. you can call this some pretty good gene. a family selfie has the internet buzzing. >> you're looking at a mother and her twin daughters. a mother and her twin daughters looks more like a set of triplets. the big question, who's who.
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the one on the right posted the picture to twitter with the caption, mom, twin and me. yep. that's the mother on the far left of the picture. wow. whatever they're drinking, we want some of that. >> and having multiples, too. that gets you a little tired. >> fountain of youth present here. let's get a quick check of what's going on. we know the temperatures will up their way into the weekend, but not this morning. >> not this morning. it is cold, as you start out the day. stepping out, you're like, okay, i need a thicker coat. but later on today, it will be much warmer as we take a live look at the beautiful bay bridge and the light streaming across headlights streaming across, too. as people get on to work and school. this is what you're feeling now. it's 36 degrees in the north bay. 37 in the east bay. and the south bay 41 degrees and as that seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll be able to see how temperatures warm up over the next few days.
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but look at how cold it is in spots and parts of the south bay, gilroy. the coldest one i've been able to point out now. 34 degrees. watch out for some frost, too. take it it hour-by-hour in san francisco, it will start to warm up. this is 10:00, we're looking at the district. it's 56 degrees and by lunchtime as you head out, it will be bright and sunny. haze valley at 60 degrees and financial district at 59. we will have low 60s around at&t park at 4:00 and the mission district reaching 63 degrees. so, beautiful weather. and then dropping back tonight into the 50s. so, bundle up as you head out to some of those concerts late tonight in super bowl city. mild and sunny start to the weekend. by 3:00 tomorrow, we have widespread 60s out there. and then more 70s start to push in on sunday. monday we may even have some 80s out there and some more widespread 70s all across the bay area. so, a warming trend is under way for all of our microclimates.
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mostly sunny skies and super bowl sunday in the south bay. we're up to 73 deit grgrees. let's check in with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> they're moving very well with friday. we look forward to the san rafael area where it's starting to kick in. the southbound build. the curves approaching northbound pedro road. the map will show you you're at the speed limit for your views except for the bay bridge and the metering lights are on. a new crash reported north 280 right around caesar chavez you may have a couple lanes blocked. we are getting information from ch. no real effect to your drive as far as that volume for the tri-valley and move your maps to the south bay where northbound  101 hasn't shown any slowing since about an hour ago when we had that first burst of traffic. look at the san mateo bridge and volume of traffic heading over from the hayward side to the peninsula and building a tad bit. not a big deal. again, getting into san francisco tonight and all, of
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course, all the weekend. that is a big deal because of super bowl city. we'll watch that, as well. back to you. >> that is just the tip of the iceberg. thank you very much, mike. watching big waves causing some problems for a bay area city already in a state of emergency. and we have big waves of travelers slowing through bay area airports, not just here at maneta san jose. but all of oour big bay area airports. what to expect if your travel takes you out of town on monday.
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back to our coverage of super bowl 50. a live look right now at levi stadium. they might be partying in san francisco. but the game is in santa clara. that is the home of sunday's big game. just down the street from the stadium. sjc airport. >> that's where we find kris sanchez this morning. not just san jose, but all bay area airports getting flooded with people ahead of the super bowl. >> this could affect you even if you're not a fan and you're traveling for business into next week. the folks who are behind me here, they're taking off maybe on purpose. they're trying to skip town for super bowl weekend. start to land right around the 8:00 hour and that's when things are really going to start to pick up. we can show you how the high rollers travel here at maneta san jose and lots of folks are going to be taking their first selfies at the airports because they're all gin the black and gold of super bowl 50. a new executive terminal here at sjc and according to the faa,
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more than 1,000 private jets will travel through sjc and other area airports large and small. there were 90 working oout of here yesterday alone. this is the crush that the average joe can expect. we're trying to desensitize you with a little bit of that hectic holiday travel holiday video here. at oakland at southwest airlines is expecting a 20% jump,ing to the "mercury news" and expect 1.3 million passengers through super bowl weekend and, in particular, they expect a huge crush on monday. a 50% spike in travelers. and that will be unique to sfo. so, here is your warning. arrive three hours before your flight exclamation mark, exclamation mark. try to save you the trouble. if you don't want to arrive three hours ahead, perhaps try to reschedule your travel for later in the week if you're headed out of town here at one of our bay area airports. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, kris. make a show out of that.
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and another show coming up next. most of us love a great fireworks performance in the city. we'll see another one tonight. when the smoke clears, it is what is left behind making a lot of people upset. another kind of show causing a lot of damage. fierce waves pounding the pacifica coastlines. the new trouble mother nature is causing to the battered city. breaking news in new york city. the middle of the financial district. a crane collapse this morning about 5:30. one person confirmed dead and at least a dozen injured. we're staying on top of the storey and updates for you after this break. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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a live look right now overlooking the embarcadero in san francisco and super bowl city. pretty calm out there right now. in just a matter of hours, thousands of people expected to be right there taking part the start of super bowl weekend. all kicking off. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura dparsia canon. >> i'm sam brock. hopefully your excitement will warm you up and maybe some of the tailgating. it's not going to be the temperatures. not this morning. kari hall has more with your microclimate forecast. >> the coffee warming me up because the temperatures are not doing it. 36 degrees in the north bay with patchy, dense fog and else where we have low 40s with mostly clear skies. under all of those clear skies, we'll get sunshine and highs today warming into the low 60s. even some mid-60s across the bay
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area with some wind and beautiful day after a chilly start. we'll talk about this weekend as temperatures continue to warm. that's coming up. let's get an update on the morning commute now with mike. >> kari, watching a crash northbound 280. reports of the crash at cesar chavez. chp reported your slowing blocked and no slowing on the sensors. getting into the city from the peninsula, the north bay or the east bay moving well. although the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. a backup there slow towards hayward and the san mateo bridge. live look for the toll plaza. look at westbound we're seeing continued slowing. slower than we saw a few minutes ago. in san jose, pretty easy drive for north 101 and also show you the mobile phone. you've got one, as well. take the traffic reports with you all weekend all the time on our nbc bay area app. things might different than you expect. there is this super bowl thing happening? >> something like that. want to know in real time what is happening.
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thank you, mike. the bay area turning gold. not just skies either. in the golden super bowl. super bowl 50 now just two days away. the celebration kicking into high gear in just a matter of hours. we have live team coverage of all things super bowl, but we kick things off right now with bob redell who is live at levi stadium with security the top priority, bob. >> good morning to you, sam. for the tenth year in a row, the department of homeland security has deemed the super bowl and this year being super bowl 50 a level one security event. which means that federal government believes that this venue, levi stadium here behind me could be a potential terrorist target, even though there are no known credible threats, at least not at this time against sunday's game. with that being said, more than 60 agencies from the federal, state and local levels are involved in securing levi stadium and all the various venues throughout the bay area. this was the scene at the valley transportation security headquarters where roughly 30
6:33 am
can nine teams. we're talking about bomb sniffing togs arrived for a briefing on how to secure the south bay's largest mass transit system, which will be ferrying fans to and from sunday's game. for security reasons, no agency will confirm the exact number of additional officers and agents that will be in the region this week. at the bay area airports and the department of homeland security is increasing its use of behavioral detection officers. their agent is to look for the smallest instance in someone's mannerisms to determine if they pose a threat. the local emergency operation center has also been activated. right now at a level one, but on sunday they'll elevate them selves to a level three. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:33. super bowl fireworks by no means limited to the field. another firewalk show planned at super bowl city. the smoke is still to clear in
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the last show. the smoke we're talking about is really what happened the day after when a lot of burnt out firework canisters and casings washed up at san francisco's aquatic park. the show's sponsor, macy's, is now looking into the matter and talking with the show's production team. while the park service is notally blaming macy's, leaders do say other firework show in the have not led to the same problem. >> could prevent people from enjoying the beach and also prevents people from enjoying the lagoon and coming out there. >> the pyrotechnick team said the debris likely came from a bad mix of wind, tide and currents. also plan to boost efforts to minimize the impact. if you're not a huge football fan, you might be watching the game for the commercials. a lot of people do or even the half-time show. >> there is that. of course,play is the headliner this year, but not the only ones hitting the stage. beyonce also going to be performing. coldplay is hinting right now that there is a mystery third
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act, as well as for the national anthem. lady gaga doing those honors. no doubt in sunglasses and exotic attire. we have you covered all the way through kickoff and beyond. a special edition of "today in the bay" starts at 6:00 in the morning. stay with nbc bay area for continuous live updates throughout the day. we do have an update now at 35 to breaking news that we're following this morning. emergency crews have been at a major crane collapse in new york city this morning. these are pictures that we're getting from the scene from wnbc tweeted out this morning. these are live pictures. you see reporters on the scene there and multiple emergency personnel. we know at least three people have been hurt. one person actually died. it it appears to have possibly been a civilian on the ground. this all happening in the city's financial district. let's listen in. >> we're getting word from oem as many as four injuries, we
6:36 am
don't have details on the condition of those hurt and i know there are some conflicting numbers about that. we are getting information. there could be as many as four injuries right now. we're also getting nrm and we're trying to pin down that mayor deblasio headed to the scene right now just south of here to provide a briefing at some point with his building's commissioner. the mayor had an event scheduled for later this morning at the red hook houses in brooklyn. unclear whether this incident impact his public schedule there. we'll keep you posted on that as soon as we have information. but there is a huge number of firefighters here. fdny trucks, ladders, commanders here and the incident command systems and also a lot of members of the nypd from the emergency services unit and also the strategic command unit. so, there are a lot of emergency personnel assessing the situation. determining the stability of the buildings. whether people are trapped trying to account for everyone who is inside. so, obviously, still a very --
6:37 am
>> we've been taking that live report from our sister station, wnbc in new york this morning. you see thattive crane that came down right in the middle of the financial district. there is some varying numbers on how many people have been hurt. we're hearing from three to four so far. we know at least one person has died, but from some looks of some of these pictures a lot of pictures there as they continue to assess the situation. as news continue to develop there, we'll keep you updated. in the meantime it, 6:37 right now. driving a truck right through the front door. that's how police say robbers got into a liquor store in berkeley. it was actually captured on surveillance video. once inside, the two robbers tried to pry open an atm. they couldn't, so they took off. it it happened yesterday morning at the pick n pack liquor store in san pablo avenue right off of gilman. the store was just left in shambles you see here. most of the inventory was ruined or damaged. live look now at the bay bridge. that's where demolition work is
6:38 am
expected to continue today on the old eastern span as we look at the approach to the bridge. crews are removing the western most section of the bridge. it's a truss about 500 feet long that extends. crews will lower the truss on tos in the water and deliver it to pier 7 for scrapping. that decent will take several hours today. cal trans says traffic will not be impacted. new problems for pacifica as strong waves continue to pound the coastline. measuring 25 by 3 feet appeared on the beach boulevard promenade. the second sinkhole in this area this year. the foundation under this latest section is in much better shape than what collapsed last month. we told you about that. the double dose of destruction has nearby neighbors concerned for their safety. also happening not far from an apartment building where theside, look at that there. just eroded. residents were forced move out.
6:39 am
pacifica declared a state of emergency last month hoping to get state money to help deal with some of that erosion. >> pictures still hard to believe when you look at it it now. watching the surf, also the surging temperatures. we have to wait about a day or so for that. meteorologist kari hall has a look at your forecast. >> it is cool to start out this morning. we have upper 30s in the north bay at napa it's 37. oakland 42 degrees and 41 degrees now in san jose. but temperatures warm up quite a bit as we go into this afternoon. into the mid-60s in los gatos. san carlos and the embarcadero also at 61 degrees today. mid 60s for napa, oakland, as well as livermore. we're up to 63 degrees and our temperatures continue to go up as we go through the weekend. our i'll detail that and we'll take a close look at the super bowl forecast and also if you're making other plans, i'll show you that forecast, too. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> we're looking towards palo
6:40 am
alto and show you the volume of traffic on the bay shore freeway at university. showing the pick up right now. not a problem as far as the speed sensors on our maps. there is palo alto and santa clara all moving very well. little build and little slowing. 87 the latest in towards downtown san jose. a little dip in those speeds. as we move your maps up, more slowing for both the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. heading west and the build coming off of the east bay and the nimitz freeway is the region. this is a typical friday, lighter commute and later for the build for most of our spots. we'll look over towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on and west 24 there was a crash at least some wood debris right off that interchange. the toll plaza itself and worry about the weight, that's it. back to you. >> that is a concern for many, thank you very much, mike. 6:40. coming up the local high school football team that is getting a chance to play at levi stadium before the super bowl. shattering news morning
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about your broken iphone. we'll take a look coming up. look at the big board. dow industrials losing 30 points. meantime, an update to breaking news we continue to follow the situation in new york. this is a live picture right now of a crane collapse that happened about 5:30 our time this morning. so far one person is confirmed dead and three injured. that's the latest number we're getting from new york, but, again, there have been conflicting reports all morning about how many people are injured and what a civilian down right now. we'll have updates after the break.
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an update now to breaking news from the financial district in new york city. a crane collapsed earlier this morning. you're looking at live pictures right now. weav we've seen some aerials of the situation and not just the crane collapse that resulted in the death of one person. that's been confirmed and several others injured. but the crane on its way down also swiped several buildings. now there is questions about the structural integrity of those buildings, as well. came down on to some parked cars. you can see it on the left-hand side of your screen. this is in the financial district at worth and church streets. one person confirmed dead. several others injured. now, our affiliate in new york is reporting the person who died appeared to have been a civilian on the ground. all this is happening, again, in the city's financial district. no word yet on what caused that crane to collapse, but there's a lot of different angles to this story. we'll continue to keep you updated. more new video to show you
6:45 am
this morning. this is of a volcano eruption in japan. it it happened just before 4:00 this morning. you can actually see the lava flowing in southern japan. no warnings superbeen issued and so far no one has been hurt. back at home now to a story that many are familiar with. a brand-new open urinal in san francisco now leaving a trail of controversy. dolores park reopened last month with a $20 million renovation, but about the only thing anyone could be talking about was that outdoor uninal that now sits off the beaten path near a muni line. organizing a protest asking for that urinal to be removed. jobs are number one when it comes to the economy. >> scott mcgrew, not the great result thissing on that front. >> relatively weak jobs number, sam, coming to us from the labor department. the economy added 151 thounl ,0 in the month of january. by the standards that we have
6:46 am
become accustomed, that is aingly bad number. unemployment rate drops to 9.4% the lowest it's been since the housing crisis. taking a look at the markets. not a whole lot of reaction. i wanted to show you both of them. you have wing stop ringing the nasdaq. we'll talk about that onner bowl. maybe they're not quite as cool as wing stop, but there they are. cnbc reporting the obama administration will propose a $10 fee on every barrel of oil that funds green energy projects. oil prices have gotten so low, washington worries americans will move away from solar and green cars. the $10 fee will be paid for by the oil companies and then, obviously, passed on in gas prices. and i couldn't help but go find this video from our library. bummer. kid showing off his new i to reporters. the reason i bring this up is we're hearing apple will soon announce it will give you credit
6:47 am
for a broken iphone when buying a new iphone. right now if you bring in an iphone 5, you can get credit towards an iphone 6 but it has to be in good condition. the blog says that apple will extend the phones with broken screens. so, good news for lots of people out there. >> i've broken a few. >> she got a screen guy, actually, alaura hooked me up. >> do you know how often laura breaks her screen. >> i haven't in for a long time. >> it's in perfect condition for. thank you very much. >> i got a screen guy. i got a guy for everything. >> you do. 6:47. dream opportunity for some bay area student athletes. >> mountain view st. francis high school football team is going to get to play a bonus game at levi stadium. the players are going to take to the field this afternoon to run players just like the super bowl contenders. this is so broadcast crews can practicing video of the real game. they're kind of mocking it. >> a great group of kids together. one final time and they get to, you know, enjoy all their hard
6:48 am
work and play on a big stage for fun. >> so, as we said, the mock game, the simulated game will run for about four hours. the players will wear tennis shoes instead of cleats to keep that field, yeah, that field that's had some issues over the years in pristine condition. >> they laid out a whole new field out there. go st. francis. 6:48 right now. who will win the super bowl? jimmy fallon brought out a parade of puppies on "tonight show" last night to try to make a prediction. >> release the puppies. >> all right. out of the gates, again, at least. the puppies get to choose between bowls of food. what is that one doing in the back there. no deep passes over the back. it appears the denver brock bronc broncos were the pick of the puppies. that is the it first food bowl they went how accurate are fallon's puppies. previous years puppies picked
6:49 am
the ravens over the niners in super bowl xlvii and also correctly picked last year's kentucky derby winner. >> you can't go wrong with puppies. so cute. >> long track record. >> there we go. good day to walk the dog out there this morning, but bundle up. >> bundle up. you may want to have a little jacket on the dog, too. chilly heading out the door as our temperatures have been in the 30s and low 40s. a live look now as we take a look at the bridge. that's where a lot of people are getting the day started with some sunshine and cool temperatures. but as the seven-day forecast comes up, you can see how much it warms as we go into the weekend and the start of next week. but this is where we are starting. it's 36 degrees in the north bay. east bay 37 degrees and 43 degrees in the peninsula. pleasanton now at 35 degrees and walnut creek 34. lafayette just above freezing at 33 degrees and we have 43 degrees now in oakland. so, a wide spread and those
6:50 am
temperatures but then as we go into the day, a quick warm up with all of that sunshine by 7:00. we're at 42 degrees and then upper 50s by 11:00. low 60s at 1:00 and then a beautiful afternoon and then mostly clear skies late tonight. high pressure is the reason why. it's been keeping the rain away from the bay area. allowing a surge from the south. warming up our temperatures. today we'll have widespread 60s and a few 70s here and there more widespread 70s heading into sunday. and that is what we will feel in time for the super bowl. maybe even some 80s, if you head just a little bit farther south of san jose by the start of next week. and our temperature trend continues to go up with all of this sun and warm weather, we are looking to have a pretty perfect weather, pretty perfect kick off for the game. we will be at 72 degrees. mostly sunny skies at half-time and 68 degrees as those
6:51 am
performers hit the stage. maybe you're not going to the super bowl. you just want to head somewhere else. maybe if you want to go to sonoma wine country, we will have temperatures in the low 70s. monterey a lot of sun there, as well. upper 60s for today and tomorrow and then 76 degrees on sunday. so, that looks like the best day. also in santa cruz, we will have some mid-70s with mostly sunny skies and morning temperatures in the upper 40s. let's get an update on what's happening with the morning commute now for mike. >> kari, your forecast looks like people coming into town or getting the best of the bay area. right now we're seeing not so bad for the north bay. san rafaelbound. we just saw the burst of traffic kick in over the last ten minutes and slowing right there. let's show you another live look and show you oakland 880. that moves very smoothly picking up some company and no slowing for the nimitz past the coliseum. easy drive and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza right here on the oakland side and slowing getting in towards san
6:52 am
francisco. now, we're looking over here northbound 280, as well. crash at cesar chavez. haven't had an update in the last couple of minutes and had some slowing show up and looks like it's moving smoothly. not a whole lot of problem the south bay and the east bay a pretty typical patern and looking over here and i want to remind folks as you hit the weekend, you can always take your phone with you because we'll be there with your traffic wherever you go and find out what's happening, guys. a very serious note, thank you very much, mike. coming up next, following breaking news from new york city where a crane collapsed in new york's financial district. this happened about 5:30 in the morning our time. you see wnbc doing live reports right now. it confirmed at least one person has been killed. the latest information we're getting from the scene, next. also happening now this morning, as kickoff nears, super bowl saturation. whether you like it or not to get around thiswalk, we're tweeting out your best
6:53 am
transportation options. be prepared if you're flying in or out on our facebook page. and rock stars coldplay give a clear picture of what to expect come half-time. click on the spotlight page on our home page.
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6:55 am
an update now to breaking news. we continue to follow at least
6:56 am
one person dead this morning and three others injured after a collapsed in new york city this morning. right now you're taking a live look. this is from the financial district in tribecka in new york as the scene continues to unfold. our affiliate in new york is reporting the person who died appears to have been a civilian on the ground. at first we got some conflicting reports and that heard as many as 12 people had been injured and that number is revised to three. all happening in the city's financial district. no word yet on a cause. we'll continue to stay on top of the story. more breaking news this morning. this time closer to home. a drive by shooting in san francisco not far from the nfl experience. >> steph, what can you tell us. >> sam and laura, we're on hyde and very scary moment for people who live in this neighborhood. take a look here. there is a bullet different hole here at 6607 where people live.
6:57 am
i just spoke with two people who live here and said they woke up to eight to ten shots fired and between two parties and heard a car peel off and they stayed inside because, of course, they were very scared and nervous. a bus stop got shot at. you can see the glass on the ground and spoke with another neighbor who lives right next to this bus stop and he heard 15 shots. so, definitely a lot of gunfire this morning here. police just left because they were waiting for an suv to get towed away. you can see some remnants of glass from the suv that was also shot out. the good news is that it appears no one was hurt. we don't know of anyone who was involved in the shooting was hurt, but no one as far as witnesses or people who live in the area were hurt. so, that is the good news. but police do not have any arrests, have not made any arrests this morning. they're still on the look out for the people involved in this early morning shooting that happened just after 5:00. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the
6:58 am
bay." continuing coverage of super bowl 50 itself. right now let's go to "today in the bay" bob redell live at levi stadium with how authorities are trying to keep all the crowds safe. >> that's why the department of homeland security has deemed super bowl 50 a level one security event. they use that designation whenever they think that venue could be a potential terrorist target, even though there are no knownable threats against levi stadium for sunday. more than 60 agencies from the local, state and federal level that are involved in securing levi and all the other venues throughout the bay area. law enforcement won't say how many additional officers and agents will be deployed for sunday's game. only it it is in the thousands. yesterday, for example, 30 bomb sniffing dog teams from the east coast and up and down the west coast that were briefed on how to help secure the largest mass transit system, which will be ferrying fans to and from sunday's game in santa clara. reporting live, bob redell
6:59 am
"today in the bay." i'm kris sanchez down the road at maneta san jose. sjc already dressed up for the super bowl party in the black and gold. so, too, are the other bay area airports. large and small and they are getting ready to be as hectic as the holidays. there was a rush of travelers here at maneta. they expect another one on monday as fans try to leave town. oakland international and southwest airlines alone is expecting a 20% jump andfo expects a 50% spike in travelers the day after the super bowl. so, specific travel advice if you're traveling for business or pleasure on monday, arrive at the airport three hours ahead of your flight. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we'll have highs in the 70s just in time for kickoff. >> all right. >> traffic is light but watch it around santa clara on sunday. we'll be here to cover it all on sunday morning.
7:00 am
that's what's happening on "today in the bay." >> check out super bowl city, if you have the time and chance. beautiful shot of the bay bridge. send you into the weekend. good morning. winter blast. good morning. winter blast. the swift and severe storm bringing snow, ice, and rain from d.c. all the way to maine. schools closed, flights grounded, roads a mess for commuters. rubio rising. our new poll shows marco rubio in secd place behind donald trump in new hampshire. and what caused hillary clinton to lash out at bernie sanders during last night's debate. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. and golden game. super bowl 50 just two days away. the security unprecedented. the anticipation reaching a fever pitch. the stars of the half time show trying to get in the spi


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