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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the field, there is a football game going on. it's not a real one. na is the st. francis high school football team, yes, the st. francis lancers pretending to be the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. they asked st. francis, the football team, to come out and pretend to be the broncos and the panthers so they could practice their shots in terms of the television coverage for sunday. quite an honor for the st. francis football team out of mountain view on the peninsula. back here live in san francisco, a lot of business also happened here today. the nfl is a billion dollar industry and the commissioner of the nfl spoke out today about the future of the league and, of course, one of the biggest issues is concussions and the cte issue. here's roger goodell. >> from my standpoint, i played the game of football for nine years through gh school. i wouldn't give up a single day of that. if i had a son i'd love to have him play the game of football because of the values you get. there's risk in life, there's
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risk to sitting on the couch. >> interesting comments from commissioner goodell there. it should be noted we also spoke with ronnie lott this week. he's not sure that he doesn't have any mental issues when it comes from concussions. however, he feels fine now, but he says this is something he thinks about almost on a daily basis. ronnie lott, the nfl legend with the 49ers and the raiders, of course. also with me here in san francisco is nbc bay area's michelle roberts. we're talking about the excitement here. but a lot of headaches come with the excitement as well as we head into these crucial 48 hours. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i've asked a lot of people down here today, so how is the commute getting around? i've got to say most of the complaints come from people who live and work in this area just trying to do business today was a challenge. but many out of towners are applauding public transit saying, hey, they got around pretty well and most people say they've been getting around the city on foot. >> it's been like probably about a mile and a half so far.
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oh, great, well i have a fitbit. >> reporter: he says he's had a slow start to his journey to super bowl city. >> tried to take the ferry, but we missed the ferry schedule. >> reporter: instead he took b.a.r.t. along with hundreds of thousands of football fanatics and some commuters who are ready for the super bowl hoopla to be over. >> so now i'm taking work back. >> reporter: k-9 units patrolled trains and federal agents monered just about everything. >> they have a lot of detection equipment, radiation, explosive detective equipment. >> reporter: above ground? >> it's been crazy. we should be at home right now. >> reporter: chaos on the roads, sidewalks. >> like our own little convertible. >> reporter: and even bike lanes. but many seem to embrace the craziness and go with the flow. >> what is this line for? >> to get into super bowl city. >> there you go. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says
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yesterday was the fifth busiest day in b.a.r.t. history and they expect to set records this week. reporting live on embarcadero, michelle roberts. raj, i think i see you somewhere up there. >> just give me a waive. we're talking about getting into the game on sunday. if you're well connected you're probably going or if you have a lot of money, you can go. the arrivals now are coming in. a lot of broncos fans, a lot of carolina panthers fans coming in. this was the scene at sjc. right now the average ticket price on stubhub about $5,000 for this game or up to $28,000 for a single ticket. >> how much you spend? >> 21. >> 21. how much do you think you'll spend on the entire trip? >> 30 grand. >> you mean three? >> i spent 21,000 on the ticket. >> i thought i spent 2100.
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>> don't tell my wife. >> are you joking? >> no. four tickets for four of us. got the tailgate thing, the broncos tailgate pact. >> what if you guys lose? >> we're not going to. >> but what if you do some. >> we won't. >> reporter: anything to get into the super bowl. by the way, as a point of reference, as a fan, i think i was in junior high school, i went to the super bowl when i was last here in the bay area 1985. my ticket price was 65 bucks. things have changed in the last 31 years. jessica, and janelle, send it back to you. >> $65? >> once in a lifetime. >> you just gave it away, raj. planes trains and ooshlautomobi the rush to get to super bowl city is totally on. now we're just hours away until one republic takes the stage at super bowl city. mike inouye is out there tracking the traffic. >> it's crowded. this is what we were telling
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folks was going to be the issue. the roads into the city. one republic, their song "apologize" if you tell people it wasn't a problem, you apologize now because we told them. so just as we've been expecting, that cross-town traffic is really gumming up. as michelle said, mass transit has been saving the day. b.a.r.t. had another top five today. yesterday's attendance, suggest mass transit. >> now, where you can tell game day is approaching. our chopper captured the st. francis high school football team testing out the field at levi's. they stood in for the panthers and broncos so crews could test out the cameras today. >> super bowl 50 is upon us. marianne favro is lived a levi's stadium. i hear you have inside scoop on celebrity sightings. >> reporter: i certainly do. two big celebrities in the south
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bay. well, it certainly was much more low key here in santa clara than it was in san francisco today, but there are still special events and the possibility of a celebrity sighting. more than a hundred people stood in line waiting to take a picture in front of this gold 50 in santa clara. alex traveled across the globe to experience his first super bowl. >> i'm from peru. we paid $8,000 for the ticket. >> reporter: pretty low key in downtown san jose today, abo about -- but the nfl store was hopping. >> i like the excitement around the bay area. >> reporter: many locals are hoping super bowl will allow them to meet superstars. sources tell us beyonce is staying in los gatos. >> pretty exciting. the kids are all excited and hoping to catch a glimpse of her. we're really excited to have her visit us here in los gatos. >> reporter: and bruno mars was spotted having dinner at a
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restaurant in downtown san jose. but not everyone is toasting the buildup to super bowl. many who live nearby levi's stadium say they've had enough of the military helicopters flying over their homes day and night. >> it's pretty loud. >> reporter: and you can still hear those choppers flying overhead right now. i talked to a lot of fans who do have tickets for game day, and they say they don't want to miss a minute. they plan to be here at levi's stadium when the parking lot opens sunday at 9:00 a.m. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. our coverage continues online. you can take a peek inside the ohio factory that makes the footballs that will be used on super bowl sunday at levi's. and coming up tonight at 6:00, stretched thin. every single officer with the san jose police department out on the streets this weekend. how the department plans to monitor the bay area's largest
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city, that story coming up at 6:00, right after "nightly news." a powerful earthquake in taiwan. hundreds believed to be trapped after the quake toppled buildings in a city about 200 miles away from the kamtal city of taipei. that hit just before 4:00 in the morning. one apartment building crumbled from the quake. other areas of the city still being canvassed for possible damage. at this point three people are reported dead and more than 150 have already been hospitalized. new at 5:00, a man accused of robbing a bank is hospitalized tonight with gunshot wounds. officers say he robbed the san mateo credit union located across the street from the golden gate national cemetery in south san francisco this morning. as he was leaving, police confronted him and that's when they say he pointed a gun at them forcing them to open fire. the man is hospitalized tonight but we don't know his condition and his name has not been
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released yet. details on a violent robbery at a solano mall which today became a murder. prosecutors say they'll charge 19-year-old william david king with homicide because the victim did die today. it happened on wednesday at the solano town center when a woman was walking to her car. police say that suspect ambushed her from behind with a baseball bat. he then grabbed her purse and ran. the purse was found in king's car when he was arrested. you don't usually expect to see a show at an auto repair shop but one family put on quoit the performance. the mechanics are accused of going to considerable lengths to deceive consumers. this could have larger implications for a state agency that's supposed to be holding repair shops accountable. >> reporter: that agency is the bureau of automotive repair. and encourages drivers to check out his website. look at the repair record of shops across cal. their database isn't exactly the
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best roadmap for drivers. tonight we'll introduce you to one family who filed a complaint after they said they were taken for a ride. their car wasn't driving right but the shop said their vehicle was fixed and safe to drive. >> so this is broken glass. >> yes. >> and you've never had your window broken? >> no. ever. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, we'll have their bizarre story and why some believe an agency created to hold the industry accountable may now be failing consumers. >> if you have a tip for bigad or anyone give us a call. still to come, all eyes on super bowl 50 and santa clara. the weather is cooperating. >> that's right. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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we have storms and cloud cover just off to the north. but an area of high pressure is building in this very second. how warm temperatures go this weekend. and that's in about seven minutes. a record number of travelers are jet setting to the bay area aboard private planes. i'm jodi hernandez in oakland where the vips are rolling in for super bowl weekend. i'll have a live report coming up. and i'm raj mathai from super bowl city. our coverage continues. speaking of the vips, after they roll in they go and host a lot of parties.
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closed captioning sponsored by mancini's sleepword tax free mattress sale. big crowds, big money, big celebrities in the bay area for super bowl 50. >> let's check in with raj mathai who is live above super bowl city. a lot of action going on below you there. >> there's a lot to see here. it's interesting now because the afternoon crowd is leaving and here comes the evening crowd. so the dynamics of this night will be changing right before our eyes. not just here in super bowl city. in fact, if you walk just a few blocks up, about a mile away to moscone center, it's a whole different scene. they call this radio row. hundreds of stations from across the country and really across the world broadcasting live. you see a lot of familiar faces. ryan reynolds, the actor, has been walking around today. then of course a lot of football
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royalty as well. charles woodson, the soon-to-be hall of famer from the raiders. and old school, another legend joe namath formerly of the new york jets. then what happens, they leave moscone center and they all end up back here at celebrity row, which was super bowl city. some of the big parties tonight -- and i know janelle and jessic characters you'll be interested in this. jamie fox hosting a party tonight. pharrell hosting a party and i'm not sure where ryan reynolds will be. >> that's the key piece of information. >> you got to get on that. super bowl fans are arriving in style to the super bowl in these private jets. bay area airports are welcoming a record number of private jet-setters this weekend. jodi hernandez is live in oakland with more. lot of big jets. >> reporter: very busy, jessica. i'm told private jets are arriving to the bay area from all over the world, from canada,
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from south america, even from europe. the gm of kaiser air here in oakland describes it as a madhouse. >> we've been planning for the super bowl for a year, and it's here. >> reporter: the folks at hayward executive airport have never been busier. vips, executives and celebrities are flying in in record numbers. >> we're extremely busy. ten times the normal traffic on a daily basis. >> reporter: the airport's private jet service is rolling out the red carpet. they set up a reception center for travelers to unwind in. and they've got rental cars lined up waiting for arriving guests. >> it's exciting. great pore the business. >> reporter: in oakland kaiser air expects a thousand planes to come in this weekend. the airport even closed a runway just to park them all. >> this is huge. this is like on a world stage that it doesn't get any bigger. >> i'm here for the party. >> reporter: traveler lindy hancock is among those joining
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the royal treatment. she's ready for fun despite not being an avid fan. >> i think i'll root for the panthers. i'm going for like the animal mascot. >> reporter: traveling on a private plane doesn't come cheap especially on super bowl weekend. i'm told that there are added fees, so along with those record number of planes likely will come record profits. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we covered the crowds, we've talked a little bit about football, but all this week has also been highlights the generosity of the super bowl. >> the super bowl fund is giving nonprofits half a million each so they can do more to help young people. we've been introduced to them all week. >> janelle, after learning about all five nonprofits, it's clear what they have in common. they all give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds direct contact with caring adults that
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help guide them through life. they'll differ in the way they draw them in, one with jobs, others with housing, medical care or legal training. summer search does it with travel. really cool travel, by the way. for young people who don't normally get that chance. >> our students are 95% low income. 95% here in the bay area will be first in their families to go to college. the opportunity to actually get on a college campus for a summer or go abroad and do service learning or go on a three-week outward bound trip. >> reporter: that was the core of summer search, at least when it started 25 years ago. but as it has grown and grown over the years, they're currently working with more than 3,000 young people in six cities, the summer experiences became the icing on a mentoring-based cake. with full-time professional mentors. >> so this is an opportunity
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where their whole job is to connect with a young person, to coach them, to listen to them and to help them develop the kinds of skills that will help them be successful in college and life. >> reporter: something the half million dollar game changer grant will help them do for even more young people. >> far beyond the super bowl, there's going to be a positive impact on kids all across the bay area. >> reporter: one of the great things about summer search, they start working the students sophomores in high school, they identify, and they work with them all the way through college education. >> all the way through college graduation. >> reporter: all the way through college graduation. seven to nine years they're with these students. you can imagine the jump start this gives those students on getting to college. >> a lot of kids end up leaving because they don't have that support system. let's get a check of the forecast. the warm-up is here. here's jeff ranieri. >> beautiful forecast as we head
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into super bowl weekend. our weather underground tiburon camera says it all. we do have blue sky but high wispy cirrus clouds off to the distance. sunny skies clearing up right now. you can see the golden gate bridge right back there. it will get clearer as we head throughout this weekend. let's jump right into the forecast for tomorrow morning. it will be cold to start. patchy fog. up in the north bay, 40 to start, san francisco 47 and for the east bay 39 with patchy fog potential as well. for the south bay we'll begin at 42 degrees. once we've passed the morning, we're in for sunny skies tlut the afternoon on saturday and that's going to continue as we been mentioning right into super bowl sunday. high pressure will block any kind of storms. they're out here in the pacific, but they'll be ridging well off to the north. now, it's not only high pressure that's going to help warm up temperatures, but also a dry off-shore wind coming out of the east. i won't be overly gusty, but a wind here 10 to 15 miles per hour will also be responsible
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for helping to boost up our numbers. not going to be uncomfortably warm but 10 to 15 above average. in the south bay at the santa clara levi's stadium, that will put us at 69 degrees and sunny skies for tomorrow. one of the warmest spots in the south bay will be morgan hill at 70. for the peninsula, palo alto at 68. back towards the coast, 63 in pacifica. san francisco super bowl city tomorrow the day before the super bowl sunny skies along the embarcadero and 63 degrees. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, look, if you're here visiting, you luck out. incredible weather in napa, sunny skies and 69 for the east bay, oakland at 67 and back towards fremont, 69 degrees. there's no way, no-how we'll get any kind of rainfall this weekend. high pressure will again keep any kind of rain chances away. how good does it look for that kick justify as we head through sunday's game? let's take a look. doesn't get much better than this in february for the bay
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area. 67 for the pregame. 3:30 kick off. 72, a light northeast wind, 5 to 10. by halftime 68 degrees. there's the possibility of rainfall, best chance is late february into march with our current el nino. we really got luck we this forecast. and sure hope everybody enjoys it. >> we certainly will. thank you, jeff. still ahead, got a banged-up iphone? apple will now take it back, but on one condition. south bay doctor convicted of stealing money from a cancer research study. the number of years he could now spend behind bars. happening now on our digital
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platforms: real== twitt shuts down more than 100-thousand accounts. find out why on our nbc bay area app. ==rev happening now. twitter shuts down more than 100,000 accounts. find out why on our bay area
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app. plus the devastating effects of the zika virus. meet a baby born with a significantly smaller brain. and the raiders are hitting the road. see where they'll play in first monday night football game outside the u.s. that's on our twitter page. the rush to get vaccinated. a
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long line of students stretched across the "santa clara university" so the rush to get vaccinated. a long line of students stretch across the santa clara university campus once question
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today. they waited for hours to protect themselves from meningo cockle after students were diagnosed with the virus. more than 2,000 students have received vaccinations since yesterday. from respected cancer doctor to convicted felon. a south bay jury today found a radiologist guilty of embezzlement. dr. tri m. do stole money intended for a cancer research study. he was working at valley medical center in 2012 when the crime was uncovered. do now faces up to four years in prison. twitter battles terrorist activity. the social media sites suspended more than 125,000 accounts for what they call threatening or promoting terrorist acts primarily related to support for isis. twitter said it has now more teams reviewing incidents of terrorist activity on its site. apple will accept that smashed-up iphone for a trade-in. up until now, as you may know, it only accepted phones with intact screens and working
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buttons. it is now hoping that the extra leeway more of you will upgrade to a new iphone. >> i'm heading in there with two. >> i could have said that. back in a moment with more from super bowl city in san francisco. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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the air..jan all righty. you've got to be feeling it by now. there's super bowl excitement in the air! >> there is. it's just two days away from the big game. but raj mathai is at super bowl city where all the action is happening right now. hi, raj. >> there is a lot of action, and now the nighttime folks are coming in. one republic takes the stage a couple hours from now. one of the captains from sfpd summarized it very well. it's new year's eve in san francisco tonight. and tomorrow night it's new year's eve again. that's how they're preparing for it except with a quintuple amount of security. i'm looking at the bay bridge right over my left shoulder there. usually friday at 5:30 everyone is leaving san francisco heading to the east bay, right now everybody's coming into san francisco expecting a big night ahead. see you again at 6:00. >> i think raj is having fun, don't you think? >> yes. >> bird's-eye view.
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>> it's a nice day in san francisco. >> 72 for the kickoff on sunday, you guys. >> thanks. developing news tonight. a powerful quake, a race to rescue hundreds reportedly trapped after a city that is rocked by an earthquake strong enough to cause buildings to crumble. >> deadly collapse. a crane crashing to the ground. neighbors say they feared this could happen. >> the race tightens. new polls show clinton losing grand to sanders nationally after their most fiery debate yet. while rubio considers his slide. >> a new zika alert. this one for men to protect their partners. and six months from rio, an american olympic medalist worried about competing in the hot zone. and fatal prescription, a first of its kind case. a doctor sentenced for murder for overprescribing pain meds. how it could


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