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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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raj, you're high above super bowl city. how is it? >> it is fantastic. and this is the critical 48 hours now, not just for all the fans. we've been waiting for more than a year for this. but really for san francisco police, san jose police, everyone in between. and of course on the federal level as well. this is when the bulk of the fans are not just coming, the bulk of the fans are now here. if you look above us there's a lot of snipers on the roofs. down below we've shown you already the amount of security. really despite all the security and all the hype and all the security scare, a lot of people are having fun. in fact let's take you down to the street level. this is essentially a celebration that even if you're not football fan we're talking to so many people down on the streets who could care less about football. they just want to be a part of the san francisco experience that the whole bay area is sharing in. pretty interesting, a lot of regional booths are down below, sonoma county has set up 50 of their wineries here. they've been pouring throughout the week. you're seeing beermakers,
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wineries, of course just a lot of football fans enjoying the scene. they are dancing and they're having a good time here at super bowl city. but a lot is happening here. a lot of the broncos fans have come in. you know what? they say everyone has been spectacularly nice in the bay area. >> the views that take pictures around the gate where is that at? >> golden gate bridge. >> yeah. everyone's like go broncos. 8-year-olds going go broncos it was awesome. >> she didn't quite remember where the golden gate bridge was. but we get her gist. so from the broncos fans to how about the star of the show? that's carolina panthers quarterback cam newton. this was just a short while ago in downtown san jose. keep in mind the panthers are staying at the san jose marriott. and cam newton, the quarterback, he's been spotted around san jose throughout the week. essentially today, the players had a half day off for the panthers, coach ron rivera said he wants his players to enjoy the super bowl, spend some time with their family and friends.
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now we're talking about all the arrivals here, not just the normal fans but of course all the vips. a lot of ceos and tech titans and business titans from around the country coming in. this is the hayward airport usually pretty quiet. take a look at it now. it is now a luxury airport of all the private jets that are coming in. not just hayward but san jose, san carlos, palo alto. anywhere there's an air strip the private planes are finding it. we have a team of reporters here. michelle roberts is here in san francisco. mike inouye is in the studio talking about the traffic happening around the bay area. robert handa in san jose, as not just sfpd but sjpd also working full force tonight. >> reporter: that's right, raj. san jose police knew the super bowl was going to be a big task, especially with stars such as cam newton taking part in so many of the activities. so for police it's all hands on deck and all hands are busy.
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>> reporter: it was quite a scene. the san jose police headed by its special ops unit escorted playerers, friends and family of the carolina panthers from the downtown marriott hotel to a super bowl party at the fairmont hotel. it's not a far walk but stressful one when you're in charge of getting the group there safely. to cover all the security needed at the panthers' hotel as well as the other super bowl-related dut theys which includes officers working undercover at the game, the department canceled all vacations or days off this week, and many specialized units, including detectives, are on the streets. >> they're working 12-hour shifts. patrol is working that 12-hour shifts to get this thing done is nothing short of incredible. >> reporter: police also say 911 calls will still be the top priority. >> it's all hands on deck. so we definitely are going to be prepared. >> reporter: many local businesses plan to provide free meals to officers working around the clock. the downtown eric's deli is
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preparing 1200 sandwiches. >> we have officers that aren't working in the glitz and glamour of super bowl, and we can't forget the men and women that are answering the calls for service for the million plus residents of the city that have nothing to do with the super bowl. >> reporter: all this extra activity could deliver a blow to the city budget with so many officers working overtime, but officials hope that will all be offset by revenue generated by super bowl visitors. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay, robert, thank you. that's a key point you're talking about. this isn't just a one-week period here. san jose, san francisco, everyone wants this to be a regional trip. and also inviting fans to come back on their vacations in the future. okay. if you want to come here to san francisco where we are, sfpd and everyone is encouraging you to do so. during the giants championship parades, actually three of them, now bart is being used in a big way again. nbc bay area's michelle roberts
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is here in san francisco with us with all the buzz around town. michelle. >> reporter: raj, i was here this afternoon and i thought that was busy. but why number the last hour the city feels even more packed. many people flooding in right now. take a look behind me. everyone trying to get into that security line at this point. i talked to a lot of out of towners who were applauding the bart system and public transit. but many people say they just wanted to enjoy the weather in the city on foot. >> been crazy. >> reporter: randy nichols is a man who knows how to get around san francisco. navigating around super bowl city is a different story. >> typical routes i take i'm not taking them today. >> reporter: his limo company is booked all weekend. for those who don't want to pay top dollar for a ride? >> convertible. >> reporter: rick shaw drivers are making a killing. a tempting option for tired tourists. >> it's been like probably a mile and a half so far. >> the traffic is pretty hectic
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so now i'm taking bart. >> reporter: canine units controlled trains and federal agents monitored just about everything. >> they also have a lot of detection equipment, radiation, explosive detection equipment. >> reporter: above ground. >> it's been bad. it's been crazy. we should be at home right now. >> reporter: chaos on the roads and sidewalks. >> you got to keep hydrated. >> reporter: but many seem to embrace the craziness and go with the flow. >> what is this line for? >> it's to get into super bowl city. >> there you go. >> reporter: certainly a lot of long lines out here today. so bart says yesterday the fifth busiest ever. and we are expecting to set some major records this week. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, raj, back to you. >> okay, michelle. thank you. basically it's like new year's eve here in san francisco except we'll have new year's eve tonight and tomorrow night. that's how crowded it's expected to be. in fact it is that crowded right now. so you want to go to the game on
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sunday at levi stadium? take a look. we checked in with stub the average ticket price and cheapest ticket price right now to get into levi stadium, the cheapest ticket price available $2500. that of course is in the nose bleed section. the average ticket price, $4800. so it takes a lot of money to come to the super bowl. keep in mind back in 1985, 31 years ago when the super bowl was at stanford stadium i think the average ticket price was about 50 to $75. so things have changed. but so has the super bowl. guys we'll send it back to you in the studio. we'll have a lot more later in the hour. >> that is a dramatic change. >> thank you, raj. the crowds are getting bigger in san francisco. >> and we want to show you a live picture of super bowl city where everyone will be heading there tonight for that free one republic concert and of course the fireworks somehow. >> our traffic guy mike inouye is watching the traffic and the trouble spots. hi, mike. >> good evening, ladies. we've been watching this 24/7. look at the traffic getting into san francisco that's westbound
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from the east bay. we typically see folks trying to get into the city for shenanigans on friday night. but super shenanigans over at super bowl city right there. there are the closures we've been talking about. it makes it very tough to get around. michelle has been talking about all the surface street traffic. use the cabs if you can't or hitch a ride or mass transit. that has been what commuters have used. bart had another record-setting day today. great option. >> all weekend definitely the way to go. our coverage continues online at you can find all things super bowl there including what mike just talked about all that traffic and the detours. we have it all listed there so you can get around super bowl city. in other news tonight, a south bay substitute teacher has been fired. he's accused of watching porn in a classroom at john muir middle school in san jose. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at john muir with this, cluesive story. >> reporter: the parents should be receiving the last of the robo calls right about now. they should also be receiving
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this via e-mail form both in spanish and in english. it is unclear if any crime was committed, but the district says it has zero tolerance for this type of activity. students were talking about it after school today. the substitute teacher who is no longer a sub. >> absolutely. absolutely. we do not tolerate that type of behavior. and that's absolutely true. >> reporter: students told administrators at john muir middle school in san jose they caught their substitute teacher watching porn in class this week. the district will petition the county office of education to bar that substitute from stepping into a classroom again in this county. they also called police. >> safety is our number one concern. we have our expectations here are sore that stands for safety, organization, achievement and respect. >> reporter: it's still unclear if any crime was committed. but john muir moved to firefighter sub even those allegations are still just that,
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allegations. and the principal thanks the children who spoke out. >> we are very proud of our students who came forward and divulged this information. like i said, safety is the number one concern. and they also really we respect them for what they did and appreciate that. >> reporter: the district asked us not to speak with parents until they were finished with their robo calls. they wanted the parents to heart news from them. we honored that request. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. new details tonight in the search for a suspect in a deadly bart shooting. the transit agency is now offering a $10,000 reward to capture that shooter. carlos romero from antioch was shot and killed on a train at the west oakland bart station last month. investigators still don't know what motivated that shooting. but they do have a photo of the suspect taken by surveillance camera at the west oakland station as that suspect was leaving. if you recognize that man, you are urged to call police. and good evening.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have rainfall just off to the north of the bay area. here comes high pressure to save our weekend weather. we'll talk more about how warm this will get our temperatures this weekend. not only for the bay area but of course for the super bowl in just a few minutes. and nfl commissioner roger goodell is in san francisco talking about player safety. the raiders and a comment some didn't see coming. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. and i'm raj mathai here super bowl city. we'll talk about the vips who are hosting big-time events tonight. there might be a problem with the fireworks. we'll explain next. you're looking at a bird's eye
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view of levi's stadium. where just hours ago ... we caught the cheerleaders doing a practice run for the super bowl. ==janelle/boxes== but tonight -- all the activitiy is in san francisc raj mathai jns us again from >> tonight all the activity, though, in san francisco our raj mathai joins us again live above super bowl city. hi, raj. >> good evening. this is amazing for all the people coming into town. the super bowl is held at various cities throughout the country. but without sounding like a homer, i think everyone agrees so far that san francisco might be the best host city. in fact take a look exactly where we are. you can recognize this. it looks so beautiful with the bay bridge lights that are on. the bay bridge right there. then in the shadow of the bay bridge is super bowl estimate and down below this way you see the thousands of people that are really arriving into the city right now. a free concert, one republic, starts in just about 90 minutes from now. so people excited to see one
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republic. also tonight, some vips and headliners. jamie foxx is hosting a party here in san francisco. pharrell williams will be performing at pier 70. those are some of the late night vip events. but the one republic show starts i believe at 7:30 there are also some fireworks tonight. that's where there might be a little issue. if you recall, there were fireworks last weekend as super bowl city debuted and opened up. it was beautiful to see. however, there was a problem with the fireworks. not on saturday night but on sunday morning the following day. take a look. all the debris from the fireworks were washing up ashore in san francisco. so they're trying to hope and make sure that doesn't happen again. that is an issue playing out here. the super bowl committee is well aware of it. and they are hoping that it doesn't happen again in terms of the cleanup. so there are some minor issues here. super bowl committee we talked with one of the executive members just a short while ago. he said they're a little nervous because all the people are coming into town but they're
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cautiously optimistic about these next 48 hours. back to you. >> they're taking a lot of precautions. thank you so much, raj. also in town, the nfl commissioner is in obviously for the super bowl. but earlier today he put the focus on the oakland raiders. want to show you a live look at the coliseum in oakland. roger goodell made a promise today to do what he could to try and keep the raiderers in oakland. nbc bay area's christie smith is in san francisco where that commissioner spoke today. he had a lot of interesting things to say. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. i have to tell you, roger goodell touched on a wide range of issues from concussions to improvements to player safety out on the field and what a lot of folks here in the bay area wanted to hear about, the raiders. >> it is very much a priority for us. >> reporter: nfl commissioner roger goodell made a pledge to both oakland and san diego. >> to mark davis, to the mayor of oakland and the mayor of san diego, is to do everything possible we can to support them. to try to get the right kind of facilities long term in both of those markets.
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>> reporter: a new stadium. while the rams are l.a. bound, the raiders' future is less clear. owner mark davis was asked about a recent trip to vegas to explore a possible home for the team. >> first off what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> reporter: goodell also talked player safety. when asked about parents' concerns over safety to teens and pre-teen players, he mentioned investing in the right type of coaching techniques. greater awareness. and said if he had a son he would let him play. but his final remark is getting him skewered on social media. >> there's risk in life. there's risk to sitting on the couch. what we want to do is get people active. i want them to experience the game of football. because the game of football will teach them values. >> reporter: he also talked about a new helmet that will be coming out and new technology that will be being installed underneath the turf. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, christie. a man accused of robbing a bank in south san francisco is
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in the hospital tonight after being shot by officers. police say the man robbed the san mateo credit union right across the street from the golden gate national cemetery this morning. as he was leaving, officers say they confronted him. that's when they say he pointed a gun at them forcing them to open fire. the man was sent to the hospital. at this point we don't know what his condition is. only on nbc bay area, more signs that more santa clara county jail deputies could face legal troubles for allegedly beating inmates. nbc bay area reported exclusively on wednesday the sheriff's department had wrapped up its investigation into the use of force. in that report, sheriff lori smith confirmed there was suspected criminal conduct by some jail deputies. today sources say two of those deputies have been put on administrative leave. prosecutors are now reviewing the cases to determine whether criminal charges should be filed. three correctional deputies already face murder charges in the death of an inmate last year. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff rainieri. it felt like spring today
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>> it was beautiful out there with a lot of blue sky. look how close the rain line is to the bay area. the storm track just off the to the north. not expecting heavy rainfall tonight but may get drizzle middle town, calistoga, for the rest of the bay area it will be about eventually a clearing pattern with this area of high pressure building in let's get right to that saturday forecast. it looks great. a little bit of cloud cover in the south bay. 70 degrees. one of our warmest locations. for the peninsula 67. back toward san francisco 64. and for the north bay it will also come in at 70. we have drier winds moving in from the east. it won't be overly gusty but that's really one of the main reasons why these temperatures will be warming up on saturday. by super bowl sunday, even, a sunnier forecast projected. north bay at 70. san francisco 64. trivalley peninsula right around 70 degrees. for the south bay, santa clara, levi stadium, we're looking at an average of 73 degrees. it will go even warmer once we
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head into next week. check it out. 78 degrees by monday. and 74 on tuesday. jess and janelle was going to wait on the super bowl forecast but we can show it twice in an hour, right? let's go ahead and get to it. pre-game 67 degrees. a little bit of cloud cover. 3:30 kickoff 72. wind out of the northeast 5 to 10. by halftime 68. i give that a 10. magnificent weather. >> total. perfect landing. still to come, students waiting in line for hours the safeguards they're taking after a potentially deadly infection on campus. and these people are also willing to wait. but this time it's for beer. the rare craft brew they're hoping to get their hands on. 's digital platforms: ==halfslab==
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see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. lines-up for chardonnay or merlot. for the past 12 years, devoted beer-fans have waited for hours-- in all kinds of weather-- for "pliny the younger." ( ply-nee ) not the real "pliny", he died a couple-thousand years ago in rome. but santa rosa's "russian river
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brewing company" releases his friday in february. first- ===jessica/vo-ots=== regulars just love their "pliny"-- but it's a seasonal offering-- -- available for just two weeks, and only on-tap. ==janelle/2shot== some people tf football as not just a sport -- but also an art. ==jess/2shot== it's something one stant clara art museum knows very well. nbc bay area's j sato junior the swing of super bowl fever.n ==take pkg== standard out trt :2:03 ==raj/live== ==sot== unfortunately in a 9/1worldit's >> reporter: for a half century, santa clara's tritan museum hassell brougha has celebrated the fine arts. but when the super bowl lands in your backyard, sometimes you got to bend the mission statement. >> no, we don't have an art exhibit today. >> reporter: no, instead the museum has replaced the paintings and sculptures with -- >> early shoulder pads. the leather helmets. >> reporter: the nfl took over the tritan for its traveling pro
6:25 pm
football hall of fame exhibit. filling it with all things super bowls. >> then here is the dynasties. >> reporter: instead of talking picasso an monet, museum executive director jill myers had to bone up on her lombardi and manning. >> fortunately my sons are big football fans so that helps. our focus is on art. but fortunately we're quick learners. >> reporter: the exhibit drops back to the early days of the game. >> a nose guard that was introduced in the 1890s. from 1911 the columbus pan handlers. talk about the road to equality. >> reporter: the new format is already drawing new visitors. >> usually have about 50 people come through on a week day. we've seen 500 people come through. we learn something. they learn something. >> this art museum right here in this building? >> reporter: people were busy doing all kinds of things you normally don't do in an art museum. >> they got the helmets over there where you can hear the plays being called. instant replay machine over
6:26 pm
there. >> now you know what takes so long. >> yeah. >> so this is the champions theater. we have the vince lombardi trophy. >> reporter: turns out football is a lot louder than art, which has its advantages. >> i can talk and i'm not bothering anyone, right? >> reporter: in the end, maybe football isn't such a stretch after all. >> that's all good. this is art, too, in a different way. >> reporter: then like the super bowl hoopla which will pack up after the game the exhibit will stick around until april 3rd. maybe even recruit a few new art lovers, joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. we'll remember the super bowl for years to come. we continue our live coverage here at super bowl city in san francisco. we'll take a spin around the bay area, tell you all the hot spots what's happening tonight. there was a game at levi stadium late today but it's not quite what you think. we'll show you next. unfortunately in the 9/11 world is all about managing the risk to the extent you possibly
6:27 pm
can. >> tonight, we investigate how homeland security is managing that risk at this year's super bowl. i'm senior investigative reporter stephen stock. tonight we take you inside the secret world of surveillance and security all at work right now to keep you safe.
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tonight's it's really heating up. ==jess/live== you're looking at our live cara ne the embarcadero. super bowl city has been happening all week. but tonight it is really heating up. >> boy, it is. lots of folks. you're looking along the
6:30 pm
embarcadero. super bowl may be in santa clara on sunday, but tonight the party is in san francisco. >> and our raj mathai is at that party above super bowl city. how are the crowds looking, raj? >> it is jam-packed here. i think it's going to get more crowded as we speak. as we were telling you earlier in the newscast essentially this is new year's eve all weekend. the bay bridge right over there to my left. as mike inouye was saying, it's a traffic reversal here. people are coming into the city as opposed to leaving the city, which is usually the case friday at 6:00. where are they all going? well, they're coming here in front of the ferry building and down below there in herman plaza, one of the big concerts, one republic, will be taking center stage within the hour. a lot happening here. there are armed snipers on the rooftops. and of course armed federal and local agents on the street level. but it's not just here in san francisco. across the bay area there's a lot happening specifically down
6:31 pm
near where the stadium is where the game is in santa clara. the scene today? there were some long lines there as well. more than 100 people standing in line to take a picture in front of this gold 50 in santa clara. alex santana traveled from peru shelling out $8,000, u.s. dollars for his super bowl ticket. in downtown san jose, visitors and locals snapping up nfl merchandise while others were celebrity spotting. keep in mind we've been seeing the players all around town. last night we spotted bruno mars at the fairmont hotel. apparently beyonce' is staying in los gatos. >> in class yesterday they were all planning which restaurant they would go to in town hoping that that's what she was in the mood for. like i wonder if she's feeling like sushi tonight. >> reporter: celebrity spotting it's our own access hollywood in the south bay. but not everyone of course is toasting the buildup and all the supebowl hype. many who live near levi stadium say they've had enough of all
6:32 pm
the military helicopters flying overhead over their homes day and night. they can't wait for the game to be over. how about this now? our nbc chopper over levi stadium just a short while ago. there was a football game at levi stadium today. it wasn't the panthers or the broncos. it was the st. francis lancers. st. francis high school out of mountainview was asked to simulate and have a fake game kind of a mock game pretending to be the broncos and panthers. they even brought out the cheerleaders out there. essentially they wanted st. francis to assimilate the game essentially as a dress rehearsal for the tv crew for sunday's broadcast. so no stone is left unturned when it comes to the super bowl. guys back to you. how about that? a thrill of a lifetime for those high school football players. >> and all the marching band taking place practicing, too. so much fun. security around the super bowl will be some of the tightest in the world. tonight we're going to take you behind the scenes. not just what the feds are doing but how they're doing. how they identify suspicious people or objects.
6:33 pm
senior investigative reporter stephen stock has that exclusive story. >> reporter: jessica, multiple law enforcement sources tell me that threats to the super bowl date back at least to last year's super bowl in glendale, arizona, when at least one person on the known terrorist watch list was seen by law enforcement getting through the first level of security there. the possibility of that happening again here during this super bowl has security on high alert. >> this is actually created by our vetting awareness team. >> reporter: while it might look like just a typical office in silicon valley, this is the nerve center of some of the most sophisticated intelligence gathering of terrorist threats by federal, state and local law enforcement officials in the united states. >> kind of gives an overview of the threats in our area. >> reporter: it looks similar to this room, the joint operations center, a room nearby set up just for super bowl 50. but before any reports of
6:34 pm
suspicious activity gets here at the joint operations center, it comes through the intelligence center. and a team of five specially trained experts who sift through a constant stream of reports that arrive 24/7. >> we have to triage suspicious activity reporting. >> reporter: triage as in spotting the real threat among the hundreds of calls, tips and reports of suspicious activity. >> we actually have a criteria that we go through to say which one should have the most importance, which one should have the least, and which one is just bogus. >> reporter: northern california regional intelligence center director mike senna took us exclusively behind the scenes. >> there was developed in house. >> reporter: to see how this data analysis is already working. >> what we've done is connecting things like automated license plate recognition systems, dispatch systems, records management systems. that way we're not all islands onto ourselves. >> reporter: we got to meet the agent who developed this latest data analysis system. although he's based in the
6:35 pm
greater san francisco bay area we agreed to hide his identity and not reveal the federal agency where he works. the cutting edge data analysis system he developed has now been adopted by federal security agencies and intelligence centers around the country. >> our goal is that yes, we want people to report but we want them to report accurate information. >> reporter: it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. last year senna and his team received almost 800 tips about suspicious activity in the bay area alone. while 17% of those tips were routine criminal activity, 3.2% of them were elevated enough to check out. but only 1% were found to be credible, prompting the fbi to actually take action to stop the threat. >> a fbi squad with may or may not have analytical support would have to run down every one of those leads on their own. >> reporter: other high-tech tools will also be in use during super bowl 50, including facial recognition technology, monitoring of internet sites, and graduated security zones. >> one of the things we can do
6:36 pm
better is be more forthcoming with information to state and locals. >> reporter: tom ridge served as the country's first secretary of homeland security. now he's founder and chairman of ridge global, a private security consulting firm based in washington, d.c. >> it's all about managing the risks to the extent you possibly can so you can never be so confident, so self-assured, that nothing is going to happen. >> reporter: make no mistake, it will be a big challenge. several law enforcement sources tell nbc bay area's investigative unit that at least one person on the terrorist watch list was actually seen inside the perimeter of one security zone at last year's super bowl in the phoenix area. and all eyes will be on the lookout for similar suspects this time around. >> so knowing where our known and suspected terrorists are at is critical to us. >> do you worry they were scoping it out in phoenix? >> well, you never know. it's hard to say how far planning is. and here's the turn. back when we were dealing with
6:37 pm
al qaeda they're thinking on decade level. the folks we're seeing now are thinking on minute level. they are ready to roll at a short period of time. and oftentimes the first indicator that somebody is going to do something bad is they tell someone. >> and that's why the feds want you to if you see something to say something. now according to this federal threat assessment obtained by nbc bay area, terrorists have attempted to get into large events such as the super bowl before. for instance, at that soccer stadium in paris last year. now, because of that the feds in this assessment say the most vulnerable targets are the public spaces outside these venues, not actually in places like levi stadium. that's why they want you to see something and say something. and in fact, to help you do that they've set up an online tip place where all you have to do is click and put an anonymous tip. we have a link to that on our web site. just go to >> that's good to have not just during the super bowl but anytime. >> all the time. in fact it will be there 24/7
6:38 pm
even after the super bowl. go on our web site. you can find it right there. >> thanks so much, stephen. if you have a tip for stephen or anyone on our investigative unit call 1-888-996-tips. developing news of a powerful earthquake in taiwan. hundreds believed to be trapped after a 6.4 magnitude quake toppled buildings in the southern city of tainam about 200 miles from the capital stay of taipei. this is the first video from there that shows widespread devastation. quake hit just before 4:00 a.m. local time. as of now at least three people have been killed and more than 150 are hospitalized. hundreds of students in the south bay waited in line for hours to get the meningitis vaccine at santa clara university after two students there tested positive for the disease. one an employee at argosy university has died. >> from the library to the levy
6:39 pm
center, students at santa clara university lined up for more than two hours today trying to protect themselves from a potentially deadly strain of meningitis. >> it was pretty terrifying at first especially not knowing how it spread or anything. >> reporter: the health department says three undergrad students were infected with the sero group b strain and hospitalized. some students say the line was long but better than the alternative. >> it's this or meningitis, maybe. >> reporter: by noon, vaccinators had already given out 800 free shots for men b, a vaccine many current college students did not receive as kids. yesterday they doled out 1500 vaccines with long lines expected again today, some students came prepared. >> but i did some home work in the line. >> people were playing soccer in line. i saw people playing hacky sack. someone brought a dog. >> reporter: others skipped class. >> i didn't want to not get a vaccine and i miss class occasionally. so i figured it would be okay.
6:40 pm
both claims about wall street we're fact checking last night's debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. so who was telling the truth? and there could be a lawsuit over a public urinal at delores park in san francisco. we're going to explain coming up. and let's get back to your football. our references here's the red zone. your key up above. it's jammed up because of that purple zone. super bowl city nfl experience folks mass transit has been saving us all week. continue to use it all weekend. it will be your savior through the city. and we'll cover the whole thing because our team's all over. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at of an open-airhe instaation urinal. ==vo== a group of civic organizaonsays it will s-- if this urin indolores park is n
6:43 pm
20 days. after the installation of an open air urinal. a group of civic organizations says it will sue if this urinal in delores park in san francisco is not removed in 20 days. the park reopened last month with a multimillion dollar renovation. the outdoor urinal sits on the end of the park near an muni line. the group claims it's a violation of the law is unsanitary and discriminates against women. super bowl is getting attention but another contest going on here in the bay quarter has national interest as well. google picked the finalist for its annual google dude el competition. and the california winner got her own school assembly today. christina wu is a ninth grader and art lover from monta vista high school in cupertino. her principal says it's nice to see a young person succeed like she has. >> i think so. that whole left brain are really an important piece of what a student's experience is. >> it feels good today? >> very proud very proud.
6:44 pm
>> christina's doodle will be on a special google doodle page with finalists you'll be able to vote on your favorite today through february 22nd. >> christina wu. >> got to vote for her, yes. >> i don't even need to see the others. >> no. and it's perfect with chinese new year this next week. beautiful. >> exactly. >> the weather is beautiful. >> i know. it will be good for that next week as well. everyone is kind of lucking out. we're seeing a break in the em nino pattern. you can see clear skies at lower levels but we're tracking some clouds and rain nearby. we'll have the full weekend breakdown in just a few minutes. hampshire, during last night's
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
democratic debate. ==janelle/2shot== hillary clintonnd bernsanders tt ane plenty of political sparring in new hampshire during last night's democratic debate. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders took plenty of jabs at one another. but were those strikes fair? nbc bay area sam brock has tonight's reality check.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: wall street and campaign finance dominated the democratic debate. and bernie sanders delivered the first blow. criticizing hillary clinton's campaign funds. >> well, being part of the establishment is in the last quarter having the superpac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: clinton's largest sper superpac, priorities usa action, receiveded 25 million in the second half of 2015. a certain percentage of that money does come from wall street. but even sanders couldn't say exactly how much since the funds also include money from law films, hollywood honchos, spouses and other pacs. clinton, meantime, fired right back. >> you're the one who voted to deregulate swaps and derivatives in 2000 which contributed to the overleveraging of lehman brothers which was one of the culprits that brought down the economy. >> reporter: and it's true. sanders did vote yes on a commodity bill in 2000 that
6:48 pm
prevented regulation of credit default swaps. sanders continued his blows to the banks. >> when you have three out of the four largest banks in america today bigger than they were -- significantly bigger than when we bailed them out. >> reporter: that claim is true. if you just look at bank assets. jp morgan chase, bank of america and wells fargo have grown by trillions. but the risk to taxpayers now is much lower than it was in 2008. thanks to the passage of dodd frank. banks now have to keep higher reserves and can't invest in risky ventures like hedge funds. plus the fed conducted a stress test last year and found the top 31 banks not just the biggest three or four could withstand a 2008-level recession without needing a bailout. for reality check, i'm sam brock. all right. let's turn things over to jeff. janelle wants to know what the weather is out at super bowl city because she's considering going. >> tonight, janelle? >> now.
6:49 pm
>> well, 50s. we've got some cloud cover overhead. it should remain dry. it's going to be perfect for you if you're heading out there. >> okay, thanks. >> you hear it janelle may be out there. keep an eye out. let's get a live look outside the sky camera network while san francisco is getting a lot of love for super bowl city of course the main event on sunday will be held in santa clara right near san jose. check out how magnificent downtown looks. currently 55 degrees. beautiful city if you haven't been and you're in san francisco staying for the super bowl make a pit stop towards san jose, then come right back up towards levi stadium. you won't regret it. all right. peninsula 44 for tomorrow's morning forecast, east bay 39. we'll start off with san francisco at 47 in the north bay at 40. we'll have patchy areas of fog but also some sun mixed in and it will be a cold start. we are going to see temperatures warm up and also clear skies by the afternoon. the main reason we'll get that sunshine building by saturday afternoon and also on sunday is this huge ridge of high pressure building out here across the pacific. that will be good enough to ridge all this storm activity
6:50 pm
off to the north. the other thing on top of this that will help a few isolated locations jump up into the low 70s will be dry offshore winds. it's a hotter wind here across the reon. and it will be 10 to about 15 miles per hour tomorrow. and that will boost our temperatures. so let's go ahead and get a look at the microclimate forecast. you can see for tomorrow one of our warmest locations will be the south bay. morgan hill going up to 70 and sunny skies. san jose, santa clara, levi stadium, 69 for tomorrow. for the peninsula we have pacifica at 63, palo alto 68 and sunny. super bowl city tomorrow sunny skies and 63 degrees. for the east bay and trivalley maybe a quick trip up to napa, 69 degrees and sun skies. santa rosa sunny in february. that is quite a shift from what we've had lately. across oakland 67 degrees tomorrow back towards fremont 69. high pressure again saves us from any kind of wet weather this upcoming weekend.
6:51 pm
that kickoff for super bowl 50 right here in the bay area looks great. 3:30, 72 degrees. winds out of the northeast 5 to 10. by halftime, 68. a few weeks ago looked like heavy rainfall. i bet all the fans that are here visiting are glad we got the forecast like this. >> boy, are they glad. phenomenal work, jeff. coming up former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh speaks out in support of colin kaepernick. that's up next in sports.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
game on sunday -- there's a big game on saturday. warriors and oklahoma city. two of the hottes ahmed faried here from the csn news room. before the big game on sunday there's a big game on saturday.
6:54 pm
warriors and oklahoma city two of the hottest teams in the nba. steve kerr on how okc is using russell westbrook a bit differently. >> it seems like he has the ball more in his hands. they've changed a little bit offensively. and a lot more on-ball screens for him and with k.d. off the ball. obviously they're both phenomenal players. and i would say westbrook is playing as well as he's ever played. >> is that the biggest thing you see with this offense? >> offense looks a little different. they're getting a little better movement. some different-looking sets to kind of misdirection stuff and a lot of on-ball screens and that kind of stuff. they're obviously really good. they've been playing as well as anybody the last month or six weeks. >> reporter: now the super bowl of course on sunday the last time the 49ers made it there their head coach was jim
6:55 pm
harbaugh. his quarterback was colin kaepernick. jim now at michigan, kap could be on a new team next year, too. tim kawakami caught up with jim harbaugh asked him about his former quarterback. >> collin will flourish. there's no question in my mind about that. he's too great of a talent. and he is a competitor at the very highest level. very similar to the two quarterbacks that you're going to watch in the super bowl in cam newton and peyton manning. yeah, there's ups and downs in football. that's football. welcome to it. welcome to the game of football. but colin will flourish. i have no doubt about it. >> reporter: i'm ahmed faried. for more on the big game let's go to super bowl city in san francisco. raj mathai standing by. >> okay. ahmeders thank you very much. as we wrap it up here you just mentioned stephen curry and the warriors. it is a work night for them.
6:56 pm
however, curry is scheduled to be here in super bowl city in a private event along with condoleezza rice. one of the many vip events happening around san francisco. before we leave you the big event here is free. you don't need any money to get in. super bowl city across the street from the ferry building. one republic will be taking center stage about an hour from now and there'll be a fireworks show i believe around 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. a lot of fun things happening here as we roll towards the super bowl in levi stadium. the first super bowl in the bay area since the stanford stadium super bowl when the 49ers beat the dolphins back in 1985. that will wrap it up from here in san francisco city. super bowl city. guys back to you. >> i might join you. free concert, free fireworks show? raj you need to get me some free food and i'll be happy. >> and jeff all she needs is a sweater? >> definitely a sweater. >> let's show you what it looks like that stage that raj was telling us about just moments ago the shot there it is. >> wow! >> janelle, it's calling your name. >> there's some space there for me. >> looks fun. >> have a good night, folks.
6:57 pm
>> see you at 11:00.
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megyn kelly in a skin tight leather dress, out on a date night. >> how her feud with trump may have just netted her a new multi-million-dollar payday, now on "extra." megyn kelly and her man hitting the town. how he feels about her duel with the donald. >> i think it's harder for my husband. he doesn't like to see me get attacked. >> plus, trump's untold story of meeting melania. >> i said, forget about them. jamie foxx, liam hemsworth, jenny mccarthy. the stars pour in for the super bowl. from the parties to the couples, a.j.'s got all the last-minute secrets. and meet the super bowl wives. then, a new making a


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