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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good saturday morning to you. it's 7:00 and we're taking a cloudy look over san francisco and it is chilly out there. we appreciate you joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at that forecast for us. >> be not deceived. the camera is so high up on the mountain looking down into the city so it's a little bit of haze and fog. a little closer to the ground, you can actually see we have some blue sky in there. and the sun coming up over san francisco this morning. that's going to make for a gorgeous day across the bay.
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get out and enjoy it. 64 degrees in san francisco. 65 for the east bay. beautiful conditions not only for today but into your super bowl sunday. tomorrow's forecast looks just as good. temperatures a little warmer for kickoff. 72 degrees tomorrow. keep in mind, san francisco is about 45 miles away from santa clara. if you're just joining us, do a little commuting. we'll have the full forecast and all day on >> it's a good thing the weather is cooperating for the extra million people here for the super bowl. speaking of, we're 32 hours away from kickoff and celebrations for super bowl have kicked into high gear across the bay area. it's all spread out. people are commuting and they are making their presence known. this is video from our nbc chopper above super bowl city in san francisco where the massive celebration turned into frustration for many folks who
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couldn't get in. we have live team coverage this morning from high security at levi's stadium to those disappointed fans who were turned away at super bowl city and that's where we'll begin. kruk is joining us. you say it's only going to get more crowded today. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. good morning, it's a ghost town right now. super bowl city is slowly starting to wake up. but last night it was jam packed. the aed vice for people today is get here early. by 9:00 p.m. police determined d that super bowl city had reached capacity and began turning people away. the crush of people took off around 8:00 p.m. to see one republic in a free concert. an estimated 15,000 fans according to police jammed the plaza. the overflow was directed outside to the ferry building where northbound traffic was
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blocked for safety reasons. >> i was looking forward to one republic. the atmosphere, the people, the vibe, i feel let down. >> reporter: the crowd was so large police will have extra officers tonight when another large crowd is expected for alicia keys. other concerts and events is metallica at 7:00 p.m. maxim magazine's party will be at treasure island. rolling stones super bowl party will be at the galleria within the san francisco design center beginning at 10:00 p.m. and today if you're looking for something to do, the wounded warriors football game featuring nfl alumni is at 11:00 a.m. here in super bowl city there's rallies and the puppy bowl. that's at the ferry building beginning at 11:00 a.m.
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also in the south bay, a day-long celebration. a pep rally begins at 10:00 a.m. and goes to 2:00 p.m. featuring cheerleaders from the 49ers and raiders and players you may remember. also there's a celebrity football game u and a concert tonight at santa clara featuring huey lewis and the news. many are em seed. today in the bay. another spectacular fireworks show lit up the sky for 15 minutes last night ending with a ripple of explosions that could be seen and heard from miles away. just beautiful there. and among all the celebrations, keeping you safe on super bowl sunday is the priority for local police. they are being stretched thin as they gear up to keep the biggest
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sporting event of the year secure. today in the bay bob redell has a preview. bob? >> reporter: good morning, kira. that security is tight right now. you're looking a the a couple rows of delivery truck. this is the security sweep they must go through. they are waiting in lines. what they have is the department of homeland security trucks like the one to the left with the flashing blue light scanning those trucks with x-ray machines to make sure they are safe to come into levi's stadium. we're in the parking lot just outside the stadium. the stadium is to the left of your screen. law enforcement won't give specific numbers as to how many officers are involved in securing the venue. only to say it will be in the thousands. san jose police had every available officer working this weekend. some undercover during sunday's game here in santa clara. they cancelled all vacations and
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days off this weekend and many specialized units including detectives will be on the streets as well. here you're looking at the special ops unit providing for friends and family for the panthers as they made their way from the hotel to a super bowl party at the fairmont. not only are they working the super bowl and events related to it, but they are still having to answer their 911 calls which is their top priority. that means most of the men and women are putting in 12-hour shifts and some local businesses are providing free meals to officers working those long hours like the downtown deli preparing 1200 sandwiches. >> we have officers that aren't working in the glitz and glamer of super bowl and we can't forget the men and women that are answering the call for services for the city that have nothing to do with the super bowl. >> as you can imagine, it costs a lot of extra money for san jose police who deployed so many officers on overtime.
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but the department is hoping the extra expense will be offset by the taxes generate d by the visitors in town for tomorrow's game. reporting live here outside levi's stadium, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks. we have more super bowl coverage across the digital platform. download our free app and check out the highlights from last night's one republic show. in other news now, new this morning, san jose police need your help. they are looking for 88-year-old addison piper, who goes by the nickname pete. family members reported him missing yesterday when he was seen at 1:00 in the afternoon driving away from his home near the parkway in east san jose. he is considered to be at risk. if you have seen him or have any information, please contact the san jose police department. a developing story now. the magnitude 6.4 earthquake in southern taiwan is sending waves of fear to the bay area. you can see the collapsed
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buildings, debris and rescue crews at work searching for trapped victims. the quake killed 14 people and hurt hundreds of others. it struck about 24 miles from the second largest city in taiwan. a 17-story building probably filled with sleeping families is now just a mountain of rubble. members of the community in san francisco are hoping for the best as they wait to hear from loved ones overseas. >> i want to make sure our relatives there are okay. for those people left the hometown to the big city, they were celebrating the chinese new year. that makes it even harder. >> this devastation comes as california state leaders announce legislation to begin funding a statewide early warning system. it's just shy of 7:09. much more ahead on today in the bay. the nfl commissioner eegs
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comments about concussions and your couch that have led to controversy. and the investigative unit gives you a look at the security center responsible for keeping the super bowl safe tomorrow. super bow
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welcome back on your saturday morning. we're taking a live look at super bowl city in san francisco. quiet right now, but it's expected to be at full capacity again today. 15,000 people are allowed inside. get there early. it's going to be a beautiful day u. meteorologist anthony slaughter says super bowl sunday will be even better. generosity in the midst of agony. a brain dead woman's family is keeping her on a ventilator so they can donate her organs. they say they are still thankful despite this tragic outcome. sheryl sherwood was beaten by a man with a bat because he wanted her purse. this happened in the parking lot
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of the town center mall in fa fairfield earlier this week. her family says they are touched by those who tried to help her. they remember one man chased after the attacker while others called 911. >> it's been absolute gut wrenching situation. human capacity for darkness and evil but the human capacity for kindness and to put one's self at risk and to show love to a stranger and this story is full of that. >> police have arrest william king in connection with the attack. he's also accused of committing a similar crime on another woman in a wells fargo parking lot. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, the commissioner after the nfl causes a stir with a controversial comment he made about kids and potential football injuries. this morning we're waking up to some sunshine. no fog across san francisco. and that's going to mean for a warm day even record setting possibly in some locations.
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we'll talk about that full weekend forecast and get you into that super bowl coming up after this. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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roger goodell isn town r the super bowl. he held his annual state of the nfl commissioner roger goodell is in town for the super bowl. he held his state of the nfl address yesterday where he put the focus on the oakland raiders. . this is a live look at the kol se seem in oakland. they hope a deal can be worked out. and goodell made a promise to do what he could to keep the raiders in oakland. christie smith has more from the commissioner's controversial speech. >> it's very much a priority for us. >> reporter: nfl commissioner roger goodell made a pledge to both oakland and san diego. >> to mark davis, to the mayor of oakland and san diego, to do everything possible we can to support them. to try to get the right kind of facilities long-term in both of those markets. >> reporter: a new stadium while the rams are l.a. bound the raiders' future is less clear.
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mark davis was asked about a recent trip to re vegas to explore a possible home for the team. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> reporter: he also talked player safety. when asked about concerns over safety to teens and preteen players, he mentioned investing in the right type of coaching techniques, greater awareness and said if he had a son he'd let him play. but his final remark is getting him secured on social media. >> there's risk in life. there's risk to sitting on the couch. we want to get people active. i want them to experience the game of football because the game of football will teach you values. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc news. >> to advertisers who are shelling out between $4.8 and $5 million for just a 30-second commercial in tomorrow's super bowl. some big companies like anheuser busch buy year after year, but for others taking that leap is a major event.
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mark barger has new bee advertisers. >> reporter: a super bowl audience is tough to top. >> there's really an opportunity to make an impact that there isn't anywhere else in advertising. >> reporter: that's why paypal is a first-time super bowl advertiser. the ad launches a global campaign about the company's role in the changing nature of money. >> you're always holding your breath, but i'm excited to see the reaction to it. >> reporter: colgate is less about selling and more about saving. >> they are running their first spot ever and it's based on not wasting water. >> reporter: colgate has brand recognition. death wish coffee doesn't. >> we're aware millions of people will see it for the first time. >> reporter: the small new york company won a contest to fund a super bowl ad. once touting its caffeinated
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coffee. >> we had our best day of sales. >> reporter: godaddy was little known until a racy ad was boosted into a giant. >> as awareness went up, they started taking some risks. >> reporter: their risk is sitting out the game broadcast but other companies are ready to roll the dice on super bowl ads. >> what about a snack stadium? >> reporter: mark barger, nbc news. >> i'm going to be working so i'm going to dvr to watch the commercials. >> i'm working early in the morning so hopefully i get off to see the commercials. that's always the best part. >> you have an even better part because you say the weather is going to be beautiful. >> it's going to be spectacular. we have been having some wild weather here in the bay area. if you're just visiting this weekend, we had freezing temperatures. we had months of rainfall leading up to this day. now we're in a dry pattern. kind of ironic that it happened
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on the week of super bowl. especially in an el nino year where we have had high waves, high winds and very heavy rain and high surf advisories this weekend across parts of the bay area. keep that in mind. we have a weak storm system to the north. that's keeping a few clouds in place this had morning. you can see that a few high, thin clouds. east bay looking good. san francisco this morning, blue sky and really comfortable conditions. temperatures a little cool. but not as cold as it has been earlier this week. we're up to 70 degrees this afternoon in the north bay. 64 for san francisco. 65 for the east bay. we'll see a warm day as well. 67 and same for the pe nins la. the south bay up to 70 degrees. lots and lots of sunshine. that's what we're expecting over the next couple days. today it will be sunny and mild for our inland valleys. tomorrow, even warmer but the air quality goes up to moderate. keep that in mind if you have asthma. monday, a perfect beach day. maybe you're sticking around
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town and want to see some sights and sounds across the bay area. looking at temperatures in the 70s. so super bowl forecast for tomorrow looks good as well. 72 degrees by kickoff and halftime. a few clouds drift iing on by. winds will be light out of the northeast. if you're looking for other things to do across the bay area, head to wine country. 70 for today. 72 for tomorrow. 73 for monday. across parts of monterey, same conditions. blue sky, temperatures near 70. the boardwalk really want to get out here and check it out. temperatures in the mid-70s sunday and for monday. so if you're sticking around town after the super bowl, got some other options to head out and enjoy. beautiful conditions not only in san jose but the rest of the bay area because of high pressure that's set up in the rockies and that's going to continue to drive our winds offshore. what that means is warm, desert air continues to slide across the california coastline. that's going to mean for 70s today and tomorrow across parts
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of the south bay. a few 60s in the east bay. monday the warm air takes over. 70s widespread across the bay area. a few 80s are possible on tuesday across parts of morgan hill. so it's going to be a warm next couple days. make sure you have the shades and the sun block to go along with it. looking at winds that will be calm through the bay today and tomorrow. the coastline in the east bay valleys could see gusts up to 20 miles per hour through the next couple days. so it will stay sunny and mild as high pressure continues to dominate over the next few days. we're talking 70s across the entire south bay from now all the way to wednesday. even into next weekend as well. east bay valley, same deal. san francisco, not as hot. mid-60s through wednesday. so beautiful conditions across the bay area. >> it's like the bay area knows there are all these visitors and
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we want to look good. thanks. still ahead on today in the bay, a bay area museum has caught super bowl fever. instead of showcases fine art, it's packed with all things football. we'll give you a look inside, coming up. football ... not just as a sport
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... but also an art. it's something one santa aramus. some people think of football not as a sport but also as an art. it's one thing a museum can agree with. how the museum is now in the super bowl spirit. >> reporter: for a half century, santa clara's museum has celebrated fine art. but when the super bowl lands in your backyard, sometimes you got to bend the mission statement. >> we don't have an art exhibit today. >> instead the museum has replaced the paintings and sculptures with -- >> early shoulder pads. >> they took over for the hall
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of fame exhibit filling it with all things super bowl. >> here is the dynasties. >> reporter: instead of talking mo'ne, the museum executive director had to bone up on her lombardi and manning. >> my sons are football fans so that helps. our focus is on art, but fortunately we're quick learners. >> reporter: the exhibit drops back to the early days of the game. >> a nose guard that was introduced in the 1890s just from 1911 the columbus panhandlers. talk about the road to quality. >> reporter: the format is drawing new visitors. >> great display of football. >> have about 50 people come through on a weekday and we have seen 500 people come through. >> we learn something, they learn something. >> reporter: people were busy doing all kinds of things you normally don't do in an art museum.
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>> instant replay machine over there. >> reporter: turns out football is a lot louder than art, which has its advantages. >> i can talk and not bothering anyone. >> reporter: in the end maybe football isn't such a stretch after all. >> this is art too in a different way. >> reporter: like the super bowl, which will pack up after the game, the exhibit will stick around until april 3rd. maybe even recruit a few new art l lovers. nbc bay area news. >> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, showing up to the super bowl in style. vips from across the country are flying into the bay area in their private planes ahead of the game. i'm live in super bowl city where it was so crowded last night they stopped letting people in. coming up shs the plan for tonight if you want to see
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alicia keys. i'm bob redell live outside levi's stadium. how one of the bay area's largest police departments is helping keep the super bowl safe and secure. that story, coming up. take a live look outside......
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- n francisco - per bl city good saturday morning to you, it's 7:29. we're taking a live look over the sunrising over beautiful super bowl city in san francisco. looks like people are getting out and getting active on the football field there at the bottom of the screen. a beautiful morning as the sunrises. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at our forecast for super saturday. it's a good one. >> it's looking really good. any good adjective you have to describe the weather is what we're looking at. beautiful, gorgeous, we could say it all. otherwise, you're going to enjoy it. that's the thing about today. not looking at any fog or rain.
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even our air quality is not going to be that bad. 64 degrees in san francisco. 70 for the north bay. mid-60s in between for the peninsula and east bay. super bowl sunday for tomorrow does look just as good. a little warmer across parts of the south bay. temperatures in the low 70s by the time the game gets towards kickoff. winds light out of the northeast at 5 to 10. no concerns for super bowl 50 as far as the weather goes. security, another issue. we'll talk more about that full forecast in my next report. >> i'm glad that we're putting on a good show for all the visitors. >> i like to take all the credit. we are just 32 hours away from kickoff. and celebrations for super bowl have kicked into high gear across the bay area. this is video from our nbc chopper above super bowl city in san francisco where that massive crowd turned into frustration ts that celebration for many folks who couldn't get in.
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we have team coverage from levi's stadium. that's where we begin with chuck who is live in san francisco. chuck, last night was at capacity and you say it will only get more crowded today. >> reporter: that's right, good morning. it's slowly getting up and running here in terms of people coming into super bowl city. last night was very frustrating. we're seeing welcome to the land of the selfies. everyone is taking group shots. there's an aerobics class going on over there. last night way more people were here. the rush took off around 8:00 p.m. to see one republic in a free concert. by 9:00 p.m. last night, police determined that super bowl city had reached capacity and began actually turning people away. an estimated 15,000 fans, according to police, jammed the plaza. the overflow is directed outside to the ferry building where northbound traffic was blocked
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for safety reasons. >> i was bummed out because i wanted him to come and see. all week we said we'd go. it didn't work. we're here now. >> reporter: if you want to see alicia keys, get here early. crowds will have extra officers tonight for another large crowd. beginning at 7:00 p.m., there's other events going on. there's metallica at 7:00 p.m. maxim party is at 8:00 p.m. rolling stone super bowl party is at the galleria at 10:00 p.m. if you're looking for things to do out and about today, the wounded warriors football game featuring nfl a lumbar nilumni. there will be a pep rally for the broncos at 12:15. panthers at 1:00 p.m.
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and don't forget the puppy bowl across the street at the ferry building. santa clara university will also be holding a day-long celebration in the south bay. there will be a pep rally from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. featuring cheerleaders, bands, players from years past, and tonight there will be a concert featuring huey lewis and the news. many of the activities at santa clara will be mced by mike inouye. a busy day in the bay. >> thanks, chuck. there's so much to do and plenty of vips are showing up at parties from san francisco to san jose. we saw some of the warriors out on the town last night. many nfl legends are celebrating the golden anniversary super bowl. brett favre right there, the former packers quarterback, walking the red carpet in san
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francisco. favre is super bowl champion himself. he says he's in awe of the bay area so far. >> man, it's big. this is crazy. this is incredible. i don't know if that's good or bad. what a wonderful week. >> i think it's good. it could get even better for favre himself. it's likely he will be voted into the hall of fame today. in san jose the quarterback of the carolina panthers seen here leaving the marriott where the team is staying. newton, broou know mars and beyonce have been spotted in the south bay. i clearly have been in the wrong place this past week. among all the celebration, keeping you safe is the priority for local police. but they are being stretched thin. bob redell is live the levi's stadium with a preview of how tight security will be tomorrow.
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bob? >> reporter: good morning, kira. more than 60 agencies from the federal, state and local level are involved in securing levi's stadium for super bowl sunday. this includes the san jose police department, which tells us they will have undercover officers around the venue. the chief tells us it is truly all hands on deck this weekend. the department has cancelled all vacations and days off this week. and many specialize ued units including detectives will be out on the streets. here you're looking at the special ops unit providing security for friends and family of the carolina panthers as they may their way from the hotel to a super bowl party. not only is the department working the super bowl and events related to it, you have to remember they are also still answering 911 calls, which the chief maintains is their top priority. that means most of the men and women are putting in extra long hours. >> they are work 12-hour shifts
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to get this thing done is nothing short of incredible. >> it's all hands on deck. we are going to be prepared. >> reporter: it costs a lot of money for san police to deploy so many officers on overtime. the department is hoping that that extra expense will be offset by the taxes generated by the visitors in town for tomorrow's game. reporting live here outside levi's stadium, bob redell, today in the bay. >> hundreds of football fans arriving in style to the super bowl. they are in private jets. in fact, airports are welcome ing a record number of private jet setters this weekend. joed gives us a sneak peek. >> reporter: we have been planning for a year. >> reporter: the folks at the airport have never been busier. vips, executives and celebrities are flying in in record numbers. >> we're extremely busy.
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we have probably about ten times the normal traffic on a daily u basis. >> reporter: the private jet service is rolling out the red carpet. they set up a reception center for travelers to unwind in and they have rental cars lined up wait iing for arriving guests. >> it's great for the business. >> reporter: they expect 1,000 planes to come in this weekend. the airport even closed a runway just to park them all. >> this is huge. this is a world stage. it doesn't get any bigger. >> reporter: lindsey is among those enjoying the royal treatment. she's ready for some super bowl fun despite not being an avid fan. >> i'm going for the panthers because i'm such a girl. i like panthers. i'm going for the animal mascot. >> we have more super bowl coverage on our nbc app. check out the highlights from the one republic show at super
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bowl city. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, the super bowl isn't the only big game in town this weekend. we have a live look at a super saturday matchup between two of the best teams in basketball. tonight why clay thovrp son compares it to a game. before the big game tomorrow --
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there's a big game today. a live lat welcome back. before the big game tomorrow, there's a big game today. a live look, the warriors take on the oklahoma city thunder, two of the hottest teams in the nba. it's expected to be a celebrity-filled arena. the warriors pr department tells us there haven't been this many requests for media credentials since the nba finals. all eyes in the sports world will be watching this marquee showdown. >> it's going to be so much fun in that.
7:41 am
>> there's going to be a ton of new faces in the crowd and just want to give them a crowd. >> famous faces? >> probably. some of the biggest stars in the business playing. we're really excited for it. >> tonight's game tips off at 6:00. and we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, the investigative unit is giving you rare access to one of the nation east most advanced security centers keeping you safe tomorrow. and a troubling security slip at last year's big game. this morning we're waking up to fog-free conditions. . lots of sunshine this weekend. stellar weekend is expected across the bay area. we'll talk more about the conditions and get you into next week. that full forecast, coming up.
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welcome back here on this saturday. 7:43 the time.
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this shot from san francisco, we're looking at bright blue sky this is morning. same deal across the south bay. camera a little bit hazy because of the sunshine coming right into the cam are. but we have sunshine there nonetheless as well. across the beaches, keep in mind we have high surf that's going to kick up. waves in access of ten feet. keep in mind if you're out there surfing. keep it safe across the beaches. we have some clouds drifting in this morning. those clouds are going to continue to pass on by not giving us any rain. lots of sunshine for the south bay. by lunch, 62 degrees. 63 for the north bay. 59 in san francisco. as we round out the day, 70 for the south bay. and 64 for san francisco. mid-60s for the trivalley. nice and bright across the rest of the bay. all day long and same deal for the rest weekend. tomorrow another bright day is expected. temperatures warmer.
7:45 am
by kickoff at 3:30, we'll be looking at temperatures near 72 degrees and cooling back into the 60s by halftime and the end of the game clear skies are expected. . things you can get out and do across the bay area. here's another event. the russian river valley has lots of sights and things to do. 70s the rest of the weekend. 76 for tomorrow. 74 for monday. redwood national park, temperatures in the 70s. 66 for today and 65 for monday. sha shasta-trinity, low 60s across the central valley. towards the rest of the days, temperatures rounding out in the 70s. 60s across the inner bay for tomorrow. and then for monday, a big warm-up heads our way for the peninsula. 70s there. 60s for san francisco. 70s for the north bay. we'll see a few 80s inch in towards tuesday. places like saratoga, morgan
7:46 am
hill, even wattsonville, a few 80s towards tuesday. in the short-term, still looking at calm conditions for most of the bay today. a few winds will start to gust in san francisco along the coastline. but really nothing more than that as we round out the rest of the weekend. it's going to stay fairly calm. we're going to be looking at high pressure in control until tuesday. once we hit tuesday, that will break down. our heat will go away. clouds increase by wednesday and thursday and next weekend we'll be talking about more rain. this week ahead looks dry. temperatures in the 70s for our east bay valleys and san jose. san francisco week, looking at temperatures close to 70 by monday and tuesday. back over to you. >> it looks so good. thanks. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. >> in the 9/11 world, it's all about managing the risk to the extent you possibly can. >> we investigate how homeland
7:47 am
security is managing that risk at this year's super bowl. we take you into the secret world of surveillance and security. new this morning: a close call
7:48 am
7:49 am
and a chaotic scene for a santa rosa family.. wn a car slammed into their home. a close call and a chaotic scene for a family when a car slammed into their home. it happened around 3:00 this morning. the fire department tells us the car pushed a parked truck through the family's garage. that sent a water heater into their bedroom where one person
7:50 am
who was sleeping was injured. officials say the truck ain the driveway may have saved the family members' lives. . they are investigating the cause of the crash, but the driver was going at a high rate of speed. now back to the super bowl. security around the super bowl will be some of the tightest in the world. this morning we take you behind the scenes not just what the fed's are doing, but how they are doing it. how they identify suspicious people or objects. stephen stock has this exclusive story. . >> multiple sources tell me that threats to the super bowl date back at least to last year. one person on the known terrorist watch list was seen by law enforcement getting through the first level of security outside the activities at last year's super bowl in glendale, arizona. according to this threat assessment from federal agents obtained by nbc bay yararea, th remain concerned about
7:51 am
terrorists' interest in targeting events such as the super bowl with big crowds. >> this is actually created by our vetting and awareness team. >> reporter: it might look like just a typical office in silicon valley, this is the nerve center of some of the most sophisticated intelligence gathering of terrorist threats by federal, state and local law enforcement officials in the united states. >> kind of gives an overview of the threats in our area. >> reporter: it looks similar to this room, a room nearby set up just for super bowl 50. but before any reports of suspicious activity gets here at the joint operations center, it comes through the intelligence center and a team of five specially u trained experts who sift through a constant stream of reports that arrive 24/7. >> we have to triage suspicious activity reporting. >> reporter: triage, as in spotting the real threat among the hundreds of calls, tips and reports of suspicious activity.
7:52 am
>> we actually have criteria to say which ones should have the most importance, which should have the least and which one is bogus. >> reporter: the intelligence center director took us exclusively behind the scenes. >> this was developed in house by one of our fine staff from the federal agency. >> reporter: to see how the data analysis is already working. . >> what we have done is connecting things like autoed license plate systems, dispatch systems, records and management systems so we're not all islands on to ourselves. >> reporter: we got to meet the agent who developed this system. although he's based in the greater san francisco bay area, we agreed to hide his identity and not e reveal the federal agency where he works. the cutting edge data analysis system he developed has been adopted by federal security agencies and intelligence centers around the country. >> our goal is that, yes, we want people to report but we want them to report accurate information. >> reporter: it's like trying to
7:53 am
find a needle in a hay stake stak. they received 800 tips in the bay area alone of suspicious activity. while 17% of those tips were routine criminal activity, 3.2% of them were elevated enough to check out. but only 1% were found to be credible prompting the fbi to actually take action to stop the th threat. >> a squad would have to run down every one of those leads on their own. >> reporter: other high-tech tools will also be in use during super bowl 50 including facial recognition technology, monitoring of internet sites, and graduated security zones. >> one thing we can do better is be more forthcoming of information. >> reporter: tom served as the first secretary of homeland serity. now he's founder and chairman of ridge global, a private security consulting firm based in washington, d.c. >> it's all about managing the risk to the best you can so you can never be so self-assured that nothing is going to happen.
7:54 am
>> reporter: make no mistake u it will be a big challenge. several law enforcement sources tell nbc bay area's investigative unit that at least one person on the terrorist watch list was actually seen inside the perimeter of one security zone at last year's super bowl in the phoenix area. and all eyes will be on the lookout for similar suspects this time around. >> so knowing where our known terrorists are at is critical to us. >> do you worry they were scoping it out in phoenix? >> you never know. it's hard to say how far planning is. here's the turn. back when we're dealing with al qaeda, would see plans that they are thinking on decade level. the folks we're seeing now are thinking on minute level. they are ready to roll at a short period of time. often times the first indicator that somebody is going to do something bad is they tell someone. >> according to this national threat assessment by the fbi and homeland security, unsuccessful entry attempts into. large events have been tried
7:55 am
before, including at that soccer stadium in paris. and because of that, this assessment says the most vulnerable targets are in public spaces outside these venues. that's why law enforcement says it's imperative for the public to report suspicious activity that they might see. they have set up an online system where you can just do that, report anonymously. we have a link to that system on our web page. just go to i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. a local high school team gets the chance to pretend they are in the super bowl at levi's stadi stadium. we know the super bowl is
7:56 am
7:57 am
getting attention .. but another contest going on here i welcome back. we know the super bowl is getting a lot of attention, but another contest in the bay area has national interest as well. google picked its finalist for their doodle competition and the
7:58 am
winner got her own assembly yesterday. she's a 9th grader and art lover from mon ta vista high school. her doodle will be on a special doodle page with the other finalists. you can vote for your favorite through february 22nd. and there was a game already this week at levi's stadium. the st. francis high school team simulated the big game. they even got to run out of the tunnel. how cool is that? the team pretended to be the panthers and broncos. this was a dress rehearsal for the camera crews to practice their camera angles. >> dream come true for those kids. >> we want to finish the show today on super saturday by giving you some last looks at super bowl city in san francisco. it will be a beautiful day to head out and enjoy all the festivities. and we hope you make it a safe super bowl weekend as we bid farewell overlooking the san francisco city skyline.
7:59 am
thanks for making us a part of your morning. more local news tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. bye-bye.
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