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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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it's about to close down again ....huge crowd at supbowl. right now at 5:00, so packed it's about to close down again. huge crowds atuper bowl city in san francisco, how officials are now handling this huge surge of people after police had to shut down entrances last night turning fans away. plus, the final hours before kick off, what is happening inside levis to get ready for tomorrow's game? the businesses ready for the rush, but are people coming? we are checking into whether or not hosting the super bowl lives up to the super bowl hype. thanks for joining us i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. yeah, they got a few people there. it's been the official home for all things super bowl, all week
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long and tonight the festivities will end on a high note. >> then the focus then shifts to the south bay and of course, levi's stadium where the broncos and panthers go head-to-head. we heard from evening they are rooting for. we have team coverage and marianne favro and michelle roberts covering the details. >> first, pete live in super bowl city and pete, we're hearing super bowl city may be close to closing down like it did last night. >> reporter: yeah, very close. i just spoke to san francisco police. they say they have hit capacity by just haven't given me the final confirmation. we're very close to it. i want to show you the crowds. we're at washington street and the embarcadero. we did speak to folks who got here early and they are happy they did it. once you made it through these long lines -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: fans were primed and ready to go at super bowl city. how many hours of sleep have you
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had? >> four. >> reporter: but you're ready to go? good. >> awesome to be here, to see them at the super bowl. >> reporter: good thing they are inside now. >> super bowl city is closed. >> reporter: with san francisco police turning away thousands last night, super bowl city hitting its capacity and it could happen again tonight. as you may have seen last night, it got so big at a certain point, they couldn't let anymore people in because it was a safety issue and we expect that to happen again with alisha keys. with people here, they saw the large crowds last night and that's why they got here early. >> that's why i came here this morning. i got here at 9:30. >> reporter: got here early ready to go. the same goes for carla visiting from north carolina. her son michael who serves in the air force surprised her with super bowl tickets and wants to make sure mom enjoys alisha keys, too. >> it's a dream come true and i had to share it with the person that brought me up from the beginning. >> reporter: of course the big
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crowds are here to see alisha keys. she's set to hit the stage at 8:15 p.m. a free chance to see her. like i mentioned, looks like we're already hitting ka capaci >> a lot of people will be disappointed with that. >> let's take you live once again to the super bowl city camera. this is kind of the best way to check that out, you're not there in the crowd but can see from above. alisha keys playing a free concert that will take place about 8:15 p.m. expect a packed show. crowds could not be bigger than last night's free one republican concert. this is chopper video from the concert last night. the rock 'n' roll fans in town maybe move a little bit over from super bowl city. metallica will perform at 7:00. >> a blinding shot. >> it is a blinding shot. this is at at and t park from the live camera there. a beautiful picture. earlier in the week we caught crews rehearsing. if you didn't get a ticket, don't worry, they are streaming
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online. >> fantastic. people are already outside of at&t park and want a good spot in front of the stage. how long have they been waiting to see metallica and what they are doing to pass the time, we'll let you know how that is unfolding in about ten minutes. bart is seeing packed trains. yesterday was the third busiest day ever, the third straight day of significantly increased ridership. yesterday's 526,000 riders wasn't far behind the busiest day ever was the world victor ray parade back in october of 2012. the second high it's day, the warriors championship parade in june of last year. there is a sports theme. bart says tonight could blow them out of the water. >> tonight we have two concerts, alisha keys and metallica and the warriors playing and cal playing stanford and the great weather with people coming into the nfl experience in super bowl city. we think this could be a record
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breaker. >> bart is doing well. it's on time performance has been 95%. ferries have been backed, as well. golden gate ferry recommends passengers come early. there is extra ferry from san francisco leaving at 9:30 in the morning to the city at 11:40. those are added. >> this is a prelude to the big event. we are ready for kick off. the super bowl 22 hours away. we've been looking at the super bowl countdown clock. >> zero days. >> a lot of last-minute work being done in santa clara. look at video from the nbc bay a area chopper. military helicopters and a big day for the fans is at santa clara university and we find. marianne what is going on there? >> reporter: well, peggy, if you
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take a look behind me, you can see people are already lining up for the hughie lewis and the news concert, which starts at 6:30 tonight. the concert is free and so were all the activities out here today. as the final countdown to super bowel 50 begins, many decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather showing off their sports skills. some polished football throws and one woman shows off her pullup power. earlier today, there was a celebrity flag football game that many enjoyed. >> i've been here just enjoying the day. it's beautiful out here. i watched the celebrity game. we saw ludicrous. it's back and forth. >> reporter: from super bowl photo ops to health checks, people hop from booth to booth and the kids enjoy participating in games with the sharks and san jose earthquakes here at the santa clara super community event. once again tonight's hughie
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lewis and the news concert is free. people are lining up already. it starts at 6:30 tonight and right after that at 8:00 there is going to be a free fireworks show. so a lot of family fun here at santa clara university. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro. >> thanks very much. businesses in the south bay are hoping to finally, finally cash in on the super bowl. nbc bay area michelle roberts joining us live to explain about the wait and why it might be paying off. michelle? >> reporter: it's very exciting. i feel like we've been talking about the north bay. people have been lining up to take pictures and it will take you about an hour and a lot of fans excited tonight. >> the best thing on the menu? everything. >> reporter: he is hoping business at his bistro doubles
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or triples. it's a block away and the owner admits sales are disappointing. >> it's been slow because everything is in san francisco. >> got a hat with the 50 enblam. >> reporter: at levi's stadium super bowl fever is contagious and the selfies out of control. >> this is something that rarely comes around. >> all kinds of broncos stuff. >> reporter: others attempted to navigate the grocery store a mile away from the stadium. >> there's a lot of people on each isle. >> reporter: stocking up on super bowl favorites. >> home made pizza, some boneless wings-type thing, we have ice cream, cookies. >> ray is hoping people leave the couch and spend a few dollars in santa clara. >> we're ready to go.
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>> reporter: while, my unofficial poll, i've been seeing a lot of bronco fans out here and some 49er fans and a reminder, if you are coaling to levi's stadium tomorrow, the only trains that will head to this area, you need a ticket to the grame and a prepaid ticket o the train. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. some people willing going on trains, other people arriving in style. take a look at this. >> this is the lineup. >> is the middle yours? >> the private vets starting to arrive. we spotted several of them already parked at san jose earlier today. the airport says they plan for all of these private planes. they even closed a couple taxi ways so there would be additional places for these private jets to park. our super bowl coverage continues online. we have an entire section devoted to all things super bowl with all kinds of content. new celebrity sightings, head to
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nbc bay digging through the rubble, amazing stories of survival out of taiwan after yesterday's earthquake including the rescue of a small boy. coming up, the major change bart is making on many of the trains. and right now, 62 degrees in san jose approaching sunset as we're still seeing big surf on the coast thanks to powerful storms offshore. this one over my shoulder bring any lasting changes to your super bowl sunday forecast? we'll answer that question when we come right back. we are following a developing
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story out of finding rescuers are ill people alive in the rubble of collapsed buildings. =nats boy crying seconds= =con't vo= th ung boy w found found vo= this you y was overnight. he was trappedbehind construction material inside a >> this young boy was found trapped behind construction material. more than 150 people are unaccounted for and at least 14 people were killed when the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit east of southern taiwan. there you see it, a 17-story residential building collapsing. it sends dust into the air and the footage shows water bursting from under ground pipes and
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flooding the roads. the quake struck many in twaiwa. bart has started to install new security cameras in all of the train cars. this upgrade comes with a price tag of just under $1.5 million. last month, bart promised to put working cameras in all 669 cars after a deadly shooting at the west oakland station. that crime revealed that many of bart security cameras were fake. bart is now offering a reward of $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the suspected killer. take a look at what remains of a dodge challenger, yes, that was a dodge challenger smashed into a truck sending the truck into a home in santa rosa this morning. not only is the driver hurt but someone in the house had a hot water fall on them while sleeping. the challenger was speeding when it hit the truck. the chief said the home was so badly damaged, it may need to be red tagged. coming up, super bowl
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sticker shock. coming up at 5:00. >> the high price you have to pay for a ticket to the super bowl and a move made by police to cut down on drunk drivers during the game. super bowl city is filled to
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capacity. well told you at the top of the hour super bowl city almost filled to capacity. we're just getting word it is. no one else is being let in at this hour, a lot of people crammed in there for the festivities.
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nbc bay area christie spence just spoke to police. you're there in front of super bowl city. that is going to make some frustrated fans. >> reporter: people seem to be in a good mood. that's what you get when you have the beautiful, beautiful weather and the super bowl one day away. i hear alisha keys doing a sound check. you have major musical acts in san francisco. i want show you what the embarcadero looks like. southbound lanes closed, that has been the way it has been since super bowl city and northbound lanes in front of the ferry building closed today near super bowl city. that to us, it looks like the biggest crowd that we've seen since it opened and that's what san francisco police are saying, as well. the host committee and police saying, you know, at this point it's at capacity, but folks are lined up outside to see if they can hear alisha keys when she does perform a little bit later
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this evening. also over at at&t park, the metallica convert, we stopped by. there were lines outside. folks buying t-shirts and excited just about the vibe that is happening here in the city. san francisco police saying that they brought extra resources in specifically today knowing that this would be the big day. a lot of folks outside not getting in but they seem to be in good spirit, good atmosphere and san francisco police say they haven't seen a lot in the way of incidents. that's the latest from here reporting live from san francisco, christienbcc bay area news. super bowl city has not really been a cash cow for everyone along the embarcadero. ade deli say that business is actually been way down all week long. the reason a lot of their normal customers, the ones that work in this area are working from home
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this week. >> all the regular customers are not here and the few tourists here are not confiscating for the local customers. so i think some people are losing money. >> how about that? the owners said on friday business did start to pick up again and they are hoping for a busier weekend to make up for losses in the week. >> you can expect to see more officers on the roads this weekend. police officers are treating the super bowl like a holiday, not like your and my holiday, that means they are not taking it off. looking for drunk drivers, santa clara county will have stepped up enforcement. if you want to get to see the super bowl in person, you still can. there is still tickets out there and right now you can kind of get a deal. right now on stubhub, the cheapest ticket available, $2700. >> that's like the nose bleed section. >> could be. the average price is $4700.
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that's on pace for the highest ever for a super bowl. the highest for another super bowl was $4200. most of the ticket sales are from people right here in california. for those going or maybe just watching the game in surrounding areas, what a beautiful weekend on tap. even if you can't go live, you get the prize of amazing weather. >> nice weather and temperatures above the sunday forecast both in denver, colorado and charlotte, north carolina. 40 degree temperatures and the panthers ahead 53 tomorrow in terms of a high temperature but much warmer here in the bay area. inside levi's stadium around kick off time, temperatures in the low 70s getting close to record-breaking highs. getting a sneak preview of that with the seven-day forecast. outside right now, san jose looking good. hazy skies as you try to make the trek across the bay bridge. 61 now. we may see patchy fog towards
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tomorrow morning. it's the time of year you need a jacket. as we move into the afternoon, 60s and low 70s tomorrow which may encourage you to head out to the coast and rough surf and wave height ten to 12 feet and beach hazard. notice the wind direction. clear skies and wind off coast and notice the temperatures tomorrow close to 70 in san jose. sarah toga upper 60s. livermore and pleasanton and thanks to high pressure strengthening, the storm looks impressive offshore but will entirely miss the bay area and underneath the ridge temperatures beginning to climb up. look at the high temperatures heading towards monday adding on a few more degrees from the north bay and san francisco closing in on 70 and look at the temperatures in san jose. mid 70s in reach and that puts us very close to some record
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highs. these would be the record high temperatures as they stand now and the forecast there on the ride closing in on record highs for san jose. so that's the forecast moving forward and next chance of seeing some rain might have to wait until friday. overall, this could be the driest week we've seen since the end of november. so friday, we'll expect to see a chance of a few showers, much cooler next weekend and highs in the low 60s and the seven-day outlook for rainfall, the driest going back to late november and early december so while the weather is nice, we hope we don't get too many days of dry weather because the sierra has been fantastic. the difference almost two feet the average snow depth compared to last year and satellite light views look good to start the week. we'll see if we can hold onto the gains as dry weather moves in over the next seven days. back to you. >> all right, rob. nasa dropping the study el nino. >> how they are planning to use planes to monitor storms this
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winter. ==terry/live cam== this just
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in. large cwds at per bowcity n. bart just sent a tweet to de this just in, large crowds at super bowl city in san francisco. now affecting bart. bart just sent a tweet out to riders telling them because of the growing crowd, you get an idea how big they are, because of the crowds at the station, trains may skip the station all together. the transit agency, says it is the safest way.
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riders can still take bart and exit montgomery and walk a few blocks. you can still take bart but may not get off at the embarcadero. >> boy, big crowds there. obviously, teams and federal researchers to study el nino will fly these global hawk aircraft into storms over the pacific. the information gathered will be used to fill in the gaps in forecast. the idea is to improve weather forecasting at a time when storms are more powerful and as a result, more dangerous. >> a $700,000 accounting mistake. california workers are over paid by the state. now the government wants that money back. the sacramento reporting employees received extra payments from $37 to $100. they happened because the office failed to increase some employee's with holding for medical insurance. >> a quick break here, everyone. we'll be right back.
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hundred of millions of people on t planet who go hung it seems impossible to feed the hundreds of millions of people on the planet who go hungry every day. >> that is certainly not stopping students from the pa lens that for at least trying to do something. this morning families in lose altos created enough meals to feed 10,000 people in cambodia. students and their parents put all the of the ingredients in easy to ship and open packets that included flower, rice, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins and add hot water and you have a meal specially engineered to help people suffering from mall nourishment. >> way to try. big super bowl forecast. >> yes, things looking good tomorrow, upper 60s to around 70s around game time right inside levi's stadium low 70s as
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the international crowd looks in, gorgeous. >> good timing. "nbc nightly news" is next. >> more local news tonight at 6:00, hope to see you then. night, desperate hours. rescuers dig through the rubble pulling babies to safety. more than 100 are trapped or missing in the aftermath of an earthquake in taiwan. the republicans take the stage in the final debate before the new hampshire primary. candidates hit the pavement, some going door to door in the battle for undecided voters. hard hit on this super bowl weekend, an nfl star says more should be done to prevent concussions. some say a softer helmet may be the answer. table for one at a well-known restaurant. why sea lions are facing a life and death struggle. "nightly news" begins now. >> from nbc news world headquarters in new


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