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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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capacity. >> thanks for joining us. filled to the brim. take a look at the city at super bowl city. this is in downtown san francisco. no more people are being allowed in. fans are packing into the venue leading up to tomorrow's big game. super bowl 50 will be played in santa clara. we have team coverage for the final preparations. we begin with pete. you're near super bowl city. there's got to be a lot of dispidi disappointed fans. >> reporter: they are disappointed because it's at capacity. it's a free alicia keys concert. we spoke with some folks who got here earlier and they are happy they did. once fans made it through the long lines, the excitement was literally written over their face.
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>> we have two but there's four of us. in it's awesome to be here. >> reporter: it's a good thing they are inside. >> super bowl city is closed. >> reporter: sfpd turning away thousands last night. super bowl city hits its capacity. we're seeing a repeat tonight. >> that's why i came here this morning. i got here at 9:30. >> got here early. >> the same goes for carla. a die hard panthers fan. her son michael served in the air force and surprised mom with super bowl tickets. he wants to make sure mom enjoys some alicia keys. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: you can see the folks behind me are keeping their spirits high. she's set to hit the stage at
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8:15 p.m. the concert will be pretty loud. >> thanks very much. excitement building near levi stadium tonight. marianne favro with our coverage. >> reporter: the big crowds are already here at santa clara university lining up for the huey lewis and the news concert which is said to begin at 6:30 tonight. as a final count down to super bowl 50, many decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather showing off their sports skills. some polished their football throws. earlier today celebrities took to the field for a game of flag football. f >> this is great. it's good for the community. >> we've played the games and watched a little of the games. >> i've been here enjoying the day. it's beautiful out here.
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i watched the celebrity came out there. >> reporter: from super bowl photo ops to health check while kids enjoyed participating in games with the shark and san jose earthquake. the big vents are tonight. we have the free, huey lewis and the news concert set to begin at 6:30. lit be a huge fireworks show. people are really coming out here and enjoying good times with their family. >> you might want to make other plan is if you're thinking abou taking uber. the drivers are protesting. they plan on striking because of lowered fares for winter that uber started. drivers say they are not making enough money now. they had to lower fares for a
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winter slump. rock and roll and the super bowl. metallica will be performing in less than an hour. you're looking at at&t park. earlier we caught them rehearsing for the concert. they'll be treeming the concert live if you didn't get a ticket. >> have you seen the weather. it's very cold. if you can't make it to the concerts or the game, you still have this great weather. >> our friends from colorado, north carolina, these are the temperatures you're leaving behind on sunday. upper 30s to near 40 for a high. low 50s and windy around. now towards the bay year leve stadium inside. we're talking low 70s in the forecast. the start of a warm up that
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could put us in record breaking territory as we go through the next couple of days. there's one catch to the forecast offshore. strong storms in the pacific bringing a hazard to the coast as we finish off the weekend. we'll talk about that and how warm our temperatures will get in the full seven-day forecast, coming up in a few minutes. thank a lot. our coverage leading up to super bowl 50 just getting started. how the south bay is add justing just hours before the big game. now to some local news happening in san jose. swat teams are trying to coax man with a knife outside. take a look at this video. it shows the scene here. this is happening on north 15th street and taylor. this all started with man threatening people with a knife. no injuries to tell you about. we're following the story closely. we'll bring you the latest details as soon as we get them. fireworks describe the
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damage in santa rosa as massive. take a look another the remains of a dodge challenger. not only is the driver hurt but someone in the house had a hot water heater fall on top of them while sleeping. the challenger was speeding when it hit the truck. they see no sign of any breaking. the home so badly damaged, it may have to be red tagged. bart has start to install new security cameras in audiotaall of its cars. the upgrade comes with a price tag of $1.5 million. many cameras were fake. bart is now offering a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the suspected killer. this in to our news room. a rocket lawn mped in north korea. south crkorea. the country shot off a long range rocket earlier today. that's even though the united nations barred them from using ballistic technology.
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take a look at the destroyer that south ykorea is using to track the path. north korea says the rocket was carrying a satellite. we're following a developing story out of taiwan. rescuers are still finding people alive in the rubble of collapsed buildings. this young boy was rescued overnight trapped behind construction material inside a collapsed apartment building. more than 150 people are still unaccounted for. at least 14 people were killed with a magnitude 6.4 earthquake about 30 miles east. about 500 people were injured. surveillance video showing moment you heard the quake hit southern taiwan. the car goes by right before a 17-story residential building collapses. it can be seen crashing down. you see the dust flying into the air. footage shows water bursting from underground pipes and
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flooding the roads. the quake struck many in taiwan prepare to celebrate the lunar new year. businesses in the south bay are hoping to cash in on super bowl sunday after what they call a very slow week. live at levi stadium and this story is coming up. bart feeling the effects of the big game. the adjustment that transit agency just had to make to accommodate all the the fans. last minute-work being done at
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levi's stadium in santa clara. you're looking at video shot from our nbc bay area chopper earlier this afternoon. you can see crews -- getting the field ready for super bowl 50. we also spotted military helicopters in the area flying last minute work being done. you can see the crews putting the final touches on the field. also spotted military helicopters in the area flying around. a lot of security out there. businesses in the south bay are hoping to cash in on the super bowl. tell us all about it. >> reporter: some restaurants way they have been hoping for a big week but many people have been up in the city. they are hoping tomorrow is their big business day. huge lines. i've got to say there's a lot of orange out here today as well.
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he said he's in town to spend money on the super bowl experience. today that means lunch down the street from the stadium. >> tul staff tomorrow. >> reporter: several restaurants across the street from the station admit business this week has been disappointing. >> so far it's been a little slow because most of the activities have been in san francisco. >> reporter: tomorrow, santa clara will be the place to be. super bowl fever is contagious and the selfies out of control. >> this is something that comes around so might as well enjoy it. >> reporter: about a mile away many locals try to navigate the store in a sea of football fans. >> a lot of people down each aisle. >> homemade pizza. some boneless wings.
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got some ice cream. going to make some chocolate chip cookies. >> reporter: they are hoping people will leave the couch and spend a few dollars in santa clara. if you're heading this way tomorrow you'll be allowed on the direct train if you have a ticket to the big event tomorrow. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> sounds pretty good. bart is seeing a lot of packed trains because of the super bowl activity. it's so bad that trains might have to skip a station tonight. yesterday was the third busiest day on record. it was the third straight day of significantly increased ridership. yesterday 526,000 riders not too far behind the busiest day ever. that was the giant victory parade in october of 2012. the second highest day was the warriors championship parade.
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it would blow all of these days out of water. >> we have the two concerts. we have the warriors playing and cal playing stanford. we think this could be a record breaker. >> how about this considering all of those folks bart has been meeting on demand time frame there very well. it's on time pmps has beerforma been 95%. >> that's good. they recommend passengers come early tomorrow to get a ticket. it's also very from the city from san francisco. there's another addition here at 11:40. >> that's a good way to get into the city. sunshine amends warm weather across the bay area is sort of recruiting weather. people come here and think let's move. >> here is rob to explain it all. >> i think you'll see a lot of
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confused plants and trees. we'll be seeing highs in the mid-70s. we started the day with a bit of patchy fog. high clouds and gorgeous finish to the day. san jose not too chilly outside. tomorrow morning it will be cool with mid-40s around san jose. san francisco looking at 60 degrees. still outside. you can see the twinkling lights there. no fog. our temperatures r50s and 60s. just some patches of fog. that's the concern for the north bay. sunshine moving into the afternoon. as our temperatures warm up, watch out along the coast. wave hike still running high. rip currents and breakers to about 12 feet with the beach hazard statement through midday sunday afternoon. in terms of low clouds and fog, out towards the east bay valley might see a bit of that between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. you can see how the fog is in the central valley and we look at clear skies. late in the day tomorrow we'll begin to see low clouds on the
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coastline. look at your high temperatures tomorrow. low 70s around san jose. getting to record territory come tomorrow. you see the warm up. upper 60s for san francisco and the north bay and tri-valley temperatures, upper 60s to low 70s. here is the cause. an almost april-like pattern. diverting storms off to the north. beneath the ridge of high pressure temperatures climbing into monday. we'll look at temperatures climbing a couple more degrees. look at these south bay temperatures. carrying us through tuesday and wednesday. monday is kind of interesting. as you see some of the records we have around the bay area, not exactly that high. temperatures don't get all that warm. the forecast for monday gets us very close to some record territory in san jose. high pressure building in. dry conditions as we start the week and the century day outlook for accumulated rainfall really
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is the driest we have seen on this map since almost the end of november and december which, again, the weather is nice outside. it probably will start to change by friday. that's the best chance for seeing showers. cooler temperatures as we head into next weekend. 50s and low 60s for high. you can see 90 to about 107% of average. january was a great month. we're seeing it there in the snow pack compared to last year at the same time and the satellite view very impressive. we have made a lot of gain. now about to go in seven days of drier weather with our next best chance for rain coming in on friday. for all the out door plans tomorrow, good timing as we see the warm temperatures. super bowl looking outstanding there. game time temperatures around kick off in the low 70s. could hit record breaking territory for monday. then the rain comes in toward the end of the week. >> that stadium really heats up quickly. >> it does.
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good to see those snow pack aerials. coming up next, super bowl sticker shock. the high price you'll have to pay for a ticket at tomorrow's game. expect to see more officers out
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on the roads this weekend. =vo= police departments in the south b ar expect to see more officers out on the road. police are treating the super bowl like a holiday. that means more patrols out there looking for drunk drivers. santa clara county will have stepped up enforcement during and after the game. if you want to see the super bowl in person still tickets available. right now you can get a deal, kind of the cheapest ticket, $2700. >> bargain. >> the average price about 4700.
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this average price for the last super bowl was 4200. we're looking at 4700 now. ticket master says most of the ticket sales are for people right here in california. they've got to be here already because the game is tomorrow. >> some people arrive in style and some people arrive in style. take a look at these private jets here. they are all starting to line up at sjc. we spotted several of them. the airport says they plan for all the private planes. they even closed a couple of taxi ways so there would be additional places for these planes to park. >> i know that the wolf man only travels. >> it's the big one in the middle. >> go private or go home. >> henry, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. any time i can talk to peggy and terry and the super bowl right around the corner. >> it's a big weekend. >> i have no reason to complain. >> feeling so good, i went tieless today. how do you like this? >> looks good.
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>> you look great. >> i'm fishing for compliments. we're closing in on the big game. we have some big news on some former bay area greats. it's the wait for the hall of fame over for former 49ers owner? what about ken the snake stabler. buzzing, and we have breaking
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news that will add to the welcome back to nbc bay area. super bowl 50 has the bay area buzzing. get this, we have breaking news that will add to the raiders and 49ers wonderful weekend. nfl has announced the hall of fame class. former 49ers ordinary reason eddie debartolo junior is in. he took over ownership in 1977. under his ownership they won five super bowls, 13 nfc championships as well and his five super bowl rings over 14
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years is a record for nfl owners. also the late kenny the snake stabler is in. he was a four time probowler. he had been selected as a finalist by its senior committee. he passed away last july at the age of 69. rest in peace kenny stabler. we're under 24 hours away from super bowl 50. the bay area has been flooded by football fans all week long. mostly here in san francisco as the panthers and broncos play for the trophy. we're pumped and ready to go. panthers took their team photo today and they seem pretty loose. take a look at the team posing doing their dab as they get ready for the biggest game of their lives. >> i'm not going to have our guys change now. all of a sudden you want everybody to tighten up.
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cam made a comment about it a couple of weeks ago. wasn't to stay who we are. i think that really has helped us. it's important that our guys stay focused on what the task at hand is. at the same time do what we've done. >> been in battles all yearlong. been in close games all yearlong. trying to stay true to ourselves. we had injuries and issues. we keep working and playing. i think just grinding through a tough nfl season would describe as pretty good. >> the ultimate goal for this sport is to win a super bowl. you win national championships in college and doing that. you try to get drafted to team that will put you in the right position to win a super bowl. now we have that opportunity. it's nothing different than any other game that we've played. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to be here. as i feel like our whole team. we're excited to be representing the afc in this game and the denver broncos. we're looking forward to sunday getting here. >> we're looking forward to it
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as well. everyone love giving super bowl predictions. we're seen puppies, a hedgehog and more to give their predictions. we went to a goat for a prediction. >> i'm going with the young gun, man. i'm going with cam. i think cam is playing at an unbelievable level. i think the defense is comparable to denver's defense. i'm looking at carolina to pull this one out. >> there's charles woodson. i'm going with him. i'm saying carolina will win by 10, 34-24. >> i think carolina. i'd like to see peyton manning go out on a high note, but i don't think it's going to happen. >> i'd like to see the broncos win. the team we would like to see is not there. we'll see. we'll look for that. >> she's wearing broncos colors
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right now. >> i wouldn't mind seeing peyton win either. spectacular guy. even purchased a hospital, children's hospital out there. real, real good guy. >> the whole city is pretty amped up. terry and i agree on something for once. it's a moment. >> happens every now and again. >> we'll be right back. any budding paleontologist
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jealous. ==peggy/2 shot== on a field trip to the american a sacramento first grader made a discovery.
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>> they live for those moments. on a field trip to the american river this student pulled out a prehistoric whale bone out of mud. >> 7-year-old truman didn't know what he had at first. how could he know? his teacher didn't know either. the smithsonian said the bone could be two million years old. >> it's now a teaching tool. lots of classrooms lined up to get their hands on that whale bone. >> that's why you do those excursions this school. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. >> have a great night. sam brock: you're watching an nbc bay area news special, "reality check," tonight: female: this represents all people who have been forced out of their homes, out of their communities, in this city. sam: a wave of evictions in san francisco and a storm of protests over a decades old law, the ellis act. a state senator has a plan to fix it,
6:30 pm
but will the bill turn the tide on one of san francisco's biggest problems? plus: male: we have several down at-- sam: domestic terrorism in southern california, stoking fears and claims about a rising number of mass shootings. but what do the numbers say? we make sense of the mound of data tracking the violence. then...pumping up the state's transportation purse strings. falling gas prices have taken the air out of gas tax revenues. we explore the governor's plan to refill on fees driven by your pocketbook. finally: male: get the [bleep] out. sam: a viral beating, and now a legal u-turn as an uber rider beats up his driver, then sues him for filming without permission. cracking california's two-party consent law could be the key to this bizarre case. we ask the experts and get to the truth in tonight's "reality check."


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