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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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looking live here at levi's stadm - fs are packi the ands th nbc bay area news starts now. >> looking live at levi's stadium. 75,000 fans packed the stands for the faceoff between the broncos and panthers going on right now. they are jammed in the parking lot. some who didn't have tickets set up for viewing parties outside. our cameras caught up with them. they also caught up with one of the big stars of the show, lady gaga who wowed the crowd with her national anthem. our coverage begins right now. thank you for joining us. we are joined by raj and peggy live at super bowl 50. half way through the big day, big game and what a day so far. >> it has been incredible.
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nearly flawless. we talked to members of the super bowl committee and so far the week has been spectacular in terms of how they envisioned this to go. >> you see what a miraculous fete this is and it has gone smoothly. >> as expected, when you are here at the super bowl at levi's stadium. we have covered a lot of super bowls and lk olympics. this is by far the most security we have seen in terms of walking around here. just in the parking lot and inside the stadium. a lot of armed people, a lot of military dogs and everyone out here reviewing what is happening. >> a lot of people prepared for that. they listened to the requirements before they got here. and paid attention in terms of transportation and getting to the super bowl in the right way. >> one key thing here, it looks intimidating. there are literally military tanks but everyone realizing it is the day and climate we live in where this needs to be done.
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from the security, let's take you inside and check in with the v.i.p.s at the field level. this was pretty fun. where were you inside? >> i was going to say you pulled the long straw on this one. everyone seems to be here. >> we saw accept curry the number one panthers fan. miss universe inside, a lot of hollywood on the field. this is before the game. catherine zeta jones, her husband michael douglas here and spectacular lady gaga and how she sang the national anthem. >> amazing. she hit every note. everybody knows the national anthem is a tough song to tackle. she absolutely knocked it out of the park. we have the blue angels with their flyover afterward. spectacular. >> a lot of glitz and glamour on the field. oh, yeah, by the way, the football game. the panthers taking the field here pre-game. >> very good game. fans are excite kd. matter no matter who with you were rooting for, a lot of
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broncos fans are here. it could be geography, colorado is closer than carolina. they came from near and far. when i say far i'm talking about australia. sydney, all the way for the game. >> when did you get here? >> a week ago. >> did you have a ticket? >> not yet. can you imagine flying 15 hours with the hopes you would score a super bowl ticket. he did just that. a life long john elway fan he was determined to see the broncos play in the super bowl. some hitchhiked, flew here without tickets. we saw a lot of carolina panther fans. could be the colors are more muted. just happened to spot them more. here's one fan who says no matter what she knows her team is going home with the trophy. >> i grew up a panthers fan and loved watching them play.
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i'm a panthers fan. >> i am trying to get a ticket. i haven't missed a game even during the dark years of josh mcdaniels stayed up and watched every single game in the middle of the night. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here. >> pret pretty amazing. he has lived all over the globe and made sure he didn't miss a game. i didn't see him in the lot for long. hoping he got a ticket. >> maybe he did. a lot of people were buying an selling tickets as you walk in to the stadium. a team of reporters here. pete is in mountain view. the transit hub. >> michelle roberts has been on the security detail which is a huge endeavor. how did it go with the fans coming in? did they follow the rules? >> peggy, i'm having a hard time hearing you. we just got in to the stadium
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about five minutes ago. it took 15 minutes to get through the security check points, k-9 units had to check our bags. it has been an incredible day so far. not a lot of issues, no reported problems. look at the excited fans. thousands of law enforcement agencies have been here. some in plain clothes. maybe they are disguised as fans tonight. overall everyone enjoying an amazing game out here. >> tens of thousands of fans heading to super bowl 50, all noticed one thing -- >> there's military, there's police. >> reporter: the department of homeland security has deemed the super bowl a tier one event which means the second highest level of security from the feds on down. black hawk helicopters circled the field throughout the day from the ground fans could see military personnel perched on nearby rooftops. walking in to the stadium. >> some police cars, cops, but that's a level up. >> armored vehicles as a road
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block, in some cases a photo op for fans. >> they have to get out of here two miles away. they won't let you in with your car or anything. and you know what? it is a good thing. >> specialty is explosives. >> k-9 units patrolled the area near levi's stadium and every train checked and cleared. >> it is all about their nose. the big game of hide and seek. >> reporter: santa clara police say in addition to the heavy police presence and uniforms there are plain clothes officers in the crowd. >> it's all hands on deck and we are vigilant. if we see something suspicious p people need to report it. >> i feel safe. if anything goes down i think it is pretty much the safest place is the super bowl. >> reporter: no-fly zone has been in effect since 2:30 this afternoon. there's a no-drone zone in a 32-mile radius around the stadium. everyone enjoying a great time.
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overall, back to you. >> amazing. great to see you inside there, michelle. that's fantastic. everybody following the rules and looks calm. >> 75,000 people in the stadium and one person is working. >> that's right. i'm sure she wanted to switch seats with people. traffic was a big issue. with the super bowl committee did is one of the first hires they made is the person in charge of the olympics traffic flow. they brought him in from rio. he's done olympics from other olympics. what he is dogging is paying off because coming in was fine. the trains coming in so far seem to be smooth. >> a lot of people thought how they were going to get here. listened to the instructions and followed the rules. >> pete is joining us from the mountain view transit station. you see some of the trains here. take it away. i understand you are there and in about an hour and a half from now there's going to be a lot of people coming your way. >> yes. you can expect a lot of people.
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vta told me 10,000 people used public transit to get to levi's stadium. 5,000 used it at the site, they used the light rail in mountain view and for transit officials they are happy with the turnout. some fans took a different road to the super bowl. with fans of all ages sharing in the excitement. [ applause ] >> girl scout cookies. >> my wife is girl scout leader in colorado. >> so if you walk by she would be mad at you. >> she would be very mad at me. >> cal train to the mountain view transit center. >> wonderful. very safe. a lot of room, very clean. unfortunately a couple of broncos fans, but that's okay. >> trying to make up. if they -- >> you are so excited you can't get a straight sentence out. once those panthers and broncos
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fans get off of cal train, they will hop on the light rail for what we're told is a smooth ride to levi's stadium. >> enjoy the game, guys. >> reporter: typically several stops in between mountain view and levi's stadium but according to the vta, plans today were changed. >> they will go to the stadium at the great america stop and let off there. >> reporter: that means fans can focus on the big game. >> if they complete the first snap it will be better than last one with. we're excite. >> we're excited to win this time. >> reporter: now the light rail and buses will be available 2 1/2 hours after the game, but of course the crowds leave early we are talking about a blowout, those things can change. last time we checked it looks like a close one there, guys. >> absolutely. raj and i were talking. of course this is the second season at levi's.
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people were with exiting and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. >> this is the real test. the next 90 minutes will be the success or failure for the traffic flow. not just people leaving on light rail but b.a.r.t. traffic reached record highs. b.a.r.t. had the single highest day of usage. 419,000 people using b.a.r.t. yesterday alone. that set a record. i was one of the 419,000 people using b.a.r.t. yesterday. that's 10,000 people more than the previous record. so b.a.r.t. really coming in handy and critical in terms of usage this week for the super bowl week. >> anything that can derail cars off the roads and get people to use mass transit. this will be the test when the game is over and everybody goes to leave the stadium. that is huge. while they are here, everyone is talking about the performance they are seeing on the field. al also just before the game started. lady gaga with the national anthem and the second she
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finished the song, the blue angels flying overhead. an incredible flyover. so perfectly timed. fans loved it. >> nice to see. >> she did an incredible job. if we had the rain we were expecting a couple of weeks back it would not have been this beautiful. >> spectacular out here. anywhere in the bay area has been spectacular today. jeff will touch on this but it was warm, like a regular season game but we are in february. >> never thought i would be happy to see the sun goes down. it is really a warm stadium. i'm sure some fans that came from colorado where they have had feet of snow happy to see the warm sunshine. perfect day for super bowl 50. >> we will wrap it up and be back in a few minutes and check in with lady gaga, who we spoke with on the field. i'm a fan. >> looking forward to it. >> see you guys soon. >> thank you, guys. well, the super week in the bay area is coming to an end. super bowl city is being torn down as we speak. crews are taking apart the mini city within the city.
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it has been a huge draw for fans and nonfans all week. it was filled to capacity on friday and saturday nights. while getting in to super bowl city last night was tough, thousands were able to get in and enjoy headliner alicia keys. she put on a great show. huey lewis and the news put on a fantastic show at santa clara university last night and ended with a fireworks display. for more coverage, head to our website nbc bay one cool tool there a slide show of the celebrities spotted at the game. en 0 our twitter page the latest tweets from the nbc bay area team about the game. check out the tweets about the super bowl and space. now other news happening on the super bowl sunday. what started as a fight ended in gun fire leaving two dead. christie smith is live in marin city. you spoke to the mother of one of the victims. >> that's right. i can tell you fily and friends are heart broken. they believe the two men actually went to help another person a young woman with, and
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ended up being killed this morning. i did just speak to a woman who identified herself as the mom of one of the victims who she named as jacari cook, 29 years old. she said he and if father in law went to intervene in a domestic dispute and it erupted. marin county sheriffs received call of an altercation and gunshots. they arrived and found two men down. the mother said she was at work when she got word about her son. >> that's why i don't understand why, why him? it is not supposed to be happening to me. >> now another man ran and was later located with a gunshot wound and taken to a hospital. investigators say it is unclear what his role was, but they are speaking with him and trying to determine a motive in all of
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this. the family says that cook turned his life around, had two children, worked in construction. sheriffs department spokesperson said that people in the area are cooperating, but they are looking for more witnesses to come forward. reporting live in marin city, christie smith, nbc news. mild temperatures toechld record setting. we hit 76 in san jose. levi's stadium 74 and san francisco 67. it's all about high pressure, which is continuing to build in the pacific. we will let you know how much warmer this makes our temperatures tomorrow. that's in about seven minutes. i'm live in santa clara, where the super bowl game is bringing super profits to some local restaurants. i will have that story coming up. ==janelle/live== you're looking . we are live here at levi's stadium. we are talking to lady ga gachlt knocked it out of the park with the-than-national anthem. we'll hear from her. >> pretty incredible.
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we will see you in a minute. you're looking live at levi's
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stadium, where the super bowl is happening right now. more than 70-thousand people a live picture of levi's stadium in santa clara where the super bowl is happening right now. more than 75,000 people watching the game live there, including some v.i.p.s. >> yes. raj and peggy are live there from levi's stadium.
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i understand you had your poker face on today. >> so lucky. such a lucky guy. >> if it works out, i'm probably the only one in america that doesn't know much about lady gaga but i was on the field talking to her. >> talk about a high-pressure performance. i don't think there is a tougher song to sing. not to mention at the super bowl. >> it was incredible. lady gaga knocked it out of the park. we chatted with her briefly after her performance. take a listen. >> happy to see everybody in the stands. >> and there you go. dressed in ravishing red. >> amazing to see her in that. we all know the outfits she can put on. we got the news she was going to sing and wondered what she would show up in, respectful red. they rolled out the flag and the crowd was encouraging her and she let it rip. >> we saw a lot of tears in people's eyes and gripped the emotion of the people in the crowd at the stadium and watching across the world with.
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traditionally in a business sense, itunes sales will spike in a big way, especially with what she did with the national an a them. >> followed by coldplay which a lot of people are looking forward to seeing them perform. there isn't a tougher audience you can have here. listening to her, goose bumps the entire song. >> yes, we had our poker face. back to you. >> thank you very much. there are a handful of restaurants around the big game. they were hoping to cash in on the super bowl. i want to show you the map. closed to traffic and so are other roads in the area of the stadium. some businesses have had a tough time because of the closures but today a different story. we have a report from santa clara where a lot of cash registers were ringing. these restaurants just two blocks from levi's stadium were so busy today the overflow crowds spilled in to the parking lot. the cooks at donna marie mexican food hustled to keep up with
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orders. >> this super bowl thing is amazing. >> reporter: just how amazing? we asked the owner how much business was up today. >> probably 100%. normally on weekends our business is slow. >> reporter: he said he sold many beers and margaritas he had to run out and buy more alcohol for the restaurant. most of the customers visiting are from out of town. the panthers fans turned this no an impromptu pre-game meeting spot. >> going to donna marie's and togo's to catch the action there. >> today's super bowl has not turned super profits for everyone. >> business is even if not a little down. with the road closures and stuff it is blocking our usual sunday crowd. >> reporter: but she is hopeful by staying open late tonight the post-super bowl crowd will help her rrlt make a comeback at the cash register. >> mixed day but not for the weather. it was perfect during the day out there.
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what kind of night can the super bowl fans expect? under clear skies. a gorgeous way to kind of unwind after the super bowl. anyone stuck in the major traffic that's happening near levi's stadium will have a nice commute when it comes to that weather. let's look outside right now. near levi's stadium, 65 degrees. super bowl happening. we your alternative, if you needed a break for some reason we will get you caught up on the latest weather. san francisco 65 and clear weather. unlimited visible in the north bay. check out the weather underground shot of the sunset. doesn't get much better than this. this is from tiber ron, looking to san francisco. maybe you can see the lights at levi's stadium. possibly. let's get to the forecast as we head in to tomorrow morning. we are expecting a mainly clear start throughout the bay area. 49 for the north bay. san francisco 51. possibly a few clouds east bay 43. and for the south bay 46.
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you will need a jacket to start. definitely the sunglasses on the morning commute with the bright sunshine. this heat, the mild weather, it was enjoyable but certainly unusual for this time of the year. produced by this region of high pressure. there are storm systems out here. you have to go 1500 to 2,000 miles to find anything consistent. that means tomorrow, even the next three days, as you are probably seeing on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen there's no chance of any rainfall. that will put us at 77 in the south bay for tomorrow. 73 throughout the peninsula. trivalley 75. even in san francisco, with our off-shore wind, we will have a temperature of 70 degrees. north bay, 74. with the dry weather it has been nice for us. obviously we need rainfall. we are in our four-year drought. we were off to a great start with el nino in december, january and now in to february it started to dry. so, how are we doing so far? we started to see numbers sink
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here, santa rosa 88% of average. livermore 98% and san jose 105. the other component of the drought we are watching with closely without any rainfall, substantial rain in the next week is our sierra snow pack, 128% of average bomts line is we need more rainfall. we will talk about that in 25 minutes. and when we could have some rainfall coming our way. >> okay. thank you very much, jeff. coming up, people trapped in the rubble. we will show you as crews dig through debris in taiwan looking for survivors. later, crab fishermen hurting after a disappointing year. the help that maybe coming to them since the season was cancelled. we're following developing news
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out of taiwan tonight, which is reeling from the aftermath of this week's magnitude 6.4 developing news out of taiwan tonight which is reeling from the aftermath of this week's magnitude 6.4 quake. anxious family members looked on as teams worked through the night and all day hoping to find more survivors in this collapsed apartment building. it happened during the night. three bodies were recovered. in the morning, two survivors pulled from the rubble but one of them sadly died at the hospital. the death toll is now at 32. hundreds more recovering from their injuries. meanwhile, more than 100 people are still believed to be trapped somewhere in the rubble. another devastation in taiwan is a stark reminder of how good a warning would be. you are looking at the aftermath from the napa earthquake in 2014. seismologists say a warng could
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have made a difference. the system has been in the works for years. it is shake alert and intended to alert people in advance of earthquakes. the obama administration is dedicating $8 million for the project this year with a total cost of the network is 50 billion m million bucks. a but pi stuck in a storm drain. the heart warming rescue that saved its life. betting on this year's super
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bowl could break records. nevada vo== thousands he hit sports books to pla
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betting on this year's super bowl could break records. thousands have placed bets. industry watchers bets could top more than $119 million which would be a new high. >> i get there wouldn't a two-point conversion. >> honey, our kids are going to harvard or aurora community college. one of the two. >> of course, illegal bets nationwide will dwarf the legal wagers. the american gaming association estimates $4.2 billion will be gambled on the super bowl. 3% of that will be done legally. a puppy was way too far from the puppy bowl. we want to show you photos of the rescue. police patroling sebastian drive heard a puppy crying and found this little guy stuck in a storm drain. no word on how he got there. but he has been rescued. still to come, a police chase ends in death. the crash that killed three
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people, just blocks away from super bowl city last night. and we are following all thing super bowl. >> i'm raj mathai along with peggy bunker. what about the super bowl coming back to the bay area. we talk about that next. >> and how much is it costing the city to host the super bowl? are we on budget? that's up next. a live look at levi's stadium
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where all the action is. the super bowl is in full swing right now.
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a look at levi's stadium where the action is happening right now. we are joined outside of levi's stadium. they have the coverage for us. hi, guys. >> having a great time out here. amazing to be here of course. the game underway behind us. >> the question is so far it has been a big success the entire super bowl week and so far on game day, when and will we ever get the super bowl back. ift has been 1 years since we had it in '85. will ge we get it back? >> it's not over yet and people are wondering how soon you can get in rotation to get it back here. >> in terms of the success all week long it has built up with super bowl city. we take you inside the stadium and everything is going well so far. the fans loved it, the organization loved it in terms of how they organized everything. now the super bowl executive
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committee is not necessarily officially petitioning the nfl but right now they want to be that rotation of getting the super bowl maybe in five 0 or six years and having it as a regular rotation. we spoke to a committee member a while ago. >> part of the goal was to try to do it so we could get in the rotation and do it every five to seven years, something like that. we have to prove to the nfl and the people who live here it is worth doing. i think we've done that. i guess we will see in the next few weeks. >> reporter: that would be it. did they prove though bay area, for those that lived here, they did a good job and we can handle it moving forward. that is a public sentiment in the weeks to come. >> it impacts everyone. you hear from some happy to host, happy to see increased revenue to businesses but some see it as a hassle and there's a monetary bottom line. we are talking about the festivities in the city. right now some numbers coming in to what it cost san francisco. san francisco, the city, is
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shelling out $1.5 million. interesting enough, really you get no money from the nfl for such things such as police overtime. we have seen incredible police presence on every corner. also street cleaning. humongous crowds. people coming in to super bowl city and leave behind a lot of trash. right now we believe the city is saying they will be on budget for hosting the super bowl. that according to the chief and that's good news. >> keep in mind it wasn't successful when we did the america's cup and olympics is always something we will continue to bid on in terms of local organizers. i can see it as a blueprint when they bid on the olympics next time. >> when you consider the america's cup went dmoubl to what it was expected to cost you can see why people were concerned. good news that we are on target fiscally. >> we have several reporters with us this evening. pete is in mountain view at the transit hub where everything is happening. in the next 90 minutes it will be that way with. michelle is with us. let's start with pete. everyone will be coming your way
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shortly, pete. >> you know, once the game wraps up we should see thousands of people. earlier today we had people coming in on the cal train. to the other side and they took light rail to levi's. once they got on, they were with taken directly toe levi's. 10,000 people used light rail or bus to get to the stadium. 5,000 people used the mountain view transit center. that's why we expect big crowds when the game wraps up. one fan was so excited to get to the game he was at a loss for words. >> we're trying to -- make a -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: you are so excited you can't get a straight sentence out. good stuff there. they will have light rail and bus going for 2 1/2 hours after the game around levi's stadium them crowds should be arriving in the next couple of hours. now we will check in with
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michelle there at levi's stadium. >> reporter: certain lay lot of crowds. we just got through security here at levi's stadium. it took 15 minutes. k-9 units checking our bags and everything else. no major issues reported. officers took a man out in handcuffs who appeared too drunk. overall a nice, great game for people. it is clear there's heavy security presence, no matter where you are inside or outside. you can see there are certainly a lot of law enforcement officers out here. the department of homeland security has deemed the super bowl a tier 1 event, the second highest level of security. black hawk helicopters have been circling the stadium throughout the day. it appears they are up there right now looking bebuildings. you can see military personnel perched on rooftops. k-9 units that specialize in explosives have been walking around the crowds. every is grateful to see all of the uniformed officers out here. >> big events like this, ever since we have had al-qaeda and
6:36 pm
what not, these events have to be secure. i feel pretty safe. if anything goes down, i think it is pretty much the safest place, the super bowl. >> reporter: no-fly zone zone in effect since 2:30 this afternoon and violators will notice f-15s trailing behind them and a no-drone zone in the 32-mile radius. just after the game start i stopped by the check point where they have a bag check. they are strict on the bags that people can bring in today. there were hundreds of bags piled up because many didn't remember the warn withings. overall a great night. a lot of people will be traveling on the roads soon. reporting live inside levi's stadium, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. there was a lot of women when levi's fist opened had to adapt to the no handbag policy and then at the super bowl even more strict. nothing able to be brought in. very closely checking every item
6:37 pm
that came in to the stadium. >> as we head to 7:00 and the game will start to wind down. we hear a constant buzz of military helicopters behind us. if you look behind us, a lot of activity. people are starting to leave the game and a lot of military personnel taking over their positions right now as they expect 70,000 people to leave. >> as we mentioned before, this will be the true test. it is interesting hearing about trchlgts it is when we can decide fit went smoothly. can everyone get out in a way people don't have to drive over the curb like we saw when levi's first opened. >> later in the newscast, local cheerleaders across bay area high schools who are dancing with beyonce during the halftime show. >> that would be a thrill. thanks. see you in a bit. for more super bowl coverage go to our website and check out the fan photos and lot more pictures from the game. our twitter page, the latest tweets from the nbc bay area team about the game. read their thoughts on the siep
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bowl halftime show. update you on the other news happening today. deadly crash in san francisco happened last night not far from super bowl city. the chp says the driver of a white chevrolet was driving recklessly around the south of market area. an officer followed the car to a stop light where it sped off and a short chase began. the officer eventually abandoned the chase. soon after, the driver of the chevrolet smashed in to a taxi cab and that car went up in flames. three men in the car were killed. at this point, investigators have not released their names and the taxi driver is expected to be okay. turning to decision 2016. in new hampshire today, marco rubio played defense. the florida senator who had a good shot at high-profile second place finish to dplump tuesday's primary had a rough debate last night. several times he repeated parts of his speech drawing sharp fire from chris christie. >> this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is
6:39 pm
doing. let's start with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> memorize a 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> today, senator rubio tried to make light of his performance. trump is defending his promise to work with democrats if elected president. on the democratic side, candidate hillary clinton travels to flint, michigan, leaving bernie sanders to campane in new hampshire where he has a huge lead in the polls. back to levi's stadium. more super bowl coverage coming your way with. coming up next, what local teens were doing on the field during the halftime show. we're following all things super
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bowl night. ==x== ==janelle/boxes== go back out live to raj mathai . we are covering all things super bowl tonight. so far, it's been super well. >> yes, super successful. raj and peggy are light live at levi's stadium. i understand you got to talk to local cheerleaders who were part of the half-time show. >> how did that happen? >> hold on. these were high school cheerleaders who actually all of the high schools around the area, several were contacted a couple of months ago, and they had to sign nondisclosure agreements not to reveal they were part of the super bowl show. >> remember when beyonce was halftime for previous super bowls. she's amazing. such a good performer. how thrilling for the girls to participate with her. >> girls and guys having a great time on the halftime field at the super bowl.
6:42 pm
take a look. can you feel the spirit? there they are. those are dozens of high school students. we had cheerleaders, marching band. men low college cheerleaders, homestead high school cheerleaders. silver creek hie high school. my alma mater los almos high school. they were invited to be a part of the halftime show and dance with beyonce. everyone -- just kind of see them as their real selves. >> who did you like the best? >> beyonce. >> what a thrill of a lifetime. they were nervous but excited to be a part of the halftime show. they will remember that forever, peggy. >> how do you forget. so goopd about working with younger women and men.
6:43 pm
bringing them up to be amazing performers. i can't think of a better mentor than beyonce. >> how do you keep high school girls off of facebook and twitter not to reveal they are part of this. congratulations to them. >> another fete. speaking of fetes as we get to the end of the game we are thinking of everyone getting out of here. the trains are lining up to get people out of here safely. if you drove in your car obviously you would be one of the fuchl many people public transport we are seeing people begin to come out. trains are lined up and waiting. all kinds of options to get out. mass transit is the way to go and of course the way officials want people to show up and leave. >> one of the primary and first hires for the olympic -- i keep saying olympics. we will wrap with it up. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. >> so exciting for a lot of folks. >> great day for so many people. for most of the week the action wasn't at levi's stadium,
6:44 pm
instead super bowl city that had tens of thousands of people going in. crews started to break down, the super bowl city is over. the party ended four hours ago there. >> a last chance to take it in. super bowl city with games, workouts and pictures. >> i can't believe super bowl is actually in my face. i had to come to the area. >> reporter: these guys traveled from australia to be a part of. >> it you americans know how to put on a party. that's why i enjoy coming here. >> fans say it was a good alternative, even though the game wasn't shown here. >> we will be closing prior to kickoff. >> super bowl city closed for the last time at 3:00 today. some san francisco natives, proud of the city's moment on the world stage. >> for the city to do this i think is great for tourists, great for the people who live here. >> i'm glad it happened here. the bay area is representing. >> reporter: volunteers also happy to take part. >> be able to take a week from
6:45 pm
work. used my own vacation time to give back to the city. it was amazing. >> reporter: the cleanup will take some time. crews immediately started to break down the city stage that host ed alicia keys and one republic. speakers in stands collected, pop up stores and restaurants taken down. some spent the afternoon plucking bottle caps from the embarcadero. streets are expected to be closed until the 13th, but soon things will be back to normal. >> i'm ready. i'm ready. >> reporter: in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> that was with ian cole reporting. there is financial help for fishermen struggling from the cancellation of this year's crab season. low-interest loans are available for small business commercial fishermen. those who need it can access $2 million at a low interest rate. the crab season was with cancelled in november after unsafe levels of a toxen were found. caused by an algae bloom fuelled
6:46 pm
by warm el nino. crab season was cancelled from monterrey to oregon boarder. >> seems like no sight of el nino. we are getting beautiful nights and sunny days. >> you are right on. it is an unoosh pattern we are seeing ourselves stuck with right now after an active january and december with above-average rainfall. the flip side of it with dry weather. winds right now out of the north and west anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour across the south bay. that's also impacting the santa clara stadium. no reports of any issues with that during they game. we had record-setting heat in the south bay as well. san jose 76. that tied the record in 1963. so, as your alternative to the puppy bowl and the super bowl tonight, we will get you geared up for tomorrow and you will be ahead of the game, so to speak, as we get ahead at the week's forecast. let's get you in toe current conditions right now. 68 south bay. east bay 62. san francisco 65. currently the north bay at 63. a little chill in the air right
6:47 pm
now. for tomorrow morning, we will start with more clear skies as many of us will be heading back to work. it will be cold to start but not super cold. 49 expected in the north bay. san francisco 51. right here across the peninsula 48 and for the south bay 46. you need the jacket to start and of course the sunglasses as you commute. ve haven't had many sunny start but you need that storm you can see as we head through the afternoon on monday, sunny skies across the bay area. that is driven by high pressure, which is going to stay strong. not only for monday but likely for tuesday and wednesday. keeps any storm activity to the north. the other component on top of high pressure that is bringing the heat is this dry wind. it is coming from the north and also the east. it won't overly gusty for tomorrow, but again it is moving over the land. it is hotter versus our typical pacific wind and that will help temperatures to bump up. look at the microclimate forecast and you will see who will be the warmest. that's right.
6:48 pm
close to 80 tomorrow in morgan hill. sunny skies, san jose 77. for the peninsula at the coastline a nice beach day with 70 in pacifica. palo alto 74. san francisco, low 70s tomorrow. how about the north bay, east bay and trivalley? maybe you are not heading back to work but have a three-day weekend i'd try napa if that was me. sunny oakland 73. across the trivalley mid-70s. it is about high pressure producing this wild and weird with warm weather. we may have a few spotty showers as we head through friday, namely in the north bay. not a large storm system. the end of february and march when our above-average rain chances could bring back substantial rain. today's weather just for the record records here the warmest weather since october 31st. it felt good. i didn't feel too guilty with the rainfall we have had lately but hope we get more storms in by the end of the sglont pulled the rabbit out of your super bowl cap.
6:49 pm
>> do what we can. besides the super bowl a lot going on in sports. we are joined with a preview. >> we are here stuck in the studio. this is what we have going on in sports. the nba mvp and nfl mvp, two fierce competitors with different styles in their respective sports. we have the story about the special bond between step curry and cam newton. that's next in sports. thunder at oracle... steph curry
6:50 pm
spent his day off at super
6:51 pm
a day after silencing the thunder, steph curry spent the day off at super bowl 50 and waunt spectator he played a role in the opening ceremony. we know curry is a huge panthers fan. today, he was an honorary member of the team. yes, the panthers made a customized jersey for curry as he was chosen to serve as the key pounding drummer before kickoff. he is good friends with cam newton, the nfl's mvp. jim takes a deeper look. ♪ >> unstoppable. ste that's probably the best way to describe the most beloved athletes. bringing an excitement level unparalleled in their sport. one with hardware, the other on the doorstep.
6:52 pm
but for everything steph curry and cam newton have in common, they are polar opposites in many ways. one is a physical marvel a combination of size and speed never before seen in his position. ♪ the other, undersized in a game full of giants. one over powers his opponent, while the other uses uncanny skill to dissect his adversary. one entered the league showered in praise. the other -- forced skeptics to eat their words. one jaw drop at a time. now the two share a bond. a mutual respect, based on athletic excellence. the likely nfl mvp hopes to join the nba mvp in another exclusive club -- world champions.
6:53 pm
>> not looking good for cam so far. marshawn lynch has told people close to him he plans to retire. he had 51 rushing touchdowns and ranked in the top three in carries and rushing yards. pga tour golf. final round of the waste management open in phoenix. jump to the 18th hole. hideki matsui yam ma for birdie and he drains it. rickie fowler must make it to force a playoff and he does. we go to a playoff. on the fourth playoff hole, ricky hits the three wood. oh, no ends up in the water. tough break for him. on the green, he taps in for par and the win. it is matsuyama second pga tour
6:54 pm
win. congratulations to him. super bowl 50 going down at levi's stadium. and the panthers lead in the fourth quarter. highlights and reaction at 10:00. i know you watch the super bowl halftime show. i have to ask you what did you think? >> we are divided with. i loved it because i'm a coldplay fan. i like to be on bruno mars. >> beyonce always brings it. >> that was good formation. >> we will have more highlights from levi's stadium after the break stay with us.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
after months of preparations, the super bowl is almost over. >> i know it has been so successful. let's go back to raj and pegging gi at levi's. >> it is really been an incredible night. so successful in so many ways. there it has been nothing but a fan fest. and v.i.p. fest for sure. >> really was. we will ha hopefully we will have another super bowl and super bowl coming to a draw. thank you for joining us. see you again at 11:00.
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>> you feel so alone. >> it's like a shot in the chest. >> reporter: despair to hope. darkness to light. tonight, a fight for freedom. in the shadow of justice. two died. two survived. >> i just started hearing gunshots. >> reporter: a double murder -- solved when a teenager named daniel -- confessed. >> case closed. >> reporter: or was it? his family was convinced police got it wrong. >> it just seemed there was nothing we could do. >> reporter: was there something he could do? >> i had no clue what i was going to find. >> you were hooked. >> i was hooked. >> reporter: he didn't know daniel. had never even met him. so why did he spend hundreds o


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