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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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east bayi'm jelle wang. ==jess/= and i'm jessica aguirre. t nbc nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> shots fired on a east bay freeway. >> i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm jesse aguirre. that happened in the city of pinole. police say one person has been hit by gunfire, and that person drove themselves to the hospital. >> that is the only injury they know of right now. two cars were also hit by bullets. so far no arrests have been made. there have been three other highway shootings along 80 in the east bay in recent months. at this point we don't me if they're connected, but they're going to continue to update this story throughout this newscast. now to super bowl 50 taking over the bay area tonight.
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>> from the players to the fans. >> i feel very, very grateful. >> and even the celebrities. >> a historic and unforgettable night in the bay area. super bowl 50 had it all. celebrations, heroics, and drama. hundreds of millions of people around the world watching the bay area put on a spectacular show. >> quite a night in santa clara. the denver broncos are celebrating, and so are their fans. >> new video into the newsroom. it shows the bronco fans gathering outside the santa clara marriott, cheering on the world champions who will be partying well into the night. >> in san francisco, the transamerica building is lit up in orange and blue in honor of the super bowl champs. we have live team coverage, but we begin with raj mathai. he has been at levi's stadium all day, and he joins us now. hi, raj. >> good evening. we had some really primary concerns now coming into the super bowl. not just from the super bowl committee, but also from the national football league.
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the league office. concern number one was security. concern number two was weather. and the third concern was traffic. well, in terms of security, it's been relatively flawless this entire week. the weather of course has been spectacular. and the traffic, that's a little debatable. we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. we'll show you just the exit out of the stadium late tonight about 70,000 fans. in fact more than 70,000 fans. and one thing that we did notice, whether you're a broncos fan or a panthers fan or just an nfl fan, we had a lot of smiles. overwhelmingly, the consensus from everyone we spoke with, it was an enjoyable week, and of course an enjoyable super bowl sunday. now inside the stadium, this was pretty interesting to see. we'll say hello to john elway, the former stanford star now an executive with the denver broncos. he was leaving. we see everyone going back to that team hotel and that team party in santa clara. and then when the players left the field, this was pretty cute. their friends and family members, well, taking advantage of the super bowl moment,
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hanging out on the super bowl field. as for some of our local players here, and this is very nice to see as well, two young men who we've seen grow up here in the bay area, gone to high school here, and now they are super bowl champs. c.j. anderson posing with the super bowl trophy. nice to see him. he grew up in vallejo. went to bethel high school and went to uc berkeley. he scored one of the touchdowns here to seal the victory for the broncos. local player number two, t.j. ward. part of that ferocious denver defense. he had a big game tonight. he grew up in the bay area. went to de la salle high school. so two young men we've seen grow up now at the top of their game. very nice to see that. we have multiple reporters. terry mcsweeney is in the stadium. marianne favro is here and so is peggy bunker. marianne, we're talking about the traffic flow getting out of here. that was a huge problem for levi's stadium. how did we do tonight? >> reporter: well, it did take people a long time to get out of the parking lots.
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and you see behind me, this vta platform is empty right now. but right after the game, it was packed. in fact, so packed that some fans tell me they had to find another way the get home. brake lights and long waits. that's what happened tonight when 75,000 people left levi's stadium at the same time. it took us nearly 20 minutes to drive one block. an hour after the game, street closuresranslated into traffic tie-ups. many opted instead to take uber. the problem is the uber pickup lot quickly filled up, leaving more than 100 uber drivers miles away, hoping to connect with clients. >> all the clients cancel. i don't know how they can go back in the city. but we are stuck here and we are waiting for clients to answer the phone. walked all the way here. >> reporter: waiting for vta spent more than an hour at the platform as full trains pass them by. >> everything has been full.
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the train, everything has been full. >> reporter: now he is searching for a cab or uber or lyft. he is glad his team won, he just wishes getting back to san francisco would be as easy. >> i'll hitchhike if i have to. >> reporter: well, according to vta, 10,000 people took light rail either to and from the game. and vta claims that within one hour after super bowl 50, they were able to clear the crowd. raj, back to you. >> okay, marianne, very good to hear. we'll see if it continues that way with levi's stadium. just in now, another traffic note. a minor accident actually. you're looking at the north carolina governor. governor mccrory. this is a picture of him obviously at the golden gate bridge. late tonight leaving this game, he got in a fender-bender. he got rear-ended on highway 237. that's right here at levi's stadium. right next to the stadium. the governor did suffer minor injuries, but decided not to go to the hospital. so once again, governor pat mccrory of north carolina
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involved in a minor accident leaving this game. okay. with us is nbc bay area's peggy bunker. we're talking about all the fans here, whether you're a broncos fan or a panthers fan. you saw a lot of smiles tonight. >> an amazing night. definitely if you're a broncos fan, we said when we first got here, it seemed to be a sea of orange and blue. we sort of thought that maybe the broncos fans outweighed the panther fans just in attendance. when you scored, you really heard it. when they came out after the big win, it was easy to spot them as well. >> broncos super bowl 50, baby. >> reporter: it's not hard to find a broncos fan at levi's stadium tonight. they're on cloud nine after their 24-10 win over the panthers in super bowl 50. >> thank god for defense. >> thank god for defense. >> go to every game and this is the culmination of what we want every year, all the time. >> reporter: panthers fans say this one hurt. >> not good. i'm -- i said i'm -- this is not a big deal. peyton manning, i'm happy for him. no. it makes me want to cry.
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it's just so sad. >> we didn't have an offensive line that could hold them. that was part of the problem. and we didn't feel like the referees gave us a fair shot either. >> you're 0 for 2, pal. >> reporter: pay no attention to such claims says die-hard bronco fan who shows his devotion to the team with his tattoo. >> hey, luke keuchly, you remember the time the panthers were going to win the super bowl? >> reporter: he flew from chicago from the game and says he'll now fly to denver for the parade. >> i put out a twitter post. and i said if the broncos win, do i fly to denver for the parade? 100% of the responses said yes. >> reporter: look out, denver. aaron and his bronco tattoo are on their way. >> we're going go. and we're going to drink some rocky mountain kool aid and go broncos, baby! hell, yeah! >> reporter: we got a lot of that. it was easy to spot the broncos fans. especially when you the tattoo there right on your calf. he said he is a die-hard. it runs in the family. so once again hopping on the plane.
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to head to denver for the welcome parade. a big night, good one for broncos fans. >> a lot of fun here. thank you, peggy. we'll see you later in the newscast as well. coming up, we're going to tell you about the future of the super bowl here in the bay area. you might be surprised of when they want to it come back here to the bay area. and we're going to check in with lady gaga. we spoke with her on the field. jessica and janelle, we'll send it back to you. >> okay, a big night for the nfl. >> very animated folks. >> great night for the bay area. we'll check back with you in a bit. thanks, raj. new at 11:00 tonight, violating security. despite all the extra tight security for the super bowl, we learned several aircraft did violate restricted airspace above the stadium. the faa says three planes crossed into restricted space. one was redirected to livermore. and on the ground, a minor scare as officers responded to a suspicious vehicle near the stadium around 7:15. police say in the end, it was not a threat. keeping fans safe during the super bowl was not cheap. security in san francisco alone cost around $1.5 million. the department of homeland
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security labelled the super bowl a tier 1 event, which is the second highest national security rating. black hawk helicopters hovered over levi's stadium. on the rooftops you could see snipers. and on the ground armored vehicles and a whole lot of police activity, including k-9 units. fans, they took notice. >> some police cars, seen cops. but that's a level. >> they won't let you in with your car or anything. and you know what? it's a good thing. >> i feel pretty safe. if anything goes down, i think it's the safest place is the super bowl. >> it was safe. santa clara police say in addition to all the visible presence, there were also plainclothes officers keeping an eye out. we have much more super bowl coverage online on our website, just head to our home page for photos and videos of our game day coverage. i'm terry mcsweeney live on the field at levi's stadium. this is where we got a brand-new super bowl champion. and i've got three people who
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had a whole lot to do with it. and they're from the bay area. plus, i've got peyton manning, coming up. >> all right, thanks, terry. and star-studded sidelines at the super bowl. the big names that got a lot of camera time. plus this man found two tickets to the super bowl and reached out online for the rightful owner. where the tickets finally ended up. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. record setting heat today. high pressure just to the south that will keep us warm through tomorrow. we're tracking who will hit 78 degrees. and i'll have details on that in just about six minutes. star steph curry. the n-b-a's
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"m-v-p " is just one of . the super bowl started with a bang courtesy of warriors star steph curry. the nba's mvp. just one of the countless celebrities spotted on the sidelines. >> let's go back to raj mathai. you were on the sidelines and spotted many vips at levi's. >> i saw a bunch of them. it's interesting you brought up steph curry.
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here at levi's stadium he wasn't the superstar, he was stephen curry the fan rooting for his carolina panthers. we talked to him right after he hit that drum. >> how did it feel? >> it feels great. got the crowd into it. we're ready for some football. >> the only thing that didn't go right for stephen curry for maybe the last couple of years is his carolina panthers lost the game. but he and his wife enjoying the atmosphere, soak it all. in a lot of notable people and familiar faces. that's the newly crowned miss universe, katherine zeta jones and her husband michael douglas. you saw a lot of people on the sidelines. a lot of people in the stands. it is the super bowl. it's the biggest ticket in all of america. in terms of the performers, halftime, beyonce, cold play, and bruno mars really stole the show. but perhaps the showstopper of the entire day was lady gaga before the game. >> i was just happy to see everybody in the stands. >> and she was fired up.
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so many responses, positively on how she did the national anthem. and you figure any performer in the super bowl tomorrow going into monday and even late tonight, their itunes sales skyrocketed. lady gaga getting a lot of positive reviews of how she handled the national anthem. she really brought it to life. we're heading towards the 11:30 hour here at night. the broncos enjoying their party right now nearby, just across the street at their team hotel. but behind me, inside levi's stadium, there is still a sort of party that is going on. a lot of people still in the stadium, including our very own terry mcsweeney. terry, you saw a lot that we didn't see on the television coverage. tell us about it. >> it was absolutely a rush down here when the game ended. i mean, the confetti was coming down from all over the place. you can see it still all over the field. the players may be long gone, but we did catch up with three that have a very distinct bay area connection. and i also caught up with peyton manning.
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♪ peyton manning was asked time and again, was tonight your last game? >> my plan was to try to win this game tonight. and to really take it all in and to enjoy being a part of this joern. and it's definitely been a heck of a i'd this season. >> reporter: brian periani, who picked up a super bowl ring with the 49ers in '95 and who is now broncos tight end coach tried to put it into words. >> it's unbelievable to win a super bowl in the bay area. growing up here and obviously working with the 49ers in the last super bowl, and to be able to come back here is so special. >> reporter: john elway now, gm and vp of the super bowl champs. >> the place has a special place in my heart, the bay area. i had a tremendous time when i went to school back here. to come and win here is tremendous. >> reporter: and vallejo native and super bowl champion running back cj anderson will not be affected bay super bowl touchdown. his mom told me. >> cj, very humble and lovable
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person. works so hard to get here. and i am so very proud of him. >> reporter: and the ceo of the super bowl 50 host committee beet bruce told me that today's victory proves two things. broncos are world champions. and san francisco knows how to put on a super bowl. live at levi's, terry mcsweeney, janelle and jessica, back to you. >> boy, does it. and there is still a lot of action behind you. is that a little impromptu football game going on now? >> i think the division of the united states military has moved on to the field. and i don't think it's for a protection. they're playing catch. they're goofing around. they're having a good time. and they were entertaining doing behind me. now they don't want to be on camera. this is a bit of a party still going on out here. >> very festive. >> they did their job. they protected all the fans. now they can let loose and have some fun. >> they did. >> thanks, terry. a lot of people talking about the game, but also the halftime show. but tonight's performance had some fans unimpressed. ♪
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♪ i used to rule the world >> mixed reviews of coldplay's halftime performance. the british band opened with a less than usual flare for the super bowl. beyonce and bruno mars later joined the stage. and that seemed to heat things up. ♪ ♪ up town funk you up >> the halftime show also featured a montage of former performers and a colorful display of the words believe in love. off stage a few of beyonce's dancers took time to show their support for a local issue. the dancers held up a sign with the words "justice for mario woods." woods is the black man armed with a knife that was shot and killed by san francisco police officers in the bayview district in december. an update now on a san francisco good samaritan who tried to return some lost super bowl tickets. christian huang found the tickets friday afternoon near the moscone center. after making sure they weren't fake, he tweeted to try to find the owners and reported them to
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police. when no one came forward with the right seat numbers, huang says he gave the tickets away. he works for nonprofit sf city impact. so the tickets went to a donor who offered to pay for a one-year scholarship to that school. so really, a win-win. >> exactly. >> except for the person who originally lost the tickets. >> that's too bad for them. but ended up going to a good cause. >> that's right. >> the weather was beautiful today, jeff ranieri. >> perfect forecast. >> that weather was almost like a fourth star out there during the halftime show. kind of nice to be able to see some blue sky back behind the performers. and it was mild. no matter where you are in the bay area, if you're here visiting, you got extremely lucky. we haven't seen temperatures this warm since back in october. san jose was at 76. levi's stadium topping out at 74. palo alto 73. and san francisco at 67. to take you outside in the sky camera network right now, if you have a late overnight flight leaving in an hour or so, you have clear skies in the south bay and 54, no flight delays
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expect. east bay at 53 and san francisco currently at 62. tomorrow morning's forecast, we also look all clear when it comes to any flight issues in the morning there is nothing in the way of thick fog. we may have a few clouds in san francisco and 51 to start. 43 for the east bay. so it's on the chilly side here. and 46 expected for south bay. you need a light jacket to start. but the forecast again is going to stay mild. you're getting a preview of that in the bottom of the screen with our scrolling seven-day forecast. and the main driver is high pressure which is building offshore. we should be getting rainfall this time of the year. but you can see unfortunately the storm track is still 1500 to 2,000 miles away. so that's going to be good for dry weather. at least through the next three to four days. you can see specifically for tomorrow's forecast, as you start off monday, 78 and sunny in the south bay. tri-valley at 76. san francisco even hitting 70 degrees tomorrow. right up into the north bay wine country. a beautiful 75. so with this dry weather in
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place, of course we're in our four-year drought. we want the take a look at how our rainfall numbers are doing. we're beginning to see them drop after quite a surplus the past month or so. right now we're at 88% of average in santa rosa. san francisco 96. livermore 98 and san jose 105%. so we're still doing okay. but we definitely need to get more storms up here. and the key component to getting our drought numbers to improve is this year's snowpack. we're still above 100% the way it looks now. 120% of average for the northern sierra. central sierra 114. and southern sierra 105. a huge contrast from what we had this time last year when it was just 22% of average. coming up in about 25 minutes, jesse and janelle will have details on when we may actually get some rainfall coming our way. and that's in my complete forecast. >> okay. we'll see you then, jesse. coming up, some south bay stores banking on a surge because of the super bowl. the reason many were let down even before the kickoff. ==janelle/ots== we continue to
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follow breaking ♪
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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shots fired on an east bay freeway. ==map== the shooting we have an update on our breaking news. shots fired on an east bay freeway. the shooting happened just after 10:00 tonight on i-80 in pinole. police say one person was hit by gunfire near the appian way exit. that person drove themselves to the hospital. two other cars also hit by gunfire. so far no arrests have been made. two lanes of westbound 80 in pinole shut down right now. there have been at least three other highway shootings along highway 80 in east bay in three
11:25 pm
months. we don't know if they're connected. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. an attempt to intervene, a domestic dispute may have cost two men their lives. tonight a family is in mourning and questioning how a fight escalated into gunfire. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke to the mother of one of the victims. >> it's like being in a nightmare. >> reporter: lashawn fourshey is devastated. it was her son who she identified as jacari cook who she identified outside an apartment in marin city. >> i don'tness why him. my son was -- this is not supposed to be happening. >> reporter: she believes he and a father-in-law may have tried to intervene in a domestic dispute. both were killed. 911 calls came in this morning. >> a fight or altercation. and went as far as describing the fact that there were bats and sticks and knives. >> reporter: then reports of gunfire. another man wounded. sheriff's deputies have an idea what led up to the fight, but didn't speculate, though it
11:26 pm
appears to be isolated. darryl rory says his organization has helped cook. >> he didn't deserve this. you know, nobody deserves this. and it's a sad day. >> he actually turned his life around. >> reporter: they say he worked construction. a married father of two, and they want answer. >> my son wasn't supposed to die in the streets like that. he wasn't a part of the street. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. just ahead, a dramatic explosion in the middle of london. but it was for show. why many people are now outraged. plus -- >> we continue our super bowl coverage here from levi's stadium. and the question now, when will the game return to the bay area? we have some insight next. the years of planning and
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preparation... all led up to tight. by all counts itas a very years of planning around
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preparation all led up to tonight. >> by all accounts it was a very successful super bowl 50. >> and we might be doing it all again in just a few years. nbc bay area's raj mathai continues our coverage from levi's stadium. all in all great reviews. >> it really was. really good reviews. now the next question is when are we going to do it again? the louisiana time we had a super bowl here was 31 years ago at stanford stadium when the 49ers beat the miami dolphins. i don't think we're going to have another 31-year gap. the super bowl committee telling me they really want to sense the community's vibe now. how we respond. do we like having a super bowl here. for next few weeks, they're going to get that sense and really move forward from there. they want to be part of the super bowl rotation mean thanksgiving want to have the super bowl here every six or seven years. that would put us at 2022 or 2023 for the next super bowl in the bay area. after the game just a short while ago, we chatted with 49ers legend ronnie lot about convincing the commissioner of the nfl to have another super bowl here at levi's stadium.
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>> yeah, it's coming back. and if it doesn't come back, i'm going after the commissioner. we have to visit back for a host of reasons. we're a great city. not only a great city, but we're a city that cares. >> and ronnie lott really emblematic of the football community and how they responded to the last week. not just tonight's game, but really the whole week of super bowl festivals. keep in mind not just the super bowl. now we're thinking of an olympics bid by some of the organizers here moving forward. this really setting the stage for bigger and better things in theory for things to come. jessica and janelle, send it back to you. >> all right. let's hope that leads to fruition. thank you, raj. for many fans, going super bowl 50 was a dream come true. but the dream turned into a nightmare for some when they tried to get home. marianne favro takes a look at tonight's transportation troubles. >> these vta platforms in front of levi's stadium are empty now. but earlier tonight, as people
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came out, they were packed. in fact, so packed that some fans had to find another way to get home. as the crush of fans poured out of levi's stadium, many opted to hop on light rail. but for some, they never were able to make it on to a train. which is why 90 minutes after the game ended, denver broncos fan mike brooks was still looking for a ride back to his hotel in san francisco. >> and everything has been full. the train, the -- everything has been full. >> reporter: many opted instead to take uber. the problem is the uber pickup lot near the stadium filled up quickly, leave mortgage than 100 drivers parked miles away. hoping to connect with clients. some never did end up with fares. for those who took their own cars, brake lights and long waits, even an hour after the game. street closures left motorists in gridlock. of course any time you have more than 75,000 people leaving a stadium at the same time, it's
11:32 pm
going to be a little bit challenging. but what we found is a lot of the out of town fans had difficulty knowing where to go. they weren't sure whether to take light rail where they had to go, how to find uber, how to find lyft. for those who had a concrete plan, it was a little bit easier. reporting in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, marianne. traffic was a concern all day. lots of people opted for public transit before they got to the game. trains packed this morning on vta. instead of making several stops, many trains went directly to levi's stadium in order to accommodate the football fans. caltrain increased. commuter rail between san francisco and santa clara county saw more than double the ridership this week. and on bart, not surprised, trains packed too. transit agency says saturday was the busiest weekend day ever. extra trains were added to the weekend schedule. it was a rush to the airport after the game as well. a number of fans went right from the super bowl right to sjc. bronco fans all smiles.
11:33 pm
the panther fans, a lot of them didn't want the talk about the team's loss. some just happy to get out of town fast. >> well, you know, they would play it in anyways. but even better now. >> lots of the people flying out tonight say they were taking a red-eye home to make it back in time to work tomorrow morning. >> wow. those are dedicated fans. restaurants near levi's stadium cashed in on the super bowl sunday after an extra slow week. businesses in the area saw fewer customers leading up to the big game because of road closures. but today the lines were apparently out the door. the owner of donna maria's says he sold so many beers and margaritas, he had to make a run for more alcohol. >> this super bowl thing is amazing. normally weekends our business is slow. >> business owners say most of the customers they saw today were from out of town. and with the end of the super bowl cosms the teardown of super bowl city in san francisco. earlier today thousands of fans were out enjoying the festives
11:34 pm
one final time, soaking up the experience. fans say if they couldn't go to the game, it was the midwest best place to be. >> i'm glad that it happened here. the bay area is representing. >> it's pretty exciting. i was down here the day before yesterday. and i came back today because i wanted to soak it all in. it doesn't happen very often. >> and then right before kickoff at 3:00, shutdown of super bowl city, and the crews got right to work. the streets in that area are scheduled to remain closed so they can finish the takedown until the 13th. many people watched the super bowl not just for the game or to the halftime show. but the commercials. >> and there were some memorable ones. ♪ ♪ friends ♪ >> it is cute. >> outdoor clothing maker marmot nailed it with its first super bowl ad. it features a friendship between a marmot and an eager beaver outdoorsman.
11:35 pm
>> puppy, monkey, baby. >> and the puppy monkey baby also a hit. it's an ad for mountain dew featuring a combo of a baby, a puppy and a monkey. ♪ >> and then super bowl babies. people featured in this ad were born nine months after a super bowl. the ad also features the singer seal. we have all the commercials on our website. you might want to check it out. head to look at them all yourself. coming up next, it was expected to be a close physical game and it certainly lived up to the hype. denver's defense dominated the league's mvp. and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time solidifies his legacy. highlights and reaction from super bowl 50 coming up next in sports. take sot oc: more news after the break. runs 3:00 and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. if you have a flight leaving tonight or tomorrow morning, i'm keeping an eye on any possible flight delays. right now looks good across the
11:36 pm
nation. we may get some delays tomorrow morning in boston and new york with some rain moving in. back here in the bay area, we'll talk about the heat and who will reach 7 degrees tomorrow. and that's in about 15 minutes.
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the csn studios. the golden super bowl in the golden state didn't disappoint. it was denver's defense that got them to super bowl 50. and it would be their formidable d that had them raising the lombardi trophy tonight. steph curry the honorary drummer for the panthers. it was the 39-year-old veteran and future hall of famer peyton manning versus the young gun,
11:38 pm
26-year-old cam newton. first quarter, panthers down three. von miller comes up big. the strip sack the ball is loose. recovered by malik jackson in the end zone for the denver touchdown. check out miller. slices through the line and makes him pay. broncos up 10. second quarter, cam looking to get something going on offense. connects with cory brown. but ouch, aqib talib brings him down with the face mask. the penalty is called. into the end zone for the touchdown. but hey, they say defense wins championships. and well, here you go. fourth quarter. panthers in need of a big play by miller. there again it causes the fumble as bay area's own tj ward recovers, and it's broncos football. what a play there. that would lead to this. cj anderson punches it in from
11:39 pm
two yards out. broncos up 24-10. and that would be your final score. so the denver broncos on your super bowl 50 champions. von miller named the super bowl mvp, of course. and peyton manning, well, he can now ride off into the sunset. >> it's a gratifying feeling. i definitely do know how hard it is to get here. it's a grind to get here. and then you get here, there is certainly no guarantees here. we beat a really good football team tonight. >> we knew if we would have been consistent and played the style of defense, we would have been able to come on topic. that's what happened. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than us. and that's what it come down to. >> one of carolina's biggest fans steph curry, of course, heartbroken after the game. he posted a picture on instagram with the famous crying michael jordan face. he said a look into my soul right now. it's all good, though. we'll be back.
11:40 pm
beast mode may be calling it quits. according to reports, seahawks running back marshawn lynch has told people close to him that he plans to retire. well, after those reports surfaced, lynch posted this on twitter. a peace out emoji along with a picture of cleats hang up. i'm no genius, but maybe this is his way of confirming his retirement. hmm. some of the teammates also took to twitter to wish him well. guess we'll have to wait and see if he is for sure retiring. all right. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> football fans gaga over laed leah's rendition of the star spangled banner. the pop star kicking up the game tonight. as she hit the final note, a fly over by the blue angels. a pitch perfect start. it was a super bowl first for the uc berkeley's band. they hit the field during halftime. 109 members of the cal band performed alongside bruno mars, beyonce and cold play. the band was contacted by the production team in december, and their practice schedule was intense. they rehearsed for nine hours a day for seven days before the show.
11:44 pm
okay. we want to show you a picture of super bowl city from outer space. out in space, this is of san francisco from the international space station. you can see the golden gate bridge on the bottom there. and the bay bridge. astronaut scott kelly tweeted this photo earlier today. and he also tweeted this pic. he could see levi's stadium right there in the middle during the big game today. kelly is on his year-long mission in space. the trip over the bay area didn't last long. he is moving about 18,000 miles an hour. and did you see these things in the sky? a lot of people in san francisco were scratching their heads over these triangles in the sky. a lot of theories floating around. but apparently it is a doritos ad. one of the broncos fans are scratching their heads about this. the team's big victory at levi's stadium. fireworks lit up the sky. the fireworks marking the end of super bowl 50 a successful event in the eyes of many here in the bay area.
11:45 pm
we had a warm day today. and it's going to be a repeat tomorrow. so we hope you like it. here is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with your microclimate forecast. >> that's right. temperatures in a few locations even a couple of degrees warmer. we do want to give you an update on any traveling delays. we know some of you are watching us and will be on an early morning flight for tomorrow. as you get a look right now, there shouldn't be any residual delays across the west or the rocky mountains as we are currently delay-free. we're also delay-free in boston. also new york city. but here is the thing. we have a storm system developing. and that does look to impact boston with maybe 3 to 7 inches of snow on monday. and a couple of inches expected for new york. so boston and new york, those would be our worst delays if you're leaving on a flight for tomorrow morning. you know the drill. get to the airport early. and just try to hash out the best plan you can get. let's get a look at the sky camera network right now. 54 degrees in clear skies. also mid 50s in the peninsula. east bay checking in at 53. san francisco retaining some of the heat from today.
11:46 pm
and 61 degrees and right across the north bay, a chilly 50. but the biggest thing here is we have clear skies all across the region, and it looks like as a lot of us head back to work for tomorrow, we will find sunny skies returning. temperatures will be cool. but not overly cold. 49 to start in the north bay. san francisco 51. right here across the peninsula, 48. and for the south bay, 46 and sunny skies. as we get a look at the futurecast, you can see all the way through tomorrow. there is no cloud cover at all moving into the bay area. a major contrast from what we had in december and most of january with our storm systems moving in. the primary reason why we cannot get rainfall right now is this massive ridge of high pressure setting up shop here throughout california. all the way this the pacific northwest. that will keep 70s in place for tomorrow. the other key component that will not only help us to warm up for the interior valleys, but at the immediate coastline will be a dry offshore wind. it's coming out of the east.
11:47 pm
so that means for those of you visiting, maybe you have an extra day here, you're going to get a rare day at the beach where temperatures won't be in the 70s. once again, that easterly wind will help numbers to warm up. how warm? we get a good idea in the microclimate forecast for monday. you can see across the south bay, 78 degrees in morgan hill. that will be one of our warmest. san jose, 77. for the peninsula, this is your beach weather in pacifica with 70 degrees. watch out for rough waves. probably better to watch it off the shore. palo alto, 74 and sunny. san francisco also 70 in the mission. 72 in the financial district. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, awesome day. 74 and sunny skies. back into mill valley, 72. east bay, we have fremont coming in at 74. oakland in the low 70s. and for the try valley, go with mid-70s expected in danville. so high pressure keeps it dry all the way through wednesday in the forecast. friday maybe a spotty shower in the north bay. but really, it's not until late
11:48 pm
february into march that we likely could see rainfall returning. so jess and janelle, as we've been highlighting throughout today, this was some of the warmest record setting heat we've had since october 31st. it felt good. i didn't feel too guilty from all the rainfall we had in january. but i definitely want some more storms to come our way. >> enjoy this while it lasts. thanks, jeff. still to come, the search for survivors after a strong earthquake in taiwan there is hope tonight. why rescuers believe people are still alive in this rubble. an update on our breaking news:
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
were fired on anfr shots east bay freeway. similiar shootings have happened an update on our breaking news. still no arrests after shots were fired on an east bay freeway tonight. similar shootings have happened several times in recent months. all on i-80 in this exact same area. the latest shooting happened under two hours ago, just after 10:00 tonight in pinole near the apian way exit. one person was hit by gunfire and drove themselves to the hospital. two other cars also hit by gunfire, but the drivers were not hurt. two lanes of westbound 80 in
11:51 pm
pinole remain closed as the chp investigates. we don't know if the shooting is connected to the others. we do have a crew. we'll bring you more information as we get it. the race against time continues in taiwan. more than 100 people are believed to be trapped in the rubble of this high-rise apartment building. and there is hope that many of them could be alive. today some bodies were pulled out bringing the death to at least 36. but there were victories as well man. was brought out alive as well as a baby and a little girl. saturday's magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit the city of hainan the hardest. the apartment buildings crumbled under the shaking. a stunt on a london movie set caused quite a stir today. take a look. this video was posted on twitter. an iconic red double-decker bus suddenly bursts into flames. this was just a stunt. but some people on the streets didn't know that. and on social media many people were outraged saying they weren't warned about the incident. the stunt was reportedly for the
11:52 pm
upcoming movie "the foreigner" starring jackie chan. >> we're going take you back out to levi's stadium live in a moment. >> enjoy the gridiron glory exhibit. relive america's greatest game. to learn more, visit the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. announcer: right now, granny goose potato chips are buy two, get one free! - and we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head.
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follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. well, all the excitement is over, and now the reflection begins on exactly how it went. and if it will happen again, raj. >> i think it will happen again. and they're going to petition the nfl, ask for this. the super bowl committee, a lot of people working with 24. we talked about not just the super bowl, but also a future olympics bid. but i think there will be another app for the super bowl in as early as six or seven years as we were talking about. aside from all the millionaire athletes and all the vips are the people that really helped put the show together. and some of them were some local cheerleaders. and it all got starting with beyonce. a lot of us saw the halftime
11:55 pm
show with beyonce and coldplay and bruno mars. all of the celebs are staying around the bay area. beyonce staying in los gatos the last few nights. bruno mars staying in downtown san jose and coldplay also there. but if you look in the background, you saw a lot of cheerlead owners the field. not just her professional dancers. her production company asked about 10 to 12 local colleges and high schools to borrow their cheerleaders for the halftime performance. we caught up with many of them today, and they were all fired up. this was right before they were going into halftime. not just local cheer squads, but also the cal band, the menlo college cheerleading team, homestead high school cheerleading team, silver creek in san jose, milpitas high school, and los altos cheer squad, among the many cheer squads that were asked to come help with this performance. >> everyone that performs, it's great to see and be so intimate with them. and just kind of see like them as their real selves. >> who did you like the best?
11:56 pm
>> beyonce. >> what's remarkable, they had to keep this a secret for the last two months. no social media, no texting, no phones. they had to keep it a secret or they wouldn't be allowed to perform. and they all did a very good job. can you imagine a bunch of 14, 15, and 16-year-old girls keeping a secret in this day and age from everyone. so it was nice to see the local high schools getting involved. really having a lot of people had a lot of fun throughout this entire week. guy, we'll send it back to you. and i do have something for you when i come back in studio. i have some of the confetti. >> don't drop it all. >> you're right, you're right. >> you got to bring it back, raj. >> okay, thank you so much. straight off the field of the super bowl. >> so the girls kept the secret. but now you know they are instagraming that all over the place. >> what a great once in a lifetime opportunity. >> we had a great day. >> i know. >> we had heat that we haven't
11:57 pm
had in months. >> it wasn't uncomfortable. it was beautiful outside. >> loved it. >> temperatures in the 70s and sunshine. you like that? we're going to serve up more of that. we're going get your monday started off right. in san francisco right now, the transamerica building kind of going back to normal. again, as a lot of us do tomorrow for that morning commute. 61 and clear skies. and you can see through tomorrow's forecast. we'll begin with 49 in the north bay. it will be cool. a few clouds in san francisco. but thick fog and 51. for the east bay sunny. a great start throughout the peninsula and 48 degrees. now what about tomorrow? well, yes, it will get warmer. looks like some of the warmest weather will be in the south bay with 78 degrees. we have a dry offshore wind that is going to combine with high pressure and should bring us some of the warmest weather throughout the santa clara valley. tri-valley 76. san francisco, 70. which also means at the beaches in this offshore wind, we should have some low 70s. we're talking pacifica. also half moon bay. if you're extending your stay and you're here for the super
11:58 pm
bowl, you lucked out. you should head to the beaches. maybe up to wine country can. >> wow. >> 75 for tomorrow. now a lot of us locals, we want more rainfall. we have el nino that's currently in place. but what is happening? well, we may get a few spotty showers by friday. best chance, though, may not be until late february into march. there is still some hope here about eight more weeks left of some solid rain potential. so we'll see about that. >> hope for the rain. enjoy the rest of it. >> i know. so nice tomorrow, thanks for joining us. we'll leave you with a shot of levi's stadium. a wonderful special day in the bay area. bye-bye.
11:59 pm
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