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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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what had people flng right now at 11:00, the super bowl, well, it's come and gone, but the buzz remains what had people actually flocking back to the stadium this morning. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. it is the day after the super bowl and now that the dust has settled on last night's party we can see what's left behind. this is video from our chopper above levi's stadium this morning. you can see the confetti has not been vacuumed up off the field yet. >> chuck, celebrations continue and people are still at levi's this morning. >> reporter: it's a little like the day after christmas. take a look inside.
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this is the nfl shop to the northwest corner of levi's stadium. look inside there. there must be at least 100 or so people in there right now. there's been a steady stream of shoppers since 8:00 a.m. when it opened. pullovers that were $95 yesterday are half off today. caps that were $35 are half off today as were replica coins used in the coin toss. it's all super bowl 50 logo merchandise on sale. we found many of people very satisfied with their selections as well as how well the bay area hosted the super bowl. >> we were here yesterday and we heard that everything is 50% off the day after so we came here, got some merchandise. it worked out pretty good. >> did you find some real bargains? >> yeah, we did. >> the most beautiful thing, i have a nice watch. >> reporter: here comes the best part. >> oh, yeah. look at this. super bowl 50. >> reporter: what was this going for yesterday? >> $190. >> reporter: what did you get it
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for? >> $92. >> reporter: do you like the super bowl the bay area put on? >> yes. we thought it was awesome. both of us thought it went together very well. >> reporter: besides the weather which you couldn't improve, was there anything else you would change? >> not really. maybe the traffic. >> reporter: we're working on that. so with a line long at checkout, the store manager would not tell us how much the shop will bring in but it will stay open until 6:00 p.m. today and today only. the way to get here is to -- from 101 we took great america parkway north and then took the first parking lot off-ramp turn to the right and then followed the cars to the left corner of the stadium as you drive in, otherwise known as gate a. live at levi's stadium where everything must go, i'm chuck coppella, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chuck. the panthers are flying home as we speak, the broncos will
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head out today as well. >> some fans headed right to the airport after the super bowl clock ran out for the last time. we found smiling denver fans and some kind of glum carolina fans as well. we also found a lot of travelers heeding that advice to arrive three hours before flight time, including some people who were headed to hawaii who told me they booked so far back they didn't realize they'd be mingling with the fans. >> didn't even think about it. >> we did it a year ago so that's why. we stopped off and spent the weekend with family here in california and watched the super bowl, but we're headed to maui, so we're not missing that plane. >> you're not here three hours ahead. >> no. >> you better hurry. >> thank you. >> if you commute on b.a.r.t., build in a little extra time because they expect more passengers on its trains that go to san francisco international. the increased travel volume on mass transit and at all three
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major bay area airports will continue at least through tomorrow. one player not joining his broncos back home will be star qb peyton manning because he's be at disneyland for the victory parade down main street. we do know manning will be in anaheim this afternoon but what about his future in the nfl? the 39-year-old says he's not making a decision about retirement for a couple of weeks. peyton did have a lot of happenedi handing off in last night's game. this morning it was the bay area's turn to hand off the super bowl to the next city. >> bob, nfl leaders looking ahead to super bowl li. >> reporter: the committee tells us they still have a lot of information to digest and put out some reports but initially they know that 1.1 million people visited super bowl city here behind me along the embarcadero in san francisco, the nfl experience at the moscone center and the other venues throughout the bay area.
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within a few hours the committee handed off the responsibility of hosting the super bowl to their counterparts in houston who will be hosting super bowl li. houston, of course, being home to the johnson space center accepted the honor with a videotaped message from commander scott kelly who is right now on board the international space station. then back here on earth, houston's mayor praised the super bowl 50 host committee for the high bar they set. now, the committee announced this morning that through corporate fund-raising it was able to donate $13 million back into the community making this is the most philanthropic super bowl ever. as far as economic impact is concerned, the committee quoted a report last week that pegged the number at $220 million. the host committee expects to put out its own report in june when they believe will show a greater impact. and yes, there's a desire for the bay area to host the super bowl again. this is the committee speaking
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now. perhaps number 55 or 56. >> i'd love to be in that rotation, no doubt about it. we were very clear we did not want this to be a one and done and then wait 10, 20, 30 years to have one. but there's a lot of stuff to be done. >> you guys were tremendous hosts. i know to our football team and our organization and the entire nfl, it was a -- you know, this was my seventh opportunity to be involved in the super bowl and i can just tell you it was tremendous. >> that was denver broncos head coach. also at this morning's news conference along with nfl commissioner roger goodell to present von miller with the mvp silver football trophy for last night's game. miller becomes only the tenth defensive player to ever be named most valuable player in a super bowl. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. well, it took a while to build super bowl city behind bob.
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it's going to take quite some time to take it down. this is a live look at the ferry building and the beautiful weather. but the streets around the two party zones are still closed. >> workers started taking apart the temporary structures yesterday and the buildings that made up the concert venue in the days leading up to the super bowl. super bowl city is a sprawling complex that took over justin herman plaza, part of the emb k embarcadero center lawn and the northeast part of market. the point here is it is large and will take time to tear it down, which means those roads surrounding super bowl city which were closed last week will remain shut down this week and will not reopen until saturday. we have much more super bowl coverage online at head to our home page for photos and videos of gameday coverage, including fan photos as well. police officers are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a busy freeway. this happened late last night on
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i-80. one car shooting at another. you can see by the map the sixth shooting on that freeway in that area in the past few months. police, though, do not think this is connected to those. it all started when two cars got into some kind of altercation on the freeway. at one point a gunman opened fire on the other car hitting a man in the arm and chest. he's expected to survive. bullets also hit a car on the side of the road that had a flat tire and had nothing to do with the altercation. nobody hit there. the chp is hoping someone who saw something comes forward. we're still waiting to hear what caused a north bay fire that injured a firefighter. this happened a little after 9:00 last night on a house on dutton meadow drive west of 101 in santa rosa. firefighters say it appears to be suspicious. nobody inside. it caused about $100,000 in damage. the firefighter suffered a twisted ankle. an attempt to break up a
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domestic dispute may have cost two men their lives. a family is left questioning whether a fight escalated into gunfire. two men were killed and another is in the hospital after a shooting outside an apartment in marin city. deputies say they were called yesterday morning following a fight between a man and woman. they say that they were told that there were bats and knives involved. investigators say gunfire broke out before police arrived and we spoke with a heartbroken mother of one of those victims. >> my son wasn't to die in the streets like that. he wasn't a part of the street. >> her son was killed. she believes he and a father-in-law may have tried to intervene in the dispute. all involved in the incident did know each other. a puppy is safe and sound this morning after he was caught in a rough spot. >> the dog's cry caught the attention of a san jose police
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officer. san jose police released these pictures of the rescue. an officer was on patrol around 10:00 saturday night. police say the officer investigated the cries and found the puppy stuck in a storm drain. several officers showed up to help free the dog from the drain as well. up next at 11:00, more super bowl. reaction to the halftime show. what some people liked and others didn't. plus the commercials. a bay area based company scored big with their ad. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a beautiful day in san francisco and the rest of the bay area. while we may be on track to set some records, i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast. markets) poor by any homans not
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(scott ad libs markets) =tech=eid hoffm is notpoor by a welcome back to you on this sunny, sunny monday morning but no sun on the markets.
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the dow is down about 2%, the nasdaq down about 3%, we're all getting poorer. reid hoffman is not poor by any standard. the legendary venture capitalist did lose a breath-taking amount of money by the end of business friday after shares of the company he founded, linkedin, plunged 43% on forecasts of poor business ahead. hoffman obviously owns enormous numbers of shares in the company he created and it worked out to a personal loss of more than $1 billion. markets were down friday as well. it's been a tough road for wall street. a lot of asian markets closed today for the lunar new year. a parking service is shutting down its consumer operations in san francisco after it figured out sending people to your car to park it any time anywhere didn't scale very well. zirx will layoff just six
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people. i don't want to read a lot into this but we've talked about this, watching the luxury service market for signs of trouble and change. the dry cleaning delivery services, the lunch delivery services, the parking services. as we hit a bump in the economic road, they would be the first to have trouble. kris, i know you're going to talk about the ads during the super bowl, but what ad didn't you see? think about it. you've seen one each super bowl for more than a decade. you did not see a godaddy ad. the company has said in the past it wants to grow up and change with the times so no more sexy ads like this one. last year it ran a pretty straightforward ad. this year it had absolutely nothing. there were tech commercials though. the narrator said this person is great, this person is not great. they spent 24% of its entire marketing budget on that ad. i don't know that necessarily it was one of the most memorable ones. in an ad i need to know pretty quick into it, what is it you
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want me to do or buy or et cetera. so some of those are a bit confusing. >> yeah, we were talking, my mom and dad and husband and i were thinking what are we supposed to want or buy? i can't even remember what the commercial was for. so this conversation is over. well, as you said, there were some memorable commercials yesterday. ♪ la, la, la, la, friends >> i am not that kind of marmot. the outdoor clothing company nailed it with their first-ever super bowl ad that features a friend marmot and an outdoor presented. >> puppy, monkey, baby. >> and puppy monkey baby is also a hit. it is an ad for mountain dew featuring a combo of a baby, a puppy and a monkey.
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♪ it is a day on super bowl we were born ♪ >> people featured in this ad were born nine months after a super bowl. there were lots of questions am i a super bowl baby mommy? we have all those commercials on our website in case you went to the bathroom instead of sitting through the commercials. ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> and by most accounts, gaga killed it as in the national anthem sung by lady gaga. the pop star kicked off the big game last night and as she hit that final note, a flyover by the blue angels. it was a great start to a milestone super bowl game. a lot of people are talking about the game but also the halftime show.
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last night's performance had some fans, though, unimpressed. mixed reviews of coldplay's halftime performance. the british band opened up with less than usual flare for the super bowl. but then beyonce and bruno mars joined the stage and seemed to heat things up a little more. the halftime show also featured a montage of former performers and a colorful stadium display of the words "believe in love." >> i like coldplay just fine. it wasn't a super bowl -- >> no offense, but this is an american game, an american institution and a golden anniversary. how about some bruce springsteen or something. >> well, the weekend was a mixed bag of emotions for panthers quarterback cam newton. on saturday named the league's most valuable player, sunday not able to follow it up with the
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ultimate prize. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> well, as you saw and heard, the panther star stopped his press game press conference short, obviously frustrated and emotional after that loss. >> but isn't he supposed to stay there? don't you remember the whole marshawn lynch i'm just here so i don't get fined. >> he got popular because he was such a great sport. he was such a dynamic, happy, interesting guy when he was winning. all of a sudden we've seen another side of cam newton. >> my 9-year-old said that is not good sportsmanship. an update on a good samaritan who tried to return some lost super bowl tickets. >> christian wong found them friday afternoon and after making sure they weren't fake, he tweeted to try to find the owners and reported them to police. when no one came forward with
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the right seat numbers, wong said he gave the tickets away. but there was a catch. wong works for the nonprofit sf city impact and the tickets went to a donor who offered to pay for a one-year scholarship to the school. this has been fabulous weather. i think we got a little lucky for the super bowl, but it's almost going to get hot, kari. >> it is going to feel almost like the end of spring rather than the beginning of february outside. and our temperatures are already warming up as we take a look at all of our microclimates. we were very lucky yesterday, but yeah, it is starting to get a little on the toasty side as we reach into the upper 70s today in the south bay and also in the peninsula, 78 degrees. east bay looking at 75 degrees in the tri-valley, 76 san francisco at 72 degrees. let's get a closer look at those microclimates and our temperatures continuing to rise. it's 70 degrees in sap raun raf.
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napa is 65 and vallejo at 66 degrees. in oakland we'll be in the mid-70s for the next couple of hours. until about 3:00 we start to see those temperatures dipping down to about 72 degrees. 5:00 as you drive home from work, we're at 67. feeling a little more comfortable, you can let the top down on the convertible or let the windows open. a look at all the microclimates and where we're headed today. los gatos 76 degrees. palo alto 78 degrees and the embarcadero up to 73 degrees. 78 in napa, 75 in oakland and in dublin today a high of 79 degrees. just to give you an idea of where we should be, well, it should be right at about 59 degrees in livermore. the high today is 76 degrees, so we are expecting some spots to get close to a record high, if not just match the old record. into the next few days, our
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temperatures come down a couple of degrees but it will still be well above average. on friday we're up to 65 degrees, the average still once at about 59 degrees. this is the main reason why, we have a stubborn area of high pressure. it brought us the weather, the dry conditions body last week and it's blowing the winds offshore because the wind circulating high pressure is always clockwise. so as it blows the winds offshore, we don't get a cool ocean breeze. not only that, we have the jetstream which has changed its pattern and is taking a big dip and carrying those weather systems farther to the north of the bay area, so no rain in the forecast as least in the near term. the next three days our temperatures will be in the upper 70s in some spots, upper 60s around san francisco, the tri-valley as we head into thursday is looking at 67 degrees. so still not any major changes in this forecast. a look farther down the line in
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my next weather cast to see if there's any rain anywhere in the horizon. so i'll talk about that. >> all right, thanks. up next at 11:00, some of us may still be recovering from a super bowl hangover, but no time to wait. a big event just a week away. but first, happening right now, president obama asked for billions to fight the zika virus. plus the faa catches four planes violating the super bowl airspace. how the civil air patrol helped prepare for that big event and the super bowl ad that's causing a stir for showing 9/11 footage. many people clean their dentures
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remind you of something coming up next sunday ... there were several ads during sunday's super bowl to remind you of something else that's coming up next sunday. >> something you should fall in love with. our next story is from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: sweethearts worldwide have their special day this sunday. it's valentine's day, celebrated simply most places around the world, measuramericans are expeo spend in excess of $20 billion on that special someone, a third of that online. >> i'm not expecting anything too extravagant. we'll probably just go out to dinner. >> reporter: dinner out is what a third of those surveyed said they'll be doing on valentine's
11:26 am
day. over half said they'll buy candy, the heart-shaped box is the most popular. while giving flowers is the preferred gift by one in four, making it the busiest day of the year for the fresh flower business. even pets will get the love come sunday. >> did you ever purchase anything for your pet for valentine's day? >> reporter: but that survey found one in five will buy a valentine's day for their pet. >> would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner or all of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above. i'll be honest, all of the above will be great. >> reporter: but probably greater thanes wi $150 which is the average american will spend on valentine's day this year. chris clackum, nbc news. up next at 11:00, we investigate. >> so this is broken glass. >> yes. >> and you've never had your
11:27 am
window broken? >> no, never. >> the bizarre cover-up at an auto repair shop that left one family with more car trouble than they could imagine. our investigation into why thousands of consumer complaints against auto repair shops are being kept secret. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the most complaints for bad repairs or over billing it well, if you knew which auto repair shops in california got the most complaints for bad repairs or overbilling, that might help you the next time you have car trouble. >> each year thousands of those complaints are submitted to a state agency for who the whole purpose is supposed to be protecting consumers. so why aren't those complaints being revealed? why are they secret? our investigative reporter has been looking into that. >> reporter: that state agency is the bureau of automotive
11:30 am
repair and it encourages drivers to check out its website to get the track record of repairs across california, but we discovered their database isn't exactly the best road map for drivers. you're about to see that for yourself in a bizarre tale of bills, lies and touch-up paint. >> right here. >> reporter: albert and michelle say their problems began when their suv wouldn't start. >> this is the estimate. >> reporter: so they had it towed to this midas auto repair shop in san jose. when they picked up their car, michelle immediately noticed something was wrong. >> squeaky noises, a lot of like when you turn the wheel, cracking noises and stuff. we called and they said nothing had happened, which i knew something happened but they just weren't saying what had happened. >> you thought all your problems was because you needed new tires. >> correct. >> reporter: so albert went to another shop to replace all four tires for $300. >> did that fix the problem? >> no. >> that very same day they got a
11:31 am
call from a former employee at the midas shop. >> he tells me the car fell off the lift. at this point i'm like no. >> reporter: the mechanic even had pictures. that eight-passenger suv crashed onto its side from several feet in the air. the mechanical lift pierced the bottom of the car. the employee didn't want to talk to us on camera but told us he and his co-worker were ordered by their district manager to fix the car as best they could without telling the owners of the suv. >> how wouldou describe the work that they did? >> sloppy. this was never like this. color don't match. >> reporter: plus the paint bubbled up. while the right window was replaced, pieces of the old one were left inside the car door. >> so this is broken glass? >> yes. >> and you've never had your window broken? >> no, never. >> reporter: michelle instantly thought back to when she called the repair shop just a few days
11:32 am
before to say she'd be stopping by to pick up medicine she forgot in the suv. when she arrived, all the lights in the garage were off. a mechanic met her inside. >> i go in there and he tells me, oh, you wouldn't believe it. believe what? we have no electricity, the power went out. >> did they really lose electricity that day? >> no. >> they shut off all the lights so you wouldn't see the broken window. >> right. >> reporter: the midas corporate office said questions would have to be answered by the independent repair shop. the shop owner's son would not talk to us on camera but confirmed the lift malfunctioned. and in a memo to the family, admitted there was a cover-up from the shop that took place, but he denied any involvement and blamed it all on his employees. >> did you believe that? >> no. >> reporter: other places assessed the damage at more than $11,000. michelle and albert filed a
11:33 am
complaint with california's bureau of automotive repair, a state agency created to protect consumers and hold auto repair shops accountable. but a bureau investigator called them to say there was little that he could do. >> just made me feel they weren't doing their job. >> reporter: we found of 97% auto repair complaints, repair shops never receive any kind of discipline or enforcement action. that's more than 10,000 cases each year. >> so for 10,000 cases, you couldn't find anything? >> a lot of them are med yated and taken care of with educational conferences with the shop. >> reporter: the bureau chief says current law only allows the bureau to issue citations or fines to unlicensed repair shops or those that violate the state's smog check program. when it comes to bad repairs or fraudulent billing, investigators can only recommend cases go to court, which rarely happens since that often
11:34 am
requires a chain of similar complaints. >> what happens to that consumer who may have been taken advantage of before anyone else? >> sometimes there are adjustments to the bill. >> reporter: the bureau can't force a shop to do anything, but through that process consumers get about $5 million a year in voluntary repairs and refunds. because no citation is ever given, the consumer complaints are never made public. even when the state believes repair shops took advantage of consumers. >> the potential harm is that you're going to end up at a shop that puts you in an unsafe car. >> reporter: rosemary shahan has been an auto industry watchdog for nearly 40 years and has sparked nationwide changes in auto safety. she said reform is overdue in california. >> would you describe the state's enforcement process as transparent? >> no, it's not. no, it isn't transparent. >> reporter: the bureau removed consumer complaints from its website and our request to see those complaints was denied. >> isn't that information consumers should know about?
11:35 am
>> we posted information when we felt they violated the law and they wouldn't be able to defend themselves, we would be in trouble. >> is that your office siding with the auto industry rather than consumers? >> i wouldn't believe we're siding with anyone. >> reporter: albert believes that's the problem, since the state's consumer advocacy group should be siding with consumers. after we contacted the agency, albert's case was reassigned. >> you're from the bureau, right? >> reporter: a new investigator called him and soon after issued this inspection report which recommended the shop improve record keeping and communication with its customers, but no citations or fines were issued. so when the consumers search the database, that midas doesn't have a single violation. >> they're going to do it to the next person and to the next person until someone really says, hey, it has to stop. >> the bureau of automotive
11:36 am
repair can refer cases to california's attorney general for potential legal action, but remember fewer than 3% of complaints get concerned. plus management at that midas paid for the family to have a rental car for a month and offered them $6700 for the damaged car but the family's insurance company paid the claim after declaring that suv a total loss. the family is now considering suing that repair shop. >> $11,000 on a vehicle like that, that's a lot of money for a family. another question, though, what happened to the guy that took the pictures? >> so that employee was actually fired just a couple of days before he ever gave the family those photos. he believes he was let go because he kept urging his bosses to tell the family what happened but management at that midas told us he was fired because he was to blame for the cover-up, even though that employee is the one ha told the family about the cover-up. >> after he was fired. >> but he gave the photos before
11:37 am
he was let go but management took that all back and said he was fired for up related reasons. >> and now we've got a whistleblower law that came into effect because management may not realize what kind of legal trouble that will cause. >> we spoke to the employee and he's not sure what action he's going to try to take. he's gotten a new job and is just trying to move on. >> you know, accidents happen. i have an uncle who has an auto repair shop. accidents happen. but if you're honest with people, i think people are very for giving. like doctors who say i'm sorry versus doctors who say i didn't do anything, right? >> that was the main issue for this family. they said we understand accidents can happen. what we're frustrated about is if it weren't for this employee coming forward with evidence of what happened, they would have continued to pass this off as if nothing was wrong with the vehicle, shaking glass in the door and all. >> and a state department that doesn't do anything. >> that's also a concern. again, you have thousands of complaints, his included, and
11:38 am
people essentially taking issue with the fact thousands of these complaints never result in any enforcement action. so if you look up this repair shop right now online, it has a perfect record. >> any chance of change? >> that's something we're going to continue to report on. to some spent this agency has its hands tied. state law doesn't allow it to give citations or fines to auto repair shops for something like this. it's just smog check infractions or if it doesn't have a license. so a lot of room to grow on a legal basis as well. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or send an. mail to and now to election 2016. the candidates are out campaigning before tomorrow's primary.
11:39 am
>> tracie potts is there where donald trump and bernie sanders are trying to hold on to their double-digit leads. >> one thing i'm asking, i don't want any of your money, but you have to go out and vote tomorrow. >> reporter: new hampshire's republican front-runner in a rare town hall. donald trump taking questions this morning and sparking another feud with jeb bush. >> and i watched this stiff jeb bush, he's a total stiff, jeb bush. he's like a child. he's like a spoiled child. >> trump, just one word. >> loser. >> oh, my gosh! >> ted cruz, marco rubio and in two recent polls john kasich all fighting for second place behind trump. rubio, still reeling from chris christie's attack at saturday's debate about his rep i've comments. >> i'm going to keep saying it a million times because i believe it's true. >> christie made a last day visit to manufacturers this morning. >> i don't want to leave any doubt in new hampshire residents' minds that i'm asking for your vote.
11:40 am
>> in manchester these vets are waiting for ted cruz to stop by this afternoon. they like to see their candidates up close. >> where you can really watch their body language, watch what they're saying and how they're saying it, whether they have a crooked smile or crooked face. >> reporter: one poll says nearly one in ten republicans here are still undecided. and that's why they're out today trying to get those last-minute votes. tracie potts, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. up next at 11:00, a sea lion makes its way into an upscale california restaurant. why so many mammals are having a tough time finding food this year. all this sunshine at ocean beach may draw a big crowd to the beach. we'll talk about those temperature records coming up. and a bay area museum has super bowl fever. instead of showcasing fine art, it is packed with all things football. we'll give you a look inside. ==scott/2shot== it's something
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11:43 am
one santa clara some people think of football not as a sport but also an art. >> one thing one art museum knows well. joe rosato jr. shows us how they're getting into the swing of the super bowl. >> reporter: for a half century, santa clara's triton museum has celebrated fine art. but when the super bowl lands in your backyard, sometimes you've got to bend the mission statement. >> yeah, no, we don't have an art exhibit today. >> reporter: instead the museum
11:44 am
has replaced the paintings and sculptures with -- >> early shoulder pads, leather helmets. >> reporter: the nfl took it over for its traveling pro football hall of fame exhibit. filling it with all things super bowl. >> and then here is the dynasties. >> reporter: so instead of talking picasso and monet, the museum director jo myers had to bone up on her lombardi and manning. >> fortunately my sons are football fans and we're quick learners. >> reporter: the exhibit drops back to the early days of the game. >> it was a nose guard introduced in the 1890s. from 1911 the columbus panhandlers. talk about the road to equality. >> reporter: the new format is already drawing new visitors. >> great display of football. >> usually have about 50 people come through on a weekday and we've seen 500 people come through. we learn something, they learn something. >> is there an art museum here in this building?
11:45 am
>> reporter: people were busy doing all kinds of things you normally don't do in an art museum. >> they have helmets over there where you can hear the plays being called. instant replay machine over there. >> now you know what takes so long. >> this is where you have the vince lombardi trophy. >> reporter: it turns out football is a lot louder than art, which has its advantages. >> i can talk and i'm not bothering anyone, right? >> reporter: in the end, maybe football isn't such a stretch after all. >> this is art too in a different way. >> reporter: and then like the super bowl, which will pack up after the game, the exhibit will stick around to april 3rd, and maybe even recruit a few new art lovers. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. you may have seen some pictures from southern california in the last day or so about a sea lion pup that found her way into a restaurant. >> the unusual scene also brought new and unusual focus to the plight of these animals,
11:46 am
mammals having a tough time finding food this year. many of them are starving. >> reporter: hungry and malnourished, she took a seat like every other customer. the chef at this restaurant posting on facebook that this baby sea lion was early for her reservation. >> we were surprised to see a real young sea lion pup that had spent the night in this booth at the restaurant. >> reporter: in desperate need of medical attention, the seaworld rescued her. >> this pup weighed 20 pounds. it should be about 40 to 50 pounds out in the wild. >> reporter: and she's not the only one. hundreds of sea lions along the california coast are searching for food. walking into stores and backyard patios. >> he's very cute and very, very nice. >> reporter: all trying to survive. the waters off the coast of california are getting warmer because of el nino. that means that the food that these sea lions eat like the anchovies and sardines that exist in cold water are getting
11:47 am
pushed far away, leaving these pups stranded and starving. >> they're not only looking for high ground but searching out food. >> reporter: 2015 was the hottest year on record and seaworld rescued 990 sea lions. already this year they rescued 46, which is why experts hope this isn't the new normal. >> oh, it makes for a cute picture but how sad. they're so skinny. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. you have a beautiful picture of the beach behind you. >> yes, a lot of people heading out to the beach as the temperatures warm up, but you want to make sure that you are aware that we do have a risk of rip currents today and also the waves that may be coming up to about eight feet so a beach hazard statement has been issued. but we are enjoying some very warm weather. we may be setting some new records, so now it's 70 degrees already in concord, napa 69
11:48 am
degrees and san francisco at 62 degrees as our temperatures continue to warm. if you can believe it, we are feeling some of the warmest temperatures of anywhere in the country. we're even warmer right now than miami, florida, which is at 64 degrees. in phoenix, though, it's 75, so elsewhere we have some 20s and 30s out there. so our highs today could reach into the upper 70s. this is what we are forecasting today. in oakland 75 degrees. the record is 70 degrees, so we're probably already close to this record now. santa rosa today a forecast of 78. the record is 72. and in san jose 79 degrees and the record is 75. so we'll continue to watch those numbers as they continue to go up. in palo alto today, looking for a high of 78 degrees. the embarcadero today a high of 70 degrees. and 78 degrees in santa rosa, oakland is up to 75 and dublin looking at a high of 79 degrees.
11:49 am
we've been talking about the high pressure keeping those weather systems away and it looks like as we go at least into the next week not a drop of rain will be falling into the bay area as we continue on with this dry weather so hopefully after that we can get some rain in here and catch up a little bit. we will be in the 70s for the next few days in the south bay. the peninsula looking at 66 degrees. by thursday, that's when we see those temperatures coming down just a little bit. there will be a push of some cooler air, but once again it will be dry as it moves in. in the east shore we're looking at 68 degrees by thursday and as we head into the weekend, we'll see those highs coming down from where we are now but still well above average as we should we in the low 60s for this time of year. we could be up to 71 degrees in the south bay with some mild conditions. of course we'll be keeping an eye on the sierra. we're looking at upper 50s there
11:50 am
all throughout the week and we know the snowpack has been making some really good progress, but we could see a lot of melting as we go into the next several days. kris and scott. >> and we'll be right back. daytime lineup!! we've made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. just click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm vicky nguyen and that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay air yap. app. a thousand words. scott/2shot
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11:52 am
but in e casof a littleup stranded on aarina freey they say a picture is worth a thousand words. >> in the case of a little dog stranded on an arizona freeway last week a picture is worth a forever home. >> she was lucky and she was brave too. >> reporter: two weeks ago an
11:53 am
adot camera captured this scared pup holding on to a median wall for dear life. >> she knew that she was in peril if she moved anywhere and she just stayed there. i was just happy to go out there and apick her up. >> safe and sound, this sweet girl needed to find her home. the arizona equestrian rescue organization took her in and tried to locate her owners. dottie had no microchip or tags and eventually it was time to find her a new loving home. >> there were over 50 people that were interested in adopting her. we narrowed it down to three homes. and so they were the one out of the three. >> oh, dottie! >> meet maurcy and dennis. when they saw her picture they wanted to help. >> the tears want to fly down your face because she's going to be okay. many years ago i had a dog that looked a lot like dottie. so when we saw her huddled on that median, our hearts went out
11:54 am
to her. >> reporter: dennis and marci are retired and have plenty of time to spend with dottie. >> i know dottie will enjoy her time here. they're wonderful caretakers and they love their animals. so dottie is really lucking out after everything she's been through. >> that's a nice story. >> we'll be right back. a school in southern india. ==scott/vo==
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
this is a leopard caught on security cameras it was man versus animal at a school in southern india. >> a leopard caught on security cameras yesterday morning just strolling around the hallways and classrooms. it was an all-day mission for police to tranquilize and catch that big cat. it shows a man and a leopard wrestling near the swimming pool. four people were hurt. that's amazing. they're expected to be okay. the 6-year-old leopard escaped -- well, didn't escape but came in from a nearby forest but escaped out the back door. >> wow. >> holy cow. >> yeah. i'm glad class was not in session. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> and the latest information including our wonderful weather,
11:58 am
11:59 am
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stand by billy and kit, live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ say my name you know who i am ♪ ♪ i'm too hot ♪ too hot ♪ >> just like that, bruno mars and beyonce. >> strong right there. fierce! >> i love that little


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